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guys Watame keeps taking my popcorn, it was nearly full now it's nearly empty what should I do?

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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where can I find a rushia wife?

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Tokoyummy Tummy

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I love Towa!
Birthday 3D live chat and unveiling of new hairstyle in ~5 minutes!

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Did he get stabbed?

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*opens the door*

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Now that the chinqa has ended lets have good thread

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SO Matsuri was so good at imitating aqua because she got fat?? it all makes sense now

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It's over...

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Aqua is still streaming though?

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Reach for the popcorn at the same time as her, so you touch her hand

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Turn her into genghiskhan and feast on her, you'll get back your popcorn that way

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>managed to order Noel's limited handwritten goods
Neat. I thought it would get sold out instantly.

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watch hololive

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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*enters matsuri*

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Somehow this is funny because it might be true, big kusa.

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reach for her drink and try to touch her gigantic boobs by "accident"

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>Shion's fanbox
fuck off I'm not paying that much for this shit.

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>Couldn't watch it live due to work

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It moves

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>missed premiere
>first time with AKUTAN

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Aqua is being really cute right now!!

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Mio's birthday in eleven days! What sort of miracles do I have to perform to make sure BOTH of her original songs sounds great?

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Nice job, hope you're able to enjoy it anon.

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Okite Okite

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I don't believe in Towa, but I'm afraid of her.

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>Aqua fangirling on herself
This is funnier than I'd thought.

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Suisei loves Aqua

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Aqua is so cute...

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Human sacrifice.

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I'm trying to enjoy my shark movie but someone in the cinema is being really loud rustling their bag of chips to open them and I keep hearing someone whisper yummy yummy after they open their chips

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it's so creepy
i like it

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Watching my marriage video with my wife...

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hololive error

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Her laugh really makes it better.

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Thank god Watame talks for ages and hasn't started the movie yet

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Managed to smell Watame's hair, best movie ever

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Will she say who the hands belong to?

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Didn't ask

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It's only ten bucks, bro...

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Love and support

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Why is she blushing like that?

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That was when people were leaking her fanbox and she just added multiple 10k tier posts to piss them offMost of them are unimportant one liner though

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they belong to lyger

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Why aren't other holos allowed to milk memberships with 3D streams like Aqua does?

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Feed her some cakes.

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The song is growing on me...

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I'm not a burgerican

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it's (you)

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Just love your mom, that's more than enough all she needs is your support

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Watame, stop leaking stuff and start focusing on the movie

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Aqua is such an enormous dork, why does she think shes the Kirito?

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>male hand
It's obviously her boyfriend/fuckbuddy

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I can't believe Towa is becoming a cat too...

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Which post then? I'm new to this fanbox thing.

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Induce vomiting after eating wasabi.

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take it easy

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I'll probably rewatch it just for the MV, it's too cute.

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do you believe her?

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I've actually been a Watame member for 7 months and this is the first member stream I've watched

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you got me there buddie

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Official Yukihana Lamy delivery

>> No.36020078

Someone broke into her home, don't joke about it

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I love happy Aqua.

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Anon... they were just shitposting... there's no new fanbox post...

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the same way she think she is Cloud

>> No.36020087

All the ones that are 10k tier, it's just empty words and one of them (the ???) is her being pissed at people who were leaking her fanbox

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Watame I told you not to get the vaccine!

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Of course not.

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Aqua is boring bad at singing and Chinese

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What is the length of the Amazon sharknado? My copy is 1:27

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Not at all. There's no way she'd have tweeted if she'd called the police because there'd be an active investigation.

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Stop slandering Festival. Cover WILL sue your ass.

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>open towa's stream
>close towa's stream

>> No.36020097

The ubereats. She ordered too frequently they don't have to knock anymore

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>only 6 holos streaming

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t. Matuli

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My totally legal copy is 1:27:17

What's amazon's?

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>open matsuris door

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Kakage and guchi deserve a second chance cover

>> No.36020106

At the club with Aqua!

>> No.36020107

kek what a bunch of deluded retards

>> No.36020108

I'm dancing with Aqua

>> No.36020109

Gonyabbi :DD

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If she was lying then she would dethrone Subaru as the #1 liar in Hololive.

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にーんじん にーんじん

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Aqua has never been to a dance club in her life

>> No.36020121

Yo yo yo yoooo~

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My own really legal copy is the same and it seems like it matches Watame's reactions so far

>> No.36020123

1:27 too, fellow legal sheepfag.

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Will Lamey survive the first night

>> No.36020126

Aqua with Watame's glasses!

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Great :DDD

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(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

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みんなお待ちかね ぺこらっぷ
準備はできている? hurry up!

3Dも遂に登場 自己紹介をどうぞ
名前は「兎田ぺこら」ぺこ 寂しがり屋とetcetera.




おいしくないよ ぺこらのもも肉




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>3D live
>it's live

>> No.36020139

Dogoyami Dowa dees x-------------D

>> No.36020140

Will everybody just stream over chammers birthday?

>> No.36020141

*breaks in to Festival's apartment but politely backs out when I notice she's streaming*

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My butt is itchy

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(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

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Why is there a male voice on Towa's stream?

>> No.36020152

aqua love chink

>> No.36020153

I heard you were talking shit.

>> No.36020155

It was just an Uber Eats delivery you fucking noobs

>> No.36020161

I didnt want my face on stream when i raped her.

>> No.36020162

The real question is why's there Towa in a male's stream?

>> No.36020164

Nice megane

>> No.36020165

Aqua is having too much fun.

>> No.36020166

I really want to watch button play smt

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>> No.36020171

>lamy hate watame
based, yukimin hate whores

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>> No.36020173

Why are all the aqua posters here actual Chinese

>> No.36020174

Matsuri's boyfriend works for UberEats? Makes sense considering what a fatass she is

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>> No.36020177

more like uber eats matsuri's pussy

>> No.36020178

doa... :DDDD doa... :DDDDD doa agede gudasai.... :DDDDDD doa... :DDDDDDDDDD

>> No.36020180

>Botan with 20k viewers
Wut? She used to average 7k at max.

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>> No.36020183

No chance senpai.

>> No.36020185

Aqua breakdancing!

>> No.36020187

>> No.36020191

>Nijis got swimsuit costume

>> No.36020193

Rummi lucky...

>> No.36020195

holy shit Aqua can break dance

>> No.36020196

Naked Lamy

>> No.36020197

More like delivering his semen in Matsuri's pussy

>> No.36020198

>Soul Hackers released in 1997

>> No.36020199

Its confirmed

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>> No.36020204

I was told this is supposed to be a live but I don't see any singing

>> No.36020205

Have you been in a coma for the last 6 months?

>> No.36020207

watame's reaction is funny

>> No.36020211

I kneel...

>> No.36020212

Now that stalker went into the room and saw her in real life it is only a matter of time till he says fuck it and shows up to rape her (maybe even on stream).
and Matsuri will like it .
it has been her dream to have a sexual relationship with a fan .

>> No.36020217

Cute autist

>> No.36020221

Hahahaha watame is making fun of the 3D effects

>> No.36020224

>open door
>Matsuri is streaming
>close door

>> No.36020225

*shows superiority by placing hand on doorknob, reminding her I could enter at any moment*

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>> No.36020227

Watame making fun of cover's 3D

>> No.36020228

same Mikopi!

>> No.36020229

Getting married with Aqua!

>> No.36020230


I like it

>> No.36020231

He was actually turned off by how much of a landwhale she turned out to be, that's why he went away as soon as she saw her.

>> No.36020232

I will marry Aqua

>> No.36020233

l*ger please nobody wants to hear your NTR fantasies

>> No.36020234

People spent money in making this shit

>> No.36020240

Aqua got the moves!

>> No.36020241

It's funny because this is what actually happened

>> No.36020244

I want to see Minato Aqua's naked body.

>> No.36020245

I'm marrying Aqua RIGHT NOW

>> No.36020247

Marrying Aqutan!

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>> No.36020256

I do

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>> No.36020260

<tfw Aqua just married herself to thousands of Aqua crew

>> No.36020261

PekoMoona is forever.

>> No.36020263

>membership niggers commentposting

>> No.36020269

Clearly there's a market for it, seeing that there's like 7 of this shit.

>> No.36020270

Watame is so cute......

>> No.36020272

>korone literally sololive

>> No.36020273

I'm marrying Aqua

>> No.36020274

Why is Sora so smug?

>> No.36020275

burger king pecola

>> No.36020276

Every Chinese man will receive am Aqua wife
Praise Xi

>> No.36020277

>eating sashimi at 10:30pm

>> No.36020278

Support is always number one and I'll personally enjoy her songs regardless. The only thing I was worried about was the song being too idol-like but I've had confirmation stating otherwise.

>> No.36020279

Who's stage is this church anyways? It reminds me of Towa's but before the destruction.

>> No.36020281

oh wow aqua making the joke that matsuri dropped the bouquet and will never get married is a little too far...

>> No.36020282

Screenshots are allowed

>> No.36020283

>Towa wants to be surrounded by Fubumio

>> No.36020286

Is it now confirmed that Aqua is a Christian?

>> No.36020290


>> No.36020291

can you get me like 400 ketchup packets

>> No.36020294


>> No.36020295

Nene finally set her pc up!

>> No.36020296

>bounces off ceiling
Holy shit

>> No.36020298

ALL RISE for the anthem

>> No.36020299

Please stand for the anthem.

>> No.36020300

Christianity is against Chinese communism

>> No.36020301

The anthem is playing!

>> No.36020302

Roboco wedding?

>> No.36020303

please rise

>> No.36020304 [SPOILER] 




>> No.36020305

The fucking acting in this movie ahahah.
What a classic.

>> No.36020306

>You WILL go out with me

>> No.36020308

The studio is surprisingly small...

>> No.36020310

So she is Christian, cool.

>> No.36020311


>> No.36020312

all me

>> No.36020313


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>> No.36020317


>> No.36020318

good post

>> No.36020319


>> No.36020321

Towa really loves hags.

>> No.36020322

Oh no a shork!

>> No.36020324


>> No.36020326

hand of za rami

>> No.36020327

>Aqua is a Prostestant
>Pekora is a Catholic
Thats why Pekora hates Aqua...

>> No.36020328

This after-concert 3D mengen is actually pretty good idea, how come other Holos never do this?

>> No.36020329

>summer stage
>no swimsuits

>> No.36020330

Classic Aqua is back

>> No.36020331

anyone who replies to that is a newfag and should go back

>> No.36020332

i think my sharknado is like 30 seconds ahead fuck

>> No.36020333

She only worships proper communist thought

>> No.36020334

Do sharks really?

>> No.36020336

Roboco I think.

>> No.36020337

Where's the swim suit...

>> No.36020338

Who wouldnt want that?

>> No.36020340

wheres the swimsuit aqua?

>> No.36020341


>> No.36020342

The other holos hate their fans

>> No.36020343


>> No.36020345

whatchu gonna do with that much ketchup?

>> No.36020348

Twap is extra cute today.

>> No.36020349

Ah meido-san

>> No.36020354

Imagine the smell

>> No.36020355

>Towa doesn't even know about the TMT until she watched it later

>> No.36020356

Sitting close to Aqua...

>> No.36020358

Do sharks really reach that shallow?!?!

>> No.36020359

Most of them have a hard time making to the end of the live in one piece, not sure if they can keep going for another hour

>> No.36020360

Live kepo

>> No.36020361

Retarded daughter experience with Aqua!

>> No.36020362

>> No.36020363

its just like my japanese animes

>> No.36020364

yes, marine has converted all of hololive to christianity.

>> No.36020365

Nene recorded a mengen thank you video after her sololive but nothing this extensive.

>> No.36020366

Chinks are obvious when they spam images

>> No.36020367

Towa has her nipples out on stream right now and none of you care

>> No.36020368

That is some Arc System level shit

>> No.36020371


>> No.36020373


>> No.36020375

Towa is so cool...

>> No.36020376

He's mad.

>> No.36020378

Towa reacting to her growl soon...

>> No.36020379

Towa's laugh is so dumb.

>> No.36020380

Towa watching herself looks so fucking dumb, I love her

>> No.36020381

I can't believe it was real.

>> No.36020383

make jellied ketchup for my jellied anchovies

>> No.36020384


>> No.36020385

Oh her project is finally taking form?

>> No.36020387

aqua your autism...

>> No.36020388


>> No.36020389

Twach is just something else

>> No.36020391


>> No.36020392

Aqua penis

>> No.36020393

>virtual water
Fucking dork...

>> No.36020395

I would like to have sex with the Lamy. Where is registration?

>> No.36020396

a beast so foul it's barely being held together at the seams!

>> No.36020397


>> No.36020398


>> No.36020399

Do sharks really attack like that?

I live in a landlocked country haha

>> No.36020400


>> No.36020401

Twap 草

>> No.36020403

Towa roar...

>> No.36020404

Peko almost didn't stream tonight because of a fucking burger.
I love this fat rabbit.

>> No.36020405


>> No.36020406

Become Shishiron

>> No.36020407

What a sinful rabbit.

>> No.36020408

give me a binnish holo

>> No.36020409

Sinful woman...

>> No.36020410

>got praised for the Unravel growl during her utawaku so she practiced more and put it into her setlist

>> No.36020412

I don't remember Pekora snacking so much last year, what happened?

>> No.36020413


>> No.36020415

I fucking love Twap...

>> No.36020416


>> No.36020417

they can survive for hours outside of water so sometimes they just flop into public areas and try to bite people but they're slow so everyone just laughs

>> No.36020418

towa's a wild beast!

>> No.36020419

freshness burger...

>> No.36020421

Towazo ...

>> No.36020422

That scream make me laugh everytime

>> No.36020423

Dorky Twap growls...

>> No.36020424


>> No.36020425

fat bunny fat bunny chubby chubby debu debu debu debu needs her BLT

>> No.36020426

2 neko

>> No.36020427

>she really meant to post that tweet on peko's account
dumb rabbit...

>> No.36020428

Is that how Towa screams during sex?

>> No.36020430

oh it's the girl from american pie

>> No.36020432

Debiru just wants praises

>> No.36020433

FubuMio sex...

>> No.36020434

Is this the first Lamy's MC hardcore?

>> No.36020435

McDonalds or Burger King?

>> No.36020436

imagine fucking towa and she just screams like that, how traumatized would you be

>> No.36020439

pekora stop talking about burgers FUCK IM SO HUNGRY

>> No.36020440

I thought that's killer whale?

>> No.36020442

Friend is cute in this part, Mio is sex.

>> No.36020444


>> No.36020445

Finally the Xinato Xiqua spam ends

>> No.36020446


>> No.36020447

Freshness Burger

>> No.36020448

Hahahahaha that 3D shark

>> No.36020449

Freshness Burger and what's the second one she's talking about? Bacon Omelet Burger?

>> No.36020450


>> No.36020453

Towa will release a video of her,Mio and FBK that they took after recording for member later

>> No.36020454

they're assholes too

>> No.36020456

No it isn't.

>> No.36020457

I hate minecraft.

>> No.36020458

Fubuki's 3D is so pale it's always throwing me off.

>> No.36020459

Pekomommy watches Pekora enough to know she wanted a Rice burger. What a good mom.

>> No.36020460

Poor little Twap video...

>> No.36020461


>> No.36020462


>> No.36020463

Towa you can't just say you want to fuck Mio like that!

>> No.36020464

Sexy Miosha!

>> No.36020465

>Ero Mio
I know right Twapi?

>> No.36020466


>> No.36020468

This 3D lmao

>> No.36020469


>> No.36020470


>> No.36020471


>> No.36020472

What the fuck is a rice burger?

>> No.36020473

Cute pekomama. Also today is another lucky day.

>> No.36020474

PekoMama thanks

>> No.36020475


>> No.36020476

>looking for sexy Mio
Fucking dork

>> No.36020477

kek even Towa know that part

>> No.36020479

What the fuck is this shit lol?

>> No.36020481

Is the end of a era... You just don't understand.

>> No.36020483

>twap wants to fuck hags
kotaro is the light to taiga's darkness

>> No.36020484

>Not even ten minutes in
>Already captured a monster
Why is she like this?

>> No.36020485

People are dying and Watame is laughing

>> No.36020486


>> No.36020487

not just 3d...

>> No.36020488


>> No.36020490

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=po_BSkIuGCs Aki

>> No.36020492

Tokoyami Towa: The Search for Eromion

>> No.36020493


>> No.36020495

Twappi loves Mio pits!

>> No.36020496

Cover should hire the studio that did the 3D for sharknado

>> No.36020497

Twap knows

>> No.36020498

Hat merch when

>> No.36020499

Did Lamy make that? It would be extremely Cover for a talent to make better shaders than whoever they have in the 3D studios.

>> No.36020501

what's with holos and loving ojichan character

>> No.36020502


>> No.36020503

Towa is literally us...

>> No.36020504

This is a movie that you won't get laid after if you watch it with a girl

>> No.36020505

towa is NOT streaming
STOP talking about towa

>> No.36020506

>> No.36020509

Didn't we already get a Bibi hat merch or am I making shit up?

>> No.36020511

I am literally Towa

>> No.36020512

Time for Anya!

>> No.36020513


>> No.36020515

they should just let towa direct every concert
the usual director obviously sucks ass

>> No.36020518

wtf shark in floods?!?!?!

>> No.36020519


>> No.36020520

I want Pekomommy's luck boosting rice burger.

>> No.36020521

fat fucks

>> No.36020522

Missing out.

>> No.36020523

That's so retarded holy shit

>> No.36020524

Towa is streaming and lusting after Mio!

>> No.36020525

I wish it's rendered as good as Aki's pits

>> No.36020528


>> No.36020529


>> No.36020531

you should try it, it tastes really fucking good

>> No.36020532

damn I want that too...

>> No.36020535

Towa x Mio art when?

>> No.36020539

Look at Twap go...!

>> No.36020540

>Towa realized how much she said toiukotode in her live

>> No.36020541


>> No.36020544


>> No.36020545

do you eat it like a burger or use a spoon?

>> No.36020547

Take a shot everytime Watame reacts with a EEEEEHHHHHH???

>> No.36020553

This movie makes Cover's 3D look good

>> No.36020554

Botan just said that there's no exclusives worth playing on the PS5... what do we do Sonybros...

>> No.36020558

Anon, nips eat hamburg steak with rice. This is basically the same shit.

>> No.36020559

She's probably hanging out with Eugene way too much...

>> No.36020560

The background graphics are underrated. Towa must have splurged for this concert.

>> No.36020561


>> No.36020562

>> No.36020563

>open Lamy’s stream
>she’s filling holes

>> No.36020565


>> No.36020569

>Matsuri bought food for Towa
She's a good girl (nonvirgin)

>> No.36020570

>Someone mentions Botan and Soul Hackers
>Go to her channel
>She’s playing Minecraft

Yeah, i’m done with hololive, call me when the minecraft jp kids stop ruining it for everyone

>> No.36020572

Today was a great day

>> No.36020573

>open matsuri's door
>start to fill holes

>> No.36020574

i want something sexier
for example Towa licking Mio's armpit

>> No.36020575

its not like ekkusu bokkusu has exclusives worth playing too... and they got game pass for PC as well

>> No.36020576

Okay but did you
>close Lamy's stream

>> No.36020577

where's the shark tornado

>> No.36020578

>I took Aki's virginity

>> No.36020582

I want to fill za Ramy hole...

>> No.36020583

god I wish that were me

>> No.36020584

Sauce looks really good.
Gonna make some burgers tommorow.

>> No.36020586

Botan is an Xbros since the start.

>> No.36020588

>Towa popped Aki's (house) virginity

>> No.36020589

Nooooooooo not george......

>> No.36020591

Im not japanese but I eat rice with everything

>> No.36020592

No... George...

>> No.36020595


>> No.36020597

Towa banana...

>> No.36020599

I wonder if that man has seen Matsuri naked

>> No.36020600

RIP george...

>> No.36020607


>> No.36020609

That feels like a long time ago...

>> No.36020610

They just won't ever get the permissions.

>> No.36020611

Aqua will now stream more consistently now that all her works done r-right?

>> No.36020612


>> No.36020614

like a burger.

>> No.36020621

Yes, almost as much as Shion yo!

>> No.36020622


>> No.36020625


>> No.36020626

She'll return to hiki mode now

>> No.36020627

The fucking effects in this movie is top tier

>> No.36020628

Chuuni Tow...

>> No.36020629

Watch Anya…

>> No.36020631

Chuuni Towa...

>> No.36020633


>> No.36020635

She's streaming tomorrow, anon.

>> No.36020636

If she has the time after streaming on her chink vtuber account

>> No.36020637

Cool Chuuni...

>> No.36020638

Here come the Indog beggars

>> No.36020640


>> No.36020641

What the fuck

>> No.36020642


>> No.36020643

>Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ チーム詐欺あじさい

>> No.36020647

>new ip

>> No.36020651

They gotta try whatever they can. +1 viewer is huge increase in viewership for them.

>> No.36020654

Nothing of the sort yet.

>> No.36020655

Who's this chad?

>> No.36020661

beg more maybe I'll leave your failure a like

>> No.36020662

Me the drummerchad

>> No.36020663

what is it with holos and watching completely garbage films

>> No.36020666

it's their only hope

>> No.36020668

Towa has lots of friends...

>> No.36020669

Every time I refresh, PekoMoona's Tuning Love has an extra thousand views...

>> No.36020672

Its not serious movie, Anon.

>> No.36020673

I Blame Fubuki on this one.

>> No.36020674


>> No.36020676

is the water red or green?

>> No.36020677


>> No.36020678

Watching good/mainstream movies are boring and not a good talking point.
Taking the piss out of garbage movies are more fun.

>> No.36020679

how many views did aqua's ocncert peak at?

>> No.36020681

more entertaining than le deep movies

>> No.36020686


>> No.36020687

>I was only ironically pretending to be a bad movie!

>> No.36020690

All me

>> No.36020692


>> No.36020695

I open Towa's stream and she immediately does that STUPID fucking laugh

>> No.36020696

8 billion

>> No.36020697

85k. The recline is real.

>> No.36020698


>> No.36020699

>Towa can't sing the hard parts so she had Watame and Kanata sing them

>> No.36020707

That's literally what syfy does

>> No.36020709

I wonder if tracking is just delayed or the Holos are really just out of sync

>> No.36020711

I wont make it, anon.

>> No.36020712

Are you actually retarded

>> No.36020714

God, Towa is so fucking dumb.

>> No.36020716

I like Towa's live because each of them have been different from each other so far.
Acoustic live, band live, mini-Bloom. Looking forward to her next one.

>> No.36020719

The water levels are all over the place, how is there barely any water next to their car, yet their house is suddenly flooded almost up to the 2nd floor?

>> No.36020720


>> No.36020722


>> No.36020724

I think slightly over 85k or 86k, but she at least killed booth.

>> No.36020725

80k chink bots

>> No.36020726

Silent Hill permissions....

>> No.36020727

Towa just do your reps...

>> No.36020733

l*ger has done it...

>> No.36020735

Coco... Luna...

>> No.36020736

>> No.36020737


>> No.36020738

It's sharks magic, don't think too hard about it.

>> No.36020741


>> No.36020742

the door blocks the water... or something

>> No.36020744

I just realized that Yonkisei's average height is now the lowest...

>> No.36020748

Matsuri is going to sleep with the intruder

>> No.36020749


>> No.36020751

>Towa surprised that Pekora has lot of stamina than she expected

>> No.36020753

i m a g i n e

>> No.36020755


>> No.36020756

>Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン カンニングしても遅れるわ間違えるわカオスだった

>> No.36020757

Finn is a good guy but his wife is a bitch

>> No.36020758

for me it's Pekora and Towa

>> No.36020763

Found the ironic weebs

>> No.36020764

The door man went to town on Matsuri's cunny

>> No.36020765

lmao Marine one-tempo late when dancing

>> No.36020768

be honest, would you stop to help some kids during a disaster?

>> No.36020769

This song, this video, I am unironically crying. It's so fucking beautiful. I honestly love her so fucking much.

>> No.36020770

really bad stream

>> No.36020771

Damn you Choco for being so tall.

>> No.36020772

>stalker has gotten to Matsuri and is now pretending to be her
>samantha is his ex-gf who called him crazy for his obsession with Matsuri
>this message is directed at as his pschyopathic triumph
we need to rescue festival, she must be locked in the basement

>> No.36020774


>> No.36020775

Based, i always like both of them and hoping for more of their interaction until the kensetsushit happen

>> No.36020778

the song is pretty generic but the MV is so good

>> No.36020781

lamy is precious

>> No.36020782

Towa internet...

>> No.36020783


>> No.36020784 [SPOILER] 

It was him all along

>> No.36020785

...what does that have anything to do with being "ironic weeb"? Tsukkomis are quintessentially japanese.

>> No.36020786

Me too! No joke

>> No.36020787

Towa really like Pekora huh??

>> No.36020788

Atsu Rangers...

>> No.36020789

Twap pits...

>> No.36020791

Low budget movie. Don't think about it too hard.

>> No.36020793

Isn't this more her computer?

>> No.36020794


>> No.36020795

OH shit, she might reach 1k viewers. Is that her record?

>> No.36020797

I have been a member for over a year and my only regret is that I didn't member her 2 years before then.

>> No.36020798

Finally, my hag is arrived.

>> No.36020799

This movie screams that they had a limited amount of setpieces and had to piece together something using them

>> No.36020800

Same except 2 months over you.

>> No.36020801

doesn't she lives with her brother and mother?

>> No.36020802

Name literally one holo who is 100% based and redpilled

>> No.36020803

Towa just want to see Pekora cute butt wiggle...

>> No.36020805

>other part is okay
>Suddenly lag when towa want to show her oshi pekora


>> No.36020807

Don't look at me like that!

>> No.36020808


>> No.36020810

She said she was alone

>> No.36020813

We've gone past 2/3rds of a Smile & Go!

>> No.36020814

What the fuck was that editing?

>> No.36020815

>Towa's PC dying playing a YouTube video

>> No.36020817


>> No.36020820

then it was a ghost

>> No.36020829

Cute Friend!

>> No.36020830

Shuba was too loud

>> No.36020831

Cute Twap...

>> No.36020832

So it was Alone-san...

>> No.36020833

Twap's dumb voice...

>> No.36020835

Flare hates blacks and being black

>> No.36020839

Thank you staff-san!

>> No.36020840

Kiara, Mori, Ina, Gura, Ame and Irys

>> No.36020845

Ogey movie

>> No.36020846

>cheesy one line

>> No.36020847

well obon is in a few days

>> No.36020848

Then why did she sing a song called "monster"?

>> No.36020850

We only use Korone Delivery here

>> No.36020851

every time towa speaks my brain cells die, how does she do it?

>> No.36020853

Wtf Marine?

>> No.36020855

>watching Aqua stream
>every song is by herself except for the last one with Okayu

Why is Aqua such a loner...

>> No.36020856

>sharks on the helipad
oh noooooo

>> No.36020860

It's lonely at the top

>> No.36020861

Why did aqua get so few sc during her anniv live? It was lower than even towa

>> No.36020862


>> No.36020864

Twap's hair smells so good...

>> No.36020866


>> No.36020869

I want to touch Towa's legs...

>> No.36020870

SEAcrew has no money

>> No.36020871

towa cute legs

>> No.36020872

Because she's a chink cumdumpster

>> No.36020874

It's not loneliness, it's selfishness

>> No.36020875

They saved it for the mengen afterwards

>> No.36020876

Iofi's new art made during 'Productive Monday' stream

>> No.36020878

Twapi hair reveal now

>> No.36020879

Twap's legs...

>> No.36020880

lmao the car fucking exploded

>> No.36020883

Apparently the girl is the only one who can use the shotgun

>> No.36020884

simping was banned in china

>> No.36020885

*destroys your car*

>> No.36020886

>mate, I smell gas
>I do too, let's go
Actually a great dialogue.

>> No.36020888


>> No.36020889

It really is short hair Towa

>> No.36020890


>> No.36020891

>> No.36020892


>> No.36020893


>> No.36020894


>> No.36020895

Towa is too cute now...

>> No.36020896

Towa is cute...

>> No.36020897

>> No.36020898

Why is there a male haircut on Towa's stream?

>> No.36020901

Lesbian Towa...

>> No.36020902


>> No.36020904

Did somebody make that small prison lab in Aki's stream? Or was that randomly generated?

>> No.36020905


>> No.36020906

short hair SUCKS
bring back long hair

>> No.36020909

>roommate hairstyle

>> No.36020910

Cute Towa...

>> No.36020911

towa is literally a dyke

>> No.36020912


>> No.36020913


>> No.36020914

>> No.36020915

>> No.36020916

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36020917

Bora is already schlicking

>> No.36020918

wow, there is a man on Towa's stream!

>> No.36020920

Towa is literally sex

>> No.36020921

wtf I am gay now??

>> No.36020922

>> No.36020923

>> No.36020924

Towa looks like an actual OL with megane and the hair cut

>> No.36020925

Towa became a boy...

>> No.36020926

that's literally me on Towa's stream

>> No.36020927

Every time you take a break you lose viewers and eventually gachi. (Unless you're Ayame and a monthly comeback stream is your gimmick)
This is why Pekora stands alone at the top as the only daily streamer.

>> No.36020929


>> No.36020930

Don't fap to Towa

>> No.36020931

>megane shorthair
I kneel again rurudo...

>> No.36020932


>> No.36020933


>> No.36020934

How big is her cock?

>> No.36020935

I love Towachi!

>> No.36020936

Towa looks like a fucking nerd

>> No.36020937

wtf, why was aqua's live not synced

>> No.36020939

rurudomami is too good

>> No.36020940

Towa looks so smart even though she really isn't

>> No.36020941

did Aqua wear Watame's glasses in her membership live?

>> No.36020942

Flags gone global.

>> No.36020943

>it makes you look smart
>why are you saying like I'm not smart?!

>> No.36020944

Yukihana Lamy sure plays minecraft properly

>> No.36020945


>> No.36020949

The fucking hair physics look next gen compared to what she used to have.

>> No.36020950

Taking Towa's lunch money

>> No.36020952

Twap's hair moved to the back of the ear is so erotic...

>> No.36020955


>> No.36020956

Towa's hair rigging is top tier.

>> No.36020958

Why is Towa's short hair way better than Subaru's

>> No.36020959

The Twap preys on the double peace duck

>> No.36020960

wow wtf I'm not watching her anymore

>> No.36020963

Just like my AVs

>> No.36020965

Subaru is finally outdated, Hololive has no place for fake lying tomboys

>> No.36020966


>> No.36020967


>> No.36020968


>> No.36020970

Third leg tier, which still isn't that big considering how short she is

>> No.36020971

Looks like my youngest brother

>> No.36020972

Yeah, how is that even possible?

>> No.36020973

best post itt!

>> No.36020974

Are you telling me that Matsuri was almost stabbed/raped on stream and no one is talking about it?

>> No.36020977 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36020979


>> No.36020980

we all laughed and clapped and then went back to shitposting

>> No.36020981

I want to fuck your brother

>> No.36020982

Archive reps We already blew our load over it.

>> No.36020983

Her boyfriend wouldn't stab her

>> No.36020985

At least it HAS exclusives

>> No.36020986

>Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン あのときは自分が怖かった・・・

>> No.36020987

Yeah almost stabbed to death by her boyfriend's cock

>> No.36020988

Hook me up.

>> No.36020989

not matsuri

>> No.36020990

Maybe due to the fact that her anniversary is yesterday and she basically split her earning?
Look at her yesterday totsu SC earning.

>> No.36020991

Takoyaki Towa...

>> No.36020993

lol Marine

>> No.36020994

Such a cute girl sounds so dumb... I love Twap...

>> No.36020995

Kill yourself.

>> No.36020996

It's almost like it was already talked about you humongous fucking retarded mongoloid

>> No.36020997

this is LITERALLY her roommates hair cover are such enormous fucking hacks

>> No.36021001

>it's a sharknado
Fuck, my sides

>> No.36021002

girl got sucked by a tornado and watame is just laughing........

>> No.36021003

so absurd sheep can only wheeze

>> No.36021006

>> No.36021007

Haachama time!

>> No.36021009

maybe no one is taking about it because you're not linking it, you fucking rat jew

>> No.36021010

Watame, that lady just died. It's not funny.

>> No.36021011

*cockblocks you*

>> No.36021013

>> No.36021014

Are we watching the schizo birthday, right?

>> No.36021015


>> No.36021016


>> No.36021018

Yukihana Lamy delivery is live so no

>> No.36021019

Learn english you fucking monkey

>> No.36021020

Poor mane-chan

>> No.36021022

Whoa, Aqua is so cool.

>> No.36021023

I am. Going to bail if I hear the discord call noise, though

>> No.36021024

matsuri can't have a boyfriend, retards
she's a femcel

>> No.36021026

A Subaru,Towa,Marine and Pekora collab would be too powerful...

>> No.36021028

Jesas, Chammers is too loud

>> No.36021030

Matsuri was stabbed alright.
Right in the pussyhole.

>> No.36021031

Intruder-san can have a forced girlfriend, however

>> No.36021032

It’s really depressing knowing how good of an artist Rurudo is despite being so young.

>> No.36021036

>> No.36021037


>> No.36021038

Of course!

>> No.36021039


>> No.36021040

Imagine the sex.

>> No.36021041


>> No.36021042

Towa's big ass head!

>> No.36021043

Too bad marine hates pekora now

>> No.36021047

It really is, she's as big as the other older Hololive artists too. I wonder how she blew up so fast.

>> No.36021048

This but Botan instead of Towa.

>> No.36021049


>> No.36021052


>> No.36021053


>> No.36021054

Matsuri could've been assaulted on stream and subhumans here would still complain and call her a whore. SEAfags are muslim afterall

>> No.36021055

>schizo at 8k viewers
holy recline

>> No.36021056


>> No.36021057


>> No.36021058

It Takes Toaw...

>> No.36021059

Haachama dedicated this song to Matuli. What did she mean by that?

>> No.36021060

BoTowa It Takes Two tomorrow!

>> No.36021062

Towa is not a shizo!!

>> No.36021064

Is the girl a shark?

>> No.36021065

Someone stole anya's bike.

>> No.36021066


>> No.36021067

what is her age?

>> No.36021069

I would masturbate

>> No.36021070

I missed everything about Matsuri and I feel like I don't even need to know about what happened.

I wonder why.

>> No.36021071

he's talking about Haachama

>> No.36021072

I want to hear Towa use the vibration machine

>> No.36021073

schizo slut...

>> No.36021075

Towa really enjoyed the Payday collab...

>> No.36021076

Japanese criminals are so polite they will just quietly leave if you're busy in the middle of their crime. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

>> No.36021084


>> No.36021085

Chama sounds like she'd just had sex half an hour ago and is in a great mood

>> No.36021087

TowaNoArs APEX collab to decide landmark tomorrow
Followed by BoTowa It Takes Twoa collab

>> No.36021088

n-no that was not my boyfriend hehe i-it must have been a thief :/ i will call the police hehe

>> No.36021090


>> No.36021091

Upcaled Onyon, sourced from: https://s2.booth.pm/4ee2c0d9-41fa-4a0e-a30f-1bc9e15d4e5b/i/3167052/b6d352e4-51e7-4f1a-8048-45a709bb9f47.png

>> No.36021092

ojisan absolutely gonna die...

>> No.36021094

Twap no...

>> No.36021095

Matsuri is yab-proof. All of her remaining fans are people who will never leave her no matter what. Nothing will happen now, just like nothing happened when she confessed to (or rather bragged about) having boyfriends in the past or when she doxed herself and showed her real name and some credit card details. Literally no one cares about her and in two threads no one here will mention it again.

>> No.36021096

Towa is gone... what now

>> No.36021097

Towa ate Kotaro's tama with oden

>> No.36021098

I don't think Noah and Ars will be part of the Apex thing, I think the team leaders will be on HAL's stream to decide the landmarks via lottery.

>> No.36021099

Sleep ...

>> No.36021101

Twap cat ears...

>> No.36021102

Matsurispammer will make sure to flood the threads.

>> No.36021103


>> No.36021104

>quietly leave if you're busy
or maybe it's just that commiting a crime in front of a livestreaming camera is not the best idea

>> No.36021105


>> No.36021106

Towaiting for next stream.

>> No.36021107

L*ger's eternal hell...

>> No.36021108

Matsurispammer's been real quiet since the yab..

>> No.36021109

Why did the shark fall from the sky after getting shot?

>> No.36021111

Come to my daughter's birthday karaoke countdown!

>> No.36021112

turned 13 a month ago

>> No.36021113

Pekora isn't allowed to go to Fortnite Disneyland...

>> No.36021115

thanks! ( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.36021117

Super Sayian Lamy

>> No.36021119

>1 fucking propane bomb dissipated the sharknado


>> No.36021120

Reposting in case anyone wasn't around yesterday:

Archive of FBK's Guerilla Utawaku feat. Kurokami from yesterday that she privated immediately after


>> No.36021122

I dont buy it

>> No.36021126

Time for some random pussy... Oh she streaming, I'm a rapist not a asshole, lets wait for her to finish first...

>> No.36021127

What even happened?
>Do your archive reps
Unlike you niggers, I have a fucking job. I don't have time to keep up with every single holo.

>> No.36021128

Fist of Allah

>> No.36021132


>> No.36021134


>> No.36021135

Speaking of Rurudo, did anyone ever found out what the fuck is going on with the whole RORO thing?

>> No.36021136

>she doxed herself
>stalker breaks in

>> No.36021137

Twintail Towa is still the cutest.

>> No.36021138


>> No.36021139

not your personal info kiosk

>> No.36021140

Matsuri should sell vip tickets where you can watch her stream from the door

>> No.36021141


>> No.36021142

Thanks friend! (^・ω・^§)ノ

>> No.36021143

He's so polite that he even waited til she called the cops

>> No.36021144

Thanks, I missed it.

>> No.36021149

Yeah genius, he should've raped her live on stream, cause broadcasting your crimes to the internet tends to work out so well

>> No.36021151

>hammered by a fucking hammerhead

>> No.36021152

I guess some people are too dumb to notice when someone is lying.
Watch the stream. Chat tells Matsuri that the door was opened by someone.
A normal reaction would be to instantly look behind to where the door is, and most probably freak out, in the case where you are alone in the house of course.
But Matsuri reaction showed no real surprise. She replied saying to not say scary things like that, and then she pretends that theres not a door behind her, saying its the closet or whatever, and just kept looking at the stream. Obviously she was trying to come up with excuses instead of explaining the real situation.
If it was her mom, her brother, father, or even a normal friend, she would have said so right away. But no, she played dumb about it.
What really happened is that the person thought she was streaming as Matsuri, without a webcam to show people behind her.

>> No.36021153

>Open door
>Matsuri is streaming
>Close door
That's literally it

>> No.36021154

Pekora really loves Barret...

>> No.36021155


>> No.36021156

Do your archive reps

>> No.36021158

It literally says so on her website, a disclaimer even

>> No.36021159

Grandpa pulls the granny into the pool

>> No.36021161

Kume love

>> No.36021166

neither do i

>> No.36021167


>> No.36021168

>I have a fucking job
Didn't ask for your life story faggot
Reps now

>> No.36021169


>> No.36021170

>> No.36021172

It's pretty sad that Matsuri had to pay a homeless mad to "break" into her home midstream just so she can larp as a "secret boyfriend-having e-celeb" having to damage control by making excuses.

>> No.36021173

wait this isnt her birthday
its a fucking countdown. I was bamboozled.

>> No.36021177

WTF, a year ago she was 16

>> No.36021178


>> No.36021181

EOP chama...

>> No.36021182

haachama is too old now

>> No.36021183

What the fuck the heroine girl just died in midair?

>> No.36021186

I think that's hilarious. I wonder if that will turn into an episode of Faulty Towers where she will have to say bigger and bigger lies, forge police reports etc. until the whole tower of lies comes crashing down.

>> No.36021188

the sharks took her back to her evil lair. She is the shark queen, that's why they didn't kill her

>> No.36021189

Is it true Kson got 100K for her last stream?

>> No.36021190

I don't understand why Matsuri went with this asinine stalker-burglar story, why not say it was her brother like every single time before when there has been a hint of an unknown MALE on her stream? Or does her N*zomi personality not have a brother?

>> No.36021191

Matuli is gonna literally graduate over this. How are you going to cope?

>> No.36021193

Matsuri was streaming as roommate and someone opened the door behind her during the stream, and instead of saying the truth she just lied about it, and is now pretending it was a stranger that walked all the way to her room inside her house.

>> No.36021195

But sharks aren't bad.

Fuck this movie.

>> No.36021196

Matsuri has always been an attentionwhore, she knows she's getting irrelevant so she had to do something "shocking" for people to talk about her.
Luna menhera episode, "fight" with Haachama, and now this.

>> No.36021198


>> No.36021200

someone teach haachama how to sing on key

>> No.36021201

Sharks are bad but tornado sharks are different story.

>> No.36021203

>EOP chama...
Nigga its says happy birthday in the title

>> No.36021207

Would be great if one of her jp viewers actualy called cops to check on Matuli. Who knows, there might be another stalker!

>> No.36021212

>Chat tells Matsuri that the door was opened by someone.
>A normal reaction would be to instantly look behind to where the door is
Streamers get told shit like this all the time though. If I knew I was alone in my house I wouldn't turn around for shit cause it's 99% likely to be trolling. "There something behind you Mr Streamer!", they do shit like that on the purple site all the time.

>> No.36021213

Post intimidating images

>> No.36021214

go back

>> No.36021215

where do I get my weekly JK's school drama zatsudan now I've been dying inside

>> No.36021217

The whole movie is made just for this scene.

>> No.36021221 [SPOILER] 

This is the owner of the hand that appeared in Matsuri's stream

>> No.36021222

>If it was her mom, her brother, father, or even a normal friend, she would have said so right away. But no, she played dumb about it.
She could've said any of those things regardless as an excuse and yet she didn't and thought chat was trolling her
>What really happened is that the person thought she was streaming as Matsuri, without a webcam to show people behind her.
If that was the case wouldn't that person just walk in instead of creepily looking into the room?

>> No.36021226

>actually spoonfeeding
hlg is dead

>> No.36021228

Hololive Gen 6...

>> No.36021232

what the fuck this movie is hilarious

>> No.36021233


>> No.36021234

this fucking movie

I can't believe it got a sequel too!

>> No.36021235

If one person says it, maybe, but it was dozens of people at the same time, both EOP and JOP. That's very unlikely to be a prank.

>> No.36021236

I think she will just keep pretending it was a invasion.
Even if her fans dont really care about her having someone fucking her, I guess it would still be bad if she came out and said she was lying about this situation to them.
She would be better off just saying it was her boyfriend.

>> No.36021237

ojisan actually lives.
and the girl I guess.

>> No.36021240

I thought sharks chew their food

>> No.36021242

i think she just wanted to Goto the end of the bf saga

>> No.36021243

Japanese stem cell research is the best in the world

>> No.36021248 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36021252


>> No.36021255


>> No.36021257

Tornado sharks dont

>> No.36021258


>> No.36021259

I feel empty right now, as Kanata did not sit on my face today.

>> No.36021260


>> No.36021263

I see. That makes >>36021152 sound about right. If they thought the webcam was off, it would make sense to just casually walk in. I will never understand why the holos continue to operate their roommate accounts while working as Vtubers. It just fuels conspiratorial gossip girl thread like this.

>> No.36021264

Probably freaked out and didnt think to say that.
Or thought if she said it was her brother then viewers would ask to call him to the stream to talk.

>> No.36021265


>> No.36021267

>200 dollars for a t-shirt
I..I don't know if i have that much money aqua..

>> No.36021268

The aussie didn't make it wtf..... I thought aussies are immune to sharks?

>> No.36021269

You can't just add a word and magically wave off established facts...

>> No.36021272

>> No.36021273


>> No.36021274

>> No.36021275

Maybe she didn't hear you.

>> No.36021277

That was one of the worst movies I've ever seen

>> No.36021279

cant love this retard enough

>> No.36021281

Aussies are sharkfood

>> No.36021284

tara reid hit the wall hard

>> No.36021285

They’re a step up in evolution anon!

>> No.36021286

Happy birthday to Flare's wife Patra!

>> No.36021289

It got 6 fucking movies lmao

>> No.36021290

Watch Escape from the Bronx it is on Amazon Prime and it is a much worse movie

>> No.36021293

>one of
I'm interested in the others.

>> No.36021294

This nigger intimidates KFP

>> No.36021296

This just goes to show, a holo could have sex on-stream and there’d still be retards who would be in denial and try to justify it.

>> No.36021297


>> No.36021301

happy birthday chammers

>> No.36021302


>> No.36021305

>I will never understand why the holos continue to operate their roommate accounts while working as Vtubers. It just fuels conspiratorial gossip girl thread like this.
Why would you let a bunch of schizos control your personal life?

>> No.36021306


>> No.36021307

Women can't win against dick, I honestly would like to see the tape of the two of them

>> No.36021308

Happy birthday Haachama!

>> No.36021309


>> No.36021311

>has a job
>comes to a chinese cartoon forum to gossip about virtual girls
holy cringe

>> No.36021312

I honestly don't think I could sit through a sharknado movie with my oshi and I've watched some painfully mediocre movies with her.

>> No.36021314

Greetings i am Nozomi's boyfriend please keep giving her SC i fucked up walking in and she is piss

>> No.36021315

literally who?

>> No.36021317


>> No.36021318

And this one too

>> No.36021320

>Matsuri: Yeah, me and the other Holos are allowed to have boyfriends. :)
>also Matsuri: (oh shit, I cant let my viewers know this person in my house is my boyfriend!)

menhera bitch is so fucking dumb

>> No.36021321

Seems the burgers are waking up.

>> No.36021322

Why is Lyger doing this to Matsuri? He has gone too far this time and needs to be stopped.

>> No.36021323

It seems like the chat liked his scenes too... Can't blame them though, the remake turned the angry manchild into a grumpy but caring father/leader.

>> No.36021324

I miss micomet

>> No.36021325


>> No.36021326

>> No.36021327

she is dating a seanig?!

>> No.36021328

I want to kiss Twap...

>> No.36021330

There's 5 more sharknado movies

>> No.36021331

>and she is piss
Please deliver Matsuri into the nearest Suisei asshole, thank you

>> No.36021332

So what are the chances Matsuri is a virgin? 70%?

>> No.36021333

Miko error....

>> No.36021335

0% she was just larping

>> No.36021336

I'm white shitskin

>> No.36021337

Look at Twap go...

>> No.36021338

That's not my point. It's more about removing an avenue of public scrutiny, not cowering in fear over a bunch of virgins on /jp/ and /hlg/ raging about your alleged sex life.

>> No.36021340

After today, 95%

>> No.36021342

All their eop simps are SEAnigs

>> No.36021343

Spooky, can't wait for the obon ghost stories stream.

>> No.36021344


>> No.36021349


>> No.36021351

>doesn't have a job
>comes to a chinese cartoon forum to gossip about virtual girls
Who's worse?

>> No.36021352

So Botan really is their tech support

>> No.36021353

when did they announce fes 2 last year again i can't wait for fes 3 this year

>> No.36021354


>> No.36021355

I want to breed Nene and IRyS.

>> No.36021358


>> No.36021359


>> No.36021360

only time Matsuri gets discussed is when she fucks something up
matsuri spammer is conspicuously absent as well

>> No.36021361


>> No.36021362

You're right... it really is like 200 dollars for a t-shirt.

>> No.36021363


>> No.36021364

Miko!? https://youtu.be/JkcX4iYKNuA

>> No.36021366

just came here to laugh at all of the matsuri cucks
if you didnt jump ship a year ago when her menhera shit started ramping uo then you're a fucking retard
bet her boyfriend has a higher apex rank than you too

>> No.36021367

>public scrutiny
What public scrutiny? Literally nobody fucking cares except the schizos

>> No.36021368


>> No.36021371

>get stalked
>antis attack you and call you a whore
I didn't realize this was the niji/CCP thread. Matsuri is the victim here.

>> No.36021373


>> No.36021374

the wagecuck who needs to work

>> No.36021376

matsuri is not only fat but a liar too

>> No.36021377

I only come to vtuber threads to laugh at the dudes who are mortified when they discover women have boyfriends

>> No.36021378

Yours so cool for doing this

>> No.36021379

Watame... please let's watch something else next time

>> No.36021380

2nd year in a row Haachama didn't accept birthday presents. She really hates haatons.

>> No.36021381

patra omedetou!

>> No.36021382

i am here to laugh at you holobronys

>> No.36021383

I would bet big money she lost it during or before high school.

>> No.36021384

#BelieveAllWomen amirtie?

>> No.36021385

This has always been the anti thread

>> No.36021386

Has Watame watched a single good movie so far?

>> No.36021391

No, watching whole series.

>> No.36021392

Late October I think? I hope they can actually do holofes 3 this year, unlikely as it may be.

>> No.36021394

The anime weather movie was okay

>> No.36021395

I’m noticing a lot of non-holo reaction images…

>> No.36021396

Are we being railed?

>> No.36021398


>> No.36021399

I don't mind being just a number for her!

>> No.36021400

>invite bf
>retard can't wait to pound matsuripussy so he opens the door mid stream

>> No.36021402

Sorry Haachama, I only really cares about you when you are doing something that pleases my dick.

>> No.36021405

Ok Zhang

>> No.36021406


>> No.36021407

Right. I forgot about the inherent dignity in living off your disappointed parents and/or the state. My mistake.

>> No.36021409

someone must have made a vtuber thread on /v/...

>> No.36021410

...it's not just this shit, her roommate's vague tweets actually affected her hololive persona (had to "take a break because friend died lmao") and other talents before.

>> No.36021411

Hope matsuri really gets raped after this

>> No.36021412

>2 fast 4 you

>> No.36021418

You all don't even watch matuli so why you faggots suddenly care whether she get stalked or not???

>> No.36021419

My cute gf Aqua...

>> No.36021420

nice projection

>> No.36021422

What’s so funny about a friend dying? Are you on the spectrum?

>> No.36021424

>> No.36021427


I miss Japan. I still remember visiting in 2017 while Kemono Friends was a thing

>> No.36021428

Suisei detected entering a room with at least one man inside!


>> No.36021429

We only care because she's a lying whore

>> No.36021430

I mean bitch must be grateful motherfucker did not pound her on the spot

>> No.36021431

Maybe you faggots would get some support if you respect this thread's residents instead of spamming roommate streams and taunting with "haha roommates are on topic because they're employed by hololive production".
You only have yourself to blame.

>> No.36021432

Joining the sheepnedo

>> No.36021433

If she wasn't so retarded shed hide her roommate stuff behind a 10,000 yen a month pay wall like the others do

>> No.36021434

he's mad! he's really mad!

>> No.36021435

Am I the only one who miss chinks shitting these threads?

>> No.36021436

Not everyone lives in a 3rd world country. Several European countries give out good NEETbucks

>> No.36021438

I'm so excited for her

>> No.36021441

>affected her hololive persona
once again, nobody actually fucking cares

>> No.36021442

Projection? Isn't this whole shit-flinging competition over the fact I have a job, and therefore you're better than me for not being a wagecuck?

>> No.36021443

Why is that the only thing you take from my post? And why ad hominem?

>> No.36021445

can someone give me the QRE on the rrat of the yab that Matsuri ogeyed?

>> No.36021446

The chinks never left. Now they are attacking Festival.

>> No.36021450

Homoschizo has lost it without the homos to direct his autism at

>> No.36021454

If she stop streaming/taking a break, I'd say at least one person fucking cares (i.e.; matsuri)

>> No.36021455

>> No.36021457

looks like the /qa/ wojakschizo is here, and he's mad!

>> No.36021458

Chinks already alerted everybody about matsuri being a whore

>> No.36021459

>respect this thread's residents

>> No.36021461

Even 1k yen filters out pretty much everyone. 10k is just greedy.

>> No.36021463

permaban anyone who posted off topic images

>> No.36021464

Oh, its gonna be one of those kind of threads…

>> No.36021466

If you look at the ban list, you can see he does this on just about every board.

>> No.36021469


>> No.36021470

youve done it now

>> No.36021472

pekora knows too much...

>> No.36021473

reading comprehension

>> No.36021476

quod erat demonstrandum

>> No.36021477

based choco brap poster

>> No.36021478

actually fucking

>> No.36021481

>> No.36021482

Yeah because we totally have meidos here who care about us

>> No.36021485

>> No.36021486


>> No.36021487

Get fucked Matsuricucks. You unironically never belonged here.


>> No.36021488

Fuck you guys, I'm going to /hlgg/

>> No.36021490

Nah it basically ensures only rhe moat dedicated sucker is watching and wont share shit

>> No.36021491

>Pekora want to learn hypno
Pekora is going to get tricked into hypnotized sex...

>> No.36021492

>> No.36021494

I'm under Towa desk RIGHT NOW...

>> No.36021495

It’s all so tiresome…

>> No.36021498

The most kino birthday

>> No.36021499

>> No.36021500

This thread has been very good, thanks for the good times fellow anons!

>> No.36021503

This is why the boys are better, they don't lie to you and then demand money.

>> No.36021504

you're really bad at this

>> No.36021506

>Pekora findon hypno

>> No.36021507

I want Pekora to hypnotize me...

>> No.36021508


>> No.36021509

reminder that nga actually forced out the chink schizos after coco graduated, why can't we do the same to our schizos?

>> No.36021510

Towa worried for kenzoku's wallet...

>> No.36021511

>> No.36021512

Bullshit, there is not enough space, it's all taken up by her banana

>> No.36021513

>no u
underage argument

>> No.36021514

>> No.36021515


>> No.36021516

Towa is the mom
Botan is the dad
Pekora is the autistic child

>> No.36021517

>There's people I always see in chat throwing big superchats and always buying merch, and I always wonder if they have some dangerous job. When people like that suddenly disappear from chat, I can't help but wonder if something bad happened to them.

>> No.36021518

For once, I agree

>> No.36021522


>> No.36021523

it was her mother, retard

>> No.36021524

They realise they cant buy her love and move on

>> No.36021526

>> No.36021527

I did not have sex with that woman
-Botan probably

>> No.36021529

I am going to hypnotize Pekora into performing naked dogeza

>> No.36021530


>> No.36021531

Yakuza princess Twap...

>> No.36021532


>> No.36021534

how long until her new bf gets tired of her menhera shit and dumps her?

>> No.36021536


>> No.36021537

The phrasing is kinda fucked up

>> No.36021541

Lamy found diamonds!

>> No.36021542

test my dick into your mouth nigger

>> No.36021543

What? I'm not trying to flip the argument, because you didn't make an argument. You just said
>reading comprehension
as if there was some greater depth or meaning to elucidate from your post. Just stick to calling me a wagecuck and you would've been good. We would have agreed to disagree, and you wouldn't now be embarrassing yourself.

>> No.36021545

hey man

>> No.36021548

>Dwayne Johnson
Watame loves big muscled oji-sans...

>> No.36021550

>I'm die, good bye kenzoku
big kusa

>> No.36021551

So did I, he he he

>> No.36021554

>Towa's biggest spenders are all mercenaries and gang members

>> No.36021556

>Pekora is still streaming DQV for hours and hours
>just to get all the monsters

I think she might be legit retarded.
This is even worse than achievement hunting because I dont think the game tracks those things and show on your profile online.

>> No.36021558

retarded Youtube comment tier joke, go back

>> No.36021563

>show on your profile online.
It's a ps2 game...

>> No.36021565

Never leaving.

>> No.36021566

It's just an excuse for zatsudan

>> No.36021567

>> No.36021568

This is not nor will it ever be a thing.

>> No.36021572

>and show on your profile online
Fucking zoomer

>> No.36021577

I was writing it while still trying to pay attention to the stream, so it came out retarded. Sorry.

>> No.36021578

>dropped subnautica

>> No.36021579

I hope Pekora catch the monsters of FFX too

>> No.36021580

just business partners

>> No.36021581

Kenzokus, next time you declare war on another gang make sure to ask who their oshi is. They might be your brothers from same Towa!

>> No.36021583

the absolute fucking state of kiara cucks

>> No.36021585

>what is Tumblr for 500
or more recent is "female dating strategy"

>> No.36021590

She didn't know there was a story plus she kept getting motion sickness.

>> No.36021591

The two challenges she has for herself for FFX are the lightning challenge and beating nemesis. I never did the post game stuff in FFX, does Nemesis involve capturing a bunch of monsters? I think Penance required all of them or something, right?

>> No.36021593

Pekora wasted all her luck in her previous stream

>> No.36021594

No I meant it makes Towa sound like she only cares about money and is worried her money bags might have an accident and stop giving her money. Nothing wrong with your sentence structure

>> No.36021597


>> No.36021600

>brrrt vrmmmm vrmmmmm i wanna go on the rollercoaster peko

>> No.36021602

Daily reminder that K*on is living her life incorrectly!

>> No.36021603

Anzu Aniki...

>> No.36021605

literally who are either of those literally whos?

>> No.36021606

You have to capture 10 of every monster and beat all other original creations of arena to Nemesis appear.

>> No.36021609

*sits on your face*
This aunty's minecraft luck is fucking insane

>> No.36021610

Love the chama
Respect the chama
Sniff the chama

>> No.36021611

How disgusted do you thing the hologirls are when they discover their overseas fans are mostly ugly SEAnigs?

>> No.36021613


>> No.36021615

why would I be against holos having sex on stream in the first place???

>> No.36021616

Fuck off touma.

>> No.36021617

Lunaitos are 180cm+ White KINGS.

>> No.36021618


>> No.36021619

>> No.36021620


>> No.36021621


>> No.36021622

On all levels except physical, I am Yukihana Lamy

>> No.36021623

Twappi please don't go...

>> No.36021624

No Twapi don't go...

>> No.36021625

Towa's leaving me...

>> No.36021626


>> No.36021628


>> No.36021631

Nani sore?

>> No.36021632


>> No.36021634

lol theyre mostly effeminate seanigs

>> No.36021636

imagine being a matsurisu what the fuck??

>> No.36021638


>> No.36021639

My throat hurts

>> No.36021641

Please don't cry chammers...

>> No.36021644

luna please... come back...

>> No.36021645

it isnt her boyfriend

>> No.36021647

Which holo has the cutest fans?

>> No.36021651

Oh shit I completely forgot about that.
The lightning thing is actually pretty easy. Just get the timing and dodge 100 times.
And I guess I completed all the blitzball stuff too because I liked that minigame.

>> No.36021652

God I hope Botan gets a sweater for her next outfit

>> No.36021654


>> No.36021655

don't worry that just was her sexfriend

>> No.36021656

What is Watame fingering?

>> No.36021657

It wasnt her boyfriend!
No one wants to be in relationship with her. They just pass her around without committing.

>> No.36021662


>> No.36021664

Same. I fucking hate talking for a living.

>> No.36021666

Watame, that sounds like trying to open a bag of chips

>> No.36021668

what happened

>> No.36021669

Bros..I think Ocean Train might kick out Aquairo Pallette as my favorite song..I don't know what to do..

>> No.36021672 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36021675

I bet it'll just be some comfy sweater and adidas.

>> No.36021676


>> No.36021681

He said intimidating, not inDUCKidating!

>> No.36021684

Aki is finding so much Minecraft stuff I have never seen before. But then again I haven't moved from the modded 1.12 version

>> No.36021690

White shirt or whole suit please.

>> No.36021692


>> No.36021694

Makes you really think who this video really was for

>> No.36021696

Pekora just said her MGS archives are coming back and to commemorate it she's going to do a 24 hour Peace Walker endurance.

>> No.36021697

Watching Haachama makes me want to have my own daughter wtf bros...

>> No.36021698

I know it won't happen but could you imagine actual adidas sponsored outfit

>> No.36021699

That would explain a lot. She's too mentally ill for anyone to actually want to be with her so her "boyfriends" either use her or are tricked by her for a few days/weeks until her menhera tendencies come out, after which they promptly run away.

>> No.36021700


>> No.36021702


>> No.36021703

I don't know about the nigger, but I'm pretty sure the nip is the guy who was dry humping her in the Asuka video.

>> No.36021708

Is it safe to member Haachama again? Is she finally back for good?

>> No.36021709

why is chammers crying?

>> No.36021710

>no Miko stream at night
>suddenly there's nothing to watch

>> No.36021712

Of course Watame shows up when things get emotional

>> No.36021713

i fucking wish

>> No.36021715

thinking about her graduation

>> No.36021717

The tshirt is only 3000 yen. 20000 is for the full set with the big signed picture frame

>> No.36021718

when is matsuri streaming?

>> No.36021719

Goodamn this hags wasting my cum.

>> No.36021722

OK you goddamn fucking retards
I will spoonfeed you
it was this girl matsuri exchanged numbers with
they just were playing apex OR FUCKING it doesn't matter
she didn't say it cause it would be a pain in the ass to explain especially cause she didn't talk about her on roommate stream
that is all

>> No.36021723

but then I wouldn't be able to watch her streams due to constant erection

>> No.36021726

I love Aki....

>> No.36021727

my desk

>> No.36021728

Luna streaming soon

>> No.36021729

Why does haachama SAAA?

>> No.36021730


>> No.36021733

Lamy is slaughtering Kiara's family properly

>> No.36021734

She healed already? Why is she like this?

>> No.36021735

it's normal japanese

>> No.36021736

>> No.36021739

damn a 3p? That's wild

>> No.36021741


>> No.36021742

>> No.36021744

I think ,no. new semester (in university) will begin from September. So less streams overall .

>> No.36021745

Oh yeah? Will prove it with your tongue?

>> No.36021746

So instead she lied about a burglar breaking into her apartment. 300 IQ move there.

>> No.36021753

6 guests?

>> No.36021755

this had to be the weirdest holo stream in ages

>> No.36021756

Is that Mori and Botan?

>> No.36021759


>> No.36021760

When I was watching Aqua earlier, I had a strong pain in my testicles which then resided after the stream ended.

>> No.36021761


>> No.36021762

Holos will start playing Genshin Impact on July 1st. Just you wait.

>> No.36021764

It was Matsuri's boyfriend, the same one that has been fucking her every single day for the past 6 years.
Anything else is just your cope.

>> No.36021765

She will not stop till she gets really ill..even so she started streaming after 10 days of surgery last time..why is she like this

>> No.36021766

100% if you dont count girls
0% if you do

>> No.36021768

Wait, you're right. I forgot they sell the shirt separately too. But, that's not a big signed picture frame, is it? It says post card. and a post card only means post card. There is no other sizes for post cards. It's definitely not big. That's one expensive post card then haha... even those who aren't signed pay the full 20000.

>> No.36021769

this girl....sure is cute...

>> No.36021771


>> No.36021772

no it wasn't

>> No.36021774

I watched Moe-chan during the fall guys arc last year

>> No.36021775

that bunny is naked behind that table

>> No.36021777

>2 live translators
Chammers is too powerful

>> No.36021780

Surpassing expectations.

>> No.36021781

Is that Shirogane Noel In real life?

>> No.36021782

You are the one coping because you are really worried about Matsuri and cannot accept the fact that she is not safe in her own home

>> No.36021783

okay l*ger

>> No.36021784

That would be kino since they are both monolingual

>> No.36021786

>turns out the store girl was too manhera for matsuri so she broke up with her
>later she breaks into matsuri's apartment to rape her

>> No.36021788

I wonder if she's ever scared away perfectly fine men.

>> No.36021789


>> No.36021793

Life is pain nanora

>> No.36021794

it takes towa..

>> No.36021796


>> No.36021797

Also why was she so depressed sitting at the train station.

>> No.36021799


>> No.36021801

Women who could get laid right now but they choose not to because they're holding out for Chad to become available.

>> No.36021802


>> No.36021803


>> No.36021804


>> No.36021811

Shrek was not good when I was still watching her. I don't know if they've improved.

>> No.36021812

>サイズ:額縁 約H354×W440mm
>イラスト部分 約H200×W287mm

>> No.36021813

Makes me wonder how far she will take this lie before everyone calls her out on it for real

>> No.36021814


>> No.36021817

>In Chinese slang, the number 250 means 'idiot' (spelled as èr bái wû/ㄦˋ ㄅㄞˇ ㄨˇ).[1]

>> No.36021818

Towa is in this thread right now.

>> No.36021819

Next Chilla games plot confirmed, a sequel to that kombi store game

>> No.36021820

It's not a signed picture frame, it's a framed picture of her live's key visual AND a signed postcard

>> No.36021821

There will be a BIG thing happening on the 15th that is not Watame related

>> No.36021822

>> No.36021824

lol you idiots still believe the lesbian baiting when her boyfriend was right there

>> No.36021825

haha look at this fat fuck i stole

>> No.36021829

Sounds like your exactly typical incel

>> No.36021831

Why wasn't Shion part of Aqua's live?

>> No.36021833


>> No.36021835

I didn't watch your live

>> No.36021836

use up all the images

>> No.36021840

Goodbye chocoball

>> No.36021841


>> No.36021842

shion's fanbox...

>> No.36021843

She's lucky she's cute...

>> No.36021845

so shion can make fun of aqua after it

>> No.36021846

How is she so fucking smug all the time?

>> No.36021847

I have become the feeling of ii ne thanks to Yukihana Lamy

>> No.36021848

this girl sure keeps getting cuter but her voice is becoming more manly every time she opens her mounth

>> No.36021853


>> No.36021855

shion stream yo....

>> No.36021856

She WAS cute...

>> No.36021858

I love this girl

>> No.36021859

she's not exactly known for a mighty intelligence

>> No.36021860

how was aqua's 3d live? was she cute? did she outdo towa?

>> No.36021862

Looks like a jail.

>> No.36021863


>> No.36021866

it's peak 2011 maikura

>> No.36021867


>> No.36021872

Sololive with Okayu as guest. Was boring. Guests are the only way to go for concerts. 1 won't cut it.

>> No.36021873

It didn't have Towa. That means it's better.

>> No.36021877

I want to have SEX

>> No.36021878

but when the world needed towa the most....she vanished....

>> No.36021879


reminder towa is a bitch who makes fun of ppl who donate to her

>> No.36021882

From Shion's fanbox:





>> No.36021885

Towa is a much better singer and dancer than Aqua. Towa's concert was much better than Aqua's. Aqua has reclined.

>> No.36021886

Is Towa the MC of the current hololive arc?

>> No.36021891


this is disappointing I agree guests or just don't do it

>> No.36021894

Yes, the male character

>> No.36021895

Always has been

>> No.36021897

I don't know much about Minecraft but I know I like watching Aki!

>> No.36021898

Aqua still thinks it's 2019 and she's the queen of vtubers

>> No.36021899

Man I'm excited for Senchou's anniversary

>> No.36021902

Okay to listen to but pretty boring.

>> No.36021903

>tfw you now realize that Towa and Aqua didn't collab for the live because they had their own lives to practice for
Towa and Aqua duo soon. I can feel it.

>> No.36021905

Pachi Pachi NEXT TOWA

>> No.36021906

Haachama is SOUL incarnate, there I said it.

>> No.36021908

>> No.36021910


>> No.36021911

I wonder if gen5 still keep contact with aloe

>> No.36021913

Towa's was better

>> No.36021914

/hlg/ maikura server when?
I really want playing this game but i bet it's too boring playing it alone.

>> No.36021917

Actual Shion fanbox:


>> No.36021920


>> No.36021925


>> No.36021926

Are all bakataredorks ESL like you?

>> No.36021929

There was one...

>> No.36021930

It's Aki actually. She is going through the training arc to defeat the final boss

>> No.36021931

aqua noeru

>> No.36021932

the mega is still up if you want to download the map and see what we built

>> No.36021934

They are enemies from different factions...

>> No.36021936

It's a burglar that steals virginity

>> No.36021938


>> No.36021942

The bamboos...

>> No.36021943

Natsuiro "I will always stay faithful to my fans" Matsuri

Natsuiro "I haven't had a boyfriend in years" Matsuri

>> No.36021946

>tfw let the /hlg/ ARK server die
It was fun while it lasted...

>> No.36021947

Please spoonfeed onegai.

>> No.36021948

What do you think Matsuri's boyfriend is thinking right now?
I'm 100% sure that she told him she would be streaming, Matsuri isn't that retarded, it's definitely her boyfriend the one who fucked up.

>> No.36021949

So thats why he left the moment he saw her.

>> No.36021953

>> No.36021960

There used to be one.
Apparently this thread loves bamboo since it was everywhere!

>> No.36021964

the sexfriend is one of her fans

>> No.36021965

ill only dripfeed you
search for small choco or loli choco or something

>> No.36021966

lunaitos doko?

>> No.36021967

What if it wasn't someone trying to break into Festival's house, but rather someone trying to break out of it?

>> No.36021968

This is too funny... it's such a Shion thing.

>> No.36021969

I can't believe i missed the fun.

>> No.36021972

probably dumped him on a spot
also called cops on him

>> No.36021973


>> No.36021976

When I saw the post complaining about how the bamboo forest inflated the file size I decided that if another one was ever hosted here I'd spend my time planting bamboo.

>> No.36021977

How long did that even stay alive? I remember joining on day 1 for like 2 hours but then I never got back to it again

>> No.36021978 [SPOILER] 

the real person who broke in matsuri's house

>> No.36021979


>> No.36021982


>> No.36021984

I'm thinking I'm gonna drown in manhera pussy tonight

>> No.36021985


Luna really shouldn't be streaming, she still sounds sick as fuck

>> No.36021986

mogged by Towa's like she even had Pekora as guest and that bitch hates singing

>> No.36021987

This whole Matsuri thing reminds me when Reine called Ollie on discord and heard a male voice, then Ollie said it was her sister.
Why can't whores be smart?

>> No.36021988


>> No.36021991

What's the context for this Towa image

>> No.36021993

I'm here,but some lunaitos got banned in /sp/

>> No.36021995

If Matsuri called the cops and it was found that she was lying and it wasn't a burglar she would be in serious trouble, she never called the cops in the first place.

>> No.36021996

Didn't Matsuri actually leaked her real name and address on stream though.

>> No.36021998


>> No.36022000

>> No.36022002

This preview feature is so cool. Feels like I live in the future where I didn't just see a thumbnail for premieres.

>> No.36022003

The true idol has arrived

>> No.36022005

I mean... you would believe it if sister was towa...

>> No.36022009

The bamboo forest looks cool and /jp/...

>> No.36022010

yeah mafumafu should be more careful next time

>> No.36022012

How do you guys feel about this?
Both Coco and Kanata have attacked this with their tongues.


>> No.36022013

I'm stealing quotes from another anon from earlier, but these threads really are like 2007 gossip girl. You people are delusional.

>> No.36022015

Wasn't it just the one guy, but then it exploded everywhere

>> No.36022016


>> No.36022017

Nenechi...you're late...

>> No.36022018


>> No.36022023


>> No.36022024

*posts on /hlg/*

>> No.36022028

What breed is this? I know nothing about cats.

>> No.36022030

Why are Mio's cats so huge?

>> No.36022033

Nenene's voice is like a siren song for me.

>> No.36022034


>> No.36022035

mafumafu is fucking both rushia and matsuri? what a chad

>> No.36022036

>Subaru makes up a story about some ojisan ringing her door
>"Oh no princess Subaru is in danger, K*ara doxxed the duck to get her killed!"
>Assassination attempt on Festival live on stream
>"It's her boyfriend haha"

>> No.36022038

>Matsuri literally can't sleep because she is scared shitless

>> No.36022040

How do you guys know that hand is a man's hand? so fucking paranoid. Just yesterday everyone was saying matsuri was the only virgin in hololive

>> No.36022043

>you can see Mio's reflection in his eyes

>> No.36022044

Subaru is a lying whore

>> No.36022045

Tawa or Towa, I dont care. Ill fuck both.

>> No.36022047

Scared of the consequences from people finding out that she has a boyfriend

>> No.36022048


>> No.36022050

>glass over keyboard so hair doesn't get into it
It's genius.

>> No.36022052

My oshi sure is cute

>> No.36022053

Subaru is a car

>> No.36022054

Stop spamming hag

>> No.36022056

Thank god you got castrated, Taiga

>> No.36022059


>> No.36022064

add matsuri to the official list of holo who have been caught sucking a dick

>> No.36022066

What keyboard is that?

>> No.36022069

Watame just confirmed Coco will make an appearance at her live.

>> No.36022070

scared shitless that people will expose her lies

>> No.36022072

don't believe her lies

>> No.36022073

Any video?

>> No.36022074

Scared of all the monstercocks that will visit her after her bf leaks her address

>> No.36022076

Stop fucking leaking...

>> No.36022077

Matsuri is a known liar and menhera

>> No.36022079

Trying to get that cussy

>> No.36022084



>> No.36022085

nigga she confirmed having a boyfriend 5 years ago nothing happened, you over-estimated how much power schizos have

>> No.36022086

Dont want to dox myself.

>> No.36022093

Pretty fucking great actually, Towa is made to be sexually abused by dykes.

>> No.36022098

I want to piss in her exhaust pipe

>> No.36022099

She 100% did not have a boyfriend 5 years ago, so she lied about that too

>> No.36022100

>> No.36022102

luna streams are so relaxing

>> No.36022103

nigga towa was made to be sexually assaulted by dykes

>> No.36022104

He showed up in Towa's chat a few days and and was mistranslating a ton of shit, so still pretty bad I'd say.

>> No.36022105

that was 5 years ago much more fans of hololive now.

look at what happened to aloe, if matsuri admitted to bf she'd be at least suspended

>> No.36022109

Thanks Pekograndma's dagashiya!

>> No.36022110


>> No.36022111

>talks about family
>gets monsters
do that more

>> No.36022112

i know it might shock you and the other permavirgins here but people have love lives

>> No.36022113


>> No.36022114

Momma and granny watching over Pekora.

>> No.36022116


>> No.36022125

2 more to go!

>> No.36022128

>look at what happened to aloe, if matsuri admitted to bf she'd be at least suspended
Holy fucking retard

>> No.36022129

Towa was created to be my exclusive boner garage

>> No.36022132

Suffocating in Aki Rosenthal's armpits!

>> No.36022134

even towa knows of MIOSEX

>> No.36022135

Killer machine is the last 1/256.
Almost done!

>> No.36022137


>> No.36022141

Which one?

>> No.36022142

>people have love lives

Well they shouldn't be allowed!

>> No.36022144

Holy shit, if that's true I'm might go full zero self-awareness, CCP shilling anti. I refuse to accept someone would be so shameless.

>> No.36022146

luna's BGM is very calming

>> No.36022147

This but unironically

>> No.36022148

Then she should stop being an idol, simple.

>> No.36022149

Lamy is placing torches properly

>> No.36022155

never was

>> No.36022156

Don't worry, Watame just wants the extra superchats from Tatsunokos.
I trust in her plans.

>> No.36022160

Why can't we have swimsuits again?

>> No.36022163

Watame will drag Coco's lifeless 3D model on the stage and wrestle with it for a few minutes

>> No.36022168


>> No.36022171

yorumi a cute

>> No.36022173

Ask ojii-san in Cover higher up management

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