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This is a better drawn offical art of Marisa (Not fan made), compared to the shitty drawn ones in the games.

You like?

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official != ZUN

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ZUN is a perfectly fine artist, he just takes too long to draw consistently in that style to use it for portraits.

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official = ZUN

All artists approached for canon and official works were already previously touhou doujinshi artists, making them fans.

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But OP's image isn't ZUN, right?

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OP is a retard

It's official, but it's made by a fan.

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>ZUN is a perfectly fine artist

>Satori arms.

Ha ha ha. No.

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Have you seen non-game art he's done? Thought not.

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It's good, but it's not OP picture related

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Never said it was, just making an overall comment. I like his game art too, and if you don't its incredibly easy to draw worse than he does.

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Disregarding the arms the rest of Satori is fine.

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This thread is now a ZUN art dump

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The softest

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ZUN's art is a miracle of the universe.

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Don't bug me.

That's pretty NEET.

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9 lives or 9 tails?
I think someone let the cat out of the bag.

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I'm sure she's pretty Keine on what's up.

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What's up, dog?

Don't read too fast, you'll hurt your eyes.

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The Koishi is pretty darn good, and the Mystia is cute.

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I don't like it. Her giant head (and parabola chin in particular) ruins it.

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SA marisa is the cutest

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I like UFO Marisa better.

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Looks way better than colored

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Is Medicine really this tiny?

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Canon Alice with Medicine? From her bio, it seemed like being near Medicine would be fatal. Well, I suppose Alice is just using her to find out how to make an independent doll.

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PCB has the cutest Marisa, hands down.

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she "was" a doll so yeah

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"You would like to pat my head da ze?"

*Pats Marisa's head*

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I see now. ZUN has taken a liking to Wriggle, and therefore he wanted her in 12.3.

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Why is ZUN so lazy?

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how can a programmer/game developer be lazy?

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I really like this one. The art style is nice and clean, and she just looks adorable.

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gosh ZUN should make the hairstyle of Reimu and Marisa consistent with each game and not change it to short then long..or is it intended to show that Marisa and Reimu is getting older???

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PC98 ZUN art remakes are best.

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Whoa. Tenshi took a trip to MoF.

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I always thought she stole Kanako's rock pillars.

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oh god what the fuck i'm going to die

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I know what you mean, if you know what I mean...

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>kanako pillars
You fucking retard.

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I could draw better than ZUN can.

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Good. Now do the artwork for my fangame.

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Stop being such a rapist, Nitori.

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Dead and never coming back stupid Mimafags

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PC98 ZUN art > Windows ZUN art

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>Implying Mima was already dead

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Unfortunately, most of the stuff in this thread is Zun-STYLE art not by ZUN.

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How is this a problem?

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I'm glad there is at least other artists who appreciate the ZUN artstyle.
It has charm.

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Does anybody has a program that I could use to save all these awesome pictures? I used to use bwatch, but it doesn't seem to work anymore, for some reasons.

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Firefox and Down them All.
I'm not sure what you can use for Opera or Chrome though.

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OP's art is nicely rendered but that guy's proportions always creep me out a little, especially in CoLA where everyone looks 7 years old except for Rinnosuke. The only one I really like is the GoM cover because Marisa looks so ballin there.

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i still use the not4chan grab tool. its old but work wonders...

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I don't usually like to use firefox, but I have to admit that this works really well... Thank you.

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ZUN-art = best art

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