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I really, really love my clown wife !!

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I love Towa!

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I will marry this menhera.

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>late thread

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holo school

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I love Watame SO MUCH!!

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Okite Okite

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this is the one

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Why don't the holos do seiyuu work? Some of them would totally fit an anime character.

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Okayu Ghouls 'N Ghosts Resurrection 1/2

>The start
Okayu's still a little sleepy from a nap; something that hasn't happened in a while. She was up until about evening, and then took a big nap so she could have focus for this game. Up until the nap though, she was playing Unite with Subaru most of the day. Okayu's excited to get back to this game too; she's been wanting to for a while, but hasn't had a good chance. Who does Subaru play? Pikachu.

Just like yesterday, Okayu's AC starts making noise again, and she has to mess with it a bit. She's not sure exactly what it is causing it. Maybe the humidity? She should clean it? This thing is actually brand new, so that can't be it. The one she had at her old place never did this either. It also seems to randomly stop making the sound at times. Could it be a tsundere? She's afraid she'd break something if she tried to fix it herself, so she wants to call the manufacturers later.

>Sound absorbers
Okayu thought there was a bit of an echo in her soundproof room yesterday, so she ordered some acoustic absorbent material. She's going to set it up before tomorrow's stream. The acoustics are totally fine when speaking at a normal volume, but there's definitely some reverb when it's loud in there. For normal streams this isn't a problem, but she thinks it could be a major problem when doing things like recording covers at home, so she'll do her best to fix it. She bought quite a bit of it too, 24 squares, and she'll buy more if it's not enough. Don't worry, 1 set is 12 squares; it wasn't that expensive.

Okayu's soundproof room has a little window, and Nyassu likes to come and look in at Okayu through it sometimes. It's usually only for about 5 seconds or so, but it's real cute. It's a soundproof room, so Okayu can't hear her meows when she's looking through either. Okayu's really happy for the little window, and she thinks Nyasuko is too. Sometimes she might want to check and see that her mama's doing okay, after all.

Okayu's really happy today; to her right she has Temari peering in at her, and to her left she has Usami. That's right, the acryllic stand of Usami finally arrived today(though Okayu bought two of them). Usami to her left, Nyassu to her right, and the onigiryaa in the middle; there's no other happiness like this. She keeps glancing at Temanyan though, and starts dying more. Unfortunately, she had to clean out the room for soundproofing, so her 20+ Rengoku field is currently in storage. She wants to put it somewhere though, so she's currently looking into display cases for them.

>The Pokemon anime
Okayu feels like, especially early on in the series, anytime Ash/Satoshi told a pokemon to not get captured by any bad trainers, it was a sign that they'd end up being one of his pokemon, like his squirtle. Okayu thought the scene where his squirtle takes its glasses off is really cute too. She also agrees with chat about any episode where Team Rocket has to part with their pokemon as being really sad. A Team Rocket episode Okayu really likes is the one about Jessie/Musashi going to a school for pokemon nurses, only to find out that the school was for pokemon that wanted to be nurses and not people that wanted to become pokemon nurses. The idea of it is so funny to her. Why was she even accepted?

Okayu had some before the stream so she wouldn't get hungry: Kitsune udon! It's delicious, so eat up. The Akai Kitsune brand that you can get at the convenience store comes with two strips of fried tofu; it makes her so happy she's stunned. It feels like such a luxury that Okayu almost feels guilty about eating it. You'll let her have seconds? Eh? So if you and her were eating it together, you'd let her have your only piece? That's too nice. She might just fall in love with you if you did that. She'd be real happy if she was proposed to that way. You guys really want to eat it after all though, don't you? Okayu doesn't think it's something unimportant at all. No matter how important a person was to her, she wouldn't give them her portion. It'd be the same with yukimi daifuku. If someone wanted just a bite, sure, but there's no way she'd give them one of the two portions. Pino? She'd be fine with sharing that.

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When Sora discovers that your chinpo measures 5 cms

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>First love
Okayu thought it was really funny how perfectly her answer was cut off in yesterday's stream. She usually says it's Yami Marik, because he was the first one that she actually understood her feelings for, but there was actually somebody before him. Before she was an otaku, she liked a character from Puyo Puyo: Schezo Wegey. You don't hear their full names often, huh? Okayu feels like it was normal in the older ones, but they stopped giving them full names around Fever. Her favorite Schezo's are the ones from Sun and 15th Anniversary. There's a ton of characters in the series that Okayu loves. She feels like she's never talked this much about Puyo Puyo before. Is she good? She'd say she's just average. She never had anybody to compete against, so she just played the against the CPU. She's certainly better at it than Tetris, but she can't really do anything beyond Stairs/Kaidanzumi.

>Saving each other
A superchat talks about how they used to wonder if it was okay for them to be alive, and then Okayu's kind words helped him realize it was little-by-little. Okayu often wonders if there's anything she can do for her fans. If she had to pick, she'd say she's just like this fan; she doesn't have any confidence and wonders about her own life as well. But maybe that's why she can understand people like him so well, and being able to do something to help people like herself makes her really happy, even if it's just a bit. Hearing people say she saved them makes her happy, and in a way, it saves her as well; so thank you.

>Member wallpaper
Okayu's glad she was able to get this month's out in time. She hopes she can get one out in time for next month too, but sorry if she doesn't. She hadn't even originally planned to have them made monthly, but everybody was so happy that she couldn't help it. She really loves how cute they are, and she's glad so many people are using them.

>Supreme fear of bugs
Okayu was rather freaked out by all the bugs she had to fight in the game today. Flies aren't even that high up on her list, but something about it being so big really freaked her out. She's bad with large, dark, flying bugs, like cicadas. Okayu really just can't handle bugs, and looks up to anybody who can. She tries fairly often to conquer her fear. She goes and looks at bug videos on Youtube, but just watching them gives her goosebumps and sends shivers down her spine. She lives alone, so she wants to be able to handle them if one gets in her house, but she's just not sure it's possible. Identify what makes her afraid of them? She's not sure that it's any one thing. She just has a natural aversion to bugs as a whole. She appreciates people telling her she doesn't need to conquer that fear, but she still has that worry of needing to defend her house from them one day.

>Introverted cat
Okayu certainly is more introverted and shy than the first impression most people get of her might suggest. And she can't make eye contact, right? It's not that she can't make it, she just can't hold if for very long, and just glances at the other person's eyes occasionally. There was that time where being with Korosan so much gave her the habit of just staring at people, but that only lasted for about a day. Korosan really likes to stare at people though; Okayu wishes she could be like that. That's why Okayu likes to hide behind her bangs so much; she feels exposed without them. Sure it's a little cooler when your bangs aren't blocking air, but Okayu feels so out of place that she doesn't even put them up when she's home alone very often. You want to lift up her bangs and kiss her forehead? Her forehead is impregnable; don't think you can kiss it so easily. In all honestly, Okayu thinks her forehead might explode if you were to do that. It's so protected, that an outside stimulus might just cause it to explode. Pulling her tail makes her explode too. She's a very explodey cat.

Okayu's going to be a part of a 9-man collab tomorrow. It's been a real long time since she was in one with more than 4 people, so she's really excited. After that, if she's feeling energetic still, she might do something else too. She's not sure though; she does have another appointment before the collab, as well as the additional soundproofing, and isn't sure how much energy she'll have left.


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god I love this lion

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You need to suck the right cocks for anime role.

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It was a good few years at least...

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fubuki and matsuri have appeared in anime

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>Koone in the thumbnail for Lamy and Noel
>not for Miko and Marine
What does it mean?

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thank you subaru for always giving me anki cards to make

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By friend orders, all posters in this thread shall be little girls.

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Fubuki eating a corndog

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Hey MEIDO. It will be pretty funny if you delete this thread and other hololive threads while leaving this one up >>35976464

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Thanks you!

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Lamy and Noel haven't updated their thumbnails.

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It's a tombstone for koone's recline

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>Marine birthday live
124k viewers
>Marine 1M live
139k viewers
>Marine new outfit
136k viewers
>Rushia 1M live
108k viewers
>MariFlare utawaku

>Noel 1M live
78k viewers
>Noel and Flare utawaku
Why is Noel such a pathetic failure? Literally no one gives a shit about her. The 1M live viewers were there only for Coco and Marine, just graduate the failure of Gen 3 already

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shut up fatass

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko Gartic Phone collab at 21JST https://youtu.be/NO81Kk6rSIU

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That one doesn't count

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Towa will be at the top of this list next week

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I think he meant voicing a character that aren't themselves.
Like Matsuri, Haato and Nene voicing Charon's VNs, but anime.

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I have been miserable every day since I met Miko

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Tell me something I don't know.

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Towa is a heavy smoker.

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I've been spying on Shion in the bath

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same Mikopi!

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you guys really need to stop calling towa a fat fuck

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Pekora is the turbo whore of hololive.

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When Towa's in the recording studio booth and sees someone about to enter, she lets one rip before leaving. She calls the silent ones bibi bombers

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it's this guy, not towa

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!

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competitive field, fubuki is a seiyuu dropout

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>*plays free bird*

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Everywhere I look, purple...

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See you there 35P's

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miko's made it. no longer has to beg for RTs with that cat emoji

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Anon is a turbo normie of this thread.

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They are dog shit actors. Only fake whores like Ayame and Rushia could make it.

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>Member wallpaper
Does Okayu make wallpapers for members? That's neat. What are they like?

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takes your meds

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Get fucked

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The actually talented voice actors like Nene, Fubuki and Marine do.

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i miss this luna

no more short hair luna

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Why are you checking /vt/ threads?

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because he's schizo and it's mad!

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Friend has flat out done VA work for the Rebirth and that one detective anime. I think she also voiced a character in a VN like Nene and she also played the lead heroine in that one eroge.

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I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

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Fubuki, Miko, Marine, and probably a few others I can't recall tried going down that route but it didn't pan out. The VA industry is really competitive. A few holos have tried branching back into being a VA now that they've gotten famous through hololive, but Hololive is now also too big to drop to be a full time VA.

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>Okayu's AC starts making noise again, and she has to mess with it a bit. She's not sure exactly what it is causing it. Maybe the humidity? She should clean it? This thing is actually brand new, so that can't be it.
You can decide on the sound. Sometimes they make a flowing noise when freon is being pumped into the indoor unit.

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RIP nachoko

hope she finds her oil prince sponsof one day

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Is Hinata considered an honorary Holo because of her earlier contributions? her stream is the most relaxing thing during these dead hours

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Sucks to be you tallboi, it's the era of manlets now

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cool nintendy toys
new vsinger branch

no new gen after a year

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don't click it noel...

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I'm going to send Suityan to the shadow realm

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After Aloe and Coco leaving my guess is they are making the castings way harder and with a lot more preparation and digging into social media, past lives, etc. I don't mind not popping a billion generations... Also I'm getting a new Voms member during september so I'm happy

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not Hololive
not /jp/


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I love aqua
but aqua loves me?

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>your oshi
>why haven't you killed yourself yet?

I'll start
I'm a coward

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faq migo!

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He's mad guys

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I don't know but I should try

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>She tries fairly often to conquer her fear.
If she someday would find the Pacific swift chick it greatly helps in overcoming insect fear. The bird is insectivorous so it is either the fear or life of this little organism.

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literal child.

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not hololive, fuck off

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just to add to this

inb4 a bunch of SEA racism, most ID speak better japanese than you don't be made because they are closer to being japanese than your white ass.

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Hinata is HERE

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It's been 340 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern, encouragement and the aggressive positivity she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's finally getting back to herself and opening up more with songs and public streams.

As of recently she has finally released some merch like keychains, pins, acrilic plates, and limited autographed posters available to purchase from 8/6 12:00 to 8/16 11:59 on Webpon

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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you stealed my last image last thread

>> No.35976734

I want to irrigate Marine's womb with my thick stinky neet cum.

>> No.35976737

her 3D collabs were great, I wonder why they went separate ways with Hololive

>> No.35976742

Because Botan is now a holo

>> No.35976744

I looked up this "hinata" only 600 viewers? lol okay

Towa gets 5x that easy

>> No.35976745

Uhhh, thicker.

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what does that mean?

>> No.35976758

>eldlich engine
no thanks

>> No.35976759

I thought everyone forgot about Aloe since Coco's graduation overshadowed hers so much

>> No.35976760

yeah her number are not great, but she is a first generation Vtuber, from before streams and only videos. and early during Hololive she was very amicable with them.
I think Pekora is the only one she still talks to

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Are you a JK?

>> No.35976762

Uh I found naked pictures of migo's roomate? I know we joke about these women being whores and all but is she an actual whore?

>> No.35976766

You must be new here

>> No.35976767

Aqua loves all of her wives, you included.

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>> No.35976771

Flare loves Marine

>> No.35976772

you remind me of a friend I used to have, who at one point flat out refused meeting up with any other schoolmates with me, and then proceeded to cut off all his social media
people like him who can only focus on their own self are far too much self-invested to think about living life for other people, and this is the sort of thing I check whenever I watch hololive
some holos clearly behave in selfish ways compared to the others and don't particularly know or care to try focusing on reaching out to others, such as the most recent example where matsuri flat out brought her problems with haato for everyone to see, instead of trying to bring it to management and not her fucking audience
she doesn't see that it costs her not just a relationship with a coworker, but also fans who are watching and who just want to see them enjoy themselves. A prudent person would not have done things the way she did

>> No.35976775

I've been here since the monster hunter arc son

>> No.35976776

not reading that

>> No.35976778

you okay Indog? I know coronavirus is killing your people off but no need to take it out on us.

>> No.35976780

hahaha you got me good old man

>> No.35976783

Matsuri is a mentally unstable woman. Of course she realized after the fact that this was a dumb way to handle the situation, she admitted as much herself. But sometimes people do dumb impulsive things when they're in an emotional state.

>> No.35976792

magic's better

>> No.35976795

My new wife...

>> No.35976799

She cute

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>> No.35976815

>2 trouble sunny
Dumb list, that card is definitely a 3-of

>> No.35976817

kill yourself

>> No.35976825

Is she still doing that special stream on the 11th? I want to see that

>> No.35976826

sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron sex with shishiron

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I mean, Matsuri had said breakdown because she tried to reach out to Haachama and she got ghosted, i'm not justifying it but at the end of the day both were selfish

>> No.35976833

Most people did, in fact most people forgot about her a week after she graduated, only mentally deranged people incapable of letting go are still posting about her. Despite having an active reincarnation these faggots still won't just use the appropriate thread to talk about her.

>> No.35976834

Miosha was meant to be jerked off to. She exists for that sole purpose..

>> No.35976835

Marine loves Flare

>> No.35976836

She used to pose them with her 3D model, but now she gets them done by https://twitter.com/neonewcatnyan
who's really good.

>> No.35976840

Like as a friend?

>> No.35976843

Sui-chan wa?

>> No.35976845

take them

>> No.35976847


>> No.35976848

Is this the vtuber archetype? Is it good?

>> No.35976850


>> No.35976851

They're girlfriends

>> No.35976855

>Cutting off the growing cancer that is social media is a bad thing.

>> No.35976857

Wait I thought Flare was Marine's wife?

You really need to take your meds schizo

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>> No.35976863

>talking to homo's
what a dumb bitch

>> No.35976865

who is this Nomicro4u guy and why does he constantly comment on every fucking holos stream?

>> No.35976867

Cute ginger, but I don't think there is a girl in Hololive like this.

>> No.35976868

I don't know man, if you've seen the comment sections of clips, it seems like some EOPs are still obsessed with her even though she streamed literally twice

>> No.35976869

that's it, no more barbed cock for you

>> No.35976875

How new?

>> No.35976876

>can't recognise Mikochi
How new?

>> No.35976878

I love Kanatan

>> No.35976879


>> No.35976881

>and then proceeded to cut off all his social media
He cut it, and I don't have social media. Aside from twitter fake that I need for the games.

>> No.35976884

Ramii will not be denied of her Botan

>> No.35976885

I like her 'I'm tired of life' eyes

>> No.35976886

hey that's my youtube account name! i'm japanese

>> No.35976888

>no exclamation mark
Not sure if the same guy.

>> No.35976895

Women can't marry in Japan retard, they're just girlfriends. Also not sure if they're ready to marry yet it has only been little over a year since they started dating

>> No.35976897

what is she gonna do, cry?

>> No.35976898

This Kanatachi looks different

>> No.35976899

I love Suisei.

>> No.35976900

i've seen mention of a period tracker for all the holos, does anybody have a link to this? i couldnt find it anywhere in archives

>> No.35976901

It's 2021 if you're not a social network drone you're being selfish.

>> No.35976908

I unironically believe in quantum immortality.

>> No.35976911

Would people be mad if Botan ends up marrying someone like they would for girls like Pekora?
Hags get a pass right?

>> No.35976912

>Petra is a CCP sympatizer
The whole Niji has zhang cock pretty deep in their asses. Their investors are - http://www.legendcapital.com.cn/.

>> No.35976916

steal her clothes and dress herself into them

>> No.35976925

I finally have a decent work to finance my /ck/, /out/ hobbies and buy otaku goods

>> No.35976926

I love Pomu!

>> No.35976937

Wrong fucking thread nijinigger

>> No.35976938

she will never be as cool as Shishiron

>> No.35976939

Why is Kanata sniffing her own clothes?

>> No.35976941

>> No.35976944

Wasnt Sony starting their own vtubers group or something

>> No.35976945

Choose Friend's stream for tonight! Options are:
>Viewer participation Smash Bros.
>Yoshi's Crafted World
>Biohazard RE:2 (Claire Side)
>Pokemon Unite

>> No.35976947

They're still in the auditions phase

>> No.35976949

>> No.35976952

name a single woman who Marine hasn't tried something lecherous with
must be someone who she has interacted with

>> No.35976954


>> No.35976955

did miko die in minecraft hc yet?

>> No.35976956

I love Aqua.

>> No.35976957


>> No.35976962

God I hope it's not Smash

>> No.35976963

it's so that she can finger herself for the thought of Botan lending her clothes to Lamy after tearing her clothes

>> No.35976965

This Risu girl thinks she's smart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzftNACa5fY

>> No.35976966


>> No.35976970

Fourteen days left!

>> No.35976971

Aqua?, i really don't know but Marine seems to be the type who respects her autism and gives her space unlike Festival.

>> No.35976974

Yes a few days ago and she started a new attempt.

>> No.35976976


>> No.35976977

How do I marry Suityan

>> No.35976979

>few days ago
wasn't it yesterday? I am sure I have slept only once after that stream

>> No.35976985

Name a single woman who Matuli hasn't tried something lecherous with
must be someone who she has interacted with

>> No.35976986

It was 3 days ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYIP8Sh2PLk

>> No.35976987

Why is she like this

>> No.35976991

Mirai Akari about to announce that she will sign for hololive.

>> No.35976992

Cursed image

>> No.35976994

Botan unless you are some weirdo who counts baby play as something like that

>> No.35976996


>> No.35976997

fuck off with your 3dpd whores

>> No.35976998

>> No.35977001

Matuli raped Aqua and Subaru just stood there...

>> No.35977002

Matsuri is the definition of attention whore.

>> No.35977003

>> No.35977008

I may have autism because i don't get it...

>> No.35977010

This needs to be an official costume

>> No.35977011

man, she is so fucking fake

>> No.35977013

Someone get this girl a fan, she is obviously getting hot over here.

>> No.35977014


>> No.35977015

I would kneel so hard if she gets poached for gen 6.

>> No.35977017

Imagine Towa

>> No.35977019

Prove it

>> No.35977022


>> No.35977023

You just didn't do your reps

>> No.35977025


>> No.35977026

Just replace Haato with Pecor and this is a great collab

>> No.35977027

i remember the good old days when we used to have survey posts

>> No.35977030

Why it's always hololive, isn't nijisanji a better company?
Fuck off beggars we're full

>> No.35977032

can you remove the cape from her mmd model?

>> No.35977033


>> No.35977036

>Korosan has disappeared from all the thumbnails

>> No.35977037

...she's graduating? so sad...

>> No.35977040

Surely they will invite another holo to participate, right?

>> No.35977043

please get Suisei'd or something, not like this, not like this. She's my first vchuuba

>> No.35977044

>great collab

>> No.35977045

post yfw flare is on stream

>> No.35977046

Knowing Cover, no.

>> No.35977049

Aqua loves all of her JK wives

>> No.35977051

They don't usually do that. They'd have announced the substitute already by now.

>> No.35977054

He is alive!

>> No.35977055


>> No.35977057


>> No.35977058


>> No.35977059

aaaw man, she is graduating? first generation Vtubers are falling one by one...

>> No.35977062

this is a traumatized hamster whose ass has been sniffed too much...

>> No.35977063

I will take Towa's virginity

>> No.35977064

stop using my oshi to falseflag, loser

>> No.35977066

He lives!

>> No.35977067

Nothing lasts forever anon

>> No.35977068

We have no proof this was from today

>> No.35977069

do you have the type II variant?

>> No.35977071

Botan your eyesight…

>> No.35977072


>> No.35977075


>> No.35977076

But I'm 100% serious, Haato is 100x better than Pekora in collabs.

>> No.35977079

ok. At least use a different Holo to schizopost

>> No.35977082

>It's another episode of "Everyone who disagrees with me is a schizo"

>> No.35977083

hes insane just like his misstress!

>> No.35977084

Pop-chan is a girl

>> No.35977086

My message to Aqua:

>> No.35977087

>he thought I'm a nijinigger
Fuck you, anon. Nobody ever insulted me that much. I never watched a single Niji stream and despise nijibeggars so damn much.

>> No.35977088


>> No.35977089

>> No.35977090

look who just entered the server.

>> No.35977093

If you sniff a hamsters ass, it’ll give off a high similar to cannabis

>> No.35977097


>> No.35977098


>> No.35977100


>> No.35977101

It's a nijinigger falseflaging

>> No.35977103

Coco should really focus her channel to mainly japanese people, her chat is fucking filled with spics every single time, now she has a mix of like 4 or 5 languages on chat no one understands shit

>> No.35977106


>> No.35977107

Would you free her so she can play the Electone?

>> No.35977109

They would need to inform the 8 million managers pls andst.

>> No.35977110

Actually true, "normal" faggots here watch holo, niji and whomever they like. But only discuss holo here. Tribal fags can go to /vt/

>> No.35977111

anon... you have to let go...

>> No.35977112

Anon-chama... she's gone, let her go.

>> No.35977113

>> No.35977114

Would any holo get as much support as Coco got post graduation? Her channel gained hundreds of thousands of subs, she has tens of thousands of memberships and every fanartist under the sun is making Kson fanart

>> No.35977116

How the fuck they always come up with Minecraft streams

>> No.35977121

flare bridal outfit........

>> No.35977123

Don't care didn't ask
Death to all nijiniggers and indieniggers

>> No.35977127


>> No.35977129

>> No.35977134


>> No.35977138

I think her graduation was unique in a lot of ways, I doubt even someone like the shark, pekora or any other incredibly popular vtuber (by whatever metric) would hit her numbers and subsequent boost. this isn't due to her being the "best" or anything, I think was a phenomenon. in part due to her being the first real hololive graduation, it coming out of relative nowhere considering the chink stuff was really starting to subside, her being loved in holopro herself, her being on the literal top of the world and more. like she had streamed happily as kson the day before the announcement so no one suspected anything.

>> No.35977139

She's finally marrying Marine!

>> No.35977140

Coco knows marketing, a month or so before her graduation she already started doing more shit and advertising herself as kson. for the JP members they will probably either graduate and become a nameless japanese worker or graduate to get married and become a housewife

>> No.35977142

Did Ayame build her house yet?

>> No.35977145


>> No.35977148

Kson was already the most popular roommate it's only natural she would get this much support

>> No.35977153

Gura might be able to swing it since her roommate was also very popular and is pretty much an open secret among her fans, though she's made it pretty clear she has very little desire to go back to that persona so I kinda doubt she'd do it.

>> No.35977154

>Kson was already the most popular roommate
do you even know how many followers and money Noel has?

>> No.35977156


>> No.35977158


>> No.35977160

a date with Selly

>> No.35977163

Do you?

>> No.35977164

Can't wait

>> No.35977166

I love my cute little alien wife!

>> No.35977169

Less than Coco that's for sure, both as her roommate and as Noel

>> No.35977170

around 6 people?

>> No.35977171

Noel has 3 houses

>> No.35977172

bitch she is one of the richest japanese asmr whores. I think only one other bitch is more popular than her

>> No.35977174


>> No.35977175

How long until she's out of quarantine/dead

>> No.35977176

Towa's kissing me right now

>> No.35977178

I'm fucking her brain 24/7

>> No.35977179

How to get a Bluerose Suisei gf?

>> No.35977180

Do you have literally ANY numbers to back that up? I don't think so

>> No.35977181

I'm going to give the benefit of doubting you are retarded and assume this was shitty bait.

>> No.35977184

In 2019

>> No.35977186

This has to be zhangs falseflagging, coconiggers can't be this stupid

>> No.35977189

she hasnt said anything specific but her recent tweets suggest it will be soon

>> No.35977191

Minato Aqua is monke

>> No.35977192

There's a reason we used to fucking hate that bitch around here.

>> No.35977193

Mate, she has like 10k viewers on her paid niconico streams.

>> No.35977196

retard is asking for bank account numbers when she is literally top 2 richest asmr content creator in japan, probably baiting for someone to post her stuff

>> No.35977197

there's something about Botan that makes me incredibly horny but I've yet to understand what it is

>> No.35977199

NND doesn't have public number retards

>> No.35977200

This is true.

>> No.35977202


>> No.35977204



>> No.35977205

>he doesn't know

>> No.35977206

Yeah I think the massive sympathy the community had for her really factored in. It would be pretty hard for another holo to walk away and have such massive support both inside and outside hololive still wishing her to succeed.

Though triangle still pulls pretty good numbers even though she was a baby holo and left under very different circumstances so I think any holo could probably do at least okay outside the company.

>> No.35977209

Now my day is complete, thank you Sora-chan.

>> No.35977210

Triangle get's by because of the saviorfagging, the fact that she graduated due to anti pressure and the constant reminder of how miserable her life is in her fanbox

>> No.35977211


>> No.35977213

What it is then?

>> No.35977214

open /hlg/ stream
post fat aqutats
close /hlg/ stream

>> No.35977217

>> No.35977219

That's total viewers, not live viewers

>> No.35977220

Yeah, I think the fact that graduations are extremely rare in hololive also works in the favor of the few who do wind up graduating since they instantly become part of a very small class and get much more attention as a result. (Well, assuming you're not one of the chinks in which case nobody gives a shit lol.) If we get to a point in a few years where the list of former holos is starting to get somewhat long then I see it being a lot harder for recent graduates to pull off the transition as easily.

>> No.35977224


>> No.35977228

do continue

>> No.35977229


>> No.35977230


>> No.35977231

I don't know why that made me laughed

>> No.35977232

I heard that if you watch Merumeru there's a good chance she'll kapukapu your dick.

>> No.35977234

suky suky

>> No.35977235

Triangle might be pushing her luck. Keeps promising a L2D model with the help from her supporters but always ends up in nothing

>> No.35977236

Whatever, titymonster has 10k+ constantly, sometimes going up to 20k. So calculate yourself how rich she is.

>> No.35977237


>> No.35977238

Aqua is pouting, what did you do?

>> No.35977241

>「ホロライブ夏祭り ちびキャライラストアクリルフィギュア ホロライブインドネシア」台紙デザインミスに関するお詫び・交換対応のお知らせ

>謹啓 平素は格別のご愛顧を賜り、誠にありがとうございます。
>この度2021年8月に〈ホロライブ夏祭り〉にて販売いたしました「ホロライブ夏祭り ちびキャライラストアクリルフィギュア ホロライブインドネシア」におきまして、台紙のデザインに誤りがあることが判明いたしました。

>「ホロライブ夏祭り ちびキャライラストアクリルフィギュア ホロライブインドネシア」に付属します台紙に印刷されたロゴに間違いがございます。

>> No.35977244

I'll give it a shot!

>> No.35977245

Less than Kson, that's for sure

>> No.35977246

The fuck?

>> No.35977247

your dream hololive collab go

>> No.35977251

Old Korone's never coming back, is she

>> No.35977252

Towa + Nene lesbian sex 3D collab

>> No.35977253

Aqua Pekora Korone let's go

>> No.35977254

Button, pekora drinking colab, maybe add towa to it.

>> No.35977255

why are people replying to the stupidest bait?

>> No.35977258

Let me in, Towa!

>> No.35977259

gartic phone collab? that sounds fun


uhhhh nevermind, i just remembered i have some stuff to do

>> No.35977260

Mio Botan collab onegai

>> No.35977262

if it has to be a collab that hasn't happened, maybe miko ame? or nene haachama.
otherwise more amechama collabs and polka luna collabs.

>> No.35977266

Miko, Noel and Kanata get really drunk and talk about gravure, R18 ASMR and idols without holding back.

>> No.35977268

Kill yourself

>> No.35977274

AquSora duet on stage.

>> No.35977276

Hoshi no Kanata please...

>> No.35977277

you first nigger

>> No.35977281

every single holo in a solo PUBG tournament

>> No.35977284

Shishiron can't drink but that payday stream was really nice

>> No.35977288

More like smuggling Bora into Japan.

>> No.35977294

>> No.35977299

They deported her to Korea

>> No.35977301

Horrible, Choco is the one who wants to get molested in trains.

>> No.35977303

Oh I like this

>> No.35977304

Rbc's going to peg him so hard.

>> No.35977310

I just now noticed Watame in the white SSRB windchime on Botan's loading screen

>> No.35977311


>> No.35977313

3D nepolabo onegai

>> No.35977314

Meru's number...

>> No.35977316

Is Mel mentally challenged?

>> No.35977317


>> No.35977320

heh good luck with that one mister

>> No.35977321

No, she's one of the smartest holomen

>> No.35977323


>> No.35977325

I miss nazigumi.

>> No.35977326


>> No.35977328

Too much cum in brain

>> No.35977329


>> No.35977334

>> No.35977335

Thats why it is my dream colab, since it will never be true T_T

>> No.35977337


>> No.35977339

Didn't Watame finish this game already?

>> No.35977341

Another Rushia Shishiron collab but this time just as some zatsudan or some better collab game

>> No.35977342

They're dead to me... no soul left, just brainless sex objects

>> No.35977347

You need to let it go

>> No.35977350

stock trading collab onegai

>> No.35977360

>mr koro removed from the thumbnail

>> No.35977369

MikOga 3D sex

>> No.35977370

"muh recordings"
"muh meetings"

just retire already

>> No.35977372


>> No.35977375


>> No.35977377

Aqua is liking Coco fanart on twitter

>> No.35977380

Rushia changing her colour depending on what way their arrow is going

>> No.35977386

anyone else feeling the burnout from hololive? it's starting to get boring to be honest. i'm planning on taking a break for a week and see what happens

>> No.35977389

You should take one for two weeks

>> No.35977390


>> No.35977391

Anybody else masturbating to the Ollie/Risu pop off?

>> No.35977395


>> No.35977399

Matsuri liked this!

>> No.35977401

Treerat, stop being such a degenerate, please.

>> No.35977403

Fucking finally. Looks really good based on the teaser.

>> No.35977404

What did they even mean with picking up lanterns

>> No.35977408

she wants to get cummed inside

>> No.35977417

who doesn't

>> No.35977418

Had a shitty day today, can someone post cute pictures of my oshi to make it a little better please

>> No.35977422


>> No.35977425

Does Botan even cater to the parasocial fans, or furthermore, does Botan seem like she needs the parasocial relationship herself?
Because girls like Pekora practically only have their fans as a social outlet.

>> No.35977426


>> No.35977428


>> No.35977431


>> No.35977433


>> No.35977437

Cute Patr.

>> No.35977438

Marine is a better artist than Ina don't @ me

>> No.35977439


>> No.35977442

Pain Peko

>> No.35977444

Indonesia is weird

>> No.35977445

What a powerful hag

>> No.35977446


>> No.35977450

What the fuck are they doing? How long will this go on?

>> No.35977451

I know Oga is.

>> No.35977453

>open ID stream
what the flying fuck is this shit

>> No.35977455

My boyfriend <3

>> No.35977461


>> No.35977463

is this a test on how much can they suck dick?

>> No.35977467

why is this retarded shit entertaining

>> No.35977469

I love Risu

>> No.35977472

why the fuck is she so against asmr now?...

>> No.35977475

>actual blowjob sounds

>> No.35977476

They are popping off

>> No.35977479

Risu isn't even trying

>> No.35977487

Mel is being supercute right now

>> No.35977490

I coomed. Fuck you Treerrat you fucking seemen demon

>> No.35977501

Towa and Watame need to do a spanking contest

>> No.35977505

Sora Love!

>> No.35977509

I thought it was a pooping contest and that piqued my interest for a millisecond

>> No.35977512

Risu what the actual fuck is this shit WHAT ARE YOU DOING my nigga

>> No.35977513

Towa and Suisei need to do a smoke rings contest.

>> No.35977517


>> No.35977518


>> No.35977519

>> No.35977520

the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.35977525


>> No.35977527

Hey anon

>> No.35977528

>> No.35977537

Risu isn't moving much but Ollie is jiggling all around. I'm pretty sure she's getting fingered again.

>> No.35977538

>indogs producing kino content
why can't other holos be this innovative?

>> No.35977541


Sora Love!

>> No.35977542

Imagine the smell...

>> No.35977543

>1 minute apart

>> No.35977544


>> No.35977552

They dont like to stream, and especially they dont like (You) dear anon

>> No.35977555

When will the girls collab with fps_shaka?

>> No.35977558

Time to arrest some niggas

>> No.35977559

Sora Stream Soon!

>> No.35977560

based homos

>> No.35977562


>> No.35977563

*deep kisses you in the mouth*

>> No.35977564

Towa unironically could if she wanted to, she's friends with a lot of people in that circle. She won't, though.

>> No.35977565

ChinAqua NOoooooOOo

>> No.35977571

Do Noefurechads always look like this?

>> No.35977574

>open ID stream
Said no one ever

>> No.35977575

towa is the smart but lazy type
she coul take over Japan any minute but she doesn't because she enjoys her simple life with her family and friends

>> No.35977576


>> No.35977578

Who's the best holo for morning blowjobs?

>> No.35977580

Wasn't there an alternative timeline where Joker becomes Batman? I have some really vague memories of that.

>> No.35977581

Noel fucking adores that girl

>> No.35977587

Ayame because she's a fucking whore

>> No.35977588

It's the opposite. Basically, Batman losing to the Joker serum was apparently enough for him to take over his universe, beating all of the heroes, and reform it into a super evil one

>> No.35977593

she wakes up early

>> No.35977597


>> No.35977599


As a follow-up, Sora will make an entire stream making funny noises later

>> No.35977600

shion probably won't even wake up as you fuck her mouth

>> No.35977601


>> No.35977602

is that a boy?

>> No.35977606

i like this post

>> No.35977608

Hearing them take a small breath before starting pop again is making me horny

>> No.35977610

>gartic phone
wtf weird shit
>sora whistle
>flare anniversary
smile and go......

>> No.35977614

didn't smile & go got a million views already? It was way too meme'd bros...

>> No.35977615

Manjigumi Pokemon Unite...

>> No.35977618

expect even less than once a month streams

>> No.35977622

I like this trend of Suisei being in a different outfit for each song

>> No.35977623

That's just the countdown, the proper Ani stream is tomorrow

>> No.35977625


>> No.35977628


>> No.35977629

At this point I believe that Aqua, Shion and Ayame are the same person

>> No.35977633

I can confirm, I fucked one of them and all 3 were simultaneously pregnant.

>> No.35977635

Aqua & Pekora singing Hello How Are You.

>> No.35977636

Yeah, that one. I got my shit mixed up. Someone should draw Polka in his outfit instead of the regular Batman costume.

>> No.35977638

shishilamy utawaku

>> No.35977640


>> No.35977641

have risu and ollie really been just doing these pop sounds for a whole hour already?

>> No.35977643

my money is on risu you better not disappoint critter chuba

>> No.35977644

Looks like they found a seamonster for the thumbnail

>> No.35977645

Roboco, Okayu, Choco fully lewd ASMR

>> No.35977647


>> No.35977648

Yagoo couldn’t find 5 people for Gen2

>> No.35977649

La goblina...

>> No.35977652

where the fuck is that cover she promised???
this is getting ridiculous...

>> No.35977653

They are more or less from the same circle anyway.

>> No.35977655


>> No.35977656

The cover is still busy moving

>> No.35977657

Risu won

>> No.35977659

risu is the champion!

>> No.35977662

Bro you've been getting lied to for the last 20 months. Learn your lesson already.

>> No.35977665

She won't release it because she think it wasn't good enough

>> No.35977666

Based Squirrel has the strongest lips confirmed

>> No.35977669

Name 3 reasons why Ayame is not a dumb retarded lazy whore, I'm waiting

>> No.35977670

My manjigumi narrative is that their last stream is actually the reason they don't want to play with each other anymore. They didn't win any games so aqua being the tryhard that she is, started sperging at her teammates about losing and then ayame being the bitch that she is started trashtalking aqua and then shion started becoming depressed and both of them called shion an onahole faggot so now it's awkward and they just try to avoid each other.

>> No.35977671

I'm having Nene withrawal symptoms

>> No.35977674

1. She's cute
2. Giggles
3. Those giggles tho

>> No.35977675

Imagine the blowjobs

>> No.35977676


>> No.35977677


>> No.35977683

where is nene?

>> No.35977685


>> No.35977687

moving to my dick

>> No.35977689

No wonder its taking so long, something that small is hard to find

>> No.35977691

cute Mel English!

>> No.35977696

I hate Sakura Miko

>> No.35977697

Mel is being incredibly cute tonight.

>> No.35977698

What is love?

>> No.35977700


>> No.35977703

love is a pubic hair

>> No.35977705


fuck you got us there

>> No.35977711

Come watch Subaru keep the streets clean in one hour!

>> No.35977712

1. Ayame is cute
2. She's good at singing and gaming
3. Ayame!!!

>> No.35977714

>talking to the only relevant homo
She has standards

>> No.35977715

Risu is a whore

>> No.35977716

"love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage.

>> No.35977719

You're thinking of horny

>> No.35977720

Finally a new game

>> No.35977721

1. Mio likes her
2. Uhh she’s cute
3. Uhhhhhhhhh giggles!

>> No.35977727


>> No.35977728

*pull down fedora*
*nod in respect toward your back*

>> No.35977731

She is pretty dark

>> No.35977733

>> No.35977734

I wish there'll be an English version of this Crayon Shinchan game

>> No.35977736

nene is going to be living in my foreskin

>> No.35977737

Just like my soul. Heh.

>> No.35977739

Kaoru is so lucky...

>> No.35977740

she's already drinking coffee inside my butthole

>> No.35977742

The thing I feel for Towa

>> No.35977744

That's hate

>> No.35977748

Post Miko ass shake please.

>> No.35977749

here bro

>> No.35977750


>> No.35977753


>> No.35977754


>> No.35977757


>> No.35977762

I'm not really sure where they are going with this creepypasta shit

>> No.35977765

Nice daki

>> No.35977767

Are you sure?

>> No.35977768

Magamaga Love!

>> No.35977770

It's summer anon

>> No.35977771

Be on the bottom left

>> No.35977773

VR horror game

>> No.35977777

Well.. summer means ghost stories

>> No.35977778

Well, that looks... uninteresting.

>> No.35977781


>> No.35977782

school uniform lamy?
haachama died for this...

>> No.35977783

I am prepared to cringe, Coco-chan...

>> No.35977784

Kanata is so fucking loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.35977788

>bitch is closing her DMs
No more chances for growth/collabs with others.
Noose continues to close around the neck of the locust queen.

>> No.35977789

giga yikes

>> No.35977793

Too many dick pics?

>> No.35977794

Wrong, she's too fast

>> No.35977796

Why is she like this...

>> No.35977797

im too stupid to enjoy hololive
im just a big moron!

>> No.35977798

This bitch is getting uppity

>> No.35977799


>> No.35977801

how do i shut kanata up?

>> No.35977803


>> No.35977805


>> No.35977807

>unplug my headphones
>still hear kanata

>> No.35977809

Kiss her

>> No.35977811

kanatan the loud fucker

>> No.35977812

She has to talk loud, ks*n is streaming

>> No.35977814

We hate uruha rushia here

>> No.35977815

Anon is too fucking loud

>> No.35977816

why is kanata so loud...

>> No.35977817

We love uruha rushia here

>> No.35977818

SMOKA??!??!!? Towa needs that nicotine promotion guys.

>> No.35977819

This c-chan content is really based!

>> No.35977821

I fucking hate this thread for making me think of Towa when she mentioned that.

>> No.35977822

What's with the weird fencesitting where she didn't ever outright collab with coco again to not alienate her chink fans but still acknowledges her a little where it'd piss them off anyway

>> No.35977824

>dick picks only number 5

>> No.35977825


>> No.35977829

Kanata needed to send more.

>> No.35977830

I won't watch them and despise those faggots for constant /hlg/ raiding and acting high and mighty in the early Holo days.

>> No.35977832

Apparently not that many...

>> No.35977835


>> No.35977836

>dick pics
All me

>> No.35977842

She just does it to piss (you) off

>> No.35977843

Except that Gura is almost as shy as Aqua.

>> No.35977844

i need to shove my dick in kanata's mouth to shut her up!

>> No.35977846

now make her do this on a 3D stream

>> No.35977847

>letting shitposters influence what content you enjoy

>> No.35977848


>> No.35977849

>i don't need any dick in my life

>> No.35977851

k*on you are in your 30s trust me you need that cocock

>> No.35977852

>I don't need any dicks

>> No.35977853

>I don't need dick in my life
I can't believe Kanata fucking won

>> No.35977854


>> No.35977855

>all that popping
At least it's confirmed that both Risu and Ollie would give great blowjobs

>> No.35977856

"I don't need any dick in my life"

>> No.35977857

kanata needs my dick

>> No.35977858

I'm Pomu

>> No.35977859

She's already used to dick picks
Remember the Subaru incident

>> No.35977860

why is kanata so fucking loud?!?! can someone tell coco to shut her up?

>> No.35977861

Why don't nips know how to have a contact email address
It's not only her (roommate) that relies on keeping DMs open either and as a result gets weird shit

>> No.35977862

Poorfags BTFO

>> No.35977863

Her pits are more hypnotizing than her swaying hips. Are there MMDs that just focus on armpits interactions

>> No.35977865

So they cancelled Mio's scary stories stream for this...

>> No.35977866

>> No.35977867

If they're serious, they'll send her a fax.

>> No.35977867,1 [INTERNAL] 



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