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This 3D or live would have looked cooler if Niji's handling it... This static pose and static camera is so offputting

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Okite Okite

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I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

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Polka hate!

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remember when risu was popular?

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Wtf? Since when has this been a thing?

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Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo


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<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

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Roboco had sex with Choco!

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Can we please stop making threads with irrelevant Holos in the OP

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AquShio Love!

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Watame should've released these one at a time every day

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Bossu looking great

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I heard you guys spammed images in the last thread so you couldn't see homo's, is that true?

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I really liked the 3D stream, however I feel like it lacked movement.
Kuzuha would be doing backflips and shit

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Minato Aqua beri beri cute

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I miss Aqua...

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kys itoddler

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roboco reliving her rape trauma!

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Choco took someone to get a massage again?

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haha nuts

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Image RTA?

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cute rushia 3D

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But why?

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Cover is really upped their 3d tech Holy shit

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It's been 313 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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I have an immense feeling to pee in anus whenever I watch suisei.

Is that normal?

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

2 Miko streams today!
- Miko piano practice mengen https://youtu.be/SB29vkFYvjE
- The Hangover watchalong at 23JST on twitch

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the homospammer spammed images last thread...

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I love Towa!

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kino lighitng

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Was she?

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Fluffy boy.

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Sora Love!

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Honestly, Japan as a whole needs to grow out of their frankly sexist, juvenile idol culture where fans attack their female stars for associating with men because it “ruins their chance of being with them.” Here in the states we call those people creeps and shun them. Hololive and Holostars need to be working together to lift everyone up, not staying distant out of necessity.

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>3d rushia dick

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I really love this small woman !!

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>APEX yarooo
No Ina what are you doing...

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Why did Ina have to slay a fellow gook?

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The Homos...

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>homos spamming already after shitting the entire last thread

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>boss music
Suisei is getting in touch with her chuuni side

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The intro was pretty cool. Persona 5 vibes.

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So why is Roberu mk1 so bad?

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That was the best 3d reveal stream outside of coco 3d

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>ollie that doesn't smell like rotting meat

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Stop blaming others sheepfag

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Mashiro 3D is making this one look like an amateur's

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They hated him because he spoke the truth

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Fuck off connor's cum rag.

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Without the money from idolfags, you wouldn't get your 3D.

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>kitira poster is dead

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There's a term in Japanese slang called "Unicorn". What it means is basically a creepy old geezer with a pure maiden fetish who lives in his fantasy world where his seiso object of affection does not have any male interactions at all. Sadly these guys that are so withdrawn from reality also make up a lot of the Idol fanbase and simp a lot so its actually financially beneficial to go according to their fantasies causing the upper management to restrict the girls' freedom. These simps are probably living out a weird parasocial fantasy in their head where the streamer is actually their gf since he has paid her so much money already and her interacting with another male counts as NTR. Truly a sad existence, idol incel culture has to end. Fuck unicorns.

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homos actually won for once

>> No.35627485

Time to sleep

>> No.35627486

I want to suck on Rushia's dick now.

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Nah I like different cultures, keep things the way they are over there, makes the world more interesting

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This looks interesting but I miss this old hag

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>homos, ENs, and IDs are getting high quality 3Ds
what the faq meeen

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>Suisei praise and give a shoutout for her cosplayers
I hope it would increase the amount of her cosplayer out there

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I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!

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Based as fuck, idolchads I kneel.

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This but unironically. Most neets don't have a chance with a regular girl let alone their oshi.

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They copy pasted the skeleton from a girl model

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>homo coco sex

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he was probably banned for falseflagging again

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>not Reine
Fuck off with your whore

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Not hololive, fuck off

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Thread theme

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What /vt/ thread is he pulling this crap from?

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dog in 45...!!

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It’s over...

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>Here in the states
You burgers don't even know what a female is anymore.

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the only who should feel ashamed is nabi, mel is not even an artist

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The quality of the 3d goes up the later they get them.
At this rate EN will have 3d models straight out of fucking crysis

>> No.35627525

Previously i thought Iofi was just a hack, turns out Ina is just THAT good

>> No.35627527

>Ina shitting all over Uto mom

Ina daughter when

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ogey homo

>> No.35627532

>Master forgive me, but I'll have to go all out... Just this once.

>> No.35627533

Oga -> Aruran -> Temma -> Miyabi -> Izuru -> Astel
that's the order I'm guess based on that teaser

>> No.35627534

>RP streams
She knows the rule and so do I

>> No.35627535

say that again in fluent japanese and we'll think about it

>> No.35627536

but we use hololive just for that reason. to cope because real girls treat us bad.

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Yabee, Miko is planning to do that viewers room stream. 35P be ready...

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Ina looks like a generic chink illustrator

>> No.35627542

they never rescheduled that noel dx old marine kurokami girlshuba stream did they?

>> No.35627546

Mel is not even an artist but Nabi is honestly a hack.

>> No.35627548

Stop Ina! They are already dead!

>> No.35627549

Fuck off itoddler.

>> No.35627550

>fixing her design
What a retarded artist, should have drawn her that way from the start.
But eh, she is still a whore anyway.

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Who is this girl?

>> No.35627554

Man...I was looking forward to that stream.

>> No.35627558

Pathetic behavior. It's laughable.

>> No.35627559

Astel should be next if they are going by 100k order
Also I'm pretty sure friend is going to flood her panties on stream if Oga gets a 3d

>> No.35627560

I will marry this menhera.

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>> No.35627565

suck my dick first mikofags

>> No.35627566

maybe we'll start getting 3d 2.0 for the girls. I can see Flare begging to have her old outfit changed with the casual one anyway.

>> No.35627568

Good one lol.

>> No.35627569

Yagoo's pet project
the actual main branch and pillar keeping hololive afloat
the most popular foreign branch with great growth potential

>> No.35627574

Astel wants to go last.

>> No.35627576

>someone was requesting Suisei to sing heavy metal
kek it would be kino

>> No.35627578

>towa cute

>> No.35627579

I think Holostar fans are trannies.
They behave very similar.

>> No.35627580

Based Miko dabbing on homos

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>> No.35627584

That's probably on the docket, alot of the earlier 3d models look like complete ass compared to the gen5 ones

>> No.35627586

>with great growth potential
How’s Anya and Risu doing lately?

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>> No.35627589

>What did you say about my friends? Say that again to my face.

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>> No.35627592

mel's cute drawing!!!!

>> No.35627594

Next is most likely oga or aruran

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>> No.35627598

This Tetris match has been going on longer than usual

>> No.35627600

>Idoltards still coping

>> No.35627602

Catch these non-Hololive streams featuring Hololive.

>> No.35627603

gender divides and sexism in idol culture are a pain. i can understand not liking people shipping your oshi with some other idol, protectiveness and all that, but there are some people who need to learn that not every male female interaction is romantic. the boys are not defiling the girls by simply talking to and streaming with them, and it’s the same vice versa. they’re literally just playing together as friends and it’s hurting absolutely nobody

i really wish we could see more collabs between the two branches, not only because it would give holostars some well deserved exposure, but also because, well, i dont think it’s fair that they all have to worry about how fans will receive something as harmless as a collab with someone of another gender. that being said, forcing it would be bad since some may be uncomfortable doing such collabs for external reasons, but i really just wish the possibility was there and was more open to talents from both branches like it is in nijisanji

>> No.35627604

Glad to see love for the homos still is predominant in this thread. Don't give in to schizos and falseflaggers.

>> No.35627605

suzy got pumelled...

>> No.35627606

Anya had like 300 viewers during her last stream.

>> No.35627611

>the most popular foreign branch with great growth potential
IDs has potential to get big numbers but those poorfags sure as fuck wont be buying merch or send superchats above 1000 ARS

>> No.35627613

I really like this nigger elf

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>> No.35627616

Ramming my heavy metal rod inside suityan's anus

>> No.35627617

But flare’s thighs and legs in the original...

>> No.35627618

Only if smile&go hits one million views

>> No.35627619

Every branch that's not EN has its duds like Aki or Roboco but the rest of ID has super strong growth faster than the JPs.

>> No.35627620

yes, they will have to collab together again, thank god Subaru is there

>> No.35627623

20th-10th was somehow really longer on that match

>> No.35627624

Anon, your homos have fewer views than fucking NijiENs.
Your words mean nothing.

>> No.35627626

Wow she’ll humble main branch soon…

>> No.35627630

beggars at full force

>> No.35627633

Based unicorns. Would drink with them and bully whores together.

>> No.35627635

I'm not a tranny
Even if I was, there would be nothing wrong with that

>> No.35627636

The boys are fucking all your holo girls in the ass and there's NOTHING you can do about it, COPE

>> No.35627637

I know but her happiness is more important to me

>> No.35627643

Fuck off cum rag

>> No.35627644


>> No.35627646

More ZTD today, will she be a huge bitch and betray Luna?

>> No.35627650

Cocks out for suisei

>> No.35627652

I like holostars but hate EN because they promote diversity events

>> No.35627654

>he can hold object properly
Just like the talents, Cover is also grow properly.

>> No.35627655

Marine had a mention of rescheduling it in her opening screen like 6 weeks ago so yeah it's probably dead.

>> No.35627656

Flare actually said in the last 3D stream that she can't use her old model, was she also getting hit by YouTube bans?

>> No.35627657

I want to scrub Roboco's naked body with my tongue

>> No.35627658

haha it's Leona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0GMH0uPrgs

>> No.35627660

What growth? Their numbers are still garbage outside of the useless subcount. They probably have the most dead subs out of everyone.

>> No.35627662

You know Twitter is on the other tab, right?

>> No.35627663

Funny how homos posts stop and then suzy posts start

>> No.35627665

Technically true. astelbro is a tranny.

>> No.35627668

>homofags are mad

>> No.35627670

Unironically can’t wait for Oga&Friend 3d collab

>> No.35627671

>Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively about sex

>> No.35627672


>> No.35627673

Who knows, given the chance their friendship can bloom.

>> No.35627674

Idol fans are the worst, Hololive and Holostars should be allowed to collab whenever they feel like it without the fear of fan backlash. I'm not saying collabs should be forced, but if two members ever wanted to collab they should have free reign to do so.

>> No.35627677

can she lactate? thats my fetish

>> No.35627678

Can anybody here beat suisei in tetris?

>> No.35627679

Too soon.

>> No.35627680

So did the other timelines Ollie also get fingered on livestream?

>> No.35627681

>> No.35627685

>Suisei is more number than Marine.

Time has changed.

>> No.35627687

That Mel doesn't look like Mel

>> No.35627688

? You’re a bit too late to the party dumbdumb

>> No.35627690

Marine 17k
Suisei 17k

>> No.35627692

I hope you like the taste of motor oil

>> No.35627693


>> No.35627694

Ina's work suffers from what many other artists has: same face syndrome.
I mean I guess don't fix what's not broken

>> No.35627695

They do.

>> No.35627697


>> No.35627698

Come on anon, you know she used "can't" because she doesn't want to admit that she hates her original design to the public.

>> No.35627699

>subs don't matter
tick tock get ready to smoke more copium

>> No.35627700

I feel sad for the fans that think that he hololive girls dont fuck, they are normal humam not pure fairy, stop having thia stupid mindset of a simp! Your favorite idol has sex with man! Thats why i see that nijinsanj fans are a bit more mature since the girls there dont have to act like man are some kinda of alien and sex is a fairy tale that idols would never do it

>> No.35627701

I'm sad that this bitch never sang this Carpenters song.

>> No.35627702

>winning so hard
>haha mad

>> No.35627703

Beggar-anon Friend had collab with your homos all the time.
The fact that few others do is proof that few others want to.
Cope more.

>> No.35627704

thanks to miComet

>> No.35627705

Why trash items Maririn... Just run to the safe room and deposit them...

>> No.35627706

they do, dumbass

>> No.35627707

Just like Coco...

>> No.35627709

I can beat it to Suisei.

>> No.35627710

>suisei made her own album's mv bv herself

>> No.35627714

shuba too

>> No.35627716

this homobegger lol, without the scraps from the unicorns, your pathetic homo branch wouldnt even exist

>> No.35627719

And her merch! She had to reschedule today's public stream because her merch was ready and it arrived to her house today

>> No.35627720

When are they not?

>> No.35627721

Gays hate women since they will never be them. Nothing surprising here.

>> No.35627722


>> No.35627723

Holos only know Kurenai anyway.

>> No.35627727

Nabi pretty much drawn a cute face and copied it to multiple vtubers with slight differences.

>> No.35627728

Mano would love to fuck Shien

>> No.35627730

>winning so hard
>can't beat rushia's number

>> No.35627731

Nijisanji is mogging us again...

>> No.35627733

You guys are watching Friend's ttrpg stream right?

>> No.35627736

hope they reuse this room with the girls, I want to see towa on the casting couch

>> No.35627737

Trying too hard fag.

>> No.35627738


>> No.35627739

Fuck off connor's cum rag.

>> No.35627740

Aki and Matsuri were having a lesbian moment in that 3D stream, it was REALLY gay, but it was cute because both are lonely women.

>> No.35627743

I wish this was me

>> No.35627744


>> No.35627745


>> No.35627749

big oof

>doesn't even try to find out if there have been previous collabs involving hololive and holostars
is this the typical attitude of the kids/teens who are, as unfortunate as it is, a part of the viewers?
very disappointing

>> No.35627754

Should've used the grenades Sentyou.

>> No.35627755


>> No.35627756

ISIS is right about gays.

>> No.35627757

Why does Flare hate her original design so much?

>> No.35627761

I actually stopped my membership to homos because of beggars. Feels so good after.

>> No.35627762

Pic related. Wasn't able to build her in the last event.
And https://gamepress.gg/arknights/operator/jackie

>> No.35627763

I almost did but Suiseipen KO'd me

>> No.35627764


>> No.35627766

Honestly who doesn't want to fuck shien?

>> No.35627769

They do be seething

>> No.35627771

she's a prude and hates her big brown nigger tits

>> No.35627774


>> No.35627776

>Zoombie shit on the main branch after done leeching them off.

>> No.35627777

it's her job after all

>> No.35627778


>> No.35627780

Who else are prudes besides Flare, Reine and Anya?

>> No.35627781

roboco got told to get completely naked.

>> No.35627782

Matuli butt writing ...

>> No.35627783

Oh fuck human Ollie is cute

>> No.35627785


>> No.35627788

This character is so ugly. What the fuck were they thinking...

>> No.35627791

Zombiecucks are getting uppity
Reine is better than the cumrag leech Holy shit

>> No.35627794

how the fuck does this cringe whore do it
Reine is professional as fuck, she deserves it more than this whore

>> No.35627795


>> No.35627796

>Be a prude
>Love Noel's fat tits
Flare is weird

>> No.35627797

Fucking hell Suisei how did you escape that?

>> No.35627798

>Suisei taking about homos

>> No.35627800

Looking at how busy the holomen with their idol activities this months and tons of anniversaries in August. I doubt we getting it anytime soon...

>> No.35627802

towa baby

>> No.35627803

imagine the smell...

>> No.35627804

Fucking kek

>> No.35627809

suisex is making weird sex sounds again

>> No.35627810



>> No.35627811

She can't use it because she has changed the base model so many times it barely resembles the one in the latest outfit.
Other girls have old outfits with older base models too but they look the same for the most part.

>> No.35627812

The absolute state

>> No.35627815

Zombie is better as default.

>> No.35627820

How did Poru not manage to get gachikois...

>> No.35627821

gokishit can't even beat Ollie stickman when using the ultimate buff game minecraft lmao who's the leech now

>> No.35627822

She's not insecure

>> No.35627824

She loves Noel because it's Noel. Not because of her tits.

>> No.35627825

If Reine is a prude why doesn't she hide her giant tits? (I don't watch ID so please explain)

>> No.35627826


>> No.35627829

>I'll take care of the sheepposters on the right side, you take care of the left. Go!

>> No.35627831

she just reading the comment.she instantly change the topic though

>> No.35627832

nye tte nani?

>> No.35627834


>> No.35627838

is the holo lofi remix a one time thing? such a shame since it was pretty good

>> No.35627839

Suisei 21k
Subaru 20k
Marine 19k

What happened to marine???????

>> No.35627840

>Suisei was watching Shien's 3D

>> No.35627841

Some of Miko's streams plan for next week
-Grinding Monster Farm 2
-Minecraft collab with Luna
-Gartic Phone

>> No.35627842

Beggars always get excited when scraps are thrown their way.

>> No.35627843

Anon, she was talking about her 3D model, not her L2D.

>> No.35627844

Suisei loves holostar.

>> No.35627847

>is okay when Suisei does it

>> No.35627849

>homofags still triggered
No meds today huh

>> No.35627850

RE is a kuso game.

>> No.35627851


>> No.35627853

>Holo's personality does not match her model
how surprising

>> No.35627855

Unrealistically thin.

>> No.35627858

Good one.

>> No.35627859


>> No.35627860

Oh it was Minecraft.

>> No.35627862

go back trannie

>> No.35627863

She is trash.

>> No.35627865


>> No.35627867

She had collabs with males before

>> No.35627869

Mashiro is cool.

>> No.35627870

Mashiro is too damn good

>> No.35627872

These are great.

>> No.35627874

i'll tell you what happened. nikisei is the strongest generation.
ignore the rabbit, i don't have any other subaru pics

>> No.35627878

*does nothing as the homos die of starvation since they can't afford to feed themselves*

>> No.35627879

otsumiko fags!

>> No.35627880

Ahh it's the retard that too stupid to watch streams... Gonna parrot what you read from this thread again?

>> No.35627881

no suisei, crestoria suck

>> No.35627884

>Suisei talking about tales again
permission when.....

>> No.35627889

Suisei being a whore is nothing new.

>> No.35627890

why don't you ignore the homos and go watch streams?

>> No.35627894

Well, his friend Polka already emptied his fridge

>> No.35627897

Nabi gets paid to draw, right?

>> No.35627898

>-Gartic Phone

>> No.35627901

What the FUCK are you talking about?

>> No.35627902

>The next 3D will be this good.

>> No.35627903


>> No.35627904

Pretty much this

>> No.35627905

>now they're spamming nijihomo

>> No.35627906



>> No.35627907

Shockingly yes.

>> No.35627908

Roboco's naked butt...

>> No.35627912

Suisei is not a whore.

>> No.35627913

Pray for Watame to have energy to stream today

>> No.35627917

This, but unironically.

>> No.35627920

Marine gameplay is boring to watch.
She is not interested playing TVgame as much as others.

>> No.35627921

>giving Cover any ad money by watching streams
rumao rumao roru

>> No.35627923

look at them go

>> No.35627925

Honestly she is one of the best streamer.

>> No.35627929

yes, cry more

>> No.35627931

Suisei is so fucking SEXY AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.35627933

Watching too many RE is getting too boring for me

>> No.35627937


>> No.35627941

Holy shit, 1k difference
Marine career is over!

>> No.35627942

RE is burned out already

>> No.35627943

Glad I don't have Epilepsy, too many bright colors flashing.

>> No.35627944

Marine is graduating

>> No.35627945

When will Marine get a decent outfit?

>> No.35627948

Nabi drinking her own pee from a straw

>> No.35627949

Rikka ossan...

>> No.35627950

We were talking about her twitter, where she said the Marine free concert with all gen 3 having her using her 3D model was a one time deal and she can't use it anymore moving forward because of "reasons".

>> No.35627951


>> No.35627953

Puzzle time.

>> No.35627955

Why can't Ina stop mogging everyone

>> No.35627958

Shien got the same modeller as Roberu and Lamy

>> No.35627959


>> No.35627960

Any link for the character illust?

>> No.35627965

Source onegai

>> No.35627967

She seemed to hate lewd comments and told people to stop talking how hot and sexy her avatar looks. Also wasn't there some narrative that Reine is a princess or some shit? I dunno if that turned out to be true, but if it is it makes sense for a pampered rich girl to be disgusted by it.

>> No.35627968

>it's not even the same day
the brain damage on this lad

>> No.35627970

i hope she quits and start a career in jav

>> No.35627971

what's funnier is how close mel and nabi are in quality in that particular image

>> No.35627972


>> No.35627974

Will the dog play this game till the end?
also Sora in 10

>> No.35627975

did bob run over this guys whole family or something?

>> No.35627976

Why Rober was so shitty

>> No.35627977

at least you try nabi

>> No.35627980

oh i hate to see chat going "chiiku no zikan" or "Can you solve this LUL" mode when hologirls play puzzle part.

>> No.35627984

yeah in the description. full indog team from illustrator, MV, and mixing.
Reine got connections

>> No.35627985

>The nerve gas worked.

>> No.35627992

yeah i'm guessing sub 10k after the first couple of streams, sorry dog

>> No.35627993

Ina's art style is so fucking generic.

>> No.35627994

>streams over your homostar 3D debut
>get more viewers as well

I love my wife.

>> No.35627995

The artist keeps it to himself.

>> No.35627996

heads up 35p, looks like prime has the theatrical cut of hangover but most places have the extended version

>> No.35627997

FBK is leaving Hololive over this tweet.

>> No.35627998

Is Nabi really this bad?
Her art looks as same as Mel but much behind to Ina.

>> No.35627999

En already got them

>> No.35628001

Maririn got it faster than I thought.

>> No.35628003

Ignore the (you) misclick

>> No.35628004

>Ollie streamed in the daytime
>Nene streamed during primetime
If anything that actually makes Ollie more impressive. She's easily matching JP holos now, won't be long before she catches up to the next tier up, the ENs.

>> No.35628008

>get more viewers as well

>> No.35628009

Well her models look all the same so read that as you will

>> No.35628010

If I was Nabi I would be embarrassed to be beaten that bad live on stream for everyone to see.

>> No.35628015

it's just the art style looking stranger in 3D. Roberu is less of a traditional anime style and that makes transitioning it to 3D much more jarring. Shien and Lamy's styles in general are much easier to transition to 3D while Roberu's would require more liberties be taken to make it work.

>> No.35628017

Yeah I can't find it

>> No.35628018

mafumafu please stop fucking my wife...

>> No.35628019

nyette nani?

>> No.35628022

Zombie talking to Sora?

>> No.35628023

It fits the song. Though I secretly hoped for some animation instead of still images of the girls given how rich Reine is already

>> No.35628024

Damn, Ina's really good.

>> No.35628025

Nabi isnt pro, more like hobbyist who takes commisions.

>> No.35628026

Ina isn't just one of the best hololive members, she's one of the best vtubers PERIOD

>> No.35628029

Polkaccio doko...

>> No.35628030

im a pro schizo

>> No.35628033

My fetish is apex addicts being (somewhat) bad at minecraft. Towa's friends/acquaintances are a goldmine lately.

>> No.35628034

Where do I even get the theatrical version anyway? Netflix also only have the unrated version

>> No.35628036


>> No.35628037

i love how Suisei call Okayu with "-chan"

>> No.35628038

imagine how lofi felt

>> No.35628039

I hope you quit and start a career in jav so Towa can banana you.

>> No.35628040

Leeched off the main branch before debut and pull a stunt with anitube which drawn even more free entertainment faggots.

>> No.35628041

>Will the dog play this game till the end?
How new?

>> No.35628042

sora in 6
korone in 16

>> No.35628043


>> No.35628044

Honorary ID Sora…

>> No.35628047


>> No.35628048

American healthcare doesnt cover mental health huh

>> No.35628051

I hope she quits after fulfilling all of her ambitions and starts a career as my wife.

>> No.35628052

You can rent it on Apple TV or Google Play.

>> No.35628053

Yep I can't tell unless she put her name if I see it. She's very good tho

>> No.35628055

Nice. I will dump Rushia and pick someone more popular if her regular number is less than 8k.

>> No.35628056

jokes on you im already unemployed

>> No.35628057

Cover fucked up rigging

>> No.35628058

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3f0CG4Ltdo Sora

>> No.35628063


>> No.35628064




>> No.35628066

>45 minutes
well not bad

>> No.35628069

You guys know that Haachama is an idol right?

>> No.35628070

Anon, getting Towas banana is good thing, dont let schizos have it.

>> No.35628072

>Purposely dying so she can watch the Ensta program in 14 mins
This fucking nerd

>> No.35628073


>> No.35628076

>> No.35628077

She's so fucking cute I just want to do it in her anus...

>> No.35628080

>> No.35628081

Her name is Kiryu Coco, and don't forget it!

>> No.35628082

Lab yu, onyo...
...wait a sec, what trickery is that?

>> No.35628085

Roboco got raped by a middle aged Korean woman...

>> No.35628089

What does suisei smell like?

>> No.35628090

Roberu's model is fine, it was just bad in the actual debut. The fixed version and the 3D stream he did with Rikka afterwards showed it wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. My only problem is the coloring on his hands are darker than the rest of the model which looks offputting, but you'd only really notice that in close up renders(which Cover ends up having someone paint over anyway)

>> No.35628091

Never fucking leaving

>> No.35628093

It doesn't matter what she is if she doesn't fucking stream.

>> No.35628094

is this the next EN Vsinger? looks kinda trashy

>> No.35628095

Is she radioactive?

>> No.35628097

She wouldn't be doing this if she didn't get so many viewers for it.

>> No.35628099

Probably just gonna watch Sora, already watched Luna ff9

>> No.35628100

I will never forget

>> No.35628101

Why are coomers so obsessed with suisei's ass?

>> No.35628102

Yes, but the fix is still below Shien in quality.

>> No.35628103


>> No.35628105

aka the defeated Locust King. Based chinks banishing her witg harrasment for 9 months.

>> No.35628109

It’s one schizo spamming

>> No.35628114

mental illnes.i fucking hate them so much.

>> No.35628116


>> No.35628117

You can't argue against the numbers, they're facts. And the facts are that Ollie owes her success to being way more entertaining and willing to break the rules which constrain other Hololive members, like Coco once did. She's pretty much poised to succeed as well as the dragon did once she matures a little more as a streamer.

>> No.35628120

is subaru near the end of this game?

>> No.35628122

Her anus is peak 10/10

>> No.35628123

>Deltafag is also a zoombie
Why is it always the same crowd? What made Hololive so attractive to these mental ill?

>> No.35628124

Fuck off with your zombie whore ESL indog.

>> No.35628126

Wow. I do not miss haachama at all

>> No.35628127

that's kinda par for the course in hololive though, tons of holo models are noticeably lower quality than others, even ones that debuted closer to each other have that problem.

>> No.35628128


>> No.35628132

Why is sora starting at 21:50?

>> No.35628134

The only decent thing she has, she's too lanky to pull off small breasts.

>> No.35628136

You're trying way too hard

>> No.35628138

It's a meme that started from a meme about Iori, who coincidentally happens to be her favourite OG [email protected]

>> No.35628139

>> No.35628140

So what shitty film is migo trying to get us to watch again?

>> No.35628144

If you can't see the parallels in their streaming style and creativity that's on you for being blind.

>> No.35628145


>> No.35628147

That film is shit kino

>> No.35628148

Miko will also do The Hangover 2 and 3 watchalongs for the upcoming weeks

>> No.35628150

Or what? You'll do something other than cry, schizo-kun?

>> No.35628152

It's an old meme but honestly, it must feel good to do it inside suisei's ass.

>> No.35628153

Yeah fuck off. Don't try to associate Coco with your whore. You don't even watch Coco's normal streams

>> No.35628156

Anya isn't a prude. Disliking big breasts doesn't make you a prude.
She actually acts pretty fucking horny all the fucking time.

>> No.35628157

The Hangover. But it's a kino though, I really want Miko to watch Superbad one day

>> No.35628158

almost time to ally or betray with the fat tit peacock

>> No.35628159

The way Sora says member thank you makes me smile

>> No.35628160

Did Paradise mention the length of todays stream?
I might need to grab stuff from store.

>> No.35628161

coco didnt spread her pussy for anitubers though?

>> No.35628162

You're not even a tatsunoko if you don't know that Coco loved Ollie and that they were best friends.

>> No.35628163

Like I said, you're tryharding in a coconut picking forum

>> No.35628165

Thread is boring now, bye

>> No.35628166

Pick your poison:
- Become FBK for a week and get wheelbarrowed
- Become Towa for an hour and get doublebarreled
- Become Lamy

>> No.35628172



>> No.35628173


>> No.35628175

I expect a long run.

>> No.35628177

She wanted to collab with Melody but management didn't let her back then, she was just ahead of her time. Ollie and EN are carrying that flag now.

>> No.35628180

read nigga read

>> No.35628183

Can't you even read?

>> No.35628191


>> No.35628192

>they were best friends

>> No.35628195


>> No.35628196

>new costume
Actually that's a good idea for the future.

>> No.35628197

so you are just another trannie beggar, got it

>> No.35628200

it's literally just Ame though?
the rest of the ENs are good at what they do but they don't do anything out of the box

>> No.35628202

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs4E3g0rwoU Korone
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3EX4KJijz4 Risu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dtz9roYfNg Reine

>> No.35628204

Where the fuck is that don't reply Luna

>> No.35628205

Now he brought up Coco vs Cover as well, such subtlety.

>> No.35628208

Expecting parrot to read.. kek

>> No.35628212

I meant in terms of collabs with other trendsetting industry personalities.

>> No.35628215

>it's going to be long
Well thank god I showered before this.

>> No.35628216

>senchou sister quit her job and is going to live with her

Gen 6 cant come fast enough.

>> No.35628217

Nah I'll just stop replying knowing that at the very least I'll never be a pathetic cuck like you. But if you keep posting at least use images, I'll be able to filter out your cumrag oshi.

>> No.35628219

This template never made sense to me. The only way a dick can cast a shadow like that is if you hold a flashlight right over it and the girl wouldn't be able to look at it.

>> No.35628220

How long is FF9 again? If you don't want to do the 10 hours speedrun for Excalibur I mean.

>> No.35628221


>> No.35628223

imagine the possibilities

>> No.35628225

She will talk about Ohtani...

>> No.35628226

>they were best friends.

>> No.35628229

I have been summoned

>> No.35628230

If you doshit oshi did it she wouldn't have even gotten 10k, don't kid yourself

>> No.35628236

Jesus christ.
Some "artists" really are beyond lazy.

>> No.35628237

I never took vaccines and Im alright

>> No.35628239

Sorry Sentyo but I want to watch the Dog...

>> No.35628241

The dog is live

>> No.35628242

can't get the coof when you don't leave your room

>> No.35628243

>> No.35628244

Dog ff9

>> No.35628245


>> No.35628246

They'll probably get one on next month

>> No.35628247

>they were best friends.

>> No.35628248

put a thin sock on your mic Risu to fix that popping sound

>> No.35628250

Pekora's induction into ryona stream?

>> No.35628253

Of 100 anons watching,
99 were impressed.

>> No.35628258

I bet Korone will only get 60 the first time.

>> No.35628260

One can hope.

>> No.35628263

Ollie is now the new Haachama.

>> No.35628264

How do you be a 35 Japanese person and have never played FF in your life?

>> No.35628265

>homos and indogs always begging
>in a thread with average 80~150 IPs

This shit will never stop being funny.

>> No.35628266

Risu is too much of a coward
she rather flaunt her hololive status among some shitty indies instead of interacting with people that can boost her presence
Moona bounced off Pekora's minecraft and hit jackpot
Iofi even though get low numbers somehow managed to make friends with a famous VA
Risu's last real traction was that phasmophobia collab with Korone but that was fucking months ago and never did anything of importance ever since
Risu was my favorite ID but now Reine does everything Risu does and more so i moved on

>> No.35628269


>> No.35628273

>How do you be a 35 Japanese person
Are you ok?

>> No.35628274

Luna got 100 on her first try, let's see how many Korosan would get.

>> No.35628275

>Marine has the most views

>> No.35628276

Thread status?

>> No.35628277

I just want to see them collabing in their house and the pure contrast of their personalities crashing.

>> No.35628278

Everyone is watching Korone, right?

>> No.35628279

I bet she will be redoing that section until she gets 100.

>> No.35628280


>> No.35628281

Being a DQchad and Baseballchad

>> No.35628284

I want to know if they have the same voice

>> No.35628288

>How do you be a 35 Japanese person
You will never be a 35 Japanese person

>> No.35628290

Never leaving btw.

>> No.35628292

How long did she plan to play this?

>> No.35628293


>> No.35628294

The place I'll return someday...

>> No.35628295

Ahhh, back when they actually made good games.

>> No.35628296

Plz don’t even joke about that. I kinda like Ollie

>> No.35628298


>> No.35628300

Do you really believe Korone never played it before?

>> No.35628301

Coco loved different chuuba.

>> No.35628302


>> No.35628310


>> No.35628311

Huh, Sora has the rewind function on

>> No.35628313


>> No.35628314

I'm going to do my reps while watching Ko'one.

>> No.35628315

We need more Red women

>> No.35628317

Reine is popping vitamins like candy

>> No.35628320

I dont really like ff9...

>> No.35628323

Shit taste

>> No.35628325

FF8 is the best.

>> No.35628326


>> No.35628327

At least 3 hours and maybe 7 or 12 if she gets into it.

>> No.35628328

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35628330

Coco actually loved this chuuba

>> No.35628331

>when you will be 35 next year

>> No.35628337

i just want suisei's ass to collab with my dick
is that too much to ask?

>> No.35628339

She has FF playthroughs on her roommate channel.

>> No.35628340

Korone is going to be talking non stop about Garnet's ass.

>> No.35628341

you ain't seen shit, we're doing pretty damn good all things considered

>> No.35628343

You need to pay up first.

>> No.35628349

These graphics were jaw dropping back when I played it 21 years ago.

>> No.35628350


>> No.35628351

I care about about Haachama.

>> No.35628352

She did it again!
How is it always happening with her?

>> No.35628356

"fried butter flavored ice cream"

>> No.35628357

FF and Xenoblade are cool and all
but when's the Xenosaga playthrough?

>> No.35628358

>about Garnet's ass

>> No.35628362

Shitty FF. Sorry Korone, this time I will pass.

>> No.35628375

Right after Xenogears.

>> No.35628376

Even Korone is talking about holostars.

>> No.35628379

I see Switch still features faithful loading times, even if the polygons are no longer jittering.

>> No.35628384


>> No.35628387

>switch load times
>15fps battles
>no remastered backgrounds
holos are so fucking retarded
imagine if they were smart enough to play on pc with mods

>> No.35628388


>> No.35628389

the fighting music is so good

>> No.35628392

>marine 20k
>subaru 25k
Is shuba the most powerful nikisei?

>> No.35628393

Guess I'll stick till the end of the evil forest

>> No.35628394

>> No.35628395


>> No.35628400

Xenogears is too much for the mind of a Holo

>> No.35628401


>> No.35628405

This is sorta good bait, bruh

>> No.35628406

Is it even possible?

>> No.35628407

they are both at 25k though?

>> No.35628409

FBK space archive from earlier

>> No.35628411

Imagine being a 35 japanese person

>> No.35628416

Me on the right

>> No.35628418

Only an anti would use this peko edits. Disgusting

>> No.35628420

If I was a 35 japanese person I would bottle and sell my 35piss

>> No.35628421

Thank you friend!

>> No.35628422

dark cloud 2 playthrough when?

>> No.35628423

yo en la izquierda

>> No.35628426

not towa, dont care

>> No.35628436

Kakage is our only hope ahhhh

>> No.35628441

It's going to be over today... finally!

>> No.35628449


>> No.35628450

Rice loli is eternal.

>> No.35628451

This is already more kino than boomer marine

>> No.35628452


>> No.35628455

Meet me at the parking lot, you nigger.

>> No.35628458

baten kaitos 100% marathon when

>> No.35628460

I'm glad the pekoschizo dissapeared from these threads. I also hope he killed himself after finally getting banned. Nobody liked him anyway

>> No.35628461


>> No.35628463

>Sora’s moving from the Ankimo house to a smaller tree house

Not like this…

>> No.35628466

fuck off bug

>> No.35628468

I'm ready to spend the night matching my rhythm with Watame!

>> No.35628471

Pochi could stand her ground against Ina

>> No.35628472

hopefully her l2d is good, I really hate that fucking nose

>> No.35628473

Is she a gacha character

>> No.35628474

She looks like she has brain problems

>> No.35628475

Oh shit, today?

>> No.35628476

Stop falseflagging as a fandead, homotard.

>> No.35628478

But there's no parking lot around here...

>> No.35628479

I hope her musics good but I probably won't be watching it

>> No.35628481

Fuck you, now I can't stop noticing it too.

>> No.35628482

Damn she looks bad

>> No.35628483

She's going to connect the tree house to Ankimo house so I guess she won't be totally moving out at least.

>> No.35628484


>> No.35628485

that face kek

>> No.35628488

Looks more like a storage and workspace. It's nice to see her working on her own projects.

>> No.35628490

Looks like an OC from /co/.

>> No.35628491

will she start with Girlfriend or Sk8r Boi?

>> No.35628492

With the reddit buff she'll be bigger than Azki probably

>> No.35628493

Kanacock in Towamanko made this...

>> No.35628496

Not Hololive. Fuck off.

>> No.35628497

>4am my time
Guess there's no sleeping tonight

>> No.35628500

>Alt. Anya is a tired Office Lady
We really are living in the dark timeline.

>> No.35628501

Her hair is too thin

>> No.35628502

I wonder if I'll recognize her, there were a few english anime singers that I was keeping track of for this specific thing.

>> No.35628503

This is why Anime girls should have the least amount of nose as possible, Marine's nose bothers the shit out of me too.

>> No.35628506

kanatowa baby...

>> No.35628510

Smoka genes.

>> No.35628511

>he doesn't know Avril Lavigne

>> No.35628514


>> No.35628516

I would unironically kneel to any Avril song.

>> No.35628519

She knew it already.
What made you think she is calling him "Vivi" before his introduction??

>> No.35628522

Devil ovum couldn't win against angel sperm...

>> No.35628524

Fucking dog just play quickly goddammit

>> No.35628527

How does she not know what a potion and ether are?

>> No.35628529

>literally pretending to be retarded for clips

>> No.35628530


>> No.35628531

Stay strong eurobro.

>> No.35628533

Bibi-tan needs to rob everyone first.

>> No.35628535

live2D is probably going to look like shit so I'm not going to get my hopes up.

>> No.35628538

I wonder if that's actually her LIve2D

>> No.35628545

I thought Bibi-tan is a girl.

>> No.35628546

People in this thread claim they never watch EN, ID or Stars, yet they recognize them.

>> No.35628547

>> No.35628548

Why is everyone write ||: ?

>> No.35628549

KanaTowa baby...

>> No.35628551


>> No.35628555

No one will ever unite hololive as she did...

>> No.35628556

Vivi is nowhere near as popular as Cloud or Lightning but it is totally a FF name you can absorb without ever touching FF9.

>> No.35628560

it's what the countdown ended with, and her only tweet before twitter locked her account because they're retarded

>> No.35628563

Zhangs already wheelbarrowing her.

>> No.35628564

That's all my smart fridges

>> No.35628567

And that's a good thing.

>> No.35628568

She couldn't unite Gen 2, though.

>> No.35628569

What is alt Reine like?

>> No.35628571

So this is the guy who sits on Towa's head, huh

>> No.35628573

Get out of the way nyegga. I want to see Sora!

>> No.35628574

If you create a trend, people will consume more easily later.

>> No.35628579

Well the design is incredibly iconic to the point where I'm pretty sure everyone would think of vivi when they think of a black mage

>> No.35628580

Lizard Kiara...

>> No.35628581

||: Caesura of Despair

>> No.35628582


>> No.35628584

>Marine was so busy thirsting over Ada she forgot Claire even existed

>> No.35628589

That fucking face jesas

>> No.35628591


>> No.35628592

Chris has a hard job ahead of him...

>> No.35628593

No way.
Vivi is just typical Blackmage in FF franchise.
without knowledge about FF9 99% of people call him BM not Vivi.

>> No.35628595

>no homos
>unite hololive

>> No.35628597

Just like Leon...

>> No.35628598

The artist is a fucking hack

>> No.35628599

>Irys is another english speaking one going for NA times
Does Cover know Europe exists? Hello?
I guess I'll just continue watching late night jp streams

>> No.35628601

I wanna cum on that incredibly large 5head

>> No.35628605

Archive exists for you.

>> No.35628607

She looks like she's going to tell me that I'm not going to make it

>> No.35628608


>> No.35628611

>A repeat barline symbol is drawn with a double barline and two dots—one above and one below—the middle line of the staff. ... If no beginning repeat symbol is written, it means you go back to the very beginning of the music and repeat from there.

>> No.35628613

You have your euro holo you just don't want her now shut the fuck up and watch vods europoor

>> No.35628614


>> No.35628615

Asking too much of Holos brains.
But the Manami from Nijisanji played gears recently and she enjoyed it. Though I havent watched all of it yet so dunno if she understood much.

>> No.35628617

>watched the new RE series
>chinese girl appears
>leon instantly asked her out

>> No.35628623

I want to watch live and spam emotes though
Also unarchived exists, as well as membership is useless unless you can watch live

>> No.35628624

you'll take your occasional ina stream and you'll like it, frenchy

>> No.35628626

why did pekora just private like 20 videos from december-january

>> No.35628627

Delinquent/Mafia member.

>> No.35628629

Motherfucker, you're right.

>> No.35628631

Watch an indie

>> No.35628633

Meru, why is there swastika in your post?

>> No.35628634

This will be disappointing.
Cant wait till she opens her mouth and her voice sounds like Towas or Flares.

>> No.35628639

>euro holo
I don't know what you're talking about
Only Ina counts, but has been pushing back her streams to 11pm-12pm since DST

>> No.35628640

Muh dick.

>> No.35628642


>> No.35628645

She said she knows him from another game, probably mobile game or something

>> No.35628647


>> No.35628648

Sora please do!

>> No.35628653

the forbidden korone kingdom hearts 2 streams...

>> No.35628654

Chat is forcing PekoMiko.

>> No.35628655


>> No.35628656

Well, they're not hololive not even the homos consider themselves part of hololive

>> No.35628663


>> No.35628665

>Woke up early due to bad diarrhea
>now I can watch Korosan live
Sometimes it all works out in the end.

>> No.35628667

Oh no she found the jump rope

>> No.35628669

Numberfagging.. Sora... you're too old for this shit.

>> No.35628670

Don’t bully Huare

>> No.35628672

here is one of her songs!

>> No.35628677

He said "ID ENGLISH is too good" not "too bad"
you should learn at least Hiragana anonchama.

>> No.35628679

Leave her alone, 800k was her goal for the year.

>> No.35628680

That's...the joke...

>> No.35628686

But they'll always be part of this thread. Right guys?

>> No.35628690

pochi is a bit worse in terms of proper anatomy but I still prefer her style

>> No.35628692

how dare you doubt my personal friend googlechama's wonderful narrative

>> No.35628696

If this is really her, then I'm massively disappointed at how thyey pick their talents.

>> No.35628697

Hahaha shut the fuck up retard.
I know for a fact the characters in FFIX are some of the least known in the series.
You barely if ever see them in spinoffs or any other side material.
Not even Zidane who is the protagonist is as well known as others like Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Cecil, Lightning, etc.

>> No.35628699

How do you people even keep track of stuff like this? Are you monitoring Holo channels 24/7?

>> No.35628702

10 on a sunday? yea not watching a stream that early..

>> No.35628704

wait.. mel can draw?

>> No.35628714

She literally said she saw him in Chocobo Racing

>> No.35628715

That's not even Hanazawa Kana singing

>> No.35628716

Some of the schizos here are of the unironical kind.

>> No.35628717

Bad bait

>> No.35628719

Please... Stream...

>> No.35628720

She’s so cute

>> No.35628721

Hololive DE, FR, ES when?

Especially French rap or EDM vtuber would be nice.

>> No.35628724


>> No.35628730

Funny cuz half those Holos were forced to record that.

>> No.35628733

Vivi is more popular than Zidane you dumb fuck. He's literally the most popular thing in the entire game.

>> No.35628737

imagine is this one has the same personality as kiara, heck maybe a tad more SJW

>> No.35628739

Sora is part of Watame kensetsu now?!

>> No.35628740

Omg no really!? I thought we were getting hanakana as a vtuber, dang

>> No.35628744

Coco wanted to see a world of HololiveES.

>> No.35628745

how can holos even compete...

>> No.35628746

>homo maxed out at 14k
I guess whoever said that the homos peaked with Roberu was right

>> No.35628752

I wonder if she's gonna get doxxed

>> No.35628753

>Ubersheep sends Sora to your door
What do you do?

>> No.35628755

There's more people talking about the IDs than Subaru or Roboco. When are you fucks gonna admit that you simply prefer the IDs?

>> No.35628756

Always knew Sora was a working class girl

>> No.35628757

Vivi is just a black mage.

>> No.35628760

Sora is with whoever can withstand the black hole of entertainment that is her on stream

>> No.35628762

Bros I’m in love

>> No.35628766

>卍 - (youth slang) awesome, hype
>hag Mel uses youth slang

>> No.35628768

Will Pekora sing Okkusenman when she reaches that stage?

>> No.35628775

>haha Sora honorary ID haha

>> No.35628776

Didn’t roberu get 17k on his 3D?

>> No.35628779

I don’t but Ollies stream today is interesting

>> No.35628781

Korone please play faster...
you're loosing viewers as you speak to every NPC,,,

>> No.35628783

Is it me or is her head kind of squashed? The top looks too small or something

>> No.35628784

Congrats bro but I think you're slightly lost.

>> No.35628786

No one will ever force the holos to record like she did...

>> No.35628788

>matsuri trying to bait out the true ollie
fucking kek

>> No.35628789

What is even your problem with the jp times i'm german and i pretty much watch all of my oshi's streams live?

>> No.35628790

If you consider shitting on zoombie is talking then yeah.

>> No.35628791

She is so cute...

>> No.35628792

I love how you didn't even try to refute. Cute.

>> No.35628793


>> No.35628795

Holo cover of Time To Attack fucking WHEN

>> No.35628796

kys itoddler

>> No.35628797

You're retarded, now take your shitty meme back to /v/

>> No.35628800

When are you simply going to understand that these threads are filled with shitposters and no people who enjoy hololive

>> No.35628802

>speak to every NPC,,,
Based and Okayu-pilled

>> No.35628803

>French rap vtuber

The best thing is that she would serve as a DZ vtuber too!

>> No.35628804


>> No.35628808

not big enough

>> No.35628811


>> No.35628817

Are you guys gonna watch it

>> No.35628818

Playing in tournaments off stream...

>> No.35628819

Wrong thread /r9k/fag

>> No.35628820

He didn't even provide any proof.

>> No.35628823

why don't tokyo ghoul's fujo fans watch holo homos?

>> No.35628825


>> No.35628826

>> No.35628828

Nah. Maybe I'll watch the highlights later.

>> No.35628830

Last time i saw anons here enjoy something was literally shiens 3d debut.
So i guess the homosplit and these threads becoming shit have a link

>> No.35628835


>> No.35628836

Only if Matsuri ramps up the sluttiness.

>> No.35628838


>> No.35628839

Why don’t you go watch nijigirls?

>> No.35628840

Sounds based to me.

>> No.35628843

>I'm german
I only catch streams past 4 pm

>> No.35628845

I went to grab breakfast and the viewers are double from when I left. I was only gone like 15 minutes.

>> No.35628846

They have standards

>> No.35628849


>> No.35628852

i do sometimes but not the ones that collab with males

>> No.35628854


>> No.35628856


>> No.35628859

Are you going to start spamming now or are you going to samefag a little more?
Homofags are part of that group of shitposters, I don't care about how much you hate women, fuck off

>> No.35628860

I just want to watch real gameplay.

>> No.35628863


>> No.35628864

uwaah... what a loser

>> No.35628866

Oh yes, the mythical pure nijis

>> No.35628868

NHK recently held a poll to find the most popular FF games and characters in Japan. FFIX was voted fourth best game, Vivi was voted fourth best character.

>> No.35628871

This is the sand-zatsudan meta.

>> No.35628872


>> No.35628873

So why did Towa bifurcate her tongue? Does it give an advantage when singing?

>> No.35628875

Case in point

>> No.35628880

this APEX addict is completely hopeless...

>> No.35628881


>> No.35628882

>Making things up again

>> No.35628884


>> No.35628892

Sora should secretly redebut as Gen6

>> No.35628893

You could probably actually count how many Vtubers are Sora's senoir

>> No.35628896

It worked for Kaguya Luna.

>> No.35628902

There's some that hardly collab with males, but yeah technically no one is safe because of their big corporate collab

>> No.35628906

Senchou just slapped her tits, what the fuck?

>> No.35628908

Even she collabed with Kuzuha and his boyfriend at least once, probably much more if you count the concerts.

>> No.35628909

>You could probably actually count
Not really.

>> No.35628910

>maybe we'll start getting 3d 2.0 for the girls.

>> No.35628913

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AvDZ8dt4sk Fubuki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NytFlTXOMdk Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJaiBGMVAYc Flare
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Ckv1Z5v8E Anya

>> No.35628914

>hags playing minecraft
>hanging around desert
>always can say that the sand isn't from their barren aging vaginas and was just there to begin with

>> No.35628917

It's advantageous for cleaning the smegma out from under my foreskin.

>> No.35628920

Who would there be? Akari, Hinata? anyone else I'm missing who isn't super obscure?

>> No.35628921

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AvDZ8dt4sk Fubuki Men's limited
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NytFlTXOMdk Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJaiBGMVAYc Flare

>> No.35628922

triple triad was better

>> No.35628923

>> No.35628924

I mean, that Shion model they used for the curry meshi promo looks way better than her actual model

>> No.35628925

Hurega is also men only.

>> No.35628928

> korone found the card game
Well that's a wrap

>> No.35628929

I loved Triple Triad and hated Tetra Master. What went wrong?

>> No.35628932


>> No.35628935


>> No.35628936


>> No.35628937

I spoke to every NPC when I was a kid.
Now I mostly just rush through rpgs...

>> No.35628940

Miko's The Hangover watchalong starting soon https://www.twitch.tv/sakuramiko_hololive

>> No.35628945

RNG mechanics.
But both are shit card mini-games though.

>> No.35628948

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlGCEFEIWSg Rikka

>> No.35628950

Sora debuted Sept. 2017, she was before most of those.

>> No.35628953

She just thinks it's cute (and she's right).

>> No.35628955

They decided to make this game the exact opposite of FF8. So the gameplay, story and characters are great, but the card game is kinda meh.

>> No.35628956

>been wanting a Holo to get into corpse party
>its fucking Flare, and its just her watching the anime

Fucking play the games you fucking whores

>> No.35628958

That kid is strong. It must be hard to carry a ladder while climbing another ladder

>> No.35628968

Wrong thread

>> No.35628969

>> No.35628977

She probably already did

>> No.35628978


>> No.35628988

So does it sound like Korone played the game before?
I had some suspicion that Luna did, but Korone must have played it for sure considering she had a gaming channel full of jrpg videos.

>> No.35628995

The chicken is afraid of lger

>> No.35628996

WTF is this intro migo?!?!?!?!?!


>> No.35629001

I don't know, but that term 'umarete hajimete' seems too strong.

>> No.35629002

Miko starting! https://www.twitch.tv/sakuramiko_hololive

>> No.35629004


>> No.35629005

Nah, it's the right thread. If IDs are allowed, so are the stars.

>> No.35629008

Luna literally didn't even hide she did...
Korone said it's her 1st playthrough

>> No.35629010

>> No.35629015


>> No.35629019

>> No.35629023

this one is so good though

>> No.35629024

Menhera bear is live for those interested

>> No.35629025

I think she mentioned watching her dad play it

>> No.35629032

Feel My Blade is the best battle theme in any Final Fantasy game and it is used only once.

>> No.35629034

gaper bitch

>> No.35629036


>> No.35629042

She was talking about 8.

>> No.35629046

>BeyondTheSummit2 200k
bros how can we even compete

>> No.35629047


>> No.35629049

Towa and her boyfriend are into some weird shit

>> No.35629050

>on "vacation"
>plays APEX tournaments with males off stream

>> No.35629051

Towa is flirting with men offstream again...

>> No.35629052

>best battle theme
>not Rose of May

>> No.35629054

He's not wrong.

>> No.35629059

olivia pls stay...

>> No.35629060


>> No.35629064

How much is she selling it for?

>> No.35629065

>subaru dq8 #7383
>korone ff9 #1
It's going to be another flop series, isn't it...
What went wrong? It's surreal that Korone is even a tier under Subaru right now.

>> No.35629066

Based.Dota is still alive bitch

>> No.35629070

Miko just took a giant shit

>> No.35629072

miko took a big shit

>> No.35629073

>> No.35629075

>> No.35629079


>> No.35629080

This is it. Are you ready for four more hours of はいはいはい?

>> No.35629081


>> No.35629082

Miko really is one of the bros

>> No.35629083

She is too seisho for this world.

>> No.35629085

>All of Towa's tweets are about poop and piss
Daily reminder that Towa liked some random cropped Tweeter pic of "catboy ryona pissing"

>> No.35629086

korone should started with ffiv desu

>> No.35629087


>> No.35629088

Lets make 10 posts about how Miko just took a big shit

>> No.35629089

hai hai hai

>> No.35629090

Luna got 100 on her first try...

>> No.35629091

Wait, Towa has a split tongue? Is that her avatar or her in real life?

>> No.35629092

Oh shit...

>> No.35629097

good idea

>> No.35629105

I like Olivia's timeline more than ours

>> No.35629108

Korone has only ever gotten huge numbers outside of special events when her memes went viral.
She hasn't had a new meme in over half a year so it's perfectly normal that her viewership is relatively low now.

Meanwhile Subaru was been going big with the duck memes just recently.
Of course she gets a lot more viewers right now.

>> No.35629111

>towa publicly flirts with men
i sleep
>ayame doesn't stream

>> No.35629112

Wrong life homofag

>> No.35629115

Yes, she has it in real life, just like her 20cm banana

>> No.35629116

This design is really hot. Hope it gets a live avatar or is a costume for her at some point soon

>> No.35629120

Luna already said that she played every FF until XII.

>> No.35629122

towa baby...

>> No.35629129

Haven't finished her rockman 2 stream, did Pekora mention Twitch on Monday?

>> No.35629130

Senor Paradiso...

>> No.35629131


>> No.35629134

Time to hand in your gamer badge, Chocolate Cornet

>> No.35629142


>> No.35629143


>> No.35629144

Why is Korosan moaning?

>> No.35629145

>the sword part of the game
I remember when I played this that I literally sucked at it.

>> No.35629146

>Matsuri is looking into maybe playing some Nintendo games and is looking for recommendations

>> No.35629147

Even Korone at her peak last year hasn't even broke past 100k. People doesn't give a half a shit as much as they do Subaru.

>> No.35629149

100! Korosan finally!

>> No.35629150

I'm not kitten around when I say Botan is pawsibly the cutest member of Hololive!

>> No.35629151

Vamo Alla Flamenco!

>> No.35629153

Why is Matsuri talking like a retard?

>> No.35629156


>> No.35629158


>> No.35629159

irys pogchamp

>> No.35629161

Korone moaning is hot
Fuck the new captcha

>> No.35629162

She followed Coco...

>> No.35629163

Korone got 100 out of 100 but the reward was only some gils?

>> No.35629164

Yagoo what the fuck is this?

>> No.35629167


>> No.35629168

Azki's default design looked like shit too. She just needs to sing well.

>> No.35629170

Oh shit miko's gonna watch all the hangover movies. I heard the 3rd one is really bad

>> No.35629172

>another heterochromia
notto disu shitto agein

>> No.35629176


>> No.35629178

Why would you make this then approve it and say it's ready for use?

>> No.35629179

Don't post this ever again.

>> No.35629180

If nothing else it's pretty unique.
Kinda reminds me of El Shaddai's art.

>> No.35629181

eyes look kinda lifeless, but the mouth is pretty sexy

>> No.35629182

poggers dude

>> No.35629183


>> No.35629184

Korone has literally never been a top hololive talent. She's top 10 in viewership and superchats and will never EVER break into the top 5.

>> No.35629190

Alt. Coco was elected President of the United Staes of Dragon America.

>> No.35629193

You know, give that this is Met's twitter banner, I think Towa might have some sinister goals for this tournament

>> No.35629195

It's not bad but it's not about a hangover like the other 2.

>> No.35629196


>> No.35629197

It looks alright.

>> No.35629198

Redjuice is as much of a hack as Huke. What went wrong with these niggas

>> No.35629205

Come watch Azki's teddy.

>> No.35629206

What the fuck is with that model?

>> No.35629207

Who approved this?

>> No.35629208

I like it

>> No.35629209

She's going to see some tranny cock in part 2.

>> No.35629211

>Matsuri has always wanted to tell her EOP fans about her lewd private streams that she can't do on Youtube

>> No.35629214

I like it.

>> No.35629215

Connor called and the cum rag answered.

>> No.35629220

The art is so good that it looks bad

>> No.35629221

Have to see it in motion first, it's hard to tell how it really looks with just stills.

>> No.35629223

>crying over ensta agaim
This massive nerd...

>> No.35629225

>"We finally rescheduled ShishiLamy collab! Look forward to it!"
>isn't even on Lamy's next week's schedule
This year for sure.

>> No.35629227

I REALLY hope that her VA is a niggress...

>> No.35629229

Is she the dead subs queen of hololive?

>> No.35629232


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