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Based. Fuck janniggers btw. Give Holobronies the GR15 now.

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The one good time a wojak thread is of good use.

Fuck Holobronies. They need to get the FUCK back on the board created especially for them.

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Why aren't /jp/sies rising up against the Holoniggers more often? This board lost its spark.

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the shark helmet is a nice touch

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Because whenever there is conflict HoloCHADs always win. Even this attack is all qa

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>Because whenever there is conflict HoloCHADs always win. Even this attack is all qa

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Because all the oldfags that made this board and lived here are gone and the only 2hufags left are a cargo cult of zoomer tourists who think their special snowflake brand of autism is too hardcore for /r9k/ but are too busy rotating from /vg/ and /mlp/ to actually defend it

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based fuck vshits
mods GET them BACK to their designated board

its like allowing pokemon discussion on /v/ but they HAVE their own BOARD and they DO move threads to /vp/ all the time

stupid holoSHIT threads fuck up the flow of the board, too many threads are sent to die every night because they spam HERE instead of their designated boards.

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>want a kisserino my dude?

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What are you afraid of, /jp/?

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What are YOU afraid of?

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Triggering the Holobronies is always fun. Here, come spam with me, maybe the mods will finally move them to /vt/ if we spam these threads hard enough every hour of the day kek >>35984413

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Numberfaggotry is still faggotry, faggot.

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that sounds achievable

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>got so mad he screamed at numbers

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>look, gura reached 4 gazillions subs
Cope harder

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Nobody cares for EN outside of /vt/. If that's the impression you got of the thread on /jp/, perhaps you should go back.

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mods get rid of holoshitters yet? quite possibly the most agreed upon thing here on /jp/ is that holoshitters have to go

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Are we using the same board? There's an amelia thread up, a mori thread and the gura thread died some days ago, may you should go to an oftalmologist

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Huh, I missed them because I stay in /hlg/. You might be right about them.

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>holofuck cant focus, something even a child can do

checks out

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>I stay in /hlg/
It really shows, all you fucking retards can do is post the same 3D model from slightly different angles and write like you just got home from daycare.
You should stay in the trashbin instead, I hear it's even better in the summer, the smells!

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