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The belly of a touhou would be very fun to grab, but also soft enough to rest your head on

No extremely obese please

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Very soft 2hus

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please zun just canonise chubby 2hus already

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God I wanna grope it

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They are all getting too fat these days...

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And that's good!

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I love wemy

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Hi, you read the OP right? It explicitly asked not to post this kind of image. So why would you post it? That's very rude. Please do not post again.

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This is moderately obese, not extremely obese.
Remilia and Nue can still walk after all, thats not extremely obese.

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our winter cutie

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She cant give sumata now

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Why was the last thread deleted?

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White witchlike hands wrote this post.

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Letty is insanely cute, I wish zun brought her back at least once

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Letty is fat!

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Letty has the physique of a snowman!

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please don't be mean you're going to hurt her feelings :(

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Hugging a chubby touhou girl...

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What about fat touhou girl

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This is the infamous phonefaggot that ruins threads and creates kuso wherever he goes.
Be warned!

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Fuck you leatherhead

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proposal: chubby touhou body pillows made of memory foam for accurate squishiness

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Why are you being so rude? Please take it easy.

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Sakuya gropping Flan

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Reimu after a busy day of not slaying youkai.

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Why won't you respond to >>35956005? Why are you doing this?

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He ruins threads like this one with his spam and makes shitty threads like these, most of the time referencing some crossboarder meme:

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Of the three threads in the archives.
I made none of them.

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That's really sad and shameful, I hope he finds something better to do with his life.

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giving him free (you)s won't help, just post your own respectably sized chubhus

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Perfectly sized touhous.

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full and round > flabby and unsightly

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if you want a thread for that, you're free to go make one, but this isn't the thread for it

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I disagree
The idea that a woman can be so big and cuddly that she is unsightly, is an insult to their very biology on both a genetic level and the intention of God himself.

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This guy draws the best fat Chen
Imagine fattening a little cat girl into a fatass,
belly erotic

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The ideal youkai body type.

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This artist had some great touhou art, and yuukas

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they sure do, in fact there's been a general increase in chubby Yuuka art this year and I'm sure they've helped cause that

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I want to rub it

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Yuuka has been too sleepy, she needs to get out in the garden more.

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but that's so much effort when she can just tend to her plants through magic

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What an amazing sequence.

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yukari gonna gap all fat fetishist to her to be her personal feeders

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I want to use her belly as a pillow.

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I think most would prefer a younger lady though...

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Ran is trying to slim down, please encourage her

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You can take a break, it's OK Ran

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I'll cook her whatever she wants to reward her efforts

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tubby okuus are honestly just the cutest thing

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this dumb bird cant control her eating habits

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but look at her chubby little face! who could deny giving her whatever snacks she wanted?

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she is nuclear reactor so you better give her enough calories to keep her operational

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I want to give mommy a new son.

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Some disgusting stuff itt

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Ran should just do cardio to burn some fat. Abdominal exercises don't really burn much fat.

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chubby reimu is go fucking good

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Stop eating!