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Pekora is the turbochunker of hololive.

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How do we save Luna?

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Tire iron is dead

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M**na will always be an irrelevant fat leech

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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hell battler きtら!

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Kanata is too loud

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Finally, and it's a 1/256

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I love Lamy

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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Holy shit Pekora got the 1/256 Barbatos instead

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I love Towa!

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>something that never happens
It's called an analogy of that you are doing and excusing

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Okite Okite

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Luna is Quality.

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!!!

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>aimed for 1/64
>get the 1/256 one
What a weird luck

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I want to shove my face in it

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pekora, please stop playing dragon quest...

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Pinching Pekora's fat rolls.

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Save from what? She got better numbers compared to the likes of Rbc, Aki, Mel

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Sounds like shit.

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I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

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Please spam in Moona chat, ask her to sing Smile & Go!

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My sheep grows more powerful with each passing day

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veritably laughed

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Pekora is a fucking hypocrite.
Why does she do fujo pandering with Moona but refuses to do it with Miko?
Thinking about it a little bit more. Maybe her relationship with Miko is real instead of a fake ship with Moona? Yeah, they probably keep talking in private and eating together and things like that. Maybe PekoMiko is still alive.

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Smile and go fuck yourself

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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>fujo pandering

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cute girlfriends

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Take your meds

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My brain got angry, I meant /u/ pandering

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jesus christ anya my ears... 助かる

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Well, after all she is the fakest holo.

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Moonatoota Wooweenova

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Why do you hate the Moon?

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No 35p care about that shitty rabbit no more

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Any good streams today?

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true 35p don't care about pekora. never have, never will. we only care about Miko

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Moona's singing stream was good

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>ASMR stream
What's the fucking appeal?

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Just wanna say I love my wife very much friends

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Looking at my own reflection
When suddenly it changes
Violently it changes
There is no turning back now
You've woken up the demon in me

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Wtf, I'm a buttfrustrated schizo now?

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I want more Pekora eating streams

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>Veibae and were on BBC news
>Mousey just raised 100,000 dollars for Charity. Are we underestimating Vshojo, bros?

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>IDfags still attacking other holos just like last thread

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Not really, I kinda enjoyed Sora's but overall it was a pretty boring day.

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Your wife is a boy?

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Pekora has to stick to some smalltime streamer to make her numbers look good thats ehy she wouldnt do it with miko anymore because she is top 3

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Mentally challenged Pekomikofag

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Behold, shizophrenia

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No one over the age of 16 enjoys their brand of entertainment.

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and i want to eat every mikopi of /hlg/

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Miko isn't top 3, she's literally #1. What other vtuber gets a cafe of their own?

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because she is anti-semitic.

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They're as big as Holoshit but they stream on a better platform. Also their roommates are pure and not whores like the Holos

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I love my cute little alien wife!

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Are we cool today?

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Take your meds.

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Good for them.

>Mousey just raised 100,000 dollars for Charity
Ame raised 230k.

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>Miko gets asked to have her own cafe
>Pekora gets asked to sing a song with a member of the ID branch
Miko can't stop winning.

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. The 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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Reminder PekoMiko will never die!
Just because they don't mention each other on stream doesn't mean they don't hang out together

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That's not how things happened, you dumb anti

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Tell me how you only watched 3 out of context Vshojo clips on youtube without directly saying it

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>implying I give a single shit about indogs

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Why are vtfags numberfagging charity?

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Holy fucking shit! Did I really just hear what I think I heard? Could this be true? Are my ears deceiving me? Pekora wants to eat MORE food? I don't believe it! How could this be happening?

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This thread will not be good

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What drives a retard to make these kinds of posts? Either A) they made the orignal posts and are shitting up the thread or B) They give a scapegoat to genuine shitposters who laugh all the way to the bank.

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I gave nothing to that one
That 'charity' takes a bigger cut for itself than youtube
Embarrassed to see hololive associated with them

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Now you're just being pathetic.

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Do I look cool?

>> No.35981711

Lamy tells me she loves me lots and I feel I really have a GF

>> No.35981712

She's just very small

>> No.35981713

Well I've done my part. Enjoy your shitflinging.

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>Pekora wants to eat MORE food?
Go on, I'm interested.

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Numberfagging is part and parcel of Holoshit and the broader VTuber industry. Get used to it, cuck

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Pekora's skin exudes the smell of fryer oil.

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>it still trying so hard to incite fanbase war

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Why are Yukimin like this?

>> No.35981725

Get a life

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why is it only holobronies that have something against vshojo? we want more collabs to happen.

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Pekoschizo es la turboperra de /hlg/

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pretty sad isn't it

>> No.35981732

it doesn't need to try, the schizos in the thread do it all the time

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Fuck off.

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she's jealous
Miko is having great fun with shiraken and being invited to other things such as Marine's 3D stream and the Gartic Phone collab, while Pekora is so alone she tries to revive a dead ship as an attempt to keep her numbers from falling

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they're basically kpop stans at this point

>> No.35981737

There were always numberfags, but not to this extent, the 2020 boom of vtubers is to blame for this.

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(You) cannot save this thread

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We're not gay

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those 100k should have been used in her treatments roru

>> No.35981747

hime pahwer...

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>> No.35981749

what kind of goods do you want flare to release tomorrow for her 2nd anniversary?
lack please, I beg you, the bridal dress as a live2d outfit, please.

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>> No.35981751

Official complaints thread. Thread being shitty? Meido not isn't doing their job? Lodge your complaints there.

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I'm happy for you! Now all of British island knows that she is a slut!

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Holy shit, 2 1/256 monsters

>> No.35981755

wtf RBC sexually harassed a homo onstream

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>another 1/256 one

>> No.35981759 [SPOILER] 

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Pekora has Moona, Towa, Botan and Kiara, she's not alone at all. She also has Miko on her knees asking for forgiveness.
The only thing limiting her is Hololive's management. Otherwise she would b e the number 1 vtuber (currently is the number one vtuber literally)

>> No.35981766

>nijiniggers shitting up the thread and trying to incite fanbase war again
It's always, always at these hours

>> No.35981768

Imagine how much food Pekora is going to eat to celebrate this.

>> No.35981769

>We were denied Chicken x Succubus kino

>> No.35981770

Oh look, it's the SAME raid we had 2 days ago

>> No.35981771

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35981772

>two 1/256 within one hour

>> No.35981774

Remember to perform the meido summoning ritual

>> No.35981775

Butthurt that much, homoschizo?

>> No.35981776

kyou mo chiisai

>> No.35981780

Can I have sex with your wife?

>> No.35981783

do you like shitting up the thread that much you retard?

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>> No.35981786

The use of this kind of pictures should be a bannable offense in these threads

>> No.35981788

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35981789

Guys stop this behavior. Your gonna get us kicked from /jp/
The meidos already don't like us don't make this harder for them.

>> No.35981790

There only one 1/256 left in the list,lets goooooooooo

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>> No.35981792

Big Luna

>> No.35981794

Official complaints thread. Thread being shitty? Meido not isn't doing their job? Lodge your complaints there.

>> No.35981797

To day is the judgment day for holobronies, they get destroyed by Vshoujou in the west and Kuzuha in the east, it ended the belief that holobronies were holding for a long time that hololive is the most popular and mainstream vtuber group in the world, both in japan and the west, the endless seething and coping threads today are some amusing thing to be seen

>> No.35981798

lmao even she said Pekora doesn't talk to her anymore
Towa is one of the biggest failures in Hololive, she's just trying to leech
Botan is nice to everyone, she most likely saw how miserable Pekora is and decided to help her a little
this one is the saddest, even she said she doesn't like Pekora anymore and changed her for Watame, yes, Watame out of all holos

>> No.35981799

Thread always gets bad when EUs finish work.

>> No.35981800

what's she gonna do once she's done

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>> No.35981805

You can't tell me what to do, fag. I will keep replying to the schizo because I like to humiliate him

>> No.35981807

I fail to see the problem

>> No.35981809

big luna is kawaii

>> No.35981811

You are only allowwed to post Ame here on supa Sundays

>> No.35981812

Then why are you providing a handy scapegoat for it to use?

>> No.35981814

That's what we want to happen so

>> No.35981815

There's nothing wrong with liking Watame

>> No.35981817

Oh I was wondering why numberfags and falseflaggers were so rampant today, this explains it

>> No.35981819

Watch streams.

>> No.35981821

Suisex poster please save this thread

>> No.35981822

Oh, so you're unironically mad now. Keep showing your frustration, it amuses me

>> No.35981824

Would you kiss a Twap?

>> No.35981827

Not always, as the last stream DQ has showed

>> No.35981828

Official complaints thread. Thread being shitty? Meido not isn't doing their job? Lodge your complaints there.

>> No.35981829

Ooh... a paranoid schizophrenic

>> No.35981830

It lacks a certain popular original song.

>> No.35981831

Only if she brushed her teeth.

>> No.35981832

Jplost because of pessi...

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>> No.35981834

He’s literally replying to himself anon

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>> No.35981840

>To day
Kek, learn English you damn spic

>> No.35981841

No wonder Pekora is always so hot and sweats so much. She's fat.

>> No.35981842

Please do not lewd Suisei here have cute gif instead

>> No.35981844

No, Moona is a whore

>> No.35981845

I hate Twitch and Nyanners

>> No.35981846

Excuse me but towa is more valuable than the combined id 2 gens

>> No.35981847

So liking Hololive means I need to suck their cock even the ones with shitty numbers?
I'll leave that to the most retarded simps.

>> No.35981850

You've never watched one of their streams.

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>> No.35981853

You fucking wish that was the case but as proven before this place has their own retards and schizos even without taking into account the obvious raiders

>> No.35981854

I know your next move schizo, you're gonna shit on 35p and Miko again just like yesterday aren't you ban evading nijinigger?

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>> No.35981858

>Why does she do fujo pandering with Moona but refuses to do it with Miko?
calm down 35brown, they were never a real pair to being with.

>> No.35981859

well, that's not a huge accomplishment

>> No.35981860


>> No.35981861

She is lovely today, not that horny as yesterday

>> No.35981863

Why would you hate twitch? Pekora and Miko stream there!
Also nyanners made the right choice stopping pandering to 4chan

>> No.35981865

Lmao you wish

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>> No.35981868

Reminder the schizo revealed himself as a spic in the previous thread. Time to do some research

>> No.35981869

I also hate watch alongs. Well not hate, but I don't find them enjoyable

>> No.35981870

Your Oshi DID wish Hoshikawa a happy birthday, right?

>> No.35981876

I think I understand why Pekora and Miko grew distant. Miko made breakfast for them both, but Pekora ended up eating both hers and Miko's eggs and toast then asked for seconds. When Miko went to the bathroom, Pekora raided her fridge and ate everything. She also ruined Miko's bed with her sweat. Everytime Miko tries to repair the relationship, Pekora just eats more food in front of her.

>> No.35981877

Did you know that
Aqua is monkey

>> No.35981880

A long time ago Pekora and Miko would stream together a lot and they even kissed.
I've been here since Coco 3D debut and I watched every old stream.
Do your archive reps.

>> No.35981882

Moona is not a rapist, not yet.

>> No.35981883

What was Suityan thinking here?

>> No.35981885



>> No.35981886

Start the next DQ and finish her other summer plan

>> No.35981887


>> No.35981888

Oh God, this is the best joke I've ever read. It should be in a compilation of nice jokes published somewhere. GOOD FUCKING JOB, GENIUS

>> No.35981890

I've told idiot people what happened. In short, Pekora was venting to Miko about Marine, Miko stood up for Marine, Pekora lost it and said some fucked up things. Pekora has sinced tried to make peace through various channels but Miko isn't ready to bury the hatchet.

>> No.35981892

Okay, besides PekoMiko, what's the fakest holopair that ever existed?

>> No.35981893

the fact that no one even bothered to see the first link posted is more than enough to show that literally no one in here knows about chuunibyou
and also probably that nobody's currently watching anything other than a couple of posters who aren't discussing the streams they're watching

>> No.35981894

please use the word "fat" in your posts going forward. Thank you

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>> No.35981898


>> No.35981899

The watermelons are rotting...

>> No.35981900

I hope Lamy force feeds her freshly grown tomatoes to Nene

>> No.35981901

nice threads

>> No.35981902

Your mom and your dad

>> No.35981904


>> No.35981905

Cute, I missed the short clips

>> No.35981906

>brownsagis getting uppity again
It's all so tiresome. Just kill yourselves already, please.

>> No.35981907

>> No.35981909


>> No.35981912

Switching for Watame isn't that weird, as she's actually nice to people.

>> No.35981914 [SPOILER] 

alright here's one for flare

>> No.35981915

Too much text here, a simple distorted Towa name is easier to read

>> No.35981918

>shitposting about every jp holo
>hahaha they are brown, whores and towa
>shitposting about id
>nyooooo not the idrino
>this is the anti thread?

>> No.35981919

What kind of retard even hate melon?

>> No.35981920

I miss Nene

>> No.35981922


>> No.35981923

PekoMiko was and still is very real you newfag.

>> No.35981926


>> No.35981928

Not your complaint corner.

>> No.35981929


>> No.35981930

south americans are pretty funny.

>> No.35981932

what is this schizos obsession with brownies?

>> No.35981933

Can i ask for tokoyami-sans name

>> No.35981934

cool. You should go back and check those threads out

>> No.35981936

What do people think typing all this out and unironically hitting send?

>> No.35981937


>> No.35981938

Spicocofags hours

>> No.35981939


>> No.35981940

Never forget

>> No.35981941

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.35981943

Zero real achievement in life.

>> No.35981944

just an usual day of SEA friends projecting on the holos

>> No.35981946

Yeah, it's as real as the Friend/Festival one.

>> No.35981947

>> No.35981951

the jew fears the samurai

>> No.35981952

MiComet (lmao is this even a thing)

>> No.35981955

So Luna got lewds or not?

>> No.35981957

Self-hating spic

>> No.35981958

It's as real as hoshi no kanata

>> No.35981959

He doesn't like his own skin color.

>> No.35981961

Watermelon making a come back, already at 45%

>> No.35981962

gta ought to have a cop/special forces multiplayer mode where you can be on the opposing team against people doing heists
so ホ口ライブ can do a raid, then subaru can join in as cops/sf
any games besides gta that allow something like this?

>> No.35981963

Why are you so obsessed with brownies?

>> No.35981964

Lamy LOVE!

>> No.35981965

That rare wi always trips me up.

>> No.35981968

>retards blaming SEA again when EU primetime and NA is starting to wake up.
rumao rumao roru roru

>> No.35981970


>> No.35981971

MiComet is the best holopair right now

>> No.35981975

They are delicious

>> No.35981976 [SPOILER] 

watame beating up friend

>> No.35981977

Pekora's stream guraguraing because she tried to eat the cable.

>> No.35981978

He's using the same wojaks and says "holobronies"
Lurk more, seriously, it's almost every day now

>> No.35981981

MiComet is more like that 2 friends who keep teasing each other instead of a romantic pairing

>> No.35981983

I blame pekolanders, they are awake

>> No.35981985

how did you know she is my first oshi?

>> No.35981988

when is the miComet offcollab? Miko needs to met Anemachi

>> No.35981989

Watermelon bross, we lost ;_;

>> No.35981990

So you're saying you are from EU?

>> No.35981991

She wanted to do a cool 180 and run backwards but she's kinda retarded and didn't account for how she would go to the side if she holds W without spinning fast enough

>> No.35981994

>advertising her camwhoring business and acting like it was an accident

>> No.35981996

Not mutually exclusive.

>> No.35981997

Well, now that Luna is reading SCs it is officially dead hours.

>> No.35981998

Why did Senchou change the frame?

>> No.35981999

HoloGarticphone collab was pretty good

>> No.35982001 [SPOILER] 

My mom's brownies are the best

>> No.35982003

god, she's just perfect.

>> No.35982004

But that used to be PekoMiko too...

>> No.35982005

That one Battlefield game that everyone wants to forget about.

>> No.35982006

>open Hime stream
>she is speaking English again

>> No.35982006,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35982011

Friend captured a poor elf and Watame helped negotiate her release

>> No.35982013

your app is fucked, that's her default thumbnail

>> No.35982014

I enjoyed Hologartic, watched LamyLunaChama pov

>> No.35982018

if people want to forget about a game it probably is for the best that the holos don't play it.....
it could even be something like thief in multiplayer mode, but I don't think that game has one, right?

>> No.35982019


>> No.35982020


>> No.35982021

>> No.35982023


>> No.35982026

>1pm in South America now
You should blame them instead

>> No.35982028

nfs hot pursuit

>> No.35982030

I saw Towa eat an entire lemon, peel and all.

>> No.35982034

For a second I thought you were going to post pekora or flare

>> No.35982035

probably "Lmao I'mma get so many based in response to this post"

>> No.35982036

Say something nice about Suityan

>> No.35982037

I think it's retarded that there are people who refuse or avoid watching streams unless they're ongoing, so effectively never or very rarely watching VoDs
there are plenty of good collabs in the past that you'll necessarily miss, especially on friday evenings when EVERYONE is streaming

>> No.35982039

He knows

>> No.35982043

muh boi

>> No.35982046

Who sent a chuuni SC to Luna?

>> No.35982047

>> No.35982049

It's healthy, you know?

>> No.35982052

Is she pregnant?

>> No.35982054

Where the fuck are the Pekora,Noel,Rushia,Mio and Ayame MMD model Cover you fuck

>> No.35982058

ahhh, racing games sound pretty good
never knew nfs had this kind of multiplayer mode, sounds like an interesting collab if they can get permissions for it

>> No.35982059


>> No.35982063

At least she has a nice voice. Everything else about her is repulsive

>> No.35982065


I wouldn't consider these 3 "holopairs" as there is no /u/ faggotry involved in their relationship.

>> No.35982066


>> No.35982067


>> No.35982068

FF7R tomorrow!

>> No.35982069

Melon only won because it includes the entire family with rock melons and honeydews together. Also, Japanese melon is fucking expensive.

>> No.35982071

too sexy to release them

>> No.35982072

very nice.

>> No.35982074


>> No.35982077

You look high my friend

>> No.35982078

That's not nice

>> No.35982079

Why did she drop Subnautica...

>> No.35982081

If those are your moms brownies I'm inclined to believe you

>> No.35982082

>Pekora Shion Ayame
Imagine the pettanko paizuri..

>> No.35982084

What a handsome fella

>> No.35982087

Maybe because my time zone is the same? I live in some place in NA and we have the same time zone as SA

>> No.35982091

Watching archive and watching stream has a very different feeling altogether.
It felt more meaningful when you catch it live.
It also make you a better listener because when watching archive you can just pause or rewind if you miss something while watching stream require you to actually focus on what they are saying to not miss it.

>> No.35982092

You know why

>> No.35982097


>> No.35982098

You DO do your archiving reps right? Holocaust was over a year ago.

>> No.35982101

>Pekora Shion Ayame Rushia
Imagine the pettanko paizuri..

>> No.35982102


>> No.35982104

Pekora is not flat...

>> No.35982107

Can anyone recommend me some underrated holo original songs or covers?

>> No.35982108

Do you think Botan nicepost?

>> No.35982109


>> No.35982112

>> No.35982113

Hologram circus

>> No.35982114

Ahoy is really underated

>> No.35982115

dont leave me luna...

>> No.35982117

nyooo numbersagi cant be real

>> No.35982120


>> No.35982123

I will never shitpost in name of my wife, but maybe flare.

>> No.35982125


>> No.35982127

>> No.35982131

What happened?

Did the flowers of love wither in the harshness of the numbers battlefield?

>> No.35982132

What website is on Pekora's most frequented list now that vnuma is dead?

>> No.35982134

Not soon enough. I would spend hours examining every single detail of this chest.

>> No.35982136


>> No.35982138


>> No.35982139


>> No.35982140

that chest would be better with breast

>> No.35982142

hololive anti thread on 5ch

>> No.35982143

lel, big if true

>> No.35982144

ARK... HOME...

>> No.35982146

Otamatone looks and sounds silly

>> No.35982147

Did you today's Electone stream anon?

>> No.35982151


>> No.35982152


>> No.35982153


>> No.35982154

more flat holos

>> No.35982155

vrmmmmmm vrririii vrmmmm vrrmm prrr prrriii

>> No.35982157

>Not soon enough
More like never. SENPAITACHI model are essentially forbidden to be released forever.

>> No.35982158

Oh yes, she is improved fast, but I want more

>> No.35982159

ultimately it doesn't matter whether you watch a stream live or after with a VoD, you're still listening, and whether you manage to catch something that a holo says or not is still entirely up to you and whether you're distracted or not
better to not be watching a live event when you're busy doing something else, and instead to actually pay attention to them when you're not busy with other shit

>> No.35982160

yes i did. great practice from always from hime. i got the gartic phone stream to rewatch and her handcuff stream also

>> No.35982163

They are all graduating...

>> No.35982165


>> No.35982166


>> No.35982167

>Marine said she was attracted to girls in highschool and can’t stop lusting after Flare
>Matsuri comes out as gay
>Kanata going menhera for her girl celebrity crush getting married
>Noel and Flare can’t stop talking about each other and their romantic relationship
>OkaKoro do more than just kissing
>Coco comes out as gay

What is happening in hololive? Is being around anime women something that slowly turns you gay or do they scout these girls they in gay bars?

Next one to come out as gay will be Rushia, just you wait.

>> No.35982168

Is this how it ends for number fags?

>> No.35982169

she's the aunt who posts pictures about minions

>> No.35982173

> Korone is the new Fubuki.jpg

>> No.35982174

anya did it!

>> No.35982176

Pekora thought Messi would be with Barcelona forever....

>> No.35982177

>> No.35982182

Pessi...She even bought Barcelona jersey...

>> No.35982183

Looking nice anon.

>> No.35982184

>Next one to come out as gay will be Rushia, just you wait.
Isn't Lucia in a incestual relationship with her brother?

>> No.35982187

should've just gotten an argentina one

>> No.35982189

It's called prison gay

>> No.35982190


>> No.35982191

Does bisexual just not exist in your mind or what?

>> No.35982192

Pekora speaking about Football feels like home

>> No.35982193

Pekora is a PSG fan?

>> No.35982197

Rushia is married to her viewers.
She probably touches herself getting fucked by her fans while browsing her R18 tag

>> No.35982199

bisexuality is like astrology for women, it's to make them seem interesting

>> No.35982200

It so bizarre that soccer is like the only sport Pekora know about.
I thought nip is all about baseball.

>> No.35982203

Delusional yurifag

>> No.35982204

Very reasonable take anon.

>> No.35982206

Just play Mario strikers or something dumb bunny

>> No.35982209


>> No.35982212


>> No.35982213

She's talked about Korone's husband before but got told to back off.

>> No.35982214

Your reply doesn't make any sense in this context where literally every single woman in the world is gay.

>> No.35982216


>> No.35982217

there was a clip where she said "ronaldhino" really well, and someone guessed she knew it from the 2002 WC in nipland.

>> No.35982218

When will Pekora play Football Manager?

>> No.35982219

Thanks anons

>> No.35982220

Well, she spammed that 100 thing once

>> No.35982223

>but got told to back off.
based mr koro is the baseball holo

>> No.35982225

Anon, that's vuvuzela.

>> No.35982227

Homosexually between women doesn't exist. There's more gays than lesbian in the world. Being gay is normal and healthy, being lesbian is a mental disability that should be treated with strong medicine.

>> No.35982231

I think the character she made in gta was kinda based on this Keisuke Honda too

>> No.35982233

Why is Botan so chill? Whenever I see her, I feel at ease.

>> No.35982235


>> No.35982236

ohtani san~

>> No.35982239

Soccer is the second big sport there as it is in many other places.

>> No.35982242

>> No.35982243

Sora Love!

>> No.35982244

That's assuming your supposed women even exist in first place. Think about it.

>> No.35982247

Maybe they just know baseball terms. I doubt they like it that much…

>> No.35982248


>> No.35982248,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35982249

>Pekora like when soccer player fake their fall

>> No.35982250

check out danchou's pov of the gartic phone collab, c*n*n yab free!

>> No.35982253

That is a pretty Sora

>> No.35982257


>> No.35982258

korone, kanata and subaru have discussed baseball before, and korone is a pretty big baseball fan herself.
would she like robben?

>> No.35982259

I missed the collab, what happened?

>> No.35982260

Well, she's also a fake whore, so no surprises there.

>> No.35982262

Neymar will be her new oshi...

>> No.35982263

what did Pekor say about (the footballer) Pepe? kek

>> No.35982265

I missed it please explain the yab

>> No.35982266

Why do the other holos meme Sora as some sort of untouchable seiso?

>> No.35982267

I am sure its baseball followed by horseracing in Japan for top 2

>> No.35982279

botan and nene in about 20 hours.

>> No.35982280

She said I know this, Kek pepe of kekistan,

>> No.35982281

more divegrass-watching holos where...

>> No.35982282

Do people who write this think they're being funny or we have legit 15 year old /r9k/tards in here?

>> No.35982283

Haven't been watching Marine much but when did she get that gyaru outfit? It is so fucking LEWD!

>> No.35982286 [SPOILER] 

mexican nousagis don't look...

>> No.35982292


>> No.35982293

It amazes me how much does this bunny know about football soccer. She really likes it, and now I'm craving for a football themed stream

>> No.35982298

dumb bitch

>> No.35982300

Hololive only hires vulnerable and socially awkward lesbian weebs to be safe from scandals.

>> No.35982301


>> No.35982304


>> No.35982305

I want Sora to do an opera stream

>> No.35982307

Horse racing is not a team sport and it's about the horses and gambling.

>> No.35982311

My wives

>> No.35982313

keyboard kun got another beating after the stream

>> No.35982314

Great move Peko!

>> No.35982315

I frequented r9k when I was 16-18, what a coincidence.

>> No.35982320

seriously felt the second hand embarrassment from that one

>> No.35982321

damnit danchou you doroo

>> No.35982322

LEO MESSI - WELCOME TO PEKOLAND | Crazy skills and stunning goals | HD

>> No.35982323

there are people you talk to who are great at calming you down naturally, at least in a one-on-one situation
botan tends to not be super calm in a multi-collab and gets fairly excitable

we have legit brainwashed kids/teens/college students around these parts, yes
someone in here legitimately shat on fellow posters saying they were christians, calling them faggots and insulting churches

>> No.35982331


>> No.35982332

why is she like this

>> No.35982337

Only 1:41 and the callouts are super easy and fun to learn.

>> No.35982338

Lesbianism is not real.

>> No.35982341

When I'm stressed out from work I like to make a shitpost or two here. I used to watch streams but then July 1st happened and now I'm stuck with all this knowledge of useless bitches. Might as well use it to shitpost.

>> No.35982343


>> No.35982344


>> No.35982347


>> No.35982348


>> No.35982349

Whatever Rushia's song is. Even she doesn't remember it anymore.

>> No.35982351

Miko and Pekor
Marine and Shion
Marine and Flare
Marine and Miko
Kanata and [redacted]
Okayu and Korone

>> No.35982352

I'm real.

>> No.35982355

Is it still blocked in Japan?

>> No.35982356

Is it so hard for these girls to have two separate set-ups? Like even something simple like having different user accounts on their computer would be fine.

>> No.35982357


>> No.35982360


>> No.35982362

get your monkey game out of here

>> No.35982363

Because she is calm and kind, and has limited taste in games, and busy, that the usual loud ones don’t know how to really collab

That said, she gets along well with her “gemates”, Watame, Iofi and her outside friends just fine

>> No.35982365


>> No.35982370

Me and every Holo.

>> No.35982372

That's probably true, somehow the only other person that makes me feel this way off the top of my head, is an older lady who's a friend of my mom's, very wise and measured as far as I've observed

>> No.35982373

the hololy app is dangerous for idols

>> No.35982374

You forgot Towa and Anon

>> No.35982375


>> No.35982377

Kanata and Aloe fucked?

>> No.35982380

You want to be Sora's friend right?

>> No.35982381

marineschizo hates marine being gay

>> No.35982384

She new Aloes fanbox would get so big, and started leeching early

>> No.35982386


>> No.35982387

You can be a fan of anime/games and actual sports you know? I’m often check out to the NFL and NBA, alongside this and my usual hobbies

>> No.35982389

now I understand why sora is so popular with SEA

>> No.35982391

While simple enough, that is pretty overkill LMAO. I haven't used OBS or any stream software much at all, but surely they have a profile system where everything is neatly separate. Further, I'm sure there are offline versions where you can just store each setup in different folders.

>> No.35982392

>spic got rangebanned for being an absolute faggot
That's what you deserve for your stupidity, nigger

>> No.35982394

MiComet is one of the most artificially forced shit. I love both of them on their own but they have almost zero chemistry together.

>> No.35982396


>> No.35982397


>> No.35982398

So you don't watch streams

>> No.35982401

Coco just said today that she likes girls

>> No.35982405

Missing a letter by accident is not bad language skills, its a simple typo.

>> No.35982409

we already knew that 2 years ago

>> No.35982411


>> No.35982415

They are literally dating irl lol

>> No.35982418

I don't think it's overkill at all; it's a matter of both organization and privacy. The girls that are smart even buy separate phones just for streaming mobile games.

>> No.35982420

who doesn't like girls besides fags

>> No.35982421


>> No.35982429


>> No.35982430

Is she fluent in English or does she use a translator

>> No.35982431

Those are some valid points anon, for some reason I thought.

She's really her own generation though. So who are her gemates? Are they in your pic related? Or the holos are focused on music?

>> No.35982434

>> No.35982441

Translator, of course. Theres not a single holoJP with fluent english

>> No.35982445

garlic yo...

>> No.35982446

So how much do you think flare will make on her birthday stream(s)? If Watame got a little over 40k then I'm thinking flare will get 60k

>> No.35982448

holy kek

>> No.35982451


>> No.35982455

it will get to 50k the moment Marine appears, then it will drop to 30k

>> No.35982456

the first time I encountered someone like that irl was a really calming nurse at the counter
in general people who have worked in customer service of some form or interact with a bunch of people for their job or as part of their day-to-day will know about the different people you encounter and how to talk to them
it also helps if your audio volume levels aren't high, because the higher it is the more you sound as if you're excited even if you're calm
botan's levels are fairly high and she varies the volume of speech she uses quite a bit, and in fact her voice goes to as low as the bgm she uses at times
there are other holos who also tend to speak fairly softly but because they have their audio volumes fairly high it works against being a calming effect, aki being one example

check out haachama's minecraft streams, her mic levels are really very low in them and they're very calming too

>> No.35982459

We're stuck in an eternal timeloop

>> No.35982463


>> No.35982464


>> No.35982465

Has any of them met Patra before?

>> No.35982469

sorry, I was talking about burger bucks

>> No.35982470

He means akasupa, anon...

>> No.35982472 [SPOILER] 

perfect marine

>> No.35982475

So... Coco don't like dickpics...

>> No.35982476

Towa loves Flare.

>> No.35982477

>birthday stream
Anon, the title is literally in English...

>> No.35982478

Moonacrappa Smellynova

>> No.35982479

Noel definitely has

>> No.35982480

ah.. forgive me, I'm retarded

>> No.35982481

she already complained about them before on Asacoco

>> No.35982483

botan's levels are fairly low*
she's super soft except when she's excitable and shouts, in which case she clips her mic...

>> No.35982484


>> No.35982486

i have no choice but to watch anya now, what should I expect?

>> No.35982487

Everyone loves the moon

>> No.35982488

If Patra plays dragonforce

>> No.35982489

is lamy actually going to take the mantle from mio for collab queen?

>> No.35982492

Noel's favorite gravure idol:
Miko's favorite gravure idol:
Who has better taste?

>> No.35982493

They're basically clit pics

>> No.35982496

>tfw worked in retail for two years and mouth is just as stupid as always

>> No.35982498

Marine and Patra are actually pretty tight, the have their fair share of collab and visited a maid cafer together not long ago

>> No.35982500

Which holos enjoy dickpics?

>> No.35982501

Nothing, she's ending right now, just before the hype part

>> No.35982503

Neither of them is attractive, but I guess miko's pick is less annoying

>> No.35982504


>> No.35982505

Hey everyone! Anya is streaZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

>> No.35982506


>> No.35982508

Miko, the real lesbian who isn't pretending for money

>> No.35982509

Which holo is perfect for rape?

>> No.35982510

Matsuri and Shion

>> No.35982511


>> No.35982513

Bonus points if it's a video of you cumming

>> No.35982515

She had a kid.....

>> No.35982517

Towa enjoys sending them

>> No.35982518

dead hours...

>> No.35982519


>> No.35982520

What did Towa mean by this? Are her and Kanata gonna show up for Stardust Song or something?

>> No.35982521


>> No.35982522

>The idea of Miko and Suisei collab is insane 1 year ago

>> No.35982523

>pretending for money
She probably loses money on it given how much she spends on it.

>> No.35982525

>Towa was the one who sent dickpicks to Subaru

>> No.35982526

Canonically Mel

>> No.35982528

what is the best greeting and why it is Miko's nyaharo?

>> No.35982531


>> No.35982533

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6EN2Uo38O8 not related to the lineup in question but I wanted to post it regardless

>> No.35982536

Overkill in that you don't have to go to that length just to separate your stream personas (essentially just config files rather than entire applications as in your phone example). Say you wanted to hide your browser history, sure, you could search your porn on one user profile and search your regular stuff on your main profile... but incognito/private mode is right there.

>> No.35982540


>> No.35982542


>> No.35982545

there was a schizo who constantly tried to make 35Ps and Hoshiyomis fight, I wonder what happened to him

>> No.35982548 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35982550

Yeah that's true, her volume level is among the lower ones. Like you said, her interactions with the other holos are smooth, like she tends to tease them or reciprocate their shticks depending on who it's but they never seem overdone or outright dismissive, it's all very in control

And thank you for sharing that anon, it's a nice little exchange

>> No.35982553


>> No.35982554

That's called yuri pandering. It is done in order to pander to disgusting coomerbrains.

>> No.35982555


>> No.35982562


>> No.35982566

me on the left but i had an accident with a vat of cocoa chocolate

>> No.35982570

It is only business yuri

>> No.35982571

The anti/u/ schizo woke up

>> No.35982572

Women dont like dicks...

>> No.35982573

Literal dead ship

>> No.35982575

based yurichad

>> No.35982579

Honestly more alive than anything else involving either of them.

>> No.35982580

Wouldn't pandering to coom brain be non-yuri?

As far as smut goes, yuri is fairly unpopular.

>> No.35982583

Seethe harder ichitranny itoddler spammer
They literally wear pair rings and say they were destined to be together.

>> No.35982585

Has everyone forgotten about the time that Marine claimed that she tried to groom her colleagues sons with Yugi-Oh cards and Youkai watch merch?

>> No.35982586

Thread is extra retarded today

>> No.35982588

fuck you marine for making noel a shotacon

>> No.35982589

contrary to incel beliefs, yuri doesn't sell. they are enjoying themselves at the cost of viewership and money.

>> No.35982591

Miko is a dumb whore

>> No.35982592

Towa stole my bike...

>> No.35982593

he's mad! he's mad!

>> No.35982594

>> No.35982597

well, you may not have gotten the best of training in the first place, if any, and secondly it may not have been a priority to you at the time to learn how to interact with people better
the best part of all this is that you know yourself, and you know what you can do to become a better you, and most importantly that the only worthy comparison you should make is the current you to your past self
of course it'll sting every now and then because you can't help but compare with someone else, but rather than allow it to drop you into a slump, you should realize instead that you can always improve and that nobody is perfect from the get go
I think flare's stream today was great at showing this, her first stream was such a mess in comparison to the way she streams these days, and she even jokes about her past self now!

>> No.35982598

Marine and Flare are dating for real

>> No.35982599

this is done on purpose right?

>> No.35982601


>> No.35982602

Do you men her trying to groom the son into a duelist that can hold his own in the real world?

>> No.35982604

She should of had an abortion

>> No.35982607

Rubbing each others thighs for 2 hours is pretty gay.
Also Noel's finger nails are short again.

>> No.35982610

Is that why Marine is moving away from Flare to live with her sister even though previously she supposedly didn't want to move anywhere because of Flare?
Your ship is fucking dead.

>> No.35982613

GFE is not real
Yuri is not real
Holos are not real

>> No.35982614

This is literally nothing wrong with women grooming young boys as long as they're attractive.

>> No.35982616

Take your meds, Marine has always been a pump-and-dump normalfag nobody wants anything serious with

>> No.35982617


>> No.35982619

>> No.35982621


>> No.35982623

No she just wanted to moles them. She even said she knows nothing about card games.

>> No.35982624

Noel's growth happened in her boobs and not her brain

>> No.35982629

Mikorin only whores out to girls

>> No.35982630


>> No.35982631

Fuck off pedo. Marine should be in jail for what she tried to do.

>> No.35982636

>> No.35982639

>When her roommate tells you to fuck off if you bring shotashit up
Anon... it's a joke. Quite literally said as Noel that it's just lip service and the whole "maternal instinct" thing isn't new she has been saying the same about Aqua for months

>> No.35982640

>he believes any of them are actual lesbos
How do you live life being this gullible

>> No.35982644

Twa just likes Flare.

>> No.35982647

I remember when someone from old /hlg/ send the cum tribute photo to Towa.

>> No.35982652

Fags like you belong in jail for trying to deny a boy's rights to onee-san pussy.

>> No.35982653

>/u/browns ruining the thread again
There are no real couples in hololive, stop living in your delusions.

>> No.35982654

all me

>> No.35982658

Nephy wife

>> No.35982660

nice hip

>> No.35982661

Anon, thank you for sharing your thoughts, that's really motivational ngl, right now I'm kinda stuck in a rut at work, trying to close off loose ends for a project and it's boring and tedious. I'm procrastinating instead of grinding away at the unpleasant stuff, but now I feel like I should take a break from this and get back on it, thank you

We tend towards entropy and so it's good to hear an adage like the comparison stuff again from time to time

>> No.35982662

Miko is a smart whore

>> No.35982663

>Why is everyone a homo?
Do newfags really? Even A-chan is a raging lesbo

>> No.35982664

Numberfagging Flare against Watame is pretty sad, anon. Also they both had their birthday streams already. You can see who made more on that.

>> No.35982666

>They literally wear pair rings
Custom platinum rings.

>> No.35982667


>> No.35982668


>> No.35982669

Boy's have rights to cunny not onee-san pussy.

>> No.35982670

*gets panic attack when a holo uncontrollably lusts after an anime girl*
*primal fear kicks in when holos casually say something teetee*
*refuses to go on mainstream sites to see how the fans appreciate yuri in fear of a heart attack*
*mental gymnastics through sexually suggestive content between holos*
*parasocial fantasy gets interrupted and stress floods in*

Stop choosing to suffer.

>> No.35982674

We love yuri here

>> No.35982676

>You can't and shouldn't support your family
Are you retarded anon? Also the issue with moving wasn't moving per se, but that she was invited to the Holohouse. Wherever her and her sister are moving into is probably not far away form her her current place

>> No.35982677

how can all holos be lesbians if towa had sex with me last night

>> No.35982678

*casts a spell to make the schizo's balls fall off*

>> No.35982679

Fucking little boys and seeing the appeal of children are two different things. I don't know why the other has to be a lie unless everything is sex in your mind.

>> No.35982680

Why the fuck is she using the same OBS profile for both accounts

>> No.35982681

Miko is a saint, a genius, and a cutie

>> No.35982682

Bora please...

>> No.35982684

you have gender dysphoria

>> No.35982685

Miko tricking Pekora into "keyfav" teetee then raping her ruining her friendship forever...

>> No.35982686

sex with two debus

>> No.35982688

>cant post images
>gossiping and discussions about holos sexuality
>matsuri finished
time to sleep then

>> No.35982689

>kid baiting
>Noel's roommate said that she wants a kid

>> No.35982691

If Towa is such a hot guy, why is he not a husband yet?
Check and mate kazokus.

>> No.35982692

I thought you guys were supposed to be parasocial faggots

>> No.35982695


>> No.35982696

>> No.35982698

What triggered the c/u/cks this time?

>> No.35982699


>> No.35982700

Rushia hasn't streamed....

>> No.35982701

I love this artstyle.

>> No.35982702


>> No.35982703

>miko pussyline

>> No.35982704

Non-disabled working adults don't need "support" that goes so far as moving into a brand new fucking apartment with them, t/u/rdbrain. She's going to live with her sister and not some dying grandparent.
Also Marine could have just moved into the holohouse WITH Flare, but didn't. So much for being literally dating lesbians.

>> No.35982705


>> No.35982706

Nice shaved cunny, Migobi.

>> No.35982707


>> No.35982709

They flooded to /vt/ like the meme chasing underage faggots they are, except for a few >>35982698
We are all real hololive fans here.

>> No.35982711

Did they fix the fps issues?

>> No.35982712


>> No.35982713

But the images are still up and Festival didn't streamed today...

>> No.35982714

imagine the smell in that room

>> No.35982715


>> No.35982716

Elite Coin

>> No.35982717

An upcoming Flare stream.

>> No.35982718

My wife AZki....

>> No.35982719

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35982720

Dammit that popping stream earlier made me want to furiously mouthfuck both Risu and Ollie.

>> No.35982721

Them dating doesn't mean they have to move in together, not sure what gave you that idea. There's plenty of dating working adults who don't move in together and given how messy and busy both of them are it's not surprising that they prefer to live close by instead of living in the same house.
Nothing wrong with living with a sibling, specially if it makes things more convenient for the two of them. Both financially and in their routines

>> No.35982722

So what the fuck happened to ALICE?

>> No.35982723


>> No.35982725

Why is it so funny whenever Moona's eyes dart around like that? It's like she's watching a high level DBZ clash going on off screen but she's still trying to interact with chat without getting too distracted.

>> No.35982726

This thread is very good

>> No.35982728

>The anti/u/ schizo woke up
Literally nobody likes you /u/ retards here.

>> No.35982730

Why is Marine's sister so pathetic that she needs to be supported by her YOUNGER sister?

>> No.35982731

A-Chan wants to be vored by yoshi

>> No.35982732

my oshi is sleeping theres nothing to do but wait for her now

>> No.35982733

it's actually not a funny thing, but a reality that some people do indeed actually look at the world through the view of sex only
one just has to look at the type of people pushing for children to be given "education" on lgbt, and see how their children are raised to see this
in fact you just have to look at this thread and see how there are a mixture of ironic and actual shitposting on how "x holo is having sex with y holo" or "x holo is this particular flavor of gender"

>> No.35982734

/jp/ is /u/ territory
fuck off

>> No.35982735

my oshi graduated...

>> No.35982736

Your wife is beautiful....

>> No.35982738

>Nothing wrong with living with a sibling, specially if it makes things more convenient for the two of them
Marine's sister is leeching off her.

>> No.35982739

The brain damage emanating from your post is impressive.

>> No.35982740

Risu's brown nipples...

>> No.35982741

migo butt

>> No.35982742

It was never supposed to be anything more than a one time group for a cover

>> No.35982743

Seethe schizo, you're alone

>> No.35982744

>> No.35982746

How did you like risu and reined new cover?

>> No.35982747

>you guys
Why are you pretending you dont post here all the time, you fucking retard

>> No.35982749

Cry on /pol/ about it.

>> No.35982750

The Senate will decide that.

>> No.35982753

BASED 8but modeler

>> No.35982754

Oh hey she can actually be cute when drawn by literally anybody else but her original artist.

>> No.35982755

on my face

>> No.35982758

Will Hurea become white tomorrow?

>> No.35982759

you wouldn't sacrifice your white lineage just for ID pussy, would you?

>> No.35982760

>> No.35982761

Aki is now the Yagoo approved waifu

>> No.35982762

i HATE this artstyle

>> No.35982764

That Hoshiyomi who keeps spamming Sui porn got rangebanned and I cant post images now
Matsuri was playing Pokemon Unite with Fubuki and Roboco early

>> No.35982765

Yeah I'm well aware of that shit. They tend to be the ones that can't comprehend how some people just want to take of children.

>> No.35982766

The jews really did a number on the whites. Not only do they hate themselves, now they hate other males too.

>> No.35982767


>> No.35982768

>video where Polka's roommate balancing on a ball wearing an onesie
I want to be that ball.

>> No.35982769

did you buy her daki?

>> No.35982770

Same. I desperately didn't want to be attracted to Ollie but all that popping hit me in the nuttbladder

>> No.35982772

Garbage artstyle

>> No.35982773

Can someone give me a rundown on the Marine cosplayer? These threads make it sound like she did something wrong.

>> No.35982774

I ____ Hoshimachi Suisei
You know what to fill in the blanks, right?

>> No.35982776

the COOL suisei

>> No.35982778

Would you a towa?

>> No.35982781


>> No.35982782

But they might have a rape buddies relationship now since Pekora's psyche will cope with trauma by developing a rape fetish and Miko will be the least troublesome holo to involve for that.

>> No.35982783

watch streams from

>> No.35982784

That art isn’t any better

>> No.35982785

>two confirmed used goods collabing
You cant make this shit up.

>> No.35982786

>> No.35982787


>> No.35982791

>> No.35982792

/hlg/ has always been a /u/ general, sweaty

>> No.35982794

Didnt ask. Get your fag ass back to your containment board, retard.

>> No.35982795

Yeah and her voice packs

>> No.35982796

hope everything bad happens to

>> No.35982800 [SPOILER] 

yagoo taking a fat shit

>> No.35982801


>> No.35982802

Is that cute orange woman a new hololive member?

>> No.35982807

Nice mental breakdown

>> No.35982810


>> No.35982811

This thread is not /jp/ territory though.

>> No.35982813

Oh, now i have a little more context for this https://twitter.com/7216_2nd/status/1423647542428852233?s=19
I don't like Pokemon unite but if Matsuri is in the stream i'll watch

>> No.35982814

all hags must perish

>> No.35982815

Now that I think about it, have AZKi and Watame sang before? I can’t remember.

>> No.35982816

Ok, tell me what the fuck went so wrong with Pekora and Miko relationship? They seem like good friends one day and the next one, poof! They stopped talking to each other.

>> No.35982818

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35982820

Friendly reminder that Miko

>> No.35982821

You have to be over 18 years old to post here, /v/ermin.

>> No.35982823

>> No.35982824


>> No.35982826

use your japanese comprehension skills, or machine translation sites to read up on her
name is えなこ, looked her up and I instantly got a wiki page


>> No.35982827

Well Rushia perish herself too? She's ancient.

>> No.35982830

imagine her UFO twintails wrapping around your dick

>> No.35982831

Liking this doesn't make me gay

>> No.35982832

you are late

mio has no eggs

>> No.35982833

Shut the fuck up, nobody asked and nobody cares.

>> No.35982836

sang together?

>> No.35982837

During their offcolab Pekora found out about Miko's baby and felt betrayed, Pekora is the gayest holo after all and she has had a crush on Miko for years. Miko slapped her in front of her baby and made her face reality, nobody in hololive but Pekora is gay.

>> No.35982839

he replied! he replied!

>> No.35982841


>> No.35982844

wish she gets well soon

>> No.35982845

Why does /u/ trigger so many /r9k/fags?

>> No.35982846

How do we save her

>> No.35982850

35p getting rowdy again

>> No.35982852

She has no need for them she's a lesbian :^)

>> No.35982857

Let Okayu fuck her good and she'll be okay

>> No.35982858

more mikkorone, Suisei inclined because of Miko and now Korone needs her help

>> No.35982859

with okayu

>> No.35982860

>> No.35982865

Nice try Taiga, you are too young to know about Mio's eggs

>> No.35982867

I saw this exact same meltdown in /gbfg/ a few days ago...

>> No.35982868

Which Holo would have pity sex with Marsuri?

>> No.35982873


>> No.35982878

/r9k/fags would just hate them for being lesbians and want to kill them instead of coping by saying its not real like the bottom of the barrel otacels

>> No.35982879

Flare is no longer smiling and going.

>> No.35982880

holy shit... I kneel cocogod. I feel humiliated... and in public, too... I must delete all evidences of you rekting me... oh my pride...

>> No.35982881

Shouldn't she retaliate by actively participating in the baby's upbringing but in a way where she promotes tendencies and views against Miko's such that the child will end up being close at all to Miko?

>> No.35982882

He's really mad!

>> No.35982883

Rushia was born in the late '80s. She will perish too.

>> No.35982887

being a hag is a mindset, not an age

>> No.35982888

Black kaibutsu...

>> No.35982889

Furea's demon voice is going to come out again...

>> No.35982891

Since when has r9k been killing things other than their sperm counts and probability of passing on their genes?

>> No.35982892

mating season

>> No.35982894

Why she is so clumsy???????

>> No.35982895

Rushia is 1600 years old and refuses to use a credit card.

>> No.35982899

Thank you!

>> No.35982900

I'm afraid the only way is the way of the old yeller.

>> No.35982901

cute mistakes

>> No.35982902

brain fat got redirected to her giant tits

>> No.35982903


>> No.35982904


>> No.35982907

>> No.35982910

This is a trick, she's 100% re-releasing Smile & Go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_3n1KNNigI

>> No.35982911

Matsuri is pretty hot irl, hotter than her holo actually imo

>> No.35982914


>> No.35982915


>> No.35982916

I can't believe that Noel is a Canan's fan. She has Flare after all.

>> No.35982919

I've got your Twap, what are you going to do about it?

>> No.35982921

Smile & Breed!

>> No.35982922

Imagine your osai taking you to your neutering appointment

>> No.35982923

She really isn't.

>> No.35982926

which schizo is from puerto rico?

>> No.35982931

Flare singing this when?

>> No.35982933


I wonder just how much money Reine puts into these covers.
First the Ai Dee one with Nene, now this.
They all have 11/10 production. It's pretty crazy compared to the usual Hololive standard.

>> No.35982935


>> No.35982936

Don't have sex with niggers or elves
especially not both

>> No.35982939

all the indogs except risu have oil barons as parents

>> No.35982940

Reine is rich in poo land

>> No.35982944

jokes on you

>> No.35982946


>> No.35982947

Not Iofi

>> No.35982948

migo migo nii

>> No.35982949


>> No.35982950

I mean, can you really blame her?

>> No.35982953


>> No.35982955


>> No.35982956

All this everyone is lesbian just comes out as a pretty lame cope. You guys always talk about wanting to fuck or marry a holo but reallistically the chances of any fan are non existent, moreso if you're a foreigner. So the only thing holding up your frail reality is to hope that your oshi is not attracted to men and she's in a relationship with at least a familiar face so you may not feel utterly betrayed.

>> No.35982957

>only 500k views

>> No.35982958

Is there a real cure for schizophrenia?

>> No.35982960

Why isn't she showing her armpits?

>> No.35982961

Much like Matsuri, she is desperately trying to stay relevant.

>> No.35982962

it's the same group of people after all
I used to be in gbfg too, in fact I played it for about 4 years before dropping it because I realized that it was taking up too much of my time and that I had no real way of avoiding going at it like an autist each time GW rolls around
in fact I've seen names from around those parts popping up during holo viewer participation streams
no intention of revealing anything further than this other than that there are groups of shitposters who go around various parts of 4chan, including this place, intentionally shitposting for attention

>> No.35982964

a bullet to the head would do the trick

>> No.35982966

Thanks. I didn't know about these.

>> No.35982967


>> No.35982968

unironically probably the best cover any of the holos have ever made

>> No.35982969


>> No.35982975

Will Matsuri be okay?

>> No.35982976

You aint having sex at all.

>> No.35982977

>> No.35982984

Nice photoshop

>> No.35982985

cute migo! CUTE!!!

>> No.35982987

You can't stop me

>> No.35982988

>> No.35982991

>insulting Christians
look up the religious demographics of Indonesia

>> No.35982993

As far as the mix goes probably, yeah.
REDSHIFT is a fucking god.

>> No.35982995

What's your HONEST thoughts about this song?

>> No.35982997

What meltdown?

>> No.35982999


>> No.35983001

Is Hololive halal?

>> No.35983002

don't care

>> No.35983003

/vg/ and principally/gbfg/ are SEA central of schizoposting.

>> No.35983005

Some Holos are more than others

>> No.35983006

It's cute, she's the 3rd best EN singer.

>> No.35983009

I work remotely due to covid and we have to pick a "fun zoom background" so I threw up a picture of Towa and my boss told me in our 1 on 1 check in that it was inappropriate I told her it's not even a lewd picture of Towa that's just what Towa looks like but she told me to change it.

why women such whores?

>> No.35983010

She hires indogs to produce these things so it's probably not that expensive.

>> No.35983013

Everyone hates Towa...

>> No.35983014

good, beautiful MV but ina chocked, she needs more singing reps.

>> No.35983017

I hate towa too.

>> No.35983019

The whole fighting over /u/ thing

>> No.35983020

anon was she smoka?

>> No.35983023

Matsuri is always one bad day away from killing herself.

>> No.35983025

she´s rich and all rich people have good contacts

>> No.35983027

Oh no

>> No.35983028

I like the song but nothing really makes it stand out, other than that no real complaints.

>> No.35983030

Is she ever okay?

>> No.35983031

We don't want to fuck their roomates here

>> No.35983032

I think it's incredibly cute, the Tako did a really good job.
The MV is fucking amazing, probably the most effort any of the girls have ever put into an MV personally with her drawing all the art for it.

She's definitely not the best singer in general, but I was pleasantly surprised with that song.
It's pretty obvious she practiced a fuckload for it.

>> No.35983034

What the deal with Lamy yesterday someone said her family paid Cover money to get her in? Is there any proof of this?

>> No.35983037

>> No.35983038

i will fuck this nigger elf silly until her ovaries explode

>> No.35983040

Yeah she's actually a relative of Yagoo.

>> No.35983041

Post the pic you used.

>> No.35983043

>they still believe in those narratives
She isn't rich nor have any influential family, she's just another average poor indog here.

>> No.35983046

Another Kaibutsu cover?

>> No.35983047

Flare is only for Marine

>> No.35983048

She's YAGOO daughter

>> No.35983049

rumao she left two frames of it in the VOD

>> No.35983050


>> No.35983052


Oh no

>> No.35983053

no, it wasn't a muslim, it was a lgbt or left-wing person who was shitting on christians specifically because of how "they're always fucking assholes who have to judge other people like puritans" or something along those lines
can't really blame this place for attracting these sorts considering the "haha pretend we're in love with each other" act that some holos pull off

guilds in gbfg are filled with a mix of NA americans, australians, europeans, and yes asians
the majority of people who frequent 4chan are americans
and yes a bunch of people tend to bring shitposting images into other places, which in turn brings shitposters in here, and you just have to look up an image of a given holo used to shitpost to see that they're used in other parts

>> No.35983054

Does her family pay well?
How do I sign up?

>> No.35983056

They also did this.

>> No.35983058

You can't refuse Lamy

>> No.35983059


>> No.35983060

Are all Holos relatives of Yagoo?

>> No.35983062

The doxxing fags from SEA disappeared in fear once they knew who she was.

>> No.35983063

post all of them

>> No.35983066


>> No.35983068

uh oh Moonashitta Fartanova made another stinky..

>> No.35983069


>> No.35983070

only the ojous

>> No.35983072

I've also listened to it and I'm pretty sure that kanata's songs would sound quite similar to that if she didn't use any pitch correction for any of them

>> No.35983073

Lamy and Sora are sisters

>> No.35983074


>> No.35983077

If she didn't killed herself after all the harassment she got last year she's going to be fine

>> No.35983078

gross she's fully clothed and shit

>> No.35983082

I'd say that's almost certainly it. I'm not sure what else it'd be at least.

>> No.35983084

Pekora was talking about blue cheese and said it stinks then mentioned her feet smells like it sometimes.

>> No.35983085

Listen to my opinion about Lamy. I think that 80% of the reason gokisei are close is solely due to Lamy. I think you could put Lamy in any other gen and they would be as close as gokisei are.

>> No.35983086

Well, it's quite a shame, I've always fancied this place for its display of good Christian values.

>> No.35983087

Yet she won't even live together with her.

>> No.35983088

They share the same last name but it must be a coincidence only.

>> No.35983090

every kenzoku is considered a woman because towa is male

>> No.35983095

Marine is only for her ex-colleagues sons.

>> No.35983096

Nice I'm finally a women despite what society says!

>> No.35983100

What harassment?

>> No.35983102

Mogubros?! What did she mean by this??

>> No.35983103

35sharts successfully removed

>> No.35983105


>> No.35983107

pay up doko

>> No.35983110

>open matsuris likes
>close matsuris likes

>> No.35983111

This but Polka due to her gravitational pull

>> No.35983112

I could see that

>> No.35983116

Imagine Pekora muffling your face with her stinky rabbit feet

>> No.35983117

Never leaving

>> No.35983120

Only person in HL with one so far is Watame.

>> No.35983122


He was a rather formidable and exemplary man.

>> No.35983123

Imagine Marine buying you all your favorite Yugi-Oh cards and then jacking you off. Those shotas were so lucky...

>> No.35983124

my wife pekora

>> No.35983132

Nothing wrong or weird about that

>> No.35983135

We love pokies here

>> No.35983136

How do you think that she hasn't tried?

>> No.35983137

that's nice, moona

>> No.35983139

I'm pretty sure most people in here are either agnostics or people who just don't attend any religious services or pray
there was some guy who mentioned once during asian afternoon hours about how "you can shitpost but don't forget your azan" while using an image of a holo. I don't doubt he uses holo images when he shitposts in other parts

>> No.35983142

We do

>> No.35983143

She would've bragged about it on twitter if she had.

>> No.35983144


>> No.35983145


>> No.35983149


>> No.35983150

Then Flare does NOT want to see Marine all the time like you previously claimed.

>> No.35983151

I know anon, that was a joke. And yeah, that would be rather embarassing.

>> No.35983154

Having an off sorts of dejavu here

>> No.35983155

>> No.35983156

your prooves?

>> No.35983157

Pekora's wife is Marine

>> No.35983158

>> No.35983159

Marine is a lesbian.

>> No.35983161

stop calling choco a succubus, retards.
she's a demon doctor

>> No.35983163

What if it's something embarassing that she cannot talk about, like erotic auto-asphyxiation almost gone wrong but could have been a hanging attempt type of deal?

>> No.35983164

You are a mentally deranged male.

>> No.35983165

Being two adults on a relationships doesn't mean they have to live together. Flare can easily just visit Marine whenever she wants and they very clearly see each other all the fucking time as proven by their weekly recording sessions together

>> No.35983166

we love matsuri now? what happened?

>> No.35983167

I want to play video games, but I just love you guys so much I can't stop posting.

>> No.35983168

My oshi didn't stream today.
How about yours?

>> No.35983172

Imagine replying to the MariFure /u/tard, he doesn't see reason nor does he actually follow any kind of conversation, he just replies with the same 5-6 copypasted posts over and over.

>> No.35983173

sex demon

>> No.35983174

roru, I bet you think she is a virgin too, huh?

>> No.35983175

Nice picnic before they all get slaughtered in Hardcore MC.

>> No.35983177

A demon doctor without the possibility of ever getting ba malpractice lawsuit is just a generalist succubus.

>> No.35983180

We've always loved Matuli

>> No.35983181

>> No.35983182

Finally someone said I am male instead appointing me as fat woman...

>> No.35983183

>Flare can easily just visit Marine whenever she wants
Then why didn't they collab for over half a year?

>> No.35983184

People actually hated you, nobody here hates 35P except one SEAschizo.

>> No.35983185

well, a succubus has a quota of semen or so the tales say so yeah that is pretty accurate, she's a demon doctor
someone save choco please

>> No.35983187

>> No.35983188

Big Migo

>> No.35983190

MC ultra hardcore where if the person who dies get graduated.

>> No.35983192

>> No.35983193

stop with your dumb shortcut!

>> No.35983194

will Mel ever stream again?

>> No.35983195

Wrong thread schizo

>> No.35983196

we are all lesbians here

>> No.35983197

stop making me fall in love with Matsuri again

>> No.35983198

>> No.35983199

>> No.35983200

let's talk about Miko

>> No.35983201

This but unironically

>> No.35983204

Why does she always stand with a power pose.

>> No.35983205

We want to have sex with Marine here

>> No.35983208

>> No.35983210

Are you retarded?
Also, they have weekly recording sessions together, they see each other all time

>> No.35983211

If Marine is a lesbian then why i'm having sex with her now?

>> No.35983212

>> No.35983213

Isn't bshe banned

>> No.35983218

>> No.35983220

all the fat holos do

>> No.35983221

>> No.35983222

BEFORE this you fucking mental case. Where was the "monthly lesbosex utawaku" that's the proof of their literal marriage?

>> No.35983224

Never leaving

>> No.35983225

>> No.35983227

Is it bad if I've reached a point where I genuinely care about my oshi, but not even romantically anymore? I think I legitimately feel the unconditional love usually reserved for family towards her. I see her as much closer to a younger sister, or a daughter, and I just want to cheer her on as she stumbles through life and overcomes her numerous, numerous everyday challenges to living a normal life. I still want to fuck her though.

>> No.35983228


>> No.35983230

>> No.35983232

I've been happy every day since I met her

>> No.35983233

sorry matsuri, but subaru is better

>> No.35983235

>make 2 posts about Matsuri
>image spam starts

>> No.35983236

this but aqua

>> No.35983237


>> No.35983240

Marine will never have sex with another holo

>> No.35983241

That's okay, the reality is that you don't have anyone to discuss holostars with.
You staying here or not does not change the fact that there's no holostar discussion in the hololive thread.
You're welcome to try though! All of hololive is allowed here after all.

>> No.35983244


>> No.35983245

anon is straight tho

>> No.35983246

>> No.35983247

god forbid we stop talking about this entry level, FAQ, retarded, EN lover, one trick pony, holo for one fucking second

>> No.35983249


>> No.35983250

You sound like a little sissy trying to sound tough

>> No.35983251


>> No.35983252

>> No.35983256

I love Miko!

>> No.35983257

Thanks for proving my point

>> No.35983259

Marine is only attracted to shotas and twinks.

>> No.35983260

let's talk about Miko again

>> No.35983264

What's your opinion on Oga's last stream?

>> No.35983265

*Marine will never have consensual sex with another holo

>> No.35983266

Bekora prematurely blowing his load as he gets the tip in then getting really embarrassed as Marine comforts him

>> No.35983267

>> No.35983270


See >>35982949

>> No.35983271

We smoka here

>> No.35983273

There was a point?

>> No.35983274

gaki yo stream doko

>> No.35983275

nice job, faggot

>> No.35983276

shake the FUCK out of bibi

>> No.35983279

Pekora is the only whore in hololive

>> No.35983280

>> No.35983281

Coco deserves rape.

>> No.35983283

playmg pokimans unite
please standby for game sing talk

>> No.35983288

I just make stuff up about the holos and people believe me.

>> No.35983289


>> No.35983290


>> No.35983291

Sharing the same cigarette with Towa!

>> No.35983292

you friend could be next

>> No.35983293


>> No.35983295

hello, I just wanted to say Fubuki is very cute!

>> No.35983296

I love Tuna/Luwa

>> No.35983297

Oops my hand slipped

>> No.35983299

I want a friend from every asian country

>> No.35983300

I think you wanted to upload this

>> No.35983302

That is my fetish...

>> No.35983304

minatoaqua tits!!

>> No.35983306


>> No.35983309

Why is Fubuki such a voice of reason

>> No.35983311

Funny how no one cares about the matsuri spam, but if you post a few images of moona or reine, the schizos go helter skelter

>> No.35983312

true and everyone who denies this is gay

>> No.35983313

>they have weekly recording sessions together
For what?

>> No.35983315

shut up, burgertrash

>> No.35983318

Whoops, don't tell mom.

>> No.35983319

Shionyo's suicide show on a livestream

>> No.35983320

welcome to Nene Production

>> No.35983324

I NEED to cum inside Aqua

>> No.35983326


>> No.35983327


>> No.35983329

imagine not liking lesbians

>> No.35983331

Any new rrats?

>> No.35983334

>towa hands you back the cigarette
>the butt on the cigarette has towa's lipstick on it

>> No.35983335

Danchou's yab made my side hurt today. Hope she'll do that again.

>> No.35983336

jun loves Marine you dumb malaysian midget

>> No.35983338

Could someone give me the context on this video? What did she mean by this?

>> No.35983339


>> No.35983343

You can't say that if you hate gays

>> No.35983344

You are actually insufferable.

>> No.35983345

>jp good
>not jp bad
Wild ain't it

>> No.35983347


>> No.35983349

>> No.35983350


>> No.35983351


>> No.35983355


>> No.35983356

I am Haachama's father...

>> No.35983357

Last year after the end of FestivaLuna a bunch of schizos latched on to her and would send fucking letters via ARS akasupa, then she started to play apex with Pakael and Kotone and it got worse, so much that one time she was playing offstream with Pakael but Pakael was streaming his pov. Fubuki had just announced her new outfit and some dude sent Pakael an ARS akasupa telling Matsuri how she was a failure(with a bit of numberfagging between her and Fubuki), she had no friends in hololive and wondering why she had abandoned her precious Matsurisu (when 2020 was one of her more active years on members only content until early november), Matsuri read said chat and cried pretty bad, not your average post-apex tournament sobs she was wailing, Pakael then said something close to thanks for the money, stupid and began to console Matsuri after they died he ended the stream and erased the archive. Matsuri took a break and Lyger lashed out at reddit eops for some reason(?, then Matsuri had to come out and say she was just taking a break because she was tired, Lyger apologized for being retarded and after her break she had a lot of 1 on 1 collabs, the ones i remember are Mine craft with Flare, Minecraft with Watame and i think human fall flat with Danchou after that everything got kind of normal again.

>> No.35983358

Yeah but Pekora loves Jun

>> No.35983361

But Marine doesn't care about him like Pekora does.

>> No.35983365

ew man, imagine comparing the heavenly act that is yuri to sodomy

>> No.35983366

We only come here to ritual post anon, otherwise we'll be in Discord or /vt/

>> No.35983371

kill yourself

>> No.35983372

Enjo kosai chama...

>> No.35983382

she's bad influence

>> No.35983385

Where are the 3 earless friends?

>> No.35983388

Weird looking sheep.

>> No.35983390

Hey it's not my fault she's so sexy. This whole thing is Gaou-papa's fault. It's a huge problem that artists keep making nude versions of their fanart of her and I have NO CHOICE but to save them.

>> No.35983393

Marine's mentioned him by name on stream before

>> No.35983394


>> No.35983396

Contracting Haachama...
Going to Disney Tokyo
Enjoying Churros...

>> No.35983398

There's no difference between a woman obsessed with sodomites and a self-hating male obsessing with lesbians.

>> No.35983400

Mikarin rejected him

>> No.35983401

Fuck off

>> No.35983402


>> No.35983403

Just make a seperate folder for things you can't post on a blue board unless you're phoneposting.

>> No.35983407

there are no males in this thread though

>> No.35983409

And? Pekora is a semi-open fan of his.

>> No.35983411

That's a narrative. He still mentions her every once in a while.

>> No.35983415

kiss my ass

>> No.35983417

Yes, you should.

>> No.35983418

How do you even arrive to this conclusion

>> No.35983421

You will always be a male

>> No.35983422


>> No.35983426

When Marine talks about sexy overseas guys she is thinking about that blond kid from Home Alone.

>> No.35983427

Try not to do it next time, ok?

>> No.35983428

I like to flip back and forth between the nude and non-nude versions. I guess I could make three folders for that, but keeping an extra folder just to have duplicates is a lot of work just to avoid accidentally dropping the big nip on the jay.

>> No.35983431

Imagine still liking Aqua in the year 2018+3

>> No.35983432

He only mentioned her when his chat brought up that Marnie was Mikarin. The dude is just stuck on the past since Marine wouldn't fuck him

>> No.35983433

>> No.35983437

Such a lewd costume...

>> No.35983438

My wife is so cute

>> No.35983440

It’s mad that it got image rangebanned.

>> No.35983442

So is Korone, plus she's actually met Jun in person. but Jun has only ever talked about wanting Marine.

>> No.35983445

gnam gnam gnam

>> No.35983446

we love aqua here

>> No.35983448

What's wrong with it? I get that you hate males including yourself, but both cases are opposite sex fetishizing homosexuality of the opposite.

>> No.35983457

>fetishizing homosexuality of the opposite sex
That's literally all they are good for

>> No.35983458


>> No.35983459

VERY cute Akwa

>> No.35983461

You’re late, how embarrassing

>> No.35983462

You are actually mentally deficient and I wouldn't be surprised if you were posting shit on /pol/ about how the government is controlling your brainwaves

>> No.35983466

You know you're popular when Marine, Pekora and Korone wants to fuck you

>> No.35983467

people should call you based, because you're very based

>> No.35983468

aqua beby

>> No.35983469

you won't get far in life if you're so simple-minded and also proud of it anon

>> No.35983471

Aqua Crew runs these threads

>> No.35983472

>enforcing splits
There aren't enough non-faggot mods to achieve this.

>> No.35983475

Thank you for the complete rundown anon, that's pretty bad but not as bad as I thought, I was thinking of Coco level shitstorm. I'm glad that she's okay. Would you happen to know why said people latched onto her?

>> No.35983477


>> No.35983479

holy heckin based

>> No.35983480

I sure can’t wait for the retard to quote himself 10x

>> No.35983481


>> No.35983485


>> No.35983486


>> No.35983488

How am I the /pol/ faggot here when you're the one that hates sodomites?

You can just stop replying when you don't have an argument.

>> No.35983490

something something Yakuza princess

>> No.35983498


>> No.35983499

>> No.35983501

Adoption is a thing.

>> No.35983503

Only Ayame. Matsuri, Subaru, and Lamy

>> No.35983506

Nene Aqua collab when?

>> No.35983515

Nenen Aqua IQ test when?

>> No.35983516

Will my oshi hate me if i send her ARS akasupas?

>> No.35983522

>> No.35983523

You'll hate yourself.

>> No.35983526

imagine the buttcrack.

>> No.35983527

Not hate you necessarily, but absolutely fill her with disgust.

>> No.35983529

Nene's not retarded, just extremely genki and cute.
Aqua's... doing her best so don't be mean.

>> No.35983530

Watame laughs at ARS supacha.

>> No.35983531

splitfag seething again

>> No.35983532

>but absolutely fill her with disgust.

>> No.35983535

MGS3 archive...

>> No.35983537

>> No.35983543

>> No.35983544

Uncomfortable sex with a lion inside of a shopping cart

>> No.35983545

simpler times

>> No.35983546


She fucking left it in lmao

>> No.35983548

I am the last thing that will be seen

>> No.35983550

>> No.35983551


>> No.35983553

I hate Flare

>> No.35983555

the cart will collapse due to ramy and button's weight

>> No.35983559

Only if she's smart enough to know the values of different currencies. Is she?

>> No.35983561

oh shit, that's rad bro!

>> No.35983564

Holopro members confrimed to have been knotted:

>> No.35983567


>> No.35983568

I demand an official apology and 2 weeks of suspension

>> No.35983569

So is she going to graduate next?
Wants to push more people into following her roommate and then ditch Hololive like Coco did?

>> No.35983570

She didn't read my ARS aka so maybe I should send a NOK aka

>> No.35983572

This cow is so dumb...

>> No.35983575

Life hard crying...

>> No.35983576

PLEASE just graduate the whore

>> No.35983577

Stop making retarded posts

>> No.35983581

god damnit noel

>> No.35983582

Faq migaB

>> No.35983585

That stream still exists but is unlisted. still hurts to hear her cry

>> No.35983586

Big Sora daughter....

>> No.35983587

I don't care if it is uncomfortable just please let me have at least one night with her

>> No.35983590

Just finished watching pekora's roommate camwhoring videos

>> No.35983592

>Ohhhh no I "accidentally" flashed an image of my roommate during a big collab with the name in english so even the retards could find it
>Totally unrelated to how Kson has been exploding in popularity and making bank
Everyone know that Noel just joined Hololive to boost her roommate and now that Coco is doing well she's the next one to graduate

>> No.35983593

Didn't ask

>> No.35983594


You can use , and . to go frame by frame on YT but she probably doesn't know

>> No.35983596

I tried to look this up elsewhere and learned that Mel was harassed for quite a while as well including getting doxxed. Wew. Does Hololive offer support or have some sort of standard procedure for cases like these?

>> No.35983603

>> No.35983604

begging again tranny?

>> No.35983606

we should all knot each other

>> No.35983610

1v1 rust mw2 headshots only

>> No.35983613

>One fucking frame
You want a medal for that shit or something?

>> No.35983614

I dunno about any of you but Minato Aqua's fat sweaty retard tits in my face oh god yes

>> No.35983615

This is what happens if you respond

>> No.35983621

>Everyone know that Noel just joined Hololive to boost her roommate
Her roommate was bigger than everyone in Hololive except for Fubuki before she joined.

>> No.35983624

Risu mentioned the average penis size of malaysian men is 1cm. She said they are almost inverted and smell really really bad, like they stuck it in a balut egg or something. Why does Risu keep saying these things?

>> No.35983626

Isn't Pekora worried about getting absolutely mogged by Moona?

>> No.35983627

Nice subliminal message

>> No.35983631

I just had Minato Aqua’s tits on my face some hours ago.

>> No.35983631,1 [INTERNAL] 



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