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>The game assisting Shion
It's really her first time playing minecraft

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I love Aqua!

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Sora Love!

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why hasn't this brat's ice castle melted yet? being neglected for so long...

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I cried during Towa's Birthday LIVE, how was your day?

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I love Towa!

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Shion yo stream yo!

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>can't do the high voice
still cute

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Miko is the best holo by far

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I love Aqua.

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If your oshi got cat ears after her debut she's a slut

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Thank you Towa!

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>fans think of her as a generic fighter type
>friends think of her as a beastmaster
>does nothing but cast magic in FFVII
Is the duck the most misunderstood Holo?

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Shion micra... home...

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but okayu had them during her debut..

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miko should sing ARIA theme songs, they'd work with her voice

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko utawaku! https://youtu.be/r5GaMy1HSjk

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it's magic, you don't have to explain it

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you love Towa!

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive

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I want another RushiShion minecraft collab.

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what the fuck it's true!?

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Aqua call Towa

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Ayame's house...

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Shion moved out to get away from the crowded holocity center only to find it enroaching on her doorstep when she came back

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I HATE Towa!
yeah okay you got me...I LOVE Towa!

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the amount of shitposts per second is too high
absolutely abhorrent its like im in pre-/vt/ right now

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Why, friend?

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Melee sucks shit in the original until you get proper materia to boost it like 4xCut and whatnot.

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shut up you dumb baby and please take care of your throat...

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*dies again*

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"Just go innawoods" they said...

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Good thing Fubuki forgot that they were supposed to end 2 dungeons ago

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!

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Somehow the schizos were extra butthurt in the past 2 days. I wonder what's the trigger.

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Sheep's fault

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I sent my first ever supa to Shion today

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>Sits on swing
>Starts giggling

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This looks like those old scary images, wtf that smile

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Miko really loves singing

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I don't get why she always wants to end bakatare collabs early. Watame and Flare could go on for 8 hours easily.

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I love my cute little alien wife!

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This kid just fucks up random things around the town and keeps moving

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>Pekora beat the VIIR
I can't believe the madwoman actually bruteforced the entire fucking game. I'm impressed and disgusted at the same time.

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I wish my oshi would graduate so I could leave this shithole

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They're very cute together.

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Shion is a gay

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I will give you validation through my reply so you would most likely do it again

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Shion is being a brat again

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This stupid gaki should've played with Akwa yesterday

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Happy Miko makes me happy

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Sora tits wow using

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But she read the weakness of every enemy?

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cute bisexuals

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water wet

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hope you told her how cute she is!

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the game is painfully easy once you have the right elemental attack

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Zhangs are spamming Watame again.

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I think so too.

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Cow meat free to use

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oonga boonga peko
we don't need grinding here

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it's cute!

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So, how was Haachama's meme review?

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Miko cute!

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Big sheepy melons...

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Why Sora and Suisei are so sexual?

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>ええええ かわいい

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Is Shion the flattest holomem?

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don't know, I was watching Mel

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She's the best isn't she

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They only strengthen the flock against them.

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Good setlist today miko

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Sephiroth was beating the everliving shit out of her for a good while before she got 2 limits and took half his hp away.

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this is not a ballad...

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holo with the highest criminal coefficient???

>> No.36007258

this is not a ballad...

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Yeah, but she never understood the stagger system or how Tifa's special action and basic attacks work. And if chat didn't tell her that you can re-check enemy info with touchpad, she would still be reapplying Libra every time.
I hoped that Rufus fight would filter her but Climhazzard and items literally carried her through.

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Subaru can't life herself off the floor, boobs too heavy. Will you help her, anon?

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goes well with pepper

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I want enka Miko...

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fuck off you unwanted child

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subaru is like what, a cup B at most? C?
she's not that big

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those are too small

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Towa is perfect, anons...

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sdorry shion i really want to watch you play mc after all this tie but i've got a stomachache and ive had diarrha all day sorry i gotta re

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It was great because I was not awake for it. Meme review is dead and will never return.
Haachama's version is soulless and not even close to the real thing.

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Did anything noteworthy happen today?

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There is nothing more cringe than retards that treat ERROR like their anthem. It's the same as acting like the Joker.

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>excuse me sir. have you seen any kawaii creatures nearby by any chance?

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They keep growing

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Miko is amazing

>> No.36007305

Why did Haachama stream over Towa's live?

>> No.36007307

She really should try to at least bring it back to the original time frame if she is to continue it.

>> No.36007308

I love you Miko!

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new ayame cover

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>Sheepkeks spamming hearts to counter the chink spam
But that only makes the chat even worse?

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Yeah he's really cute

>> No.36007318

Ayame is being very cute right now.

>> No.36007319

Watame, don't leave...

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My favorite part was when she was enjoying Hojo's "suffering"
It was funny though she pulled a few counters against Sephiroth but she was scared and end up begging for her life, not just frustrated but actually afraid of him.

>> No.36007323

It's an FFCC collab. Not like she's interacting with the chat. At least she doesn't have to see the garbage.

>> No.36007324

This. What the fuck is she even thinking?

>> No.36007325

Haven't played it myself but I assume that Tifa's special action would power up her other abilities as well or? Because she never held on to it and I felt like there is a reason to hold onto it.

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>Noel 2nd anniversary
>Aqua 3rd anniversary
And of course the most important event of the day
Haachama Meme Review!

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Pekoland needs a caretaker

>> No.36007328

Last song already? time flies...

>> No.36007331

Okite Okite

>> No.36007335

They're not ingredients, they're employees...

>> No.36007338

I'm so happy Coco graduated bros

>> No.36007339

It's pretty annoying desu, but at least it shows how easy the spam is to hide with coordinated posting

>> No.36007342

disclaimer: Shion a cute

>> No.36007343

My back hurts but I can give moral support.

>> No.36007348

Did Miko sing her new song she sand on her live?
That shit was pretty good.

>> No.36007349

Is this a call to invasion for our fridge brethren?

>> No.36007350

big onions

>> No.36007351

Cunny magic!

>> No.36007354

ok oji settle down with the narcissism a bit will you?

>> No.36007355

This is the 2nd time Shion has visited Pekoland.

>> No.36007356

cute! CUTE!!!

>> No.36007357

5ch says only pedos watch Shion

>> No.36007358

Why are there cats running around the kfc?

>> No.36007362

That is not a ballad...

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>> No.36007365

soraz cooking

>> No.36007367

but i was talking about (you)...

>> No.36007368

only cytube pedos to be exact

>> No.36007375

Sheep needs to put some loyal Watamates to exterminate the bugs like Suisei

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>> No.36007377

Meme review is no longer fun...

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>> No.36007381

I sincerely love Miko so dearly

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>> No.36007385

How would they know if I never told them?

>> No.36007386

No japanese enka...

>> No.36007387

no need to tickle my balls oji. you're cute as well. just not as cute as Shion

>> No.36007391

enka wa enka

>> No.36007392

Miko's gonna read superchats now... dead hours....

>> No.36007394

She doesn't want to wake up early

>> No.36007397

>more Miko Minecraft hardcore tonight

>> No.36007398

I love her smug faces

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>> No.36007407

Why does every streamer get filtered by Rufus

>> No.36007409

Well too bad, it's her job to stream too.

>> No.36007410

But enka is ballad miko...

>> No.36007411

I think the pagpag they sold me last night was bad bros... Idk how much longer I have to post...

>> No.36007412

Tifa has a skill that raises her concentration level by 1 (up to 3), some passives also can raise it.
Each level powers her basic attacks and speed a lot. Plus, her special action (triangle) are also powered up, but using them decreases the concentration by one.
Basically you want to get to lvl3 asap, then unload the triangle moves during stagger since they boost damage multiplier. Pekora just buffed the attacks then immediately dropped triangle moves regardless of stagger, so it was pretty much a waste of ATB.

>> No.36007413

I want Shion to take all of her clothes off

>> No.36007414

Rufus is pretty simple to use too just point it to an .iso and make your bootable no problem

>> No.36007416

why didn't ayame call into aqua's stream?

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>> No.36007421

>uses diamond pickaxe to leave pekoland

>> No.36007422

>Shion just donated her enchanted diamond pickaxe

>> No.36007425

Ayame is a bad person.

>> No.36007426

What is Shion's goal for today?

>> No.36007427

shion yo...

>> No.36007429

This is how all 35browns will end, puking garbage inside their mud hut

>> No.36007430

she drives me crazy

>> No.36007431

What's wrong with that?

>> No.36007432

I guess we, the watamates, will have to doxx a few chinks again and send them into military service

>> No.36007433

>> No.36007434

she can work the minimum just like Ayame or shion.

>> No.36007435

what do we do about DARK ELVES

>> No.36007437

I'm surprised Shion even knows who Coco is.

>> No.36007438

the usual

>> No.36007440

Stop ban evading schizo

>> No.36007445

Euhigjjn asdolhj?

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>> No.36007448

white wash them

>> No.36007451

watch shion experience stuff is like watching your kid run around at an amusement part

>> No.36007452

Auto-counters, no weakness, fast attacks (so you need to time your own actions well).
It's not the hardest fight in the game, but it is good at filtering people who just mash attack.

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>> No.36007458

Yes. Nobody actually understand her. She is forever a living meme.

>> No.36007461

Stop being alive 35brown

>> No.36007463

miko + mikodanye


>> No.36007467

>1 minute in between posts
>2 digit ip count during primetime
we're healing bros...

>> No.36007469

>literally replying to his own post

>> No.36007472

My cute extrovert wife!

>> No.36007473

I want to make Shion into a fulfilled adult.

>> No.36007475

Do you have brain damage?

>> No.36007476

Seethe 35nguyen

>> No.36007478

Ah yeah her inability to time attacks with stagger was a common issue throughout but just as we saw she could just brute force her way through most of everything.
And her going through all that work to learn the weapon abilities only to end up using Braver 99% of the time at the end of it or none of Tifa's other abilities. It shouldn't trigger me because I've watched her so much but it still does, and then you just wish for her smug ass to get beaten down but she somehow always manage to clear it with her muscle brain, as if to unintentionally laugh at you.

>> No.36007480

Should of been lava and not water

>> No.36007485

Keep projecting monkey

>> No.36007486

Aren't hearts one of the original spam methods? They get people banned in chats to this day.

>> No.36007489

It really does feel like that

>> No.36007490

What's the connection between Shion and geiger counters? I see it everywhere on Twitter.

>> No.36007494

She was planning to put lava inside

>> No.36007495


>> No.36007497


>> No.36007499

Uh oh 35brown is gonna cry again and spam the thread

>> No.36007500

I want to have a 10.0 Richter scale sex with Shion yo...

>> No.36007501

She's not a "Dark Elf". She's not a "Coffee Elf". She's not a "Chocoball Elf". She's not a "Nigger Elf". Please stop!

>> No.36007502

You could put korone anywhere on the y-axis and I would believe it

>> No.36007506

I'm happy that Miko's cafe is a big hit

>> No.36007507

What dark elf?

>> No.36007508


>> No.36007509

Interesting how there's a lot of Shionposting here when the cytube is watching Shion but there's only 2 maximum of Shionposters here when she's having a mengen

>> No.36007511

! !

>> No.36007512

Shion radiates cuteness

>> No.36007515


>> No.36007516

then what elf is she
half nigger elf?

>> No.36007518

He's actually mad!

>> No.36007519


>> No.36007520

Security Suisei please arrest me...

>> No.36007521

we can go lighter

>> No.36007524


>> No.36007527

How do you know what cytube is doing?
You're not supposed to talk about member content

>> No.36007528

the correct term is mulatto elf

>> No.36007529

kusogaki broth on my ramen

>> No.36007530

Shion chair is a hilarious meme dude haha post it again the badly drawn shion yo

>> No.36007531


>> No.36007532

not just cuteness

>> No.36007533

>> No.36007540

what if these two kissed?

>> No.36007542

shion's lonely festival...

>> No.36007544

they watch streams unlike you

>> No.36007545

brown and mad

>> No.36007546

thanks for pointing it out. very helpful. I'll make sure to post about it less from now on. don't want non-ojis knowing about it now

>> No.36007547


>> No.36007548


>> No.36007550

imaginary friends yo...

>> No.36007551

Shion, go play Janken

>> No.36007552


>> No.36007554

which one is more pathetic? disappearing for a month to get viewers or only doing unarchived streams to archive the same goal?

>> No.36007556

>You're not supposed to talk about member content
The 2 Shionposters ALWAYS talks about the member content and it's only the two of them most of the time quoting each other. Clearly because no one else knows what they're talking about.

>> No.36007558

shitting up threads instead of watching streams

>> No.36007559

check these out

>> No.36007564

(You) posting about it in a basket weaving forum

>> No.36007566

The one asking for that

>> No.36007568

Shion yo...
You did this by yourself last time...

>> No.36007570

Funny brat

>> No.36007571

but there are no good streams on

>> No.36007572

>posts about shion
>korone images

>> No.36007573

the only pathetic things are the viewers who actively follow them and you who keep posting about it because nothing will change no matter how hard you shitpost about it

>> No.36007574

I want to marry this elf

>> No.36007575

How do you know what cytube is doing?
They're being naughty

>> No.36007580

Why are you like this schizo? we had a good thread earlier. Can you refrain yourself from shitposting and take your meds already, even just for a day?

>> No.36007581

someone befriend Shion...

>> No.36007582

Shion just won the race!

>> No.36007583

>casually headbutts an electric eel just to scan it

>> No.36007584


>> No.36007585

Interesting how retarded you are

>> No.36007587

>badly drawn
what is wrong with you

>> No.36007590

But she's got nobody to relay the baton to...

>> No.36007591

Can't believe how huge and full of attractions the server has become.

>> No.36007592 [SPOILER] 

>> No.36007594

why won't someone boots minecraft to keep this gaki company...

>> No.36007595

Holy shit hahahahaha

>> No.36007596

Nah. We love Miko and 35P here

>> No.36007598

Do Shion and Rushia actually like each other?

>> No.36007600

Another 1-2 years and Flare will look exactly like this

>> No.36007601 [SPOILER] 

I am posting about Aqua.I love Aqua

>> No.36007605

Love Matsuri

>> No.36007607

>> No.36007609


>> No.36007611

The pixel art...

>> No.36007612

I dont have the picture but I really like the haachama Flare

>> No.36007614

you can't run away from your problem forever...

>> No.36007615

Aqua sang the same song during her race.

>> No.36007617

Yes, since their are both pettan and want to be boring boing but instead their wall like Rushia oh please Rushia don't kil

>> No.36007618

It's so mad it can't think straight.

>> No.36007619

>Miko wants to try bungee jumping and skydiving

>> No.36007621

what pixelart, there's nothing on that part of the map

>> No.36007623

>*talks about her singing lessons for an hour*
>*then talks about food for an hour*
yep... this is an ayame stream alright

>> No.36007624

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.36007625

What makes you think that?

>> No.36007626

hate miko, love 35p, simple as.

>> No.36007628

clap clap

>> No.36007630


>> No.36007634

Ayame wife...

>> No.36007635

how's her stool today?

>> No.36007640

Nah, we HATE you schizo, we love all holo and all fanbase here

>> No.36007642

eeee kawaii....

>> No.36007643

>> No.36007646

bro I just want a cunny wife. where do i move to in order to live this reality?

>> No.36007648


>> No.36007655

I'm glad Shion wasn't around to see crimes against oopa loopa

>> No.36007659


>> No.36007661

Move out west to America. They have really lax marriage laws

>> No.36007664

Going to the beach with my girlfriend Miko!

>> No.36007666

Yeah, that's exactly what I felt through all of her streams.
I never expected her to pull some sick combos or dodge/block everything, but game literally tells you how to stagger most enemies on the info screen. And we get something like that:
>peko fighting the gunner tank with barret/aerith/red XIII
>tank charges its gun
>Red shouts "HIT THE GUN"
>peko: "gun? nah lets thundara the drone and hide behind a wall"

>> No.36007668

>still replying to himself

>> No.36007669

I dont want to come to Brazil

>> No.36007674

Minatoaquatits https://twitter.com/cat98742/status/1424237252784263169

>> No.36007677

>32K watching now
what the fuck

>> No.36007679

hate miko, love 35p, marry schizo, eat watamelon, sex yagoo, befriend mikodanye, SIMPLE AS.

>> No.36007680

my daughter is lost has anyone seen her

>> No.36007681


>> No.36007683

>> No.36007687

She doesn't.

>> No.36007690

Pixelart yo...

>> No.36007691


>> No.36007692

Shion's brain is missing, she can't find pekoland when she's right in front of it

>> No.36007693

there are 2 (two) hags in this picture

>> No.36007694


>> No.36007696

I warned you about elves

>> No.36007697

fuck off

>> No.36007698

So miko's hometown is close to the beach huh

>> No.36007699

I'm afraid you need to hang yourself for that

>> No.36007704


>> No.36007705


>> No.36007706


>> No.36007708

She lives in Japan, everything is close to the beach. There's only 7? landlocked perfectures

>> No.36007709

Why does it lag so much when you go near the festival?

>> No.36007711

>barely to no EOP comments

>> No.36007712


>> No.36007713


>> No.36007714

She and Nene are moving, please understand

>> No.36007716

>> No.36007717

fuck off normalfag, /jp/ is a cunny board

>> No.36007718

Blame Miko and her lag machine

>> No.36007719

minecraft saikyou

>> No.36007721

Lag machine....

>> No.36007722

Lot of hologirls sure dislike baking...

>> No.36007723

not hololive
not hololive
not hololive
not hololive
not hololive
not hololive

>> No.36007724

Based Miko sabotaging the server

>> No.36007725

cringe tribalist

>> No.36007727

Oops, I accidently gave Shion massive tits, are you going to cry now, pedofag?

>> No.36007730


>> No.36007731

They actually are, though

>> No.36007734

OH NO! It'd be such a shame if they were made even larger!

>> No.36007735

Abhorrent post

>> No.36007736

dekai yo...

>> No.36007738

embrace the cunny

>> No.36007739

>Membership only 3DLive

>> No.36007741


>> No.36007745

equivalent exchange...

>> No.36007746


>> No.36007747

I bet this is causing you physical anguish!

>> No.36007752


>> No.36007753

holy based

>> No.36007755

She did it before too for her sololive

>> No.36007757

Is this the forbidden concert?

>> No.36007758

not at all

>> No.36007759


>> No.36007760

This is unironically Gura's dream. She loves Rushia and Shion more than most fans do.

>> No.36007764

I know other chuubas who do this, it's based desu

>> No.36007765

>> No.36007768

It's also my dream. I love cunny.

>> No.36007769

Based, Milk those piggies

>> No.36007773

I'll be honest, I don't have much of an opinion on EN except for Mori. I hate Mori.

>> No.36007774

Sometimes i wonder if Aqua really is as money-hungry as she seems or she just does what she's told and it's actually Cover who milks her.

>> No.36007776

Soon you will be begging me to stop! But this is what you deserve!

>> No.36007777

>scared herself
cute yo...

>> No.36007778


>> No.36007779

It would be easier if we all had the same opinions, then we wouldn't have to argue so much

>> No.36007781

Cheaper than her sololive

>> No.36007785

HATE: Kiara, Mori, Ollie
LOVE: Everyone else

>> No.36007788

I don't like you

>> No.36007791


>> No.36007792

I want to cum in this kusogaki

>> No.36007794

there is only ONE big thing and it's definitely not her chest

>> No.36007796

>KFP-san dare datta
I love this ksgk

>> No.36007798

Just graduate Noel and Flare

>> No.36007800

It's part of the charm, seeing her with a shitload of potions, like 10 reraise earrings, and cure on everyone because she knows she'll die otherwise. It's not much of a surprise the one boss that took her down was the one that doesn't let you heal. I remember in the first stream someone told her Braver was strong and I knew she was just going to spam that from then on. I'm not sure if she used Focused thrust even a single time..

>> No.36007801

true. they need to marry me first though

>> No.36007807

>30k+ viewers
>not even 5% EN chat
I kneel...

>> No.36007808

Shion is a voluptuous mature woman who knows how to do taxes and can call her own doctor appointment

>> No.36007811

NeneLamy dungeon time.

>> No.36007814

4chan is an anonymous place where chaos and fighting reigns. If you want a place were you can safely state your opinion you should go to reddit. Here, in 4chan we shit on inferior plebs without the need for rules or censorship, that makes us greater than any other page for discussion.

>> No.36007815

>shion knows about Miko's castle from watching Aqua's stream
>this means she also knows about the batsu geemus in the meiro
>enters it on purpose

>> No.36007816


>> No.36007819

Remember that time Pekora threw a fit because someone mentioned Rushia makes more than her?

>> No.36007821

>doesn't want to play Minecraft
>want to play APEX
Based Ayame

>> No.36007822

This might be the first time Miko telling a story about her dad

>> No.36007824


>> No.36007825

Shion is a beautiful young lady that likes to watch funny animal videos on youtube

>> No.36007826

Add Matsuri and Pekora to the HATE list and it's perfect.

>> No.36007829

shion asked her BFF out!

>> No.36007831

>Everyone wants me to play minecraft?
>*whisper voice* there's nothing to do in that game
>there's nothing to do at all...
she's so based it's unbelievable...

>> No.36007834

Shion just confessed her love to me and to me only. see you nerds

>> No.36007836

>> No.36007838


>> No.36007839


>> No.36007841

Cute pink!

>> No.36007842


>> No.36007843

pinku desu

>> No.36007844

You're Nenechi?

>> No.36007846


>> No.36007847


>> No.36007848

Shion is wearing pink panties today.

>> No.36007849


>> No.36007850

So this is that she meant when she told people to look forward to membership content

>> No.36007851

i can understand but why pekora

>> No.36007852

What sick deviant designed this maze and it's punishments
Shion is wearing pink panties by the way

>> No.36007853

This is not Shion

>> No.36007856

Minecraft is only limited by your creativity. If you have little/none, its not the game for you. Provded you don't want to spend your time recreating stuff others have posted online of course

>> No.36007859

Shion's gonna blow up the exit...

>> No.36007860

>there's nothing to do in that game
if you're creatively bankrupt, sure

>> No.36007862

Shion is a responsible adult who does big business, drives car and wash her own clothes. She has big tiddy and thick ass because she goes to gym regularly and has a proper diet

>> No.36007863 [SPOILER] 

>Okay I will stream something next month. Im too busy this month with sex appointments for my compensated dating job
Ayame is a whore

>> No.36007864

Stop shitposting, Neneti.

>> No.36007868

Someone should have put more torches

>> No.36007869

I miss Nene

>> No.36007870

no. that definitely was meant for me. I felt it in my body. I'm sure she felt it too...

>> No.36007873

I'm diamonds

>> No.36007877

Pekora betrayed Miko and Flare, it's only a matter of time until she betrays Moona too.
She's a numberfag and a bully.
Also she reactivated her roommate account.

>> No.36007879


>> No.36007881

Hi diamonds!

>> No.36007882

Well, she's right, just look at Watame's minecraft streams, literally nothing happens in them.

>> No.36007885

some really weird women just started visiting my neighbourhood and for some reason I don't really feel safe anymore

>> No.36007886

Shion is a dumb kusogaki that only uses Ubereats and barely passed highschool

>> No.36007887

Minecraftbeggars are the worst

>> No.36007889

>Pekora betrayed Miko and Flare
ok schizo

>> No.36007890

Isn't it the other way around? People come here to share opinions they can't share anywhere else because they would be attacked. If anything, 4chan is the safe space.

>> No.36007891

>> No.36007892


>> No.36007893

Ayame plays games to beat other people, that's her only reason for playing them. That and playing with her boyfriend.

>> No.36007894

>barely passed highschool
She wished she passed.....

>> No.36007898

She keeps talking about how she might want to play minecraft, by starting fresh on a whole new server but she really does not want to play minecraft at all.

>> No.36007900

Ayamefags have to literally beg Ayame to stream and you're problem is that they're asking for MC LOL

>> No.36007901

Favorite Towa Live segment? For me it's gotta be the superior stardust song

>> No.36007902

>goes to gym regularly and has a proper diet
shion sleeps all day, stuffs herself with sweets and doesn't eat to lose weight, she eats cake for dinner, plays games all day and doesn't leave her house for weeks when she has no studio obligations

>> No.36007906

wtf I love ayame now?

>> No.36007907


>> No.36007912

Creating shit from blueprint other provided for you isn't """""creativity"""""""
That basically 90% of the building in holoserver

>> No.36007913

Yeah, people here hide behind anonymity, and think theyre cooler for it

>> No.36007916

Shion is very intelligent big girl who just knew that going straight to the trade school was better than wasting her time in high school. And yes, her booba is very big and she can cook, she is just pretending to be dumb not to make you feel bad about yourself

>> No.36007918

Just shows nakiriqueers are creatively bankrupt.

>> No.36007919

20IQ league of legends fried brain

>> No.36007921


>> No.36007924

>People come here to share opinions they can't share anywhere else because they would be attacked
I don't think anyone would attack me for saying Shion is cute

>> No.36007925

>Pekora doesn't talk to Miko anymore after years of being best friends
>While Flare was having her 3D live not only she didn't appear in it, but while it was going on she was watching Moona
Not a schizo just stating facts

>> No.36007926

The Venn diagram of Hololive and Jojo fans is a perfect circle

>> No.36007927

>plays games all day and doesn't leave her house for weeks
Shion's a normie pretending to be an outcast. She talks about her interactions with people outside all the time and dresses like a normal girl. Look at the people she's closest to.

>> No.36007928

Based Ojou dabbing on the crying sheep

>> No.36007930

I came suddenly

>> No.36007937

Shion yo is a brat that NEEDS to be punished for her failures to include not streaming or tweeting but still being active on Twitter and wasting time watching cute youtube vids

>> No.36007938

Debuchi Miko...

>> No.36007940

Ayame has actual fans that watch her no matter what she does, she doesn't NEED minecraft like Flare or Watame.
Her numbers don't crash and burn when she's not pretending to have fun making yet another boring pixel art or another useless structure that nobody actually gives a fuck about.

>> No.36007941

diagram? damn nerd speak english nigga

>> No.36007942

It really is, because I sit there feeling smug about her getting destroyed just waiting for the game over so I can hear her sweet tears and she just turns it around and wrecks the boss instead, reversing the feeling altogether.
Also funny how she complained about Fat chocobo being too slow yet she never even tried his big bomb attack which I assume would be a ranged attack.
Her way of playing is both frustrating and interesting at the same time because while it is standard poor play, she somehow always makes it work.

>> No.36007944

>brown hands

>> No.36007945

fu~! fu~! fu~!

>> No.36007949

If only

>> No.36007950

Not the flex you think it is. Watame can entertain thousands in "a game with nothing to do" for hours and hours. Thats pretty impressive

>> No.36007951

shion's semen bath...

>> No.36007952


>> No.36007953

I disagree.

>> No.36007955

>She talks about her interactions with people outside
Stop making shit up.
>Look at the people she's closest to

>> No.36007956

Minecraft sucks
Ayame said it so now you can say it too.

>> No.36007959


>> No.36007961

Is there some sort of rule saying that there must always be an absent gaki?
My sun, my joy, my raison d'etre, please come back... Just how involved is your move...? I know you're planning to soundproof your streaming room and all but still...

>> No.36007963


>> No.36007964

She's making herself more of an outcast than she is to pander and because she's a moody teen, but she's not a "normie". None of them are. "Normies stream pretending to be anime girls for a living

>> No.36007965

Towa and Pekora rapping in Bluecrappers

>> No.36007968

that milk came from noel's breasts...

>> No.36007970

>> No.36007971

Shion is being too cute today

>> No.36007973

This is not a safe space, anyone can be attacked at any moment for any reason, 4chan is the wild west of forums where only misfits from society thrive.

>> No.36007975

Since there's misinformation spreading here, No Ayame didn't say there's nothing to do in MC. She said she'd play it but she isn't sure what she should do since she hasn't played in so long.

>> No.36007977

Miosha and Friend!

>> No.36007979

Pekoras voice was so weak compared to the other 3, it was pretty sad

>> No.36007980

Shion is mentor-type chic business woman who is very wise and understand the workings of vtubing and supply/demand curve of entertainment. She mentors Ayame. Her tits are absolutely massive

>> No.36007984

This man is upset that Ayame hates his favorite game.

>> No.36007985

>engine sounds

>> No.36007986

They're sisters right? What makes one a Kardashian and the others Jenner?

>> No.36007989

Expect 2-3 weeks, soundproofing, setting up internet and moving all your shit takes time. You're depending on services others provide and their schedule afterall

>> No.36007992

Miko is a dork

>> No.36007993

>Kanata tearfully tells fans she has to cancel karaoke streams because she's going deaf
>Watame responds by uploading a comedic japanese sign language skit

>> No.36007996

why are KFP employees like this?

>> No.36007997

Only Ina and her brown nipples are allowed in this thread

>> No.36008000

i've never watched ayame's stream
she's literally who for me

>> No.36008001

You're not even a member.

>> No.36008002

But you can't be attacked because you're anonymous. You can throw shit and move on, any shit thrown back won't hit since you aren't there anymore. In wild west you had actual consequences to starting shit.

>> No.36008006

Daily reminder.

>> No.36008007

>/v/ hours

>> No.36008009


>> No.36008013

>> No.36008015

I love Pekora, I wouldn't care if she was the worst singer in the world. I am just glad she sang with Towa.

>> No.36008016

Why is sankisei so powerful? Why are they the strongest gen?

>> No.36008017

EN gen 2

>> No.36008018

testing new vpn?

>> No.36008019

I want to agree with her, but it's more like Minecraft is only fun for the social interactions and Ayame has no friends. She said her best streams are fucking Fall Guys. Do you think Fall Guys is some great game compared to Minecraft?

Yeah and Aqua's friends with Mea and is currently "living alone." Don't fall for this shit, anon. Also, pretty much all women are normalfags until they get old and lonely. People think of Korone as a wholesome doggo who plays video games all day and acts like a weirdo. She was married and used to make TikTok videos. Seriously, when a woman shittalks people for being normalfags, it's completely different than when men do it. Women aren't outcasts until they hit menopause without children.

>> No.36008020


>> No.36008021

EN2 roommates

>> No.36008026

Zion is a bully that is mean to many of the girls to include Aqua

>> No.36008027

>I prefer playing action game like APEX or MonHun
Based thrillseekerCHAD

>> No.36008028

That's a common reaction when you really don't know how to play I think, Mel also said the same thing about it initially, but then she watched some of the streams and got slightly inspired to play, now she seems to have some fun with it.
First time I played it, I also had the same impression, though then again it was the very first version of survival with no MP, there really wasn't much there.

>> No.36008029

Daily reminder.

>> No.36008031

>Miko Undertale
Goddamn it Miko, please no...

>> No.36008032

She specifically stayed at her old place for as long as possible because she was told in July the Internet would take two-three weeks to set up and packed her pc up last.
What exactly is wrong with the Japanese anyway, why don't they have proper Internet in apartments for sale in 2021?

>> No.36008033

The butt shake at the end was amazing.

>> No.36008035


>> No.36008036


>> No.36008041

go back to /r9k/ faggot, groom trannies or whatever the fuck you do there

>> No.36008045

Comfort Twap...

>> No.36008046

I want to be the Warden and have my way in that cell

>> No.36008048

She said she'd play it, anon. 6 months ago.

>> No.36008050

the brown girl please

>> No.36008051

Flare would never flaunt her body like that, unfortunately. Waste of that delicious chocolate belly

>> No.36008053

Shion is the most mentally stable and composed person in Hololive who has no time for childish games like that. Because she has massive milkers

>> No.36008054

Source on the Korone forbidden knowledge? I knew about TikTok but I thought her being divorced was a rrat.

>> No.36008055

My thought is that Rushia must have a thick ass otherwise she'd fit right through those bars.

>> No.36008056


>> No.36008057


>> No.36008058


>> No.36008061

It looks like Peko and Rushia could fit in between the bars and escape. Shit cell.

>> No.36008063

Ayame default schedule is one stream per week ?

>> No.36008064

Shion... why is it quiet? it's scaring me

>> No.36008065

cuphead coop might be cool

>> No.36008068

>Cuphead collab with Suityan

>> No.36008069

Jack-o towa isnt real

>> No.36008071

Yonkisei singing together.

>> No.36008073

I would free all of them except the brown one.

>> No.36008074

But Mr. Paradise already beat it with Okayu

>> No.36008077

>membered to the Togashi of vtubers
gotta say based

>> No.36008078

Cocofags are the new Aloefags

>> No.36008079

sorry anon. spoonfeedchama isn't here today

>> No.36008080

>apartments for sale in 2021?
They're only renting, the ammount of money they'd need to buy apartments in Tokyo is absurd
The landlords don't want to pay for your internet, if you need it call up the isp of your choice and set up a plan

>> No.36008082

How come Flare acts like being brown is a debuff when so many popular anime characters these days are brown? Back when I played FFXI, I assumed nips liked that skin color since 3/5 races looked like that (including the elves, funny enough).

>> No.36008084

oh no no no

>> No.36008091

>but it's more like Minecraft is only fun for the social interactions
Watame barely interact with anyone despite playing it for hours. Its more like you projected your own enjoyment if anything else. YOU enjoyed to see holos interaction with each other but the same can't be said to the player themselves.
There lot of holo that prefer playing alone. FBK is the other main example.

>> No.36008092

Shion's mental stability crashes every other day because she rarely leaves her house and has a bad diet
mods banned an image that i like using ;_;

>> No.36008095

yeah keep telling that to yourself

>> No.36008096


>> No.36008097

Not only are brown girls popular, but brown ELVES are doubly so. Its a double whammy and shes not embracing it

>> No.36008098

i guess... that pairing is the only way I can see working for that game, stream lengthwise.
micomet cuphead wouldn't work.

>> No.36008099

That's the point

>> No.36008100

reminder Aki is the worst whore with a loosest vagina

>> No.36008101

Sad but true

>> No.36008102

>> No.36008103

I'll be honest I completely forgot she even talked about it before.

>> No.36008104

that was a weak reaction to that jumpscare, shion

>> No.36008106

>Replying to yourself

>> No.36008107

imagine the smell

>> No.36008108

Did she say it was with Suisei? If so, that's huge ammo for the narrativefags, seeing as how PekoMiko Cuphead was one of Pekora's first streams.

Watame's and Fubuki's Minecraft streams are entertaining for about 2 minutes out of 8 hours, when they read a funny superchat or tell a story or get attacked by a creeper.

>> No.36008111

hold my hand ojisans...

>> No.36008114

That's me disliking the stream

>> No.36008116

Yes, and?

>> No.36008118

So you don't like Watame or Fubuki, thats fine. Not every holo is for everyone

>> No.36008119

Why were they arrested?

>> No.36008122

Dumb akushio both doing the tunnel solo

>> No.36008123

Imagine having leg-locking soft whispering energetic sex with Aki who then makes you a nice plate of tendies before going to capture dinos with her succubus friend on ARK

>> No.36008125

newfags here don't even know about aki taru

>> No.36008127

>tunnel of love
>everybody posts english reviews
>Shion writes in japanese

>> No.36008129

>only japanese review on the monkey tunnel

>> No.36008130

>writes her comment in Japanese
Get fucked, moondog.

>> No.36008131

Do you have actual autism? He was talking about their enjoyment with the game, not yours.

>> No.36008132


>> No.36008133

sorry meant for >>36008095

>> No.36008138

based, fuck dekinais

>> No.36008139

Sex is gross

>> No.36008141

They saved hololive through success.

>> No.36008142

Shion is paragon of good mental health, those funny fanbox posts were made by Xion, her evil twin who is flat and not big boobed like Shion

>> No.36008143


>> No.36008145

No, Miko only said she wants to play Cuphead with someone

>> No.36008146

I just watched mugen ressha-hen tonight and hearing the original version of Homura felt weird after I've listened to all the utawaku versions of it. It didn't feel real.

>> No.36008147

She's just helping moona do her reps

>> No.36008149

Well actually, if you enjoy Minecraft after the first hour, then you probably have autism.

>> No.36008152


>> No.36008154

Aki does kegels and is muscular, she's tight

>> No.36008155

>doesn't watch streams
>complains about streams
>talks about what narrativeniggers will think
Kill yourself for real.

>> No.36008156


>> No.36008157

>not interested to play MC
>not interested to play RPG/story-driven game
>only like game that is action-oriented
What does this say about Ayame?

>> No.36008158

Mmm naruhodo

>> No.36008162

remember to take your medication soon anon

>> No.36008166

what a whore
imagine being a matsurisu

>> No.36008167

Miko emon...

>> No.36008168

Thread status?

>> No.36008169

fuck you
building a dirt house and
actually yeah, you are right.

>> No.36008170

89iq whore

>> No.36008171


>> No.36008172

Nobody remembers to leave a review to Flare's invisible maze

>> No.36008173

the thread and anons here are cute

>> No.36008174

ADHD zoomer.

>> No.36008175

league of legends autism is bad for your brain

>> No.36008176

>>doesn't watch streams
I'm watching my daughter, actually.
>>complains about streams
I'm defending the poop oni's opinion.
>>talks about what narrativeniggers will think
Not what they think, just saying they're right about PekoMiko being dead.

>> No.36008177

Nobody remembers Flare

>> No.36008178

Matsuri doesn't wash herself, she just sits in the bathtub so she can stream

>> No.36008179

Miko no! not the Disney mouse!

>> No.36008181

Same. For me it's Amaneko's first Homura. Same thing happens to a lot of vocaloid songs that holos sing.

>> No.36008182

That she enjoys action games over other genres.

>> No.36008183

Aki Love! Aunty is doing some extreme sports type shit underwater. I think she is filming Japanese version of Jackass

>> No.36008184

If the maze is invisible how do they know they did it?

>> No.36008185

Shion is cute and funny with a bit of mental health problems but thats okay because there are older people around her to help her out

>> No.36008186

I don't need to imagine. It's wonderful.

>> No.36008190

>racists and schizos

>> No.36008191


>> No.36008192

These are children

>> No.36008197

Aki just randomly drops and masturbates in the office, everyone has to walk around her

>> No.36008200

please share your filters

>> No.36008201

And sometimes finger herself inside the bath too

>> No.36008202

But still cute.

>> No.36008204

Migosenchou eroi...

>> No.36008205

That top seems way too loose, if she let the strings go it would fall off her torso.

>> No.36008209


>> No.36008210

Miko kusa

>> No.36008212

Don't make her come to you to prove her maturity

>> No.36008212,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36008213


>> No.36008214

shion all alone yo...

>> No.36008218

it's the usual pastebin

>> No.36008219

>watching a stream
>talking about dramaniggershit unrelated to stream

>> No.36008220

Petite adults

>> No.36008221

Jesas, I need more gaki ass.

>> No.36008222

Oh Shion has activated chat only for people that has subscribed to her channel, first time I see this, or maybe other Holo is doing it and I don't know since I'm subscribed.

>> No.36008229

kardashians are oj's lawyer's kids, jenners are bruce's kids

the jenners are 100% white but wear ridiculous makeup to look like kim

>> No.36008232

kusogaki actually hit a bullseye

>> No.36008233

>Watame's and Fubuki's Minecraft streams are entertaining for about 2 minutes out of 8 hours, when they read a funny superchat or tell a story or get attacked by a creeper.
>Doesn't watch streams.

>> No.36008234

Everyone has been doing this for months

>> No.36008235

Holy shit Shion

>> No.36008236

Shion activated aimbot in minecraft

>> No.36008237

nod really

>> No.36008238

I am officially out of big booba Shion fanart, all that is left is Shion with dummy thick ass. Shion yo...

>> No.36008239


>> No.36008241

Goddamn brat's got aim

>> No.36008242

>official Shion mmd model release
>bangs normals fucked up
really cover? and they never bothered to update it

>> No.36008243

Holy fuck Shion yo

>> No.36008244

Now you have my attention

>> No.36008246

That sounds like dying Chopper miko...

>> No.36008249


>> No.36008250

Calm down anon, she already said she probably wouldn't be able to stream before her anniversary.

>> No.36008252

Too big

>> No.36008255

highest score

>> No.36008257

This one is sturdier

>> No.36008258

solo score isn't official shionfags

>> No.36008259

>> No.36008260

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.36008261


>> No.36008262

It can't be, I was able to chat without being subscribed for many of them. You know what I'm gonna unsubs just to see if it is the case.

>> No.36008263

>officially out of big booba Shion fanart

>> No.36008264

Siontan is a bebi

>> No.36008269

Smooth Miko

>> No.36008270

Aqua has it on

>> No.36008271

Thats worse, theres a male in it

>> No.36008273


>> No.36008274

What's happening here?

>> No.36008276

Yeah yeah see you tomorrow

>> No.36008283

She's trying to get out of the pool but there's a man in the way

>> No.36008284

>actual fans
You need to stream to have fans. Otherwise you have a bunch of idiots that only know you because of shit like "THE GIGGLES, BRO." When she was around the bitch just played APEX all the time. It's not like she's a trend setter of creative content.

>> No.36008286

Fuck off

>> No.36008287

We hate haachama even more here now

>> No.36008288

>> No.36008290

I'm glad Shion and Ayame are back streaming again

>> No.36008292

What do you mean "What's happening here"? Aki just came out of water and wants you (rosetai) to come swim with her. But you are traumatized by her subnautica playthrough and don't want to swim, so she hugs you around the legs to drag you into the water

>> No.36008293

Ok maybe I was exaggerating, but a lot of them have been using it since it got introduced

>> No.36008294

Ayame hasn't streamed a video game in over 2 months yet she plays video games everyday off stream. Sad

>> No.36008295

We love haachama even more here now

>> No.36008297


>> No.36008301


>> No.36008302

what the fuck matsuri, you can't use that picture

>> No.36008304

So which one of these two has the other wrapped around their finger

>> No.36008306

Oni swap?

>> No.36008307

/hlg/ is towa home.

>> No.36008308

Shion is gonna break everything

>> No.36008309


>> No.36008311

Botan is always in control

>> No.36008314

Only trannies hate holos and only CHADs hate homos

>> No.36008315

Shion just eats a lot of protein and does squats all day, that's why she doesn't stream. Too busy getting those butt gains!

>> No.36008320

I wish she would break my nose.

>> No.36008321

Wizards: no sense of right and wrong

>> No.36008328

>watching fireworks all by herself

>> No.36008331

But I don't like physical contact, even if it was with Aki. She would never be so rude as to intrude my personal space without my approval, so that must be someone else and thus unacceptable.

>> No.36008332

Is this canon?

>> No.36008333

just watch her

>> No.36008334

Its bibi board.

>> No.36008336

Shion watching the fireworks alone is becoming an annual event

>> No.36008339

Hag cackles are way better anyway, am I right bros?

>> No.36008341

>> No.36008343

Don't forget, Fuutan's friend is having her bday on the 10th of August!

>> No.36008344


>> No.36008345

I want to suck the mana out of her ass

>> No.36008346

Why is P*mu cosplaying as Flare?

>> No.36008348

it's okay because she's cute

>> No.36008349

at least they stream unlike the loose anus oni

>> No.36008351

I've never watched Patra. What's she like?

>> No.36008352

Is she gonna shred?

>> No.36008353

Not white enough

>> No.36008354

Too many fucking events in August.

>> No.36008355


>> No.36008357


>> No.36008360

Worse for your ears than an Ollie stream or Rushias screams

>> No.36008361


>> No.36008364

Taiga own this thread.

>> No.36008365

Towa ate Mio and absorbed her powers...

>> No.36008367

I hate Flare so fucking much. I used to think she was just quirky and endearing, but now I see that really she’s a piece of shit.

>> No.36008369

Honorary Hololive, yes.

>> No.36008370

she's great but this is coming from another newfag who only started watching her recently

>> No.36008372

>can't handle a little physical contact
>has the audacity to bitch about "things being unacceptable"
Aki would break you in half with her left pinky, keep your faggot complaints to yourself

>> No.36008374

no such thing, beggar

>> No.36008376

Cover bought the rights to night elves since bl*zzard is dying so now Furea is a night elf

>> No.36008378

I want to refill the mana into her ass.

>> No.36008379

nice hololive related discussions

>> No.36008380

ogey, newfag

>> No.36008382

I can handle it just fine, just don't like it and so avoid it where I can.

>> No.36008383

ogey newfag

>> No.36008384

Ok ok but even you have to admit that's a wholesome big kusa moment lolwww

>> No.36008385

She fucks your ears

>> No.36008386


>> No.36008387

epic samefag

>> No.36008390


>> No.36008392


Brace your ears and sanity

>> No.36008394

whatever you say newfag

>> No.36008395

Fat ass...

>> No.36008397

If you ain't outta control you ain't in control

>> No.36008398

Miko is a treasure

>> No.36008399

*throws a toaster in matsuri's bath*

>> No.36008401

>> No.36008404

I can read all of this except 私は先輩よ

>> No.36008408


>> No.36008409

SioTowa 3d stream...

>> No.36008410

She can't swim

>> No.36008413

shiokkos are based

>> No.36008414

Keep up good work, you are almost N6.

>> No.36008415

That's literally N5 level duh

>> No.36008417

anon... that's the most basic in the basicness scale

>> No.36008418

>Kanata bred oopa loopa for 30 hours
>Eh why? She Must really love oopa loopa

>> No.36008419

60% of Matsurisu have masturbated to Matsuri and she's being embarrassed about it even though she's the one who asked.

>> No.36008420

Brat playing by herself put a big smile on my face, it was a good day

>> No.36008423

It's cute how much Shion loves fireworks, taking her to an actual summer festival would be pure bliss

>> No.36008425

>> No.36008426

>> No.36008427

I miss Towa-sio-nose apex collabs.
I didn't even like apex.

>> No.36008428

Don't forget cool and mysterious

>> No.36008431

But you have to know the reading to write it...

>> No.36008433

One of them has been grooming the other one for a long time...

>> No.36008435

Nooooooo Sion don’t go....

>> No.36008437

Now comes the real stream

>> No.36008438


>> No.36008440

stop posting this snake

>> No.36008441

Nah heimins are more based than shiokkos they're better in every way possible.

>> No.36008444

I would slap that so hard my hand would permanently smell like her farts

>> No.36008448

>Get back in here you disgusting ojisan, it's time to read supacha

>> No.36008449

The stream's just getting started

>> No.36008450

Towa long lost sister...

>> No.36008451

my aunt's house is flooding...

>> No.36008452

t. .LIVE

>> No.36008454

no thanks. I don't know how to read

>> No.36008456

Who gives a shit retard, Marine is announcing her anniversary on the 10th, go fuck yourself with this off topic shit and that "muh honorary holo" garbage

>> No.36008457

this one is sus

>> No.36008458

nice try sheepposter

>> No.36008459


>> No.36008460


>> No.36008463

sex with festival after her bath

>> No.36008464

Kill yourself

>> No.36008466

Hard to believe it's almost been a year.

>> No.36008467

Sometimes I wonder how the indie friends of hololive roommates feel, when their friend just suddenly goes "Alright i got accepted into hololive so we will never interact on stream again, bye"

>> No.36008468

This is a Towa-flare and friends thread. Go post in /vyt/ or in /vt/ if youre going to be a newfag about it

>> No.36008469

I put off downloading the shiokko model only to see that the link expired...

>> No.36008471

Why is Aki saying the gamer word?

>> No.36008472

pink towa...

>> No.36008473

He's angry! He's angry!

>> No.36008474

Marine doesn't deserve any attention. She's annoying and probably the fakest holo in hololive.

>> No.36008476

he is MAD

>> No.36008477

Is there still a chance she comes back?

>> No.36008480

>Shion saying Ching Chung's name properly
I just can't get used to it

>> No.36008482


>> No.36008484


>> No.36008485

I want to put my face in Mio's ass.

>> No.36008488


>> No.36008489

There's no rule that they can't collab with indies, and most of them weren't VTubers before getting into Hololive to begin with.

>> No.36008490

Miko laugh like a baby...

>> No.36008491

can the indievtubers discord leave already?

>> No.36008493

She said she'll be coming back in 2 years 8 months ago

>> No.36008494

は? Shouldn't it be わ?

>> No.36008496


>> No.36008497

Haha! Patra is an honorary holo! And Sio too! And Nose, and Toko, and Tamaki, and TenTen, and Delta, and Kson, and Shiina, and Pikamee, and Desuwa, and Kuku and Mea, and Hinata! Everyone is an honorary holo!

>> No.36008498

more like they get hyped for being future nepotism hires

>> No.36008499


>> No.36008500

That fat ass is lost forever...

>> No.36008501


>> No.36008502

What about Ayamy?

>> No.36008503

It'd be really funny if Towa banana got hard while yelling at her and then Botan laughed at it haha

>> No.36008505


>> No.36008507

Based anon tell em the trurh

>> No.36008508

Anon...you will pay relief fund tax to Aki (((Rosenthal))) right? She is our greatest ally and this (((natural))) flood has ruined her "only home". She really needs your money right now, it's the right thing to do

>> No.36008512

What about Ahoge?

>> No.36008513

Yes? Any problem?

>> No.36008514

Oh yeah but fucking PATRA of all people does? Lmao, reminder that Patra
>Had multiple one night stands with nnd personalities
>Repeatedly lied to her friends and talked shit behind their backs
>Divorced her first husvabd
>Remaried because she landed rich man
>Lied about her age, pretending to be 10 years younger

>> No.36008515

>so we will never interact on stream again
They can just do it off-stream, what the problem?

>> No.36008520

ayame is honorary non-holo

>> No.36008521

Love female japanese vtubers
Hate everything else

Simple as

>> No.36008522

Of course but japanese are so retarded that they need to take from chinese hyeroglyphics to destroy their already good writing system.

>> No.36008523

You make a compelling argument. What's in it for me?

>> No.36008524

You're not funny

>> No.36008527

All holomamas are honorary holos.

>> No.36008528

Nothing wrong with divorce if the marriage doesn't work out.

>> No.36008529

you really like this image huh

>> No.36008530

What about Ui?

>> No.36008533

Do not reply.

>> No.36008534

Fucking hell, I leave for a week and Luna starts dying. I hope she recovers.

>> No.36008535

In a shitposters head anything outside of the stream doesn't exist, so not collabing on stream means they are no longer having any contact at all.

>> No.36008536

Based for telling the truth but you forgot my Uimama

>> No.36008537

Anything for my leader!!

>> No.36008538

you should be more bothered by towa using 私 because that's bugging the fucking hell out of me

>> No.36008541

is that some new holo?

>> No.36008545


>> No.36008546

What about holopapas?

>> No.36008547 [SPOILER] 

You just want more lewd shit, don't you?

>> No.36008548

I wonder why it didn't work out... I doubt it had anything to do with the fact that Patra is a whore

>> No.36008549

That was a fun stream, it's the most excited I've been for a stream in months.

>> No.36008550

Patra is Flare's long-time friend and that means she is worthy to watch, unlike a certain yuribating fake wh0ring horny pirate who only makes connections with other holos for fame and money.

>> No.36008553

okay but I'm taking away her nukes, she can't be trusted

>> No.36008555

I want to breed Ui.

>> No.36008556

That looks terrible

>> No.36008558

Look at those boobies

>> No.36008563


>> No.36008564

あぺーしか勝たん !!

>> No.36008567

That's not how boob works

>> No.36008568

yes it was but her gartic one was hard to beat

>> No.36008569

>> No.36008571

Why do the Japanese speak in the third person when they're trying to be cute?

>> No.36008575

Twap is so small...

>> No.36008576


>> No.36008578

Same, it's rare that I get hooked for 2 hours straight without getting distracted by anything for even a bit

>> No.36008579

Based keep telling me what to do and who to watch you fucking rat faggot

>> No.36008582

To assist the chosen elves is a reward in of itself, is it not?
Nothing funny about misfortune, goyim

>> No.36008584

Yes, everyone who has ever interacted with Hololive is a honorary holo, you got a problem with that?

>> No.36008588

trust me anon, it's not cute. if they're speaking in 3rd person, they're trying to annoy you

>> No.36008590

Because its a childish thing and children are supposedly cute. Same with the weird canine teeth they like. Youthful = Cute

>> No.36008591

That's how my testicles bounce

>> No.36008592

Hello friends, any new rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrats?

>> No.36008598

You're not funny

>> No.36008599

You oshi is naked under her clothes and she has a vagina.

>> No.36008603

that's exactly how they work, but not with clothes on

>> No.36008604

Polka lost 12kg last month

>> No.36008605

So it IS your fault. Motherfucker I've been looking for you, I've got some words (fists) for you.

>> No.36008606

What about Mai?

>> No.36008607

Cute is king.

>> No.36008608

I'm telling you to open your fucking eyes and then you can actually see Marine's true nature.

>> No.36008609

They're imitating their cute conqueror Douglas McArthur

>> No.36008611

Hachamma hates Towa

>> No.36008612


>> No.36008615


>> No.36008617

Dont care
Keep malding

>> No.36008618

Keep fucking coping retard, Patra is a shit whore who's drama and dirt is older than vtubing as a concept. If you want to be an schizophrenic piece of shit about Marine then go fuck yourself
But by all means keep rambling like a delusional retard, it's never going to change that Marine is universally loved, none of your retarded post are going to stop her incline and no matter how much you whine she's still going to have the most watched birthday and anniversary of the year

>> No.36008625

Misread it as
>pepeatedly lied to her friends and TAKEN shits behind their backs
and thought that Patra is a chronic pooper

>> No.36008626

speaking of taxes, have you paid your yearly daki tax for the jew elf? remember, tax season ends within a week, and failure to comply will result in asset forfeiture!

>> No.36008627

>get around to watching Towa's live
>FBK/Mio/Towa Suspect
I fucking kneel Towa, you win.

>> No.36008628


Ah yes, a classic.

>> No.36008630

I will bed this lion

>> No.36008634

this is why you don't share your oshi with hlganons

>> No.36008635

But if that guy hates Marine she isnt universally loved. For the record I don't like her either, but not to the point of being a schizo about it.

>> No.36008636

Off yourself incel

>> No.36008637

I think the stockings are a nice touch.

>> No.36008638

I gave Nene default blender physics and she just pancaked

>> No.36008640

Ah yes, Douglas wave of radioactive cobalt over china McArthur

>> No.36008643

She may be universally loved but that will never change her true nature. Karma does exist and she will get it soon.

>> No.36008644

tourists are not hlg

>> No.36008647

>> No.36008648

Poor Taoling...

>> No.36008652

Don't make me post naked Towa.
This is the last warning.

>> No.36008653


>> No.36008654


>> No.36008655


>> No.36008656

>> No.36008657


>> No.36008658


>> No.36008659

Can I save this image?

>> No.36008660


>> No.36008661

Based SC

>> No.36008662

What do you call a tourist that never leaves?

>> No.36008663

>shion chan flat chest is the best

>> No.36008664


>> No.36008666

oh no!
oh nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.36008669

Cute bloomers, we need a Holo for this too

>> No.36008672

>still waiting for a daki of my wife

>> No.36008673

Well I will be gone for another one... Hopefully she holds up.

>> No.36008674

man shiokkos are fucking starved

>> No.36008675

Shishiron belongs to Ramii

>> No.36008676


>> No.36008677

Nene will defeat gravity one day

>> No.36008678

I don't know what's the meaning of this "malding" thing
Cope. Marine will always be the fakest holo and she uses her so-called friends to step on. Graduation is imminent for her.

>> No.36008680

Patra has now schizo. Inclining!

>> No.36008681

>the message didn't get through
fuck you google-san...

>> No.36008685

That Shishiron doesn't look much like Shishiron

>> No.36008689

>impersonating a police
I'm calling subaru

>> No.36008690

illegal imigrant

>> No.36008692

Did the guy that wanted Flare autograph goods from Geekjack manage to get them?

>> No.36008695

luna should lay off the alcohol

>> No.36008697

He's malding...

>> No.36008700

fbk is subaru's superior

>> No.36008703

My oshi is really cute and I love her.

>> No.36008704


>> No.36008706

Nah, a bit of vodka always helps.

>> No.36008709

I don't love her but I agree she's cute

>> No.36008710

Aki is not menhera

>> No.36008712

I've noticed people struggle to draw her ears and some just say fuck it and draw some weird kemonomimi that don't resemble lion ears at all

>> No.36008716

Ayame started playing Unite to play with Okayu...

>> No.36008717

If things end up worse I will find (You).

>> No.36008718

big rrat

>> No.36008719


>> No.36008724

It's the face too. That one looks like donkey ears, how hard is it to look up references or just look at the official model?

>> No.36008725

What am I doing here? I should try harder in life

>> No.36008728

Not that anon, but I tried and it was gone instantly.

>> No.36008729

Aki is the most sensible person in Hololive, she is just weird, but very stable mentally

>> No.36008731

It's not worth it. Just fill the void with entertainment and hope it ends soon

>> No.36008734

Never leave. You're having a good time and there's always forever to take a break from all of this.

>> No.36008741

>> No.36008743

give up

>> No.36008749


>> No.36008751

Shion at the age of 19 learns that blue and red make purple

>> No.36008753

artist? couldn't find it with saucenao, yandex or iqdb

>> No.36008754

Just don't open the thread tomorrow, you are not missing out on anything

>> No.36008758

That's a twitter filename, try looking at her art tag

>> No.36008759

I can write off the face not being the sharp style she has as part of an artists' style but the ear problem has no excuse

>> No.36008763

ascii2d got 0 results too...

>> No.36008764

I suppose yeah, it just feels more like someone cosplaying as Botan rather than Botan herself, when the face is too different.

>> No.36008768

To be fair, Tomarimama never released the design sheet for Button. That being said you're right that you can still get references from other stuff.

>> No.36008769


>> No.36008770

fat arse

>> No.36008771

glad to see Miko's cafe collab is not only a huge success, but also one with the ladies too
she even said there are times were the majority are females, but this could be the staff grouping them during certain timeslots

>> No.36008773

You can leave and have a better life but your oshi dies. Do you accept the deal?

>> No.36008776

if you slap it, it acts as a perpetual motion machine

>> No.36008777

That second crease on the right cheek ruins it

>> No.36008779

yeah I can understand that too
I personally draw the line when the colours aren't right

>> No.36008782

it isn't tagged but turns out it was in my feed already, didn't think it was that recent

>> No.36008783

Same thing happened with me. Did you get the replica goods?

>> No.36008786

thanks anon

>> No.36008787

That 3D celebration worked out pretty well, looks like Towa gets to survive a little longer.

>> No.36008789


>> No.36008793

Marine and her anchor looking ass

>> No.36008797

based debuchi

>> No.36008798

>perpetual motion machine
That can not exist.

>> No.36008800

What do you mean "?"? I told you we're splitting the check.

>> No.36008804

God I wish I could draw this well.

>> No.36008805

instagrammer yo

>> No.36008811

>tfw no shiongf
kill me...

>> No.36008813

eat your cake gaki it cost me 70000¥

>> No.36008814

notice image on booru with a link to twitter post that was made X hours ago
the post has art tag
going through images with said art tag
shitter doesn't show said post at X hours ago mark
god I fucking hate that website, please move back to pixiv nips

>> No.36008816

I enjoyed this until I saw Coco's name. Why must you remind me of the smile we couldn't protect.....

>> No.36008817

Senchou's ass has unnatural properties

>> No.36008818

what's the point
you're gonna die anyway

>> No.36008819

>> No.36008820

>> No.36008821

But shes supposedly happier outside

>> No.36008822

The fact that Ollie is that high is upsetting.

>> No.36008823

When is Coco stop doing a childish tantrum and get her ass back to Hololive?

>> No.36008824

>> No.36008825


>> No.36008826

/hlg/ if real

>> No.36008828

The wing puffs are cute as fuck

>> No.36008829

I am the last thing that will be seen

>> No.36008830


>> No.36008832

me on the left

>> No.36008833

does this artist have one for all holos with mascots? I swear I saw one with ojou and poyoyo

>> No.36008834

women doko?

>> No.36008835

Towa's 3d live this morning was the single greatest performance in the history of mankind

>> No.36008837

I like chibi holos

>> No.36008841

Where are the crazy female schizos?

>> No.36008843

don't care

>> No.36008844

lmaoing at ur life

>> No.36008845

I will never be a woman

>> No.36008846

it was just a joke take it easy anon

>> No.36008847

The fact that cringe retards like you unironically post here upsets me

>> No.36008848


>> No.36008849

What would an Aki marine fastival collab be like?

>> No.36008851

I told Aki it was my birthday and she didn't even sing the whole song

>> No.36008852

Towa has been a huge inspiration for me. If he can manage to be such a cute girl, then maybe I can too.

>> No.36008854

this is so fucking dystopian
nuke japan

>> No.36008855

Call her a bitch.

>> No.36008856

Haven't decided if I want it yet. I really only wanted the signed postcard, I don't really care for the rest.

>> No.36008860


>> No.36008861

Her throat, please understand

>> No.36008863

Me on the screen

>> No.36008864

you're on the wrong board

>> No.36008865

10/10. Schizos should learn from you

>> No.36008867

Is this... the future?

>> No.36008870

god I have become fat
this isn't what I meant when I said I was going to start bulking

>> No.36008871


>> No.36008876

I hope so

>> No.36008879

only 9k more for 1M!

>> No.36008881


>> No.36008883

Did Pekora finish FF7R?

>> No.36008886

Pekora only finishes burgers at night

>> No.36008887

>I'm actually in the image

>> No.36008888

Yes, she brute forced her way through the silver haired boy toy, there wasn't any gay sex >>36007190

>> No.36008890

JUST WOKE UP is Akutan cute today??

>> No.36008891

I didnt know she likes Americans.

>> No.36008892

www me too I try the pancake

>> No.36008894

It's reality

>> No.36008895

same lol (i'm miko)

>> No.36008896

Why are you so angery?

>> No.36008897

>brute forced
Was she under leveled and abused some mechanic?

>> No.36008899


>> No.36008900

stop shitposting miko

>> No.36008902

Shion with big tits is just Shirayuri Lily.

>> No.36008903


>> No.36008904

I'm glad you're upset

>> No.36008905

Just watch k*on nerd

>> No.36008909

Nobody likes numberfags or tribalism

>> No.36008911

I'm at the bottom right

>> No.36008913

Who is the bigger whore here?

>> No.36008914

Fuck off dumbass

>> No.36008915

Which holo tastes the best?

>> No.36008918


>> No.36008920

>Towa has a really good concert
>Towa does nothing but play APEX
>rinse and repeat

>> No.36008921

she was underleveled and really REALLY bunny brained >>36007260 >>36007478

>> No.36008923

It's only good when it's against ENs and Nijiturds
It's also good when it's against ENs and Nijiturds

>> No.36008924


>> No.36008925

Daily reminder that Haachama's manager set her stream at the same time of Towa's one. So, it's totally not Haachama's fault.

>> No.36008926

Is any of them vegan? Herbivores are generally tastier than carnivores or omnivores

>> No.36008927

Bye bye Shion yo!
Sleep well, eat well, stream soon

>> No.36008928


>> No.36008930


>> No.36008931

seee again

>> No.36008932

( ˘ω˘ )スヤァ

>> No.36008934

( ˘ω˘)スヤァ

>> No.36008936


>> No.36008937


>> No.36008938

She would literally become Botan

>> No.36008941


>> No.36008942

built for rimming ojisan asshole

>> No.36008943

Bit lonely and sad festival huh.. Well she's having fun nonetheless.

>> No.36008944


>> No.36008947

>Those wrists
>Those necks

>> No.36008948


>> No.36008952

She would need age on top of tits for that.

>> No.36008954

Trying too hard

>> No.36008955

i was planning to rewatch the movie. thanks for the reminder

>> No.36008959

Towa is my stinky wife

>> No.36008960

Towa's so DUMB

>> No.36008964

I will eat Towa's ____

>> No.36008966


>> No.36008971


>> No.36008972

good night oji. really nice comfy tour stream today

>> No.36008978

You can’t eat something that doesn’t exist.

>> No.36008980

He's not trying hard enough if he only watched it 4 times in the last 2 months

>> No.36008981

Hey anon could you please post that one Towa clip where she acts kinda weird but cute in a way? Thank you

>> No.36008982


>> No.36008985

kusa wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

>> No.36008995


>> No.36009000


>> No.36009004


>> No.36009006

Where is the anon that responds in Towa clips?

>> No.36009008


>> No.36009010

towa will never be cute

>> No.36009011


>> No.36009022


>> No.36009023

>Watching the Korone archive of the Alexandria fight
God damn she is practically about to explode with emotions at Steiner and Beatrix part. A 40 year old hag shouldn't be this cute.

>> No.36009026

I dont get a lot of yous anymore when i post towa......

>> No.36009031

reminder towa is not cute! she openly makes fun of those who donate to her


>> No.36009033

If Aki didn't know Coco was gay when they showered together, it was rape.
If Watame didn't know Coco was gay when she grabbed her ass on the bed after KanaWata 3D, it was rape.

Works the same way if Mio suddenly comes out as gay, all that "mommy" larping with Ayame and Subaru would immediately stop being cute and sweet.

Things in Hololive can take a dark turn very easily.

I look forward to the documentary in 25 years when Hololive doesn't exist anymore and all the seiyuus share all the backstabbing, sexual assault and general wahman things they did to each other.


>> No.36009034

post naked towas then

>> No.36009036

There you are. You got the clip where she eats potato chips?

>> No.36009038


>> No.36009048


>> No.36009049

Thats the one. Thank you anon.

>> No.36009055


>> No.36009056

>showering together with your gay friend is rape
yeah sure bro

>> No.36009060

Looking at someone of the gender youre attracted to is rape.

>> No.36009062

Giving your pocket money to Towa is the least you can do

>> No.36009064

If i shower with a friend and then i found out he's gay it would definitely feel at the very least weird

>> No.36009065

You have to keep it smart and groom foreigners like Towa...

>> No.36009079

Towa's personal comfort woman...

>> No.36009082

dance dance dance communication

>> No.36009086


remember with towa kissing is extra

>> No.36009087


>> No.36009090

Yo original artist here! I have the full Shion picture, exclusive to you anons. Sorry it took so long to find it in my folders :^)


>> No.36009093

I'll just kiss Towa's butt for FREE

>> No.36009098


>> No.36009100

Dead hours...

>> No.36009101

I wish I could draw like that...

>> No.36009106

damn shion looks like THAT??

>> No.36009108

I stayed up for over 48 hours straight for towa's 3d live and I still can't fall asleep

>> No.36009111

guys, I'm under the impression that coco is not virgin

>> No.36009114

the only virgin in hololive is aqua

>> No.36009115

Coco lost her virginity before you were born

>> No.36009116

maybe you should jack off or something anon, don't die

>> No.36009128

Damn, who’s this cute holo? Why did she graduate?

>> No.36009129

Bullshit! Next thing you gonna tell me the whole reason she is into Yakuza is because of her ex-boyfriend or something ridiculous like that. Even Subaru could come up with a more believable story than that!

>> No.36009131


>> No.36009135

damn they actually tried to push a tranny holo? what happened to her? I assume suicide?

>> No.36009139

but coco is 22

>> No.36009144

>going through old hlg archives
>everybody had faith that beyblade would save the homos
it hurts...

>> No.36009147

Impregnated Miko and almost impregnated Rushia. Had casual sex with Ko'one.

>> No.36009155

She was an early bloomer

>> No.36009157

stop it, I don't like the idea of following girls that are not virgin like me

>> No.36009161


>> No.36009162

more like 32

>> No.36009166

Just watch Matsuri then.

>> No.36009168

Do non-virgins scare you? Would you be uncomfortable if some of the anons here were non-virgins?

>> No.36009180

I don't want to scare anyone...

>> No.36009181

You should watch Towa then

>> No.36009185


>> No.36009186

>Would you be uncomfortable if some of the anons here were non-virgins?

>> No.36009189

I'm willing to bet my cat's life that everyone in this thread is a virgin, you'd have to be a turbo virgin to be both into hololive and post in these threads

>> No.36009190

She's so perfect

>> No.36009192

It's very hard to stay virgin as a woman, even as a nerdy woman.

>> No.36009199

Are Ina and Irys accepted here?

>> No.36009201


>> No.36009203

only if they are virgins

>> No.36009208

Ina certainly is, was previously addicted to MMOs and now draws and/or streams 18 hours a day

>> No.36009211

yes they are both our girls along with all of ID branch and astel, but no one else

>> No.36009215

How could you put a dick inside a normal living human being, that's fucking disgusting

>> No.36009218

Fuck fag games, I'll never play FF7R now.

>> No.36009222

what if they aren't humans

>> No.36009225

You don't know what transphobia is

>> No.36009231

It did for me, or rather that fishing stream. I stopped watching homos after he got kicked out.

>> No.36009234

find it strange that you would add the word "living" in there, are you saying if the person is dead then it's acceptable?

>> No.36009236

Good thing you don't own a cat, haha...

>> No.36009237

it's not that I don't want to do it, but I don't even know how to achieve this kind of thing

>> No.36009238

It was a girlfriend but she lied

>> No.36009246

Isn't Ina a guy?

>> No.36009249

I don't get it why doesn't cover order all the girls to get vaginal exam to see if their hymens are intact?

they can even live stream the exam, imagine the superchats! plus this would solve the "whore" debate onceand forall

>> No.36009253

Shion threads are the best
Glad she is back

>> No.36009255

Anyone else really fucking hates Miko here?

>> No.36009262

But the hymen can break in many ways other than sex. During exercise and whatnot. Virginity is not a medically confirmable condition

>> No.36009265

no but I fucking love Miko if that helps

>> No.36009271

I have no strong feelings one way or another towards Miko, that should even things out.

>> No.36009273

I know that this is 4chan, but still, you are seriously sick for even thinking that and you need to spend less time on the Internet.
Close your computer or phone and Go talk to some real people

>> No.36009274

Matuli's Aqua was so fucking on point.

>> No.36009278

>Lied about her age, pretending to be 10 years younger
Hag love.

>> No.36009282

okay hymen check + lie detector, I don't know if they have private investigators in whatever country the holos are in but they could hire them to do a check on the girls and then publish the findings with us(of course hiding any doxable info)

>> No.36009286

Lie detectors aren't valid evidence either.

>> No.36009287


When Aqua goes quiet and it sounds like she's scrolling up on her computer, it's because she forgot her line. She's looking at the script on discord - remember, every interaction in Hololive is scripted. They don't even make an attempt to play it off.

>> No.36009288

Towa has NO RIGHT to be this cute. I'm calling the cops.

>> No.36009291

This is the actual thread

>> No.36009292

Same but with Towa

>> No.36009293

Women are made for getting dicked. Most men don't know how to make a woman open her legs though.

>> No.36009298

why are heimin like this?

>> No.36009299

best holos to beat up?

>> No.36009301

But what she was doing is literally in the title of the clip

>> No.36009303

western women can't be funny

>> No.36009304


>> No.36009306

I don't know how to cope with the knowledge that my oshi takes massive smelly natto shits.

>> No.36009309

this thread is shit, let's fix that

>your oshi
>when's the last time you took a shower/bath

I'll start
1 week ago

>> No.36009310

>JP Global
That doesnt even make sense

>> No.36009312

That's Coco's personal onahole thread.

>> No.36009315

3 days ago

>> No.36009316

3 years ago

>> No.36009320


Go wash yourself, you stink

>> No.36009322

Did Kanata manage to die 3 times in hardcore minecraft today?

>> No.36009325

It was a Tuesday

>> No.36009326

That's the cover up story

>> No.36009329

nene pizza? no pinneapple

>> No.36009330


>> No.36009332

3 hours ago

>> No.36009333

But she plays the recording, theres no way that couldve been prerecorded!

>> No.36009334

Patra almost rapped Miko during their offcollab at Flare's house, she's a sinful woman

>> No.36009335

Only after Aki will sing this

>> No.36009336

Did Pekora talk about what she would play next after FF7R?

>> No.36009337

Barely, she would've gone for more but had to stop for Towa's live.

>> No.36009339

watamates confirmed for smelling like shit

>> No.36009340

Today of course

>> No.36009343

I took a korean-style bath today and almost drowned

>> No.36009347

I don't sweat.

>> No.36009349

But seriously guys, Nene is a virgin, right?

>> No.36009350

You still stink. Go hit the showers

>> No.36009351

I said today, why did you include me?

>> No.36009354

Another 3D ruined by Kanaleech.

>> No.36009357

no way in hell she was a pretend idol she took dick like no other

>> No.36009359

If managers/CEOs don't count, yes

>> No.36009362

I'm sorry I've been awake for over 48 hours now

>> No.36009367

Reminder that Artia took some Hebrew classes at college, but she couldn't convincingly explain why she chose Hebrew

>> No.36009370

It's always kenzokus the ones picking fights...

>> No.36009371

The only virgin in Hololive is Matsuri and she gets relentlessly bullied for it.

>> No.36009372


>> No.36009373

you do know the whole idol working in sex industry is just a over exaggerated false narrative?

you think every idol has to have sex with execs?
if that's the case no one would allow their sons to be idols

>> No.36009376

let's see
hell no, producers love blowjobs
hell no again, some producers love anal sex because it "keeps the girls pure"
she wishes, she looks like a lettuce down there

>> No.36009377

literal whom?

>> No.36009378


>> No.36009386

The chicken definitely did tho

>> No.36009391

They allow them because they are projecting their dreams on their kids and they getting fucked is nothing but part of the journey. Sex in the entertainment industry is not limited to idols or Japan, it's a world wide phenomena but there are still new young entertainers every year.

>> No.36009394


>> No.36009395

you guys ever worry think that you'll never fall aslepp again?

>> No.36009396

I love fucking Miko here

>> No.36009397

>you think every idol has to have sex with execs?

>> No.36009398

>you do know the whole idol working in sex industry is just a over exaggerated false narrative?
Roru roru rumao

>> No.36009400

the chicken whored herself to a lot of people, it wouldn't be a surprise if she did the same to those execs.

>> No.36009406

No, if anything I sleep too much.

>> No.36009407

I worry that if I fall asleep I'll probably die and not wake up.

>> No.36009409


>> No.36009415

That's my dream, the opposite would be fine too.

>> No.36009418

I'm surprised speed-clippers haven't clipped out the part where Pekora says, that in school, she was not the type to be interested in BL, instead she was someone who enjoyed light yuri since she found it cute when girls were flirting.
Seems like something that'd be super easy to bait views with.

>> No.36009422

Why would I? Smile and Go is just one click away, that ought to do the trick

>> No.36009423

i don't believe that every idol had sex with an executive, but looking at the whole Mel situation, it's clear that it is a problem even in 2021.
maybe your oshi didn't have sex with an executive and that's great, but nowadays Cover is a lot more public, so they know they can't get away with it anymore. it used to be different in say 2019

>> No.36009424

Nene is only 20 and she already got fucked by more people than gen1, gen3 and the rest of gen5 combined

>> No.36009427

hey nakirigumi did ayame only talk about food and cats or was there something worth writing a summary about

>> No.36009431

what did she say?

>> No.36009432

Either I get to sleep forever or forever not have to sleep, both options seem great to me

>> No.36009434


>> No.36009435

I don't care what you all say, Nene is a virgin!

>> No.36009437

That would require the clippers to understand Japanese

>> No.36009438

I don't care what you all say, Towa is a virgin!

>> No.36009440

you know, when pekora didn't show up for miko's or some other girls' 3D events, i was disappointed, but i get it now.
she recorded a dance/song routine with Rushia, with Towa, it takes a lot of time. She can't do one with everyone.

>> No.36009441

To do your reps

>> No.36009443

Every idol having sex is a reach, idols getting fucked for promotions? That's a thing. If you see a hololive member that doesn't get much attention, like Aki, if someone like her suddenly started getting gigs, concerts, anime deals, something like that, you would find that weird. You could even say she sucked some exec off.
And by Aki I'm talking about Nene of course, so we're clear.

>> No.36009444

I wasn't expecting such dark answers are you guys feeling burnout from hololive? Maybe take a break for a week or so?

>> No.36009445

How come people think shit like that is okay, but they called me gay for being into BL in school?

>> No.36009447

i will never be japanese

>> No.36009452

otsumiko fags!

>> No.36009453

Why would you want to, outside their entertainment and food culture Japan isn't great.

>> No.36009454

sinful woman...

>> No.36009457

>no holos are live
>can't post images

>> No.36009459

i'm japanese

>> No.36009461

Korone is 35.

>> No.36009463

You are gay, now kill yourself

>> No.36009465


how do we save her?

>> No.36009466

getting a train run on you as an idol is par for the course

>> No.36009467

Man on man = gay, girl on girl = cute
Simple as

>> No.36009468

Yeah. Remember when Moona was a nobody? But she sucked off Pekora's clit to get famous.

>> No.36009470

>coco is 22
How is 2011, anon?

>> No.36009471

Gun in mouth, pull trigger

>> No.36009472

dead bait

>> No.36009473


>> No.36009474

anon she always gets like this

>> No.36009476

Do you guys have any interesting art of Roboco? she got human-like feet so there must be some...

>> No.36009478

Whose fault is this?

>> No.36009480

Her own for not having healthy life habits

>> No.36009488

No need to save her, it's just her setting up a reason to take a short break so she can go have sex

>> No.36009491

It's not gay it's a deep emotional bond between two best friends, you wouldn't understand. Women and beta males can not comprehend the (not gay) true love between two men.

>> No.36009492

Which Holos have regular casual sex?

>> No.36009493

Theres such a thing as platonic love, but the moment it becomes phyiscal its hella gay

>> No.36009494

all of them except aqua

>> No.36009495

not matsuri

>> No.36009497

Not Nene that's for sure, she's a virgin.

>> No.36009498

The married ones.

>> No.36009501

Did Mel do anything interesting in Minecraft?

>> No.36009502

Towa, with me

>> No.36009506


>> No.36009508

But boomer media told me that married women never want to have sex, always have headaches or other excuses

>> No.36009509

she's not pekora so no

>> No.36009512

Not true, physical contact between men is normal.

>> No.36009514

but Pekora's minecraft streams are awfully boring

>> No.36009517

It doesn't exist. I can tell you this as a person who is unable to feel certain emotions.

>> No.36009519

It's not like she plays anything else either.

>> No.36009521

If youre gay

>> No.36009522

She started Merurairu and is slowly working on a blood farm.

>> No.36009523

That's a lie so kids don't think their parent are having sex and by proxy they don't think about having sex.
The truth is that your parents were having sex, all the time.

>> No.36009527

so if I walked up to a stranger reached into his pants and started rubbing his juicy cock that's normal?

>> No.36009529

>your oshi
>which fanbase is objectively THE most powerful in these threads?

>> No.36009533

Nah, but eg. checking your best bro's progress at the gym by feeling his bicep is not gay

>> No.36009534

thats not gay at all
you are gay for thinking its gay

>> No.36009535


>> No.36009536

I've read the posts here and they make sense but I still don't want to accept that Nene isn't a virgin...

>> No.36009538

Theres no way to know because everyone is falselfagging as someone else.

>> No.36009541

35P, every other fanbase fears them and schizos hate them

>> No.36009543


>> No.36009544


>> No.36009545

Yeah that's actually a pretty funny joke. You'll both just laugh it off because you're both not gay.

>> No.36009549


>> No.36009550

>Incel hours

>> No.36009551

She called chat a bunch of fags, said they were acting like fags and she doesn't need any fags in chat. I think during her and Botan's first PUBG collab she saw a guy that was wearing women's clothes(I think) and said he looked really faggy and made him the leader.

>> No.36009552

>bait views
As if it would surprised anybody or make any interesting topic

>> No.36009557

why hasn't this been posted to reddit? she needs to be taught a lesson about not messing with us trannies.

>> No.36009562

Me and my best bro play this game where we suck each others' dicks and call the person who cums first a fag. I usually win because my bro's never been all that great at cocksucking, and when he jizzes in my mouth, I make him finish me off then give him a passionate kiss so he has to swallow both loads. Then I berate him for the next hour or so about what a total fag he is.

But this one time, we were 69ing like normal, and I could tell my bro was getting really close to orgasm. I wasn't quite there yet, but I hear him cry around my cock and it really gets to me. So I decide to take pity on my bro and slow way down, only gently stroking him and planting a tender kiss every now and again. Sure enough, I cum first and then finish him off and swallow. And then he looks over at me and plants a wet one right on my lips. I feel my own salty jizz slide into my mouth and swallow it happily. He breaks the kiss after a good while, looks me right in the eyes, says "...Fag" and punches me on the arm as hard as he can.

We cuddle naked for a while after that. I smile as he holds me in his strong arms and tells me what a colossal fucking faggot I am. I "agree" and laugh along with him, sometimes giving him another kiss or two. When it's finally time for me to leave (had to go to my girlfriend's birthday party), my bro gives me the biggest bro hug he's ever given and says "Thanks, bro." I tell him it's no big deal and that it was the least I could do for a bro as awesome as him.

>> No.36009567

Watamates are not powerful

>> No.36009568

She plans on playing the Yuffie dlc. I don't know if it will be during the weekend or not. She also plans on playing DQ4 soon, as well as doing a DQ1+2 endurance. No set date though.

>> No.36009569

Marine and Flare, with each other.

>> No.36009570

Nothing negative is allowed there, all holos are holy saints.

>> No.36009571

I came here from /vt/, please take showers!

>> No.36009572

That fag.

>> No.36009577

Marine and Flare are girlfriends

>> No.36009578

>followed by matsuri
look at his art

>> No.36009579

holos like it stinky

>> No.36009580

We love Shinra here

>> No.36009582

I like stinky holo's...

>> No.36009583

i want to smell every single stinky holo

>> No.36009588

stinky = tasty

>> No.36009589

I like Nene too.

>> No.36009591

Holos are idols and they're only allowed to have sex with A-chan when they want release.

>> No.36009592


>> No.36009597

Easy as shit, all you need to do is have a title that says; "Pekora enjoys yuri in manga" No need to say "light" or that it was a long time ago, since you only need to bait people.
Then just add Miko, Moona, and Marine in the thumbnail with a cross over Marine to signify that she isn't "light" yuri enough and a green checkmark over Moona and Miko. Boom, instant easy views.

>> No.36009603

>Matsuri pretending to be perverted again
Wow it's nothing.

>> No.36009604

Smellfags are the fucking worst.

>> No.36009606

Someone said it was just 4 hours or something unless you get stuck on some minigame so might very well be a weekday game if it is that short.

>> No.36009606,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.36009606,2 [INTERNAL] 


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