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Miyabi's Minecraft


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Miyabi MC
Rikka Outlast 2

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Cute robe!

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Izakaya ARN with Izumi

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Shogun is tweeting about wanting to be a cute girl again...

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Wacha clip show had a nice selection, I feel like splitting it in two wouldve made a nice length for introducing to new people, the little edits were cute too, I really like adding in those comments to bossus fanservice.

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>Youtube mass deleting Hanamigumi comments
>Miyabi still nowhere to be seen

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Migabi where are you...

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The hanamigumi are hungry for the flower, Ive not seen the prechat this active in a while.

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It's always toliet stories with these idols...

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>Stuck in the toilet because there was no toilet paper
Holostars and their toilet incidents, a true classic.

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The second time this week he had a toilet story

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Hanasaki Astel...

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Rikka Outlast 2 started

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Why is the Old man being extra cute today.

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jesus crisis

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Hanakishi please stop bullying the poor axolotls. At least Miyabi was far from potentially killing it, even though the knight didnt notice it was blue somehow..

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>temma tried to killed the ao upa when papa showed if off
>miyabi did the same
Hanakishi teetee?

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Rikka guard ON

>> No.35968659

Miyako vs Stella.
There can only be one flower fairy.

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Roberu schedule for tomorrow
All four frames are up

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looks like old man's pc couldn't handle the licking

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special guest in apex...?

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I wonder what kind of guest, Temma has played apex with outside of holostars as collabs but I get the feeling this one is more of an event, wonder if its a coach. The archive will be interesting to browse either way.

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oh he has played outside of stars for apex??? time to review the archives

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Yes, though not too often as my post may have made it seem, theres a Pochi/Lenri collab and Fubuki/Matsuri. I think theres also one with just Lenri alone though my memory is really reaching with that.

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Keep doing what you love, flower.

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even if it doesn't make sense i think his mc stuff usually turns out pretty nice to look at and i enjoy his incomprehensible thought process getting there, flower's mind and creations are precious

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Rikka pities you

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All of the large Rikkas have made me hyper aware of how pretty the Old man is. Never noticed just how nice the pale pink and green eyes are together.

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>cute fucking seaweed face
>big bod

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oga in 40 minutes
what kind of ungodly time is this

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Just Oga hours, I hope this morning activity also includes drawing.

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I was worried that he was actually going to make a full endurance run out of this even after saying he wasnt, good progress Old man.

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To tie into parts of this morning chat Oga is looking for your old dark history chuuni artwork: https://twitter.com/aragamioga/status/1423405543452930048

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Morning Roberu but it seems he's still asleep

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Roberu heavy schedule again, theres also Knight at 14:00.

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Just before I go to bed, finally. Oga looks like he actually has a proper shirt on.

>> No.35975534

looks like oga is going for the appeal of a nice suit while shien's looks like it might be more casual than his normal outfit

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Roberu baseball

>> No.35976345

Team ReTIcle practice with their coach shomaru7
Temma POV
Izuru POV
Old man appears to still be sleeping but he'll show up later no doubt

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There is so much Shogun this week, I'm very happy
I wonder how his birthday stream is gonna go

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What in the world is this thumbnail...

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Astel got his SCs disabled for real
What are you fucking doing you retarded seaweed

>> No.35976541

Its no longer his problem but Shinoves god help him

>> No.35976763

Saw someone in the replies say it's happening to other vtubers. Probably just a youtube bug, it's been acting weird lately.

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Just noticed that the Holostars Minecraft storehouse got moved above ground, and I don't remember Miyabi doing that in last night's stream. Did Shien do it or did somebody do it behind the scenes?

>> No.35977012

Aruran made earlier in the day during his minecraft stream

>> No.35977108

Just to add to the previous anon's comment, Aruran thought that the storage room's entrance being in the middle of the road was annoying since people had to either go around it or jump over the hole that is the entrance.

>> No.35977464

Astel and Rikka in an amongus collab on 8/8, seems like these are mostly apex players?

>> No.35977504

Jesus fuck those are big names in the apex community. I swear I see them in almost every CR cup.

>> No.35977725

What's this supposed to mean? Testicle?

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Last year's summer voices are up for sale again along with a new Yurustars track

>> No.35978107

I'm sorry... though I have legit never heard someone use the word reticle. I can't believe the homos are better at english than me.

>> No.35978305

>increased outside collabs
They’re all (not izuru) gonna make it!

>> No.35978827

Roberu Aka Manto

>> No.35978917

Sometimes I can't help but be amazed at how far Izuru has gotten without really collaborating with anyone outside of the boys.

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Yeah, by pandering to the chinese. Shogun? More like chairman.

>> No.35979025

Tf is this rrat? Provide some evidence because this is not the Izuru that I watch.

>> No.35979077

God shut the fuck up

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Not a secret that he streamed the most on bilibili out of all the stars

>> No.35979198

I was not expecting Knight or Flower boy to do any new vp for a while so this is a nice surprise.
Also Knights birthday merch is shipping out for anyone that used a proxy so expect to see some cute misshapen gacha signatures on twitter in a few days.

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Not to be mean but have you seen how much of the fanart in his tag is by chinese-speaking fans?

>> No.35979346

Team ARCSTARS art, big fan of Astel's outfit

>> No.35979378

The outfits are great, though the facial expressions could really use some improvement. I think the artist was trying to go for a mischievous/playful look, but right now it just looks like none of them want to be there.

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I know he has a large chinese-speaking fanbase because I am not blind. It's just that I have no clue how is Izuru currently pandering to them outside of bilibili, which he stopped after the T incident like the rest of hololive. Unless the anon I replied to referred pandering as the times he streamed on Bilibili, otherwise I have to clue how is he now, post-bilibili, still pandering to them.

>> No.35979417

*no clue
dumb typo

>> No.35979479

Thats a really good outfit for him, I can imagine that there will be a lot of new fanart of it, Astellas are pretty productive.
I guess the reasoning is that he said its fine to type in chinese in his chat, its stupid reasoning because Im fairly sure most of the stars wouldnt care as long as you follow the rules and for a while you could still see some chinese chat in Temma and Miyabis chats as well.
I think more than anything anons responded negatively because of how the post was worded, this isnt /vt/.

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That's a stupid reasoning. Also, Izuru has said before that he doesn't care which language people use as long as they don't spam and follow the rules.
>I think more than anything anons responded negatively because of how the post was worded, this isnt /vt/.
Understandable. I always have both stars threads opened side by side and thought this was the /vt/ thread when I made that post.

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>there's even a thumbnail made for Astel's POV
Inb4 he doesn't use it and goes with his usual stock photo + white text combo

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i love flower's angry face

>> No.35980091

Between the speed up in chat and some of the Hanamigumi messages implying they dont mind being called gross earlier having Shien around is really feeding a certain part of chat.
Angry face with the nice Miyabi laugh is really good.

>> No.35980106

It's okay anon. Don't worry it was the tensai knight who came up with the name so you shouldn't feel bad about it.

>> No.35980165

Same, it’s perfect

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>> No.35980665

Pizzadad minecraft

>> No.35981116

Ganbare, aunties...

>> No.35981217

Kishimen are strong, I will simply double my daily views of the knights covers while he is away.

>> No.35981444

The teases that they all do really make me wish they would release the individual versions of Jsf, I would happily pay.

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>> No.35982007

Nice, now we just need to have an Oneesan for this robeshota

>> No.35982186

HenRadio in 10 minutes.

>> No.35982229

He already has one.

>> No.35982541

>Roberu just gushing about Fuuraiki and Hiyo-nee for 30 minutes on radio
Can't blame him, Hiyo-nee is great. And that's not even considering how she perfectly fits Robe-chan's onee-san fetish. The game itself is beautiful too.

>> No.35982775

I missed it but that sounds cute, his enthusiasm for the game is really endearing and with the way he talks about it Im not surprised he ended up talking about it that much. It was never something on my radar so I appreciate his playthrough.

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>> No.35983681

If any of you are interested:
This PDF is the whole thing, without any recompression. It will default to "two page side by side" view for the small handful of pictures that are spreads. If you're using Acrobat, make sure you View -> Page Display -> Uncheck Show Gaps Between Pages.
That's an archive with all 50 images exactly as they were extracted from the eBook.
I pity anyone who paid more than 73 fucking yen for this.

>> No.35983712

Fuck I need to do my reps.
>Read "holo"
>Stop reading
>Post hololive shit
>Finish reading
>It's "Holostars"

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>> No.35984573

I never expect any new songs from Miyabi and thats fine but lately Ive really wanted to hear what his Vampire would sound like.

>> No.35984619

since sunday's utawaku is unarchived, maybe... there is hope...

>> No.35984701

The unarchive being on my mind is what has me wishing for a few new songs, I like the nostalgia trip but after burning two covers of Vampire into my mind I cant help but wonder what semi-breathless Miyabi "いいの?吸っちゃっていいの?" would sound like its driving me crazy. In the low low chance it ever happens it would probably get cursed just like King was.

>> No.35984772

have you tried to throw it in twitter for miyabi's egosa to pick up... who knows, a miracle might happen

>> No.35985224

No, I would feel rude doing something like that even though I know it would just be one post in the sea of others. I will continue to imagine.

>> No.35986909

Kishimen are receiving their Knight birthday merch

>> No.35986952

Astels mouth when it goes “:-o” is cute CUTE!!

>> No.35986962

I cant wait to receive mine, I hope my signature is a high rarity.

>> No.35987052

Their happiness is cute
Hope you’re happy with it too anon

>> No.35987517

>Astel POV
>Roboco POV
>Choco POV

Aruran Unarchived Karaoke

>> No.35989060

https://twitter.com/rikkaroid/status/1423912691094065154 Rikka playing with Kana Ueda and Otogi again at 17jst

>> No.35989225

More Apex

>> No.35989244

Fuck I missed this. How did it go?

>> No.35989264

arcstars practice was very comfy, another learning session mostly. they got #2 a few times
i didnt catch arupapa karaoke but i heard that it is very soulful, and tanaka shohei showed up

>> No.35989295

>Gameplay-wise: terrible
Not only were they getting stream-sniped and third-partied often (to the point they had to change servers), they never got a champion at all
>Team chemistry-wise: Fan-fucking-tastic
Extremely kino since Astel has grown more comfortable with Choco and Roboco
Not only did he and Roboco both praise and punch each other, they also trolled Choco at one point by shooting at her and making her think she got spotted by an enemy

>> No.35989299

Oops, I meant >>35989295 for >>35989244

>> No.35990302

Bossu reading lines from Maro requests

>> No.35990372

Is archive anon still here? missed Aruran's unarchived utawaku and I won't probably be here for Miyabi's unarchived tomorrow.

>> No.35990592

Aruran unarchive utawaku files
the 8 minute ones are a sound test that I dont know why I included.

Yes, I was asleep when it happened so late upload today. Miyabi will probably be the same since he usually sings very early for me.
I feel like its been a long time since any of them did one of these, I like the variety bukas are sending in.

>> No.35990652

Thank you as usual. They tend to do unarchived utawaku at hours that suck for my timezone.

>> No.35990729

The whiplash from the masochist request and then straight to praise, thank you subordinates, proper Bossu kiss is really cute I understand the anon talking about what the membership ones are like now.

>> No.35991011

Is anyone recording this stream? Heard that it might go unarchive

>> No.35991068

Yes, though I may have missed just a bit at the start, I know how the bukas get so i was just running it to be cautious. Even though he mentioned it might be unarchived I really wonder if it will be, outside of 2 it hasnt been that bad.

>> No.35991611

Thanks anon, you are doing god's work

>> No.35991628

Miyabi subnautica

>> No.35992664


>> No.35992814

This is nice in combination with the current stream, Miyabi is always cute but theres a lot of nice sound bits today. I dont have the time or proper autism required but one of those soundboard websites would be fun to make for him.

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>> No.35993268


>> No.35994200

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8vaDFAfM-I izuchamapex

>> No.35995290


>> No.35995306

Izuru's mama was sent a Holostars wireless phone charger from Cover.
I wonder if this is a sample product of future merchandise or if it's of a scrapped product idea.

>> No.35995408

Thats a very practical thing that I could see them doing even if it is just slapping the logo on it. I wonder now too, itll be interesting to see if it pops up eventually with some other types of phone related accessories. Theres already 3rd gen 3d phone merch so it doesnt seem too out there to do to pair with them.

>> No.35995911

I was hoping that flower boy would have the singing stream at a different time than usual, they are always so early for me. Looking forward to it anyway, I hope this one has a solo jfs.

>> No.35996637

They're just generic charging pads that have some printing on the top. Other holo artist get merch at the time of release so it's probably a test product that didn't go through.

>> No.35997350

I see, thank you I have to admit with the right kind of print Id be interested in one despite knowing it wouldnt be worth the higher cost.

>> No.35998164

>enters thread
>you can all now never unhear the similarity
>down to the fucking timestamp
>exits thread

>> No.35998577

Looks like it is just a slapped on logo after all.

>> No.36001058

Miyabi doko...

>> No.36001411

Struggling to keep his house from being blown away.

>> No.36001547

Roberu is going to be a guest on a radio show

>> No.36001980

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxUG8MIudsg bossu minecraft

>> No.36002810

Among Us collab in ~15 minutes.
>Astel POV
>Rikka POV

>> No.36005323

After his 4th Imposter in a row, Rikka finally gets the win

>> No.36005347

cute sexy handsome seaweed

>> No.36005426

aruran playing ultimate chicken horse with Hira, Kuku and Naru

>> No.36005444

I panicked at first thinking I missed recording the unarchive, but poor flower, its selfish of me but high wind and heavy rain twitcast with Miyabi asmr chat would be nice.
Good for Roberu, its nice to see him branching out with something that he has had a goal of from the start, and hopefully that means some more singing, its been a while if youre not a member.

>> No.36005513

>> No.36005537

>> No.36005625

>> No.36005733

U-uoh. Tskr anon

>> No.36005737

I love this totally ordinary Flower boy!

>> No.36005893

Astel acting adds a lot to a usual among us collab though he is currently screwing up his chances. Old man pulling out the Knight begging tactics is cute.

>> No.36005940

Knowing Astel, he probably played up a lot of that but I'm glad he made the right decision for a great ending. Though him making the wrong decision would've been great too

>> No.36005959

I have to admit I was hoping for a wrong choice as much as a winning run, that was a good round. I regret missing a lot of this collab.

>> No.36006033

I just noticed that the limited chat stamps have changed, I dont watch non oshi apex these days, have they been around since the start of August?

>> No.36006120

He changed them a few hours ago.

>> No.36006782

Silly gimmick rounds are the best, neither of them are going to get imposter are they, Rikka is usually an imposter magnet. Still hoping someday for an all stars singing gimmick round, old man would be really good at it.

>> No.36006844

Oga hours

>> No.36006925

Get in for impromptu Gartic Phone after party

>> No.36006950

Its going to be nice to have his pov, Ive always wanted more drawing streams from him and this will probably be the closest we get.

>> No.36006969

Papa schedule. Kira Kira gartic phone should be fun

>> No.36007272

Shiromanta-sensei's art is too fucking good

>> No.36007274

I love the skill ranges in gartic phone collabs.

>> No.36007656


>> No.36007702

I'm actually surprised that ended, I thought they were leading into another game for sure

>> No.36007703

The fake outs here were unarchived utawaku levels.

>> No.36007715

I guess they didn't really want to play Overwatch

>> No.36007743

Astel's not satisfied with the 5h stream

>> No.36007883

The astellas endurance is really being tested today.

>> No.36008329

Enter Shogun! AIM is together once again

>> No.36008439

>> No.36008531

Hanakishi/Babudon golf should be really fun, between this and Beatmario, Im looking forward to next week already.
I hope the kajuugumi fans have been enjoying the extra shien miyabi interactions that we got this week, interest in minecraft jumping up has been really nice for multiple reasons.

>> No.36008557

Arusan let some of the villagers from Temma's concentration camp escape...

>> No.36008742

Damn, that Codename collab. Really nice to see Air doing something like this.

>> No.36008746

The crumbs have been nice, really looking forward to the Mario Golf collab. Also hopefully Flower gushing about Bossu's summer outfit

>> No.36008878


>> No.36008880

I forgot about possible new flower commentary, I also dont know why I worded that post like Im not a fan too, they have a fun synergy together,Ive been hoping lately like with Oga and Roberus 3d streams that Bossu has a hand in some fanservice screenshot segment.

>> No.36009073


>> No.36009085

>I hope the kajuugumi fans have been enjoying the extra shien miyabi interactions that we got this week
I sure fucking did
Even if they weren't in the same discord call I was still well fed from ther interactions throughout their respective minecraft streams

>> No.36009481

I'm looking forward to possible commentary from Flower boy too.
Honestly, as a Kajuugumi fan, I'm really savoring the crumbs...
The recent Minecraft arc has been really good in general imo.
We got guerilla collabs during Son's stream, AruRobe collab, Kajuugumi interactions, and iirc Majin is also interested in playing.

>> No.36010349

I liked listening to it so here is Astel singing Vaundy

>> No.36010478

I'm glad he has been adding these into his setlists, Tokyo flash is really catchy and being behind in a lot of newer music its an easy way to find "new" people to listen to.
Thanks for sharing, Ive always been too lazy to properly cut out parts of utawakus outside of the ocassional clip.

>> No.36010573

No problem, It's definitely worth given how many times I've gone back to listen to it lately

>> No.36010937

>> No.36011268


>> No.36011524

>tfw no shogun to welcome me when I go back home with a warm meal

>> No.36011585

I'd turn gay for that

>> No.36011691

>ywn have a cute shogun housewife
Why live

>> No.36012656

>> No.36013540

Are you being literal with that? Because this also happened some months ago with kinako:

>> No.36015146

>Schedule for today
>Arusan guerilla Apex in ~5 minutes
>Roberu The Night Way Home in ~2 hours

>> No.36016476

>Majin is also interested in playing
He really wants to play it but his 3D sickness is stopping him. As someone who had minecraft 3D sickness before I really want to adjust his minecraft settings to hopefully resolve his 3D issues, at least with minecraft.

>> No.36017208

Astel "Welcome back SC" utawaku.

>> No.36017308

Did I miss the ARC Stars practice stream or did it just not end up happening? https://twitter.com/robocosan/status/1424402946779803649
The akas are already coming in

>> No.36017343

Got cancelled.

>> No.36017354

Ah thanks, I missed that tweet somehow. I really need to do my twitter reps

>> No.36017408

Astel's pronunciation for "Let's fucking go!" gets better and better by the day.

>> No.36018317

Swapping to D-Side stream (unarchived)

>> No.36018391

He should always just do it like this, fucking dumbass Seaweed.

>> No.36018463

Woke up from a dream of the flowers utawaku getting a surprise rescheduling but I should always expect Seaweed.

>> No.36018831

Aru and beatMario

>> No.36019316

Miyabi schedule

>> No.36019637

Old man Minecraft

>> No.36019737

Nice schedule from flowerboy, I wasnt expecting to see cod again, thats going to be fun.

>> No.36019943

Astel disney side unarchive files

>> No.36019976

Thanks anon

>> No.36020350

This Rikka minecraft is really cute, hes showing more inexperienced fear here than from most "horror" games.

>> No.36020386

thanks archivebro

>> No.36021246

Izuchama egg...

>> No.36021519


>> No.36021562

Our poor son is once again held captive by Haneru, Tamaki, and Mea
Tomari Mari is there too for some reason

>> No.36021658


>> No.36021695

New Rikka tone coming tomorrow, old man refuses to tease even at the end what the cover will be.

>> No.36021832

>Roberu was supposed to swap out but there were no callers ready yet so he stayed overtime
>Now he's just stuck there as part of the group even when Maimoto finally came in
There really is no escaping the sex dungeon...

>> No.36022365


>> No.36022448

Holostars good boys

>> No.36024951

Shogun twitcast

>> No.36024972

Happy to have more shogun.

>> No.36025032

This seaside twitcast is very chill. Love the atmosphere.

>> No.36025039

More shogun at the beach is really nice background listening, I really would enjoy even more pre/post fishing twitcasts.

>> No.36025189

>ywn watch the sunrise on the beach with shogun while he hums

>> No.36025269

That yoisho before the yawn and trash talk was really cute, Im happy every time he does one of these the japanese fans state several times how much they enjoy or miss the beach sounds, hopefully its really obvious theres a lot of fans of these.

>> No.36025534

Shoguns living the fucking life t bh

>> No.36026366

I wonder if this anon is still around, I have another Astel they did but if anyone was in /hlg/ at the time did they ever post any other boy that you happen to have saved?

>> No.36026852

Summer outfits

>> No.36027470

>trash talk
I thought you meant the other trash talk. I was really looking forward to getting called trash by shogun at the beach. That kind of trash talk is nice too though.

>> No.36027670

You could send him a SC and told him about your settings. As long as you're polite maybe he would appreciate it.

>> No.36028253


>> No.36029734

I'm sorry anon, I can imagine how that would be appealing, I can never see him doing it or he would skip those requests but I can imagine how a solo shogun marshmallow line/scenario stream would go. He has a good voice for that sort of talk/ fanservice.

>> No.36029992


>> No.36030373

Lets see how Bossu opens up this time, another 2.0 opening would be fun.

>> No.36030486

Tanned bossu uoooooh

>> No.36030503

Sasuga bossu with the detailed zoom in

>> No.36030632

The nekoyama hats are really cute in each one. Its a nice sign of progress that theres enough speculation fanart to do these now, I hope they can do more of these with future outfit reveals.

>> No.36030717

why is this allowed

>> No.36030724


>> No.36030753

That tail waggle is intense, and lewd naked hands.

>> No.36030810

Very cute, the bangs make him look younger.

>> No.36030864

The small hats are fucking adorable.

>> No.36030884

too lewd

>> No.36030906

Now knight and boss can offer things to you.

>> No.36030955

>> No.36031012

Rikka apex with Otogi and Tanaka, a band vocalist

>> No.36031051

Time for the omaesans to go wild.

>> No.36031140

Just accidentally

>> No.36031144

I love how Oga constantly calls out the hungry omaesans. That biker one would make a cool casual outfit.

>> No.36031214

I wasn't expecting this at all and by the predicitions it looks like no one else did.

>> No.36031221

Thats not at all what I was expecting.

>> No.36031258

oh god oh fuck

>> No.36031262

>> No.36031264


>> No.36031285

the time as come and so have I

>> No.36031379

It's a nice simple look so I know the fanart is going to be fast.

>> No.36031494

Summer stands are back if anyone missed out last time.

>> No.36031607

Vtuber tournament Landmark gacha.
Our boys managed to land their preferred landmarks, to the absolute chagrin of Meika's team.

>> No.36031626

Finally, Oga and Shien can be a proper MaFia now

>> No.36031635

Astel also confirmed that Kamaneko is once again in charge of coaching his team.

>> No.36031660

The new wave of fanart is going to be really good, there should be some fun kajuugumi shades art too hopefully.

>> No.36031679

Astel's Discord name is him begging EA to buff the landslide.

>> No.36031734

When every team's only wish is to NOT draw Landslide, there has to be something wrong with it. And with 4 teams left to draw and it's still open, this shit is gonna be wild.

>> No.36031745

Make that last 3 teams. Which unfortunate team is gonna get it, I wonder?

>> No.36031770

just give it to matuli and be done with it

>> No.36031843

50/50 Gorilla or Matuli gets the slide

>> No.36031863

Virtual Gorillandslide...

>> No.36031871

>Meika gets The Dome
>Gorilla and Inui gets Landslide

>> No.36031874

Poor Gorilla, the sheer despair as it becomes clear that the wheel would land on the slide

>> No.36031894

Meanwhile the kusogakis are laughing their fucking asses off.

>> No.36031905

On a whim I picked up the digital interview that shogun is in even though it will take me forever to be able to read it:
These are alive for 3 days in case anyone wants them.

>> No.36031913

I'm not an Apex player, what's wrong with the landslide?

>> No.36031922

I owe you one, anon. Thank you so much.

>> No.36031953

No problem, I wouldve threw them in a mega like I usually do with everything but since they have gone after shares in the past Im slightly paranoid though I know it would be fine.

>> No.36032084

Poor loot, poor cover, generally not a good place to start in.

>> No.36032189

Flower zatsudan... About solo camping.


>> No.36032306

Its hard to imagine the flower actually climbing up any steep incline with a camping backpack, at the same time it sounds like good exercise for him. I hope he ends up going on a trip soon I really want to know how it turns out.

>> No.36032383

I dreamt astel played apex with kanae and nqrse!

>> No.36032577

Bossu zatsudan.

>> No.36032715

Some of bossus chat has good taste, asking for the hand focus, for some reason I always expected the nails to be colored.
Ive always wanted to see how the kanakana seaweed collab would go.

>> No.36033284

>> No.36033380


>> No.36033477


>> No.36033557

thank you for my life anon

>> No.36033642

I love listening to how excited this airheaded flower is to go camping. Since he has some help with the planning the list is a lot better than I was expecting it to be.

>> No.36034698

Aru craft

>> No.36035150


>> No.36035169

I'm always happy for character sheets but how I wish that partial looking back shot was full size.

>> No.36035227

Stupid sexy boss

>> No.36035977

Bossu's cute ass!

>> No.36036503


>> No.36036543

His fingers/nails are real pretty

>> No.36037000

Post your favorite Izuru covers so far!

>> No.36037037


>> No.36037151


Did anyone buy Astel last year? What's this about?

>> No.36037277

The email says that the hair on the last one wasn't the one on the original design. Says the new one has the correct one and to fill out a form if you want a replacement.

>> No.36037284

Maybe they'll update the hair on the acrylic? He really seems to love the one on his NY outfit.

>> No.36037351

Regulars having to follow all his friends to know when he'll stream

>> No.36037390

Aishite of course was already linked, I should make more shogun clips when I have the time.
https://streamable.com/ypj70x for fly me to the moon
https://streamable.com/ncn72g The timing is off on this one since I really find shoguns wahs really cute

>> No.36037444

On a related note, what the fuck happened to Anko's channel?

>> No.36037502

>Tfw the best way to know what Robe is up to is not to follow him and check his socials, but to follow and check his friends socials.
Youtube bug, videos aren't appearing on channels but do appear in histories and in search, others have reported having the same issue.

>> No.36037857

>oga will never strangle me to death with piano wire
Why am I even alive?

>> No.36037900

Just to suffer...

>> No.36038112

>piano wire
You mean sliced clean off like a salmon head?

>> No.36038144

If only..

>> No.36038148

Why piano wire of all things?

>> No.36038169

Did you not see his new outfit or something?

>> No.36038329

I see, looking at a pic of the old one, looks like the yellow streaks on the part of his hair that's pulled back are in the wrong place. I never even noticed.

>> No.36038741


>> No.36038893

Venom will forever be a favorite
Not a cover but I like his soldier game from his μ's only hikigatari

>> No.36038932

Gotta be Imperial Girl, listening to it makes me feel nostalgic for some reason

>> No.36041186

DJ ARN is back with the beats

>> No.36041232

Temma Apex with Izuru. Glad he's back

>> No.36041280

Izuru POV:
The team logo looks pretty nice too.

>> No.36041440

ENTER OLD MAN feat. Coach Astel.

>> No.36041843

Roberu Aka Manto (revenge pt. 2)

>> No.36042125

He finally cleared it. Doesn't look like he's going for the good end though.

>> No.36042309

Miyabi, what the fuck is this?

>> No.36042337

It's called Art you philistine

>> No.36042475

Did he get Oberon?

>> No.36042534

Yeah, he got it within 10 minutes or so.

>> No.36042928

>Description is a straight up copy paste from the Animare collab
Lazy Knight, your eigo reps...

>> No.36043120

UzouMuzou Carnival Pico Park

>> No.36043254


>> No.36043262

At least he fixed it, Im a little surprised, its still shocking to see Air there, theres a lot of overlap in some of the artist I follow and seeing how excited they are is pretty nice. Too bad the png isnt of his new outfit.

>> No.36043385

So cute bros

>> No.36043389

I was very surprised to see Air in Aru's announcement. He doesn't collab much, and when he does it's almost always in company. Looking through his channel he's only done 3 collabs outside of Nijisanji, and they were all with the same person. I'm sure there might be some on other channels (I can think of one), but this is very unexpected from him. I hope that this goes well and they do something again.

>> No.36043585

Honestly even if there isnt much synergy his fans are going to be happy that he actually has time from work to stream. Ive only briefly checked him out in the past so this is a nice way to see him again, its shallow of me but voice wise this is also a really great collab combination.

>> No.36043648

old man hikigatari
also new rikka tone in an hour

>> No.36043752

>Stream starts with the formation of SenaRobe
>"Asumi get on top of me"
He just can't be stopped...

>> No.36044141

"uuuhhhh underrated uuuhhh"

I hate these people.

>> No.36044255

Just RBI anon, don't let them ruin your day any further

>> No.36044262

Just need to continue ignoring it anon, at least all of the waiting kishimen messages will make it scroll away.
Just hit me that its nearly mid august and our chances of stripped down summer seaweed are really starting to drain away.

>> No.36044263

Usually they're the kind of retards that barely watch whoever they're calling underrated as well. Attentionseekers are the worst

>> No.36044517


>> No.36044608

The Disney connection, keep your hopes in check though anon.

>> No.36044701

Oh this is a nice song choice from Old man, the shuffling is really cute already.

>> No.36045011


>> No.36045020

This collab is a great combo, poor Aru already. Nagao hasnt gotten to show off some of his far in space quality that much yet, but I hope it comes to play with Arus strange logic.

>> No.36045191

Nagao's just been laughing his ass off and it's great

>> No.36045213

More than anything I have been enjoying how much he is cracking up at everything, constantly activated discord profile pic.

>> No.36045244

0-2 for Yurustars.

>> No.36045251

Yurustars business teetee going the way of hanakishi business teetee.

>> No.36045275

Time to go 3 for 3 and get that black card!

>> No.36045387

Im going to need to rewatch this round again, the knight is being so cute.

>> No.36045414

Temma losing it over Arupapa doing his fucking best to screw them over is comedy gold, thank god it still somehow worked out.

>> No.36045486

>Mixed team match
>Temma immediately goes HanaKishi + 1
This kusogaki and his competitive streak.

>> No.36045509

Even if I wasnt n500 I dont think Id get some of these Miyabi hints, theres so many strange logic players in this collab.

>> No.36045576

His l2d update is too powerful, i can’t...

>> No.36045667

Thats amazing, I dont understand why that worked, its nice to see that the black card didnt get to win once again.
Id like to see this group in some kind of other wolf game.

>> No.36045739

What a great collab, I'm glad that I've been doing my reps and was actually able to follow alongside quite a bit of that. Aruran and Air picking Robot for Naru's Gurren Lagann reference (自分を信じろ) was amazing, especially when Naru revealed that he had no idea what they were talking about since he hadn't watched Gurren Lagann.

>> No.36045823

Yeah actually being able to follow a large chunk of that was really nice I really hope they all collab again because that was great, it didnt feel like an hour passed.
Its also nice to see Temma in his element again. He gets so excited for games like this, I hope the vacation from constant streaming was good for him.

>> No.36046170

Is there some kind of weird power in these threads or is it just coincidence?

>> No.36046186

Hadn’t it happened before with another anon

>> No.36046277

Surely you're doing your prophetic dream reps, right anon?

>> No.36046283

One anon wished for a Shien+Tomoe collab sometime last March(?) and they almost immediately got their wish so I guess there's that

>> No.36046480

Obviously tanigox lurks the threads

>> No.36046574

In the /vt/ thread someone wished hard for another RoberuxKuku collab and it happened.

>> No.36046603

I need to start wishing and dreaming for another solo robechan cover

>> No.36046617

It's my oshi's birthday! Happy birthday shogun.

>> No.36046795

Happy birthday Izuchama!

>> No.36046837


>> No.36046915

Oga chat

>> No.36046919

>> No.36046986

Happy birthday to Shogun!
It makes for a good joke, I wish my constant whining lead to knight doing another cooking twitcast and getting that seaweed collab song faster but Im glad both ended up happening.

>> No.36047006

>Decide to drop by Oga's zatsudan
>He starts talking about strangulation fetishes
I really shouldn't be surprised at this point.

>> No.36047077

His menhera gf stockholm’d him...

>> No.36047095

I’d like to speak asukanaizu into existence

>> No.36047109

Being strangled or doing the strangling......

>> No.36047126

Happy birthday Shogun! I'm excited to see what he has in store for merch and what sort of gifts he got

>> No.36047132

The omaesan love it.

>> No.36047154

>> No.36047159

He's choking the omaesans...

>> No.36047161

happy birthday shogun!! he can legally drink now

>> No.36047164

The omaesan love it, they are masochists

>> No.36047208

I want to sex this majin so badly. Gonna make him go down to his knees by pulling on his harness before fucking his brains out in front of FBK.

>> No.36047239


>> No.36047274


>> No.36047304

With how Kanae dropped by shogun's stream around a month ago and these recents interactions with Astel, I will allow myself to be just a little optimistic and hope for some kind of collab before the year ends.

>> No.36047433


>> No.36047469


>> No.36047673

ShibuHal customs tomorrow (well, later technically since it's already past midnight for me)
Astel's playing with Reid and Bora

>> No.36047735

>reid & bora

>> No.36047768

Air and Naruse recently got a new manager, right? It's probably because of that.

>> No.36047798

Sounds like a very strong team. Looking forward to it.

>> No.36047834

Now that is some good stuff to look forward to.

>> No.36047878

Uoooohh, these Oberon Miyabis, pretty flower fairy king...

>> No.36047906

Wonder if she'll ever bring up that she listened to his One More Time, One More Chance cover

>> No.36048062

Oh wow. Fantasy fits miyabi so well

>> No.36048305

It's quite nice

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