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Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
New guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Old guide for those afraid of change: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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this post appears to be an automated spambot

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Oops you accidentally linked your patreon instead

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is this the advanced thread

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why do you link all those threads?
>word of the day

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It's a copy paste of the previous one, which only had so many as to fix up messed up links from previous threads.
Doesn't really matter though, Holo has won.

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these posts are trolling outside of /b/

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>this post is advertising or begging

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i understand but why do you do the copy thing? just link the previous one that have all the links. I don't know, it'll be cleaner and have space to put the resources and that

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Not the OP, just giving a guess as to why. I agree with just linking to the old one.

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(o-ω(ε-`o )チュッ

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
New guide: https://refold.la/roadmap/
Old guide for those afraid of change:
Word of the Day: 出来る

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discord is higher iq than anki?

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shit some1 fix that

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dame you really do get quality when you pay

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but why isnt it in hiragana what is this shit?

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Japanese be like: my butt hole be burning から. Yeah just leaving it up to your imagination.

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dam imagine full diving into japanese and then having that shit appear must feel like a truck ramming into you
hope ur not crippled now

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this is the level you need to be at before you buy the course

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the angel beats op just came up in my playlist and i was thinking well at least there's 1 good thing about that trash heap of an anime

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i took the protocol 90 so im fine

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they should have just aired the op 13 times

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matt's dad katsumoto

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yo the real thread???

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there isnt 1

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this is the thread for the people who know

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>this thread
you just know...

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if you protocol 80 then you know what im talking about

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the good ol days

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>young joseph
fucking baaased

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all looks like shit except yuru yuri

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only one thing worth watching on there and its not even anime

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wtf this guide gave me tourette syndrome

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looks like anime to me

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Will taking the JET program cripple my professional career? I graduate with an Engineering Masters next fall, and I don't have the heart to tell my parents the first thing I want to do after graduating is fuck around teaching eigo in the japanese inaka for a year or two

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no one here has a professional career and our parents are already disappointed

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moe is so normalfag he didn't even realize it

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marisa's tits are way too big in that drawing

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Very surprised how many times I’ve seen の used as ことandもの but more surprised I can even notice it now.

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the jet programme will make you miserable, dont do it

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finna join alt48

>> No.35758333

alt48 will make you wear a skirt, do it

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dont raise your eyebrows its bad for your skin

>> No.35758448

dont care

>> No.35758474

you should

>> No.35758495

gonna continue not caring

>> No.35758522

going to continue preaching

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living is the number 1 cause of death you should stop living

>> No.35758530

true true

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sentence cards are the number 1 cause of baldness in the japanese non learners community

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>haha yeah pitch accent is useless when i was in japan i couldnt even remember the vowels and no one could understand me

>> No.35758559

gonna risk it all for some inaka jc girls

>> No.35758568

just do a bit of sex tourism like a normal well adjusted person, you dont need to throw away a year of your life just for japanese pussy

>> No.35758578

>sex tourism like a normal well adjusted person

>> No.35758582

>there's no tuh in Japanese
What's タ?

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wanting to deal with roasties is a mental disorder m8

>> No.35758636

never throw anything away for pussy

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worth it

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I bet 夕 think 夕 real fuckin funny

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yeahhh who wouldnt want to pound that dudes backdoor all night

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imagine the ジャングル that those inaka jks got down there

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should i fail a card if i recall the reading but not the meaning?

>> No.35758757

theyre jcs they dont have a bush

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pass if you had the rough meaning correct, fail if you werent even close

>> No.35758780

I literally only use the reading for determining whether I pass or fail a card

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Is there a way to boost retention?
>Start core 2k/6k
>Mark new cards as again in ankidroid
>Do cards and take up to 30 seconds if I think I remember the meaning
>Mark cards as good when I have near immediate recall
>Mark as easy if I knew it before starting the deck ie at first glance
>Otherwise mark as again or hard
>Go back the next day
>Feels like I remember almost nothing
I only remember like half of the cards I review, new or old, and I have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Anki is set to 20 new cards a day and max reviews
I get that I need to use the words to really remember them but I have no clue where I can read them without adding a bunch of other vocab I don't know
I am slowly remembering stuff but it's definitely feels slower than it should be

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in theory you should pass the card cuz if you can read something you can just recall the meaning from how it sounds later on when you know japanese but dunno if that applies to you

>> No.35758789

based and gmi

>> No.35758795

retention's just a number

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it's ok if you have a mental disorder, this is a safe place

>> No.35758828

if you pass shit you should fail itll come back to bite you young cards are for failing test as rigorously as possible

>> No.35758832

heres the real method:
>switch to core10k
>start rtk, will help you remember moonrunes
>mark new cards as good
>adjust your interval modifier
>autofail cards after 10 seconds
>only use again, good, and easy buttons

>> No.35758840

here's the real method
>delete anki
>jack it to cunnyge

>> No.35758843

now i gotta beat my dick

>> No.35758846

unironically delete low retention cards

>> No.35758865

i have plenty of mental disorders but id never try to fuck 3d

>> No.35758873


>> No.35758878

here's 1 of them

>> No.35758892

gonna quit djt next week

>> No.35758897

you either wanna fuck 3d or you become garyben

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File: 92 KB, 1200x900, maki-horikita-the-life-and-career-of-the-japanese-actress-and-former-junior-idol[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its 2.5d if they're flat

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this ken guy is a master at his grift

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>> No.35758912

yeah but at least its a good 1
hm ill meditate on that

>> No.35758921

boobs are fun, i dont wanna fuck someone with a washing board for a chest
e cups or bust

>> No.35758927

disgustingly shit taste

>> No.35758928

mined 女性嫌悪

>> No.35758931

The Pokemon Method is you watch Pokemon raw

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boobs are simply amalgamations of sin and impropriety

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>> No.35758950

now thats funny

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>> No.35758971

fucking gaaaaaaaay

>> No.35758986

big boobs lose shape

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don't understand guys who prefer big ass and hips and flat chest over fridge body and big boobs. the latter is way sexier

>> No.35759078

flat with a huge ass looks hilarious so youre prob right between the two

>> No.35759084

are you gay?

>> No.35759093

i think it's a white/non white thing. non whites can't get enough of big asses for some reason

>> No.35759117

if you like huge ass or huge titties theres somethin wrong with you
as the japanese would say theres a hodo

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>> No.35759129

because they're gay

>> No.35759136

mediums good

>> No.35759139

>og trying to shame guys into liking asslets like her

>> No.35759146

how the fuck am i supposed to hear and parse this during an anime live? when i read i can see the kanji.

in voice it's just a mishmash of mora that could sound like anything.

>> No.35759151

whitoids be like

>> No.35759154

with your ears just like i did right now

>> No.35759156

smol everything JS are best

>> No.35759185

by the time my vocab was good enough to keep up with some anime i didnt have that problem anymore

>> No.35759243

| = little pause

ここに | ながく | いすぎて | しまったんだ
what else could it be but that?

>> No.35759254

mora bleed together and sound different to my virgin ears

>> No.35759295

so tentacle rape your ear holes until they're sluts

>> No.35759301

just be patient dude ..

>> No.35759324

*walks in butt ass naked w. balls dragging on the floor 10 feet behind*

>> No.35759358

you should probably see a doctor
i'm worried about you buddy

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Current thread: #2935

Previous threads:
>>35744230 #2934
>>35744300 #2933

>> No.35759417

If really think about it, and I've noticed, Japanese grammar structure isn't all that bad and a lot of it is a matter of knowing vocab at a certain point. Once you learn a few types of conjugation and expressions reading shouldn't be that bad... maybe I should begin making anime/vn/manga cards soon (currently at 520 on 2k/6k) Output is another thing though, especially being able to sound natural

>> No.35759419

>Once you learn a few types of conjugation

such as ?

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You can get by a lot with just these alone and their broken down forms. Knowing your particles and how they work and relate within the sentence also helps, as well as the different ways of expressing the conjugation and other types of compound particles also helps JDJXT
Within spoken language at least there's not much complexity in the first place among casual conversation

>> No.35759492

the issue is whatever you suck at the most at any given point in your jp journey

>> No.35759502

is 24/7 passive immersion worth it?

>> No.35759532

I find unless I'm actively paying attention to what's being said I'm not really absorbing anything. Think about it like watching subbed anime and only focusing on the subtitles, sure once in a while you might be able to associate a word like kawaii with cute or damare with shut up but you wouldn't be getting the full benefits of listening carefully

>> No.35759534
File: 559 KB, 1920x1080, 〈物語〉シリーズ セカンドシーズン 第07話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35759549

been wanting to rewatch this and mine the fuck out of it

>> No.35759610

i'm listening to the audiobooks
takes me a month to finish one

>> No.35759639

Proven results.

>> No.35759664

what do you mean? what's proven?

>> No.35759720

>passive immersion

>> No.35759733

yes bed immersion actually works if you use earbuds and content you've already listened to

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>> No.35759758

My Xp-Pen is here let's gooooooooo!

>> No.35759766

look man i know you got your balls cut off but you shouldnt drag them around with you like that

>> No.35759774

jamal btfo

>> No.35759782

japanese doesnt have conjugations tho

>> No.35759783

what are some 1hr+ long podcasts i can listen to while i draw

>> No.35759787

even misa says japanese has conjugations and im pretty sure im gonna back up a native speaker over some dude on 4chan

>> No.35759792

1536漢字 4947単語

>> No.35759797

dan carlin's hardcore history
dont know any japanese podcasts sorry

>> No.35759800

it wouldnt even make a difference anyway because whether agglutinations are conjugations is at the level of academic linguistics not anything we should care abou

>> No.35759806

Where did the high praise of Natives begin? Was it pushed by the non-learning language community?

>> No.35759808


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>> No.35759813

if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck

>> No.35759825

simple, natived are the only ones who speak real japanese
not the formal shit schools and textbooks teach you but the actual japanese that gets used in real settings
if you want to learn japanese as the japanese use it, natives are the only source you have

>> No.35759833

either natives or beyond native acquirers like jamal

>> No.35759837

10+ hour audiobooks are the shit

>> No.35759843

>open twitcasting or mildom
>search for 雑談
>tick "archives only"

>> No.35759846

if uou actually believe jamal is beyond n3 level i got some news for you bro

>> No.35759850

only gaijins who want to sell their own products like matt ever said native teachers are bad teachers

>> No.35759852

acquired 拾 and 壹 from this season

>> No.35759857

matto only said that because he has no people skills and cant connect with others

>> No.35759876

Today is 月曜日(Getsuyobi)

>> No.35759887

more like getsu yo bitch

>> No.35759891

is it good news or bad news

>> No.35759902


>> No.35759916

that doesn't mean that a native understand their language at a formal level. most of them understand it at an intuitive level. they might not even know what a "conjugation" is

>> No.35759920

I know

>> No.35759922

yeah whats the issue

>> No.35759935

you also have the problem of sometimes the native not having a good command of their second language and not being able to explain it to you well enough or even incorrectly

>> No.35759938

its the kinda news that you just glance at and dont bother reading because it isnt important

>> No.35759949
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no its gets yubi

>> No.35759951

that just means you arent good enough to understand them in their language. thats a you problem

>> No.35759970

Let's GETSU this bread!

>> No.35759973

>same amount of ips
>half the posts

>> No.35760008

that doesn't make any sense. why would i need a native holding my hands then if i were good enough to understand the language? at that point you might as well just read an advanced book aimed at natives

>> No.35760015

one thread is 26hrs old
the other is 8
abosolute fucking clown go back

>> No.35760036

let me explain it to you
natives dont think about shit like a past participle so you shouldnt either

>> No.35760065

you can understand a message without having deep understanding of the underlying grammatical structures

>> No.35760066

if ur still thinking about grammar you are still pre-beginner and are in the wrong thread

>> No.35760090


>> No.35760098

i know that some of you read vinnies and make cards from it. How is the workflow like? the guide dooesn't say anything.

>> No.35760105

tae-kim or imabi whose side are you on

>> No.35760109
File: 3.42 MB, 212x120, HONK.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 1.02 MB, 1219x554, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35760122

tea kimti

>> No.35760126

id never get my balls cut off

i believe i told the story of my neutered dog

never would wish even my worst enemy to live w.o balls

>> No.35760128

thanks anon. i'll look into it now

>> No.35760140

you cut them off yourself when the thread gremlin showed up

>> No.35760152
File: 1.47 MB, 1920x1080, urmumisゲイ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35760159

boy get yourself a second monitor hory shet

>> No.35760170

good vinnie

>> No.35760171

what a fucking mess

you know you can change the size and position of windows right?

>> No.35760172
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>> No.35760175

what kind of psycho has a plain white background

>> No.35760186

i literally say the opposite constantly

>> No.35760188


you know unless you're a pleb you're in fullscreen except when mining right?

>> No.35760213

>not playing at native res
yikes yikes yikes

>> No.35760228

idk abt that but it was a good arc

>> No.35760230

It's more important to immerse in fallen angel bussy than it is to be autistic about resolution

>> No.35760233

deep garyben lore

>> No.35760235

uh your firefox design is broken

>> No.35760251
File: 45 KB, 600x616, RepentZoomer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh your face is broken

>> No.35760252

anyone have an example of a good grammar card? perhaps ones you made while reading imabi or tae kim

>> No.35760257


>> No.35760261
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>grammar card

>> No.35760278

someone here said that they wish they made sentence cards out of the examples from tae kim so i want to start doing the same

>> No.35760279

Peppa Pig, a pandemic favorite, has American children acting British
After a year of binge-watching the English cartoon, kids are emerging from the pandemic with an unusual vocabulary and a British accent, just like the show’s main character.

>> No.35760281


>> No.35760289


>> No.35760294

thats a good one

>> No.35760309
File: 25 KB, 680x456, BoyOfKultur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35760310


>> No.35760327
File: 3.07 MB, 460x259, ReadNiggaRead.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are prebuilt decks if you want to go maximum 'tism, but just read more

>> No.35760328


>> No.35760335
File: 220 KB, 1440x1070, justdoit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35760341

peppa pig is infinitely better in its original japanese tho


>> No.35760343

>when jamal's itt

>> No.35760355

i have native audio for all of tae kim if anyone wants it. its one big wav though so you'll have to separate the sentences yourself

>> No.35760359

dogen really made it impossible to listen to early outputters without cringing

>> No.35760361

didnt ask

>> No.35760364

and by native audio you mean natively ready by tae kim lol

>> No.35760366

thanks i'll use these as an example as i read through imabi

sure i'd like that

>> No.35760368

hey its jewcheen guy i remember him i clipped that

he prolly got a lot better by now maybe

>> No.35760369

saying one word isn't early output

>> No.35760370

N3=native level

>> No.35760385


>> No.35760390

everyone making videos about them learning Japanese is early outputting whether they intend to or not

>> No.35760392

wow what a cutie

>> No.35760399

agf is truly one of the greatest characters this community has ever produced

>> No.35760408

hes got a cool name

>> No.35760411

yeah i love moritaka she was one of the last golden age idols. talented on different instruments too

>> No.35760420

what kind of psycho has a plain white background

>> No.35760448

too long to watch. sum it up on 20 words.

>> No.35760455
File: 537 KB, 1536x2048, 1626393914855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35760462


>> No.35760466

take it back asshole

>> No.35760470

>when ogs itt

>> No.35760472

yea vids longer than 10 min are too long even at 2x

>> No.35760473

is she a virgin tho

>> No.35760481

>plain white
get yo eyes checked nigga

>> No.35760482
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>when og leaves the thread

>> No.35760491


>> No.35760493

everyone post your vowels right now. if you don't perfect them as soon as possible, expect permanent crippling.

>> No.35760494

why is she cosplaying a 45 year old woman

>> No.35760501

this a thread full of escapists

>> No.35760507

never ran away from my responsibilities

>> No.35760510

what responsibilities have u ever had in life 4bc

>> No.35760516

owning retards on djt is his sekimu and he never houki'd it

>> No.35760521

need to release...my autism...

>> No.35760524

finna shove a houki up ur ass in a minute

>> No.35760526

i hate this language

>> No.35760529

wanna release it inside my sister

>> No.35760535

finna buss my 'tism load

bunko is that u buddy

>> No.35760541


>> No.35760548

but that's how it is

>> No.35760551

nah im unko nice to meet you

>> No.35760557

ok this threads over everybody out


>> No.35760567

teach me how to dougie

>> No.35760571

i'll have extremely loose skin even if i lose this weight so why bother

>> No.35760574

>jp youtuber eats literally anything

>> No.35760580

yeah because just sitting there watching them just make gari gari noises is fun right

>> No.35760582

kyou no dougie bideo ha

>> No.35760590


>> No.35760594

>american youtuber eats literally anything

>> No.35760595
File: 33 KB, 712x855, 1626720476264.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35760598

Where to find Monogatari novels in epub/html format? Itazuraneko is missing the entire final season and anything after Shinobumonogatari.
I've managed to find all the novels in .txt format, but it's probably impossible to fix shit like "戦場《せんじょう》ヶ原《はら》" to proper <ruby>.

>> No.35760599

actually lol'd

>> No.35760602

gonna start a japanese food eating blog where i make it seem like im going to do a tasteful and respectful review of various japanese dishes but then as soon as i take a bite i say it tastes like fucking shit and spit it at the camera

>> No.35760608

where is she lying though? sounds based

>> No.35760614

not funny

>> No.35760617

vlog i mean

>> No.35760624


>> No.35760628

still sounds boring joke will get old after the first vid

>> No.35760634


>> No.35760635

just more jamal self-loathing weebshit

>> No.35760637

make a video where you dump rice in the trash (where it belongs)

>> No.35760638

i've wanted to make a youtube channel where i do stuff like that for years

>> No.35760643


>> No.35760650

there was a program for reading those txt files but fuck if i remember what it's called

>> No.35760656

very cute and funny

>> No.35760667

yeah that shit was mildly funny back in the early yt days of avgn but now its time to put you gen xers out to pasture

>> No.35760671
File: 343 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35760689

no u dont get it the spitting it out and saying it tastes like shit every time isnt the joke its the buildup to it

like i went to yoshinoya and got a a beautiful beef bowl and i know the chef at this particular yoshinoya hes a really cool guy and im super stoked to try out his beef bowl and then i sit down with it and reach for my chopsticks but then only grab 1 of them and stab a hunk of meat with it while the other 1 lays on the table and put it in my mouth and chew it for a couple seconds and casually spit it out like yep tastes exactly like it looks: shit and then i do a standard wrapup like my behavior was normal

>> No.35760691

would you guys say the end of Intermediate II of Imabi would set me up well for the N3 exam? i'm surprised at how much i already know within the intermediate level

>> No.35760703

couldn't even finish reading your post got bored after the first sentence

>> No.35760704

intermediate level is n0

>> No.35760706

save this as html and you can read your txts with it

>> No.35760709

no point in taking jlpt easier than n2

>> No.35760710

you have serious mental problems when it comes to japan
unironically get some help

>> No.35760711

not bored enough to not reply tho

>> No.35760715

people with add have no future

>> No.35760720

4bc simping jamal after he gets constantly shit on by him is a unique brand of pathetic

>> No.35760721

hehe seems i struck a nerve tehe pero

i'm doing it more for myself

>> No.35760722

every ebook reader works fine with .txt files.
typhon is GOAT for mobile nip reading tho.

>> No.35760723

i bet theres a nonzero amount of japanese who would appreciate the aesthetic
coloring outside of the lines is enthralling for some japanese

>> No.35760731

you literally know fucking nothing about japanese people if you actually think that

>> No.35760732

no one shat on anyone schizo sort out your problems before posting in the thread

>> No.35760739

lol he mad

>> No.35760741

lmao you are entirely deluded if you think jamal likes you and isnt constantly ripping on you in any interaction. and you said women are pathetic for enjoying abuse

>> No.35760749

u know nothing about japanese ppl thats why u refer to an entire popluation like they r all 1 thing

>> No.35760758

oh i see donut girls back no wonder

>> No.35760760

jamals right

>> No.35760765

Neat, clip studios has 6months free trial.

>> No.35760769

i love clip studio it's great you should wait for it to go on sale to buy it though, it happens often

>> No.35760775

they are incredibly monolithic literally any non menhera westaboo nunjob is gonna flame your comments telling your ugly happa ass to stfu about japanese culture
once again you keep exposing yourself as a total fake wdkjapan

>> No.35760778
File: 493 KB, 1681x996, 34534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35760785


>> No.35760786

so basically som1 like u ?

>> No.35760795

Thanks for the tip.

>> No.35760796

>sits down
>goes through the entire chopstick ritual properly
>loud slurping sounds
>slurping is suddenly halted by a loud gagging sound
>jamal freezes and looks into the camera
>dramatic zoom
>cut to vomiting in the back alley next to some bystander cjs walking to school
>"yaaa tanosikattaze"

>> No.35760806

it's always on sale for 100% off

>> No.35760807

im not japanese learn to read
but i spent enough time with them to know they arent self-loathing western gen-xers who enjoy some literal who non-jap give them any shit

of course it wouldnt matter cause your vids would be eng chug for ironic weebs anyway like 4bbc so why even bring jp people up

>> No.35760808


>> No.35760811


>> No.35760816

im not a weeb

>> No.35760823

og literally cannot leave this thread and will never live a life worth living
kamina is shaking his head in disappointment

>> No.35760829

yeah you are a deluded ironic weeb like i said
trash kys

>> No.35760834

me and og will travel to different points on the globe and always reunite here to spew shit at each other
truly a match made in heaven

>> No.35760839

and jamal is just as bad but hes actually having fun

>> No.35760843
File: 79 KB, 1073x539, E6oGNk7XsAMD3id.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

someone's at the door

>> No.35760844

cant let jamal recover his power, sorry
no one else has a pair of balls to keep smashing him into pulp till he stops regenerating

>> No.35760848

wtf did u do to my guide

>> No.35760849

buzzing pretty loud there

>> No.35760860

then 1 day ill show up to her apartment in japan and just take the fattest play doh lookin shit of all time in front of her door and then knock and walk away
shell open the door take one look at the putrid pile and know it was me and make a goofy grin and then the camera pans up to the sky and fades to black and the credits roll

>> No.35760862
File: 87 KB, 828x1036, E53gUdvVIAEpvil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35760864

he appears to have lowered the contrast or simply darkened it

>> No.35760870

somehow i dont think slinging shit at a guy who already covered himself in fresh shit is a productive way to waste your life
you have literally become domesticated by a shitposting general

>> No.35760875

anyone else enjoy amwf javs

>> No.35760888

is that even jav anymore

>> No.35760890

this place is like the hyperbollocks time chamber and you're just training weights

>> No.35760891

not into rezu. i enjoy wmaf javs.

>> No.35760896

no because i self-insert as an asian man

>> No.35760906

you might actually have a developmental disability

>> No.35760907


>> No.35760913

Can't use Yomichan with that, but thanks for the suggestion.
Thanks, anon. Now I need to figure out how to make the output parsable with Vivaldi's reader for that vertical text experience.

>> No.35760916

based ajatt poster

>> No.35760919

was listening to this and thought of og


>> No.35760928

what if jamal shows up to og's house and she opens the door and he sees behind her a huge lard laying on her couch. it turns out that moe beat him to the punch.

>> No.35760929

sigh hapa ex loved anal cunt

>> No.35760933


>> No.35760938

lmao u really do like the worst boys

>> No.35760947

i'm not og i'm talking about a girl

>> No.35760957

a feminine penis doesn't make him a girl og

>> No.35760958

u cant make a post that looks like a og post when shes in the thread dude
that means u cant say ex or hapa or simpering optics

>> No.35760965

imagine seeing this and thinking "whore"

>> No.35760966
File: 127 KB, 1900x966, 1589385416831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

something about reading ogs posts reminded me of garyben

>> No.35760968

ok dude

>> No.35760973

btw a girl that likes anal cunt is pretty win

>> No.35760980

might as well fuck a dude at that point

>> No.35760981

generally wary of people who say they like metal

>> No.35760988

i mean if my bro is genetically a woman with normal woman parts that seems ok to me

>> No.35760990

weird take but you do you

>> No.35760992

she was menhera

ya she wasn't very feminine personality wise unless she was in one of those moods

>> No.35760999

i like metal

>> No.35761022

it's ok though bros i have my eyes set on a slightly less menhera and 100% japanese woman now

>> No.35761045

u think shes less menhera but 1 day shell do the most crazy fuckin thnig out of nowhere

thats how japanese girls r

id rather take my chances on a woman like otep


>> No.35761060

>u think shes less menhera but 1 day shell do the most crazy fuckin thnig out of nowhere
>thats how japanese girls r

>> No.35761061

>1 day shell do the most crazy fuckin thnig out of nowhere
sounds exciting to me

>> No.35761075

ya i really tried thinking about why i'm attracted to menhera, maybe because my first love was menhera too, but i think i enjoy the spontaneity in my otherwise pretty stable life and sometimes i just want a woman to disrupt it i know it's bad but i can't help it

>> No.35761078

ive talked to 2 japanese people irl it was a few years ago they were the most boring soulless individuals ive ever met actual npcs

>> No.35761092

i dont mean good crazy i mean like shell poison ur food bc u did some inane thing every day that drove her insane and she kept it inside till it made her go off the deep end

>> No.35761102

yeah need a menhera to break the monotony and keep me from getting too complacent
wouldnt wanna end up on djt 18 hours a day like og, yknow

>> No.35761104
File: 343 KB, 704x400, 1602756267809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when og joins the thread

>> No.35761105

yah only woke japanese who r westernized r cool the rest r weird and cringe lol

>> No.35761115

dont care about """people"""

>> No.35761122


>> No.35761128
File: 512 KB, 1536x2048, E5sbfbfVEAQcuhW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you tellin me a cutie like this can be boring impossible

i think i'm pretty good at communicating or picking up on these things

lol it is true menhera will ruin your life and make you build it back up better

>> No.35761130

finna get me a gf that will euthanize me

>> No.35761134

so you only care about nogs?

>> No.35761135

thats just the trade off

>> No.35761154

shes 100% a floor sitter

>> No.35761158

literally the opposite of true
you dont deserve the personality you built on jp media with such a garbage take and rotten soul

>> No.35761171

i like the term wall starer better

>> No.35761180

ive barely posted at all ive been traveling and now am with my best friend you all just think every other post is mine cause im rent free
its funny she told me as soon as i stop posting the thread will forget about me withing a week and i told i was gone for a month once yet still posting somehow

>> No.35761184

so long as she's a cock sitter idgaf

>> No.35761192

cool i haven't posted on a certain spinoff for over three years and they still talk about me

>> No.35761200

havent posted at all but i just happen to be here at this moment when everyones talkin shit about me to defend myself

u know just the usual

>> No.35761203

shell be even more boring because she gets attention irl

>> No.35761214

want to buy the physical books but they're fucking expensive and i have to pay shipping on top i blame the ユダヤ人

>> No.35761231

hate to break it to you buddy, but its actually the 韓国人

>> No.35761240

might be a hot take but i think women are only boring if they're not interested in you

>> No.35761255

matt's take on JAPN400 classes is funny

>> No.35761262

u know whats more boring than a woman ? matto vs japan

>> No.35761264

theyre boring if they dont have anything interesting to talk about

>> No.35761267

except when you disappeared for your flight the thread was in total peace for days and we immediately knew when you returned
sad that you are incapable of moving on from a single thread on 4chan

>> No.35761272

lol 4bc displaying how hes never had a girlfriend

btw nothin personnel im just saying it before someone else does

>> No.35761287

>btw nothin personnel im just saying it before someone else does
you didnt have to say that he was already going to interpret that positively somehow

>> No.35761305

can't believe japan won (in height)

>> No.35761306

dont think any alt sites talk about my old personas but theres one that still uses a banner i made like 5 years ago, gives me a hearty chuckle every time i check in on them

>> No.35761319

meant for >>35761192
my bad

>> No.35761324

why not make a direct statement
i dont really care what he thinks of me its just a 4chan thread more projection on your end shows the kind of dumb inane shit women think about

>> No.35761332


>> No.35761345

learn japanese math?

>> No.35761350


lets gooooo

>> No.35761360


>> No.35761365

idk sometimes u gotta just say the thing that u know is gonna get said so u might as well do it 1st

as for a direct statement uhhhhh dang its nice to be young lol

>> No.35761387

im probably past my cognitive peak physiologically speaking

>> No.35761399

4bc don't listen to people who are chronically single, they're the nukemarines of relationships

>> No.35761405

Being learned is a lifetime process you larping mong.

>> No.35761426

perfect now i can.... ?

>> No.35761447

he i didnt get laid until i was 27, i have faith 4bc can get his dick wet

>> No.35761449


>> No.35761465

4bc will score all he has to do is flash his phd and the panties will drop

>> No.35761517

ubironically chris broad does a good job summing up why it sucks but for me:
>in the middle of nowhere, no cool stuff to do
>fellow alt members will try to get you to wear a skirt
>just repeat phrases like 'this is a pen' ten thousand times all day, not actually teaching anythint that will stick
>shitty dorm situation usually
>terrible pay
>literally waste a year of your life when you could be working towards your life goals

>> No.35761523

>dick wet
can't you tell by his name? all he thirsts for is bbc

>> No.35761525

this is cool

>> No.35761543

Chris just doesn't want competition. Now we all know the JET leads inevitably to being a famous millionaire jvlogger we can't be stopped

>> No.35761557

if you think being a simpering trip taking the business from another trip isnt beneath your dignity, it makes me glad i care about "dumb inane shit"

>> No.35761564


>> No.35761587

matt thinks chinese is much harder than japanese

>> No.35761592

i love peter barakan and matt alt

>> No.35761593

matto thinks you should stfu

>> No.35761597

youve posted pictures of your body parts and underwear in the thread what do you know about dignity

>> No.35761608

It's just a freaking language spoken by regular freaking human beings. Take a chill pill, watch a movie, and don't think about it so hard.

>> No.35761611

because he's a brainlet.
modern chinese is very formulaic they dont have the same kanji can have eleventythousand readings issue.
its a bitch to speak tho, fuck tones

>> No.35761621

4bc dropping truthbombs
how will og ever recover?

>> No.35761622

>modern chinese is very formulaic they dont have the same kanji can have eleventythousand readings issue.
>its a bitch to speak tho, fuck tones
yeah you dont know chinese

>> No.35761658

nah i'm straight
doesn't change that i'm right tho

>> No.35761677

if there is a djter itt that knows chinese i want them to know they arent my bro anymore

>> No.35761683

Chinese isn't a spoken language, it's only a written language

>> No.35761688
File: 39 KB, 739x640, 1619023672457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dabbing on chineselets

>> No.35761708

Are attain corp courses okay?

>> No.35761709

yeah i know chinese

>> No.35761716

nanking didn't happen, but it should have and it will

>> No.35761724

hand in your bro card right now and never @ me or my bros ever again

>> No.35761748
File: 34 KB, 300x260, non-offical-300x260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the guy here who regularly says the only hard part of chinese is the tones clearly cant read anything

>> No.35761750
File: 30 KB, 400x400, もう頑張らなくて良いんだ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35761752

Getting a weird craving for eggs. Just cracked the shell open and gulped down the insides.

>> No.35761762

how you feel about having to learn all those kanji and loanwords?

>> No.35761763

congrats ur pregnant

>> No.35761774
File: 235 KB, 1080x1080, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here's an easy one. chineselets still cant get this correct

>> No.35761780

dropping this in to help my bros out

>> No.35761796

Damn I might be carrying the son of god.

>> No.35761801
File: 2 KB, 104x125, NaniTheFuckDidYouJustIimasu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people who dont know bug can't read bug
fun fact, mao was so dumb he saw birds eating seeds so he made the bugs kill all the birds and then all their crops were destroyed by other bugs and millions starved.

>> No.35761804

wtf is wrong with your hand

>> No.35761805

another l for mao

>> No.35761806

no. matt said chinese is harder to develop good listening ability in but that japanese is harder to learn to read and speak, and jap pitch accent is harder.

>> No.35761810

Wow there's a lot of tutorials on the clip studios app.

>> No.35761811

don't do that too much fucks your biotin

>> No.35761812

>reading naruto
>reading translated naruto
>reading chynese

>> No.35761813

no matto said you should stfu

>> No.35761820

you doing any books or courses?

>> No.35761821

I just ate three am I going to die.

>> No.35761830

ina streams

>> No.35761831

we all die someday

>> No.35761845

nope he just said chinese is all around harder and used listening as an example

>> No.35761847

Matt says they're gullible and they have a lot of money

>> No.35761848

I don't know, the plan was to just look for anime art and manga I like and try to ape it.

>> No.35761852

matt has said what i said he said multiple times though

>> No.35761855

youve got about 10 years to get good at chinese befor the big switch

>> No.35761863

src or fake

>> No.35761869

i don't have a source. i watch all matt content and it has bled together over the years

>> No.35761875

m8 chyna aint going to last five

>> No.35761877


>> No.35761882

true but thats not why
matto had a hard enough time emersing in a language with good media
he never stood a chance in a language with bad media

>> No.35761887

and yet im somehow more based than you
let that sink in

>> No.35761898

the 2030s will be hard for you

>> No.35761901

just watch hero, curse of the red flower and red cliff over and over bro

>> No.35761903

Maybe someday he'll even learn English

>> No.35761905

well if you're interested there's an ic mega that's up for a few days a month
the brent eviston art and science of drawing course is pretty good if you know fuck all

>> No.35761906
File: 100 KB, 641x1280, 4dc2a56359a8da0bbc0272c81de7d82e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you call other girls whores for less

>> No.35761909

>golden flower
im retarded

>> No.35761912

chynese anime is actually getting a lot better recently, and they have full dubbing on most games, no clue how good they are tho.

>> No.35761914

men suck at knowing true sluttery when they see it
not that im surprised you all enable this onlyfans/vtuber shit

>> No.35761918

traitors won't be treated well in the 2040 zimbabwe world order

>> No.35761921

oh yeah nice disgusting western art too really helps weed out my critics

>> No.35761924

all anime is chinese now

>> No.35761927

wh*toids will all be purged once the kangz rise up

>> No.35761933


>> No.35761935

there is no conceivable scenario where you would be disadvantaged because you dont know chinese
you are insanely cringey and autistic lol

>> No.35761937
File: 544 KB, 2800x2400, bd0fa1a475a269ec944fe392ff02248a0881244e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you dont even know dragon ball?

>> No.35761947

if youre talking about emersion thats from his ex boyfriend

>> No.35761949

>you are insanely cringey and autistic lol
and despite that, you are still more pathetic than me, sad
of course you are autistic and cant even tell western art, checks out

>> No.35761951


>> No.35761955

can you two stop arguing all day for once. or at least turn your name back on og so i can filter this asinine conversation off my screen

>> No.35761957

yeah ive been thinking about starting to learn chinese before theres so much sick chinese anime that i regret putting it off

>> No.35761962

she had a trip for like 3 posts and turned it off because she said people were bitching about it
it is her deepest cope because she knows everyone would just filter her

>> No.35761968

>chinese anime comes out in china
>japanese localization comes out
>watch japanese localization
nothing of value was lost

>> No.35761975

nah check the credits on literally anything made in the last 5 years

>> No.35761978

might even get more nip subs out of that kind of deal

>> No.35761979

really annoying how this thread just lets obvious newfaggotry slide as long as they are against the thread demon

also if you want to filter anonymous comments maybe 4chan isnt the site for you

>> No.35761980

yup they're either from taiwan or west taiwan

>> No.35761981

jamal binging genshin impact to maintain his heritage level chinese

>> No.35761990

she is deranged i was just making some innocuous posts that had nothing to do with her and she starting talking shit at me out of nowhere like always

>> No.35761993
File: 401 KB, 1533x2000, E0z6XDyVUAIPlsM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you wish you could filter this

>> No.35761997

Wow that's a lot of stuff, thanks.

>> No.35761998

video too long. sum it up in 20 words.

>> No.35762004

fine that's actually pretty spoot on for my bodyweight

>> No.35762008

Why do you use です here? I was under the impressions that 行く would suffice. Why use 2 verbs?

>> No.35762009

i can do it in 2
"gib shekels"

>> No.35762010

thats rich you talk shit at me all the time when im not itt and especially when i first got here despite me going months ignoring you entirely

>> No.35762014

>og filters all image posts

>> No.35762015

ikitai no desu
the ikitai is modifying the desu state which is where the real action is

>> No.35762018

yeah idgaf who started it, be the man and quit giving this woman attention she doesnt deserve

>> No.35762027

>watching localizations

>> No.35762041

really annoying how you seethe at absolutely every single post shitting on you

>> No.35762046

this aint nintendo treehouse, these are based nip localizations

>> No.35762051

it could be worse but its still wrong

>> No.35762054

dont care

>> No.35762060

not even close to true only a certain brand of weasely shit and hypocrisy gets under my skin

>> No.35762061

is og wrestling w. the fact that shes got whorish tendencies again

>> No.35762068

never seen you let a single post by when youre here

>> No.35762069

they are going to be nips that know chinese
so not based

>> No.35762071

the only thing you can argue was lewd was feet if you are a footfag but you can have a fetish for any weird shit

oh and i guess the underweard but i wasnt even wearing it and was tired of people calling me fat and flat

>> No.35762076

told you before, this is my thread now and i make the rules
now fuck off or let us filter your ass

>> No.35762081

read this as fuck off or let us fuck your ass

>> No.35762086

if i could give you a way to filter me without needing a namefield, i would. i cant even sign my posts because thats a reportable offense

>> No.35762088


>> No.35762090

there's also the time jamal posted your nudes

>> No.35762093


>> No.35762096

>unable to handle being called flat
women are really dumb

>> No.35762102

you have a smol peepee

>> No.35762106

then you best fuck off

>> No.35762111

who are you

>> No.35762114

shit let me get out my camera and take a picture of my bulge to post for my bros i have to defend my honor
thats not the same though because flat is good

>> No.35762123

im you, anonymous
and this is my thread

>> No.35762124
File: 70 KB, 530x530, 1626401535769.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762126

nah cause im using the site right, maybe you should take your discord waiting room to another site where you can filter comments that trigger your asshole reflex

>> No.35762136

especially since flat is best

>> No.35762139
File: 1.29 MB, 498x498, 1626656071819.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762143

>getting into asinine arguments with your fellow autists for 18 hours a day
>using the site right

>> No.35762145

literally couldnt care less about the opinions of degenerates who unironially prefer flat chests they arent even men

>> No.35762147

we have a little fun

>> No.35762152

uh...yeah? how new are you to 4chan? christ you fucking casuals

>> No.35762153

takossss assemble

>> No.35762165

og hasnt spergreplied to a holo post in a while. it's possible to break her

>> No.35762168

never seen a single person who likes massive fucking titties with above average iq

>> No.35762169

also another good reason not to use a name is that jamal feel for the same argument and he always does the opposite of the right move

>> No.35762175


>> No.35762176
File: 495 KB, 2592x2673, super saiyan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jamal feel for the same argument
how do you manage to do this every time

>> No.35762189

lmao you were that poster and a retarded holofag
sasuga (yes im using it ironically blow me)

>> No.35762191

im lolling that og gets called flat and gets mad and brings out the cup size then some1 reveals that flat is based and she gets even madder lmfao

>> No.35762200
File: 1.25 MB, 4960x3278, r.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it just me, or is that 信 written like it's Chinese and not Japanese???

>> No.35762208

ive never trusted guys who are pedos
i mean outside of tolerating it for site culture but personally i know they are sick and twisted

>> No.35762210

wtf are you on about

>> No.35762211

>forge - to refine metal
>forget - to lose a memory
why is english like this

>> No.35762213

bro, agf is fucking great he just bullshits constantly

>> No.35762216
File: 567 KB, 703x687, djt-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762220

chinese is starting to become trendy in japan

>> No.35762221


>> No.35762223

Look at the bottom, the 不信任.
Then look at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E4%BF%A1
It looks like Chinese font/typography and not Japanese.

>> No.35762226

pretty funny youre so upset about your undesirable chest that youre going to call any1 who would ever be interested in a flat woman a pedo i dont think those women deserve that

>> No.35762227

How do you guys feel about Japanese with spaces and mostly hiragana? The Japanese in pokemon feels way more childish than it is in English

>> No.35762232

>flat chest
pick one

>> No.35762233


>> No.35762235

don't care

>> No.35762238

no need to be so toasty roasty

>> No.35762240
File: 15 KB, 800x310, 4fe1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762241

chinese characters are a crutch. spaces + kana (or better, roman letters) are true japanese.

>> No.35762245


>> No.35762250

man yuzusoft games have such great production value

>> No.35762253

og murder-suiciding me after my mogu mogu ringtone goes off while shes in the middle of sucking me off

>> No.35762255

Fuck, computers and gothic fonts have rotted my brain. Thank you.

>> No.35762261

Absolutely. If only their plots didn't suck...

>> No.35762264

if i so much as touched your hand for a few minutes youd swear off your autism forever

>> No.35762266


>> No.35762278


>> No.35762279

i pick the 1 thats not a dumb jealous bitch lmfao
jisin manman

>> No.35762294

quit giving it (you)s
that thing feeds off attention since it cant get any irl, it is just like gollum after being separated from his precious
we are better than it bros

>> No.35762296

>jisin manman
i know how 'tism and the cure its not rocket science
male minds get weirder and more erratic till they finally get a real female and realize it was underpinning their behavior in the first place
just look at quiz and his roastie gains goblin

>> No.35762308

chinese monks teaching og to absorb ki into her mouth

>> No.35762312
File: 34 KB, 640x450, 640px-JapaneseTeapot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love it when i find cool words like 急須

also: wotd: 急須

>> No.35762323

ive nakadashid in a real biological manko and im still an autistic djter arguing with some retard
im flattered if youd want to give it another shot but im not really interested in you

>> No.35762327

its about being in a proper relationship not losing your v-card to some sloot you deluded perv

>> No.35762331

im normal but it's fun to make fun

>> No.35762334

let me settle it once and for all

boobs r ftw


>> No.35762335

post some good koto music

>> No.35762342

sounds like projecting

>> No.35762345
File: 42 KB, 768x432, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why i'm learning japanese.

>> No.35762349

dammit carlos

>> No.35762350

small bewbs can be saved by a great siri
small shiri cannot be saved by great chichis

>> No.35762353

read that as いいこと music
gonna pretend thats what you meant anyway

>> No.35762360

he looks like mr.bean

>> No.35762362

reminder that the ex ceo of nissan who lived in japan for 18 years didn't have to learn Japanese to make it.


>> No.35762366

I hate sex-havers! Sex havers get out!!

>> No.35762368

black biscuits eh ogs definitely between 32 and 38

>> No.35762374

why do so many non-whites like obesity?

>> No.35762375
File: 537 KB, 1000x533, carlosghosen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35762380

or ive just been on yt since basically its inception
not sure how old i must be based on 70s taste and 19th century operetta

>> No.35762382

imagine being so intimidated by your japanese employees that you just fold and give up on the language

>> No.35762386
File: 202 KB, 1346x1141, Carlos-Ghosn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35762393

but black biscuits was literally only relevant for like a couple years
u had to be around during y2k

but the fact u keep basing yt as the beginning of everything is a good smokescreen its almost enough to gaslight me

in my day we downloaded music videos off irc ftw

>> No.35762396

i'm white and just 振るing

>> No.35762397

well yeah shes a crusty old hag who doesnt get attention from men irl anymore so she shits up my thread instead trying desperately to get a hit of the ol dopamine again

>> No.35762400

i literally dont know how to use irc that should confirm im not your age
i mean you can assume im lying though idgaf

>> No.35762401

killer seiza

>> No.35762404

i feel bad now if you were the sloot its ok its not uncommon

>> No.35762406

>jamal's still a thing 4 years later
who is he? is it the same jamal? did he ever dekimasu?

>> No.35762409

im an unmarried nonvirgin i never was unclear about that

>> No.35762412

excuse u

ur thread ?

u might not know how to use irc bc ur a woman tho so this isnt enough to convince me

u liking madorka is actually enough to convince me ur actually 29 or 30

>> No.35762417

yeah this is my thread now, deal with it

>> No.35762419

he never made it

>> No.35762421

i know that but i wasnt here if you ever talked about how much of a disaster your relationship was so my b if i went too far

>> No.35762425

>な は・
>に 要 にド
>他に重 車ンが
wtf is this shit

>> No.35762429

dont apologize to her, shes as much a dirty whore as you accused her of being

>> No.35762430

it feels like he hates the culture

>> No.35762432

heres a daily japanese lesson for the beginners
sometimes natives use horizontal text to indicate that the person speaking is a filthy gaijin

>> No.35762433

nah you got me i actually grew up in 1960s nihon i just look real young and white cause ???

>> No.35762435

djt will never be the same

>> No.35762439

koi no fugga

>> No.35762446

im guessing 31
all in
but ill have you know my captcha is SAY4S

>> No.35762449
File: 27 KB, 600x400, 河豚.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35762450

i bet foot anon already knew my real age anyway he seems to be a connoisseur

>> No.35762456

og wants a boy to play with her feet lol

>> No.35762458

i don't think you use connoisseur to mean "fan of person x"

>> No.35762463

what a fat piece of shit

>> No.35762467

hes not a fan he said qm had better feet than me or his gf
but he also guessed correctly ive barely worked in my life

>> No.35762470

monitor bro

>> No.35762472

only 3 djters know how to read that

>> No.35762474

no one needs to see your feet to guess that

>> No.35762478

it was obvious takin 1 look at u

ppl who never worked still look young and smooth

>> No.35762479

>Nipponese takes a lifetime to learn.
>Art takes a lifetime to learn.
Damn I chose the best hobbies.

>> No.35762482


>> No.35762483

this post is off topic

>> No.35762487

better to peak late in life than early

>> No.35762489

is she ready for anal tho

>> No.35762490

i bet u can become pretty good at drawing/painting just by watching yt vids and consulting reference materials and being disciplined these days

>> No.35762491

maybe only chynaman couldnt get that.

>> No.35762492

this post smells like discord troon

>> No.35762493


>> No.35762494

most great asian H artists peak while being ojisans anyway

>> No.35762497

yea 4bbcs wrong on this 1

>> No.35762499

you got a big storm coming if you want your best years to be before you were 30 especially as a man
well you do idealize jamal though so its no surprise

>> No.35762503

that's a chinese word bro

>> No.35762504

good post

>> No.35762508

og stop gaslighting us and post ur sunned anus now

>> No.35762514

>word in a non chynese syllabary is chynese
>its in robotspeak because its encoded in binary
this is your brain on gommunism

>> No.35762516

i dont sun any part of my body id catch fire

>> No.35762518 [SPOILER] 
File: 139 KB, 1061x1481, 1626731595892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762521

>word in a non chynese syllabary

>> No.35762527

have you even started learning kanji or just using texthookers

>> No.35762531


>> No.35762533

wasted ass on shit character

>> No.35762535

i dont idolize anyone you stupid bitch lol nothing matters when youre old no achievements impressive and youre in no state to enjoy life you literally feel less because your brain has decayed too much youre not even alive really

>> No.35762538
File: 487 KB, 1533x2000, E03L5hBVEAIO4GM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og i'll be nice to you unlike these meanies

>> No.35762541

plz double down on your retardation by restating your claim

>> No.35762544

yeah and i peaked early that should tell you not to idolize that shit men can live to be 90 and respected you dont know shit and dont deserve your dick

>> No.35762545

4bro, dont give it the attention
keep your chin up man, we all know she is beneath you

>> No.35762549

>yeah and i peaked early
is it really a peak if you never even went up

>> No.35762550
File: 1 KB, 701x37, 7lEJ2uR[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35762553

steven krashen goes over translation

>> No.35762557

i could have had any husband i wanted if i wasnt a total retard

>> No.35762564

>only wants black men
easy mode

>> No.35762566

is pufferfish a chinese word because it references the same concept?

>> No.35762570

who cares about respect money or whatever when youre just some old impotent irrelevant fart who cant tell today from yesterday lmao

>> No.35762576

well you are who you are and you can't change that

>> No.35762577

man your problems really just are do to immaturity and no experience in the real world
you will understand someday when you stop being a literal child

>> No.35762582

wtf is ur issue

>> No.35762587

>non chynese syllabary
i think you need to explain what you meant by this before i can begin to respond to this retardation
its a word which is simultaneously japanese and chinese

>> No.35762588

im pretty sure japanese had a spoken word for it in prehistory japanese like 吹ぐ and then they took the chinese writing of it

>> No.35762596

4bc is right and you all dont realize it
dud is telling you to live in the moment because the present is the only time that matters

>> No.35762599

i only want a qt japanese gf thats it

>> No.35762600


>> No.35762612

what part of the picture was confusing your simple bug mind?

>> No.35762619

it matters more that i become good at nihongo as my future-self, so nope
next try

>> No.35762633

thinking about how good you want to be doesnt make you any better
putting in the effort right now is the only thing that will make you better

>> No.35762636

the picture irrelevant i am not arguing about readings or chinamen i am asking what the fuck you just said
kanji isnt a syllabary
hanzi isnt a syllabary
latin isnt a syllabary
there is no kana in context
what the fuck is your problem

>> No.35762643

that doesnt have anything to do with 河豚

>> No.35762651

right because its clearly in a non chynese syllabary

>> No.35762655
File: 240 KB, 1200x892, 1624935375898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even yotsubato is beyond N1

>> No.35762658

the READING is part of reading a word, not sure why thats such a complicated concept

god i hope nanking happens but for real this time

>> No.35762661

i think what i said leads to what you said. the same exact thing happened when i picked up programming.

>> No.35762662

>i am not arguing about readings or chinamen i am asking what the fuck you just said
can you keep up you fucking retard

>> No.35762663

bet this guy has 50 kanji under his belt

>> No.35762678

which syllabary is the japanese reading in?

>> No.35762690

>there is no kana in context
what do you think a reading is?

>> No.35762702

crazy how all you have to do is wear that namefield long enough and randos start parroting your bullshit takes and riding your dick
couldnt be me

>> No.35762706
File: 2 KB, 249x63, qlKfndB[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have 6 gorillion kanji, not sure about him

>> No.35762710

you keep trying to redirect me into the original argument
i understand what you meant
what you actually wrote was retarded esl spew

>> No.35762715

kanji does not exist and japanese should use an alphabet

>> No.35762719

how so?
nothing could compare to the idiocy of
>there is no kana in context

>> No.35762726

rewrite this with furigana only

>> No.35762728

i know about 10k

>> No.35762731

have to agree with romanjichad on this one

>> No.35762732

>that's a chinese word bro

>> No.35762740

only one of those is a kisha people actually say often

>> No.35762751

whitoids have to learn the meaning, kanji AND reading. chinesechads get the first two for free and just have to learn "ふぐ" easy

>> No.35762754

btw kana isnt a synonym for yomi

>> No.35762758

the chinese were the worst at spoken and listening to japanese language school they only aced the kanji parts and only outside of using them in sentences properly
>bracing for incoming cope

>> No.35762760

responding to >>35762472 in /djt/

tips for newfags: if a post is linked typically the post is a response or reference to it

>> No.35762771
File: 75 KB, 800x1200, super pochaco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gonna buy my first figurine with the second paycheck from my training this year to help me stay motivated

it's gonna be pic related

>> No.35762773

ive met chinese irl who have not studied shit and can repeat shit from anime better than americans. it makes a difference when the translated term is 海賊 instead of "pirate"

>> No.35762776

>translating into another language

>> No.35762779

better idea

>> No.35762787

there are strenghts and weakness, the chinese only have a bonus when it comes to understand isolated nouns but djt never understands that nouns are only a tiny part of making it
but all you need is nouns and adjectives to coom to shit in jp so its not surprising

>> No.35762797

in their defense the iq of the average chynaman is africa tier

>> No.35762799

the quality of jsl learners is clearly ultrastacked in favor of chinese over eigojins. it's not even close

>> No.35762808

don't even need that to coom desu

>> No.35762811

get the jab

>> No.35762818

not true
only because chinese actually need to live in japan and dont mind sounded like chinks speaking trash jp which youd think wouldnt be something djt would admire

>> No.35762819

the entire point of
>that's a chinese word bro
was presumably contrasting that post unless youre an actual simpleton going full literal on a nonexistent implication that they meant they know the readings in all languages
also >>35762754

>> No.35762825

oh nice didn't know they had og figures

>> No.35762828

already caught the chinky flu so theres no point
you can keep your clot shot

>> No.35762831

low time preference

>> No.35762833

og wishes she looked like that

>> No.35762836

will you cum on her?

>> No.35762859

how is that contrasting the post?
how would being chinese help you understand the japanese reading in the slightest?

>> No.35762861

youve repeated this a million times but do you have any basis for your bs lets look at the facts what have you done out there in the "real world" which makes you qualified to talk shit and call me a child and no being a whore doesnt count

>> No.35762875

simpleton was too soft
what kind of absolute fucking retard interprets
>thats a chinese word bro
>thats a chinese word so chinamen know the japanese reading
and not
>thats a chinese word so chinamen can read it as chinese

>> No.35762876

you were the one to bring up kana, i was just giving you the benefit of the doubt given your small chynese brain can't understand simple concepts.

>> No.35762879
File: 114 KB, 767x960, img.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35762881
File: 1.07 MB, 3000x3000, E2c7Rv5VgAIdzjq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this og

>> No.35762887

i dont need qualifications for an opinion on 4chan lmao
it stands on its own merit and you are free to disregard it as bullshit.
fucking zooms and their daddy complexes

>> No.35762895

i said kana because the entire reason i replied to your post is because you said syllabary you dumb fuck and i dont know a word of chinese lmfao

>> No.35762897

she's doing it!

>> No.35762902

crazy how this self conscious braindead esl hunting wannabe aryan princess aggro pseud actually believes she could have had any prince she wanted if she played her cards right

>> No.35762904

because my dog eating friend, i assumed when you linked to the post you were responding to it rather than bleeting non sequitors to appease your chynese butthurt.

you are right though, i shouldn't have assumed chynese could say anything relevant, i apologize for treating you as a human

>> No.35762911

It makes sense that an East Asian would be better adapted to learning an EA language, given that EA languages were created by people with EA genes. Hence why many so Western-born people who've managed competency in Japanese have been Korean and Chinese.

>> No.35762915

>syllabary is the kana

>> No.35762929

not a hot glue fan personally

>> No.35762931
File: 3.10 MB, 2218x2692, ame space.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check this out

>> No.35762932

>i assumed when you linked to the post you were responding to it rather than bleeting non sequitors
not sure how this >>35762521 or the constant changing the subject away from readings could have been any more clear you mouthbreathing retard

>> No.35762938

chinese isnt structured like japanese anymore than english is
you could make an argument for korean i guess

>> No.35762948

thought it was doraemon or anpanman or something

>> No.35762949

chinese get a massive boost over eops because they understand kanji and know the meanings of thousands of words

>> No.35762954

just throwing out 1 option to throw a bone
this post smells like you dont know what syllabary means though lol

>> No.35762965

nice try gaslighter

>> No.35762966
File: 1.93 MB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20210719-174138-895.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Werid question, does は always start a new clause or it doesn't matter where's it's placed?

>> No.35762975

can't believe my fugu post sparked these many posts
at least it's kinda on topic

>> No.35762981

oho you got me there ignore the haters and keep living your best life princess

>> No.35762986
File: 161 KB, 600x449, 1625939961147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pov you nag prince vegeta for his hobbies

>> No.35762993

this is the djt spook you have to stop believing to make it
no amount words will make you know japanese the difficulty has nothing to do with vocab size you can be fluent at a retard low vocab level if ykj

>> No.35762995
File: 200 KB, 650x975, 深い歌詞2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sure bro

>> No.35763001

youre a double dropout ive completed my undergrad degree (in a non meme subject) so im more experienced there
youve never had a real job
youve bought an apartment ive rented an apartment
ill probably start filing taxes soon
point out anything i have something comparable

again you made a really arrogant statement like always acting as if youre more experienced than me and have dealt with more people and know some deeper truth about the "real world" but are utterly unable to substantiate your claim in any way
in fact on paper i have just as much experience as you in real life matters if not more

just shut the fuck up you clearly have no talking points youre mentally underdeveloped

>> No.35763010

yoimo amaimo kachiteni tabete
gomeiwaku okakesiteimasu
pakuchiina teihenna ajino
kokorowo munisite nomikomimasu

>> No.35763011

if og thinks syllabary means phonology it would actually explain just about everything that would be pretty funny

>> No.35763018

lets hear it bro

>> No.35763023

have you worked as a stripper?

>> No.35763032

i mean at the end of the day bulma still won
are you offering to live together or something lol
i dont know what your gay linguist terms mean nor do i care
if you know japanese you know simple as

>> No.35763041

>i'm a stripper

>> No.35763058

is this ironic? literal ho but still reactionary enough to call letsplayers sluts

>> No.35763062

she's an illiterate ho but yeah

>> No.35763067

let me help you out
the phonetics of japanese are not a syllabary
non chynese syllabary could not possibly refer to anything relating to japanese but hiragana and katakana
kana is not a synonym for yomi
because of all of this i asked 3 times what the FUCK you said because it was braindead nonsense
you absolute fucking illiterate retard

>> No.35763079

didnt read i guess im too retarded to care

>> No.35763090

its cool pretending not to care is a good way to take the w in your heart

>> No.35763104

now shes being evasive because she knows shes been btfod but will conveniently forget everything and the exact same thing will repeat a few days later like a loon
such an insanely insufferable person just dont you me youre mentally ill sick of engaging your stale antics everyday so irritating

>> No.35763118


>> No.35763123

listening to wink

>> No.35763138

why would i forget you got btfod
just take the l

>> No.35763157

if og riles me up when she calls me nonwhite does that make me racist i have some reflection to do

>> No.35763165

threads are actually interesting when women are around putting men in their place there needs to be more women in the threads

>> No.35763171

og riles my dick up

>> No.35763181

completely agree id love to see that happen sometime

>> No.35763188

t. og's imaginary friend

>> No.35763217

actually its now a self own for you a "zoomer child" has just as much if not more experience than you some 38 year loser with no achievements or any adult like deeds to point to remember that next time you want to talk smack

>> No.35763218

those naked pictures haunt my dreams, what a perfect pussy

>> No.35763256

theres probably been a couple cool female shitposters in here before but well never know because the only kind of women who would break anonymity and play the v card (no the other one) in this thread are well youve seen them lol

>> No.35763282

or maybe they weren't cool at all and gave up cuz the boy club's too l33t for them

>> No.35763285

this post is off-topic

>> No.35763293

this post is bitchmade

>> No.35763300

what are you on about the majority of namefags in the thread have been attention seeking males

>> No.35763316

bitchmade reminds me of a certain iron buffalo rider

>> No.35763325

yeah idgaf who started it
if you honestly believe yourself to be better than them then start acting the part because right now you are far worse than any namefag or tripfag itt and thats saying a lot

>> No.35763326

i doubt it, i bet their penises are hella feminine

>> No.35763339

Started listening to one of the courses while practicing lines. I'm not even at the point where I can get my hand to draw the shapes I want but that's ok. I'll keep practicing a little everyday.

>> No.35763341
File: 345 KB, 756x1000, gbawt5mw3sb71.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tripless/nameless coolposter here

>> No.35763343

this guys right >>35762294 she will argue with you over anything to shit up the thread and her own cognitive dissonance will prevent her from ever acknowledging her defeat never engage mentally ill people stay away from them

>> No.35763358

did you even read the post or did you just want to cry about men

>> No.35763362

ironic bbc guy would say that he's her main source of attention here

>> No.35763379

>never engage mentally ill people stay away from them
this is objectively right but its so hard to follow

>> No.35763389

successful jsl birthday stream incoming

>> No.35763403

4bro has what it takes to overcome the temptation to debate the whore but the whore will never be able to stop herself, truly remarkable

>> No.35763404

what the fuck do you think breaking anonymity means

>> No.35763412

Wow, she has videos from 10years ago. That's a long time to remember your Youtube password.

>> No.35763428

if you have a tripcode for no reason (e.g. providing support for scripts/site), you are inherently worse than og.

>> No.35763432

testing this out

>> No.35763435

everybody's inherently worse than og cuz she's royalty

>> No.35763438

testing my foot up your ass

>> No.35763439

i saw matt face, i have to leave this place...

>> No.35763446

it means theyd be a menhera attention whore like you
are we on the same page now

>> No.35763447

almost all capital letters, based

>> No.35763465

filtering !!HZHRDPtXLPl

>> No.35763472

filtering romanji

>> No.35763478

a i u e o k g s z t d n h b p y r w n
imagine how simple japanese writing would be if they modernized and used an alphabet

>> No.35763479

filtering Anonymous

>> No.35763488

Gonna Namefag as anonymous to be ironic.

>> No.35763490

you need to use caps lock to match your trip
form your own autistic counter culture

>> No.35763493

hope everyones japaneseing during shitposting breaks

>> No.35763507

true also to match the origin of LATVN

>> No.35763510

Today I did the bare minimum of practicing hiragana on duo-lingo just to keep my streak going.

>> No.35763514

the fuck is latun?

>> No.35763515

>add 10 vowel sounds, switch to alphabet, add spaces
i have just fixed your language

>> No.35763528

glad one person gets it

>> No.35763543

only 5 vowel sounds and 15 consonants or w/e was the best thing japanese did

>> No.35763551

my biggest regret is not being royalty

>> No.35763558

well yeah of course we are worse than the queen of useless bullshit when it comes to being useless bullshit

>> No.35763559

Just got into kanji, this radical stuff looks like more trouble than it's worth, should i stick with it?

>> No.35763574

yeah this guy needs rtk

>> No.35763578

>fill your brain remembering chinese drawings
>compensate by reading 90% of your words the same way

>> No.35763579

Not for me, just look at the Situation with the ginger one, absolute twat of a person no way he's happy, even after ditching his family for pussy. It's also constant never ending responsibility.

>> No.35763585


it just reads like a dream
(threw in lowercase for english loan words)

>> No.35763593

filtering anonymous

>> No.35763597

try wanikani

>> No.35763605

roumaji transcription challenge

>> No.35763613


>> No.35763617

a year from now everyone is going to be capslocking

>> No.35763620

Im doing exactly this actually, im just wondering if this actually works. Never studied anything like kanji before

>> No.35763631

not possible because i filtered every capital letter already

>> No.35763633

yeah it works. just use the synonym feature if you're missing a word for meaning but you actually understood it

>> No.35763649


>> No.35763653

can't participate cuz i remapped my capslock

>> No.35763654

thats mostly cuz of onyomi though
maybe if nihongo kept chinese tones or somethin lmfao

>> No.35763660

Wanikani seems to only highlight one pronounciation is that the only one that matters?

>> No.35763663

long vowels are an approximation of chinese third tone

>> No.35763670

not used to caps kunreisiki that was pretty bad

>> No.35763676

no but just get one in your head first. they introduce other readings later with words that use them

>> No.35763683

nah someone tries to start it like once a year

>> No.35763690

A character said 兄貴はとっくに死んでる, talking about her dead brother. Why isn't she using the past tense 死んだ here?

>> No.35763692

if you can't read all-caps at a normal pace you have a lowercase dependence and arent fluent

>> No.35763693

Thanks famalam, gonna stick it out

>> No.35763705

is dead

>> No.35763723

i cant read kana with spaces at a normal pace either cuz i have some kind of mental deficiency that interrupts the flow at every space

>> No.35763726

read more

>> No.35763736

you're もう死んでる dude

>> No.35763740


i gotchu senpai

>> No.35763742



>> No.35763751

because being dead right now is more relevant to the discussion than dying in the past

>> No.35763759

i said kana i got no problems with spaces in based romanji

>> No.35763766

to make a good salad you need 青さと油こさ

>> No.35763770

i can read kanji and kana but romaji I cannot

>> No.35763777

the real secret is only using a good mayo for dressing
salad dressing fags are bitchmade

>> No.35763778

i prefer 蒼さ

>> No.35763780


>> No.35763784

lemon is the only choice
everything else ruins the point of salad

>> No.35763796

Salad isn't a real meal. It's a name for a meatless burger.

>> No.35763797

oil helps you digest vitamins and nutrients more readily you disgusting vegan

>> No.35763808

you eat the salad with something that has oil and meat
it's a refreshing accomplice

>> No.35763818

>refreshing accomplice
never heard this collocation in my life

>> No.35763821

salads are a social construct

>> No.35763834

because my food is criminally delicious

>> No.35763870

i eat salads as my main meal of the day not as a side
gotta reach my thinspo goals

>> No.35763894

That's a noble goal, i'm doing something similar trying to put on weight so I can build muscle.

>> No.35763906

dont fall for fit memes if you are already cut thats the best place to start to get fit. just do an intensive sport or job or something dont be a gym troon

>> No.35763908

that's actually a nice interview. if he was in America, the interviewers would be interrupting him every second and talking over him

>> No.35763940

flat-chested and muscleless og wrote this post

>> No.35763949

please stop trying to make og sound attractive

>> No.35763954
File: 956 KB, 2560x1871, 91x8XCsAMvL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my books came in so gonna take a break from dragon ball and see how i do

>> No.35763965

im only one of those things
for now

>> No.35763979

it's well-documented that kung fu training causes rapid breast growth

>> No.35763990

>big tits and muscles

>> No.35763994

og who are your favorite posters? actually rank every poster in a tier list

>> No.35763995

wtf og gonna get fake tits?

>> No.35764014

1st me
last (you)

>> No.35764017

you're my favorite poster (i'll send you my feet pics at kung fu camp)

>> No.35764018

anonymous > bunko >>> everyone else >>>>> jamal

>> No.35764024

cool thanks!

>> No.35764038
File: 134 KB, 1333x729, 1626654383217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og ranks holochads #1

>> No.35764045
File: 632 KB, 4096x2731, E6Tkm68VcAIT3EZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what about me?

>> No.35764060

all uggo posters are T1 chads

>> No.35764065

holofags dont count as real djt posters
they are just spamming cross-boarders with pet mods they dont deserve to be on my list
ur fine as long as you dont break the rules or get too explicit it scares away the types who dont belong on jp or 4chan

>> No.35764096

check out the catalog

>> No.35764100

stop calling her like that ;_; are you the same guy from discord? gdm

>> No.35764110

so what board were holochads from before the holo board was created?

>> No.35764116

>they are just spamming cross-boarders with pet mods they dont deserve to be on my list

>> No.35764120


>> No.35764121

there are cuter girls in that group

>> No.35764123

This makes me feel fuzzy inside.

>> No.35764128

they werent even 4chan before they got a quarantine board they sure as hell werent jp unless you count chill kizuna ai types

>> No.35764135

historical revisionism or newfag

>> No.35764136
File: 214 KB, 900x1200, BuiltForBGC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its a compliment, conventional beauty is boring, uggo is love, uggo is life

>> No.35764139

actually gaslighting me rn

>> No.35764141

I hated playing against AoE affects in turnbased games.

>> No.35764145

shes not in the least bit ugly unless you are a tastelet which is 95% of men sadly

>> No.35764147

yes i'm sure hololive somehow introduced people to 4chan you fucking pleb

>> No.35764160

spinster cope

>> No.35764162

yeah just like bronies and pokemon fuckers lmao
retard its not the literal person is the brain parasite that infects them and doesnt care about board culture

>> No.35764176

this is so ungrammatical im assuming og and not esl

>> No.35764178

need ogs feet pics asap

>> No.35764180

she looks like a fish

>> No.35764184

it is reclaiming the word ugly from the normies, broaden your mind

so now in your blind roasty rage you're pretending that the people never existed here before then

>> No.35764197

*shoves og's feet up your ass*

>> No.35764198

i love anacreon so much bros...he is so mysterious and chill

>> No.35764213

I want to draw lots of gothic lolitas with hime cuts. I am excited to improve my artistic ability.

>> No.35764222

not excited at all

>> No.35764223

i mean if cute girls werent bitches with an awful personality she would be ugly, but in this society...

>> No.35764225

oh yeah keep going

>> No.35764226

go for it dude i find that the more i practiced my japanese the more japanese my style became

>> No.35764233

you must be incredibly dense to not understand my point by now
but the reality is you are a holofag in denial and its easier for you to think im just seething at "sluts" rather than cringy spam aimed at autists

>> No.35764284

new thread >>35764214

>> No.35764290

i understand your view
it's just that your view is denial of reality to soothe your seething roasty anger
fuck off we're not even page 10

>> No.35764292

wonder how it feels to be an autistic loser wannabe idol with no prospects and to find out there are companies turning autistic loser wannabe idols into successful virtual idols but you have no prospects there either

>> No.35764297

Damn dude at this rate we should ask hirimoot for a /djt/ board.

>> No.35764304

or move /djt/ to /vt/ to make holes seethe

>> No.35764305

>we're not even page 10
actually our secondary thread is at page 10

>> No.35764308

the other thread is on page 10 and we determined that djt gets 2 threads >>35750464

>> No.35764312

please kill yourself. please.

>> No.35764318

not great if im being honest i dont sleep well

>> No.35764320

but pissing you off gives me a massive boner

>> No.35764328

we don't have a secondary thread. i see a holotranny thread there, but that's unrelated

>> No.35764329

why not just make a dozen threads
might make meido do their damn job

>> No.35764332

actually stuns me how autistic people can be

>> No.35764340

the faggots would like that because it would give them an excuse to prune all threads but the holo ones

>> No.35764341

faggot op here i would never make a new thread post plz dont false flag

>> No.35764348

can someone post some holo pictures? feel like we need about 20 holo threads to make them delete on sight.

>> No.35764350

the best part is i didnt even make the new thread, i just linked it because i knew it would piss the maximal amount of people off

>> No.35764352
File: 82 KB, 220x220, tenor[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all threads are holochad threads

>> No.35764361

mods love holo

>> No.35764375

more evidence of the link between trannies and holos

>> No.35764380

imagine djt trying to gatekeep anyone out of /jp/

pretty much everyone in /jp/ would vote djt off the board if they had a say in the matter

>> No.35764382

more like homo

>> No.35764392

pretty much everyone in /djt/ would to

>> No.35764393

im more jp than djt even if ive since acclimated to the culture here
doubly so when mods selective apply bans to me over shit that is on topic for djt but not jp because of all the discord troons here

>> No.35764396

theyre just mad they didnt make it

>> No.35764407

>im more jp than djt

>> No.35764410
File: 738 KB, 1170x585, RXWRiEdySyMR-zh-TW[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah thats holostars

>> No.35764418

just report everyone else too

>> No.35764425

any recoomended 男の娘 holo

>> No.35764430

whens holostars en recruiting i got this

>> No.35764433

you cant if you get banned/warned first

>> No.35764436
File: 322 KB, 1000x1334, 10528d7141e4dbbb6e80dcb0e73a3c78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't stop thinking about all the cool images I want to make once I learn to draw. I am excited for tomorrow so I can do more reps.

>> No.35764437

i think they said in a few months, time for /djt/ chads to dominate

>> No.35764443

>Discord is /DJT/
You've got to go. >>>/int/djt

>> No.35764445

youll prob get banned if you start reporting every post in djt

>> No.35764447

>once I learn to draw
how are you going to do that

>> No.35764448

the only immersion i got today...im getting behind

>> No.35764462

By doing the bare minimum of practice every day.

>> No.35764480


>> No.35764481

I'd rather join Nijisanji so I can flirt with an anime girl on stream.

>> No.35764496

so hows the san francisco meetup plans going?

>> No.35764498

my only goal would be to breed pikamee

>> No.35764503

if you join holostars you can fuck one off stream

>> No.35764514

cant wait for the first big vtuber scandal and for everyone to suddenly pretend they were too cool to like them after the fact

>> No.35764523

why not on stream?

>> No.35764534

i mean there was already the whole coco scandal

>> No.35764537

what happened? i thought they just silently took her out and no one knew why

>> No.35764541

wan't it the eternal chang

>> No.35764543

>nooone knew why
bitch please
it was due to the force of chynese butthurt

>> No.35764558

there have been like a dozen vtuber scandals and nobody cares

>> No.35764590

im glad og is here to fill us in on holo drama

>> No.35764612

nonono og is here for hole drama

>> No.35764655

i just wanna man

>> No.35764658

if she said "there you go" in front of me i'd start a fight

>> No.35764666

there you go

>> No.35764675
File: 689 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-191603_Typhon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a way to make Typhon not look like shit on android 11? It's super obnoxious that it doesn't fit to screen

>> No.35764679

im serious i'd lose my temper and say some mean things

>> No.35764696

dont know any pika bitch or any catch phrase

>> No.35764704

this idiot doesnt know pikachu wtf

>> No.35764712

it does on my phone, does it do the same shit when a books open? main reason i like it is it has a popup dictionary that lets you import your own dics

>> No.35764745

there you go

>> No.35764754

wish typhon had a functioning anki export feature

>> No.35764761

Was gonna say I'd try it out but now it keeps immediately crashing after I tried to import a folder lmao

>> No.35764769

yeah its pretty shit, but ive yet to find one that's customizable, i copy paste it into a card so when i syn i can just yomichan it easily.

>> No.35764801

Turns out that having imported books+night mode+list view makes it eternally crash
Also rip still doesn't fit to screen, which is probably a product of my phone's screen size desu

>> No.35764816

techonolgiy is a mistake, get a piece of parchment and ink pen and start copying everything by hand. you will imporve much faster

>> No.35764821
File: 572 KB, 1533x2000, E0vBdzpUYAQWqxt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>techonolgiy is a mistake

>> No.35764840
File: 52 KB, 612x612, ap33ro2orfy11[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

technolgiy is a mistake
techloligy is the future

>> No.35764845
File: 3.25 MB, 2335x4172, piggukira reginald.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't say much but big stuff soon

>> No.35764863

Possibly unironically but I'm too glued to my phone to do that. Plus the one jp class I took really put me off of using paper lol

>> No.35764867
File: 19 KB, 201x251, Dekinai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>jp class

>> No.35764880
File: 244 KB, 1536x2048, photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you guys think of my first sketch

>> No.35764885

it forces you to organize your thoughts and commit to them and realize where you suck..
if the JP class was by a 日本語先生 They do stupid shit like force you to do lines like you were a 1st grader that has 10 years to learn

>> No.35764891

>日本語先生 They
techonolgiy bros...

>> No.35764901

it looks like it could be improved if you embraced techonolgiy

>> No.35764914

dont build a bad habit of lots of overlapping short strokes

>> No.35764921
File: 378 KB, 1200x1800, E5h_jk3VIAo4RA3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

尖り帽子 from ff9

>> No.35764922

it's actually very charming

>> No.35764928

I had some free space in my schedule what can I say
My prof wasn't Japanese but the course is definitely like 30 years old and designed by some Japanese dude from my uni, there even used to be a book. That's pretty much what we had to do but at the same time there was a bunch of weird rigorous shit, it's actually the entire reason I still have a decent grasp of grammar even though I fell off from learning for a couple years. Overall I both did and didn't like it

>> No.35764929

needs more penis

>> No.35764957

I'm surprised how many anime soundbites have embedded themselves in my brain.

Today I came across 勝手 and it felt familar, but I wasn't sure exactly what it meant. Later, as I was taking a walk, I spontaneously thought " 勝手にしろ!"

I suppose watching hundreds of subbed anime does have some benefits.

>> No.35764998

let me just make a card right quick

>> No.35765004

im falling asleep over here
post good jp youtube videos

>> No.35765006

>I suppose watching hundreds of subbed anime does have some benefits.
it doesn't

>> No.35765013

can't, this is a blue board

>> No.35765030


>> No.35765058

jamal posted a video with bare titties earlier and hes fine

>> No.35765098


>> No.35765138


>> No.35765151

They're all from before I started studying Japanese, so I think it did have some use.

I'm not recommending it as a study method or anything.

>> No.35765161

dont care about you and your reddit posts

>> No.35765167

i'm on a roll making meme posts on /a/ that'll probably go on to become copy pasta

>> No.35765205

this is a sign that you have watched enough subbed anime to be capable of making it

>> No.35765254


>> No.35765268

if you're american then i think you should pull out?

>> No.35765281

ur ready to be a translator

>> No.35765282


>> No.35765294

he said americans would masturbate to this

>> No.35765313

nah hes saying americans fuck dogs, but hes only half right
american women fuck dogs

>> No.35765320


>> No.35765330

wtf does oppai time mean

>> No.35765353

somosomo kimi ha nanimo wakaranu

>> No.35765358
File: 46 KB, 430x476, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35765360

this girl is sexy

>> No.35765523

haha yeah
*hacks up thick green mucus*

>> No.35765778


>> No.35765924

failed my quiz.
I'm going to fucking fail my Japanese 2 class. I need it to graduate I don't knwo what to do

>> No.35765933

maybe you should try to learn japanese

>> No.35766023

guess ill take the glory of making the 1000th reply but i aint got shit to say so here it is

>> No.35766582


>> No.35766727


>> No.35766733

they used to have a 両声類 trap in holostars but he retired for mental health reasons

>> No.35766782


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