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hololive is dead

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you are dead

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holodead is live

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janny gonna be dead after drownin in a pool of my liquid shite

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Good, tell their fans to stop spamming /jp/ then

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I don't see any spam?

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That's because you are the spam.

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haha very funny

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yes, because the funniest of jokes are the accurate ones.

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I'm sorry for spamming /jp/ with Touhou thread :(

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Posting touhou on /jp/ isn't spam.
Spamming anime threads and streamers, is.

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Do you see a board exclusive to Touhou?
Now, do you see a board exclusive to vtubers?

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Actually true now. Main thread got killed by Saten spam before reaching 1500.

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Thanks for making me feel like I accomplished something tonight, anon. Unfortunately I'm having technical difficulties so the show isn't going quite how I'd hoped! I guess there's always tomorrow.

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Yeah, Touhou belongs on /v/ right? Since it's a series of video games. Maybe /vg/ as well

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Touhou belongs here unless it gets a dedicated board, same with the other shit here.
Take a moment to read the rules before you make such retarded takes. Be sure to lurk as well.

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If such a thing existed all of you vtumors would have caught leprosy by now.

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Suppose (it's all hypothetical) someone wanted to contribute to ruining every tourist's day on /jp/ - as if anyone would ever want to do that - how could one do that?
As a joke lol

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Do you know what "exclusive" means? If not, then you aren't literate enough to use 4chan. Please return to reddit.