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What's it feel like, /jp/?

You know, being the shittiest board on 4chan. Does it make you feel good?

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Yes Dr. Freud. Say, I've been feeling urges to be a female slut and suck cocks/have sex all day. Is this normal?

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feels good man

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I had dreams where touhous had dicks and they fucked.

What's that about, doc?

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You secretly admire your father's penis and wish he was the little girl.

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Is Sakuya or Satori my father?

Sakuya was the one with the penis.

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I had a dream where I was being continually gangraped and I enjoyed it. It's perfectly normal.

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Your little sister has a surprise for you

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so that explains her ability to throw daggers rapidly...

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I swear, I'm turning gayer by the day...

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Unless she's grown it in the past day, I don't think so. (Little sister walking around the house naked fuck yeah!)

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There seems to be a typo.
I assume you meant /b/.
No worries though.

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God, /jp/. We're so gay.

That puts me on a different level because I'm comfortable with my sexuality, but still. I'd have rough sex with any of you.

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I would not have sex with you because you are probably a populist faggot.

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>implying that all other boards are not shitty

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You mean girls don't usually have dicks?

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