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You cannot go wrong with the Hong!

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>I haven't checked /jp/ in a while, maybe there's a China thread
>0 replies

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i just made it 15 minutes ago

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Who are you quoting 混蛋?

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Cute model!

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lazy gatekeeper whose posters are too lazy to keep her threads alive

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Need a Meiling game

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Is meiling communist? Or nationalist?

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She’s the latter

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There are a couple
Yie Ar MEIRIIIIN!! games are fighting games where meiling fights SDM/PCB/IN characters across 3 games
Tou no Kuni no Shuukaku Sai Is an Ikaruga esque-shmup with Meiling/Shizuha as a shot-type
Bomb Meirin is a Bomb King clone with Meiling
东方龙隐談 ~ Touhou Chaos of Black Loong has Sakuya/Meiling as a shot type
She is patriotic for China but she also loves Gensokyo

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She's part of the LFDP (Legs For Days Party).

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She's ojou-samaist

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I would love to sniff.

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I'm on a Hong kick after reading the Zounose doujin about the Dragon. Any other fan story recs? Can be funny or serious as it's a good read.

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Of course communist. She and Seija are planning to overthrow the evil Shrine Maiden-Gap Youkai tyranny that have ruled Gensokyo for centuries. The revoluntaries will turn the Scarlet Devil Mansion into a glorious People's Commune, execute Remilia and free tortured souls like the fortune teller.

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Meiling the clumsy chink

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meilingfags pathetic

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I want to sniff and cum on her hair.

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never really delved into doujins or fan stories much but I thought these 2 doujins were cute:

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“The Place Where I Live” by Shino (Sometimes the title is translated “The Place Where I Belong”)
“Save the Gate” by 216 and Asatsuki Dou. (It’s a comedy.)
“So Tonight I’ll Close My Eyes to It” (or”…I’ll Overlook It.”) by Kashiki Takuto. (Actually a Sakuya doujin, but Meiling is in it, and kinda bad-ass.)
“Gensokyo Post-Office” by Gensoukoumuten. (Another where Meiling isn’t the main character, but amazing when she is in the story.)
“Burning Meiling” by Asa Toshi. (A martial arts series made using MMD. You can find it on Youtube.)

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Are all chinese youkai?

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I love Meiling!

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With chinas help will we finally rid the jayp of the vtuber menace?

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wrong doesn't rhyme with hong

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Meiling Holiday

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she should have just stayed

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welp didnt see that ending comming

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it's weird to see professionals making basic mistake of "COPY THAT"

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Who’s ass is number 1 in China, Hong Meiling or Chun-Li?

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chun probably but meilings up there

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How did a Chinese girl manage to grow such a fat butt???

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She's wearing a red guard uniform

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they cannot destroy china

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Redguards you say?
Nothin’ but trouble, those sword-swishers.

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Would I be able to make out with her while she is asleep?

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I'm gonna redistribute her fat ass then

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Reread them all, many thanks anon!

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She’d probably wake up real easily being a guard and all. Then you’d have some explaining to do assuming she doesn’t just kick your butt immediately.

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i usually don't get giantess stuff but man her tits would be comfy

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Why is Daiyousei blushing?

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Because she's on a giant cute belly

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And so would her butt.

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I want to be beaten up by Meiling and then be raped by her.

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This but in the form of sexy roleplay, with her being really embarrassed and flustering out her lines

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I think more than flustering, it would be more like she finds it very hard to hit you without worrying.

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Imagine being found by her during her shift and she puts and carries you between her Hongers for the rest of the day.

That’s a good spot too.

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>and then be raped by her.
Whoa, calm down!

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Get in line buddy!

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How long is the line?

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There's about 38 people waiting right now.

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And how long will it take until it's my turn with the Hong?

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If the average vaginal sex lasts 5.4 minutes and theres 38 anons waiting to be raped then you will be honged by the Hong in approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes.

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>Excuse me, is this the line to have sex with Hong Meiling?
>Reimu: Yes, but you don't go here.
>Why not?
Reimu: Becuase this is the line to have sex with Hong Meiling. You have to first go into the line to get into the line to have sex with Hong Meiling.

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>Excuse me, is this the line to have sex with Hong Meiling?
>Reimu: Yes, but you don't go here.
>Why not?
>Reimu: Becuase this is the line to have sex with Hong Meiling. You have to first go into the line to get into the line to have sex with Hong Meiling.

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>reimu sets up a toll
She's a smart one, she knows those make a lot of money.

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That market should be regulated.

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I don't know if beaten up, but I would really like to be slapped across the face by her, really, really hard leaving me a red handprint and then get forced into a deep kiss by her. Or get judo thrown by her in the floor, then grabbed by the collar, she draws her fist back and threatens to cave in my face unless I start to kiss her abs right now. Get punched in the gut and then surprise kissed as I gasp for air would be nice too.

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Thanks for the boner

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cute meiling > muscle meiling

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Getting rough handled by her would be amazing in its own right. Like imagine she grabs you by both arms and slams you against a wall. And while you’re try and failing to break free from their strong grapple, she leans forward and gives you a deep kiss. Maybe even a quick love bite to the neck or shoulder before she lets you drop in a heap at her feet.

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I want her to sit on my face and fart.

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How would Meiling react after reading this thread full of weirdos jerking off to her?

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She's posted in this very thread!

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I don't believe you!

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"Haaa... there sure are alot of weird people here, aren't there? But... I don't dislike it... ehehehe...."

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Dear Hong Hong, your clothes can barely hold your honk honks so please buy new clothes.

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The Hong loves the lewd comments!

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Sakuya still left her a cup of tea
Bless her

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The Hong is too lewd.

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*ruins your parade*

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Bump for the Hong!

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the "toxin" is actually meiling's feet smell

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I need more lore on meiling's rancid feet!

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they caused the plague in the 1300s and give severe breathing problems. don't breathe in.

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That makes me really curious as to the scent, I need to smell them now!

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deep breaths

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Nothing but the deepest breaths, I want to kiss her toes while I do it too!

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File: 497 KB, 1136x1080, __hong_meiling_and_fairy_maid_touhou_drawn_by_koyubi_littlefinger1988__78074fbdc3096f19b85b892a17682fed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

foot plague spreading

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I'll gladly help spread it so long as she keeps letting me smell them!

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remember to cough near everyone so it can spread faster.

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Is there anything else I can do for extra time with her feet?

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she isn't allowed to take off her flats after training because it counts as a bioweapon

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What if I ask really nicely?

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This, but for every Touhou girl. Cute/girly Yuugi is a blessing.

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i suppose she'll be willing to poison gensokyo for a loyal slave.

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Yuugi vs Meiling: who would win?

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What would it be like to sniff her feet like that?

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it would be extremely painful

>> No.35776235

That doesn't dissuade a true servant of meiling's feet, I'm sure it's more than worth the chest pain!

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she made me smell 10 years ago and i cant still breathe good. at least the lung pain is mostly gone.

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How was the experience?

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it burns your whole respiratory tract but you get used to it. now i'm one of hong's most trustful spreaders.

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Did you ever smell them after her training again?

>> No.35776393

I'm sorry anon, it's not the answer you want to hear, but Yuugi. She's the strongest Touhou in Gensokyo in terms of raw strength. Martial arts are cool and all but Yuugi is stronger, simple as. Hell, Suika is probably stronger than Meiling.

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Pic is

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i tried a few years after but caught pneumonia. she is so mean. thanks to her we'll need masks forever.

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It's only a matter of time until everyone is infected by the foot plague and we all bow down to Meiling!

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yep. sadly it keeps changing so the vaccine is worthless. we just need to inhale. at least there have been no reported deaths. its goal is to spread so it cant kill hosts. meiling is so kind.

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I’m scared of Meiling now...

>> No.35776499

What will happen once everybody catches it?

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File: 337 KB, 1131x1280, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_kuro_suto_sukii__38a1ca3e8a5fc9d31e7bc4a67f958c2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why? she is nice

most of the population will always be gasping for breath but those who truly like meiling will get immune. it will continue to spread though.

>> No.35776578

What’s she’s been doing to all those poor people is horrible! I’m never coming out of my underground bunker now!

>> No.35776679

As long as it results in sweaty sex I am fine with the result.

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you will breathe it in eventually. i will make her throw a stocking in there. also you'll probably run out of food at some point.

>> No.35776799

Then I’ll make sure my bunker door’s are tight and my gas mask secure! I refuse to be defeeted so easily!

>> No.35776827

its harmless though and meiling likes watching everyone cough. get rid of the mask.

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File: 156 KB, 755x1000, __hong_meiling_touhou_drawn_by_houtengeki__fde4ecd929ae8fca63487bf22e605aa7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Meiling's foot scent can chew through air filters, good luck keeping it out of your system

>> No.35777039

I will never give in until my last clean breath. Bring it on Hong!

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meiling still loves you even if you won't spread her chest plague

its very strong

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Part II

>> No.35780814

where the hong booba?

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I love this doujin so much
I like that Remi and Meiling are shown to have some old history together, that's a rare thing

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>Burning Meiling
Has the Byakuren episode been released yet?