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Fucking shitty garbage offmodel art.

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I love Towa!

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I love Aqua!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Watching Sharknado with Watame

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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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love shion

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today was a good day

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Minecraft Hardcore Day 6 at 12JST https://youtu.be/vUPF6qzDTi8

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Marine can't jump very high.

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If you actually loved her you would prostitute images like this around the thread.

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I promised two cool Twaps

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I love my schizo!

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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just kidding they were two DORK Twaps, I can't believe you fell for it...

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Oh nice, didn't know the foot was fixed.

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How do I get a Shion wife?

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You guys really like Towa, huh.

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You devious bastard you got me

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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Marry Shion

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Why did Minato Aqua play Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 on the Casual difficulty setting???

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Miko Love!

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bakatare band!

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>prostitute images

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everyone likes towa!

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REMINDER that Towa streamed at the same time as Haachama's meme review. The nerve of that girl.

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Why do people watch Rushia?

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I'm lonely and she is my girlfriend

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Post something that will make me fall in love with hololive again.

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be an autistic and socially awkward nerd maid

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Yep the indog's mad

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Marine is the least athletic Holo, even Mio is more athletic than her.

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There he goes again...

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HE is malding!!

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Would you drink this?

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Towa made me proud to be a kenzhoucao for the first time today, her 3d live is better than all the other 3d lives put together!

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I didn't even notice the foot until you pointed it out..

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He's mald! He's fumming!

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Who and doing what?!

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i'll raise you one


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Don't need to exercise when you have God tier genetics like Marine

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Wtf does malding even mean? Did someone misspell balding or something?

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not big enough

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oh you can't
because towasama doesn't actually smoke.
you losers.

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Look at this cute goblin
I must breed her

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I've been a nousagi for a half. I'm officially dropping Pekora today.

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Veiny tits are disgusting and only niggers like ass

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Everyone likes ass

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I did the same for Gura after I learned she had a boyfriend named Jay (he's black)

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Athleticism is genetic. You can't train your vertical jump. So Marine has shit genetics.
True actually, Marine is the 2nd least athletic Holo, but Luna doesn't do a ton of 3D streams so it doesn't really matter.

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anon NO dont cut yourself in half

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My school bullies...

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I'd even drink it from the source

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Everything is genetic. Anytihng you cant do perfectly on your first try you'll never be able to.

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*Every nigger likes ass.

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Imagine waking up to this

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Stop projecting your c*ck fantasies

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Indog leeches disgusts me

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True but some things can be improved, you can improve your deadlift you can't improve yoyr vertucal jump.

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guess i'm welsh now

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Terrible post

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fat fuck

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You can improve your leg muscles, giving you a stronger jump, leading to higher vertical

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It took me one whole day but I'm finally digging it, guys https://youtu.be/ZRCzLtCsIQs

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If Polka played WoW, what class would she play?
P.S. I love my wife!

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This post reeks of female jealousy. Post your hand.

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Spamming ID.

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What's the loudest and worst performing class?

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Fuck off chocoball. We love tits here, ass lovers are on basketball, rap and frued chicken discussion forums.

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Kuro-sama please fuck with me!

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haha i stole noel's desk now

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We hate noubrownies here

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Watame has such an imposing presence in that webm

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Garbage art

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Why does she only do these gimmick utawakus these days? She has a half decent voice, she could just sing normally

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Sora Love!

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Your vertical jump has nothing to do with your strength. It has to do with how quickly you can fully contract all your muscles. Which is 100% genetic. It cannot be trained.

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lets see you do better

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Speed can be trained too, not just strength

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Druid, Shaman, Paladin, and Priest are the worst performing classes, if we're talking about Vanilla. When it comes to "loudest", I don't even know...

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>People don't post in your thread
>Spam the other thread with ID images
Every time. How is it possible to be this upset over something that has happened over a hundred times by now?

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The Risu one is still the best.

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No one cares, jump yourself off a bridge

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Do you even look things up or read before you post? You're either willfully ignorant or acting retarded for the sake of trolling. Either way you need to stop being a dumbass and fix yourself.

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cowe is going to be so fucking HAPPY

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She likes to RP as herself so probably a fat fucking orc.

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He's is angry! Haha so angry!

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Thats through improvements in technique.

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damn it... Okayu's high notes are really something.

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It's gotta suck when the self proclaimed artist holo isn't even a top 5 artist in the company.

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This is a Kurokami thread now

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So you have no basis saying Marines genetics are to blame for her low athleticism, she could just have shit technique

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Listen to the pink man retard.

>> No.36010466

All of Okayus notes are really something. Love her voice

>> No.36010468

Which holo has the coolest name?

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Kultirans were basically made for Polka.

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Everyone else has the same shitty jumping technique as Marine.

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Cmere you faggot

>> No.36010486

A Very Long Period Of Time Without Light Tower...

>> No.36010487

Forgot to mention that they're the worst performing classes DPS wise.
Polka is not a healslut.

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Why does Fubuki have a tsundere tulpa?

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Wow friend is so supportive of her sister.

>> No.36010495

Everlasting Darkness Tower

>> No.36010496

Vertical jumping is not that important if you can double jump

>> No.36010498

kids brain please understand

>> No.36010500

I doubt Polka supports rape

>> No.36010501

Why does Noel put seeds on popchan's head?

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>ID spammer starts
>fatass /fit/ tourists show up
>only saving grace is Fubuki
Truly this thread is the best on 4chan

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>> No.36010510

polka plays moonkin?(it's been like 15 years) the beam spamming one

>> No.36010517

She likes playing on Vanilla private servers!

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>> No.36010520

What if Kurokami and Fubuki are actualy same person?

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>> No.36010524

Everyone plays FF these days, in which case she's a culinarian

>> No.36010527

>4 am in indonesia

>> No.36010530

The Emperor of Heavenly Hell Overlord Toawostranoo-o

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>> No.36010537

Brace yourself, brownsagis are waking up

>> No.36010538

Time to bring the wheelbarrows!

>> No.36010539

wen u maek meme revierr for new fans but it doesn't have the funee bitch

>> No.36010540

grow up

>> No.36010543

There's no friends only enemies

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>> No.36010551

I was like you once, full of insight and ears until I noticed something...

>> No.36010553

>*casts a spell to make Ayame shit herself*

>> No.36010554

>noutoddler telling someone to grow up

>> No.36010557

/fit/fags are the worst on this site. they're a lot stupider than they think they are but you can say that about everyone

>> No.36010558

*nothing changes*

>> No.36010562

So thats what happened.

>> No.36010566

Sheep is still awake.

>> No.36010567

i started the ayame shit rrat

>> No.36010568

Oga is one lucky man...

>> No.36010571

She looks like a boy.

>> No.36010572

*casts a spell to make you subscribe to her other channel*

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>> No.36010575

Yagoo, kurokami L2D onegai...

>> No.36010578

Licking the sweat off Botan's tummy...

>> No.36010580

I already did before she joined hololive

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I don't remember making this post. Also

>> No.36010587

You're a big guy

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>> No.36010593

>no more indog spam when brownsagis got called out

>> No.36010599

Post Coco's naked body and maybe I will.

>> No.36010600

I feel bad for Fubuki. Watson is the only holo with a worse fanbase.

>> No.36010602

Ayame started it by shitting herself, though

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>> No.36010611

What do you think Shishiron saw...

>> No.36010613

Flare loves Marine

>> No.36010615

i want some Kurokami ass please

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>> No.36010620

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.36010627

Your lord and savior Miko danye

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>> No.36010631

That's a sheep that NEEDS to drum.

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>> No.36010635

Why are nousagis like this?

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>> No.36010639

Flare loves Patra.

>> No.36010640

i hate bakatare!

>> No.36010643

This is my favorite Hololive streamer.

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>> No.36010646

Pekora carrot...

>> No.36010648

Can I be Kurokami's slave bros?

>> No.36010650

>The procedure is known in Indonesia as “the two-finger test”, because during the examination the doctors would insert two fingers inside the woman’s vagina to check whether the hymen is still intact or not. Those declared not to be a virgin would be rejected for recruitment
The auditions for HoloID were pretty hardcore.

>> No.36010651

I want to be hubuki's girlfriend...

>> No.36010656

>> No.36010658

nobody cares about ID, not even the lore writers

>> No.36010660

say happy anniversary to these two!

>> No.36010663

item touched by Mikoti-dono ..

>> No.36010667

Risu doesn't have much of an imagination...

>> No.36010668

Sure, but Friend(Wife soon) is mine.

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>> No.36010672

Imagine being powerful enough to perform a soul transfer and lose to some bitch ass humans.

>> No.36010675

I fucking love my friend

>> No.36010677

Minato Aqua is the most marketable asset Hololive owns.

>> No.36010678

Who is that?

>> No.36010680

I'm not gay but I'd take Pekora's bunny batter.

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>> No.36010683

FBK is so erotic...

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>> No.36010692

Ushida Bekora's Fat Pecock...

>> No.36010693

I've been moving for the past 3 days and haven't had a chance to watch hololive, can someone post all the covers and/or 3D streams I missed?
onegai ;_;

>> No.36010694

Listening to Botan's cute giggles while you lick her tummy!

>> No.36010696

YABE, you can get miko's dactilar prints from this photo

>> No.36010698

>> No.36010699

Happy anniversary cow and monkey.

>> No.36010700

Happy anniversary Noel & Aqua!

>> No.36010701

aren't you subbed to their channels?

>> No.36010702

i liked the songs in towa's live. thanks dork

>> No.36010705

Miko has shot her cum all over this...

>> No.36010706


>> No.36010707

He had to reply to my post first before spamming again

>> No.36010709

How many strap-ons does FBK own?

>> No.36010710

>> No.36010714

just a handful of the regulars I consistently watch, if I really have to I can sort through every channel in a day or 2 when I'm done moving.

>> No.36010715

is blue crapper the best song to ever come out of hololive?

>> No.36010717

About 8. One of them snapped off in Oga's ass though.

>> No.36010718

Is that the Shien fujo?

>> No.36010719

>> No.36010723

who triggered the schizo

>> No.36010726

she's the best and she knows it.

>> No.36010736


>> No.36010740

I don't have a very strong memory so i'll give you the flare one and towa one
Aqua did a totsu

>> No.36010741

calm down

>> No.36010748

aqua's totsu was fun since bakatare stepped in, and there's also a plan for an aqua gartic phone, alongside aqwashio teetee

>> No.36010751

Homoshits are getting uppity.

>> No.36010752

you quoted the wrong person retard

>> No.36010754


>> No.36010756


I thought it was just okay yesterday but it's actually really adicting.

>> No.36010757

Don’t forget Choco calling Aqua family.

>> No.36010758

are kanata's wings removable? whats the lore

>> No.36010760

we are we going?

>> No.36010765

Why would FBK be interested in pegging some chubby manlet?

>> No.36010774

Oga is a faggot though
HE loves getting pegged

>> No.36010776

Oga pays well. He has boatloads of OJ money to dump.

>> No.36010777

it's also plugged in her ass

>> No.36010778


>> No.36010780

do the holo girls not know how sexy they really are or how attractive we find their voices?

>> No.36010781

leeches actually have wings when they are younger so they can fly to an area better suited for leeching, I think her wings are based off that.

>> No.36010784

To spam Garlic phone for Aqushio drawings anon

>> No.36010786

what's the latest rrat?

>> No.36010792


>> No.36010793

Wow anon you're so amazingly funny!!! Are you a professional comedian? Wow! Amazing! Funny!

>> No.36010794


>> No.36010796

Damn Friend!

>> No.36010797

jesas, rap god FBK

>> No.36010804




>> No.36010807

I hate all you shitty bandwagoning faggots who pretend you care about Fubuki now, fucking poser cunts.

>> No.36010810

man i really want to hear fbk do play by play commentary for a horse race or esports or something

>> No.36010815

>> No.36010817

there's no need to be upset. friend is for everyone, be they new or old.

>> No.36010819

no one hates Fubuki though? Everyone should know that she is redpilled and just does whatever the fuck she wants. unless you are new, you can't hate fbk

>> No.36010821

lmao what a nerd

>> No.36010823

It's dead hours what the hell you want me to do? She's not shilling, that's good enough reason for me to watch her.

>> No.36010824



>> No.36010827

how do you feel about this?

>> No.36010831

What is wrong with her?

>> No.36010834

I want to breed her pits

>> No.36010835

>fuck everyone who is talking about and enjoying streams!

>> No.36010837

>just does whatever the fuck she wants
>When she's the biggest shill in the entire company

>> No.36010839

I swear this BGM is fucking everywhere.

>> No.36010840


>> No.36010843


>> No.36010848


>> No.36010851

Kill yourself memespouting faggot.

>> No.36010853



>> No.36010855

Dumb schizo.

>> No.36010857

Why is she trying to be so alluring?

>> No.36010860

Top 3 together with redheart and aquairo palette.

>> No.36010863

Only newfags that fall for schizoposting hate Friend.

>> No.36010866

Fuck I need to jerk off again

>> No.36010867

her what?

>> No.36010868

i only like friend when shes with flare and watame

>> No.36010875

Ahhh bring back the swimsuits..

>> No.36010879

Nobody is talking about Fubuki. Anons are talking about their friends or something for some reason, I guess dead hours are that brutal these days.

>> No.36010882

the best bloom song. the dance choreography should be better though.

>> No.36010883

Miko in the TV

>> No.36010888

Shirakami and kurokami are the same fubuki

>> No.36010889

Can't wait to watch Aqua do the thing

>> No.36010896

No, that's Ahoy by a fucking mile. Ahoy is the only Hololive song that will outlive the brand and stand up there with the vocaloid classics

>> No.36010898 [SPOILER] 

how do we make suisei fucking flatter?

>> No.36010900


>> No.36010902

>No boxes

>> No.36010904

Faggot, I'm talking about the fact that over a year ago whenever I tried to start a conversation about her, you fucks would just call her a corporate whore, or a shill, or holostar's cumpet.

>> No.36010906

Are you implying that she doesn’t want to do those shill streams (which helped both her and hololive)?

>> No.36010919

Got this from reddit

>> No.36010921

>> No.36010924

And now that you can do it you get mad instead of joining the friend talk...

>> No.36010927

Anyone got a webm of Towa's RÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄH!

>> No.36010933

Is Fubuki your oshi?

>> No.36010935

anyone got a clip of towa's unravel scream?

>> No.36010939


>> No.36010941

Well, she is all of those things.

>> No.36010945


>> No.36010949


>> No.36010952

kinda cringe tbqh

>> No.36010957

Does the fox like to drink cola that much?

>> No.36010961

Mel is so cheap...

>> No.36010962

Your oshi is worth at leat 5 digits, right?

>> No.36010972

She's not even on there...

>> No.36010977

Post googlechama translations

>> No.36010979

Well, she's used goods.

>> No.36010981

Friend ;_;

>> No.36010984


>> No.36010986


>> No.36010987

>> No.36010988

You got ¥20000, make your own harem:

>> No.36010992

Oh shit, where did this FBK stream come from, I could have sworn it was dead hours for a while.

>> No.36010993


>> No.36010994

>> No.36010997

then why is Ayame so expensive when she is so loose and worn out?

>> No.36010999

>> No.36011001


>> No.36011006


>> No.36011007

this will always be the worst one

>> No.36011008

Someone paypig and post full NOW

>> No.36011010

Four Kanatas.

>> No.36011014


>> No.36011017


>> No.36011020


>> No.36011033

I want fubuki to rape me!

>> No.36011035

That one ID/Homos among us collab tweet from Anya that said it'll have POVs of everyone's dickings.

>> No.36011037

haachama noel korone is optimal

>> No.36011038

Miko is the greatest vtuber to ever exist. She puts FBK to shame in every measurable metric. FBK has fallen so far....

>> No.36011043

>> No.36011050

>> No.36011053

finally a good cover of goodbye sengen

>> No.36011054


>> No.36011058


>> No.36011059

Lamy's leg amputation...

>> No.36011060


>> No.36011062

>> No.36011072


>> No.36011073


>> No.36011080


>> No.36011089

>> No.36011090

we hate the covid alien here

>> No.36011093

Friend, its dangerous to dance on roads.

>> No.36011094


>> No.36011096

why is she like this?

>> No.36011098


>> No.36011102

>> No.36011106

Why are you like this

>> No.36011107

My nigga

>> No.36011108


>> No.36011113

Expensive sheep

>> No.36011114

This plus Rushia

>> No.36011115

the average 35p

>> No.36011116

>> No.36011117

Even though i hate them, sometimes i’m jealous of cocosharts, i wish i didn’t have to use this thread to discuss my oshi anymore, i hate everyone who posts here

>> No.36011120

Wait, will Fubuki delete the archive of this beautiful Utawaku?

>> No.36011125

>> No.36011133

ban evading.

>> No.36011136

Mayo song!

>> No.36011138

>> No.36011139

>id spammer is back

>> No.36011143

Can't do much, she's not popular enough...

>> No.36011145


>> No.36011148

What happened?

>> No.36011152

>> No.36011156

Cute hip.

>> No.36011157

Why is she like this?

>> No.36011162

>haachama overlapping her meme review over towa's concert just cause matsuri was one of the guests
man she's even more petty than matsuri, at least matsuri waited after rushia's concert was done before stirring shit.

>> No.36011163

too slow

>> No.36011165

Sora isn't sexual in any way, shape or form. She's family to me.

>> No.36011167

Those retards still use this thread, what the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.36011169

I recorded it and will upload later in case anyone needs it

>> No.36011172

>> No.36011173

I missed half of it...

>> No.36011177

That burger looks like trash

>> No.36011180


>> No.36011182

Post Chinks

>> No.36011187

Does 4channel have shadowbans?
Every time i post bait people don't reply to me. Even my posts that are serious and ontopic are getting ignored

>> No.36011191

Cute tsun Aqua calling you baka

>> No.36011192

Blessings to you friend

>> No.36011193

>> No.36011194

Of course it is, it's Japanese

>> No.36011195

Sora five times

>> No.36011197

>> No.36011198

Wait, this was from shortly after her 3D debut right? Lamy really is quite frail...

>> No.36011199


>> No.36011200

Will shion start streaming regularly again ?

>> No.36011202

Good job, Friend!

>> No.36011203

There is no worse smell in this world than that of Pekora's feet after dance practice.

>> No.36011204

this is the kind of made up bullshit I come to this thread for

>> No.36011206


>> No.36011209

It looks good

>> No.36011210

Spade is a whore, that makes her more hololive than most holos

>> No.36011216


>> No.36011221

>> No.36011222

fuck matsuri

>> No.36011227

would you go if you had the chance?

>> No.36011230

cute moment!

>> No.36011232

Better than watadonalds but needs to be bigger

>> No.36011237

aqua beby

>> No.36011238

The rapist of hololive

>> No.36011240

Imagine getting to know what each holo smells like after a long sweaty dance practice.

>> No.36011243

>not sexual
>not popular
Is there anything she excels at?

>> No.36011246

I would do anything to meet Miko...

>> No.36011248

I'd go in and do this

>> No.36011257

Conceptualize the scent

>> No.36011258

Something I'm still not sure about, was Polka at the studio with everyone else during the New Year's Eve stream or was she streaming from home? I think I recall Pekora mentioning talking to her there but I can't remember if I imagined that.

>> No.36011259

Yes, watching Migo with my fellow Migobis.

>> No.36011264


>> No.36011265


>> No.36011267

that art style is so cute

>> No.36011272

Only those that took part in the 3D stream were at the studio, the rest was done over the internet due to Corona. Unlike last year there was no big christmas party

>> No.36011276


>> No.36011278

show bob and virginia bitch.

>> No.36011280

You guys said Pekora hates yuribaiting, then why is she pushing the PekoMoon pairing right now?

>> No.36011282

>> No.36011286

>> No.36011289

>> No.36011291

I'm looking forward to her cover song this coming week!

>> No.36011294

>> No.36011295

Yes she was. I remember Miko mentioned something about Polka eating bento. Or was it at bloom, actually I'm not sure.

>> No.36011296

they're not allowed to go off script

>> No.36011297

>> No.36011298

the average 35p

>> No.36011300

It's been 14 days since Ayame last played "LoL"
I'm glad that she's alive but she's definitely not doing ok. I hope she streams soon.

>> No.36011301

What happened? Or was it always just an unarchived stream at the start?

>> No.36011302

That's a boy

>> No.36011304


>> No.36011308


>> No.36011317

>> No.36011320


>> No.36011323

Shion yo

>> No.36011325

Nothing happened, it was a great stream, actually. It's just the way FBK is sometimes. Whenever she does an Utawaku or anything Guerilla or unexpected in general and I'm around I record it just in case.

Yeah I love that guy's stuff.

>> No.36011331

what is the best?

>> No.36011332

>> No.36011333

Are OkaKoro, AkuShio and ChocoMel the only surviving ships right now? Feels like all the others have sunk or taking damage.

>> No.36011336

Would this thread like a player in the /jp/ football team? There's The Narrative(Pekora) and about 5 others, but you can only claim one or suggest somebody new but either way it's a guaranteed spot. The rest will go into the roster poll

>> No.36011337

>> No.36011340

Me groping fubuki's leg.

>> No.36011341

PekoMoon is forever.

>> No.36011342

sack the 2hu's just make it a hololive team.

>> No.36011346

>Aqua Shion

>> No.36011348

MariFlare is thriving

>> No.36011350

Put in Marineschizo

>> No.36011353

Is unknown already a player or what?

>> No.36011355

can we just name the player schizo?

>> No.36011356


>> No.36011357

I want either Lamy, or Subaru.

>> No.36011358

KanaCoco is forever.

>> No.36011359

He obviously meant the default pairing. Like Hoshi no Kanata/PekoMiko/Marine Rushia

>> No.36011362


>> No.36011364

Cardboard Nenechi....

>> No.36011370

>caught up to miko's utawaku
so good. im sad i tried to sleep early and missed it live, never again

>> No.36011372

She's the only friend she has left after all the others backstabbed her

>> No.36011377



>> No.36011378

Where are all the cute girls coming to watch Miko?

>> No.36011384

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.36011386


>> No.36011387

NoeFlare is fine. Only the MariFlare/Noel schizo thinks otherwise.

>> No.36011390

Luna's feet are like half the size of Kanata's.

And you know what they say about foot size.

>> No.36011391

You can name the player whatever you want if enough people like it

>> No.36011393

bring back Aqua the Nijikiller

>> No.36011394

>here's The Narrative(Pekora) and about 5 others
Sounds like there's a lot of representation already, but I don't really know how much is too much.

>> No.36011396

Kana who? You're in the wrong thread newfag

>> No.36011397


>> No.36011398

>Don't call me husband
>We're not a couple
Literally dead

>> No.36011402

I'm not a schizo, but even I think their pairing is too forced, and should be stopped.

>> No.36011404

kanatas pretty penis...

>> No.36011405

Add a Niji instead.

>> No.36011408

super nenechi
tree rat

>> No.36011411


>> No.36011412

do vaginas actually leak like that?

>> No.36011417

what would pekora fans look like?

>> No.36011418

most of those were stolen by /vt/

>> No.36011424


>> No.36011425


>> No.36011426

meltykiss is forever

>> No.36011427


>> No.36011428

>>Don't call me husband
>>We're not a couple
Flare doesn't want to be called a man and they literally said they are more than a couple.

>> No.36011432

Put in that sheep girl, she's quite cute.

>> No.36011435

Bloody hell.

>> No.36011436

>> No.36011438

I wonder when will Kanata upload Recorded before graduation NO2

>> No.36011441

>> No.36011444


>> No.36011446

is she never gonna use the miiiiiii intro ever again?

>> No.36011447

>Haven't collabed since June.

>> No.36011449

sack all the 2hus

>> No.36011451

>> No.36011452

Yes, but I'm changing how the roster is done and unless this thread picks one to be their official representative, they will all go into the roster poll for all the spots left after the other generals have claimed their representative
I will ask niji thread separately

>> No.36011453

Miko talked about it today, most of the girls are scheduled to visit at the same time because the staff organized it that way

>> No.36011458

beg your pardon?

>> No.36011461

Mio's morning sex voice...

>> No.36011463

She's talking to one in this https://twitter.com/nekotail843/status/1424354419898863624

>> No.36011464 [SPOILER] 


>> No.36011466

hamster brain is overloaded and forgot about it already

>> No.36011469

do not watch mio

>> No.36011471

we want to hit image limit so we can be comfy, join us

>> No.36011481

Pomu looking cute

>> No.36011482

>> No.36011483

She has like 500 years to do that, she'll do it eventually.

>> No.36011486

me on the shoulder

>> No.36011488

Hags need more sleep...

>> No.36011489

Holy based

>> No.36011490

Miosha rolling down the hills.

>> No.36011491


>> No.36011494

>> No.36011495

Why is she copying rushia?

>> No.36011496

based sheep poster

>> No.36011497

wtf I love pomu now

>> No.36011498

Coco's 3D is kinda shitty

>> No.36011500

>fucked up the image cropping

>> No.36011501

Look at those disgusting filters, this chink whore has no shame

>> No.36011507

>clutter on desktop
would not support

>> No.36011510

>> No.36011511

where is she going

>> No.36011512

you can clearly see the lack of filters by the pores being visible, zhang

>> No.36011514


>> No.36011521


>> No.36011522

god i wish that were me

>> No.36011525

why is she salivating so much? does she have hydrophobia

>> No.36011526


>> No.36011527

>> No.36011528

Here you go Friends, enjoy.

>> No.36011530


>> No.36011534

What does salivating have to do with hydrophobia

>> No.36011541

Hydrophobia: 1. Literally, an irrational fear of water, to drink or to swim in. Someone who is scared of the water is hydrophobic. 2. A term once commonly used for rabies because in the later stages of that disease, the animal (or person) has difficulty swallowing and so fears a drink of water.

>> No.36011542

That's filters you idiot

>> No.36011547


>> No.36011554

>I'm gonna use a filter to add visible pores on my skin!
this is how smart you sound

>> No.36011555

SEAmonkeys woke up early today

>> No.36011558

>> No.36011559

Are Cocosimps really this selusional?

>> No.36011563

I love her

>> No.36011565


>> No.36011566

what about when she's rolling up the hills

>> No.36011567


>> No.36011568

She will never sit on your face, brother Long.

>> No.36011569

That's because the quality of the pic, just look at her neck you idiot

>> No.36011570

Any Minecraft autist here help update this?

>> No.36011573


>> No.36011575

>> No.36011576

>> No.36011581

very nice

>> No.36011583

>> No.36011584

>> No.36011586

Small Towa...

>> No.36011587

Oh look, more ID spam

>> No.36011588


>> No.36011590

>> No.36011591


>> No.36011592

Wherever she needs to go! Could be the office, the supermarket, who knows.

>> No.36011595

>look at her neck
look at what? I'm only seeing skin rolls wich are expected on the neck. did she use a filter to add skin rolls?

>> No.36011598

Miko's boobs aren't that big...

>> No.36011600

Stare long enough into the abyss, and the abyss will stare back.

>> No.36011604


>> No.36011608

>> No.36011610

>> No.36011615

Why yes im Chinese, how could you tell?

>> No.36011616


>> No.36011617

You're right, they're BIGGER

>> No.36011618

They will be after Miko gives birth to her 3rd baby

>> No.36011622

35browns are shitting up the thread again

>> No.36011626

You ate my dog...

>> No.36011627

fuck off.

>> No.36011631

the lack of an apostrophe

>> No.36011633

Brownsagis already woke up, time to abandon thread

>> No.36011634

more treats for the cats I bet

>> No.36011635

You post about how you miss Civia and then reply to yourself 2 or 3 times

>> No.36011637

Cute ojou

>> No.36011641

i want to rape matsuri

>> No.36011646

Garbage off-model art

>> No.36011648

They were just teasing right? They haven't ACTUALLY gone further than kissing

>> No.36011650

smol ojou

>> No.36011651

risu is so pretty here I'm going to save this image

>> No.36011653

>> No.36011657

I want to fuck the dog

>> No.36011659

Mio and FBK are both streaming and you're sitting in here talking about failures like ID. If you're not going to watch streams, at least talk about the best vtuber Miko.

>> No.36011662

>> No.36011664

Taiga needs his daily supply of ちゅーる

>> No.36011665

Hikakin is the best Vtuber.

>> No.36011666

b-become danchou!?

>> No.36011668

Pls tell me that Mio does ASMR in her mermbership, I will join

>> No.36011669

She used it to reduce her skin rolls and wrinkles. All women use filters anon

>> No.36011670

Why yes I'm an aquakin, how could Xi tell

>> No.36011672

>> No.36011674

patiently waiting for the official yukihana lamy delivery!

>> No.36011675

she did one recently, it was good, but her mic check was the lewdest thing out of it

>> No.36011681

>> No.36011683


>> No.36011684

She's still too embarrassed to do more than one hour but she's done a few. Ear-cleaning and the like with bonus cat noises.

>> No.36011685

>> No.36011688

oh jesas

>> No.36011690

Seethe coconigger

>> No.36011694


>> No.36011695

Korone ran into that sign her last minecraft stream iirc

>> No.36011697

We hate 35browns here

>> No.36011698

>[EN] Mio: Oh, I can use the phone while charging it with a wire?
>[EN] Mio: I guess wires really are the best! I'm joining the wired gang!

>> No.36011699


>> No.36011700

Tell me why
You want to pee into suisei's butt

>> No.36011702

There's also a few public ones but I don't remember if they're up. The famous Korone waterboarding and somen/udon ASMR.

>> No.36011704

>> No.36011705

I hope she reveals her anniversary plans today

>> No.36011707

Stop ban evading schizo, all your posts got nuked last thread

>> No.36011709


>> No.36011712

Didn’t ask 35brown

>> No.36011714

Moonabrowns unite

>> No.36011715

gg ez for fbk wasn't even close.

>> No.36011716

Aloe love anon...

>> No.36011718

which is a bigger celebration, an anniversary or a birthday?

>> No.36011719

Laughing at the filter detective spending hours scrutinizing an image because he hates the girl that much

>> No.36011725


>> No.36011727


>> No.36011729

Noutoddlers and 35browns really need to fuck off from this thread

>> No.36011732

cute brothers

>> No.36011735

why is aqua crew like this?

>> No.36011737


>> No.36011743

My oshi is Watame

>> No.36011744


>> No.36011745

Tawa grew fast

>> No.36011746


>> No.36011748

Nice thread like usual

>> No.36011750

When did this happen? super kusa

>> No.36011752


>> No.36011755

taiga is now FINISHED

>> No.36011758

>> No.36011760

>unironically watching Fubuki
She is a whore and part of the reason you get Homos spammed here all the time.

>> No.36011765

a birthday is just your personal anniversary

>> No.36011769

>[EN] Mio: But compared to Taiga, Tawa-chan's still very small

>> No.36011770

fbk feels like the type to call over a judge when playing against a 10 year old to explain all the fucking rules after watching this

>> No.36011774

Don't bring Iofi into this, thanks.

>> No.36011776

Someone seems to be having a bad day yet again
Poor dude

>> No.36011778

What the fuck, he's huge...

>> No.36011779

>> No.36011780

Let's just post Miko okay

>> No.36011781

Imagine a thread without 35piss
All the EOPs gone in a second

>> No.36011782

SorAzki overcucked stream later


>> No.36011783

what's lamy opinion on the new jojo's trailer?

>> No.36011785

cute but I'm not eating taco bell it gives me the runs

>> No.36011786

he's still smaller than taiga

>> No.36011789

>> No.36011796

>> No.36011799

Miko is a baby

>> No.36011801

Funny because Pomu is better than Watame.

>> No.36011804

More like a retard and a whore

>> No.36011807

Tawa will never beat Taiga. Taiga is 58.6 kg, after all.

>> No.36011809

He's mad! He's mad!!!

>> No.36011811

thanks anons

>> No.36011813

Miko is a genius and a saint

>> No.36011814

Flare's anniversary celebration.

>> No.36011815

Now say it without crying 35brown

>> No.36011816

this image is very cute, can I save it

>> No.36011817


>> No.36011818


>> No.36011819

what about the bird dragon girl?

>> No.36011820

>Miko is a genius
she may be a saint but let's not get ahead of ourselves now anon

>> No.36011821

>Aqua's anniv live is on a Monday
>I won't be able to watch it
This sucks so much. And I feel a bunch of others won't be able to watch it either. I'll be surprised if it even reaches 100k viewers.

>> No.36011823

>> No.36011825


>> No.36011830

>> No.36011831

Of course! Here's the source too https://twitter.com/twumi425/status/1407647883348774913

>> No.36011832

You don't need to announce your shit taste, anon.

>> No.36011833

use pounds, shitskin

>> No.36011834

I understand Japanese more than you ever will

>> No.36011835

Monday isn't anything too abnormal for Hololive. Usually they take a break on Tuesday. It's weird, but I've gotten used to it.

>> No.36011837

thanks anon thats very generous of you

>> No.36011838

Jav whores can’t be saints

>> No.36011841

Based last image

>> No.36011846

mio eating cake on her third anniversary!

>> No.36011847

Just reached the part where towa screamed unravel the world. why did she sound like those dying squeezing ducks?

>> No.36011848

I didnt, I said Watame is trash.

>> No.36011850

That one Robosa is shitting up the thread again, reminder that your oshi will always be a failure

>> No.36011852


>> No.36011853

I'm not going to participate in this thread anymore because of that last image

>> No.36011857

my point still stands

>> No.36011858

aqua...your mic peaking...

>> No.36011861

That's slander

>> No.36011865

Your pagpag is getting cold

>> No.36011867

Speed can beat strength

>> No.36011868

Is my wife!

>> No.36011874

This day in matsuri's twitter likes:
loli hags

>> No.36011875


>> No.36011883

Wrong thread shart

>> No.36011885

Are you eating that for your breakfast you monkey?

>> No.36011887

Place your bets now, will aqua have guests in our live?

>> No.36011888

mio is OLD

>> No.36011891


>> No.36011892


>> No.36011893

>35browns are hating themselves again

>> No.36011896

35P doxxed LMAO

>> No.36011899

The Mori of Nijisanji without the drive

>> No.36011900

I will drink it all

>> No.36011901

Literally me???

>> No.36011902

She won't

>> No.36011905

This would never happen but Towa's voice would be totally fitting for singing this

>> No.36011906

Why is anon being so mean today?

>> No.36011909

Keep projecting monkey

>> No.36011913

>still malding

>> No.36011915

Keep crying 35brown

>> No.36011917

Why is every fucking Holo having anniversary every week for the past 2 months?

>> No.36011920

because that's when they debuted dumb fuck

>> No.36011925


>> No.36011927

What now cucksagi?

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