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This is my 18 year old girlfriend, her name is Yukari and she is smart and funny.

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>18 year old
Add a few zeros in there, and you'd be right.

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She is 18 years old, period

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you wish you were me

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Is she even 1000 years old? Yukari is pretty mid range for youkai nowadays.

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stop posting my waifu's photo
that's a violation of her privacy

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Yukari has no privacy
See: all those eyes in her gaps

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She’s at least 1,2000 years old

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She’s at least 1,200

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You're all wrong! Yukari-chan is only 17 years old! She has a tamigotchi and a flip-phone and everything!

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A flip-phone? That's so ten years ago! Dumb hag can't even keep up with trends!

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Tamagotchi? Now that’s a blast from the past. Does she have a Furby too?

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>18 year old
How does it feel knowing your girlfriend is practically infertile?

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It explains why Ran has no children. She's been with Yukari a long ass time.

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