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I love Aqua.

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not whore thread

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ghosts ain't real idiot

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Can't wait for the graduation

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Tokoyomo Towo

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We had Ayame as the OP multiple times, there's literally nothing wrong with the whore thread.

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Brainless ichimis have no shame in themselves by liking a person like Marine. Small advice, kill yourself. You ichimis don't deserve to live.

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it was her, she's planning on taking out each member one by one. She closed the door because she didn't want to be caught on camera before she could even do some damage.

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She won't graduate.
She won't get suspended.
She won't even apologize.

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shut up matsurisu, never reply to me ever again

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I will marry this menhera.

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*opens the door*

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I wish I could draw something this cute.

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Does anyone have the clip where Matsuri fucked up?

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Marine claims to eat 1500 calories to maintain her weight (I am going to assume she is telling the truth). Most days she is incredibly inactive and says she doesn't exercise (I am also going to assume she is telling the truth here, her extremely poor performance on RFA and that 3D stream with Noel and Flare backs her up) BUT she does have dance lessons. It is thus reasonable to assume that her activity level averages out to that of an office worker. Plugging this into a TDEE calculator brings her weight out to be 62kg
62kg at 150cm is fucking fat as fuck. So fat that it's disgusting.

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I opened the door sorry, was lookin for the bathroom.

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko stream at 19JST https://youtu.be/jgp1h2yRbBU

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>What Matsuri saw when her door was opened

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I'm actually a nousagi.

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Okite Okite

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I'm going to shit on your oshi and there's nothing you can do LOL

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I cant believe lyger finally found Matsuri's house...

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Marine really needs to graduate before brainless cucks like ichimis starts ruining hololive.

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she won't graduate, she'll just cut herself then rant on twitter. Her remaining cuck gachis won't give a shit, she'll just get away with it cause she's a cute girl.

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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"open up matsuri nora~

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Matsuri love!

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Eleven days. It's Monday so probably no evening stream...

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We love Matsuri here. Stop trying so hard to make this the anti-thread.

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How Marine forced her so-called "friends" to help her gain attention is just too sad. Such low beings should die.

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He’s going to be spamming Matsuri all thread now.

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Towa is the turbo heart of holopro feeding everyone her energy through chain smoking

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I love my wife Matsuri!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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>> No.36015992

- look at right side in first 20s
- look at her face at end of clip

as you can see this is not yabai or anything
she just make thing worst with stupid lies

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Stop posting plump holos. It's hard to work.

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The day Marine graduated, hololive will become a better environment. It is a shame that Marine is doing things like this. Sad.

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Your own fault for fucking spamming her roommate stream last thread. You reap what you sow.

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open up the door matsuri

>> No.36015999

Why couldn't she just said it was her friend? Or even better just to say that a family member was visiting, I mean, it was really easy.

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Last thread was amazing, will anyone do an image collage?
You can put "August 9, the day of the final yab" as the title

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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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Ichimis are very delusional to think that Marine is "entertaining". You are all just manipulated by this wh*re. She doesn't even care at all about her fanbase. When's the last time she cares? Nobody knows.

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it was a stalker, nigga

>> No.36016009

That's all it takes for Aqua to break into your house with the intent to rob and kill you. Why don't you own a gun yet?

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It was a girl. Matsuri just didn't want to come out yet.

>> No.36016013

Marine should just kill herself. Worthless being like her doesn't deserve anything in life.

>> No.36016014

Faq miko!

>> No.36016015

Feels good having a non-retarded, non-whore oshi who would never put herself in compromising situations.

>> No.36016016

I can't believe Matsuri fucker her boyfriend live on stream

>> No.36016017

You guys are funny
So glad Aqua is my oshi.

>> No.36016018

Ask /vt/, we don't do that here.

>> No.36016019

kimi dake no melody is a good song

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*shows ass*

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can the marineschizo take one thread off? we're making fun of matsuri right now

>> No.36016026

oh look who got unbanned

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Rushia SEX review today

>> No.36016029

honestly the only actual yab here is how fucking FAT she is...
just get back on a fucking diet jeeeeeeeeez
she has enough fucking money to order premade meals with calories counted.

>> No.36016030

aqua butt...

>> No.36016031

Whatever Marine does, she will always be annoying to other members and be a bother to those around her.

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It's SEA hours, the thread is 80% brown mikopis posting.

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Shiraken company outing offcollab when?

>> No.36016038

WHAT THE FUCK? I only eat 600 or less calories a day and Im still weighing 112 pounds but instead of losing weight Im getting fatter...

>> No.36016040

She needs to EAT MORE I want a FAT menhera.

>> No.36016041

she's stupid as fucking rocks

>> No.36016042

mine now

i'll take marines desk soon also

>> No.36016043

Hope Marine's "sickness" would make ichimis realize that she is an actual fake person. But still, ichimis are just too dumb.

>> No.36016044

I've not seen her for past 3-5 days tho.

>> No.36016045

Just give me MiComet off-collab

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Nothing good has ever come out of being with Marine. Other members already know that, but Marine forced them with her stupid acts to do stupid stuff. Such a low person. Shame.

>> No.36016050

it'd be really funny if that retard that hates everyone is a matsurisu

>> No.36016051

>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

>> No.36016053

This. I don't think my oshi has ever had any drama at all.

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Marineschizo is a matsurisu?

>> No.36016056

Honestly it's good, Matsuri needs dick badly. Maybe it'll calm down her menhera outbursts

>> No.36016058

Nice try marineschizo

>> No.36016059

according to some anons Marineschizo went to /vt/ for a little while

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>> No.36016062

Marine schizo is a hero who protects other Holos by shitting on Marine

>> No.36016064

When is the last time Marine actually cares about her fanbase?

>> No.36016065

I have everyone including myself, not even a matsurisu.

>> No.36016066

doesn't look like it's working...

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>be a SEAnig with a yellow fever
>finally live in Japan to get that nip pun pun
>instead forced to work low wage jobs
>deliver food to some fat chick
>she forgets to close the door
>in the SEAnig fashion sneak in to steal and rape
>hear the chick loudly talking
>wait there is no other voice, is she just on the phone?
>sneak in and open the door slightly
>streamer set-up
>immediately bail because can't do my SEAnig shit on camera
>steal a bag of rice on the way to the door
>perfect crime
I sincerely hope it's her boyfriend or just about anybody she knows and not a stranger. Imagine trying to sleep in your bed knowing some fuck was in your house and you didn't know. Also her retarded reaction might be because she thought the chat was trolling her

>> No.36016070

utawaku later i guess not like anyone cares

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>> No.36016071

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36016072

maybe next time she'll get abducted by aliens live on stream

>> No.36016073

How Marine forced her so-called "friends" to help her gain attention is just too sad. Such a low being should just die.

>> No.36016074

Marineschizo falseflagged and shitted on other holos many times.

>> No.36016075

the final yab...

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>> No.36016079

When has Marine ever done something nice to other members?

>> No.36016081

even if you think chat is trolling LITERALLY first reaction should be to turn around and look
tho who knows maybe she was looking at obs and didn't see nothing... but still

>> No.36016082

update it you lazy fuck

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>> No.36016085

Go back to vt tourist. Nobody says that shit here.

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>> No.36016089

where's Taiga?

>> No.36016090

Firstly she lost her momentum, now she lost her games... Every day becomes more sad...

>> No.36016091

The day Marine graduated, hololive will become a better environment. It is a shame that Marine is doing things like this. Faking a "sickness" is just too far. Does she even care?

>> No.36016092

I'm glad that Miko will never have any yab.

>> No.36016093

Are the /vt/ seaniggers flooding here to discuss matsuri because they know they'll get banned if they discussed it at their own shitty board?

>> No.36016094

what the fuck are you trying to even smoke?

>> No.36016095

Marine loves Flare, they're girlfriends

>> No.36016097

Put picture of Ayame's cat from her ending.
It's as close as we'll ever get unless somebody finds her alt twitter account by looking for taiga looking cats

>> No.36016099

less shitposting, more japanese learning and enjoying hololive

>> No.36016100

How do we get out of the final yab bros?

>> No.36016101

It's been 343 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and she was getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

She has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon.

But the beginning of August has been a really rough week for her, she got so stressed out she ended up in hospital due to some copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday, being overbooked with too many meetings and losing time because of side effects from the 2nd vaccine shot. And with Aloe's debut anniversary date getting closer each day she's been getting more and more stressed.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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>> No.36016103

Yes, but they don’t have sex.

>> No.36016104

Does Marine actually care for her fans? What she actually does is spreading mental illness into ichimis.

>> No.36016105

I just realized she's using her おとなの掟 cover art as her wallpaper. That's cute.

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>> No.36016107

what did I miss, why is Marine a whore now?

>> No.36016108

>> No.36016111 [SPOILER] 

miko yab....

>> No.36016112

Ichimis, stop being a retard and realize that Marine is just a fake and ungrateful human being lusting for fame.

>> No.36016113

Turns out the marineschizo was a matsurisu all along.

>> No.36016114

That's impossible unless you're not getting enough sleep and your metabolism is a fucking mess. Fix your shit anon.

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>> No.36016116

Any new juicy rrats?

>> No.36016117

Male voice on Towa's stream...

>> No.36016118

I love festival and there's nothing you can do to stop me

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>> No.36016121

This thread is very good

>> No.36016122

why did towa get a cat if she just wants to hate him?

>> No.36016123

Your objective: hand over any new spicy rrats you have

>> No.36016124


>> No.36016125

When will Marine stop forcing other members to like her? It is very clear that no one likes Marine in hololive. She is a big burden and will always be that.

>> No.36016126

>no replies

told you no one cared

>> No.36016127

Kakero is so disappointing

>> No.36016128

Remember when we had meidos?

>> No.36016129

retard is going nuts cause of matsuri's yab
you can't make this shit up

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>> No.36016132

I'm glad Polka isn't as fat as Matsuri

>> No.36016134

>post sad dog with korone shit talk
>reply with more shit talk
He hates Korone and has been doing this for half a year. The man is mentally ill.

>> No.36016135

lmao turns out Matsuri had a boyfriend, looks like all the holos are whores...
Feels good to be a nijiCHAD full of young virgin pussy (and successful male vtubers)

>> No.36016136

menhera like his oshi

>> No.36016137

No, you think you do but probably snack on shit through out the day and going above your expenditure.
Nobody gains weight at 600 calories, even if you lie in bed the entire day unless you are some super rare diseased case which you aren't.

>> No.36016138

Marine is based and love by all holos, please shit on another holomen as your matuli protecting smokescreen.

>> No.36016139

Marine is the biggest failure in hololive.

>> No.36016140

Kanata is too loud

>> No.36016141

it's really depressing to be honest, she used to be the one on the top

>> No.36016142

>> No.36016144

>> No.36016145

Ah yes young virgins like Hoshikawa

>> No.36016146

>> No.36016147

You don't deserve to be loved if you're going to act like this over fucking nothing.

>> No.36016148

why would you judge all holos by a know crazy ass menhera who can't stop herself from interacting with males?

>> No.36016149

Maybe people will forget about Matsuri if I spam that I hate Marine more

>> No.36016150


>> No.36016151

absolutely tempting adult

>> No.36016152

I miss her...

>> No.36016153

Ichimis are very delusional to think that Marine is the face of hololive. Do you guys even watch other members? Do you guys have a mental illness?

>> No.36016154

I swear this pic gets darker everytime I see it.

>> No.36016155 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36016156

If you're gonna shitpost at least put some effort into your posts, this is honestly insulting

>> No.36016157

the chink mod will help her

>> No.36016159

I just did them! And I'm watching the FF9 archives to complement it!

>> No.36016160

Is this really your ultimate purpose /hlg/? Feed on yabs and rrats? Call our girls whores and tramps and belittle South East Asian manlets?
You've changed and I don't like it.

>> No.36016161

Marine is the protagonist of Hololive. Aqua is over, Pekora can't handle the pressure, it can only be Marine now.

>> No.36016162


>> No.36016164

Why is Sora so smug?

>> No.36016165

I only eat instant ramen and keep awake almost 20 hours a day to post here and watch every possible stream.

>> No.36016166

>copyright issues with the original song she planned to release on her birthday
Explain. How the fuck do you get a copyright claim over an ORIGINAL SONG?

>> No.36016167

Fine I'll jerk off to Korone for the first time. I was trying to keep her as the only one I didn't sully.

>> No.36016168

Miko yab

>> No.36016169

Marine will always be a fake and talentless person who craves attention and relies on her "friends". She doesn't even care about her fanbase.

>> No.36016170

She did say that there were no rules for not having a boyfriend, probably hinting that the other girl's have them too.

>> No.36016171

tawa grew up fast

>> No.36016172

same Mikopi!

>> No.36016173

What else is there to do?

>> No.36016174

those who care will watch her instead of shitposting
those who don't care won't watch
and there are plenty of people in here who don't care about hololive
therefore spend less time here, spend more time enjoying yourself with your fellow viewers in holo chats, and do other things you enjoy if you don't want to watch hololive other than spend time shitposting (lying) and reading shitposts (lies)

>> No.36016175

Blame the meido for abandoning us

>> No.36016176


>> No.36016177

Sora has no concept of personal space

>> No.36016178

GO back to /vt/ cancerfag.

>> No.36016179

She needs an excuse.

>> No.36016180

get hyped

>> No.36016181

we're the anti thread

>> No.36016182

Either matsuri will become fat or kill herself

>> No.36016183

When is the last time Marine said something good about ichimis? It is very clear that all Marine wants is attention.

>> No.36016184

>flare accordion
>watame drums
>friend tuba

>> No.36016185

get more sleep retard, also stop eating instant ramen.

>> No.36016186

matsuri is a WHORE

>> No.36016188

it was just a cope for herself, she wanted the remaining fanbase she had laughing at her cause of her past relationships to believe that she could still have a bf

>> No.36016189

I think more people shit on matsuri for coming up with retarded excuses instead of actual boyfriend or whatever cause nobody gives a fuck about her
even then it wasn't that bad

>> No.36016190

I want a real answer kid and not your obnoxious 'HAHAHAHA Im LE FUNNY xD' jokes

>> No.36016191

you're in the wrong thread then

>> No.36016192


>> No.36016193

You can tell he's a matsurisu

>> No.36016194

I kneel /hlGOD/

>> No.36016196

Marine will always be the talentless and worthless holo. All of her stupid acts are fake, yet people are still stupid enough to fall for them. Ichimis and Marine should all just die.

>> No.36016197

One door
One hand
That's all it took

>> No.36016198

To be honest, I don't see how most of them don't have boyfriends especially the more attractive ones.

>> No.36016199

Reminder to attend Haatochama birthday in around 6 hours.

>> No.36016201

hyped for what?

>> No.36016202

Hoshikawa is pure and not a whore, she only larps as one

>> No.36016203

Miko is still a whore again today aswell

>> No.36016205

>massive fan of BL
>flirted with guys on NND
>literally only watched Gundam wing because she found the guys attractive
>watches videos of men jacking off
>tried to seduce her colleagues sons
>only reads straight doujins or BL
Marine is straight and likes faggy ikemen. Anyone who thinks she is a lesbian is delusional.

>> No.36016208

>schizo trash
Disliked and reported.

>> No.36016209

My oshi? Well, that's Towa, of course.

>> No.36016210

Some of them are married, Watame was living with her boyfriend for a while too.

>> No.36016211

I dunno
Who are the candidates?
Ayame for sure but who else?

>> No.36016212

Miko is not a whore anymore, that's Matsuri

>> No.36016213

How could one person fall into Marine stupid "acts"? Are you mentally ill? Braindead? Killing yourself might be the best option, ichimis.

>> No.36016214



>> No.36016215

OkaKoro could graduate any day and no one here would care.

>> No.36016216

You can spot them pretty easily

>> No.36016217

Wrong, Miko is the purest saint

>> No.36016218

Marine is Bi

>> No.36016219


>> No.36016220


>> No.36016221

It's been, what, 2 months since she got him? He's only about 5-6 months old too. I wonder how big he'll get.

>> No.36016223


>> No.36016224

Worthless being like Marine doesn't deserve anything. Same as ichimis.

>> No.36016225

>malding for no reason

>> No.36016226


>> No.36016227

no it's actually the case... nothing happened with Marine at all

>> No.36016228

I'd care about Okayu

>> No.36016229

Towa was quick to act saying it was management, cover were the ones who let her die.

>> No.36016230


>> No.36016231


>> No.36016232

Towa can't help us in this case. The panicked lie is too similar.

>> No.36016233

all of them aside from Aqua, Aqua is the only one I would believe to be single because of the amount of times she nearly killed herself from her retardation

>> No.36016234

Some of them have husbands anon

>> No.36016235

My wife Aki.....

>> No.36016237

it'd be funny if l*ger paid people to shit on marine here

>> No.36016238

This might be the worst post in this shit thread

>> No.36016239

>Get money while playing games without even having to show your face or even having to look good
>Having a boyfriend and risk losing everything if exposed
It's not hard to choose, also I doubt most of them have boyfriends, but they probably do have one night stands

>> No.36016241

Check marines rommate account

>> No.36016242

Go back to twitch kid.

>> No.36016243

Matsuri is a fat liar

>> No.36016244

Ichimi are fags and trannys.

>> No.36016245

yeah but Marine said none of them have time for a love life

>> No.36016246

Meidos abandoned you because you're a stubborn mentally ill child that refuses to use the VTuber board made specifically for you and instead creates offtopic generals on /jp/

>> No.36016247

Ichimis are too braindead to realize that Marine is just a talentless worthless being only seeking attention.

>> No.36016248

He's mad! Absolutely mad!

>> No.36016250

abayo keroposter

>> No.36016251

Watame sleeps until 6-8pm and then streams for 8 hours +... no boyfriend will tolerate that shit

>> No.36016252

I can't believe Roberu got to piss in Suisei's ass...

>> No.36016253


>> No.36016254


>> No.36016256

When the world needed her the most she Towa...

>> No.36016257


>> No.36016258

someday it will become blank of how darker it is...

>> No.36016259

Post an image of your oshi and SAVE this thread (and Matsuri)
Positive energy let's ikz

>> No.36016260

I'm going in

>> No.36016261

I'm going in!

>> No.36016262

Marine is a liar.

>> No.36016263

Watame went through Live2D soul transfer but she did have a dark past.

>> No.36016264

Half of SMOK would be gone and I don't want one of the, if not the, best group to die.

>> No.36016265

this is what matsuri does to stalkers

>> No.36016267

I'm going in!

>> No.36016268

there's no saving Matsuri anon, can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved

>> No.36016269

He's just using her for the money he's got another girlfriend

>> No.36016271

Maikura maikura maikura maikura maikura maikura

>> No.36016272

It's calling me...

>> No.36016273


>> No.36016274

this is what happened to her...

>> No.36016275


>> No.36016276

You guys gonna watch her later right? I hope so...

>> No.36016277

Why does /hlg/ love Towa yet hate Matsuri? They are both whores.

>> No.36016278

I am losing faith in the rami hole. Too many schizos are still posting here and not going home.

>> No.36016279

god i wish that were me

>> No.36016280

My oshi is a virgin and that means that I'm allowed to laugh at y'all

>> No.36016281

why bother when the retards here bite anyways?

>> No.36016282

Noel is confirmed virgin. Kanata has Coco. OkaKoro confirmed fucking each other. Watame is forever alone streaming for 10 hours every day
list goes on
not that many actually have a chance to have a bf when you think about it...

>> No.36016283

Thread status?

>> No.36016285

>brown fluid

>> No.36016286


>> No.36016287

not based

>> No.36016288

>> No.36016289

Tawa is monke

>> No.36016290

I love all Holos except the chink whore Aqua

>> No.36016291


>> No.36016292

Of course they are. Anyone who willingly watches someone who talks about vomit inducing stuff like BL is a fag.

>> No.36016293

>> No.36016294


>> No.36016295

Use niconico next time, nobody here is going to click on a chink site

>> No.36016296

This is cute.

>> No.36016297

I hope you are proud of this threat you dogshit meidos.

>> No.36016298

Fubuki has a boyfriend and she openly flirts with him on stream.
Korone has a boyfriend (female)
Aki is married
Azki is married too
Rushia dating mafu mafu
Kanata has a girlfriend (female)

>> No.36016299

It's also not hard to hide a boyfriend. You have to be an insane person to have accidents, because especially if you don't live with them you just stream on the casual.
Not like boyfriends just knock ont he door and go, lets fuck right now.

I can see girls like Okayu or Pekora not having boyfriends just because one of them has insane stream schedules and the other ones fat and not attractive physically.

>> No.36016300

eh can just be one night stands but women just fuck other women or use toys cause calling a male proustite or getting drunk to have a one night stand is too taboo

>> No.36016301


>> No.36016302


>> No.36016303


>> No.36016304

Korosan please don't fall into darkness, there still hope!

>> No.36016305

I love all Holos except that fujo r*dditor bitch Marine.

>> No.36016308

IS LITERALLY FREE FOR WOMEN HAVE BOYFRIEND AND SEX! They just have to say something or spread their legs and got one.

>> No.36016310

>> No.36016311

I love Korone

>> No.36016312

Stop trying to smear her, Marine is loved here

>> No.36016313

Nothing wrong with having a boyfriend.

>> No.36016314

Based speaker of truths

>> No.36016315

OK half of this literally doesn't count

>> No.36016317

>Rushia dating mafu mafu
He beat her up a few days ago so this is not true anymore

>> No.36016318

This is true, people here are making fun of Matuli for making up shit.

>> No.36016320

towa free girlfriend...

>> No.36016321

>> No.36016322

2hus belongs in /v/

>> No.36016323

Why is coco talking about that?

>> No.36016324

>offtopic generals on /jp/
Where is this thread?

>> No.36016325

This thread has a bf

>> No.36016326

Nothing wrong with your oshi not being a virgin

>> No.36016328

Okayu fucks Korone fuck off
other than that agreed.
Tamaki was hiding a husband for several months

>> No.36016329

There isn't but you can't talk about him or have him show up on stream.

>> No.36016330

Reminder that Marine's diet solely consists of fast food. If you think she isn't obese you are delusional.

>> No.36016331

It's easy for men too.
Just talk smoothly and you get most women in bed.

>> No.36016332

Nothing wrong with your oshi having a baby

>> No.36016333

I have a boyfriend

>> No.36016334

Kill yourself. Kanatan is a virgin, she's not straight or even gay to females. She's pure from inside to outside.

>> No.36016336

I'm never opening a door again

>> No.36016337

I wonder how this seanigger feels like right now

>> No.36016338

do you have?

>> No.36016339


>> No.36016341

wen you give matsuri her final ever performance

>> No.36016342

Japanese centric hobby
Japanese company
Japanese talent
Japanese net culture
Japanese idol culture

>> No.36016343

You can also get free sex if you just lower your standards
Why are you not having free sex?

>> No.36016344


>> No.36016345

> fuck up in roommate stream so you have an excuse to not show up on haachama's birthday stream

fucking genius, i kneel

>> No.36016346

That's so petty anon.

>> No.36016348

This isn't r*ddit. We hate Marine for getting Miko harassed by her fellow fujos.

>> No.36016350


>> No.36016351

wait that makes sense, Matsuri you fucking sly bitch

>> No.36016352

He thinks you're belong to /pol/.

>> No.36016353

You promised not to tell anybody about me, Risu

>> No.36016354

Polka is too loud。

>> No.36016355

Miko deserved all the hate tho

>> No.36016356

She deleted the video where she talks about this and my memory's a little hazy but essentially, while she wrote the lyrics and came up with the melody herself, she hired someone to do something related to the music (composition? I'm not really sure how making music works). The music person is trying to say the agreement they had isn't valid for some reason, and wants more money before he'll hand over the copyright. I can't remember exactly what she said the reason was, (something like dealing with a brand vs a person?). It's also complicated by the fact Delu started the negotiations using a pseudonym, so its not clear cut.

>> No.36016357

I'm sad nothing will top the Mister pink Aqua stuff.

>> No.36016358

I thinks you're english bad

>> No.36016359

Polka is too round

>> No.36016360

seems legit

>> No.36016361

>replied to a 7 days old post

>> No.36016362

me leaving the thread

>> No.36016363

Matsuri has seen a man's testicles and erect penis, and I don't know how to feel about knowing this.

>> No.36016364

t. ichitranny

>> No.36016365

Whos is the left one?

>> No.36016366

Schizo love!

>> No.36016367

You were shitting on Suisei's cover just last week. Who's petty?

>> No.36016368

I thinks your should kys.

>> No.36016369

>believing in Yuribait
yeah bro, for sure. MMHM.

>> No.36016370

fuck off normalfag

>> No.36016371

>> No.36016372

If only she had a company with lawyers backing her

>> No.36016373


>> No.36016375

>> No.36016377

Based Hoshiyomi

>> No.36016378

Nice anti thread you have over here

>> No.36016379

is that a kimi no shiranai monogatari cover teasing?
>lamy cover video

>> No.36016380


>> No.36016381

No Miko was entirely innocent. The whole incident was Marine's fault. If she wasn't a disgusting fujo the whole thing wouldn't have happened.

>> No.36016382

>Schizo have no life.
What's new?

>> No.36016383


>> No.36016384

Nice based thread you have over here

>> No.36016385

yeah, sadly she shit talked nijisanji so she'll never get hired there...

>> No.36016386

I feel like she wanted to tell us something with this

>> No.36016387

this elf....sure is cute....

>> No.36016388

>> No.36016389

>I thinks
I don't believe you

>> No.36016390

We only anti whores

>> No.36016392

She's more successful cope

>> No.36016393

pure maiden

>> No.36016396

Niji hires just about anyone and they're desperate so who knows

>> No.36016397

Matsuri incident is her and her fault alone.
Sorry matsurifag but no amount of projection and pretending this somehow involved other hololive member will make any change.
Maybe it'd better if you just keep spamming image or something.

>> No.36016398

Remember when Coco made fun of her boyfriend yab?

>> No.36016400

>> No.36016402

Check out this cute girl wearing a bunch of Hololive outfits!

>> No.36016403

hello this is minato aqua ask me anything

>> No.36016404

Why? Please believe me schizzie ;_;

>> No.36016406

In the beginning, there was only Lamy....

>> No.36016408

mogu mogu...okayu!

>> No.36016409

Nope Miko still share some fault

>> No.36016410

Why would Towa open her door like that unannounced?

>> No.36016411


>> No.36016412

She successfully got admitted to the hospital again

>> No.36016415

Yeah, I'm sure all the money she gets will be useful when she spends most of her time in the hospital. I'm also pretty sure all the money will fix her family issues lmao

>> No.36016416

how do you feel about doors?

>> No.36016417

If only she had a COMPETENT company with DECENT lawyers backing her. But that's something that Cover can't even provide to their most successful talents

>> No.36016418

what is an *actual* man doing in Festival stream bros?

>> No.36016419

nani the fuck noelun this is not cute also her tits are too fucking smol
absolute abhorrent depiction of canan

>> No.36016420

festival yab when?

>> No.36016421

>> No.36016422

This is fapping material

>> No.36016424

haha look at me

>> No.36016427

i was going to ask her if i could buy some roblox currency

>> No.36016428

Pathetic ichimi defending his oshi. Marine was to blame on the doujin incident. She even uses ichimis to attack that poor girl.

>> No.36016429

>nijiniggers are still trying to spread this lie

>> No.36016430

How does it feel being the most popular holo?

>> No.36016431

I mean it's one thing to not believe a lying whore like matsuri who got caught several times
but okakoro who got a know history with each other? come on

>> No.36016432

>opens Matsuris door

>> No.36016433

Tiny Towa!

>> No.36016434

Will something finally come out of it

>> No.36016435

>name-dropping C*man
hey faggot, we don't just drop forbidden knowledge like that, make it more subtle or leave more hints

>> No.36016437


>> No.36016438

Know how stupidly humble Noel is, she probably thinks this cosplayer is a goddess compared to her. Reminder that Noel unironically thinks Choco and Mel are better at ASMR than her

>> No.36016439

Male hand is worse than male voice. It's over for Matuli.

>> No.36016440

she's just happy to collab with one of her favorite cosplayers... let her be...

>> No.36016441

I'm not buying it. Why wouldn't a robber wear gloves?

>> No.36016442

Please someone reply to this girl. Stop ignoring her.

>> No.36016443

You have exactly 1 week left to spend 200 USD + shipping on Korone.

>> No.36016444

She's not and you know it

>> No.36016445

You're not my boyfriend to tell me what to do.

>> No.36016447

What if it was a male foot?

>> No.36016448


>> No.36016449

I'm gonna insult marine again as a smokescreen!

>> No.36016450

Go outside retard.

>> No.36016451

If Hololive Historian were still active he would be able to figure out the identity of the stalker based on the shape of his hand lmao

>> No.36016453

holos are releasing covers and originals, merch and lives left and right, cover is at least doing something

>> No.36016454

Watao is so fucking based.
>was a 2hu artist
>switched to doing fan art of chink gacha but only for the big tits
>created Noel
>every outfit he made for her she has loved and fufills all her requests including the cow accessories
>watches her streams
>is better than Towa and Matsuri at Apex despite hardly playing and having a fucked up hand
>has great taste in cosplay chicks

>> No.36016456

if you're into ntr maybe...

>> No.36016457

It's okay Risufag, the next one in line is Ayame

>> No.36016458

You mean сanan8181?

>> No.36016459

My wife Aki!

>> No.36016460 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36016461

Don't worry. An army of SEAfriends are on the case right now.

>> No.36016462

Do you think Aki will release more original? I really like them.

>> No.36016463

It's too bad they couldn't release this when she was relevant

>> No.36016467

noel had to take the mantle from choco essentially. i think her ASMR is incredible anyways, but danchou being humble is part the course.

>> No.36016468

kek now this a big brain take
I think at this point it's quite obvious it was one of her male friends... (totally not a boyfriend)

>> No.36016469

This is literally me

>> No.36016470

If robbers wear gloves they can't leave their fingerprints. You can't be famous by doing that

>> No.36016471

Someone had to bring it up since you monkeys were too embarrassed to post about the shitty cover yourself.
>Remember to post about Rishit Kong again next week when Suisei has blown her the fuck out.

>> No.36016472

"oh my little brother came to visit with X"

it was so fucking easy; a menhera doesn't need to also be an idiot... I love you Matuli, but all of this was on you. Hopefully he was worth it and is now dealing your breakdown.

>> No.36016473

>> No.36016475

Jesus christ, fuck off go back to where you came from

>> No.36016477


>> No.36016478

Super cringe post bruh

>> No.36016479

Since when are robbers considered intelligent?

>> No.36016480

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.36016481 [SPOILER] 

can we get noel wearing sakuya's outfit now?

>> No.36016482

It was #1 on Amiami longer than any other hololive figures. Now go buy one like all the cool kids are.

>> No.36016483

At this point I'm not even sure if I'm too stupid to realize people saying "it's a robber" are just on a high shitposting level or are actually really dumb and delusional. Both things are possible in this place so it's hard to figure out...

>> No.36016484

he's mad kek

>> No.36016485

Faggots like you think you are so smart for having surface forbidden knowledge.
If you only knew what lies below most Hololive members.
Bet you don't even know most Hololive real faces.

>> No.36016486

He's right tho

>> No.36016488

>> No.36016490

104 people in this thread love her too.

>> No.36016491

It's Matsuri's official story, they have to believe her.

>> No.36016492

>forbidden knowledge

>> No.36016493

I've been here since Coco's 3D debut
Maybe YOU are the one that should go back...

>> No.36016494

They have an original song in the works, but with how fucked up Aki's throat is, it's probably on hold

>> No.36016495


>> No.36016496


>> No.36016497

watao is dating mito mama

>> No.36016499

He had so many male hands up his ass he's bound to recognize it

>> No.36016500

Lyger somehow didn't tweet anything. Probably got caught by the police.

>> No.36016502

Burglars ruin everything...

>> No.36016503

I paid Hololive Historian™ $5 every month for a whole year, buddy. Watch your mouth.

>> No.36016504

More drawing collabs when

>> No.36016505


>> No.36016506

remember noel is a 2hu DORK

>> No.36016508

>Pretending to be a different poster now
This is mega cringe post bruh

>> No.36016509

>go back to where you came from
Go to /jp/? Ok then

>> No.36016510


>> No.36016511

Coco called Watame the cheapest women, little did we know it wasn't a joke

>> No.36016513

ah, okay, I apologize, I had no idea. Keep posting and thank you for your service

>> No.36016514

yeah bro, what thread do you got?

>> No.36016515

he just came over to get castrated and ends up getting arrested...

>> No.36016516

Noel Sakuya outfit and Aqua Remillia outfit would be great.

>> No.36016518

Towa is grooming a Korean high school student, she has no time for you

>> No.36016520

wen u went edgy for one day but nobody remember because HAACHAMA!

>> No.36016521

>> No.36016522


>> No.36016523

He was in stream chatting when the boyfriend thing happened, right now he's probably planning the murder-suicide.
RIP Matsuri and Lyger.

>> No.36016524

It was probably someone from the music industry to discuss a cover or an original song.
Why do you cucks just jump at the conclusion it was her boyfriend? (which she doesn't have)

>> No.36016525

She's grooming herself?

>> No.36016526

>> No.36016528

>blatantly lying to people who just saw the fucking door opening

I could even finish watching. When people just obviously lie like that makes me cringe.
But at least this is proof that she isnt honest, even when found out like that.

>> No.36016529

>Marine made a video for Lamy
the friendship is real

>> No.36016531

Would Matsuri acknowledge him if he were to leave her?

>> No.36016532

Cheapest means stingy - a cheapskate. Watame's big plans are just her hoarding money and not spending it on anything while living off free samples from the supermarket

>> No.36016533


>> No.36016534

He's mad!

>> No.36016535

too b-nice..

>> No.36016536

creepy whore

>> No.36016539

We hate Matsuri here
Never post her again she's not welcome

>> No.36016540


>> No.36016542

There's this shitty thread about some retarded whores using anime avatars to play videogames

>> No.36016543

*thinks about Towa*

>> No.36016544

Yet she's still struggling to save a cent, fuck taxes man.

>> No.36016547

tits just the right size

>> No.36016548

cute hop

>> No.36016549

Redpill me on Towa
What's the deal with her?

>> No.36016550


>> No.36016552


>> No.36016553


>> No.36016554

You laugh at her, but once she accumulates enough money she will buy Cover and then Nijisanji.
She just needs more time.

>> No.36016557

Where is towa...

>> No.36016558

Japanese taxes are also known to be the worst.

>> No.36016559

>> No.36016560


>> No.36016562

did someone like hire assassins to matsuri's house or something?

>> No.36016564

Don't be rude, Noel wants to fuck that girl and this is her one chance to make it happen

>> No.36016565


>> No.36016568

What is Watame saving for? early retirement?

>> No.36016569

“Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.”
- Some anon in hlg 3 months ago

>> No.36016570


>> No.36016572

maybe a career assassin...

>> No.36016574

i'm glad noel is back to being happy

>> No.36016576

smoka scream...

>> No.36016578

>I would be confused
top translation

>> No.36016580

This is why I cant stop coming to these shitty threads!
I dont have anywhere else to let me know about yabs as soon as they happen. I have no fucking choice, I am chained to you retards.

>> No.36016581

Suisex hours?

>> No.36016582

Mukkun and their child

>> No.36016584

Nice to hear that. I was afraid she isn't going to make more since Heroine Audition doesn't get much attention at all.

>> No.36016588

>he doesn't watch the threads 24/7
only old ogeys for you

>> No.36016589

That's why i have never called the girls whore even as a joke, only anti did it.

>> No.36016591


>> No.36016595

If it wasnt anyone who would be problematic to explain she would have just said who it was.
Bu no, she chose to not say who it was, and it doesnt take a genius to put that together with the fact that she is always talking about how she doesnt have a boyfriend.

>> No.36016597


>> No.36016599

fuck which isekai is this drawing based from

>> No.36016602

>> No.36016605

That has been a /jp/ pasta since forever

>> No.36016606

how come risu clips get >100k+ views while her streams barely get any?

>> No.36016607

Detective anon here.
After hard minutes of investigating both human hands (like Yoshikage Kira(Jojo reference)) and forbidden knowledge I reached a conclusion.
The hand in Matsuri's stream does NOT belong to a man, but instead belongs to Sara Hoshikawa, a talent from Nijisanji.
You can now stop your speculation. Also Hoshikawa once had to apologize for stealing, so it makes sense that Matsuri was confused.

>> No.36016609

Remember when Matsuri was naked in the bath without males? I miss those days...

>> No.36016611


>> No.36016612

>says how much she wants a boyfriend
>sadposts about her friends marrying
>talks about boyfriends being okay
>posts about being single for 4 years
Was this a long con? Was she in several layers of pretending to be a loser? Why?

>> No.36016613

Great talent and interesting personality.

>> No.36016614

Did she try to steal Matsuri’s bubble tea stamp card?

>> No.36016615

You know why

>> No.36016616


>> No.36016620


>> No.36016621


>> No.36016622

It actually was that one kanata's friend who stole her credit card when she was moving. Who knew she was also friends with matsuri...

>> No.36016624

>> No.36016625

who the hell was so dumb to fall for Risu's $1000 scam??

>> No.36016626

Why? She doesn't use her fucking brain. She's a fucking menhera. There's no need to search for logic here there is none.

>> No.36016627

>deliver food to some fat chick

fucking dead.

>> No.36016628


>> No.36016629

I am very mad and upset because whores

>> No.36016630

>> No.36016631

Risu rules from the shadows, she's the most popular, but also isn't. She doesn't use reddit, she uses 4chan.
The secret Risu members discord write the scripts for most Hololive collabs.

>> No.36016632

>analyzing gachis
They are just wired different

>> No.36016635

looks like sheep has a lot to learn from the treerrat if she wants to get that house anytime soon

>> No.36016636

How low can it possibly go?!

>> No.36016637

You've come to the right place, friend

>> No.36016638

>> No.36016639

Even if she only earn half of that she still get 25% more than average indog salary.

>> No.36016640

stop spreading lies nigger, it won't bring Pop-chan back

>> No.36016641

It was money laundering, part of Risu's plan.

>> No.36016644

>> No.36016645

had a good chuckle out of this one

>> No.36016646

Did we ever actually figure out WHY Matsuri does all this shit?

>> No.36016647

Fake non-canon.

>> No.36016648

the day Korone said something so sad she considered quitting happened was the day i realized she hardly gives a shit about her streaming career

>> No.36016652

mental illness

>> No.36016653

News fucking when?

>> No.36016654


>> No.36016655

>> No.36016658

So people wouldn't suspect of her having a boyfriend, where there's smoke there's fire

>> No.36016659

Only Towa can save Hololive now.

>> No.36016660

She's tried to leave the streaming life like 4 times since 2009. This is kinda obvious.

>> No.36016661

It's obvious Matsuri just told someone to open the door during her stream to create a fake yab for attention.

>> No.36016662


>> No.36016665

>> No.36016666

I guess its hard to leave money printing shit.

>> No.36016667

Are you guys exited for this huge collab?
Also before you say "off-topic!!!" these are all Hololive clippers and important members of the western community

>> No.36016668


>> No.36016670

Prerecorded Pop-chan!

>> No.36016671

wish I was that thing so Noel would sniff my butt

>> No.36016672

She's clearly running away hiding from gu-chan

>> No.36016674

>> No.36016675

>> No.36016676

I thought "surely she wouldn't walk away THIS TIME" but apparently even her hololive career is hanging by a thread too and she needs tons of gushing affection on twitter to carry on

>> No.36016677

everytime matsuri do shit things, matsurisus are quick to deflect to the other holos

>> No.36016678

I'm not even going to look at the link. Based on the rest of your post it's obviously garbage.

>> No.36016680


>> No.36016681

scripted and pre-recorded. I also hate the bedding she's using for her hamsters

>> No.36016682

>> No.36016683

>> No.36016684

Name a more boring one, I'll wait.

>> No.36016685


>> No.36016686

Are you advertising/begging?

>> No.36016689

Kanata is a dyke, she is grooming 15yo girl right now.

>> No.36016691

They had failed on using Marine and now changing target to Korone

>> No.36016692

how long before she confuses her hamsters and posts the wrong one?

>> No.36016693

Kanata is too loud

>> No.36016694


>> No.36016695

>Look at this place
It's sad to see most of people watch vtubers only for drama. It's just like watch sports only for trades and players drama

>> No.36016696

so two people including me?

>> No.36016697


>> No.36016698


>> No.36016699

Pekora > Marine > Towa >Subaru

>> No.36016700


>> No.36016701

I don't watch sports

>> No.36016704

Heres the male yab encyclopedia of hololive, now updated with Matsuri

>Watame: roommate filmed a few vids with some dancer guy named mukuro and flirted (very lovey dovey msgs) with him on twitter since like 2013. The name "mukkun" was also a registered user on her switch, she apparently brushed it off as her brother. All indicates that she's currently single, streams an absolute fuckton (highest hours streamed of hololive), chaotic schedule.
>Towa: there was a well-publicized incident during which male voice(s) were heard in the bg of one of her streams. she panicked and said they were hololive staff (which was refuted by cover), which some construe to be sus. the official word is apparently that he/they were friends of hers from pre-vtuber life (possibly bandmates?) other than this no idea
>Amelia: dated someone in the past, curious cat yab. All indicates that she's currently single - video and discord evidence about breakup in dec 2019 after grandma's death, streaming all day on his bday, streaming all day on their old relationship anniversary, chaotic schedule and having no one to help her with things like PC, pets, house stuff, among other things
>Gura: notification yab on stream - logging into his switch account, which triggered a friend popup while Gura was streaming. This prompted a full search on the guy. People found out the exact same songs as Gura sang in many karaoke streams on his channel, along with past life videos and some twitter interaction. Not in the same country and no confirmation if he ever went to the US, possible LDR or visited a few times in the past, no way to confirm.
>Kiara: some videos with males, famous video of sumo guy and another one with a black male and a female friend in a room getting drunk. Nothing that indicates a boyfriend. As of now, seems like the actual dyke of HoloEN.
>Ina: 2013 pic on roommate's twitter of male hand and hers.
>Coco: not much info but leak that roommate has dated in the past.
>Moona: twitter yab with possible ex including both her holo and roommate account. Unclear if still going out or not.
>Rushia: discord yab on stream with Japanese singer Mafumafu, on top of the DMs and many twitter screenshots of her roommate with the exact same pieces of forniture, plates and glasses as him
>Matsuri: said that she has dated in the past. Very comfortable around males while streaming. On her roommate stream, a male hand was seen opening the door and gently closing when he noticed she was streaming. Instead of proper damage control, said that she would call the police and instantly privated the stream.

>> No.36016705

Narukami is like those fake leak twitter game-journalists. He gets stuff wrong all the time, but toots his horn the loudest when he happens to get something right by chance.

>> No.36016706

Based as fuck.

>> No.36016707


>> No.36016708

I for one love this shit because matsurisu and general roommatefaggot pretty much asked for this when they spam roommate stream links and go "they're on topic because they're employed by hololive production".
Literally your own fault.

>> No.36016709

I want to rape Suisei so much

>> No.36016710

Plus the whole "team I chose is winning therefore I am winning personally"

>> No.36016711


>> No.36016712

Why is pop-chan like this?

>> No.36016713

Are you the based Hololive Historian?

>> No.36016715

5ch is the same. just face it, it's better than the actual content

>> No.36016716

Why did Korone's mom nearly dying activate this schizo but Marine romanticizing graduation the day after Coco left didn't?

>> No.36016717

But Noel is Yuyuko Saigyouji in Gensokyo Holoism

>> No.36016718

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.36016719

noel likes sakuya, that's why

>> No.36016721

>It's just like watch sports only for trades and players drama
About that... https://youtu.be/1tGGehCjMAc?t=13525

>> No.36016722

She has bought a mini toy keyboard for the hamsters to create a distraction when that happens

>> No.36016723

Ina's song is pretty good, gave it a chance since she's pretty chill.

>> No.36016725

>> No.36016726


>> No.36016728

>open link
>see chat
>close link

>> No.36016730

Grandma always taught me that liars always get what they deserve eventually.
So if your oshi has not been exposed then be happy because she is probably not a liar.

>> No.36016731

I love this socially awkward woman.

>> No.36016732

Don't forget that most of them usually watch clip just like most of sportfags only watch dunk or goal clips

>> No.36016733


>> No.36016735

Thank you for your service.

>> No.36016736



>> No.36016737

It sounds weird calling Aqua a woman.

>> No.36016738

I remember when we used to surveypost...
now we just post towa...

>> No.36016740

>> No.36016741

I always knew Pekora was an honest woman...

>> No.36016742

Searching for the legendary booze

>> No.36016744


>> No.36016746

Why don't they do big collab song covers like this anymore?

>> No.36016749

More like LAMEY

>> No.36016751

mad suichan...

>> No.36016752

the fuck why did the thread get worse again?

>> No.36016753

There's no escaping drama as long as there's real people operating behind the curtain of a certain thing. Might as well go back and enjoy 2hu lore or anime because it's completely fictional

>> No.36016754

Someone started a rumor or whatever and she made tweets about it saying it was a lie and she really didnt had a boyfriend for years or something like that.
Then she started constantly talking about how she wants a boyfriend, and how her friends have one but she is alone.
Then now this yab happen. So basically she was doing a terrible job pretending she didnt already have one.

>> No.36016755

Are there any lesbians in Hololive?

>> No.36016757

Remember when this place just replied ogey to baits and shitposts?

>> No.36016759

Miko, Marine and Flare

>> No.36016760

>> No.36016761

Check the time.

>> No.36016762


>> No.36016763

new hairstyle??? damn

>> No.36016764

>> No.36016766


>> No.36016768

its 5:50 am brother

>> No.36016769

I expected some basic knowledge of football like name but I'm surprised that she knows more

>> No.36016770

Me and anon.

>> No.36016771

google "ケーキ姫 塾講師" there were bunch of drama when she's only 15 or 16.

>> No.36016772

Look how little Minato Aqua is!

>> No.36016773

It happened way earlier and I don't give a fuck about Marine

>> No.36016775

i don't believe rushia worked as a nurse. she didn't even graduate college, did she? i remember her saying she has a few months experience as a convenience store clerk during that one chilla's art stream and the rest of the time she was a NEET living with her parents.

>> No.36016776

Not anymore

>> No.36016777

surprised she didn't like someone like suarez

>> No.36016778

It made me think about how I would feel if my oshi was revealed to have a boyfriend. I think I'd be upset, but isn't that really selfish? It's not fair to put that burden on her is it? She's a real person and it's not like I'll ever meet her anyway. Being a gachikoi is playing a dangerous game.

>> No.36016779

Why the fuck is everyone suddenly playing Minecraft hardcore?

>> No.36016780

kanata is too......

>> No.36016781

It's 8.51pm?

>> No.36016782

You only need to go to a trade school for a year to become a nurse.

>> No.36016783

>that face rigging
Jesus fuck what happened to Risu

>> No.36016784

She's lying.

>> No.36016785

lob u onyan

>> No.36016786


>> No.36016787

Suisei looks better with big breasts

>> No.36016788

You will never be a japanese.

>> No.36016789

Kanata is an actual psycho who hates Coco for ruining hololive and her idol dream

>> No.36016790

The head doesnt fit the rest of the artstyle

>> No.36016791

She did, she talked about Suarez after Di Maria

>> No.36016792


>> No.36016793

What the fuck, that's horrible

>> No.36016794

that's luna...

>> No.36016796

Where's Choco dating average japanese guys that can't pay for gas or dinner?

>> No.36016797

Thats some fucking nice kiss

>> No.36016798


>> No.36016800

I thought Luna has heterochromia...

>> No.36016801

Naked Towa

>> No.36016802


>> No.36016803

What is The Final Yab?

>> No.36016804

What the fuck did Matsuri do this time?

>> No.36016805

Marine likes cock.

>> No.36016806


>> No.36016809

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDj7rmtQPOU Fubuki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa1XRQtEAkY Rushia

>> No.36016810

Reminder that one of our worst shitposters was from poland or some other EU shit hole.

>> No.36016811


>> No.36016812

It's 5:56

>> No.36016813

Her boyfriend walked in on her streaming on her roommate.

>> No.36016814

Hololive Ultra Hardcore PvP when?

>> No.36016815

Are you Matsurifags REALLY this assblasted?
Are you f ucking telling me you are surprised by Matsuri having a man in her house? She is the most obvious whore in Hololive. As if none of the multiple male vtubers she collabed with never invited her to dates or to just straight up have sex.

>> No.36016818

It was an intruder, you fucking retards

>> No.36016819

It's not

>> No.36016820

No shit, did literally anyone believe her

>> No.36016821

bandaid nipple girl isn't who I thought she was...

>> No.36016822

anal intruder

>> No.36016827

You don't really get to choose who you gachikoi or when you become one either. It's fine to be upset, just don't go full death threat anti.

>> No.36016828

So bogan or europoor?

>> No.36016829

What if Matsuri's house is just haunted?

>> No.36016830

The polackdoxxfag? I thought he's already left.

>> No.36016832

>> No.36016834

Elite Super Cop

>> No.36016835

see >>36016784, that's not how police work

>> No.36016837

>someone actually donated 1k to Risu
Hmm...excuse me? I thought she was at the bottom of the unpopular barrel.

>> No.36016842


>> No.36016843

Oh god oh no, officer Miko is on duty https://youtu.be/jgp1h2yRbBU

>> No.36016844

The "it was just a ghost" rrat doesn't really hold up, I'm sorry.

>> No.36016846

SEA and Australian.

>> No.36016847

Do you think the cops would allow her to tweet anything while they're investigating?`

>> No.36016848

It would actually make sense.
>Ghosts can be captured on video
>She couldn't hear it
>Apparently had to talk to the police about it, which means nobody there saw him
>If he's never found the it's because it was a ghost.

>> No.36016849

Kinda fucked up that the best Police Simulator game I've ever played was modded GTA V.

>> No.36016850

oh boy... time to #cancelMiko

>> No.36016851

>> No.36016854

Miko Police Simulator in an hour https://youtu.be/jgp1h2yRbBU

>> No.36016855

That's a perfect transition from Okayu to Rushia

>> No.36016858

Yeah compared to hololive and that still puts her ahead of like 95% of all vtubers. Numberfags are literally getting you to care about who is more successful of the most successful.

>> No.36016859

What will Towa's new hairstyle be?

>> No.36016860

Remember when our biggest worry was retards thinking we were a general... good times

>> No.36016862


>> No.36016866

Literally no holos canonically have pubic hair, and I think that's a problem

>> No.36016868

Europoor then.

>> No.36016869

Guys, I haven't keep in touch with most of holo since around coco graduated, but I just want to say that no matter what, or the state of the thread, my love for Mio will persist.

>> No.36016870

what's the problem? it's just your standard supportive retard. https://vtdata.info/youmitoru?a=UCJufwRivtj48VvKy-giHznw

>> No.36016871

Is that Iori Moe?

>> No.36016874

Sora's stream with AZKi today was very fun!

>> No.36016875

I exclusively watch whores

>> No.36016877 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36016881


>> No.36016883

Lamy getting all flustered over Nene's "hair" topic proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is sporting a full bush.

>> No.36016884

Where is that Luna JAV?
I was promised a Luna JAV

>> No.36016889

Bald Towa

>> No.36016890

>> No.36016891

>loves mio
>left when the dragon graduated

>> No.36016892

thats for subarus eyes only

>> No.36016893

what the fuck, mikodanye is jaywalking!

>> No.36016894


>> No.36016896

What the fuck is Omarun doing?

>> No.36016898 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36016899

I want more AZKi Watame though.

>> No.36016901

I don't and i know for a fact i'm literally the only matsurisu in this thread, the rest of them are merely pretending moreso that guy who is always spamming images.

>> No.36016903

What a chad. The smelly schizos we have here would just tell her to graduate or ask when she is graduating.

>> No.36016907


>> No.36016909

Friend is beating up children again

>> No.36016910

The closest you're going to get is her roommate's RFA streams where she's on camera but it's behind a $50 paywall.

>> No.36016911


>> No.36016915

Europoor is later on. Usually at midnight in Japan

>> No.36016916


>> No.36016918

>constantly collabs with males
>already said how she is allowed to have boyfriends
>somehow still thinks she has non-cuck fans

How retarded can Matsuri be.
I am sure everyone who gave a fuck about her being pure already left her long ago.

>> No.36016919

Lewd women

>> No.36016920

We know, 35P

>> No.36016921

Surely no one would be bitter enough to stream over Haachamas birthday.

>> No.36016923

It's in production.

>> No.36016924


>> No.36016925


>> No.36016927

>Everyone is at the bottom
>Top is completely a free-scoring and free-farm paradise
Why do nips play like this?

>> No.36016930

Fuck off ichitranny Marine flirting with guys on NND and talking about how she likes watching guys jerk off is worse.

>> No.36016931

Uhhhh, ACAB bros????

>> No.36016932

I just want the Rushia jav with a super flat actress and nice voice acting

>> No.36016933

>> No.36016934

Fighting is more fun.

>> No.36016936

https://twitter.com/usadapekora/status/1424659425814482947 peko guerilla

>> No.36016938

Peko Guerilla

>> No.36016939

I hope that Minato Aqua streams soon...

>> No.36016940

No there's a Luna JAV in the works bro

>> No.36016941

This game isn't Dota, it has timelimit

>> No.36016943


>> No.36016944

Rushia is gonna show us some photos of her delicious flat chest in swimsuits

>> No.36016945

>> No.36016946

I'm very excited

>> No.36016951

Literally all that matters is who is a higher level at the 2 minute mark. Bottom has the team exp boosting pokemon.

>> No.36016952

>hasnt tweeted since the yab

Serves you right for lying, fucking bitch.

>> No.36016954

She should show some photos of her delicious flat chest outside of swimsuits

>> No.36016957

>shion isn't live

>> No.36016959

check the other twitter bro

>> No.36016960


>> No.36016962

Looks like my grandma.

>> No.36016965

What's the yab?

>> No.36016969


>> No.36016971

There's a ghost in her closet

>> No.36016972

do jannies not care about this general anymore?

>> No.36016974


>> No.36016975

>It was Benny from New Vegas all along
That sly dog, he did it again!

>> No.36016976


>> No.36016978

Wait what?

>> No.36016979

As long as you don't post porn or insult Homos,ID,EN they don't care

>> No.36016981

spit in my mouth and slap my ear, rushia

>> No.36016982

That shit is probably older than most of you have been here, that doesn't stop people from acting like idiots anyway

>> No.36016983

She's talking to the cops

>> No.36016986

thread is filled with roommate posting and porn

>> No.36016987

Luna with horns

>> No.36016988

Rushia likes Noel!

>> No.36016989

Marine is a lesbian and she WILL come for your oshi next.

>> No.36016991

Isn't that her lil bro?

>> No.36016994

Kinda unsettling to see all my chat history on this website.

>> No.36016995

Pessi is a plastic

>> No.36016998

rushia literally going UOOOOOOOOOH for tits

>> No.36016999


>> No.36017000

The illustration is pretty wholesome

>> No.36017001

rushia is ded

>> No.36017002

Better start dumping images again, Matsurisu. Maybe that will scare away the man from the closet

>> No.36017004

Minato Aqua is an adult woman

>> No.36017005

but she did?

>> No.36017006

Rushia is too loud

>> No.36017008


>> No.36017009

Real numberfags don't do that, it's only shitstirrers and nijiniggers who think getting three digit viewers is a failure.

>> No.36017010

ask the sheep for more collabs then

>> No.36017012

What kinds of posters are the most hated in this thread?

>> No.36017013

I wonder what this guy's rank in APEX is...

>> No.36017016


>> No.36017017

You really shouldnt joke about events like the one in the image.

>> No.36017018

why is she like this

>> No.36017019

Towa's naked under her clothes

>> No.36017020

I can't visit elitecafe and it hurts me.

>> No.36017022

if they cared about us they'd kick us out to /vt/

>> No.36017023

Looks like they dont care to me

>> No.36017024

My oshi doesn't even like man and I'm not crying like you are

>> No.36017027

I believe a boyfriend but this I just can't.

>> No.36017028

Fucking whore.

>> No.36017032

Rushia blatantly copying haachama's creative stream

>> No.36017033

How new?

>> No.36017034

It's okay Rushia, just remove the overlay

>> No.36017035

Marine is straight and gets off to videos of men jacking off.


>> No.36017036


>> No.36017037


>> No.36017038

I HATE naked Towa

>> No.36017039

>plays RE8 on casual
What happened to Aqua...

>> No.36017041


>> No.36017042

Aqua rabu!
Very nice piece

>> No.36017046

Don't want to risk /hlg/ autism to riot in /jp/

>> No.36017047


>> No.36017048


>> No.36017050

I love my oshi Fubuki!

>> No.36017051


>> No.36017052

It's Minecraft Hardcore

>> No.36017053

Rushia, two overlays is too much...

>> No.36017055

Try miko JAV

>> No.36017056 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36017057

She's getting ready for that collab I guess

>> No.36017059

Didn't she have a lot of other summer plans? What happened to those?

>> No.36017062

I hope that Minato Aqua is naked for her 3st anniversary live

>> No.36017063

Big whoop, that's what rangebans are for.
I really miss the days where /jp/ mods dropped the hammer on a whim.

>> No.36017065

She needs the practice

>> No.36017066


>> No.36017067

MC hardcore was one of them

>> No.36017069

Too many lives this month.

>> No.36017071

>Noel is confirmed virgin.
This just can not be true, holy shit what are jap men doing?

>> No.36017073

go on rushia just show a little more onegai...

>> No.36017074

How is Towa?

>> No.36017075

Hiroshima don't want to lose traffic.

>> No.36017076

Towa does not take fentanyl tho she only smokes

>> No.36017077

Based best hardcore MC stream!

>> No.36017078

she made it worse www

>> No.36017079

Flat chests are always more erotic than cow udders

>> No.36017081

Stop talking about Pekora here. I very don't like her and what she does.

>> No.36017082

Rushia come on show us more

>> No.36017083

Pekora might be the first to win

>> No.36017084

What collab

>> No.36017087


>> No.36017088

The sankisei one on the 22nd

>> No.36017089


>> No.36017090

This but miko

>> No.36017091


みんなお待ちかね ぺこらっぷ
準備はできている? hurry up!

3Dも遂に登場 自己紹介をどうぞ
名前は「兎田ぺこら」ぺこ 寂しがり屋とetcetera.




おいしくないよ ぺこらのもも肉




>> No.36017092

too erotic

>> No.36017093

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.36017094

She's being extra menhera today.

>> No.36017097

I just imagined her roommate doing that and got super hard

>> No.36017098

I hate old people

>> No.36017100

>holy shit what are jap men doing?

>> No.36017101

Why is rushia watching cheese pizza on stream?

>> No.36017102


>> No.36017104


>> No.36017105

Gonna fuck my dick in that.

>> No.36017106


>> No.36017110

The wolf lures in her prey... Mio is so fucking sexy.

>> No.36017111

Haachama suggested it

>> No.36017113

Why is Rushia like this?

>> No.36017114


>> No.36017118


>> No.36017119

Most of you people here really needs to touch grass.

>> No.36017121

Jesas the standard of dramafags went straight into dumpster. If this happened a year ago this thread would full of eropastas how it was Hoshikawa arriving for her weekly scissoring session or some indie bribing Matuli with sex for a promotion.

>> No.36017122

How about I just spam it your oshi's stream?

>> No.36017126


>> No.36017128

archives prove you wrong Tourist

>> No.36017130

same fuck

>> No.36017131

>Hololive is hooked on a Pokemon fucking MOBA of all things
Ayame LoL streams...

>> No.36017140

Yes, tweeting is not illegal. Kanata's roommate has done it.

>> No.36017141

Pekora World of the God...

>> No.36017142


>> No.36017144


>> No.36017146

I still haven't forgive Matsuri for what she's done.

>> No.36017147


>> No.36017148

Rushia is making fun of Chinks...

>> No.36017149

Now rushia is making fun of asians based!

>> No.36017150


>> No.36017151

Rushia is so cute... I don't want to fall for a hag...

>> No.36017153

Rushia NO!!

>> No.36017154


>> No.36017155

Why is Okayu so big?

>> No.36017157

world president pekora...

>> No.36017161

My gut tells me that Rushia is not a virgin

>> No.36017166

>> No.36017168

>> No.36017169


>> No.36017171

Tell me your secrets, ass

>> No.36017172

Not as big as Polka

>> No.36017173

Her eyes are red because she's been smoking pot

>> No.36017175

who cares if they are a virgin or not? I'll still fuck my oshi even if a hundred dicks has been inside her already

>> No.36017176

Based taste

>> No.36017179


>> No.36017183


>> No.36017184

>> No.36017185

Rushia ToT

>> No.36017186


>> No.36017187


>> No.36017189

Because I deflowered her

>> No.36017191

Is roberu a chubby chaser.....

>> No.36017198

oh my god... she's naked...!

>> No.36017199

>Literally no one gives a shit about her
Me! I give a shit about Noel!

>> No.36017201

Most male skeletons are.

>> No.36017203

no he's just an architect worshipper

>> No.36017204

I'd do my drawing reps and become Holos personal thumbnail shitter but I still have my self-worth...

>> No.36017206

Naked Rushia...

>> No.36017207

I mean... she didn't exactly have great experience with men in general...

>> No.36017211

>> No.36017214

it's SEXX retards

>> No.36017216

I can't believe Towa will get cat ears...

>> No.36017218

Chammer is a bad influence.

>> No.36017222

How do I get a Rushia gf?

>> No.36017223

Wrong thread shart

>> No.36017225


>> No.36017226

I can't believe l*ger found Matsuri...

>> No.36017227

be a successful singer

>> No.36017228

Next on Rushia's stream

>> No.36017229

Will Rushia be glad if you offer her cum tribute?

>> No.36017230


>> No.36017232

>> No.36017233

bebbi police.......

>> No.36017235

2 more hours !!

>> No.36017236

>printing Holo replies
Wow. Thats some sad shit.

>> No.36017237

Did youtube finally stop accepting ARS? I miss ARS posting...

>> No.36017238

please i need a rushia wife so bad

>> No.36017239

There is nothing important about this.

>> No.36017242

Another important announcement after the live!

>> No.36017243


>> No.36017244

the only thing Noel has going for her is $20,000 of audio equipment

>> No.36017246

Rushia's voice is just so fucking cute, all the women from my country sound like Towa and it's disgusting

>> No.36017247

I really love that outfit, wish there was more art of it.

>> No.36017249

I want to unload my baby milk all over Rushia flat chest...

>> No.36017250

You are not fit to be a husband

>> No.36017251

/hlgg/ is laughing at us bros

>> No.36017252

this kills the JOP

>> No.36017253

All the pics is not even yab.

>> No.36017255

Rushia just went bald for a second...

>> No.36017256

Rushia was built from the ground up to attract the wallets and cocks of men

>> No.36017259


>> No.36017264


>> No.36017265


>> No.36017266


>> No.36017267


>> No.36017268

The voices rushia make makes me harder

>> No.36017269

Rushia should not exist, she's literally perfect in every single way possible. How can I ever find a woman that can even compare?

>> No.36017271

I'm going to rip it off with my teeth

>> No.36017273

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgp1h2yRbBU Miko
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTRg1TX4-Gk Korone
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmIrf_Vg2Og Flare

>> No.36017274


>> No.36017275

This is my goal.

>> No.36017276

child erotic

>> No.36017277

Should I give Rushia some money?

>> No.36017278

I'm gonna put my dick through the loop

>> No.36017279

wtf rushia stop with the roleplay holy shit my DICK

>> No.36017280

please hit me more rushia

>> No.36017282

Speaking of yabs, does anyone have that picture of Pekora's cosplayer showing her nipple?

>> No.36017283

Do your archive reps retard tourist

>> No.36017284

i expect pekora to do the best in terms of HC MC, she's been practicing for this for quite a while. I think last time she even made it to the nether

>> No.36017286

Rushia is just on another level, she perfected GFE before it even existed

>> No.36017287

Would she be skilled in sucking cock

>> No.36017288

Rushia yab

>> No.36017290

Sora Love!

>> No.36017291

>big tits

>> No.36017292


>> No.36017294


>> No.36017299

Rushia boing boing :)

>> No.36017300


>> No.36017301

when the fuck did they change how iron blocks looks, new one looks like shit

>> No.36017302

oh god rushia's voice acting is making me harder than the illustrations

what the FUCK

>> No.36017303

scroll up retard

>> No.36017304

This Rushia looks weird but I don't mind the silly role play

>> No.36017305

Those illustrations along with Rushia moaning is making me fucking hard

>> No.36017309




bebbi police!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36017310


>> No.36017312


>> No.36017313

me too me too, no joke ( ^) o (^ )b!!!

>> No.36017314


time for migo stream

>> No.36017316

The voice acting is top notch FUCK

>> No.36017317

I will now watch Rushia

>> No.36017319


>> No.36017320

Police Miger

>> No.36017322

boin boin... sekushi...

>> No.36017323

rushia wtf

>> No.36017325


>> No.36017326


>> No.36017327



>> No.36017328

I have been summmoned

>> No.36017329

The dog is live

>> No.36017330


>> No.36017331

please make it stop...

>> No.36017333

It's sort of weird that no one here is talking about Matsui's big yab today

>> No.36017334

Miko started, get in here 35P! https://youtu.be/jgp1h2yRbBU

>> No.36017336

Matsuri has an architect boyfriend, she's in good hands.

>> No.36017337


>> No.36017338


>> No.36017339

Nyahello Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.36017340

*open Rushia's stream*
kiss noise
*close Rushia's stream*

>> No.36017341


>> No.36017342

God damn, it feels good to be a fandead!

>> No.36017344

the roleplay in rushia's stream is fantastic

>> No.36017345

yab rushia

>> No.36017346

ahaha Rushia loves this shit

>> No.36017347

The 12 hours ender dragon RTA?

>> No.36017348


>> No.36017349

I love oriental women so much bros

>> No.36017351

Elite cop Sakura Miko reporting on duty

>> No.36017353

no i believe she made it to the nether in HC before

>> No.36017356

She played Hardcore before that, probably referring to that. I still haven't watched those so I'm not sure.

>> No.36017357

korone is singing and no one cares

>> No.36017359

>> No.36017362

>No graduations
>They actually stream
Sankisei truly is the strongest generation.

>> No.36017363

UH! Bad boys watcha gon, watcha gon, watcha gonna do?
When sheriff john brown come for you?
Tell me! Whatcha gonna do? When they come for you?

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

When you were eight and you had bad traits you go to school
And learn the golden rule, So why are you acting like a bloody fool
If you get hot then you must get cool!

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

You chuck it on that one,
You chuck it on this one,
You chuck it on you mother,
And ya chuck it on you father,
Ya chuck it on ya brother,
And ya chuck it on you sister,
You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on Me!

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Nobody naw give you no break,
Police naw give you no break,
And no Soldierman naw give you no break,
Not even you idren naw give you no break (he, he)

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
When they come for you?

Why did you have to act so mean?
Don't you know you're a human being?
Born of a mother with the love of a father,
Reflexion comes and reflexion goes,
I know sometimes you wanna let go
He he he
I know sometimes you wanna let go

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

You're too bad,
You're too rude,
You're too bad,
You're too rude,

Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do?
When they come for you?
Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

You chuck it on that one,
You chuck it on this one,
You chuck it on ya mother,
And you chuck it on you father,
Ya chuck it on ya brother,
And you chuck it on you sister,
You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on Me!

>> No.36017364

Obama is a police now?

>> No.36017365

That... actually sounds like it's worth 50 bucks

>> No.36017366

I hate minecraft.

>> No.36017369

This is Miko thread.

>> No.36017370

Where's the sad dog faggot when you expect him

>> No.36017373

Do boobs really bunch up like that when you hug a person?

>> No.36017376

why don't you go find out

>> No.36017377

christmas is in 4 months

>> No.36017378

the dog is really cute

>> No.36017379

Why is Pekora copying Miko content?

>> No.36017380


>> No.36017382

I'm waiting for sad dog poster so I can tell him to fuck off so I can enjoy my wife.

>> No.36017383


>> No.36017384

That is him. He drops the image when people don't reply to his standard garbage.
Actually he probably already posted the image this thread.

>> No.36017387

Police Simulator is a yab waiting to happen bros... the anxiety is real...

>> No.36017389

matuli is the turbo whore of hololive

>> No.36017391

>> No.36017392

real women are gross, also I don't want to get covid

>> No.36017393

Anon, I understand that you are a hugless incel shut-in, but for fucks sake at least learn how anatomy works

>> No.36017394

If Rushia likes arts that bad then even I have a chance...

>> No.36017395

Coconuts or bowling balls?

>> No.36017396

Coconut Ruselel...

>> No.36017397

The sad dog poster is literally the best person in these threads.

>> No.36017398

Rushia's impression of Noel's laugh is pretty spot on

>> No.36017399


>> No.36017400

pekora really needs better net

>> No.36017401

They're the strongest because aside from Flare they are the single most popular vtuber group ever. Even then Flare is still somehow made it into the top 10 superchat list.

>> No.36017403

>watch Holo stream with chat open
>memory usage constantly rising

>> No.36017404

God bloomers are so hot

>> No.36017405

Rushia staring at me like trash would instantly make me cum

>> No.36017407


>> No.36017409

Miko gonna shoot every blacks in this game

>> No.36017411

Youtube-kun... please be kind

>> No.36017413

Show is the ass, Rushia

>> No.36017414

>> No.36017415


>> No.36017417


>> No.36017418

I love ass so much bros

>> No.36017419

Miko just because he is black doesn't mean he is a criminal...

>> No.36017420

Miko YAB

>> No.36017421

jack off to lucifer

>> No.36017422

>> No.36017424


I should really start drawing holos and get all dat hololive fame... fuck

>> No.36017425


>> No.36017426

>that voice acting with the sideways look
Rushia, have mercy on my dick...

>> No.36017428

Dog is bullying listenersan again

>> No.36017429

The r18 versions are nice too.

>> No.36017430

Based Migo. Stop and frisk those dark skinned devils

>> No.36017431

>> No.36017432

this is gonna be a good hardcore run i can feel it

>> No.36017433


>> No.36017434

Why is every pedestrian in this game a chocoball?

>> No.36017436

That's racial profiling migo
Miko no it's a crosswalk

>> No.36017437


>> No.36017438

Why is Miko arresting Obama?

>> No.36017439

Officer Migo hates chocoballs

>> No.36017440

BIG Towa...

>> No.36017441


>> No.36017442


>> No.36017443

That's what you get for jaywalking black man

>> No.36017444

Use hyperchat and the youtube memory leak workaround.

>> No.36017445

you can see her nipple lol

>> No.36017446

Why is Miko playing as kim jong

>> No.36017447

FAQ jogger

>> No.36017448

Miko doesn't realize weed is legal...

>> No.36017449

rushia yab

>> No.36017451

>youtube memory leak workaround.

>> No.36017452

Where is Amanekanatach

>> No.36017453

Give him the ticket Miko

>> No.36017455

Being loud somewhere in Japan most likely

>> No.36017457

Rushia my dick can't take anymore...

>> No.36017458

Weed is the root of all evil, japanese people know this.

>> No.36017459

> Miko: dont be like a nigger

I thought hololive arent supposed to touch politics

>> No.36017460

It's illegal in Japan so understandable

>> No.36017462

>stop someone for jaywalking
>arrest them for carrying a legal amount of weed
>cuff them and leave them standing there
Is this how the American police acts?

>> No.36017464

Weed is pretty easy to get in Japan but its shit from the Phillipines

>> No.36017466

Migo, your time reps...

>> No.36017468

You forgot that he commited the crime of being a chocoball

>> No.36017469

Sakura Miko hates marijuana and black people!

>> No.36017471

Just like me!

>> No.36017472

Yes miko is role-playing perfectly
Except she should have executed chocoball san in handcuffs

>> No.36017473

he was chocoball and didn't get shot so it went better than in reality.

>> No.36017474

I guess I will have to install that stuff.
Even filtering some comments still causes problem.

>> No.36017475

Miko is genuinely dyslexic

>> No.36017476

what the fuck does this guy do

>> No.36017478

He didndu nuffin...

>> No.36017482

>> No.36017483

Between Coco's legs

>> No.36017484

just tried and I'm not liking hyperchat because you cant see superchats on top

>> No.36017485


>> No.36017487

Rushia's ass...

>> No.36017488

Marine with Enako when?

>> No.36017489


>> No.36017490


>> No.36017491

That disgusted look on her face

>> No.36017492


>> No.36017493

You can toggle it with a single handy button at the top, enable it for concerts and stuff where the chat eats up more memory than the fucking moon and turn it off during regular streams.

>> No.36017495

You can cure him and he'll give you good prices on stuff when trading.

>> No.36017496

it's normal to feel attracted to married women?

>> No.36017499

i want to prone bone her

>> No.36017500

oh is that the zombie villager?

>> No.36017501


>> No.36017502

Jaywalkers should be executed on the spot

>> No.36017503

That's a child's body

>> No.36017504

I prefer divorced ones.

>> No.36017505

I want to lick her all over..

>> No.36017506

the nose ruined it

>> No.36017508

someone save polka fuck declined too fucking hard

>> No.36017509

Yes and it's fucking delicious

>> No.36017511

holy shit that humongous brain boat strat

>> No.36017513

It's like being attracted to moms, completely normal

>> No.36017514

Yes, you are supposed to love your wife

>> No.36017516


>> No.36017517

Rushia is so cool...

>> No.36017518

Yeah, he looks like that because he has a profession.

>> No.36017520


>> No.36017522

Why does she have 6 toes?

>> No.36017523

That was hilariously genias

>> No.36017524

>> No.36017525

this fucking hag woman fuck never fails to make my dick hard

>> No.36017526

Miko is so racist

>> No.36017528

What if Matsuri fucked EVERY SINGLE MATSURISU?

>> No.36017529


>> No.36017530

>tongue click

>> No.36017531

I knew Miko's police roleplay reminded me of something.

>> No.36017533

friend was right
everyone really needs glasses

>> No.36017534

Miko rumao

>> No.36017535

There are no single matsurisu though, all either married or in relationships

>> No.36017537

If only Youtube had a real 18+ category they could use...

>> No.36017539

Ahhhh shitty singing healing dog

>> No.36017540


>> No.36017541

Why the fuck eating that ass is the first thing to come to mind now
It wasnt part of my fetishes a year ago...

>> No.36017544

They have but you can't monetized it.

>> No.36017548

Is miko just a comedic genius?

>> No.36017549

It's illegal in most states in the US

>> No.36017551

Hey guys whats the festival drama lmao

>> No.36017552

It's youtube poison though, you can't monetize it and it gets shuffled into this youtube algorithm prison where it's never recommended to anyone.

>> No.36017553

>> No.36017554

why come every one here is too horny?

>> No.36017555

Miko letting women off the hook.

>> No.36017557

any new rrats?

>> No.36017560

save her bros.....

>> No.36017562

that's racial profiling, miko

>> No.36017563


>> No.36017565

highest superchat/viewer ratio RTA

>> No.36017566

Mio is the culprit

>> No.36017568

>> No.36017569

Why is miko so racist

>> No.36017571

tokyo doggo...

>> No.36017573


>> No.36017574


>> No.36017576


>> No.36017577

Why lie on the internet?

>> No.36017578

Korone's drunk unravel is a top 3 holo performance.

>> No.36017579

Miko really needs to stop arresting every single niggo she sees

>> No.36017581

Better scream than Towa's

>> No.36017582

that's a pretty big lava pool though

>> No.36017584

I am the law.

>> No.36017586

Heavy metowa...

>> No.36017587

Miko really showing her inner racist right now

>> No.36017588

to be fair, that nig is very suspicious.

>> No.36017590

>pekora singing like shit
>korone singing like shit
>barely 10k

>> No.36017591

The best part is her lewdness is such a contrast to her personality, she just naturally exudes it.

>> No.36017592

Miko that's police brutality!

>> No.36017594

Nigger she's getting close to five times the viewers she ever got sucking dicks as nobuhime, piss off.

>> No.36017596

some LiveLeak shit hah

>> No.36017597 [SPOILER] 

Based bitch

>> No.36017598

Please don't taze Obongo..

>> No.36017599

That's an excessive use of force...

>> No.36017600

>has a knife
Eliminate the threat miko!

>> No.36017601

real boobs would be way droopier than this due to physics, immersion ruined

>> No.36017602

Mio literally does nothing sexual. She says nothing erotic. She's not a huge top-tier professional entertainer, even if listening to her is a joy for me. Even her design is basically a girl with wolf ears.

And yet out of all the holos I can't imagine spending my entire life with anyone else. I can't stop thinking about wanting to take her on dates, loving her, being there for her, marrying, impregnating her repeatedly, and having a large happy family together. All until the miracle of nature that allowed her hag womb to still somehow produce children finally runs out. At which point I want to grow old with Mio.

Why am I like this?

>> No.36017604

ohayō doomposter

>> No.36017605

He looks happy.

>> No.36017607

What a boomer

>> No.36017608

When a holo says thank you for the spacha, does she actually mean it?

>> No.36017611

explain this then: >>36017087

>> No.36017612

>fired after 1 day

>> No.36017613

It's 11k now. You posted too late you fool.

>> No.36017615

>arrested for a butterknife
Is Miko in the UK?

>> No.36017616


>> No.36017617

Lmao miko

>> No.36017618

>Mio literally does nothing sexual. She says nothing erotic.
how quickly people forget

>> No.36017620

I'm sad that Miko was forced to be born in Japan

>> No.36017622

Minecraft is a shit gameeeeee
there is nothing to actually dooooooo in ittttttt

>> No.36017625

Seek help. Maybe it's erectile dysfunction

>> No.36017626

However there's just so many it's completely natural for the human brain to shut down and go into autopilot mode

>> No.36017627


>> No.36017628

Meds NOW

>> No.36017629


>> No.36017630

based poop oni

>> No.36017631

Honestly taser is actually a good weapon. Just taze anyone suspicious instead of shooting them dead.

>> No.36017633

Ass is ass.

>> No.36017634

I'm gonna marry her and bring her here to the states

>> No.36017635

>> No.36017636

>Tazing over a fucking litter
Migo kek

>> No.36017637


>> No.36017638

This, she really gained weight since last time i've seen her holy shit.

>> No.36017639

>Mio literally does nothing sexual
Explain this https://files.catbox.moe/k92oql.webm

>> No.36017640

Only if it would work half the time

>> No.36017641

They're not complying!

>> No.36017643

>Tazing over a fucking litter
BASED. litterers get the rope

>> No.36017644

smile & go...

>> No.36017647

>arrests people jaywalking
>migo jaywalks herself


>> No.36017648

Do it twice then. 50% + 50% = 100%

>> No.36017649

Miko should not be allowed to possess firearms.

>> No.36017651

Why is minecraft such a buff game?

>> No.36017653

Will not watch until it hits the upper hololive tier of 10m.

>> No.36017654

Tazer is not a firearms.

>> No.36017655


>> No.36017656

She is the law.

>> No.36017657

Because Mio is a WOMAN, Her personality stands out when compared to the cutesy voices of most of the other holos.

>> No.36017658

Where are the real criminals? we definitely need some shooting going on here

>> No.36017661

>everybody just running away from the police
is that the american way

>> No.36017662

On the contrary, Miko should shoot to kill without even interrogating

>> No.36017663

Miko aims taser to the fucking head truly elite.

>> No.36017665


>> No.36017667

youtube algorithms

>> No.36017670


>> No.36017671


>> No.36017672


>> No.36017673

Yes, people are making fun of her because she super fucked up and blatantly lied about it pretending that nothing happened

>> No.36017674

How is the SEA police?

>> No.36017677

I really hate holos who play games that's focused on dialogues but on the lowest game volume possible

>> No.36017680

>> No.36017681

need the hood dlc

>> No.36017682

I want Miko to shoot me with a tazer so bad bros..

>> No.36017684

It's a payback for haachama not showing up on her stream.

>> No.36017685

We beating the criminal to death.

>> No.36017686

You get drugs planted

>> No.36017687


>> No.36017688

diamond already this is gonna be a good run

>> No.36017690

Diamond きtら

>> No.36017691

She would do well in the US police force.

>> No.36017692

Why does nobody care about the opening to Anohana? It's just as good as secret base.

>> No.36017693

God, I want to mating press her so much.

>> No.36017694

That would be just like that scene in The Hangover

>> No.36017695

>> No.36017697

>black hand
>holds taser sideways

>> No.36017698

yes, it indeed is.

>> No.36017699


>> No.36017701

shallap laydee

>> No.36017702

>> No.36017703

Why are all the suspicious person in this game black?

>> No.36017704

I think Botan is somewhat prudish as she goes awfully quiet whenever other holos act somewhat sexually around her

>> No.36017705

400 viewers chuuba...

>> No.36017706

You know tasers can still kill right?

>> No.36017708

Just like real life...

>> No.36017709

It's a simulator.

>> No.36017710

Only if you're weak.

>> No.36017711

>> No.36017712

>> No.36017713

So are there actual criminals in this game or is Miko going to spend the entire session arresting jawalker and litterbugs?

>> No.36017714

the devs applied IRL crime statistics to the rng chance someone is a criminal in game

>> No.36017715


>> No.36017716

are you implying those people arent actual criminals?

>> No.36017719


>> No.36017720

There sure are a lot of people that look like Flare in this game

>> No.36017721

>> No.36017722

All the whites are polite, what the fuck.

>> No.36017723

horny lion

>> No.36017724

It's an early access game

>> No.36017725

Absolutely filthy fetish jesas

>> No.36017727

Do you know what "simulator" means?

>> No.36017728

What a lucky girl..

>> No.36017729


>> No.36017732


>> No.36017733

>> No.36017734

>Black Woman litters
>Issues a ticket
>White Woman litters
>Issues a verbal warning
What did Miko mean by this?

>> No.36017735

>Ramírez, who I don't know ...
What did she mean?

>> No.36017736

Those are also crimes.

>> No.36017737

Neba neba neba!

>> No.36017738

Am I the only one who wants to defile Sora so badly?

>> No.36017739


>> No.36017740

What's up with that crispy shading? Did Lamy buy out Cygames?

>> No.36017741

at least it looks like a proper tattoo unlike the stickers in her original outfit

>> No.36017742

wait sodachi doesnt have these large melons

>> No.36017744

the white woman is polite

>> No.36017745

I sent the matsuri boyfriend clip to Lyger

>> No.36017746

Miko creeping on that big boobed lady

>> No.36017751

Lamy said you will be able to see "a Lamy you don't know" in the video
to which she replied
>A Lamy I don't know... haa haa (jp horny breathing)

>> No.36017752

t-that can't be, right?

>> No.36017753

you think he wasn't in the chat? lmao

>> No.36017754

hey stop that!

>> No.36017755

Who is the cutest vtuber in the world?

>> No.36017756


>> No.36017758

I think she just has a "I''m too old for this shit" kind of stance on it. Hag love.

>> No.36017759

it was lyger himself

>> No.36017760

You implying he hasn't already seen it?

>> No.36017761

nenechi will be learning indog...

>> No.36017763

>stopping anyone who bumped her even slightly
miko shouldn't have any power

>> No.36017764

Why does festival lie about her boyfriend? Cucks wilk still send her money

>> No.36017766

Miko copying Subaru?

>> No.36017768

>literally pulls out a taser for jaywalking

>> No.36017769


>> No.36017770

Holy fuck Miko lmao

>> No.36017771


>> No.36017772


>> No.36017773

Nene trash

>> No.36017775

miko's laugh as she headshot the jaywalker...

>> No.36017776

Maybe it was l*ger

>> No.36017777

Miko should not be allowed to have authority

>> No.36017778

I just did one for mio but my dick tells me to do one for friend

>> No.36017779

at this point shes literally plastering everywhere she has a boyfriend

>> No.36017780


>> No.36017781

Where is this that weed is still illegal?

>> No.36017782

If Towa has 1 million fans then I am one of them. If Towa has 100 fans then I am one of towas. If Towa has 1 towa than that is towa. If Towa towa 0 towas then I am towa.
If the towa toworld is towa Towa then I am towa the towa toworld.

>> No.36017783

>Fired from the job on the first day

>> No.36017784

She hides them so that the soratomos can concentrate watching her streams and don't have lewd thoughts.

>> No.36017787


>> No.36017789

Migo will spend 25 years in prison with the people she arrested...

>> No.36017791

>soratomos can concentrate watching her streams and don't have lewd thoughts.
its not working

>> No.36017792

Loafy is going to stream over Aqua's anniversary. I don't blame her for being mad at chinks

>> No.36017794

Matsuri is a virgin, stop spreading these disgusting rrats

>> No.36017795

Weeds should be illegal everywhere, it corrupting people's mind

>> No.36017796


>> No.36017802

>police simulator
more like Arresting Flare Simulator
please watch flare.....

>> No.36017803

Elite Miko

>> No.36017807

she's just humoring her now that it is their anniversary

>> No.36017808

but cats are allowed catnip?

>> No.36017810

>corrupting people's mind

>> No.36017811


>> No.36017812

>No real gun

>> No.36017814

I feel like its getting to the point where she wants them to run...

>> No.36017815

He's resisting arrest, just kill him Miko!

>> No.36017817

Damn, she really tweeted saying she changed keys and everything.
In the case that it really was a stalker or whatever that got all the way to inside the room where her PC is without she realizing, then she really is fucked. Would have to move to another house and everything.
And streaming at that exact time might have saved her life.
But yeah nah, it was definitely a dude fucking her. She wouldnt have been so calm during the stream otherwise.

>> No.36017818

I'm actually quite surprised at that, Iofi has shown several times how much of an aquafag she is.

>> No.36017820


>> No.36017821

He doesn't comply. Shoot him in the head.

>> No.36017823

It's not a stalker. It was either her fucker or brother.

>> No.36017824

Maybe she wanted to get raped during her stream.

>> No.36017825

rabbit luck

>> No.36017826

>arresting for a switchblade

>> No.36017828

lmao she should have just said it was her brother the stupid girl ia digging her own grave with these dumb lies

>> No.36017830

*it's, there I fixed it...

>> No.36017831

holy shit this is so jarring

>> No.36017832


>> No.36017834

>greenscreened the cosplayer
It works but looks uncanny as fuck

>> No.36017836

Damn that's some lucky find

>> No.36017837

There is no way to get locks changed that fast.

>> No.36017838

Noel new Live2d on stream

>> No.36017839


>> No.36017840


>> No.36017841


>> No.36017842

I would watch that

>> No.36017843


>> No.36017844

Switchblades are illegal in the US

>> No.36017846


>> No.36017847

2 noel?!?!?!

>> No.36017848


>> No.36017849

Miko this is not GTA...

>> No.36017852

Why switchblades in particular?

>> No.36017853

>3DPD tech

>> No.36017854

Who the fuck is that

>> No.36017855

bullshit prove it

>> No.36017856

Are they in the same room?

>> No.36017857

The most likely scenario is that it's her boyfriend and he thought she was streaming as Matsuri so he thought there was no need to worry about being seen on camera
People like Lyger will believe the stalker lies though

>> No.36017858

What if halfway through the stream Noel turned on her webcam to reveal she herself is wearing the cosplay too and completely flex on this cosplayer with her superior booba

>> No.36017860

Noel is an Asian??

>> No.36017861

Are you retarded? It's Noel

>> No.36017862

Literally google it you fucking mongoloid

>> No.36017863

She actually looks okay after a while. Cosplays always look weird for me though, maybe the unnatural hair color.

>> No.36017864

Sorry Danchou, this is making me uncomfortable and you aren't interesting enough to listen to in the background.

>> No.36017865

it takes like 10 minutes to change one lock.

>> No.36017866

Marine what the fuck is this shit

>> No.36017868

maybe it's the uncanny valley factor?

>> No.36017870

Miko is above the law

>> No.36017871

Noel and noel roomates.

>> No.36017872


>> No.36017873

I wish my oshi wouldn't lie

>> No.36017875


>> No.36017877


>> No.36017879


>> No.36017880

I still think Lamy is the creepy one in this situation

>> No.36017881

the good shit

>> No.36017882

You can hide them pretty well and draw them really fast, they're designed to basically surprise stab people

>> No.36017883

Towa is getting cat ears!

>> No.36017885

I wonder if he fucks her during matuli streams.

>> No.36017886

Only in certain states. Just like how marijuana is legal in some states.

>> No.36017887

>double peace
Noel is a slut!

>> No.36017888


>> No.36017889

My Noel is cuter.

>> No.36017890


>> No.36017891



>> No.36017892

Police Simulator is not a good game.

>> No.36017893

is it me or does Lamy have a bulge?

>> No.36017894

FBK's TRPG session just started.


>> No.36017895

fuck you nigger its not

>> No.36017897

Hey boy, it's me Miko!

>> No.36017899