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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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Flare will NEVER play DMC3

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subaru's realization...

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fuck matsuri

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Your oshi is a whore

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Haachama collab and watchalong today!

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Roboco is separating astel from choco on her pov...

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Tokoyami Towa

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leave konbu wakame to me

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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Aki Tonight!

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>Cover hates her
Bitch got to sing an anime song
Bitch got to be a host for a weekly gameshow instead of any of the designated Gamer gen
Quit your bullshit and suck my dick

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anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

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>had to step out of the room for a second
>missed the plate drop

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13 days until her birthday!

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!

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Iofi later

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What do you think Polka smell like after a long day of exciting and physically demanding performances?

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. 50k of the 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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Too busy uploading sick dmc2 combo montages on her other account

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The mosters seem to end up grabbing Tifa very often...

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you get to see the aftermath right now
also she just said "if it were me, and tokyo were just crushed like that...."

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What would I do for a Matsuri in chains...

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>okakoro live
>not even 70k

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Imagine getting to play with Flare's tits. Just two big fat squishy chocoballs filling your hands.

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what the fuck is your spacing schizo

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Anon, pls stop feeding the trol

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Flare is flat

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i'm not sure i'm a big fan of the new noelschizo ritualpost, it needs more oomph

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Marine is so lucky....

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I love Aqua.

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Not fat enough yet. I will keep bullying until she is just right

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Wow, It's almost like they're both actually really boring and not actually worth watching
Haha Le Doog Slayer and Comfy Fat Cat "Gets forgotten and left behind by the Holos with actual talent"

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Coffee Elf

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What's the likelyhood of Cover fucking up Flare's 3D live? How about Towa's?

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damn I want to sex risu in that outfit

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why is subaru figting a doghouse

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Are they kohi flavored?

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covfefe elf

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Yeah but Rushia is on the list too so that's a moot point

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0, they aren't live anymore

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Imagine something caught her attention and she turned a bit too fast and one of her honkers clapped the side of your head with noticeable force behind it and it sends you tumbling backward

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what's the likelyhood of Flare getting a new (whiter) model for her 3D live?

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no one? just me?

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There's a lot of males in Hololive

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I will marry this menhera.

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Towa said the solo parts in hers will be live. Also, did you not watch Marine's? They managed to fuck up playing a video.

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that didn't stop them from somehow fucking up marine's live

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We just have to keep calling her brown

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Risu's brown areolas!

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You're correct but she's still a better singer than Korone

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Anon, in what way does le Doog Slayer torture your cock and balls? Please show and tell.

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Risu sounds so sexy today...

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Love Matsuri

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I unironically want you to die. Shitposting about girls not in Gen 3 not being as popular as Gen 3 is so fucking stupid and you've been doing it for 6 months.

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here's your controller bro

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It's a Hell House

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I like the nut thing she did.

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When is Risu buying a new mic? Where are my SC going?

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Flare loves Marine

>> No.35987915

that's not the only thing up if you know what I mean

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They're all redirected into Shinove's bank account.

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What the fuck am I supposed to do with 4 xbox controllers?
I only have a ps4

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I like the nut thing she did.

You mean Hell-o-live?

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her dying parents hospital fees

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Flare will never be content.

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Like This!

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Probably a bit stinky. Fun fact, fennecs sweat.

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No, Hell House https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Hell_House_(Final_Fantasy_VII_enemy)

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hmm nahone wagaru

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That panties look lewd

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Stop that.

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Based, I'm disappointed that there is no peanut butter involved

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I'm sorry Mr koro I cannot hold back

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Towa's birthday is tomorrow!

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Elite Cafe

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Is Milk ogey?

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That "generic outsourced anime" artstyle really doesn't fit Korone

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Risu really is /our girl/

>> No.35987952

At least spoiler it if you insist on posting NSFW.
Damn rebellious teens infesting /jp/

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The dog fuckers are being horny AGAIN...

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Okite Okite

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in the same amount of time that pekora has spent on ff7r subaru has already gotten to the same point she has with ff7
this basically means ff7r takes WAY longer than ff7

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seaniggers woke up

>> No.35987962

The first thing I focused on was the dick...

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What's so weird about it?

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You have your own board. Stay there

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It's Real.

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wow it's almost like making an entire game based on one small area from the original game wouldn't end up being 60 hours long, shocking

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I love my cute little alien wife!

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>showers with your oshi

>> No.35987969

lmao the plastic barriers

>> No.35987970

It is, it's full of padding and filler

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I'm disappointed that there is no peanut butter for the dog identity acknowledgement but cummies are probably fine as dogs would probably larp them up as protein rich fluid.

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FF7R only covers the first section of FF7. Based on her stream length last week Subaru will go past the end of FF7R today.

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>protein rich fluid.
Mr koro would not miss out on a chance for gains

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Cloud should just carry that bench with him all the time

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It's been 341 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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>it fucking talks

>> No.35987982

Imagine the smell in that miko.

>> No.35987983

>Choco has to carry this round
Do you believe in her, anons?

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I love her more than you

>> No.35987989

Reine.. come visit the treerat.

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God damn kids and their porn

>> No.35987994

Risu's going to eat some nuts.

>> No.35987995

it's cute how Sora knows what to do

>> No.35987996

you know what WOULD have been good filler content for ff7r?
putting in the life of aerith living with her adoptive mother

>> No.35987998

Towa's friends will be there!

>> No.35988000

wrong! I love her more!

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>> No.35988002

There was defiantly more than just showering

>> No.35988006


Wtf is it supposed to prevent people kneeling around the little tables too close to each other?

>> No.35988010

god the original FF7 is so much better than the Remake, why did they turn it into a shitty action movie?

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>> No.35988014

Risu is getting too uppity lately...it's like like she's planning on taking over Hololive and THIS thread.

>> No.35988016

Marine loves Flare, they're girlfriends

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>> No.35988018


people payin for this shit? LMAO

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Very good. And no, I didn't know. Thank you for sharing

Your pic related answered it

>> No.35988021

Bad choice of colors, only the Korone theme makes immediate sense

>> No.35988024

To appeal to bigger audience and also milk that nostalgia.

>> No.35988025

>tfw coco might have touched my oshi in the wrong places

>> No.35988026

Tifa is getting all the good stuff...

>> No.35988027

Gen 6 better be all flat. Flatness is greatness!

>> No.35988028

stop trying to give me a mask fetish

>> No.35988029

They shouldn't compare. Obviously EN got more subs, they have a larger audience due to their language/time zone.

>> No.35988030

Welcome to Kingdom Hearts

>> No.35988031

I believe in her big confidences

>> No.35988033

>sora RPG

>> No.35988034

There won't be a gen 6

>> No.35988035

Post it on /vt/ mate, shitty translation belongs there

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>> No.35988040

I can only tell the Subaru and Korone ones. Is the 2nd one supposed to be Ch*cken or some shit?

>> No.35988041

>some of her merch sell out and had to be restocked
What? Fucking explain this shit you fags told me that no one watches her and that everyone forgot about her

>> No.35988042

I'm kinda disappointed that we don't see more polka society maymays

>> No.35988043

it should've been made into a full remake, without all the additional minigames and interactions, and if they really wanted to make it longer or put it in parts to get more sales they could have
1 expanded on character backstories, like the life of the people in seventh heaven and the eventual avalanche formation
2 cloud's life before taking on the avalanche job
3 some sephiroth backstory

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>> No.35988046

Nomura is a hack

>> No.35988047

do you think Cover is afraid of putting stars models on MMD because they think people will make porn of them fucking the girls?

>> No.35988048

Because nobody would open your youtube link you ended up using screenshot, huh?

>> No.35988050


>> No.35988051

>mentally ill
Why are clippers like this?

>> No.35988052

>2 cloud's life before taking on the avalanche job
you have crisis core for that

>> No.35988053

I will fuck this lion

>> No.35988054

instead of that we got a shit ton of Nomura Original Characters do not steal and time ghosts...

>> No.35988055


>> No.35988056

yeah, they basically gave ff7 the kingdom hearts treatment with a bunch of additional minigames and stuff to do in game rather than fleshing out character development
it would have been so good to see people playing through cloud and tifa's childhood for one

>> No.35988057

I want /v/ to leave

>> No.35988058

We blew our Joker meme load on Towa but 90% of this thread is too new to remember it.

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>> No.35988062

unironically yes

>> No.35988064

What if this was a key component in their contingency plan should the population grows disillusioned from their scare tactics and attempt at increasing their control on us?

>> No.35988065

>I want /v/ to leave
You're the one who invited them and made them feel welcome.

>> No.35988066

isn't cc mostly focused on zack
at least it feels like it's not the story of cloud alone, a lot of it is what zack did and cloud tagging along
well I don't remember, even though I saw a little of aki's playthrough

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>> No.35988068

>Nomura is doing the changes
Invalid opinion

>> No.35988072

me too rami
me too

>> No.35988074

No I didn't

>> No.35988075

Pls do not blame the esls

>> No.35988077

Does Subaru literally make a new save at every single save point?
nah that's pretty much it, but nothing about Cloud even matters until Nibelheim anyway
except for me? gongaga

>> No.35988079

Going by the homofags in these threads, that's the only reason they even want the models.

>> No.35988080


>> No.35988081

It looks good though

>> No.35988082

Did crisis core even cover Cloud's life after the Nibelheim incident?
I thought that game only served as Zack's soldier's days fanfiction with Gackt self insert.

>> No.35988083

Yes you did, yes you did.

>> No.35988084

The original was a movie anyway. And it was the point of no return for jrpg becoming more movie like anyway

>> No.35988088

How about another meme, Coco?

>> No.35988089

Mikochi's breast milk-tea...

>> No.35988091

Just go back and take you medicaton

>> No.35988092

>cover Cloud's life after the Nibelheim incident?
I mean, going by Crisis Core there's no life.

>> No.35988093

She's mom-tier irl anon...

This actually makes me wonder, what was she doing before this? I mean she must have something going at that point in her life right?

>> No.35988094

So that's why Rushia has a brother complex.

>> No.35988098

don't care. 加齢臭 won't stop me

>> No.35988099

You should've seen her Ao Oni playthrough

>> No.35988100

Shilling gacha mobile games, how new are you

>> No.35988101

Excellent anon, thank you.

>> No.35988102

Cloud goes straight to midgar as soon as Zack dies and Tifa finds him at the station, it's only a few weeks after the end of CC or not even that

>> No.35988103

>draw JP
>shove ENshit in the background

>> No.35988104

We're tied of you

>> No.35988106

See Cloud, that is you use the bench with style

>> No.35988107

the new characters are HIS tho, from the biker dude in the game, the Yuffie dlc extras and even the retarded pic related.
if that is not enough to put blame on Nomura then go fuck yourself

>> No.35988109

I would fuck her like no tomorrow either way what's your point?

>> No.35988111

yes she's autistic about it

>> No.35988112

Just like shoehorning Aloe

>> No.35988114

ask the artist, I have nothing

>> No.35988115

Do you?

>> No.35988118

Nomura did Dirge of Cerberus?

>> No.35988120

see, you need to take your meds to make them go away

>> No.35988124

What if holos who aren't performing get forced into making cooking stream but it's actually just them working in the Miko cafe which is like a playable bad end?

>> No.35988125

artist do that retarded shit so they have an excuse to use the EN members tags and get more views, likes

>> No.35988126

and with big butts anon, dont forget the big butts

>> No.35988128

>be artist
>draw some Hololive art
>sneak in some easter eggs
>publish on twitter
>oh fuck I forgot to ask anon's opinion on the 4chan
>delete the fanart and whip myself

>> No.35988129

If I use my prostate, I can go 3+. But if I just jerk off, I can only manage one, or twice a gay

>> No.35988130

You would be doing yourself a disservice not

>> No.35988132

Oh hey that's a great idea! I'll be using that method from now on

>> No.35988133

Because the artist is an ENfag who wouldn't even know what a hole-of-live was without western streamers being associated with it.

>> No.35988135

that's this fag's fault

>> No.35988136


>> No.35988137

>fap 3-5 times a day
>balls hurt most of the time now
that's a lie

>> No.35988139

if you watch sora she will give you a nice reward later!

>> No.35988141

Where do all the newfags come from... Wasn't /vt/ supposed to take them away

>> No.35988142

Sometimes, but usually just twice max.

>> No.35988143

Fucking Malaysian

>> No.35988145


Why didn't they just designed her as a cougar?

>> No.35988146

21 times a month anon, not a week.

>> No.35988147

I can't believe Nose is playing more Maicra since APEX reminds her of how Towa pumped and dumped her but she still keeps on coming back to APEX... Why is Towa like this...

>> No.35988152

towa isn't tied down by any one woman she has a big enough banana to go around she has options now

>> No.35988156

You could also blame the people responsible dementors, time travel and melodrama but Nomura is probably the only name you know. I bet you also think he made the game on his own.

>> No.35988159

>Babe it's 4 PM, time for your prostate cancer risk reduction

>> No.35988160

Fuck off. Discuss your shitty videogames on your board

>> No.35988161

Why don't the holos say "oishi!!" or "umai!" whenever they take a bite of food? Why don't they go "pwah!!" when drinking something? It doesn't make any sense to me.

>> No.35988163

Go back

>> No.35988167

>what was she doing before this

>> No.35988170

No, the first thing people would make with Roberu's model is a render of Haneru dominating him since Kuku's model isn't available yet

>> No.35988171

all me

>> No.35988172

God I want to be Astel so fucking bad right now

>> No.35988173

Because the food is actually trash, anime is a lie

>> No.35988179


>> No.35988180

Nose's fault for not cleaning her room

>> No.35988181

Holos having to act like other holos would make for a fun collab

>> No.35988182


>> No.35988185

Why would you want to fuck dogs

>> No.35988187

I came from ic actually, I really like shishiro and I still like her, her demeanor reminds me of one of my mom's friend who's a wise old lady so I kinda expect it but it still came as a bit of a surprise

>> No.35988190

Minato Aqua is the turbo monkey of Hololive

>> No.35988191

God I want to be fucking Astel so bad right now

>> No.35988193


>> No.35988194

>5 (You)s in one post
I'm feeling giddy

>> No.35988196


>> No.35988198

That's already been done, you're just too new to have experienced it.

>> No.35988199

>> No.35988201

Check out the SMOK collab, it was fantastic. I wish they'd do more.

>> No.35988203

Holos having to act like they enjoy other holos' taste and gargle it and play with it with their tongue before swallowing it for the suspension of disbelief

>> No.35988206

Please refrain from metaposting and stay on topic.

>> No.35988207

imagine making this unironically

>> No.35988208

Kanata is too loud

>> No.35988210

Look at the time.
What country is that? Really makes you think.

>> No.35988213

Anon, what's the point of trying to monopolize the ownership of my posts?

>> No.35988218

Hell ya, stairs time

>> No.35988221

What is wrong with betting on the winning team?

>> No.35988227


>> No.35988228

>Lamy thinks that the most fashionable Holo Member is Suityan

>> No.35988229

That Persona 4 dance meme is so fucking shit

>> No.35988230

Is Miko like that certain armpit flaunting shrine maiden?

>> No.35988235

Blue bias

>> No.35988239


>> No.35988240

>> No.35988242

RIP Pop-chan's roommate

>> No.35988245

based, nijibeggars will seethe

>> No.35988246

Those stairs never end...

>> No.35988247


>> No.35988248

90 minutes till her return!

>> No.35988250

She's much less slutty

>> No.35988252

>> No.35988255

how the fuck

>> No.35988269

Sora Love!

>> No.35988274


She might be unironically pregnant

>> No.35988275

awful taste btw

>> No.35988280

Wrong thread

>> No.35988281

My boy Astel is going it

>> No.35988282

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soY4OYrcfO8 [Embed]
5th gen is such a failure

>> No.35988283

Too big

>> No.35988287

Wrong thread

>> No.35988288

Miosha rolling up the hills.

>> No.35988290

Honestly unpopular opion here but gen 5 is a failure from the start. What do they bring to the table?
Lamy = Discount Rushia that's alcoholic
Polka = She was supposed to be the cheerful, funny one but instead became one of the top contenders for the nr. 1 menhera spot.
Botan = She's good at gaming I admit, but we have Hololive Gamer and Aqua for that spot. Wasted potential.
Nene = Only good for clips, watching 2 live streams of her made me mentally sick.
And the Dead one that doomed the Gen from the start.

>> No.35988291

>Translated clip

>> No.35988292

Glad Subaru is playing FF again. She's hands down the best RPG experience in all of Hololive. Pekora and Okayu fags can fuck off.

>> No.35988293

I thought that one was miosha

>> No.35988300

>casual meido
good at gaming

>> No.35988301



>> No.35988302

am I on drugs or was she going the other way before?

>> No.35988303

Pekor... Bio is useless here. Also give Barrett something good

>> No.35988304

stop spamming

>> No.35988305

I think the homochads are winning and I can't help but seethe

>> No.35988312

Subaru's RPG playthroughs are hilarious because of how she has to compulsive lie

>> No.35988313

Nice stealth moves

>> No.35988314

Reminder that I live in (You)r head rent free, Gokibronies.

Oh, what's that, your failure of a generation still hasn't gottan a 1M VTuber yet all of EN has?






>> No.35988315

The fuck you expecting from the shitposting ENtrash?

>> No.35988316

nah it's clearly marine

>> No.35988318

Can we have a verdict on this?

>> No.35988320


>> No.35988321

wtf pay your rent or I will have to evict you

>> No.35988322

>Veibae and were on BBC news
>Mousey just raised 100,000 dollars for Charity.
Bros, are we underestimating Vshojo?

>> No.35988327

Good job responding to mirrored posts retards

>> No.35988328

(((charity))) scams

>> No.35988329

Heard the interview was a disaster and they got shit on

>> No.35988330

I fucking love it, her reaction to the story and some of her thoughts on plot points are nice.

>> No.35988331

For me it's Snuffy

>> No.35988334

Please tell me this one at least didn't go towards saving pitbulls

>> No.35988336

Fucking sheepfags.

>> No.35988338

Reminder that even VShojo brutally mogs Holoshit in the 3D tracking department

>> No.35988340

so what riled up the ape this time

>> No.35988341

it's not necessary, the mere fact that sora is alive is already the only reward.

>> No.35988345

FF6 Subaru was a classic and FF7 is looking even better. Her reactions to the plot twists are gonna be gold. Haven't watched a Hololive stream in months but I can't turn down Subaru FF.

>> No.35988346

>> No.35988347

Oi cunt I wanna shag Lofi now?gkwnj

>> No.35988348

>> No.35988350

I think it's just boredom this time

>> No.35988353

>It's ok when Marine talks about sex, but if Vei does it, YWNBJ mutts fly into a fit of autistic rage
Why are Ichitranny weeaboos like this?

>> No.35988355

>Okayu fags
The only Okayu fag left here is the summary poster

>> No.35988356

Anxious friend is looking bulliable

>> No.35988357


>> No.35988359

That and he probably realized he doesn't get as many (You)s using Noel.

>> No.35988360

If you hate Matsuri, change her for the better instead of complaining!

>> No.35988362


>> No.35988363

Why do you waste your time watching these people? Fucking losers

>> No.35988365

stay away from my wife I saw what your kind did to haato

>> No.35988366

You could have used my post as a conversation starter but you chose to be a faggot instead

>> No.35988369

Reminder you can just filter the retard.


>> No.35988372

>> No.35988373

holy shit...

>> No.35988376

Man the 1st disc is so slow. People really love it but it was always the worst slog when replaying. The game doesn't get fun until Junon.

>> No.35988377

why would you save that abomination on your pc

>> No.35988378

I think I will watch Mel's Minecraft later.

>> No.35988381

hey me too!

>> No.35988383

Eat shit and die, I have no obligation to show kindness to you cunts.

>> No.35988384


>> No.35988385

>why would you save that abomination on your pc

>> No.35988386

I just want more SMOK

>> No.35988387

Best gen
prove me wrong

>> No.35988388

Nah, but Subaru's been my second favorite since FF6

>> No.35988391

If it's the best Gen then why did Coco retire?

>> No.35988393

With Coco? Maybe
Now? lol...

>> No.35988394

This Shiva is gorgeous. Even more than the FFX one

>> No.35988395

no really, those are repulsive, why on earth would you expose yourself and others to that shit

>> No.35988398

sm ok desu

>> No.35988401


>> No.35988404

X > XV > VIII > VII > the rest

>> No.35988405

Akwa, my Akwa. Why must you suffer so? Alas, poor Akwa! I knew her, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. She hath borne me on her back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. —Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now to mock your own grinning? Quite chapfallen? Now get you to my lady’s chamber and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come. Make her laugh at that.—Prithee, my Akwa, tell me one thing... My poor, poor Akwa...

>> No.35988407


>> No.35988408

I can't believe Pekora beat that

>> No.35988410

Moona is nice, why can't you be?

>> No.35988411

You are late Pecloud

>> No.35988412


>> No.35988413

*mogs you in numbers, 3D tracking, and SOVL*
heh, nothing personnel, holobrony

>> No.35988414

The duality of Aqua Crew

>> No.35988415

>> No.35988416

Anon, if Alan Turing was so great then why was he gay and died at 41?

>> No.35988417

The first two and Melody are hot, the others i wouldn't even fap to, except maybe the hoshikawa clone on the right

>> No.35988420

onahole idol

>> No.35988424


>> No.35988426

>Vskanks and their delusions
like pottery

>> No.35988427

Stop posting chink queen

>> No.35988428

What's Sora even doing?

>> No.35988429

Aqua's pink bush...

>> No.35988430

How is my post bait but the other one isn't

>> No.35988431

Why does he have an antenna on his head?

>> No.35988438

I thought Cloud was the MC...

>> No.35988441

I want to be fucked by Choco and Roboco at the same time

>> No.35988443

Wasn't the pink cat a loli? The fuck happened?

>> No.35988444

The MC is unironically Aerith.

>> No.35988445

I don't know how anyone can unironically argue that any Gen but Gen 3 is the greatest Hololive Gen of all time. They're literally the perfect Gen. Every other Gen has massive problems. Gen 1 is extremely disjointed with very little interaction between members. Haato is basically retired. Fubuki and Matsuri barely collab like they used to. Aki and Mel you wouldn't even know was Gen 1 unless you looked it up. Gen 2 has two members who never ever stream and one member who clearly doesn't give a shit anymore. Subaru and Aqua basically hard carry that garbage Gen, which honestly is the greatest waste of potential of all Holo gens. Gen 4 had something amazing going with PPTrio. Coco is obviously a big hit and Watame and Kanata were solid. Luna was niche and Towa had that incident. They're probably the 2nd best Gen but they just couldn't put it all together chemistry wise. Coco and Kanata were strong but Watame drifted and Towa and Luna were always outcasts. 5 was dead on arrival. Gen 3 has amazing chemistry, numbers, talent, everything. Gen 3 basically put Hololive on the map. Pekora/Marine/Rushia is just busted in one Gen, they're all like top 10 most popular Holos and they're all in 1 Gen.

>> No.35988447

Subaru... this is cheating

>> No.35988448

What did she do?

>> No.35988449

she's trying to be a gambling mogul

>> No.35988451

Post it 10 more times

>> No.35988454

I don't know, I've been sitting here for like 20 minutes watching stacks of money fall on two plates

>> No.35988456

do you have a scat fetish? why are you trying your best to get shit on?

>> No.35988457

Take meds

>> No.35988459

Why is Subaru playing the chinese version?

>> No.35988460

Didn't coco put Hololive on the map?

>> No.35988461


>> No.35988462

anyone else ffeling burnout from hololive? I think in'm goin go take a day or month off and see how it goes

>> No.35988464

>Tekken Stream
Sold, Fuck hololive

>> No.35988466

One of the laughs you can hear in the background of a random episode i clicked on of ポルカの伝説 sounded like Roberu. Someone explain this....

>> No.35988467

Man, Barrett was a great character to begin with but the remake made him straight up fantastic. It added so many new touches to his personality.

>> No.35988468

>Astel is coaching Coco & RBC properly
What a surprise.

>> No.35988470

AL collab did.

>> No.35988471

no that was miko when she said the n word

>> No.35988473

izutsu is a worker in management or in pr, and that would be one of her fellow co-workers

>> No.35988475

>Astel with most viewers
Explain yourself right now low level holos

>> No.35988476

Azur Lane put Hololive on the map. Coco literally didn't so shit and is massively overrated. Literally none of her clips went viral. Asacoco was bigger amongst the Japanese than the West. Coco just did really well with superchats. Means literally nothing else.

>> No.35988478

Tifa is so cute holy shit.

>> No.35988479


>> No.35988480


>> No.35988481


>> No.35988482


happened in one of towa's streams too

>> No.35988483

Tifa is a whore. She fucked Johnny in Costa Del Sol.

>> No.35988484

Look at all these retards replying to copy-paste baits.

>> No.35988485

people don't care that RBC and Choco are collabing with a guy while people are watching Astel to be like "wowie zowie i'm glad the girls are finally acknowledging the guys!!!!!" or something.

>> No.35988487

You do realize that Roberu and Polka are friends, right?

>> No.35988488

wasn't that some random dude in the inn and not johnny?

>> No.35988489

>would Cloud be hugging Barrett if I went for the Barrett route?
Asking the real questions.

>> No.35988490

>Walking down the street at night
>Suddenly get stabbed
>Turn around
>See this
What do

>> No.35988492


>> No.35988494


>> No.35988495

>money laundering stream
>Cover is actually a front for yakuza money laundering and is actually making massive loss every year
>Sora's the earliest to join and so is in on it

>> No.35988496

Aqutan wearing glasses!

>> No.35988497

I thought the Aruran edit is funnier where he's just going "pizza pizza pizza"

>> No.35988498

who are the two nonholos in slots 2 and 5?

>> No.35988499

At least she's not a 'flower girl'.

>> No.35988500

Barret route...

>> No.35988501

Too bad there's no Gold Saucer date yet in the remake

>> No.35988502

cum uncontrollably

>> No.35988503

Are you retarded? That's the scrip writer he's always in the background

>> No.35988504

is there a repository for copy pasta that I can cross check before I respond to a post?

>> No.35988506

Hell no, Hololive became international way before Coco even debuted.

>> No.35988507


>> No.35988508

Don't worry polka is a fat dyke anyway

>> No.35988512

Hey you're right, that's neat.

>> No.35988513

Roberu writes her skits?

>> No.35988514

Nah it was Johnny.

>> No.35988515


>> No.35988516

Can Nene possibly be stopped?

>> No.35988520

WTF Roberu was the script writer all along?!?!?!?

>> No.35988521

That's even sluttier might as well take a sitting at the local glory hole booths>>35988488

>> No.35988522

meme review brought in 90% of the EOP fanbase, only EOPs migo brought in were racists from 4chan

coco is one of if not thte most influentical holos out there and if you don't agree you might be ching chonged

>> No.35988523

Wasn't that Cloud? If he agreeds to stay on the hotel for free?

>> No.35988524

Doubt it, if that was the case his morning show wouldn't be such a a snorefest

>> No.35988526

>grows ears
>they don't fit the frame and block most of the screen
>model freezes
high spec...

>> No.35988529

Use your instinct or just lurk here during prime time.

>> No.35988530

Obviously he's so burnt out from staying up all night writing Polka's show that he can't perform in the morning anymore!

>> No.35988531

>meme review
How fucking new are you? Meme review was a pretty recent skit that came way after the Hololive surge in popularity.

>> No.35988532

2 looks like Lize but I seriously doubt it's her.

>> No.35988533

I almost thought the last one was Noel

>> No.35988534

tensai onion!

>> No.35988535

Instant loss on me

>> No.35988537

Crossdresser Barret? Please no

>> No.35988538


>> No.35988539

I still think it's funny as fuck that the mad scientist who is responsible for Sephiroth, and one of the major antagonists of the story, is just chilling on the beach in Costa del Sol with some random beach bimbos.

>> No.35988540

It has come to my attention that some insufferable anons kept saying bad things to Amane Kanata. Such kind girl doesn't deserve any hate. Please redirect your hate to any other shitty holo or even better other branch.

>> No.35988541

See, Minato Aqua really is black!

>> No.35988542

Ero-Aqua Sensei!

>> No.35988543

Sorry I couldn't hear you. Could you repeat that?

>> No.35988544

>> No.35988545

Isn't the rightmost one that one idol niji, Aiha Uiba or whatever her name was?

>> No.35988547

She kinda looks like the lamb girl from .EVIL

>> No.35988548

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35988549


>> No.35988550

Why is she steaming?

>> No.35988551

Imagine the smell

>> No.35988552

>> No.35988554

He's going to get to at least 5k concurrent viewers while playing apex by the end of the year

>> No.35988555

One of them maybe Aiba Uiha?

>> No.35988558

Why is Pekor's stream shadowbanned?

>> No.35988559


>> No.35988560

> C: you see, I hate being called Shoco tan... it made me goose bumps when was called by 50's old man.....

>> No.35988561

Oh yeah that's 100% her. Good catch

>> No.35988563

I choose this one

>> No.35988565

IDs run these threads.

>> No.35988566

I'll take the watermellons

>> No.35988567

What's stopping Choco from devouring Astel after this stream?

>> No.35988568

good edit

>> No.35988569

Seems like Lize yes, and Uiha

>> No.35988570

It's literally on the home page for me.

>> No.35988572

>being this knew

>> No.35988573

Clothings and underwear

>> No.35988574

This post is too loud

>> No.35988576

sleep schedule

>> No.35988579

It is her no2

>> No.35988581


>> No.35988582

Sora-sama is so cute again today!

>> No.35988584

the fact that Choco is not a small dog.

>> No.35988586

Iofi is coming back today!

>> No.35988588

What happened?

>> No.35988589


>> No.35988590

Nene, Lize, Kanata, Suisei, Aiba

>> No.35988591

>Yagoo nyan~

>> No.35988592

>blue and orange

>> No.35988593

Apex is lame

>> No.35988594

Wrong thread

>> No.35988596


>> No.35988597

your oshi will get megane
your oshi will get kemonomimi
your oshi will get a roommate outfit

>> No.35988599

40 minutes.

>> No.35988601

HELLO I just woke up from a 6 month coma
Where is my hardcore gaming onion maid???
When is the next Sekiro speedrun?

>> No.35988602

Pretty nice, she's always a lot of fun. Surprised that she has time for it in the first place

>> No.35988604

Yagoo will get kemonomimi

>> No.35988606

that doesn't work anon since the permissions stuff all happened over a year ago

>> No.35988607

Now that she doesn't need to do LizeLulu radio anymore she should have more free time.

>> No.35988608

humming along to the BGM

>> No.35988609

Fuck off

>> No.35988611

breed sora

>> No.35988612

Is Lize music focused? It looks like a pretty music-heavy lineup if yes.

>> No.35988614


>> No.35988615

Oh yeah... their last cover was a nice send off

>> No.35988616

Fuck off nijinigger

>> No.35988617

Why are they still pretending to be friends

>> No.35988619


>> No.35988623

She's Nijisanji's premier idol along with Lulu before she anhero'd.

>> No.35988624

>6 month
try 18 months

>> No.35988627

You could say so, she's a good singer and is on of their main PR girls, pretty much the best performing female niji currently

>> No.35988628

Well, Nijisanji sure wanted her to be that way, she even has her own muse group and all.

>> No.35988629

Idol-heavy lineup

>> No.35988630

They're lovers.

>> No.35988631

>There's a YT bug where if you turn off SC you get demonetized

>> No.35988633

2/3 so far.
Official Rinko outfit when?

>> No.35988634

>She's Nijisanji's premier idol
Oh really?

>> No.35988635

nekomimi really are the best
you can put them on directly on someone's head, you can make them wear them while you're walking around town so that people will look at your girlfriend and with everyone looking at her she'd feel so embarrassed that she wouldn't look up and you get to experience the joy of holding her hand tightening on yours as she walks on, and on top of that you're able to make her feel special when you choose to do a little bit of roleplay with you giving her food and petting her and stroking her cheek when she asks for food from you as you go about eating your meals, HOLY SHIT DID I SAY THAT NEKOMIMI ARE THE BEST?

>> No.35988636

I don't know, why are you a nijinigger?

>> No.35988637

Why are her hands so underdeveloped?

>> No.35988638

>Niji's female idols are more successful than gokishit even while collabing with guys

>> No.35988639


>> No.35988641

do your reps fatty

>> No.35988642

Why do we let nijiniggers feel comfortable in this thread?

>> No.35988644

Don't (you) me retard

>> No.35988645

Pretending to be friends is what Holos are marketed to be

>> No.35988646

Nice bait

>> No.35988650

Not that nice if it can only get 2 (You)s.

>> No.35988651

So what's the point of Trinity if they aren't even going to use them for idol shilling. Give me back all those Furen streams that didn't happen because of rehearsals...
>Singing focused line up
>No Toko
>Specially when Suisei is also part of the event
Way to drop the ball

>> No.35988652

Very hard

>> No.35988653

This is the destiny that you chose.

>> No.35988654

She has incel wrists please be respectful.

>> No.35988657


>> No.35988659

Astel you can't impress women if all you do is run away

>> No.35988660

>> No.35988661

WE love Nijisanji here

>> No.35988663

T-Rex mode, not even once.

>> No.35988664

Please understand they had to shove in that useless gen 5 pos because she's been sucking producer dick

>> No.35988667

I didn’t know that Aqua is an Incel.

>> No.35988668

I find it really cute how excited Subaru gets when people talk about her or post things about her online.

>> No.35988669

Moona is unironically Pekora's best friend.

>> No.35988670

Redpill me on Minato Aqua
what's she all about

>> No.35988675

Wrong thread homofag

>> No.35988676


>> No.35988677

be quiet

>> No.35988678

Is this parasocial?

>> No.35988679

she's just lying

>> No.35988680

Minato Aqua is monke

>> No.35988682

comments think it's kaibutsu, looks like that to me as well

>> No.35988683

It's pretty obvious from all the red and red eyes.

>> No.35988686


>> No.35988687

There is literally zero proof that Minato Aqua is monkey, it's slander

>> No.35988688

Sora belongs to Iofi

>> No.35988692

Toko is good but doesn't feel like idol

>> No.35988694


>> No.35988695

Prove it.

>> No.35988696

watch pizza

>> No.35988697

Huh, who woke up the seanig Massfag?

>> No.35988700

t. Senior sheepposter and cytube sub-admin

>> No.35988701


>> No.35988703

Roboco stole Towa's gimmick of dying mid air...

>> No.35988704

Explain this, denialist.

>> No.35988705

Which holo would reach into their panties to scratch an itch when steaming?

>> No.35988708

She was so happy...

>> No.35988709

fake laugh or retard laugh? I can't tell

>> No.35988710

Agree, but she's also like their best singer by a long shot

>> No.35988714

Which 2 holos have the most overlap in fanbases?

>> No.35988716

he e e e eh
heh heh heh heh eh
he e e eh eh e

>> No.35988719

Marine and Flare

>> No.35988720

Definitely retard laugh:

>> No.35988721

Hololive truly has something for everyone.

>> No.35988722

Ayame and Shion

>> No.35988723

Akai Haato and Haachama!

>> No.35988724

Minato Aqua is not a retard, there is literally zero proof of this, you are just being rude for no reason

>> No.35988725

rbc and korone

>> No.35988727

>make new version with better graphics and updated for modern players
>play old version because muh old = soul
God I fucking hate Subaru.

>> No.35988728

Subscribe to Polka or else

>> No.35988729

Important announcement!

>> No.35988731


>> No.35988732

Nene is so lucky

>> No.35988733

Subaru actually finished games, remake will never been finished

>> No.35988734

Coco and Kanata, because Kanata has been baiting cocofags for weeks now.

>> No.35988735

Kinda glad only 7 got a modern remake
it's shit

>> No.35988736

she's doing the right thing playing the correct game first and not the sequel

>> No.35988738

I feel like I’ve seen more people with Aqua’s and Shion’s oshi marks on Twitter than Ayame’s and Shion’s

>> No.35988739

Miko and Pekora...

>> No.35988740

Well at least Minato Aqua is not black...

>> No.35988741

Her kids will be

>> No.35988742

red xiii きたああああ

>> No.35988744

But her roommate is

>> No.35988745

Haato and Haachama

>> No.35988746

Else what?

>> No.35988752

How many cocks did lize suck to get a slot in that lineup?

>> No.35988754

Greetings friends, give me you best and most repulsive rrrrrrrrrats you all have.

>> No.35988755

all the cocks

>> No.35988757

Else the world will end

>> No.35988758



>> No.35988759


>> No.35988760

mu chan...

>> No.35988762

a lot

>> No.35988763

Less than Nene because she's actually talented

>> No.35988764


>> No.35988765

No one hates Aqua. Everyone loves her

>> No.35988766

>Minato Aqua is monkey
>made a fried chicken machine in Minecraft
>self-inserts as the BLACK swordsman
>Minato Aqua is Shion's boyfriend. Shion's boyfriend is black. Therefore...
>Pekora hates black people and calls them gorillas. Aqua and Pekora clearly have some beef, this is why.
>Korone played an old game from the 90s with an extremely racist depiction of a black man and found it to be hilarious. This is why Aqua and Korone are tense around each other.
>Subaru loves black people. This is why she's one of the few Holos to break her shell.
>As established multiple times in the past, FBK is a little racist. This is why she targeted Aqua in the Mario Kart tournament and caused her to lose.
>her roommate's name is Rinkoyabembe
>no father
>Akukin Kensetsu is a BLACK company
>extremely good at looting and shooting in APEX
>has never said the GTA funny word on stream
>canonically has a 10 inch peener
>got mad hops in jump king
>insane ad-lib dancing skills
>dabs on whitey EOPs when they make lame ass onion jokes
>is a maid but doesn't do any work

>> No.35988767

nice cope

>> No.35988771

>when she sees your dick

>> No.35988772

Found the nijinig

>> No.35988773

why are retards so cute

>> No.35988775


>> No.35988777


>> No.35988778

Dont know, how many staff that event has?

>> No.35988779

I wish my oshi was a coffee Elf

>> No.35988782

>> No.35988783

What kind of coffee?

>> No.35988784

Please refrain from posting monkey here

>> No.35988785

Marine is a lesbian

>> No.35988787

Marine likes men

>> No.35988788

why are people like this

>> No.35988789

Two tablespoons of cream

>> No.35988790

Marine is straight

>> No.35988791


>> No.35988792


>> No.35988793

Marine is for big kaigai cock only

>> No.35988794

erogaki pls understand

>> No.35988795

I've done towa nakadashi

>> No.35988796

>> No.35988797

Marine only likes women

>> No.35988798

>> No.35988799

Marine is asexual, Marine reproduces by mitosis

>> No.35988801

Specifically mine

>> No.35988802

It is truly a mystery.

>> No.35988803

Marine is for spinning eggs only.

>> No.35988804

It's time

>> No.35988805

I miss Aquapex so much.. Do you have a clip of her going off on that 16 kill champion game?

>> No.35988806

yuritard cope

>> No.35988808

Point to anon, these are pretty retarded.

>> No.35988809

based yurichad

>> No.35988810

Fuck I thought that I was going to like Kyrie, stealing from Johnny is a big no

>> No.35988812

What the fuck was she doing here?

>> No.35988814


>> No.35988815

Marine has a lot of sex with her girlfriend Flare

>> No.35988816

fucking pekofags

>> No.35988817


can you not reply to your own posts?

>> No.35988818

old minato aqua's model was so messed up, just like irys today

>> No.35988819

I always reply to my own posts it's my charm point

>> No.35988820

i wonder what the new VA will sound like after the old one died of rona

>> No.35988824

It would actually be the reverse, the more talented you are the more dicks you have to suck to get on stage

>> No.35988825


Iofi is back from the fbi alien investigation facility

>> No.35988826

>> No.35988827

well, that's excellent anon

>> No.35988828


>> No.35988829

sorry anon, that was all me except >>35988817

>> No.35988832

>> No.35988833

imagine lofi getting dissected

>> No.35988834

That was when she lost her hymen

>> No.35988835


>> No.35988836

today I did my reps and I learned ぺこぺこ... why is Pekora so hungry all the time? fucking fat bitch

>> No.35988837

Kek you saw that too

>> No.35988838

>> No.35988839

the face is unfortunate rip

>> No.35988840


>> No.35988841


>> No.35988842

Pekora is a big girl

>> No.35988847

rabbits have fast metabolism

>> No.35988848

>> No.35988849

But Pekor what about the dark side of FF and chocobos...

>> No.35988850

Watch her triumphant return.

>> No.35988851

>> No.35988852


>> No.35988854

Fucking Iofi, don't ever get infected with the chinese virus again you idiot.

>> No.35988855


>> No.35988856

Fat chocobo fight!

>> No.35988857

I wonder if Aqua is a pure virgin or no...

>> No.35988859

fat fuck....

>> No.35988860

Iofi is really cute bros

>> No.35988868

Not after we consummated the marriage, sorry.

>> No.35988870

Botan would get to plow this everyday but refuses
I think she might be gay

>> No.35988874

why is barrett such a loud fuck in this game i swear to god he never stops screaming
they took giganigga too fucking seriously

>> No.35988876

That fatass is stronger than Shiva

>> No.35988877

Gween tea

>> No.35988879

Aqua said she wants to marry a girl, so she’s still pure because it doesn’t count, if it’s between girls!

>> No.35988880

aqua apex while a bit silly at times with the camping and trying to get a higher placing, was very entertaining
it's a big shame that aqua is probably going to drop it altogether now, on top of her ability to grow as a streamer from playing a variety of things because of a small group of people who insist on being retards and causing management to worry if aqua is going to be subject to the same harassment that coco got
ultimately we don't want people to be bullied out of their work or to be bullied while they're working but with the japanese mentality of not causing a scene being one of the first and foremost goal in most anything, it's probable that we won't see aqua doing anything FPS for the foreseeable future

>> No.35988881

When does Genesis show up?

>> No.35988884

fat fuck

>> No.35988888

I blame China

>> No.35988889

>> No.35988894


>> No.35988895

I believe the first jenova fight was sometime around your escape from the facility, houjou releases it iirc
so very soon, in the next 10 minutes maybe

>> No.35988897

I'm just carrying a lot of powder

>> No.35988898

>I want to trend on twitter
And the monkey paw curls

>> No.35988902

That FAT FUCK Bibi doesn't need floaties to keep from sinking.

>> No.35988904


>> No.35988905


>> No.35988908

Fat Chocobo get!

>> No.35988910

Iofi tested positive for my child

>> No.35988911

37500 yen to google!

>> No.35988913

>> No.35988914

Think he kept it?

>> No.35988915

I'm so glad chink flu doesn't work on aliens

>> No.35988917

Please don't tell me it's all over the carpet again...this is the 5th carpet this month...

>> No.35988918

he kept the real aki in his bedroom and she makes him breakfast everyday

>> No.35988920

Yagoo is married anon

>> No.35988922

Aki is married too

>> No.35988923


>> No.35988924

Just get hardwood or tile, dude, or buy your Ayame some Depends.

>> No.35988926

It doesn't smell this time

>> No.35988930

Aki is Yagoo's wife?

>> No.35988933

He was always loud and obnoxious. But now you can listen to him instead of just reading his comstant @#$%! "dialogues"

>> No.35988935

The fact that she caught it means it worked retard

>> No.35988936


>> No.35988942

But FFVII isn't even voiced

>> No.35988944

I'm so glad Iofi isn't a war of the worlds Alien

>> No.35988945

He was always loud though

>> No.35988947


>> No.35988948


>> No.35988949

These fucking FF7 girls with god tier tummies is too much for me

>> No.35988950

You telling me that jRPGs had avoidable encounters ever since the SNES era?

>> No.35988953

at what hour is the mikochama collab

>> No.35988955


>> No.35988957


>> No.35988960

>The chinkflu boost is real.
Hope Pekora doesn't get any weird ideas...

>> No.35988966

Encounters are avoidable half the time in Pokemon
And there's Repel too

>> No.35988968

Friend bought herself a man!

>> No.35988971


>> No.35988972

bro? just cast estoma

>> No.35988976

Tifa's suspenders makes it even better

>> No.35988977


>> No.35988981

Are you for real?

>> No.35988984

I hope this means they'll collab more after this

>> No.35988986

What is this supposed to be?

>> No.35988987

their ass will collab with my dick

>> No.35988989

Which one of those is Towa?

>> No.35988996

the one at home because she wasnt picked

>> No.35988997

Kanata will crush your dick bro...

>> No.35989002

That's can't be right...

>> No.35989006


>> No.35989008

miComet is so powerful it killed pekomiko, hoshi no kanata and bakatare

>> No.35989010


>> No.35989011

Is that Lize and Uiha?

>> No.35989016

was a forced duo by the company
>hoshi no kanata
it was just suisei one sidedly clinging to kanata
has always been a loose group from the start

>> No.35989017


>> No.35989018

Nene, Sora, Kanata, Suisei and ???

>> No.35989019

Lize doesn't have that pointy hair thingy

>> No.35989022

Why does Sora look disappointed?

>> No.35989026

i can't believe that "buy moms online" ad is actually real!

>> No.35989027


>> No.35989029

That doesn't seem like Sora

>> No.35989030

She thought she was flashing you, but then she remembered she was wearing spats

>> No.35989034


>> No.35989035


>> No.35989042


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