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Im going to feed my wife Rumia till she cant move and she is happy to hear that

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Why are you actively trying to kill your wife from overfeeding? This doesn't make any sense. Is money from life insurance your goal?

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Rumia wont die from obesity.

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No I told her i love every square inch of her body by making it bigger there is more to love and she loves it too
I especially love smelling her sweaty boobies after a meal since they are so big and jiggly

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she's a little girl, anon. She can't be your wife.

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That wont stop me from making love to my wife Rumia

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You will have to make love to her insides after she swallows you whole.

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Be responsible anon! If you go too fast you might hurt her! Be sure to take it nice and slow so you can savor every single moment before she pops...

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I’ll feed her nice and slow
But rumia likes to nibble on my finger in bed only she cant fit my whole body in yet

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Cute wife.

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But Rumia is a natural predator. She'll get sick if you start feeding her regularly

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Oh, I definitely got something to feed her if you catch my drift...

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So she will have big jiggly

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Does Rumia have the right to bear arms?

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Would you worship your wife's feets?