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"This thread is a shithole." replies Anon as the shit slings from when GM posts.

What do you do?

Boundless edition!

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[x] Genuflect the maids

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I immediatly jump to Gensokyo Man's defense and get labled as a tripfag apologist!

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Befriend Nanoha, if you know what I mean.

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Dinga dinga dinga do Ima supa girl.

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Shithole? Nay, eyesore!

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Do a barrel roll

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Thank you for not only for FUiG, but also for being the cause of nonexistent waiting for NGM threads, no imitations that are on a level of great fail, being a non factor in Touhou roleplaying faggotry, and not whoring yourself out as hot shit.

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Same Fag

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The maids are dead from sexual exaltation.

GM has not arrived.

No one likes you enough to smile.

You roll over the maid and crush them into dust from your fat.

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I don't mind GM threads, after all, I can just hide them if I don't feel like reading them. I *DO* mind threads about GM, though.

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[X]Anemia option

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Forgot my trip.

You grope the dusted silicon from the flatten maids.

It is not life-like material. ;_;

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[x] Talk Cirno into freezing the lake
Followed by

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You don't feel any better ;_;

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You find Cirno playing on the outskirt of the lake. You smack her over the head with a large stick and when she turns around, you lay the punch on her.

Cirno flies 30 feet from the impact and hits the ground with a loud thud; she coughs up some blood and some of her organs before dying.

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You feel much better.


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[X] Steal Cirno's wings from her dead body.

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> teh ~ze Girl !3GqYIJ3Obs

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You rip Cirno's wings from her life body, but they're paper thin and most likely useless for any purpose..

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[x] Equip her panties

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You remove Cirno's pissed soaked panties and remove your pants. You pull the panties up over you legs, but rip and fall apart due to the great size difference.

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Fairies don't wear underwear

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[x] Eat Cirno's dead body.

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You rip off Cirno's right arm and gnarl on the meat; the bloody delight melts in your mouth and you sink your teeth into another bite.

Just then, Daiyousei sees what your doing and draws a knife and is about to stab you, but you strife to the right.

What do you do?

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[x] Falcon Kick

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Break the knife and her body with a falcon punch.

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You charge your foot towards Daiyousei's chest, but she steps to the left and gets a light stab into your arms.

You land on your feet and grasp your right arm in pain; the fairy charges and slashes at you, but you step back and give her a roundhouse from hell.

She's knocked out, what do you do?

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[x] Carve her up like a thanksgiving turkey. Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber.

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I sage both threads obviously.

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You lift Daiyousei's dress and remove her bloomers; her pink lips stare into your soul and you jam it in. The material is coarse, but feels pleasant nonetheless.

Just as you're about to orgasm, the Gateguard from the SDM comes to see whats going on. You come, but China now stands in your path, demanding an explanation for Cirno and Daiyousei.

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You pull up your pants and put up your fists; it's a fight! You swing at China, but she easily dodges it and lands a swift kick to your chest that brings you to your knees.

>> No.358124


Unleash your stand and capture her.

>> No.358152

You bring yourself to your feet and throw dirt in China's face; you then eye the rope at your feet Cirno just so happened to be playing with before you killed her. You pick up the rope and bound China's feet.

She falls to the ground and you continue to bound her fists; the gatekeeper is now unable to intervene.

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[x] Make her genuflect

>> No.358209

Since her hands and feet are bounded behind her, that is quite impossible; however, you kick her in the face and order her to beg for you to stop.

She yells uncle over and over as tears fall from her eyes.

Now satisfied, you fear that someone may have heard China's yells.

What do you do?

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[X] Rape.

>> No.358267

You drop your pants with the intent of violating China, put Marisa arrives wanting to know why you're making her thieving jobs so easy and ze~ing all over the place.

>> No.358299

Rape her too. And steal her Hakkero and consume it.

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[X] Attempt to rape Marisa.

>> No.358302

[X] Tell her that you have the gate guardian under control

>> No.358344

In defence mode!

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With your pants sill down, you point your erect penis at Marisa with a snare on your face; however, you trip on your pants and fall ass up.

Marisa sighs and walks over towards your pathetic body, turns her broom upside down, and jams it in.

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Have sex with broom.

>> No.358384

I'm now in striking distance. Proceed to beat the crap out of her using my newly acquired ass broom.

>> No.358391

Shit on her broom.

This is MUCH better than today's GM's thread.

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You find that impossible since the broom stands straight up between your cheeks and your penis lays in the opposite direction.

Marisa waits for an explanation for your actions.

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Explain my actions with a fucking Starlight Breaker to the face!

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You attempt to stand, but the broom stuck in your ass makes that impossible.

Wincing from the pain, your ass contracts and a great force travels along your colon; the broom provides great defense, but falters to the heavy mixture of air, liquid and bowels. The broom flies 10 feet and the air and lands in front of you, with the shitty end with in front of your face.

Marisa is enraged that you got her dress and hat soiled.

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Take advantage of her rage with a FALCON PUNCH!

>> No.358466

Apologize profusely, then lick her clean.

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You attempt to stand, but the pain in your ass makes your legs too weak.


"I'm sorry" emerges from your lips and you squirm towards Marisa's feet and lick the substance off her shoe.

Marisa is greatly confused and backs aways.

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PSI Lifeup Ω

>> No.358526

Well, I can't stand, so I guess I'll just..


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Throw her off her feet, then punch her in the cunt.

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Now's our chance!

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You attempt to cast PSI Lifeup, but realize your in the wrong realm and thus nothing happens.

You breath in as much air as you can and release it in a high-pitched screach; unfortunately, it amounts to nothing more than a scream from a little girl.

You try to stand once again, and right you make it to your feet but falls right on your ass. Marisa has run off by now, but you suspect more will come from that scream and realize that Cirno, Daiyousei and China are still on the scene.

What do you do?

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Go back to raping China.

>> No.358627

Forgot trip.

By now your dick has grown limp and feels someone presence closing in; you still have a minute or so before they arrive.

>> No.358632

Get ye flask.

>> No.358633

Ambush the presence with FALCON PAUNCH

>> No.358636

Hide in a bush.

>> No.358638

Drag myself to China for rape

>> No.358643

The presence is an illusion. Roll to disbelieve.

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You reach into your pocket, but realize you forgot it in the other world.

Your ass still says no.

You crawl behind the nearby bush and see the three fairies and that fucking maid walk up. The fairies mourn over their lost fairy friends and Sakuya leaves China bound as she smacks her around.

Despite this, you know they will be snooping around for clues; you tremble in fear life the pussy you are.

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But they only lost one fairy friend. Daiyousei is just unconscious and dripping blood and semen.

>> No.358682

I greet them. "WHY ARE YOU WEARING A PAD?"

>> No.358683

Ignore them, attempt to raep China again.

>> No.358709

The fairies are stupid and don't actually check to see if she's actually alive.

You crawl from the bush, with your pants still down, and greet the four. They stare at you and you look towards the maid and mutter out "pads." The maid didn't hear you, but walks up in demand for Cirno and Daiyousei and praise for what you did for China.

You smile, but she draws a knife.

>> No.358715

[] Grope

>> No.358720


Attempt to impale myself on knife.

>> No.358723

roll initiative

>> No.358725

I guess I wasn't loud enough last time. "HEY MAID. WHY ARE YOU WEARING A PAD?"

>> No.358727

[X] Smear some of the shit in her shirt.

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>> No.358743

I blame China. She beat me up, raped me with a stick, killed Cirno, and told me she'd kill me if I didn't rape Daiyousei.

>> No.358754

You try to stand, but you ass pain saves you from a swift death.

See above.

You roll to the left, but the maid is not amused by you trick. Bad dog.

You attempt to yell, but luckily, your lungs are still tired from last time.

You take your left hand and smear it all over your shitty ass; you try to get some on the maid, but fall short.

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This is fucking awesome. A lot better than today's GM thread.

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Blame it all on China. You had to tie her up to stop her killing Daiyousei.

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>> No.358795

You take a deep breath and tell the maid that it was all China's fault and that you saw her kill Cirno and rape Daiyousei and tried to rape you with a broom so you threw some dirt in her face and tied her up with the rope Cirno was playing with.

Sakuya looks displeased, but asks why your mouth is bloody and points her knife to Cirno's half eaten arm.

>> No.358809


I was hungry.

>> No.358815

China is a fucking sadist, thats why.

>> No.358844

China made me do it

>> No.358849

You tell the maid that China forced you eat Cirno to cover up the evidence.

Disgusted by your lies, she turns around to release China from her bounds and get her story; you know you have about 30 seconds until she finds out the truth, as the three fairies just stare at the going-ons.

What do you do?

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Use a bomb.

>> No.358870

I use my amazing shitting powers to propel myself away.

>> No.358880


Begin beating China again.

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>> No.358891

You realize you don't know any spells and feel like an ass.

Your colon has been cleaned from the broom. The fairies just stare at you for the 15 seconds you have left until the truth is known.

>> No.358894

So many Chinas, but only one penis to raep tenderly with.

>> No.358899


Throw a fairy at Sakuya.

>> No.358900

Start crying, and hope they'll take pity on me.

>> No.358906

Pray to Suwako for protection

>> No.358908

[X] Genuflect

>> No.358910

play dead

>> No.358915

if you don't like the threads, don't read them. The majority of the community likes them however. Its about the only thing i have to really look forward to in the evenings.

>> No.358925

Fine, fine. Confess. And add that the miko promised me a reward for killing and tormenting youkai.

>> No.358934

Too weak.

Too stupid.

Too weak.

You begin to cry like the little bitch you are, but you doubt it will do anything.

You silently pray, but it is missed.

>> No.358950

I take advantage of my high CHA stat and attempt to talk the fairies in to aiding me.

>> No.358966

I decide to not do this and instead eat a faerie.

>> No.358970

[X] Rape the maids

>> No.358972


Throw a fairy at another fairy.

>> No.358977

Attempt to masturbate
Die with my hand on my cock.

>> No.358981

Too late for that shit.

You wait a few seconds and save that as a last resort.

You (finally) think of a better idea and order two fairies to talk to the maid and gate guard and one to come towards you; being the stupid fairies they are and believing your story, they do so.

Star and Sunny quickly go talk to the two and Sapphire comes to your aid.

>> No.358993

Impossible at this time due to various reasons.

>> No.359004


Rape Sapphire.

Why are they working at the SDM? They got enslaved?

>> No.359011

Convince Sapphire to help you escape, telling her you think Sakuya may be in on it with China.

>> No.359018

tell her that sakuya is plotting with china to hurt them too.

>> No.359022


Fairy army vs. Sakuya

>> No.359026

You try to get your penis hard, but it says no and that it's tired and you have more things to worry about.

Also, the fairies were just passing by and hear the scream.

>> No.359047

Tell her that theres an SDM scheme to enslave all the fairies because they need more maids. Cirno and Daiyousei were the most likely to pose a threat, so China was ordered to eliminate them.

>> No.359050

Get the fairies to tie up Sakuya.

>> No.359057

We need to get through this so we can stock up on some Viagra or so.

Just run away from there with help from the stupid fairies.

>> No.359060

You tell Sapphire that SDM wants all the fairies dead and she shrieks and horror. She tells Star and Sunny this and they know it's do or die. With China now free, they would do anything to protect their fairy honor, even though they don't know how to fight.

You know they'll be dead shortly and realize that your body feels just a bit better.

What do you do?

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Tell them to hold off Sakuya and China with their tricks while you run to get help.

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>> No.359070

escape into the forest

>> No.359094

You barely get yourself to your feet and run off in the opposite direction with no destination in mind. You continue to run, but your legs fail you in front of the human village.

Some people gather around and question your poor nature.

>> No.359103


Tell them you need Keine's help.

>> No.359109

Faint from anemia. Wake up in Keine's house.

>> No.359155

You yell out to get the schoolteacher and are baffled by this request. You plead with them to get Keine because she can help more than any nurse. The people listen, and run off to get her.

You wait on the ground for Keine, but some asshole decides to steal your shoes; you try to stop him, but he removes them and run off, but you're in no condition to give chase.

Keine finally comes, irritated that her class was interrupted.

what do you say?

>> No.359181


"Mokou has been kidnapped and only I know where she is, but I'll only tell you if you help me.

Also, she's not in Eientei."

>> No.359187

Keine is getting pissed by your lack of response.

>> No.359193

Tell her that Kaguya attacked you.

>> No.359244

You tell her that you were attacked by the NEET and that Mokou is missing and not in Eientei and that you came here as fast as you can to tell her this. She has a concerned look on her face, but has a few villagers carry her back to her shack.

She place you on her bed and goes to get some first aid for your wounds. What do you do in the meanwhile.

>> No.359252

Furiously fap to the thought of hot hakutaku loving.

>> No.359264

>but has a few villagers carry her back to her shack.

when did Keine get so lazy?

>> No.359270

>but has a few villagers carry her back to her shack

Boy, she sure is lazy.

I look for some food in the meanwhile.

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>> No.359331

Go to the kitchen and fry some eggs

>> No.359337

You're too tired to get it up, let alone get it back down.

You get up from the bed and slowly walk towards the kitchen. Keine spots you and you say that you need some food; she tells you to go back to bed and says that she'll prepare something once she nurses your wounds.

You do so and Keine comes in a minute later; she treats your wounds, but it hurts like hell.

You decide to talk to Keine to pass the pain; what do you say?

>> No.359361

You look nice

>> No.359388

You've got pretty eyes.

>> No.359395

Keine blushes and tends to your wounds some more.

It's still painful, so it might be best to say something else in the meanwhile.

>> No.359402

You think you saw someone from the SDM when you were being attacked, mabye, Eientei is working witht them.

She'll find out eventually, gotta meet those rumors head on.

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>> No.359417

Her cheeks grow redder and finishes. tending your wounds.

She now asks what you would like to eat.

>> No.359432

"I can smell your cunt"

>> No.359439


>> No.359451


>> No.359460


>> No.359480

Fairy mea- eggs.

>> No.359483

You tell her this before saying your order, but she just smile and pats you on the head.

You place your oder and Keine says it will be a few minutes.

You have the room to yourself and don't feel like fapping.

>> No.359505


Pray to Suwako that Mokou doesn't walk in on all this.

>> No.359516

You pray, but doubt that they were heard.

>> No.359527

[x] Pray to Giygas

>> No.359551

You pray, but don't even know how to pronounce its name let alone know that it will never be heard.

>> No.359593

Your time draws to a close and Keine returns with some eggs and a glass of milk. You eat them as Keine watches.

Once finished, she asks you if you want anything else.

>> No.359595

Wait patiently

>> No.359608


I want to know why she isn't more worried about Mokou.

>> No.359628

Well, she is immortal and has probably told Keine not to get killed doing stupid hero stuff or whatever. Also, the NEET probably pulls stuff like this on a weekly basis.

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>> No.359645

You think she doesn't believe you and that you're just seeing things. She tells you to get some rest for now and that she'll ask questions when you awake.

She leaves the room and you get into bed; it's been a long day and you should get rest. The thread ends for now and Anon's story will resume upon awakening.

>> No.359674

Do we get to have sex with Keine?

>> No.359680

Depends, but that will have to wait until you awaken.

Now go and rest our heroes.

>> No.359688


Maybe we'll wake up bound and gagged, and get raped by Keine.

Karma for raping Daiyousei.

>> No.359703

Most anon would enjoy that.

When will you be back, NGM?

>> No.359728

Monday afternoon (around 1:30PM EST)

I'm a man of my word

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/jp/, first year.

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Also, >>364583

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Pretty disgusting.

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/a/ thread.

Saged and reported.

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