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Touhou fans all seem to have their own interpretation of which of the characters should be loli and which should be the big sister/mature milf.

Frankly, I find myself disagreeing most of the time.

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But Cirno always makes a good baby.

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But Meiling always makes a good mom.

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oh god i love this guy's meiling

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Consider that the majority of Touhou characters are at minimum 5 times older than you

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Ran, Yuyuko, Yukari, Keine, Eirin, Kanako, Byakuren, Shou, China, Yuka, Komachi

Sanae, Reisen, Mokou, Kaguya, Reimu, Alice, Sakuya,

Marisa, Patchouli, Shikieiki (She's just short)

all the rest

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"Mature milf"


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Invert that.
Then I'll almost agree with you.

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So should the loli or the neesan have the penis?

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>Shikieiki (She's just short)

No she isn't, goddammit. She's as tall as Komachi. Replay PoFV.

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Forgot my indignant picture

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But I want to be the loli.

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Quite oddly, though there is overlap between the list of "usual buxom characters" and "usual mature characters," they remain separate lists.

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People need to realize that just because she's flat doesn't mean she is a loli. She is also not the type to be jealous.

What does this lunar tablet say?

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I want them all to be lewd old hags.

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From ZUN's mails

Tall: Sakuya, Meiling, Yukari
Fairly Tall: Reimu, Yuyuko, Alice, Letty, Ran
Fairly Short: Marisa, Youmu, Patchouli, Lunasa, Merlin
Short: Remilia, Lyrica, Chen, Cirno, Rumia, Flandre

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>Sakuya - Tall

>Ran - Fairly tall

>> Sakuya is taller than Ran

My everything has been shattered.

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>Mature: Shou
Bodywise yeah, personality wise - doubtful.

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Imagine this:
Ran comes home, hugs Chen.
Chen: "Ara Ara, what's wrong Ran-chan?"
Ran: "I miss you..."
Chen: "Uhuhuh, silly girl.... Now now, you are a big girl now."
Ran: "What's for dinner today?"

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Actually, I thought the consensus on ages was pretty tight for the most part.

Loli Tier: Cirno, Rumia*, most Fairies, Suwako, Suika, Tewi, Flandre, Remilia, Chen, Medicine, Yamame, Kisume,

Teenager/Young Adult Tier: Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Mokou, Kaguya, Reisen, Youmoe, Alice, Prismriver Sisters, Aki Sisters, Wriggle*, the Yama*, Aya, Nitori, Hina, Sanae, Parsee, Orin, Satori, Koishi, Utsuho, Byakuren, Nazrin*, Kogasa, Ichirin, Captain Murasa, Nue*

MILF Tier: Meiling*, Letty, Ran, Yukari, Yuyuko, Eirin, Yuka, Komachi, Kanako, Yuugi, Shou*

* = Debatable for one reason or another, for example, Meiling only fits in MILF because she's generally depicted with huge breasts. Some teenage looking character are short enough to sometimes be lolis or simply the character is too new to have a consensus.

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Please, dear god, romanize that as "ufufufu".

"Uhuhuh" sounds RETARDED. In the literal sense.

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2 continues left.

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Being a bit thick doesn't make you a loli though. Shou has the body and the care for her subordinates enough to go for MILF tier, but isn't too bright.

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For the sake of argument. Let's all agree that characters with tits are ripe ladies.

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Shou isn't stupid, fuck your fanon.

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Her problem is more the proportions in PoFV rather then the size of her image. It's like how Suika can be the tallest character in Touhou whenever she wants, but she'll still look like a giant loli.

Fans just went with the Yama being shorter then Komachi.

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Isn't she flat-chested in the original Zun art? It's only once the fan art started when she's been depicted with things like cat ears and breasts.

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Canon tits:

Usually buxom:
Aya, Eirin, Iku, Kanako, Keine, Komachi, Letty, Maribel, Meiling, moon bitches, Ran, Yuka, Yumeko, Yuugi, Yuyuko

Sometimes buxom:
Alice, Daiyousei (for a fairy), Hina, Kaguya, Koishi, Merlin, Mima, Mystia, Nitori, Reisen, Renko, Rin, Sanae, Shinki, Utsuho, Yukari (her whim)

Byakuren, Kisume, Sanae

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Well yeah, that's why I put most the cast in teenager/young adult. Most of them look and act like teenagers of one sort or another, but may be a bit flat (or not in the case of one useless bunny) but are usually drawn around high school ages. Then there are characters like Remilia who are always drawn loli aside from a few pictures designed more as 'what if she wasn't'. We know Youmu has a young teenage body despite being twice as old due to her half-ghost body.

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MILF is a bit of a misnomer for that group. Ran definitely oozes MILFness. But Meiling is just fortunate that during puberty, China did indeed grow larger. It would be accurate to name this the Healthy Girls tier.

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Beh, that was supposed to be
"Byakuren, Kisume, Sakuya"

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Yeah, ZUN Shou is flat.

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Almost all ZUN art is flat through because it's ZUN. The only way ZUN will stop artists interpreting otherwise based on personality and how well it would look with their outfit would be to give each Touhou a breast size in their profile.

I don't think he quite cares that much and we've seen in his official manga that he doesn't mind characters being drawn with large enough breasts (Yukari and Ran come to mind) even though his art may make them look flat.

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I don't get it, what's she writting on her?

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you will never be Meiling's snuggly panda. ;_;

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Many ways to say Hong Meilin.

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Obviously there needs to be a chart that contains touhou height and bust size. I propose a 1-5 scale for each.

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The tallest.

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By this I guess I'm the oldest.

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Recently suggested as being the shortest individual character.

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The absolute shortest Touhou.

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>as large as an infant
>Marvelous, that's the embodiment of Gensokyo

Fuck I lol'ed... Gensokyo, the land of DFC

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Youmu refuses to cock for Yuyuko.

Tits are too large.

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Do we all agree that they are the de facto loli?

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Breast faction.

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girls from the outside are better nourished......

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>>Youmu refuses to cock for Yuyuko.
Now that's a Freudian Slip.

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flat faction.

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I bet she god a bad body odour as well.

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>Marisa Kirisame

>147cm tall

That's like, 4 foot 10... ;_;

Why is everyone so damn short?

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For us to better utilize our imaginations.

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The most OLDHAG touhou is Kanako.
The most loli touhou is Kisume.

Nobody could disagree with this, right?

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You mean, the shortest and best Touhou?

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Tewi is 100cm, or 3 feet and change... now I understand all the Tewi loli fantasies...

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Largest breast in Gensokyo still smaller than the "perfect" bust-size of 90cm.

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Does anyone remember the name of that doujin where it had a mock CYOA where you chose between Tewi and Reisen?

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Dunno about anyone else, but my Tewi loli fantasies are mostly fueled by her superb acting skills

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am I a furry if I find this kind of adorable

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No, it's perfectly normal to think that dogs are adorable.

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this one?

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Usa Usa wasn't it?

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Touhou Usa Usa.

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I like buisness Cirno

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Nue was here, Sanae is an immature brat

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>them thighhigs
>them fucking thighhighs man

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I thought Nue and Sanae got along pretty well in her Extras.

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>Youmu refuses to cock for Yuyuko.
>Tits are too large.

Don't tempt me to post the ones where Youmu is quiet happily cocking up Yuyuko (who's tits are large)

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>Youmu refuses to cock for Yuyuko.
>Tits are too large.

Don't tempt me to post the ones where Youmu is quite happily cocking up Yuyuko (who's tits are large)

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Nue does handle confusion well.

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I don't think so Tim.

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Yuugi - 2,10 metres tall?

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I enjoy all interpretations, especially if they're backed by serious works. Chey pee chey pee creativity~

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I wish to see more loli Yukari and Yuyuko.

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The loliest loli. I usually think of Yamame as around the semi-mature part of the scale though.

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On that note, how come there aren't a lot of theories about the height of PC98 characters? Shinki? Konngara? Meira? Orange? Just to name a few with relations/similarities to Windows characters.

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They've been replaced, no one cares about them anymore.

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Mima seems like she would be tall

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Impossible. Anon's bones are never wrong.

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They haven't replaced Flower Tank yet!

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Because it's stupid.

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No, Nitori has large breasts.

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I like this chart.

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They're variable. The best kind.

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Nitori is usually even distributed. Sometimes she's depicted as flat, sometimes she's depicted as regular, and sometimes she's depicted as huge.

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Perhaps, if she ever touched the ground. Think to get Mima's "real" height, you'd just have to place her on a level where the proportions would look average.

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Variable breast size?

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Cirno has a pretty big large breasts faction for a de facto loli.

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According to that picture only Yuugi is taller than me ;_; And I'm shorter than most girls around here.

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As for the Yama, got to remember that everyone looks short next to Komachi. Possibly even Yuugi.

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Alice is a loli.

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ロリス is the most moe thing

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Kaguya is forever fourteen-ish.