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I finally got my [email protected] back and it works properly now and uh, I'm not doing so well on my first run through. It's week 24 and Ami/Mami are still rank E. I spend so much time in lessons they aren't doing many Auditions and when they do do Auditions they get outclassed easily unless I go for low level stuff.

Promotions are nice but they don't get much besides hearts/memories to use and I loath to use their good memories of me in case it has something do do with the endings.


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Found your problem. Pick a good idol next time.

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>implying that Azusa is a good idol

My three waifus ;_;

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>implying that Azusa isn't a good idol

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If you're still at rank E by week 24, you're pretty much screwed. You need to work your way up starting at the easier stuff. You should almost never lose an audition. Use a heart or two if you have to.

You'll want to save some memories for the final concert at the end, but it really helps to use about 1 per audition.

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>perfect rebuttal
I got nothing.

She's tolerable, about as tolerable as Miki or Haruka i.e. sluts

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Also, you may want to use the guides at http://www.icomu-master.info/ for promotions so you can get max ♡'s.

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>She's tolerable, about as tolerable as Miki or Haruka i.e. sluts

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Thanks. I'll look that over and restart. Playing games like this it makes me want to overload lessons at the beginning then dive right in to super awesome shows at the end to get high ranks fast but it doesn't seem like that's a good idea. I guess an audition every couple of weeks would be a better idea but then if I do their monthly promotion events that would only give one week a month for lessons ... gah!

Also they're skipping out on lessons, they run out before they're done the little twerps. Is that because I need to give them vacation days? I liked having them show up at the office and helping them do homework but there's no opportunity for hearts.

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Fuck, I deleted most of the niconico kouryaku (video walkthroughs) because I'm pretty much done with [email protected] now. But these should help you:

Lesson calculator (idols are at the top. Select your idols and it will show you which lesson you should do for the most growth)


Item attributes. This is more complicated. Select A or whatever, then go. It will tell you all of the worthwhile attributes and what categories they apply to.


Use IE for both of the above calculators.

Use icomu-master for questions. They are scripted but the dialogue boxes are time based (though, you can pause) and they're randomly placed.

Some very useful tips:

Change songs after every 14 weeks to prevent decay. Or was it 12? I forget.

Memorize what your idol's favorite song is. Chihaya = Aoitori for example. Use it as your fifth song for the last concert which will give you a boost.

Do the "meeting" after each rank, it will trigger events each time.

Auditions are rhythm based, so remember to try to find the beat of the song, Things like relations should be easy to pick up, but 9:02pm not so much.

In general, it's not a good idea to choose a high matinience idol. Chihaya and Iori are very fussy and they suffer from fast memory decay. Use someone like Azusa or Yayoi because they will take pretty much whatever you throw at them.

Whoring out memories is pointless... I did this on my first run.

Keep refreshing the Nationals tab in the lobby until you get a 7万 Idol Vision.. this is one of the only ways of getting rank S with Iori/Chihaya/Ritsuko like I did. Pic related.

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To get the badges on the status menu which appears at the start of each day, you need to go through the Special 1 and Special 2 auditions. Visual Master, Vocal Master, etc.

There's this thing called genociding, where you deliberately make the top idol leave (this even works in auditions based around a certain stat, like Vocal) because all other CPUs are gunning for it. Make them leave by putting too much into red, and focus on the other attributes.

As for items, the full valkyrie set = huge vocal boost. Neko set and that red dress in the first costume column = huge vocal boost. Most good stat boosting items are DLC though. I bought about $20 worth of it, I would recommend the valkyrie set above all.

おまけ~ high res [email protected] walls http://imas-wp.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/

I guess that's about it.. ganbatte, newbieP!

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雪 yukiho
やよい yayoi
千早 chihaya
美希 miki
伊織 iori
真 mankoto
あずさ azusa
春香 haruka, i think
律子 ritsuko

I would recommend using IME for this. It's not hard, if you have it installed, just do the kanji a few times to make it appear as the first thing when you press space.

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I wish I could mass upload my [email protected] folder right now, but half of the time my images fail to upload here..

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Do you understand how the audition judging system works? You can't just spam appeals to the genre you're strongest at; you have to try to get stars in all three genres each round, especially in the auditions with only one winner (e.g. all the Special auditions) If your image stats are more or less even and your overall level is close to your opponents', you can usually appeal 4 times to the 5-star judge, 3 times to the 3-star judge and 2 times to the 2-star judge and get a full 10 stars this way. But this doesn't always work.

learn2Just Appeal. A Just Appeal is when you press the X/Y/B button right on the beat of the song. If you do it right, you'll see a bright flash and the screen will cut to a closeup of your idol's face (like when she does an appeal during a performance) and you'll get more points than a normal appeal. It makes a HUGE difference to audition outcomes, especially when your stats are lowish. You can be only Level 10 or so and still easily get first place in any non-PvP audition in the game, even when the rare Level 16 CPUs show up, as long as you can Just Appeal close to 100% of the time.

When you're learning how to play, don't be stingy with Memories. They don't do you any good whatsoever if you don't use them. A good rule of thumb in a one-winner audition is to fire off a Memory the first time a CPU opponent successfully fires one in a round (you'll see "GOOD APPEAL" flash in green over their unit name) In two- and three-winner auditions you can be stingier--hold off on Memories until the third round, and then use one only if you're in real danger of losing.

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Woah, I'm having trouble even getting that to work once but I'll take your word for it. Practice practice practice I guess. Thanks for the help guys.

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The timing for Just Appeals actually seems to be a fraction of a second AFTER the beat. If you think you're hitting the beat but you keep missing the JA, you're probably doing it too early. The game is probably designed this way to compensate for upscaler lag on typical HDTVs...

Your idol's tension level makes a huge difference in auditions. If she's in high tension (any red in the bar) you get 15% (!) more points per appeal and the memory roulette reel has 75%/25% good/bad panels. Mid tension (yellow/blue bar) and the memory reel is 50%/50% good/bad. Low tension (blue/black) and you get 10% less points per appeal, and the memory reel is 75% bad! Basically, you should only even think of taking on 1-winner auditions (Specials, 70K) in high tension. If your idol has dropped to mid tension or only has a sliver of red left (risking dropping to mid if you flub the random pre-audition communication), do an "easy" audition to get her tension back up.

Oh yeah, don't worry about "saving" your memories for the ending. The ending uses the total number of memories you've accumulated over the entire game (including ones you used in auditions), not the number you have remaining.

Weird tip: If you have a 4x3 TV or monitor, you can hold X while the game is booting (before the Bandai Namco logo appears) to force the game to display in widescreen (i.e. letterboxed). This makes the memory roulette easier since you can see more of the reel, at the cost of making everything smaller (I bet it looks pretty shitty on a SDTV, but it's nice on a VGA monitor)

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I'll try but right now I'm 100% confused especially at the idea that each song has its own rhythm. All I see so far are the fact that the dots along the bottom of the screen flash on then disappear and if you don't hit X Y or B during those moments you get jack. Hitting all three buttons at once just chooses the X button and gives her dance appeal so I don't know how to get a Just Appeal.

I'll look around for visual guides because right now I suck bad.

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