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There isn't a single character in all of Touhou that I don't like, I adore them all
So, I challenge all of you to change my mind; give me a valid reason to legitimately dislike a Touhou
Show me the worst of the worst

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No, I won't do it. Why would I want to ruin you like that? To love all touhous is to be truly blessed.

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To even know all 2hus is a challeng, giga respect for you my frien

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I lost my popteamepic "I get it" image

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I dont think this is possible...

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that stupid cat from hell

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How about the dude from the store that refuses to bang Reimu or Marisa? I dislike these oblivious anime fucks so much

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>I love every 2hu
Even the moonies???

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its not that hard you secondary
Seiga, she is cartoon tier evil, stealing stuff on christmas dressed as santa

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They're touhous are they not?

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Yes but they are disgusting.

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Rinnosuke is a gentleman, he would never lay a finger on a shrine maiden or her ex-boss daughter

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oh bloody hell no you are going insult dapper blokes on the moon with some that have firearms. I will create a breach in the Hakurei Barrier and send you there so you can be food for Remilia or something like that. Its gonna be like Cry of Fear where you randomly wake up except its in Gensokyo.

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Shut up moongoloid.

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Here anon

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Only autistic retards do not like the moonies. And that is a FACT.

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How do we know Maribel IS Yukari Exactly? It’s not like Yukaris abilities are special to her *cough* Okina *cough*. Besides Maribel could just be Yukari’s descendant. Just as Renko is Sumirekos descendant.

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Shit wrong thread.

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This may not exactly be a valid reason, but actually playing the mainline games for me inspires a furious hatred towards any 2hus appearing as bosses. So you could try to go for a Lunatic 1cc and see what happens.

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bloody hell no, being historically inaccurate is one thing, but being inaccurate with guns, took it too far this time yeah. 500 dollar for suit I made and you shoot it up

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i am the opposite, i don't exactly hate any touhou, but i used to not like a few before i fought them in game. the spellcards are often a reflection of their personality, and i enjoy difficulty in games.

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I enjoy difficult games too, it's just that my motivation for beating them is hatred towards the bosses/enemies. Seeing them fall after multiple attempts is immensely satisfying.

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I strongly dislike Mai from Mystic Square, if you're looking for serious answers. If you kill Yuki first, Mai describes her as a deadweight and is just an overall bastard about it as she was previously seen as a shy and quiet angel (which is even reflected in her appearance). If the player takes down Mai first, Yuki feels unbridled rage for her fallen friend and is out for blood to avenge what she thinks is her beloved partner. Mai is just a backstabber who puts on a nice facade to deceive even those closest to her, and she's not even badass about it.

TLDR Mai is a meanie to her best friend and I don't like it. At least her theme is really good.

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Poor Yuki...

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her theme is literally named Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss

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Rinnosuke is useless.

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>Only autistic retards do not like the moonies. And that is a FACT.
Shut up moonite.

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>cartoon tier evil
That's what makes her kind of charming.

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I don't like Orin because she makes SA difficult
Stupid cat

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The only one I don't like is Yatsuhashi and it's because her face + hair looks fucking stupid.
Every other girl is lovely, even girls with awful personalities like Seija and Tenshi.

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>her theme is literally named Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss
I never noticed this

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I don't get why people think that hating or absolutely reviling and wishing death upon certain 2hus is some kind of sin. It's true, some 2hus shouldn't exist at all for they are abominations.

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Sumireko. That is all.

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Sumireko, Slutnae and Mamizou should be universally hated.

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There's no good reason to hate them, you retard.

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I don't need good reason while you have "good enough" reason.
Schoolgirl in glasses, awful looking + woefully generic, I'd say most generic character in 2hu.
Jewish + personality of a typical women, thinking of one thing and saying another.
There are other characters like that Yuyuko, Yukari, etc but they are actually smart and cunning instead of just being a cunt.
Fuck Tanukis, thank you based Kasen for showing who's boss in the drinking contest.

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Shows how much your opinion matters. Get out of /jp/, fag.

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Cringe cope fampai.

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play the games
you won't get to hate them, but you'll gradually lose interest

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Sanae gave me an STD, that's reason enough.

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Some would add Koishi to the list.

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I second that notion

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>There isn't a single character in all of Touhou that I don't like, I adore them all
Me too. Some people genuinely dislike some 2hus, which is absurd to me. I can't get it.

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Everyone's friend is no one's friend.

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>To even know all 2hus is a challeng, giga respect for you my frien
I feel bad now. The only real challenge is remembering all of the characters that only show up in one media that isn't either the mainline or decimal games.

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Even Eika?

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I almost hate Mai and Satono because of this but I know it's just because they're strong, so I respect them
I love every female 2hu*
How dare you
I've already been playing them for 5-6 years, and I continue to have interest, does that mean I'm autistic?
I'm actually serious, does it?
I love her, she's adorable, even with those saggy ears

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Why do you hate Fortune Teller, Rinnosuke, Youmus Grandpa, Genji, crazy villager and Wriggle?

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cute ears

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I don't like Kaguya, Eirin, or Moukou because of their means of immortality. It comes as selfish to me.

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my glasses fetish wont let me hate any female character with glasses especially tanukis

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Forgive him, anon. OP just wants to be "like all 2hus" and "not being gay" at the same time.