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Hey, Anon?
Guess what.
The number of replies to WUIG?

"I am fine." She replies crisply, meeting your eyes. The unwelcome reception in her eyes is unnerving. "Follow me." She turns and heads for the stairs.

[ ] Follow

[ ] Pretend to follow, but then run for the door

[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

[ ] "Nah."

[ ] "Um. No thanks."

[ ] "Do you pad your breasts?"

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[x] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."


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[ ] Follow

>> No.356864

[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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[x] Nah.

>> No.356868

[X] Follow

>> No.356870

[x] Pretend to follow, but then run for the door

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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[x] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."
Cirno where ware you

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[X] Follow

Sakuya might kill us if we don't listen. And the amulet won't stop her. Besides, she might be taking us to the gate to kick us out.

>> No.356877

[x] Follow

The adventure continues.

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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[x] Follow

>> No.356882

[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

We're coming, China!

>> No.356883

[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

We promised, after all.

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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>> No.356887

[X] Follow

>> No.356889

[x] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

Wait for me

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

>> No.356894

[x] Follow

Don't worry, we'll visit China later. If Sakuya wants us to follow her, it must be something important.

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[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

Anonymous keeps his word, no matter what.

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[x] Follow

>> No.356897

[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

>> No.356899

[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."
Fuck, I hope this doesn't incriminate Meiling.

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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I don't like your threads anymore

>> No.356904

Forgot my [X]

>> No.356906

[X] Follow

...but ask where she's taking us.

>> No.356907

[x] Follow

>> No.356912

[x] Follow

Somehow I think disobeying her would lead to a knife in the face/

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When Sakuya tells you to do something, you better fucking do it.

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[x] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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[ ] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

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But it's true.

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[X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

>> No.356921

"Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first." WINS.

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Sakuya wants to teach us time magic, give us knives or something important. She wouldn't kill us -yet-. We need to follow her, and she probably will refuse our wish to visit Mong Heiling.

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This anon speaks truths.

[X] Follow.

>> No.356926

[x]hit the bitch in the back of the head.

>> No.356931

[x] Visit Meiling goddamnit

>> No.356933

Well, if we've had 37 threads and you get at least enough to autosage them, that's 9250 replies to YWUiG. At least.

>> No.356936

time to go visit china.

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Sakuya has time powers, she can always slow down time for whatever shit she wants to do with us. Meiling can wait.

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Wow, so it really is over nine thousand...

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First the kitchen, now you're putting a simple gate guard over her?

You guys must really not want the sakuya route, huh?

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sakuya wanted to know about our secret egg skills

>> No.356950

Hopefully, Vegeta isn't going to see this thread.

>> No.356951

I'm glad we're being assertive about something, that flan stuff was annoying.

>> No.356952

[X] Follow

>> No.356953


She is kind of a bitch.

And she pads.

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>Sakuya wants to teach us time magic, give us knives or something important

ha ha ha no

anyway, time manipulation requires the luna dial, and there's no way she'd give that up

>> No.356974

this is the most depressing shit ive seen all day'

hahahah good job *channers!

>> No.356975

Maybe if we sexed her. Which clearly isn't happening this playthrough.

>> No.356977

But stopping time and throwing eggs at your target would be awesome.

>> No.356981

God, allow us to meet up with Meiling before we get FUCKING [email protected]#@!~#@!$%#[email protected][email protected]


Bullshit. Bullshit and lies.

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Can someone link me to today's previous threads?

>> No.356989

I was hoping she would call us "Mr. Dumbass".

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Sakuya's powers don't come from the Luna Dial. They're innate, much like Reimu's HAX.

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Fuck it. We have to start narrowing down our choices before we get NICE BOATed.

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Come on, Meiling, I need more Meiling.

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>> No.357012

this is the second, first is >>355882

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>> No.357019

No, Anon summoning eggs will only be like Archer creating Kanshou and Bakuya.

Our Unlimited _____ Works will be creating an entire damned breakfast spread, but we'll have to meet anon from the future and get his arm.

>> No.357021

I, for one, look forward to letting Komachi gently guide our boat into Sikieiki's harbor.

>> No.357035

I'd guide my boat in to Eiki's harbor, if you know what I mean.

>> No.357036

>anon from the future


>> No.357040

I wonder if dying would put this into overtime, and if we stood a chance at resurrection.

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"Well, "Mr. Dumbass"," Shit, she still hasn't forgotten that. "I am afraid I must insist." Knives appear out of thin air, and Sakuya grips them tightly. "We will be proceeding to the kitchen, Mr. Dumbass. Are we clear?"

[ ] Pretend to follow... Then run for the exit

[ ] Follow meekly

[ ] "But I -promised-!"

[ ] "So, you really do wear pads, huh?"

[ ] "Long day, huh?"

[ ] "Screw you, bitch."

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Oh jesus, perfect.

>> No.357049


[x] Follow meekly

>> No.357051

[ ] "But I -promised-!"

If Remilia doesn't want us dead, Sakuya won't do shit.

>> No.357052

[x] Follow meekly

She wants us to teach her how to make eggs. So moe!

>> No.357054

[X] "But I -promised-!"

>> No.357055

Unlimited Paraphernalia Works

>> No.357056

[X] Follow meekly

>> No.357057

[x] follow

>> No.357058

[x] "Long day, huh?"

Don't hurt us, please.

>> No.357059


Also, [X] "Umm, wait, I have someone to visit first."

>> No.357060

[x] Follow meekly. Mr. Dumbass.

>> No.357061

Fuck masculinity, I don't wanna die.

[X] Follow meekly

>> No.357062

[X] Follow meekly
Bad end incoming

>> No.357063

[ ] "So, you really do wear pads, huh?"

>> No.357064

[ ] Follow meekly

>> No.357066

[X] "Long day, huh?"

Show some guts and tell her that shee needs to put more pepper onto her egs.

>> No.357067

[x] "Long day, huh?"

>> No.357068

I'd guide my bo-

no, no, that's waaaay too easy

>> No.357069


>> No.357071

[x] Follow meekly

Anon is weak and powerless

>> No.357075

[X] Follow meekly
I may love Meiling, but I ain't taking a knife in the head for her.

>> No.357076


>[ ] "Long day, huh?"



>> No.357078

[ ] "But I -promised-!"

>> No.357080

[X] "But I -promised-!"
[X] "But I -promised-!"
[X] "But I -promised-!"
[X] "But I -promised-!"
[X] "But I -promised-!"


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[X] "So, you really do wear pads, huh?"


>> No.357083

[ ] "So, you really do wear pads, huh?"

And then run like a little bitch while she's at a loss for words!

>> No.357084

Oh come on. She insults us, we insult her. WE MUST TRADE BARBS.

>> No.357085

[X] "Long day, huh?"

as a double choice follow her

>> No.357086

Follow end

>> No.357090

[x] Follow meekly

I want to run, but the bitch can freeze time.

>> No.357091

on one hand, a promise is a promise. on the other hand...

[ ] Follow meekly

>> No.357092

[ ] "But I -promised-!"

>> No.357094

[X] "But I -promised-!"

anon has no fucking backbone goddamn

>> No.357096

Told you bitches to just follow Sakuya.

[x] Follow meekly

>> No.357097

[X] "Long day, huh?"

>> No.357098

[x] "But I -promised-!"

>> No.357099

The idea that we are Kourin's human side is actually where Unlimited Egg Woks originated.

>> No.357102

And so, Anon screws over his one chance at being able to ask her that without bad end imminent.

>> No.357103


>> No.357104

Maybe she wants to have a cooking contest to see who makes superior eggs. Winning unlocks Extra mode.

>> No.357105

[X] Follow meekly.

>> No.357107

[X] Cook me if you want, but I'm a heavy smoker and flandere will vomit all over the floor after eating my intoxicated flesh.

>> No.357108

We are a human. The vampires maid is taking us into the kitchen. Vampires eat humans. You are following her into the kitchen, because you want to survive. That seems counter-intuitive.

>> No.357114

[X] Follow meekly

>> No.357117



>> No.357121

[ ] Follow meekly

>> No.357123

[ ] "Long day, huh?"

>> No.357124

Pad stopped being funny after the first time

>> No.357126

Ask her? We'll just find out for ourselves.

Also, why would you bother telling her about a promise. She respects Meiling even less than she respects us. Let's just get this over with and follow her.

>> No.357127

>teh ~ze Girl !3GqYIJ3Obs

Normally I wouldn't sage a YWUiG thread, but I'll make an exception.

>> No.357128

Who gives a shit? At least we're not dead.

>> No.357129

Anonymous you submissive pussy, you should have went to China.

>> No.357131


her day is as long as she wants it to be.

>> No.357132


EMPHASIS but it might lead to some dere

>> No.357133

.....It's possible Remilia asked her to make us breakfast, but I have a really nasty feeling we're going to be made INTO breakfast.
[X] "Long day, huh?"
Everything else will get us breakfasted or stabbed, I think.

>> No.357134

Eternal Meek is easy shit, though.

>> No.357138

But Eternal Meek is easy shit so yeah

>> No.357140

We should grab her ass and book it to the lake.

>> No.357142

Cake sure sounds delicious. I wonder what type of cake it will be.

>> No.357145

>Knives appear out of thin air
fucking Gate of Scarlet.

>> No.357146

It's over, Anonymous is finished

>> No.357147

[X] Show me your tits

>> No.357148

[ ] "So why are you wearing a pad?"

>> No.357152

Dunno if it's still morning, we spent a long time trying and failing to learn magic with Patchy.

>> No.357153


A big party with all of our friends invited, like the Lake.

>> No.357154

Unless you consider 1. Remilia and Flandre have never killed for food. At best, we're getting a Sanitized Hypodermic Needle if we are the cake. and 2. We don't even know what Sakuya's intention really is.

>> No.357159


A red one with some white sugar coating and a strange looking candle in the middle.

>> No.357162

Oh. Didn't know that. Must have been in one of the early threads.

>> No.357165


>> No.357166

No, Anonymous, YOU are the cake.

>> No.357168

bitch is going to make us clean the dishes

>> No.357172

I'd clean Sakuya's dishes, if you know what I mean.

>> No.357174


>> No.357175

bitch is going to get told to STFU if she asks anon to wash dishes.

>> No.357180


we were threatened with knives to clean dishes?

kind of anti-climatic.

>> No.357181

I wouldn't mind donating some blood to Remilia.

>> No.357186

If you know what I mean.

>> No.357187

>strange looking candle in the middle
It is a penis

>> No.357189

[ ] "Long day, huh?"

If we get turned into cake.
My ghost will haunt Sakuya for the rest of her life

>> No.357190

I wonder if Flandre can destroy the bad taste in Sakuya's cooking.

>> No.357191

She's still going to use a needle.

>> No.357192

For all we know she wants us to teach her our egg-baking skills.

>> No.357196

Sakuya attempts to kill us, but that necklace or braclet, whichever it is, keeps us safe.

>> No.357197

and then anon became fangirl yomu

>> No.357199

If she wanted to kill us she would already have done it.

>> No.357200

She didn't have any of our eggs. So, unless she asked China, Sakuya still remains ignorant of our special ability.

>> No.357203


Sakuya isn't a youkai.

>> No.357205

In after the cake is a lie.

>> No.357206

Not related, but would my follow Anons enjoy an other glorious role playing game with a Anon who shows some guts?

>> No.357207

Amulet doesn't work on ranged attacks, nor humans.

>> No.357208

Amulet only protects against melee

Projectiles would still kill us

Sakuya uses knives

>> No.357210

Sakuya isn't a youkai.

>> No.357214

I'd her eggs if you know what I mean.

>> No.357215

>role playing

Get the fuck back to gaia.

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>> No.357219

we get injected with a powerful drug that knocks us out. we end up waking up in day 5, strapped down and about to be raped by Sakuya.

>> No.357221

Too obvious, your type of troll works better in a subtle fashion.

>> No.357223

Decent end?

>> No.357224

...I, for one, approve.

>> No.357226


I do not even know what this gaia shit is.

>> No.357227


rape means it's unwanted.

do want.

>> No.357228

Is there a link with all these threads archived?

>> No.357229

You're an awful troll.

>> No.357230


>> No.357232


>> No.357234




>> No.357236

You're that anti-GM troll that claims to have come here from gaia for the role playing, aren't you?

>> No.357237


>> No.357240


Thank you for not only for YWUiG, but also for being the cause of waiting for GM threads, imitations that are on a level of great fail, being a major factor in Touhou roleplaying faggotry, and whoring yourself out as hot shit.

>> No.357255


>> No.357258

Anyone got thread 36? Wasn't around for it and the ehs folder archive doesn't have it yet.

>> No.357260

And then Meiling, Cirno, and Keine, worried about us, burst into the room and "rescue" us.

>> No.357261

Watch your Language, young man!

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I put on my robe and my wizzard hat,~ze.

But no, I do not attemp to troll GM threads.
Actually I do enjoy them, but some fags rage about my name, what I enjoy as much.

>> No.357264

And proceed to join in.

>> No.357265

Sage wont work, if you dont like this thread just hide it.

>> No.357266


/jp/ has it's own pasta now

this is a red letter day

>> No.357267



>> No.357268

That was a bit better, but it's still too obvious you're doing this to piss people off.

>> No.357270


Thank you for not only for YWUiG, but also for being the cause of so much original content, imitations that are on a level of great win, being a major factor in development of the Touhou community, and selflessly creating new content that is indeed hot shit.

>> No.357272



>> No.357277

I'm the original ze~ ze~

>> No.357278

I was thinking of that.

>> No.357282

>but some fags rage about my name
The easiest way to avoid that is to drop your name. Like everyone else.

>> No.357283


Maybe it IS a coincidence and he IS a newfag.

>> No.357287

I approve of you.

Fuck you.

>> No.357289

I'm guessing GM is already writing it up, so fuck you guys.

>> No.357290
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>it's still too obvious you're doing this to piss people off.

>some fags rage about my name, what I enjoy as much.

Well, Since she admited it, I guess that makes you captain obvious.

>> No.357295

Delicious cake.

>> No.357296
File: 22 KB, 300x300, 1206922702707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of like the new Sakuya and old Sakuya, eh.

>> No.357300

>>I'm guessing GM is already brb seven minutes max, so fuck you guys.


>> No.357302


I never claimed to be Marisa Kirisame.
I'm just a cute, flat chested, adorable magician who lives in the forest of magic and puts "~ze" at the end of her sentences, ~ze.

>> No.357304


>> No.357313

...wow, you're a really good troll.

>> No.357315

oh god i want forced anon back

>> No.357319



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...I-I'm sleepy Anonymous...

>> No.357324
File: 71 KB, 400x400, 1206922928828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sounds a lot like me ze~

Also, you're putting your tilde in the wrong position ze~

>> No.357330




>> No.357332

ξ・A・) in every field.

>> No.357335


The funny thing is that I dont not even try to troll.
But you are right, I'm a real troll prodigy if I would want threads in/jp/ to die.

>> No.357337

Ah~, I finally found someone like me, ~ze. Where are you from?

>> No.357339

What is it about YWUIG threads that brings out the motherfucking tripfags?

>> No.357340
File: 53 KB, 500x696, 1206923025028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice is my waifu. Come join us in a rousing game of YWUiG.

>> No.357344


Is this better? ~ze

>> No.357347

There's only one RPer here that I'll allow. They aren't you.

>> No.357348
File: 147 KB, 512x512, 1206923071027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to nap...

>> No.357350

Don't start that shit you'll get the thread deleted

>> No.357351

>teh ~ze Girl !3GqYIJ3Obs
just fucking go back to Gaia already.

>> No.357352


>> No.357354

>teh ~ze Girl !3GqYIJ3Obs
just fucking go back to Gaia already.

>> No.357355
File: 64 KB, 500x402, 1206923117968.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Yuka was here, it'd be a real party.

>> No.357356

The other way, ze~

>> No.357358

Fuck you, ze~

>> No.357359


>> No.357363

GM's gone again

>> No.357374


I live in TEH forest of TEH magic. ~ze

(It is located in germany.)

>> No.357378

i really understand the people that post their displeasure that these threads exist. If you don't like it then don't read it, don't click it. If you are here in the thread reading then obviously you must like something about it.

>> No.357379

you better do so, too, ze~ this thread is a goner, ze~

>> No.357381

in before "My own clone" etc.

I don't think it's that they bring them out so much as everyone and their brother posts in them, and you get a broader sampling of the /jp/ population.

Also, considering how many of /jp/'s tripfiends have Touhou-related names, they're probably going to like Touhou-related threads.

Such as YWUiG.

>> No.357384

great, we made GM become a tripfag and now look what happens

>> No.357386

This thread is now officially diagnosed with cancer.

>> No.357388
File: 103 KB, 500x706, 1206923304642.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone knows the real Forest is in Gensokyo ze~

Now fuck off before I spark your ass ze~

>> No.357390


Get out.

>> No.357391

GM, you're a good writer and all, but you're missing the persistence and the tendency towards obsession that men tend to have.

Please consider a testosterone injection for the sake of a better posts:time ratio.

>> No.357393

lolol i kno rite? do u wnt rp l8r?

>> No.357396

I enjoy these threads. I don't enjoy the gaiafags who come here and flood them, such as >>357374

>> No.357399

I love YWUiG threads. I hate the fucking Gaiafags and the majority of the annoying tripfags that it draws out. Fucking tripfags.

>> No.357400


>> No.357407


>> No.357411

>GM ... Men

oh ho, aren't you so sadly mistaken?

>> No.357413


>> No.357416

ITT reverse trolling in an attempt to shit on GM

>> No.357426

Why did you bother linking to all those quotes? That's a whole lot of clickin', little lady.

>> No.357433

So do I, I just hate ze tripfags.

>> No.357434

Clearly you don't know how Merupo works.

>> No.357435


You know portals, ~ze?


>> No.357438

yare yare daze

>> No.357448

How did this thread go from incredibly awesome to cancerous shit in such a short manner of time?

>> No.357449
File: 135 KB, 495x819, 1206923655047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're not Yukarin ze~

>> No.357458


>> No.357463

GM stopped posting.

>> No.357464

More like the fucking plague to acceptable trolling.

>> No.357465


>> No.357466
File: 19 KB, 300x309, 1196868578467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


She was bored, ~ze.

>> No.357473

teh ~ze Girl !3GqYIJ3Obs

>> No.357476

Thread ruined by tripfaggotry.

>> No.357481

Lucky that it's autosaging, eh?

>> No.357489


But seriously, I can't imagine what it must be like to be so unlikeable that the only choice left is to pretend you're awful on purpose and that it's fun to be hated. Or maybe that's all you've ever experienced, so you can't even tell?

>> No.357496


Every new GM post should start a new thread to allow the users of this board to enjoy factual and argumentative discusion, ~ze.

>> No.357497

Wow two choices per thread, moot must be fucking raking it in with the adds.

>> No.357502


I do not troll on purpose, it just happens when people see my name.

>> No.357515

Go away Schala

>> No.357530

Just change your name, you hateful fucking queer.

>> No.357555


>> No.357560

Your name just makes it a lot easier for people to tell you're a douche, and to remember all your douchebaggery. You could at least try to hide it. Don't you have any sense of shame?

>> No.357567


I am a former Anon, you know, ~ze?

>> No.357579

Ain't being anon great?
Still hate you. Just be anonymous like the rest of us until you learn not to be fucking annoying.

>> No.357585

The most effective troll I've seen in a long time. Kudos.

I would sage this thread, but it's autosaging anyways.

>> No.357600

Then go back. Embrace the freedom from reputation. Let each post you make be judged on its own merits.

>> No.357613


Dude, its 2.55 a.m. and I have to attend college today.
Why the hell shall I stop reacting to your unecessary insults?
I DO NOT WANT to troll threads, but if Anon keeps talink bout stuff like "gaia" nobody knows what the fuck it is, it is your own fault.

>> No.357648


>>Dude, its 2.55 a.m. and I have to attend college today


>>community college

>>medical office assistant

>> No.357671


Not really, here in germany we attend school up to our middle 20s to make our "A-Levels" (at least we are told that this degree is called that).

It is necessary to study at an university.

>> No.357687

So is nothing else going to happen?

>> No.357692

>but if Anon keeps talink bout stuff like "gaia" nobody knows what the fuck it is
What. The fuck.
Could you BE any more obvious?
If you've been here even a DAY you would know what gaia is.
If you paid attention to the LINKS IN THE PREVIOUS THREAD, you'd know what gaia is.
Seriously. Obvious troll is fucking obvious.

did some anti-GM troll tell gaia or animesuki or whatever about these threads hoping to bring in shit like this guy?

>> No.357708

So, 4pm tomorrow?

>> No.357716


What is so bad about animesuki? I download my animu there (even if I do nothing else there though).

And I have visited the link to the gaia stuff, but I only saw the frontpage and realized it has to be a forum or chatroom or such.
But the banner looked kind of gay, so I did not look deeper into it.

>> No.357765
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enough already

>> No.357817


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