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No silly petruska...in Communist Gensokyo...there is no love...there is only revolution in our hearts!

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doesn't china hate russia? At least I'd assume they do.

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everyone hates russia even the russians

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Everybody hates china except chinese nationalist youth

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Gensokyo is an anarchist state though...

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Sakuya loves China...

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>doesn't china hate russia?
Do Mexicans hate America? Because China to Russia is the same thing as Mexica to America.

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See, this is why I asked that question. Thank you.

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But it isn't.
Russia doesn't use illegal chinese immigrants,
doesn't have workshops set along the border and isn't part of a regional organisation.

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>Russia doesn't use illegal chinese immigrants
I want to disappoint you, but the parts of Russia that are close to China are filled with them.
They are getting more successful these days too.

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