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Okite Okite

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This is the thread,

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FBK ojisan yo...

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I will marry this menhera.

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She retweetet that one, based.

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Lolicon friend...

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peko sex

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Is Oozora Police a new (and improved) meme review?

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Usada Begora, you're arrested!

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is towa's mama a menhera?

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My friend is a lolicon

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nene dying stream

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Suisei's gonna get caught for her crimes against Minato Aqua

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Wtf bros, you told me Pekora is not sexy at all?

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Just give Subaru an actual police hat

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If you're referring to Rurudo, yes
If you're referring to LOLO (who is not Rurudo), also yes

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I cant belive my Friend is criminal...

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infinitely better

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Towa please stream.

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Noel is mentally ill, she actually needs profesional attention and medication desperately. Unironic sociopath

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Sora where?

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Friend is the friend of gangsters and yakuza

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Lime being horny again

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Pleaae someone tell me the truth, is lolo really not rurudo?

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She changed after THAT day...

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Watch Reine and Nene's cover in 30 minutes

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Subaru is a hag lover this isn't fair.

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Monster girl thread...

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My CEO and my third worlder wife...

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fuck friend!

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don't care

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with Flare

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Kill yourself

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>faq miko

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

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I love Towa!

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hagCHADS we won again

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not aloe not hololive fuck off

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I wish I could....

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Sorry I'm going to watch pecor

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Shotalive doko...

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We need more Oozora Kensetsu members, Shishiron would look hot in a police uniform

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>one million
is it dead or alive?

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EOPs btfo again kek

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I thought she was underage?

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I cant believe Towa took a break because she was pregnant...

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Bakatare are all going to be arrested for lolicon...

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>it's ok she's streaming
I wish someone I know was streaming and ok too...

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I love Aqua.
( ^)o(^ )b

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>Criminals in police force
anon no

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>en whores
well that was expected

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double arrest

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GTAV gang
rise up

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I would like to inform everyone that pic related, with over 1.5 million subscribers, has never broke past 70k concurrent viewers. Her peak never even reached Subaru's and the latter is still inclining. How can we fix this, Koronesukis. What went wrong...

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Here she is.

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She's already somewhat affiliated and also corrupt as fuck. A uniform would be nice indeed.

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Time for the best pair in hololive

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Enter miComet

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All of Towa's siblings are dead...

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ENTER miComet kino

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Miko is so loud

>> No.35614150

>Criminals in police force
I mean, Nene is in the force already...

>> No.35614151

Can you detain a minor?

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god i wanna piss in suzy's asshole

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I can't believe migo pissed in suzy's ass...

>> No.35614157

Miko is too fucking loud

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>Matuli, Nene

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What is Miko arrested for? Earrape?

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It's been 312 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Wrong thread

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PekoMiko are best friends and talk offline everyday they don't need to stream every conversation they have you schizos

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Kill yourself

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Holos easiest to understand with reps to hardest
Subaru > Suisei > Miko

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migo bebi

>> No.35614173

Nene is behind bars already, justice has been served.

>> No.35614175

Go die chink

>> No.35614176

Subaru ruining the friendship live!

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Suisei is a cute boy

>> No.35614179

Aloe Love

>> No.35614180

kill yourself

>> No.35614181

oh shit, actual crime

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oh no mikomet...

>> No.35614186

I can feel Pekora jealously from here

>> No.35614187

I can't believe Subaru just killed miComet.

>> No.35614188

35p explain this???????????

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>> No.35614190

I love Miko Miko Miko!

>> No.35614191

well there shouldn't be more! otherwise it will just turn into a yakuza

>> No.35614192

Rurudo is Lolo. This is all a scheme to increase viewership.

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tell nips to watch her anon

>> No.35614196

Kizuna = Broken

>> No.35614197

MiComet bros its over......

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Stop replying to yourself

>> No.35614201

Suityan was begging for it! It's her fault.

>> No.35614202

Miko will have to find a new blue woman. Lamy you're next.

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>> No.35614205

Who all has appeared I just woke up.

>> No.35614206

Is this shit really gonna reach 100k?

>> No.35614207

Why do you post like this?

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>it's a EOP report
Kek, not surprised.

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This was such a funny moment.
Sasuga genius comedian.

>> No.35614215

It's not 2020 anymore...

>> No.35614216

why not

>> No.35614217

So this is why Pekora divorced Miko, which blue woman will this whore trick next?

>> No.35614219

MiComet bros??????? How do we save them?

>> No.35614221

Suityan will forgive miko

>> No.35614222

Multiple elite felonies.

>> No.35614223

So miko raping peko rrat was real?

>> No.35614224

( ^)o(^ )b

>> No.35614225

MiComet is finished after this.....

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>> No.35614229

But the police won't

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>> No.35614232

i want suisei to stalk me...

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>> No.35614236

My poor onyon...

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>> No.35614241

Akwa... poor Akwa...

>> No.35614242

they hated her because she told them the truth

>> No.35614243

miqo should be jailed for raping peco

>> No.35614244

Why would PekoMiko be in this when they haven't done anything together for a while? The reports were in relation to Micomet, please EOPs...

>> No.35614246

stop leaking the scripts, fag

>> No.35614247

MiComet is mostly popular with overseas clipfags.

>> No.35614248

Wtf Miko!?

>> No.35614249

go outside fatty

>> No.35614255

/l/ chads rise up

>> No.35614257

>ff9 luna
you going to watch it?

>> No.35614258

What does chicken have to do with this?

>> No.35614259

Yes, she's also a cunt apparently

>> No.35614260

>> No.35614261

That’s the point. They’re not out causing mischief and mayhem together anymore

>> No.35614266

Subaru really put a lot of effort into this, I'm proud.

>> No.35614267

suisei to piss in our asses...

>> No.35614268

Does ff9 get some turbo feature for battles in a remaster? Otherwise, it's gonna be painful.

>> No.35614270

Oh no... She's cute and she can't stop talking about her panties

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>> No.35614273

That's the point. They're not doing anything together anymore.

>> No.35614274


>> No.35614275

>Does ff9 get some turbo feature for battles in a remaster?
yes. why would luna use that for grinding though?

>> No.35614278

She's 21

>> No.35614279

I don't like micomet. Pekomiko has better chemistry.

>> No.35614281

Because it's either Coco being a cuck who raise the baby or ask the help from another orange woman because both Towa and Kanata didn't know english t

>> No.35614282

...why wouldn't you use it? Battles are fucking slow.

>> No.35614284

of course they do, pecola owns a twitch channel like migo

>> No.35614285

big migo

>> No.35614286

>> No.35614288

giant miko...

>> No.35614291

>> No.35614295

i meant for streaming

>> No.35614296

micomet is business partnership, it's okay if it's not close.

>> No.35614297

Alive and ready to fuxk6

>> No.35614298

one korean and one jp to give birth to an en...

>> No.35614299

Miko can't offer the kind of "chemistry" Pekora needs

>> No.35614300

Miko about to eat Suisei...

>> No.35614303

I bet Pekora is having a quickie with her boyfriend between the Subaru segment and her upcoming livestream.
It's about 20-30 minutes, but that's considered a quickie for her.

>> No.35614304

Come watch Reine and Nene's cover!

>> No.35614305


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>> No.35614307


>> No.35614308

Finally where they belong

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>> No.35614314

>Pekora calls in alone like the friendless loser she is
>MiKomet call in together and are the best part
No surprise there. MiKomet even showed up Pekora in views. Her recline is real, which is why the fake bitch is running directly to Minecraft to try and salvage the 2nd place spot on vnuma.

>> No.35614315 [SPOILER] 


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>> No.35614320

noel's body is criminal already

>> No.35614321


>> No.35614323


>> No.35614324

...why wouldn't you use it? Battles are fucking slow.

>> No.35614325


>> No.35614326

Watch out Subaru she's gonna blast her mace on your head

>> No.35614327


>> No.35614330

>> No.35614332

Premiering soon

>> No.35614333

i havent seen a holo use it
prove me wrong though

>> No.35614334


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>> No.35614337


>> No.35614338

so hot

>> No.35614340


>> No.35614343

You can't imprison Noel, she will just unga bunga the prison cell bars and escape...

>> No.35614345

Why is gen 2 so powerful when separated?

>> No.35614346


>> No.35614347


>> No.35614348

>Flare Ch. 不知火フレア ノエル・・・?

>> No.35614349

I don't get how Subaru reaches almost 100k with a totsumachi when other more popular holos can barely pass 50k with the same stream

>> No.35614350

Bakatare FFCC

>> No.35614352

Only reason Pekora even bothered interacting with Subaru is because she hasn't so much as mentioned her in almost a year. She has a collab soon so she felt she needed to pretend to be friendly with her. She'll stop interacting with her after the CM watchalong just like she always does. Is there anyone she hasn't dropped after she used them for a numbers boost?

>> No.35614356

Pekora boost.

>> No.35614357

Am I the only one who don't understand what they're saying?

>> No.35614358


>> No.35614359

That's why I asked if there's a built-in turbo feature in a remaster in the first place...
I can understand if they don't use it if it's a mod or something, but if it's a built-in feature, why wouldn't they use it? Battles are fucking slow.

>> No.35614361

The power of Nikisei

>> No.35614363

Because the content is amusing if you understood Japanese EOPbro.

>> No.35614365

>but if it's a built-in feature, why wouldn't they use it?
its a JP thing
why do you think they still make dragon quest?

>> No.35614366

Yes, we're all Japanese here

>> No.35614368


>> No.35614369

It went down when Pekora called in. Nobody likes her, it's why she was alone and really going all in the fake laughs even though she hates Subaru. Jumped to 90k when Miko showed up.

>> No.35614371

reverse totsu

>> No.35614372

Is it just me or is Subaru slurring her words a bit?

>> No.35614373

Subaru's streams are ironically one of the hardest for EOPs don't worry.
Miko should be easier for you.

>> No.35614374

The nips were waiting for this stream

>> No.35614376

>Noel uses Flare bath water to cook rice for gyuudon shop

>> No.35614377

>Ai Dee
Based nenechi and turkey

>> No.35614378

Smile & Go bathwater...

>> No.35614379

Fair point.

>> No.35614380

Hurea... Your wife is into oneshota...

>> No.35614382

Jesus christ noel

>> No.35614385


>> No.35614386

It went from 50k to 80k what are you talking about?

>> No.35614387


>> No.35614388

Sora Love!

>> No.35614394

>Korone said about playing FFIX days ago
>Meanwhile Luna said yesterday and will be playing tomorrow
Korone is literally the Todd of Hololive, always keep promising things that will never come true

>> No.35614395


>> No.35614396

That's the Pekora anti, for some reason he is back and spamming. Just don't respond to him.

>> No.35614397

What does Flare water taste like?

>> No.35614400

>replying to the pekoschizo samefaggotry

>> No.35614401

SEAsharts are getting uppity

>> No.35614402

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.35614403

Subaru police is a popular EOP and JOP meme, uniting all fans

>> No.35614406

not surprising nousagi can only watch numbers rather than streams, like oshi like fan

>> No.35614409

Her collabs have always been popular but she's also been having a big fucking incline recently. Dunno exactly why though.

>> No.35614410


>> No.35614411

woah a cover that doesn't have fucked up vocal mixing? amazing

>> No.35614412

Honestly can't tell if it's a nekko or the usual ID spammer. Might be both.

>> No.35614413


>> No.35614415

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.35614416

Stop replying to a schizo. Also it was already at 70k before Pekora showed up.

>> No.35614417


>> No.35614418

Pekorschizo, please understand him

>> No.35614419


>> No.35614420

Why is Subaru streaming over the premier?

>> No.35614421


>> No.35614422

t. 35brown

Pekora is the most popular vtuber in the world by viewers

>> No.35614425

You clearly are part of a minority, just like gays and trannnies. Oh, wait...

>> No.35614428

Reine and Nene sound very good together

>> No.35614429


>> No.35614431

fat milkers

>> No.35614432


みんなお待ちかね ぺこらっぷ
準備はできている? hurry up!

3Dも遂に登場 自己紹介をどうぞ
名前は「兎田ぺこら」ぺこ 寂しがり屋とetcetera.




おいしくないよ ぺこらのもも肉




>> No.35614433

sprite and flaming hot cheetos

>> No.35614434


>> No.35614436

This, but unironically.

>> No.35614439


>> No.35614440

(bun bun cha x N)

Everyone's long awaited, PEKO RAP!
Are the preparations done? HURRY UP!

Finally made the 3D appearance,
go ahead with the self introduction!

th' Name is Usada Pekora peko!
Feels lonely easily and ET CETERA.

A BUNNY GIRL whose a entertainer?
The spirit as an IDOL!

HIKAKIN's big brother is SEIKIN!
Its gonna get them angry!

Isn't it attractive? This BODY!
Isn't it cute? This FACE!

GIRLS & BOYS drooling all over!
Its not tasty! Pekora's thigh meat,

Please take care of even such a Pekora!
From now on as well let's carve Pekora STORY―!

(bun bun cha x N)

>> No.35614441

>> No.35614444

This Ai dee is an actual banger. Reine's mixer never disappoints

>> No.35614445

No it isn't

>> No.35614446

>blindly spam "guilty"
real smart, subatomos

>> No.35614449

meidos? can you please delete the spam in the threads?

>> No.35614450

At this rate the entire Sankisei will be behind bars...

>> No.35614452

Holy shit this is perfect for Reine's voice.

>> No.35614455

Are you fooled by a manipulative cuntAkwa or do you actually have balls?

>> No.35614457

A lot of popular translators just fucking spam her clips every single day.
Shubaclips are probably ~30% of overall clipwatchers ration.

>> No.35614459

good cover, hope my wife and indog mistress collab in a stream sometime, they're both huge dorks

>> No.35614460

>walk in
>see this
What do?

>> No.35614461


>> No.35614462

>Watame's PC is loading that much faster than the bloatware riddled pieces of junk FBK and Flare have

>> No.35614464

Furea... Tasukete...

>> No.35614467

Can't nousagis think of a more unique way of announcing that Pekora is streaming that isn't the same pekorap?

>> No.35614468

Marine Noel in the same cell
Will they be kissing or will Noel be shivving marine in the liver?

>> No.35614469

Indo milkers are the best

>> No.35614471

Why do Reine's videos always have such high production values?

>> No.35614472

Second this

>> No.35614473


>> No.35614474

I was going to listen to aidee because I liked the song but now I won't

>> No.35614476

Whoever did the mixing for the vocals in this cover should be hired by Cover, it's pretty good.

>> No.35614478

Cry more faggot

>> No.35614479

Interesting how Pekora talks about how much she loves talking to nousagi and without them she'd have no one to talk to, yet they are lucky if she streams for 2 hours, with most of that time not interacting with chat or just reading messages with money attached. Also she'd only be talking to managers or family without them, which just proves she has nothing to do with other holo members outside of streams where she can use them for a viewer boost. It's not a coincidence she didn't even say anything to Coco at the festival built for her. She just wanted those sweet leeched views by fake crying before the graduation. She's such a pathetic and mentally disturbed individual.

>> No.35614480

>fuck micomet peko

>> No.35614481

They're globalfags

>> No.35614482

and was it better than SuiFestival?

>> No.35614483

I was just thinking the same thing, the mixing on this is great, might be one of the better productions

>> No.35614484

I remember that you can make the character jump on a trampoline and see her panties

>> No.35614486

shes an indog princess anon

>> No.35614488

will watame pick the onion dwarf shit?

>> No.35614489


>> No.35614490

This Ai Dee is just too good

>> No.35614491


>> No.35614492

Cover doesn't have money to hire someone like that.

>> No.35614494

Because she's a literal ojou, her family is rich as fuck, and she isn't above asking her dad to pump money into her projects.
She's like an even richer indo version of Lamy.

>> No.35614495


>> No.35614496

That was fantastic. The mixer Reine always gets to do her covers, Redshift, is great.

>> No.35614498

What a banger.

>> No.35614500

Reine’s jp singing sounds so good

>> No.35614501

You say that about every ID holo.

>> No.35614502

Translate it into Indonesian or something

>> No.35614506

Didn't she say she'd do it this Saturday?

>> No.35614507

Reine really stole the show with that one.

>> No.35614508

Enjoy your vacations

>> No.35614509

It's been a minute

>> No.35614510

PekoPaint time

>> No.35614511


>> No.35614512

we don't do that here, globalshitter/10

>> No.35614514

>Was the mixed and edited version better than the live version?

>> No.35614515

I don't know

>> No.35614516


>> No.35614517

>You say that about every ID holo.
you literally have no proof. its only reine

>> No.35614518

Because her family’s legit rich?

>> No.35614520

Here's the thing. You are 100% correct, but that's true for any holo. They're just doing it for the money. Ayame is the only legit holo, she streams when she wants to and feels like it, not for the money. She doesn't fake friendships or sadness. She doesn't call in to talk to colleagues she doesn't care about, she's the only real holo

>> No.35614525

Fuck off retards, no whores in hololive take your camslut and go back to whatever shithole spat you

>> No.35614530


>> No.35614531

Risu is the princess of the forest, Anya is the princess of my heart.

>> No.35614534

ai dee more like I KNEEL

>> No.35614535

I'm kneeling so hard right now. That was fucking fantastic. It's just perfect overall.
It's such a powerful cover but no one overpowers anyone, it's perfectly balanced. The song choice is perfect and the mixing is top tier too.

>> No.35614536

I want to be Bibi so Towa can sit on my face.

>> No.35614537

>a pathetic and mentally disturbed individual.
Anon... I think you're talking about yourself..

>> No.35614538

not big enough

>> No.35614541

Shionyo... She had the most fun doing zatsudans, talking to random ojisans online.

>> No.35614542

Her balls are showing...

>> No.35614543


>> No.35614545

Fuutan's having fun with her friends!

>> No.35614547

wtf I love Reine now?!

>> No.35614548

Asus took Fubuki's pc away...

>> No.35614551

This is my new favorite cover song it's just so good.

>> No.35614552

No Pekora is the only one that does this. She is the only holo that loves her fans.

>> No.35614554


>> No.35614557

ID? More like MY D.

>> No.35614559

ReiNene Ai(Dee) >>>>>>>>>>>> MoriSui Getcha

>> No.35614560


>> No.35614561

>flare cant read kanji

>> No.35614562

Ai dee and flos are pretty much the only 2 songs you can listen to on repeat without getting sick of it

>> No.35614564

Pekora streaming from prison...

>> No.35614566

Watame is NOT a lolicon!

>> No.35614567

you forgot adtruck

>> No.35614568

Flare love, finally a JP holo I can relate...

>> No.35614569

Maybe I was wrong about Indonesians. I fucking love them and their fat brown milkers now

>> No.35614573

Not a big achievement.
Getcha is actually horrible song.

>> No.35614574


>> No.35614575

I never listen the original yonkisei song 'cause it made me sad, it's ok?

>> No.35614577

Like in everywhere else rich people are the best.
Mooners and Reine are the only good IDs.

>> No.35614578

It really is. I didn't expect it to be THIS good should have not doubted Reine when it comes with covers

>> No.35614579

Isn't the Yuuku race just Freya from FF9?

>> No.35614582

Reine is actually one of the better singers in hololive, her king cover is even the third most popular King in hololive.
Why is holoiD full of good singers?

>> No.35614583

she met Miko at fhe office yesterday and her IQ dropped

>> No.35614584


>> No.35614590

it's alright watame's song is better

>> No.35614591

how new?

>> No.35614592

Please listen to it someday.

>> No.35614593

Pekora leeching off Sora now, and trying to invoke nostalgia in her viewers by copying Sora Mountain. She doesn't even attempt to hide the fact that she's a reclining leech. She really has no shame in how blatant she is with her disregard for others.

>> No.35614594

The mix is clean as fuck what is this magic?

>> No.35614595

Jesus fucking christ Luna

>> No.35614598

It was a good cover, but stop overreacting.

>> No.35614600

I kept telling you man, Indonesian women are the most fertile.

>> No.35614601


>> No.35614603

How was the Crystal Chronicles remaster? I know there was a shitstorm over no local co-op but that wouldn't have been an issue for me anyways, although I heard online co-op progression was kinda wack.was8t

>> No.35614605

fuck off noelschizo

>> No.35614607

Because exactly half of them are really good at singing

>> No.35614609

yab, pekora boyfriend busted

>> No.35614610

Huh I was expecting Marine to show up considering she started her stream a few hours earlier than usual, guess its just to avoid overlap

>> No.35614612

Pekora just shared a double bed with a villager...

>> No.35614613

Listen to the sheep's if you haven't. Gen 4s song is just kind of depressing.

>> No.35614614

>nousagi ask her to kill the villager

>> No.35614615

>Okay Fuutan, don't get too excited just because I'm playing a loli character. Don't start suddenly touching yourself during the collab...

>> No.35614616


>> No.35614618

>¨Pekorap deleted

>> No.35614619

Pekor's crimes alone could've taken 60 mins of the show. Shuba was being too generous to other holos whose crimes were nothing more than being hentai hags.

>> No.35614620

>Watame and Flare going out of their way to make the cutest lolis while FBK is just sitting there waiting with her minmaxed character/class pick
Just as expected

>> No.35614621

back to global

>> No.35614622

yep I was right

>> No.35614624

>Moona, Risu, and Reine
Iofi is pretty good too, and Ollie could be great with some practice, Anya though...

>> No.35614625

Leave the guy be, talking to himself is his only way of taking med.

>> No.35614630

Flare is testing how far can she push her lolicon tendencies

>> No.35614632

>dropped Miko
>dropped Botan
>dropped Flare
>dropped Noel
>dropped Rushia
>dropped Marine
>dropped Okayu
>dropped Subaru until she can get some big numbers
>dropped Coco until it was convenient to pretend to care
>will drop Luna
Pekora is definitely in the early stages of a severe mental illness. She has no empathy and sees others as numbers to be used and dropped afterwards. She has the most disgusting personality I've ever been unlucky enough to see.

>> No.35614634

Indogs are home...
Towa on break, twaaposters not posting...

>> No.35614636

Is an obvious samefag

>> No.35614639

Have you ever noticed how nobody here posts pepe and wojacks

>> No.35614640

>nobody chose the blond selkie in the white leotard
SHIT taste desu

>> No.35614642

>janny is a retard
oh wow who would've thought

>> No.35614643

She’s speedrunning hololive relationships

>> No.35614644

Всё верно, и это всё я.

>> No.35614646

Just like half this thread

>> No.35614647

Worthless spam getting deleted is a good thing, noutoddler.

>> No.35614652


>> No.35614656

How can you write being even more mentally ill than her?

>> No.35614658


>> No.35614660

Plan "ass train"... What did she mean by this?

>> No.35614662

Isn't selkie furry or something?

>> No.35614663

Why are Flare and Watame streaming over their collab with Fubuki?

>> No.35614664

That shit has no place here now fuck off.

>> No.35614668

Usada 'I haven't killed anyone... in Minecraft' Pekora

>> No.35614669

Whatever makes you sleep at night, bro.

>> No.35614670

Worse, they're gypsies.

>> No.35614674

>it's real.
rumao rumao

>> No.35614675

it can only delete, like the worthless shitstain it is

>> No.35614676

>uses Nene's mesa road
>still uses elytra

>> No.35614678

it feels like this friday streams are rather underwhelming? last friday there were too much fucking streams

>> No.35614679

Fucking based

>> No.35614680

Did it the first time I posted here and got yelled at by half the thread. I respect and admire the gatekeeping. More boards should be like this

>> No.35614682

>Flare's voice

>> No.35614683

I've been thinking about it too. Ayame does feel genuine. Not saying others aren't but Ayame feels different.

>> No.35614686


>> No.35614689

Is pekora using texture packs?

>> No.35614690

Is she building another Sora house?

>> No.35614695

Scriptwriters needed a break after Cocos month of graduation shenanigans

>> No.35614699

Remember when Pekora cried during Sayonara memories then never said anything about Coco, then during her graduation she barely said anything at all? Just more proof she didn't ever care about her and only saw her 'friend' who she forced herself to shed fake tears as a big number. Who will she move on to next? She leaves nothing but damaged relationships in her wake and everyone has to walk on eggshells around her since she's such an arrogant bitch that she'll throw a tantrum if somebody gets something she wants.

>> No.35614700

Limpdog is doing his best, stop shitting on him.

>> No.35614704

Stream tomorrow

>> No.35614708

much = uncountable
many = countable
for example:
there's too much water, there's too much air, there's too much sauce
there are too many idiots, there are too many teens, there are not many hololive streams being discussed

and it's a good thing there aren't that many holos steraming, since it means you have no excuse and you can just watch any of the 5, or just fuck off to do whatever

>> No.35614710

gayest fucking things, they should die

>> No.35614711


>> No.35614712

Pekora is talking about Towa again

>> No.35614713

My golden heart usagi

>> No.35614715


>> No.35614718

Pekora will only interact with other holos who will bow down before her as a numbers god. Pure Narcissist.

>> No.35614719

shutup noutoddler

>> No.35614721

Reminder to drink milk!

>> No.35614729

Great. Finally no more Aloe Love then.

>> No.35614732

Maybe the road should have been actually finished then, instead of being half dirt shitfest. She used the elytra in a retarded way though, should have just went above.

>> No.35614733

she's on a boat now

>> No.35614736

The Road is faster than an Elytra

>> No.35614741


>> No.35614742

nene really should've finished that road, and made it at least two lanes

>> No.35614745


>> No.35614747

And should have made it in nether

>> No.35614748

Pekora's big goal in life is to make as much money as possible before she hits age 30, then settle down with Chad/Yamato and pump out children. Also, fuck the new captcha. I got it wrong 6 times in a row wtf

>> No.35614749

>not having it filtered

>> No.35614752

Isn't mooner already did that?

>> No.35614753

You may now profess your love for Reine

>> No.35614756

One week later everyone has already forgotten about Coco.

>> No.35614757

Pekora's really going all out with the EOP pandering lately. English in streams, asking for English words to learn, going on Subaru's stream for the sole purpose of getting those EOP clips. She sees her numbers(duh) and knows they are reclining. Her content is stale and she can't think of anything else other than to pander to the lowest common denominator.
>garbage 45 minute game
>garbage 50 minute game
>day off from such rigourous schedule
She doesn't even do anything outside of streaming, yet she can't bring herself to go over 2 hours everyday. She cares so little about her fans that she won't even do 3Ds(though she's also afraid of others seeing how ugly she is irl).

>> No.35614760

>thingken bout Towa…

>> No.35614762

>> No.35614766


>> No.35614767

And that's a good thing. I spit on the Reddit dragon.

>> No.35614768

This final fantasy game looks like a kusoge, was this the one that was on GC?

>> No.35614771

Except (you)

>> No.35614773

Drink bleach Noelschizo.

>> No.35614777

Remember when she did 7 hour streams? Good times. But she has a boyfriend now (me) so she doesn't have as much time to stream

>> No.35614779

nousagibros.....pekora hasn't hit 35k yet in minecraft even AFTER Subaru's huge stream...not feeling too good right now

>> No.35614780


>> No.35614781

>> No.35614782

Youtube leeching off coco...

>> No.35614784

Pekora talked a lot with Coco after management killed her project and she had to take a small break, Coco graduating made her realize how much time she wasted isolating herself from the rest of hololive, she realized she needs to change and is trying to do just that.
I know you're a schizo but i'll reply to you because i want others to know how much of a good person Pekora is.

>> No.35614787


>> No.35614789


>> No.35614790

subaru is fucking dead

>> No.35614793

pekora bathub streams lets GOOO

>> No.35614797

Which streamer was Pekora talking about? The ecchi oneesan?

>> No.35614801


>> No.35614803

Big mikos going to sit on small suichan

>> No.35614805

They are making fun of Fubuki...

>> No.35614806

Noo this is why Twitch was a bad idea.

>> No.35614807

That didn't age well.

>> No.35614808


>> No.35614809

top whore

>> No.35614810

I love this wholesome bunny and her character arc

>> No.35614811

Fuck off noutoddler, wrong board

>> No.35614813

they should blow up the holoserver and start a fresh one.

and get rid of all that ugly coco related shit

>> No.35614817

Likely the top1 on Twitch.

>> No.35614827


>> No.35614828

The only thing you can spit on is yourself, chink

>> No.35614830

Will んなあ posting get deleted as well?

>> No.35614831

Call in the army!

>> No.35614832

RUMAO >>35614766

>> No.35614834


>> No.35614838

Of course, all off stream. The fact she never mentioned her or collabed with Coco before her graduation announcement was just a weird coincidence. She's isolated in the company because she's a terrible person. Was on NND, is now. She hasn't changed. Look how she treats Aqua just because she got a concert while Pekora didn't(not like Pekora can sing or dance anyway)
>good person
In what way? Almost no other holos mention her, and if they do it's from a story from last year since she's had nothing to do with them since then because she dropped them after she got the numbers she wanted. The reason she's trying to do more collabs now is because Coco's graduation made her realize how nobody would give a shit about her graduating. The thing is she's too stupid to realize a few one off collabs isn't enough to change her awful personality and everyone else can see that.

>> No.35614840


>> No.35614841

when the fuck are they going to play together

>> No.35614843

If you're autistic enough to spam reports and retarded janny is still here.

>> No.35614844

Stop shitposting using Hurea. She would never backstab her fellow genmate.

>> No.35614845

So is Pekorap bot officially dead?

>> No.35614847

>21 hours to go

>> No.35614849

Will it be another comedy?

>> No.35614851


>> No.35614852


>> No.35614854

If Sora wants to leech she better work her ass off to deserve it

>> No.35614856

Wheelbarrowed ;^)

>> No.35614863


>> No.35614866

y-yeah sure!

>> No.35614867

Never, but I won't share her stuff here anymore so you can laugh at her.

>> No.35614869


>> No.35614870

Watame sabotaged the game so that she would have to play.

>> No.35614872

Chinks have never been smart, please andastand

>> No.35614877

i'm sorry, but what is up with today? There is lilterally no streams after oozora police

>> No.35614878

Already happened. Meanwhile niji spam were encouraged and good luck trying to report them.

>> No.35614880

Fuck off chink.

>> No.35614881

Hololive love

>> No.35614882

wrong thread shart

>> No.35614886

Name one holomen more worthless than Kanata

>> No.35614887


>> No.35614888

If he can take off the coat it will be absolutely hilarious if they replicate the proportions from the original design.

>> No.35614890

Absolutely based.

>> No.35614891

Rummy in 20.

>> No.35614893

When Pekora joined Hololive, did she know that the roommate behind Aqua is already part of Hololive (as Aqua)?

Before you say Pekora should have easily recognized her voice: I doubt that Pekora even watched Hololive before joining Hololive. It's like when you apply for a job without doing a lot of research.

>> No.35614895


>> No.35614896


>> No.35614897


>> No.35614898


>> No.35614899

Lamy is soon.

>> No.35614900

I like the original yaoi design.

>> No.35614901


>> No.35614902

Slow day...

>> No.35614903


>> No.35614905

they're really upping the intensity in subverting this general, arent they?
why do they hate hololive JP girls and the JP branch? shouldnt EN and ID respect the JP branch who gave them a chance?
why do immigrants are almost always hateful towards the whites who give them a chance?

>> No.35614906

>Pekorap banned
>NAAA banned
>Talk about banned JP
>Spam SJWhores Aka EN allowed
The absolute state of /hlg/

>> No.35614907

Any ID or EN.

>> No.35614911

Wrong thread shart

>> No.35614915

Is pekora really so starved of ideas that she has to recreate sora mountain? no wonder nobody watches her anymore.

>> No.35614917

Really? Sora accepted the dumb ojousama greeting?

>> No.35614918

Why is this faggot now shitting on Pekora?

>> No.35614919

Gokisei doesn't count

>> No.35614922


>> No.35614923


>> No.35614928

Thanks for outing yourself as the spammer, doing a great job making sure homofags keep their awful reputation

>> No.35614930


>> No.35614932


>> No.35614934

>Talk about Watame: Allowed and encouraged

>> No.35614936


>> No.35614937

Pekora is hated on 4chan, futaba, and 5ch. She even gets tons of hate on twitter. Only EOPs think she's well liked. How new are you?

>> No.35614939

>SJWhores Aka EN

>> No.35614940

Gen 5

>> No.35614941

your oshi

>> No.35614942

Maybe Ricardo still can't move on from L*l* 's graduation.

>> No.35614943

Mr Paradise... Your level is shit.

>> No.35614944

it's literally one unhinged literal schizo, he's been at it for a while but i suspect he might have ran out of meds recently because he's really stepped it up

>> No.35614949

Was there really a need to reply to yourself three times?

>> No.35614950

Look how fucking flat she is

>> No.35614952

Stop spamming please.

>> No.35614953

It's not spam.

>> No.35614956

God that's so fucking hot.

>> No.35614957


>> No.35614958

absolutely, yes

>> No.35614960

Serious question. Why are niji males so much popular? On par with their female talents. How does Cover save holostars?

>> No.35614963

Ricardo having his scheduled meltdown.

>> No.35614965

Pov: you're miko

>> No.35614966

All me

>> No.35614967

The one that got "banned" for doing borderline porn.

>> No.35614968


>> No.35614970

Nijifags really hate her.

>> No.35614973

Well, this is /hlg/ - Hituji love general

>> No.35614979

Her design is 神

>> No.35614980

The archives exist anon, no need to play retard when everyone can see through your bullshit.

>> No.35614981


>> No.35614983

literally all me

>> No.35614984

Amouranth. Pekora likes watching her because it reminds her of how slutty she was on NND

>> No.35614985

What's the difference to the regular softporn that goes there?

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