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WARNING : Hime is about to scream loudly

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Minato Aqua is cute

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Okite Okite

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She fucking left...

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Thank you for your Service Lunaito-kun

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Imagine the piss

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Why are you like this?

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Minato Aqua is my girlfriend

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>builds a highly efficient oopa loopa breeding farm in the sky with tropical fish farm next to it and water dispensers to make it easier to feed all the oopas
>spends 10 hours trying to breed in the oopa orgy
>gets nothing
>digs holes on the ground, manually breeds and removes the oopa babies
>spends 7 hours
>is the first one to get the blew oopa
>does a 6 hour membersheep stream
>boots up minecraft
>does a blew oopa summoning ritual
>fools around for 15 minutes
>gets credit for the first blew oopa as the lucky sheep https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1413292232992382978/photo/2

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>have a sizable amount of japanese viewers in your already small viewerbase
>do a korean duolingo
extremely dumb dagger

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Hime.. is dead again

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honorary holoKR

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literal retard

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I would drink right from the source

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I'm playing xenoblade for the first time and I searched to see if there were any pekora clips about it, there's just this dude that subbed her playthrough over 49 parts. only has 2.5k subs, some nousagi are wild.

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Dagger... yet another stream with 500 viewers.... even some of the homos do better than that on average....

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Towa...where are you

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Rushia love!

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she won the lottery and still wants to be a small streamer, let her do what she wants

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with her girlfriend Flare

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she should do more meme streams like the pizza one, she was actually quite funny

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Powerful sheep.

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Luna is going to die

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Miko stream in 1.5 hours, be there 35P! https://youtu.be/JP2hpR9xXPQ

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I love Towa!

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There are a lot of great obscure clippers. You just need to know what you are looking for.

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Watame's horns remind me of those asanagi doujins about those horned sluts who go retarded from cumming too much if you hit their horns

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Hime... Don't die...

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Baby scared by baby...

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Hime what the fuck
That is just a baby

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Why is Luna looking for herself?

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Hime gets scared when she catches the baby...

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beby hold beby....

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Baby holding a baby

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I love Miko Miko Miko!!!!!

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you'd poop in your diapers if it randomly teleported to your hands.

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wobbuffet bebi...

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Hime... No...

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Hime will die

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fellow yukimin has anything big been going with lamy? i unironically took a break from watching chuubas to do other stuff and was stressed out over stupid shit i had no reason to be stressed over

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enough luna

even mio wasn't this scared

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That is a baby paradox

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Big? Lamy? There's one thing about Lamy that's REALLY big....

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why was Luna trying to kidnap a baby?

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Why not just watch Pekora's archives? It's not like they are deleted

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Luna is cute

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She is seeing a doctor for her throat

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>35 posters
We finally did it! We decline bros!

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finally a cat thread

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>Location: Philippines

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lamy please just use your real voice....

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englesh only speaker pls andastand

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Are you ready to kneel again /hlg/?

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Marine is old and busted, Miko is now Flare's girlfriend https://twitter.com/shiranuiflare/status/1413344711490752514

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Only for special occasions!

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To preserve her beauty, she must eat a baby.

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>no oujo

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I'm dumb and lazy

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at what?

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Wrong thread homofag

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It's been 312 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Why is Coco there?

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Why would you even want english subs when you can't properly understand english?

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The Joker is actually good.

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I miss Porka...

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Marine is Flare's irl girlfriend no yuribaiting bullshit, they're an actual couple

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It's always the same people I swear

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How can you even fit so much mistakes in this short sentence?

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>Levi's getting a 3D this week
>Chima most probably next

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>become rushia
>become lamy
no, i choose both

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Why is she so horny?

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I want to see the Elite Miko coffee these days, so no

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>When Luna streams, thread is good
How does this single 0 year old baby purify schizos

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You know, between gamer rage tokyo ghoul, japanese Joker, Chaika and Pedo GOD, it makes me realize that perhaps what the homos might be lacking in bizarre people. Maybe that's the key to sucess.

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Youthful hormones.

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Hololive being completely unfair is nothing new. Hard work is overrated.

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Nijisanji does not care about its talents outside the small clique of profitable ones.

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Don't they have like 3000 chubas why is it always the same fags

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The baby is going to die and piss herself with the elevator

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Miko is the little sister Flare always wanted

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Prove it.

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Wrong fucking thread nijibeggars

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Are you ready to GET SWOLE?

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Ghost is the single best thing that came out of hololive and can never be topped

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Try watching streams retard

>> No.35611926

Others are freeloaders and leeches with less than 1K views per stream, these are the only ones that matter.

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Some poor man please save choco from her loneliness.

>> No.35611928

It seems like Rindou Mikoto is the next to graduate...

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Those are the A-tier nijis, the ones who get the most popularity. I think part of Nijisanji's appeal is that a lot of their talent is very niche. There's people like Amemori Sayo (who /nijisanji/ would kill me for mentioning in this thread because they like keeping her as secret as possible) who produce very good but highly specific content. There's something for anyone in their talents.

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honestly I don't like this Lesbian Luna outfit, she should just stick with the original

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*Reflect is the single best thing that came out of hololive and can never be topped
Fix it for you

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Because all schizos are lunaitos, they're jealous that their oshi will never be popular like the holos they're shitposted about

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So exactly the same as Hololive. When was the last time Roboco got sponsored for anything?

>> No.35611942

Again, prove it.

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As a lesbian, I really like this outfit.

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Haachama deleted Red Heart

>> No.35611946

lunaito and nekko hours are the best

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Towhore is fucking dead and shes never comming back because shes a stupid whore

>> No.35611949

so like gen3, aqua and suisei?

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Faq Miko!

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Urusai nigga!

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when the baby do funni scream?

>> No.35611961

Explain this

>> No.35611963

Eleveta taimu

>> No.35611964

Is it wrong that this made my pp hard?

>> No.35611965

how did she get away with it?

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>> No.35611967

I-it's time...

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How did she bomb so hard when her genmates are the most successful ID has ever been?

>> No.35611972

Sorry, if you can't tell that's on you. Maybe try sticking by any SC reading from Marine and Flare and see just much they love each other

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wrong board nigger

>> No.35611975

nijisanjay are getting uppity again

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>> No.35611978

it has been over 40 days since ShishiRami collab and their previous one was cinderella switch

>> No.35611979

Korea (╯︵╰,)

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>> No.35611981

oh, now

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>> No.35611983

Luna has died...

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>> No.35611985

Who the fuck is she studying it for? Korean Fubuki?

>> No.35611986

hime quite literally had the most gutteral scream to this. even aqua wasn't that bad.....

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>> No.35611989

She took advice from Festival and sabotaged herself.

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>> No.35611991

I think luna fainted...

>> No.35611992

>Nene is going Elytra hunting with Shishiron
>Lamy has to go with Subaru, Flare and Marine

>> No.35611993

Alright, give me the timestamp where they said that they're girlfriends in real life, you literally can't.

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>> No.35611996

You should've seen okayu

>> No.35611997

Lamy is MariFlare's daughter now, she has more important collabs to attend

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>> No.35612002

>i wasn't surprised
>I only screamed because of the sudden sound that's all
luna KNEW it was coming and she still got scared. i really wanna give this princess a hug....

>> No.35612004

Me on the left

>> No.35612005

But Kakero already topped it.

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>> No.35612007

Luna is either terrified by horror games or laughs at their attempts to scare her.

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>> No.35612009

294 more viewers than she'd prefer. She's an anti-numberfag, if she cared she'd play minecraft or anything else

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>> No.35612011

BoNe is such a great combo.

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>> No.35612013

I wish that was me.

>> No.35612014

35browns are really brown

>> No.35612015

>Only streams weird ass games nobody has ever heard of, ever
>Weird stream ideas like fucking Korean duolingo
>Very serious personality, some might even say stuck-up
>Rarely collabs, when she does doesn't really shine
>Really laid back, doesn't really provide a lot of clippable moments
>Speaks a lot of Japanese... even though she's ID.... and even though she knows English, thus only really capturing the very specific niche JOP who wants to watch IDs demographic

>> No.35612016

>hime quite literally had the most gutteral scream to this
No, that's Okayu.

>> No.35612017

Where is Sanbaka?

>> No.35612018

And she is about to sing in an hour and forty five minutes

>> No.35612019

make it 残念です。 ね、ラミィちゃん

>> No.35612021

post the aqua one. she was really scared
both got scared but aqua i really felt sorry for. poor girl...

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>> No.35612024

Noel is mentally ill, she actually needs profesional attention and medication desperately. Unironic sociopath

>> No.35612026

>but aqua i really felt sorry for. poor girl...
alright chink, we get it, you like aqua.

>> No.35612027

Wrong, actually I am black

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>> No.35612030

Is Luna sane?

>> No.35612032

Polka also lost her soul

>> No.35612033

>nijishits need to brag again
you've already lost lulu and gibara lol, and mito was real close to leaving. some company you got there. be a real shame if toko would leave too

>> No.35612034

>left was done by professional dancers and not the vtubers themselves

>> No.35612035

There will never be another Coco utawaku...

>> No.35612036

I can't believe Botan ditched Lamy
I blame Towa & Watame

>> No.35612037

>poor akwa...
I hate the zhang queen

>> No.35612038

Noel is mentally ill

>> No.35612039

Only bugmen don't like Aqua.

>> No.35612041

That was made by chinks you dumb /sp/astic

>> No.35612042

>mito was real close to leaving
What happened? I need an update.

>> No.35612043

Do you know that the left one is not done by the chubas themselves?

>> No.35612044

So I guess I was right. The schizo is a lunatwig.

>> No.35612046

This. >>35612027 Miko is extremely popular with the African American demographic, her GTAV playthroughs have made her a very respected and loved part of the black community. Some people even compared her to big names in the rap community, that's how important Sakura Miko is to the African American population

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>> No.35612048

have a (you)

next time you talk shit, someone should consistently bring up what nijifags did to lulu.

>> No.35612049

not even koreans want to watch or listen to Korean
Bora is a perfect example of this
I don't know what the fuck she was thinking with that idea
Duolingo streams are only popular with spics

>> No.35612050

>Comparing to our phsysical and mentally handicapped holos.

>> No.35612052

>luna thinks 404 errors are scary

>> No.35612053

Noel should seek for God to help her cure her whoreism

>> No.35612054

The only holo requiering prefessional attention is the towhore and the professionals im refering to are garbage men due to that towoman being utter trash and having no value

>> No.35612056

Miko is our kween

>> No.35612058

>> No.35612059

im gonna sleep. i really only wanted to see how luna reacted to that jumpscare and she was at least worth it. i have more fun with her horror streams mainly from how jittery she gets

>> No.35612060


>> No.35612063

At least Luna is not scared as the other streams

>> No.35612064

NO! I cannot get off anymore without her roomate and I just want her to be happy, not fake "cured"

>> No.35612065

Noel should seek out a bottle of rat poison or a couple of feet of rope so she can end her life for good and cure the cancer of hololive that she is

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>> No.35612068


>> No.35612069

>> No.35612071

I agree towa fucking ruined it for everyone else because that entitled bitch cant let other people have fun

>> No.35612072

Noel is the most hated Hololive, no one from jer company likes her, no one Hololive fan likes her

>> No.35612076

Miko WILL come to Chicago

>> No.35612077

I will marry this menhera.

>> No.35612078

several of them have done these korean duolingo streams, it's probably encouraged from higher up, maybe to test if a korean audience even cares

>> No.35612079

Hey hey hey. I like a good shitpost as much as the next guy but some of what I'm reading here is really vile and uncalled for

>> No.35612080

Based BBCbro

>> No.35612084

Noel is a usless piece of shit that actively harms hololive. When Marine and Flare of all people hate her it's more than obvious what kind of person you're dealing with

>> No.35612085 [SPOILER] 

noel's roommate and flare's finally meet....

>> No.35612086


>> No.35612087

Miko is made for BBC

>> No.35612088

lamy said ytd the next shishiramy horror is coming SOON

>> No.35612089

Is this true?

>> No.35612092

Noel sucks and will never be a good entertainer much less a good vtuber

>> No.35612093

>> No.35612094


>> No.35612095

Not if I marry her first!

>> No.35612096

Miko gonna use that AI again lol

>> No.35612097


>> No.35612098

Come watch Nene get sweaty!

>> No.35612099

Can Botan close her mouth?

>> No.35612100

Actually the only cancerous tumor in hololive is the towhore due to making everything shes involved in absolute garbage

>> No.35612101

kill yourself already loser

>> No.35612102

I only kneel to Society Man

>> No.35612103 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35612105

Finally about time

>> No.35612106

8 minutes stream incoming

>> No.35612107

>choco ending her stream
W-what to I watch now?

>> No.35612109

YouTube recommended me Korean clips of aqua playing LoL multiple times, cover should just force her to play it again

>> No.35612110

I have been storing my semen for this very moment

>> No.35612111

I didn't get it.. He killed himself?

>> No.35612112

>Suisei's no english word challenge
>Miko's english word only challenge

>> No.35612115

Imagine the smell of her pits.

>> No.35612117

What "real game" would even suit Miko these days?

>> No.35612118

I'm ready

>> No.35612119

There's no way Pekor will appear in Shuba stream right?

>> No.35612120

MiComet is the 5th universal force

>> No.35612121

I would rather watch Pomu than Noel

>> No.35612122

No, she's a mouth breather

>> No.35612123

good ending!

>> No.35612124

Inside a fridge.

>> No.35612126

and this, folks, is the reason why we humans are addicted to gambling and chance

I'm going to get sweaty myself, this should be good
anyone else who wants a good workout should follow along and work out with her

>> No.35612128

When your expectations to your chuubas are so low that once they actually move during 3D you'll think it's by a paid professional dancers instead.
Why yes, Coco's, Aki's and my CEO's 3D were all performed by a paid dancer too.

>> No.35612129

He killed himself from all the abuse he was receiving because of his disability.
In the other ending he slaughters everyone in the apartment complex instead.

>> No.35612131

wonder if she's practicing for an ame collab. It'll still be disastrous, but...

>> No.35612132

>Why yes, Coco's, Aki's and my CEO's 3D were all performed by a paid dancer too.
They're the only exceptions. Nijis though lmao

>> No.35612133

is kanata the abe of the oompa loompas?

>> No.35612134

Noel is a usless piece of shit that will never amount to anything

>> No.35612135

Kneel for bought actor using your oshi avatar? Nijinigger pls

>> No.35612136

Yeah, shame that Coco had to leave and Haachama had to take an indefinite hiatsu because of the chinks and management. Some company you got there.

>> No.35612137

>work out with her
I will

>> No.35612139


>> No.35612140


>> No.35612141

Fuck off, hater. Stop trying Miko to kill her channel playing shit games that no one wants to watch while larping as supposed 35p, you don't fool anyone now.

>> No.35612142

Nene is streaming from a bathroom again

>> No.35612144

Hime survived

>> No.35612146

>It's an exception if holos do it
I almost forgot this thread is filled with unironic shills and retards.

>> No.35612147


>> No.35612148

But I want Miko to play galge and eroge again...

>> No.35612149

I remember chinks used to spam that months ago...

>> No.35612150

Place your bets. How many will she do?

>> No.35612151

Shame that Lulu had to graduate because her actual life was in danger, some company you go there glad that they keep wasting money on their own self funded union, it sure has come in handy as of late
By the way, when is Hajime getting his 3D?

>> No.35612153

Rushia is very cute today

>> No.35612154

Towa banana...

>> No.35612155

>> No.35612156

Rushia is not going to make it....

>> No.35612157

Wtf how do we know she's not cheating?

>> No.35612158

>> No.35612160

fat fuck

you aren't a champion

>> No.35612161

angry NENE

>> No.35612162

Mel Matsuri and Haachama also dance good. 1st gen is stacked in terms of live singing/dancing. Subaru/Aqua are also great and even TOWA has fluid movement.

>> No.35612165


>> No.35612166

i trast nene

>> No.35612168

The fuck happened with Rushia sound? Did she pee on her mic or something? It's fucking with my ears.

>> No.35612171

arigachu's really make me feel happier

>> No.35612172

She fucked up some settings

>> No.35612174

Nene trast.

>> No.35612175

30 sit ups is not that impressive in retrospect. Especially with short breaks. Just trust the plan

>> No.35612177


>> No.35612178

Nice muscle you got there

>> No.35612179

Nene trash

>> No.35612180

What's the point of Nene???

>> No.35612182


>> No.35612183

you can help her by donating her some money

>> No.35612185

Noel could put an end in her life and no one would feel compassion for her

>> No.35612188

Towa fluid...

>> No.35612189

You don't have to stay here, retard. /vyt/ is literally just 2 blocks away.

>> No.35612191

>> No.35612192

I read somewhere in these threads that Minato Aqua was black. I hope she gets better soon.

>> No.35612193

Haha Rushia thinks she can get a blue oopa loopa in just an hour, everyone knows that's impossible.

>> No.35612194

110 for Nene I think

>> No.35612195

>Only streams weird ass games nobody has ever heard of, ever
Crystar was kino fuck off

>> No.35612196


>> No.35612197


>> No.35612199

FF9 coming from Luna

>> No.35612201

I've always been annoyed doing pushups because my legs keep lifting while I do them. Do the majority of people use weights to anchor their legs? Is nene using some weights to anchor her legs?

>> No.35612202

She was saving for an onion-sized washing machine last I heard, she will be fine.

>> No.35612203

Luna will play ff9

>> No.35612204

Noel could kill herself and Gen 3 would throw a party to celebrate that they no longer have to deal with her. Flare and Marine specially would drink until they pass out of pure happiness that she's no longer being forced into their lives

>> No.35612205

>they actually move during 3D
When your hag oni doing casual cartwheels I would start to ask questions man.
but if she is indeed did them, i fucking envy that vampire faggot.

>> No.35612206

I never have seen a person like Noel, even a cockroach has more dignity than her

>> No.35612207

MikoAme love!

>> No.35612208

If you're not used to it

>> No.35612210

It's like watching a dumb animal do dumb shit, it's endlessly entertaining

>> No.35612212

>lunas gonna play FF9 before watame replays it

>> No.35612213

Noel is pretty cute

>> No.35612214

Aqua’s skin whitening was successful.
Flare’s on the other hand...

>> No.35612215

Shame that Mel had to resort at contacting an outsider to get everyone notice what's the management is doing to her. Shame that one holo had to graduate just two weeks right after her debut and had her life in actual danger, some company you got there. Glad that they keep wasting money on their own self funded union.
By the way, when is Cover upgrading their 3D or their equipment at all?

>> No.35612217

Wtf bros I can't even do 60...

>> No.35612218

It's like staring at the very sun illuminating our lives in flesh, personified.

>> No.35612220

will she like princess garnet?

>> No.35612221

I think you mean situps. But I got used to not anchoring my legs down when I do them alone. Easier when on grass or a mat. Otherwise, maybe try leg raises, plank, or crunches for abs instead if it's a problem.

>> No.35612222

Miko Ame are made for BBC

>> No.35612224

Noel is a worhtless piece of shit

>> No.35612225

Sweaty Nenechi...
Sorry nene but 100 is enough for me

>> No.35612226

No electone today Lunaitos..

>> No.35612227

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35612230

planks are great, the one time I did pushups/planks/pullups years ago was about the time I was most fit in my life
I'd even go so far to say that planks are way harder and nene wouldn't enjoy it as much as situps

>> No.35612231

I will stay here because I mainly watch hololive, shill.

>> No.35612233

yes I love Luna

>> No.35612234

I cant wait for this happening soon! MariFure are the real couple of all this and they should have a good ending togeter without that whore

>> No.35612235

>hates tomato
>loves broccoli
Nene is an incomprehensible being and I wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.35612236

damn the mikoschizo is really obsessed with black people, maybe he got cucked or something

>> No.35612237

Are you going to start samefagging and schizoposting after this schizo?

>> No.35612238

nene's almost certainly not doing full situps, she's probably doing those where your shoulder blades are off the floor

>> No.35612239

Broccoli is delicious tho. Broccoli and chicken breast...

>> No.35612241

>Rushia has a meeting later so she'll have to end her stream early

>> No.35612242

Nene's voice getting more ragged and my penis getting harder are in direct correlation.

>> No.35612243

>Only streams weird ass games nobody has ever heard of, ever
You're an ignorant kid
>Weird stream ideas like fucking Korean duolingo
I rather have weird stream ideas than #7538 apex stream or fucking Minecraft
>Very serious personality, some might even say stuck-up
I like her serious personality. She doesn't act like a menhera like 90% of the holomem
>Rarely collabs, when she does doesn't really shine
she's better off streaming at her own peace without forcing herself to socialize with the other menheras
>Really laid back, doesn't really provide a lot of clippable moments
>Speaks a lot of Japanese... even though she's ID.... and even though she knows English, thus only really capturing the very specific niche JOP who wants to watch IDs demographic
And that's a good thing.

>> No.35612244

>nene's almost certainly not doing full situps, she's probably doing those where your shoulder blades are off the floor

>> No.35612246


>> No.35612248

>> No.35612249

why is luna a baby???

>> No.35612250

Rindou's the real deal and definitely made for sex. She's been pretty flexible on all her 3Ds

>> No.35612251

Yeah they are hard, but it might be entertaining to see her hold a plank for as long as she can while trying to talk on stream.

>> No.35612252

I believe her :)

>> No.35612253

>complaining about hololive shills in a hololive thread
Yep, just go back to /vyt/, you fucking dumbass.

>> No.35612255

the FF9 announcement made up for the horror stuff

ganbare hime, i hope she does like garnett at least, as its a very good game

>> No.35612256

Smelly miko's socks...

>> No.35612257

the only thing full situps are good for is to give you back pain and hernia

>> No.35612258

>instantly pushes herself to ~100 in 15mins
Then again she's most likely not doing full ones with how fast she's going.SMRST

>> No.35612259

Oh yes!
Hime lives again

>> No.35612260

Unfortunately, money doesn't fix stupid.

>> No.35612262

I want Nene to do one of her photo-drawings of the sweaty aftermath

>> No.35612263

Breed Lamy

>> No.35612264

Come back to me when Nene skip rope like Mr. Koro instead

>> No.35612265

Sora Love!

>> No.35612266

Make me, shill. Just because everyone here is a shill doesn't mean I should be one too to stay here.
Because if having a hivemind is the requirement for staying here, then that's goddamn sad.

>> No.35612268

>> No.35612271


>> No.35612272

>not a single one of the good Nijis

>> No.35612273

Noel should retire vtubing to focus on her whore career

>> No.35612274

I'll just do planks now instead, situps are annoying my hip since the skin is rubbing against cloth and the hard floor
I'm pretty sure planks are way more useful for someone who does push-ups anyway, and I'm pretty sure nene doesn't do push-upsq

>> No.35612275


>> No.35612277

korone is gonna murder all these listeners in cold blood

>> No.35612279

MY fit Boss I want to lick those abs

>> No.35612280

lots of nene water today

>> No.35612282

Take your fucking meds

>> No.35612283


>> No.35612285

Who's the guest for this week's meme review bros?

>> No.35612286

I want to lick the sweat off of Nene's taught abs

>> No.35612287

I can't stop laughing at how fucked up Rushia's farm is.

>> No.35612290

The fuck is rushia doing?

>> No.35612291


>> No.35612292

>singing onegai muscle
I don't think you should sing or talk at all when doing situps...

>> No.35612293

Not this Sunday but the next, Kanatan is going to host with Miko
you didn't hear it from me though so shhhh

>> No.35612295

Ask amanekanatach

>> No.35612297

fuck you porridge

>> No.35612299

>2020 + 1
>people still replying to schizos

>> No.35612300

Nene don't push it with the singing

>> No.35612301

Rushia broke Kanata's farm?

>> No.35612302


>> No.35612303

Next meme! ;-;

>> No.35612306

How do I ask amanekanatach if I don't even know how you pronounce her name??

>> No.35612307

Let it go, anon.

>> No.35612308

She's not actually doing the sit-ups, anonchama.

>> No.35612311

The only thing Noel deserves is a brick to the head and a kick in the shins

>> No.35612312


>> No.35612313

it's still real to me, dammit

>> No.35612314

Just call her chocoboru chikubi

>> No.35612315

>tried doing a plank
>my back fucking locked up almost

i really need to do more cardio jesus

>> No.35612317

You pronounce it "amanekanatach", it's not that hard.

>> No.35612319

With situps your shoulder blades are supposed to leave the ground. If she cheated she would not raise her torso to full contraction though

You could try butterfly kicks and mountain climbers as well. Mountain climbers would be a good complement to push ups since it also challenges your upper body. I like to think nene does push ups too since she is rather fit

>> No.35612322

Meh, they also tried to copy Asacoco but it was miles behind the original.

>> No.35612323

if she's trying to keep up with the rhythm of the music, which she said she was, she probably isn't doing full ones since it's at a rate of like 1.2-1.5 per second

>> No.35612324

That would be hurt

>> No.35612327

I'll beat her score during my lunch break later

>> No.35612330

Miko's AsaMiko episodes were great though. AsaCoco 1.0 > AsaMiko > AsaCoco 2.0 > AsaCoco 3.0

>> No.35612331

Noel deserve never able to walk again

>> No.35612332

why the fuck is there always someone angry at sankisei?

>> No.35612333

She will probably invite her closest friend, Tokoyami.

>> No.35612334

No fuck chilla

>> No.35612335

But no one is angry at Flare!

>> No.35612336

I don't know what mountain climbers are, but raising your leg or arms while doing planks are pretty good if you're aiming for strength
also I used to do bouldering before last year and because the gyms and malls were closed I didn't get to continue

situps are really quite easy unless you're super heavy, I'm really light so there's barely any weight for me to lift. Nene's also probably at an average BMI or lower so she's probably going to find stuff like pullups fairly easy compared to heavier people

>> No.35612337

why does nene insist on pandering to coomers so badly?

>> No.35612338

Nene sounds horny today

>> No.35612339

Damn, found the Anya gachikoi. Good for you man.

>> No.35612342

Sankisei hurt his mother and feelings

>> No.35612343

Haha yeah theres no way she did 200.

>> No.35612345


>> No.35612346

I miss asamiko..that time when Miko got threatened in ARK to do asamiko by Coco and Watame was hilarious.

>> No.35612348

Did Rushia say how she'd decide the batsu geimu or is it the usual "we'll cross that bridge if(when) we get there" deal

>> No.35612350

they're the happiest generation and sad people don't like happy people

>> No.35612351

>> No.35612352

>With situps your shoulder blades are supposed to leave the ground
it doesn't matter. situps are a bad exercise and you shouldn't be doing them anyway

>> No.35612353

Unironically, the only one I'm attracted to in this picture is Haato. Choco, Mel, and Aki weird me out, Flare and Miko are too lesbian, and Watame seems like she'd cry during sex

>> No.35612354

She's not lewd sadly...

>> No.35612356 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35612357

>Rushia wanted to contact Kanata but got no reply
Oh no

>> No.35612358

ahh... rushia and yugioh my favorite combo

>> No.35612359

Mel. Choco is a freebie with Mel.

>> No.35612361

Noel is a whore and should die

>> No.35612362

This is proof that vegetables are a fucking SPOOK.

>> No.35612364

>> No.35612366

She hasn't decided yet

>> No.35612367

chama > watame > aki > mel > flare > choco

>> No.35612368

Miko's elite english (AI) gameplay! https://youtu.be/JP2hpR9xXPQ

>> No.35612369

Golden heaven

>> No.35612370

so pekora is rushia's pet ?

>> No.35612371

Is that why she made her fans into vegetables?

>> No.35612373


>> No.35612374

rushia you fucking retard

>> No.35612377

thank your stars that they weren't turned into tomatoes

>> No.35612380

watame boob

>> No.35612381

Holy fuck Rushia.

>> No.35612383

>> No.35612384


>> No.35612385


>> No.35612386


>> No.35612387

God this is so hot

>> No.35612388

Rushia isn't a very good breeder

>> No.35612390

Come on Rusher, Kanata has suffered enough, no need to completely ruin her work

>> No.35612392


>> No.35612395

She gets off one people treating her as a baby.

>> No.35612399


>> No.35612400

what language is nyahallo?

>> No.35612404

>> No.35612407


>> No.35612408

rushia mute your mic when you get the door..

>> No.35612409





>> No.35612410

300 huh

>> No.35612412

Doesn't Rushia know about the blue oopa fubuki bred?

>> No.35612414

Okay, Nenechi must be cheating.

>> No.35612415

senchou why are you so stiff...

>> No.35612416

I'd be more impressed if a holo manages to do 100 pushups
proper ones

>> No.35612417

>1 hour challenge
>starts 15 minutes late
>doesn't understand what she's trying to do 35 minutes into the challenge

>> No.35612418

The amount of things she can casually fuck up here is actually impressive, when she wanted to get rid of infinite water on the upper level, broke the wall and oopas started jumping off the edge all the way down I lost my shit.

>> No.35612419

the entire uupa population of kanata's farm is going to die by rushia's negligence

>> No.35612421

I heard fandeads are filthy ftk niggers

>> No.35612423

>> No.35612424

If she is really doing 300 pushups right now, tomorrow her back will be busted.

>> No.35612425

>> No.35612426


>> No.35612427

the oopas are suffocating

>> No.35612429

Just got in here, Why is Rushia greefing Kanatas farm?

>> No.35612430

Well.. yeah

>> No.35612431

>Closing in on 300 sit ups
This gonna hurt for a week and a half

>> No.35612432

Nenechi so MUSCLE

>> No.35612433

You mean sit-ups?

>> No.35612434

I belieb it. I have done 120 in one go before. The breaks make it easier to continue like this too considering her fitness

>> No.35612435

She has a challenge to grief Kanata's farms in under 1 hour.

>> No.35612436

Serious question, is Rushia kind of sort of a little bit dumb maybe?

>> No.35612437

Fucking coronachinks ruined nene
She wont ever wear her old outfit again as long chinks remaim on this world

>> No.35612438

how are there so many retards who can't understand the difference between a situp and pushup? have you faggots literally not done any exercise in your entire lives?

>> No.35612439

Rushia is finally understanding how this works

>> No.35612440

She's still mad about that discord conversation.

>> No.35612441


>> No.35612443

>disney song as her ringtone
Nenechi is legit.

>> No.35612446

>Sorry Kanata, but I guess I'll let Fubuchan have the blue Oopa Loopa! Shame about your endurance stream...

>> No.35612447

eopchama... chat told her already..

>> No.35612448

she evolved like a pokemon, she can't go back

>> No.35612449

>> No.35612452

Nene has more guts than most of this thread
Whats your pb for situps anon? I bet its fucking single didgits

>> No.35612453

nene fart from exerting herself...

>> No.35612455

the highest record of pushups without breaks I did was 60-70, can't remember the exact number
but I definitely wasn't doing them properly upwards of like 50
nene's almost certainly not doing them properly now so it's kind of like, why push yourself when you can't have proper form?
then again a ton of people don't care about form when they exercise

for good too, since the main audience has always been japanese for any given holo

>> No.35612458

Sora tweet onegai…

>> No.35612459

Sea hours please go easy on them

>> No.35612461


>> No.35612462

30 reps 3 sets.
She's doing 10 reps per set.
Even then it takes me 2-3 days for the soreness to go away.

>> No.35612464

>exercising while drinking iced water
Is that ok?

>> No.35612465

...She has 15 minutes left, though...

>> No.35612466

I will give Nene my delicious protein.

>> No.35612467

I want to give Nene some protein if you know what I mean
I want to cook her a nice steak

>> No.35612468

I hate it
Hope her next stage will be better

>> No.35612470

Yes right?

>> No.35612471


>> No.35612473

I dont care who the target audience is kuma looks dumb and she looked pretty good before i hate this

>> No.35612474


>> No.35612475

Tsunderechama...please comeback.

>> No.35612476

it's fine, the worst that could happen is that you feel uncomfortable in the stomach or something
unless you're doing this out in the freezing cold

what kind of sauce are you serving?
no sauce?
sauce is important, I think nene knows this, that's why there's nenewakimizu

>> No.35612477

Sorry, zhang. She inclined hard after the switch.

>> No.35612478

>aki is not for horny they said

>> No.35612479

something like 30 in one go but full deep ones on an inclined bench, then two more shorter sets each until I can't move anymore

>> No.35612482

Im a ritualCHAD who also uses drytrons

>> No.35612483

That's the weirdest breast I've ever seen.

>> No.35612484

Shut the fuck up or I'll turn you into a kenzoku

>> No.35612486

why would you retweet that, pekora

>> No.35612487

One stream and Nene is already more fit than Noeru!

>> No.35612488


>> No.35612495

She's doing situps anon. I would not believe her doing 300 push ups. Sit ups though, yeah. Core is a very feminine exercise. She may be doing improper form, but so what? It's an entertaining challenge idea for a stream. I do understand your point though if it's about a serious work out (which this isn't).

>> No.35612499

Finally 300...
I better prepare her bathwater now

>> No.35612500


>> No.35612501

You can do 300 situps right, anon?

>> No.35612502

I was thinking none but Nene seems like a girl that would like a nice cream sauce

>> No.35612504

Said literally noone ever.

>> No.35612506


>> No.35612508

Noel always will be an obese fatass

>> No.35612509

Consider this: Nene is doing this naked

>> No.35612510

Then they don't know her

>> No.35612512

There's that one anon who gets mad at people posting Aki lewds

>> No.35612513

I don't understand this image at all. It looks fucking scary

>> No.35612514

This is perfect for countdown joi asmr

>> No.35612515

nah, I haven't worked out my core in years. let me die early so I can throw money at my oshi without a care

>> No.35612518

I'm gonna cum on Nene

>> No.35612519

WTF Watame it's fucking 7PM


What are you doing?!

>> No.35612520

>twelve one

>> No.35612522

It's a Night Fever before her original song premiers and then there's the collab at 10pm

>> No.35612523


>> No.35612524


>> No.35612525

tenten one
tenten two

>> No.35612526

yeah I know, but the problem with doing things with poor form is that you're going to continue working out in poor form when you're tired in future

probably, yeah, not interested in making my hip all itchy from rubbing against cloth/hard floor though
is it considered cheating if you use a yoga mat or something under you while doing it? Nene's probably using one right now


>> No.35612527


>> No.35612528

Then maybe he should know that Aki personally requested her own lewds. With tentacles specifically.

>> No.35612529

does nene know 8k nekkos are jerking it to her stupid voice?

>> No.35612530

I made a mistake, retard.
You can be sure I did more exercise than your fat ass.

>> No.35612531

Sorry, my wife is a bit retarded. Please no bully

>> No.35612537

Choas max turbo big gay rororo

>> No.35612538

teenage forever!

>> No.35612539

i like aki but this is nightmare fuel

>> No.35612540

What the fuck is up with her stomach

>> No.35612544

It's sad that her self esteem is so low she feels obligated to like all fan art

>> No.35612545

I can do 300 pushups with nenes sweaty ass on my back

>> No.35612546

Looks hot desu.

>> No.35612547

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP2hpR9xXPQ Miko
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL1UY8Jg8II Marine
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMjTQfzubHc Watame

>> No.35612549

Connor forgot to feed her cum regularly.

>> No.35612550

Fourty 二
Fourty 三
Fourty 四
Fourty five
Fourty six

>> No.35612551

miko one should be interesting
in fact she should do a collab with someone else where the stream ends as soon as anyone speaks japanese, that would be hilarious

>> No.35612552

(You) are more fit than Nene, right?

>> No.35612553

Aki is like that.


>> No.35612554

I don't think this will make her use poor form in the future since it's a one time thing. She most likely has a routine already which she uses decent form in. Her muscle memory will keep that still. nene strong

>is it considered cheating if you use a yoga mat or something under you while doing it?
No, it's not cheating. Mats are commonly used for many workouts. It prevents the spine from hurting against the floor.

>> No.35612555

I can't believe Nenene is going to boast about her abs to Twap to trick Toi to showing her own and then she will proceed to rape Twi!

>> No.35612556

God I hope so

>> No.35612558

I haven't exercised since covid started and got fat as fuck

>> No.35612559


>> No.35612561

>Three thousand five hundred
Super Nene!

>> No.35612563

3500 sit ups in 1 hour sugoi

>> No.35612565

three thousand five hundroooooo
sasuga Nenechi

>> No.35612567

3500000 sit-ups!

>> No.35612568


>> No.35612569

I used to do over a hundred everyday years ago but now I am too lazy, and I fear I might actually break my back or something.

>> No.35612571

Holy shit nene did 150 situps in like 2 seconds
Where do i go to kneel?

>> No.35612573


>> No.35612575

It's been 5 days since Takoyaki Twap "took a vacation".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement he has received, Tokyo Tower was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now he's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on his album, merch and on the new apex tournament.

Tsunomaki Toi is not a very strong person and he's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that he's alive and happy that he's working hard to accomplish his dreams.


>> No.35612576

Miko starting, get in here 35Pchads! https://youtu.be/JP2hpR9xXPQ

>> No.35612577

Honestly I don't care about all this baby ASMR shit, if it was up to me I'd just skip to the part where I interecept sweaty and completely exhausted Nene on the way to the shower after the stream is over.

>> No.35612579

NenePro HQ is that way

>> No.35612580


>> No.35612585


>> No.35612587

Dont put nene near the towhore
The towoman would just lead to nene and her getting fucked in the gym

>> No.35612588


>> No.35612589


>> No.35612590

You wouldn't cheat on your oshi, would you?

>> No.35612591

Miko stream is already kino

>> No.35612592

elite policetest?

>> No.35612594

<span class="sjis">elite priestess[/spoiler]

>> No.35612595


>> No.35612596

Fuck off genchink

>> No.35612598

Change the names next time

>> No.35612600

alright, time to do 350 proper situps at minimum the next time I manage to get my hands on one then

just start from 0, do a minimum amount and make sure you're doing it right
just do a minimum amount per day, even 10 minutes is enough if you keep it up over multiple days in a week over the course of a year
I used to make sure to do some stuff like pushups before showering in the past, this is no different from how nene's doing this now before taking her bath. In fact I'm going to shower after nene ends, I sweat a little from planks

>> No.35612601

>7 PM

>> No.35612602

Was that a nene fart, or mat rubbing noise? Discuss.

>> No.35612603

transsiberian train...

>> No.35612604

God i wish she never returns
Hope she gets aloed

>> No.35612608


>> No.35612610

>Watame bragging about blue oopa

>> No.35612612

My oshi hates me herself and is into getting cucked

>> No.35612614

Miko is talking about Suisei AGAIN

>> No.35612615


>> No.35612620

kanata made a new roommate channel?


>> No.35612621

Nene can only do around 20 pushups.

>> No.35612622

What does Watame have to do with it? I thought it was FBK who won the race for blew uprp.

>> No.35612624

my oshi is too seiso, so i have to find others that meet my needs

>> No.35612625

Not her fault Kanada had to waste 10 hours on a job that could be done in 10 minutes

>> No.35612628


>> No.35612630

that's about the typical strength in girls
and a shit ton of girls can't even do a single pull up. I'd be amazed if a single holo mentions that they can do pullups

>> No.35612631

>Nene moaning
>dick doesnt react
I am sorry Nene...

>> No.35612633

Coco got replaced by the AI...

>> No.35612634

All because of sheep magic.

>> No.35612635

I mean, after what happened to Coco it's only natural she's preparing a safety net to fall back on if something happens. And lets be honest, that character fits her better.

>> No.35612636

Speech to text is not compatible with Migo tongue

>> No.35612637


>> No.35612638

Fubuki got the oopa because Watame helped her

>> No.35612639

yeah i'll try to do some fit reps before my daily nip reps to build a habit, while inspiration from nene is still hot
used to hit the gym twice a week with friends which worked wonders for discipline, now getting back on track is gonna be a pain

>> No.35612640

>> No.35612641

Nene, panting... oh mah god

>> No.35612642


>> No.35612644

Watame provides some material for the aquarium to show off the blue oopa, so it became a group effort.

>> No.35612647


>> No.35612648

Watame starting great

>> No.35612649


>> No.35612651

This is some good okazu

>> No.35612652

That is not okay, nenechi...

>> No.35612653


>> No.35612654

the fuck is she doing?

>> No.35612655

Holy shit Nene is having a heart attack or what

>> No.35612656

nenechi please don't work out too hard next time, this should serve as a reminder for you next time

>> No.35612657

If your erected dick isnt visible from nenes window it doesnt matter anyway

>> No.35612659

No she's about to be sick

>> No.35612660

Why is he reposting old stuff?

>> No.35612661

Yep, Nene is not getting off the bed tomorrow.
She is fucked up.

>> No.35612662

nene snot in my mouth

>> No.35612663

That made me extremely uncomfortable

>> No.35612664

>I should've prepared a garbage bag
She's feeling lightheaded and about to throw up.

>> No.35612665

Fubuki blamed Kanata's presense yesterday for bad luck when Kanata was trying to leech her. So in the earlier morning stream, she called Watame to keep Kanata off since she knows Kanata can't do anything against sheep so all her bad luck was contained to herself and Fubuki got the blue oopaaroopaa in a few tries.

>> No.35612667


>> No.35612669

probably felt dizzy and didn't have enough to eat for lunch, so she suddenly felt like vomiting after working out and drinking a bunch of water while doing so
it's very normal for someone to feel like vomiting if they drink water whlie working out and didn't have food before working out

>> No.35612672

is nene fucking dying

>> No.35612675

Nene's panting and sniffling is too much. I'm going to cooooooooom

>> No.35612676


>> No.35612680

Someone please go check up on nene...

>> No.35612681

Nene is dying and you guyas are fapping...

>> No.35612682

please call an ambulance, she's dying

>> No.35612683

Jesus this just sounds scary

>> No.35612684


>> No.35612685

no, but her body is telling her that she's worked out too hard and she's feeling dizzy

manechan already messaged her and asked her to end the steram

>> No.35612686

why is she fucking breathing like that is she dying

>> No.35612687

So Nene is going to be the first chuuba to die on stream

>> No.35612688

my oshi is doing to fucking die

>> No.35612689


>> No.35612690

Miko, this is a fraud

>> No.35612691

my boner completely died, she sounds like she's dying

>> No.35612692

Nene gave me erection and then she gives me heart attack. Thanks Nenechi.

>> No.35612693

Wait is Nene actually dying?

>> No.35612695

i'm becoming increasingly nervous

>> No.35612696

Fucking Chilla's Art man. I swear...

>> No.35612697

Fubuki said that

>> No.35612698

why is doing this?

>> No.35612700

Mikoti...this isn't very good...

>> No.35612701

Damn so this is how nene would be like after a choking session?

>> No.35612702

He loves her so much

>> No.35612703

Holy shit nene I am about to COOOOOOOM

>> No.35612707

I can't listen to this, someone tell me if she's fine afterwards

>> No.35612708

My dick is getting erect.

>> No.35612710

taking sharp breaths like that is literally the last thing you should do

>> No.35612711

someone tell my why the FUCK is nene breathing like that

>> No.35612712


>> No.35612713

What do you retards expect she did 350000 situps
I hope she wont drop dead though

>> No.35612714

Turns out a diet of rice and sugar is not conducive to good physical health.
RIP Nenechi, you were a good Holo

>> No.35612715

hey lets english play
massruramo okay?
slow mosho ok
aeeeeeeae eto mushrameo
dont touch me

>> No.35612717

I'm doing push-ups while watching her

>> No.35612718

Just close your eyes and imagine you are choking Nene while fucking her

>> No.35612719

Nene is choking?

>> No.35612720

Miko who the fuck is Mikey???

>> No.35612722

Are you watching Miko?
I want to watch Miko but her voice sounds like my 5 year old niece's.
I'm watching Marine instead

>> No.35612724

please don't start sniffling or I will get hard again

>> No.35612725

Sheepfaggots leeching, nothing unusual.

>> No.35612727

there is this youtube video about the story of a guy whose internal organs failed after 500 squats

>> No.35612728

Manechan is not gonna be happy

>> No.35612729

did she have a panic attack? sharp breaths like that are usually only when your fucking dying or having a panic attack

>> No.35612730

it's a very natural thing since your throat is shutting down and trying to keep the vomit in, and you're breathing when it relaxes
she's feeling like vomiting, you should know what it feels like to breathe when you're trying to keep it in

no, she's dizzy and trying to keep her vomit in
she should be fine now, she drank too much water while exercising

>> No.35612731

Nene is doing a public asphyxiation fetish live stream?

>> No.35612732

Nene survived

>> No.35612733

Nene what the fuck

>> No.35612734


>> No.35612735


>> No.35612736

As opposed to what? External organs? Dumbass.

>> No.35612737

You better archive this

>> No.35612738

>all the people here who have never been completely out of breath

>> No.35612739

Elite Mikey

>> No.35612740

it was fine until she starting to breath like a dying man what the fuck

>> No.35612741

reports of her death have been greatly exaggerated

>> No.35612742

what the fuck is a kamana

>> No.35612743

Absolutely nothing, just Fubuki's favoritism as usual.

>> No.35612744

Might be a diaphragm spasm caused by overworking the muscles in the region. It's really hard to breathe when it happens, which would explain her short sharp breaths

>> No.35612745

her only mistake was drinking a lot of water

>> No.35612746


>> No.35612747


>> No.35612748

>As opposed to what? External organs?
Imagine your ears and your dick falling off from too much squatting

>> No.35612749

why did miko leave the lobby so quickly?
pekora usually has the courtesy to thank her viewers she played with, and give them the chance to say bye to her

>> No.35612750

How did sheep flop this hard? Comparing to Suisei's utawaku yesterday which is 10 times more than this lmao!!!

>> No.35612753

How the fuck am i supposed to beat this captcha?

>> No.35612754

a supernenechi that survives a near death will only get stronger

>> No.35612755

someone post the nenechi pasta and add almost kills herself on stream

>> No.35612757

penis is an external organ

>> No.35612758

I can only imagine Nene manager being very pissed at her right now and probably spamming messages on Discord

>> No.35612759

With money

>> No.35612760

Watame is really singing this song nicely

>> No.35612761

I honestly wouldnt be supprised if she had like half a panik attack
Just listen to her

>> No.35612762

>External organs
yes, but an uneducated illiterate cunt like you wouldn't know.

>> No.35612764

External banana...

>> No.35612768

She said she wanted to ask mane-chan to cut her stream but her fingers were too numb.

>> No.35612769

are you even watching? she was playing with randoms

>> No.35612770

do your reps

>> No.35612771

Who does Miko want to cancel?

>> No.35612772

I understand puking from exhaustion but I've never had my limbs go numb or cramp up

>> No.35612773

like with most things in life, you'll get better the more you do it 8NU78

>> No.35612774

Damn I didn't know I had a choking fetish until now

>> No.35612780

But i am retarded... I had to ask mom to get the 1st one but how long until i need to ask again?

>> No.35612781

>Big names streaming at the same time as sheep in an usual time slot for her.
>Suisei streaming with no competition in her usual slot.
I wonder. Retard.

>> No.35612782

She's playing with randoms, not her fans

>> No.35612785

i hired an indian guy to sit besides me and fill out the captcha for every post i write. he's kind of annoying but he's cheap

>> No.35612786

I think Nene might be a little stupid.

>> No.35612788


>> No.35612789

>big name
>marine: 11k

>> No.35612790

Haha dude just read the fucking letters

>> No.35612791

Miko is a treasure

>> No.35612792

I've been completely out of breath, but I don't wheeze for 5 minutes straight like that, and neither should you unless you've got asthma.

>> No.35612793

She just wanted to give her 150% for her viewers, literally.

>> No.35612794


>> No.35612795

wouldn't mind Nene having to take a break because of this so nekkoshitters can fuck off for a while like kenzocucks

>> No.35612797

Nene is so fucking dumb...

>> No.35612799


>> No.35612801

Trying too hard. Good luck next time.

>> No.35612802


>> No.35612803

That sweaty idol got some brain damage.

>> No.35612804

>I don't want to end the stream without the ending sequence because it'll look like an accident if I just cut it off
Too dedicated to her craft.

>> No.35612807

>call it night feaver
>stream it at 7pm

>> No.35612809

Salty welsh man

>> No.35612810

Miko won't even play with her fans? Wow.

>> No.35612811

The most she can get these days is 20k but yeah suzy is simply more popular these days. Who knows how these numbers will be in a few years

>> No.35612814

Smile and go...

>> No.35612816

The Towaposting didn't stop at all during Towa's break though

>> No.35612817

puking from dizziness/exhaustion is very typical, especially from the people who diet and go to the gym while they're hungry and prone to passing out

well....... she's not very good with taking care of her body
also why does it feel like literally none of you in here have done cross-country runs in your school before, and seen the number of people who overworked themselves while doing so?

>> No.35612818

she didn't puke??? what a waste of FUCKING time

>> No.35612819

>Miko likes Donkey Kong
Made for BBC!

>> No.35612821

nene is truly built different

>> No.35612822

It's night somewhere in the world

>> No.35612824

What a lying whore. No wonder nobody wants to watch.

>> No.35612825

If you're going to shitpost you should at least make it interesting. It's no fun when the bait is garbage.

>> No.35612826

Watch the tomato stream.

>> No.35612827

Nene started sounding like Luna at the end and slurping like aqua I couldn't possibly be more erect

>> No.35612828

she's a good girl

>> No.35612829

I hope she got some nice sweaty pics at least...

>> No.35612831

She does!

>> No.35612832

Im so happy the towhore is gone
This is the best state hololive has been in since before hololcaust

>> No.35612833

in a few years it will be 0.20k because nobody will care about hololive anymore

>> No.35612834

How sweaty is she now?

>> No.35612836

Stop replying to yourself

>> No.35612839

cold sweat now, it's the kind you don't want to have

>> No.35612840


>> No.35612842

>Heimins still salty about the oopa loopa

>> No.35612845

Google make a note yo mama jokes

>> No.35612846


>> No.35612847

She needs someone to carry her around
I volunteer!

>> No.35612848


>> No.35612849

>As opposed to what? External organs?
This dude is literally a fucking skeleton

>> No.35612850

She's sitting in her chair, drenched in cold sweat and with numb limbs.

>> No.35612853


>> No.35612854

This AI is kinda yab...

>> No.35612855

Ill lick it up anyway.

>> No.35612856

>Saudi no monkey

>> No.35612857

Believe, even if its not real. How else will it come to be?

>> No.35612858


>> No.35612859

Which Holos are lesbian in real life? We know that Noel has a crush on her brother, so she's clearly straight.

>> No.35612861

i feel like your man

>> No.35612862

As someone who spent days running tracks and won a couple competitions, I can tell you its not normal to gasp for air like she was doing.
She really sounded like she was about to pass out, and she will definitely have muscle ache for the next days.

>> No.35612863

im not very impressed by this thread

>> No.35612865


>> No.35612866


>> No.35612867

good stream migo...

>> No.35612868

only Miko, Flare and Marine

>> No.35612869

what did miko say

>> No.35612870


>> No.35612871


>> No.35612872


>> No.35612873


>> No.35612875


>> No.35612876

I wonder if this has any relation to Nene's chronic condition.

>> No.35612877

Doesn't it feel bad when you work hard and then some dumbass who doesn't even care gets more results? Sheep herself can relate to that strongly.

>> No.35612879

Me on guitar

>> No.35612880


>> No.35612884


>> No.35612885

miko went on a date with Mikey and then made fun of my Mom. 10/10

>> No.35612886

Miko yab

>> No.35612887

Erection into despair.

>> No.35612888

turns out sans is inhabiting the internets after being tortured by so many holomen

>> No.35612890

I think most anons noticed that she wasnt just out of breath

>> No.35612891


>> No.35612892

I hope nene wakes up

>> No.35612894

Hime breaks her body because she is frail... Nene breaks her body because she is dumb... Someone needs to send her those doorknob rubber.

>> No.35612896

why did miko end???? hello????

>> No.35612899

Another orange woman gone...

>> No.35612900

Confess how many of you fucks actually has the 4chan pass

>> No.35612901

no u

>> No.35612902

Miko please stream again later, for now otsumiko fags!

>> No.35612903


>> No.35612904

Choco would be improved tenfold simply by removing her tattoo.

>> No.35612905

are you dumb?

>> No.35612906

>Big announcement
>at 12pm jst

>> No.35612907

Imagine being Rushia's cat. It's like having a weird-ass super loud cat that won't shut up but reversed.

>> No.35612908

she probably didn't have much to eat for lunch
had too much water to drink while working out
suddenly felt dizzy after getting up from the sitting position, so felt like vomiting
tried to keep it in, so was breathing like that
if you want to see real life examples of this, look at people who push themselves to run cross-country when they don't even do any jogging in their free time

>> No.35612910


>> No.35612913


>> No.35612914

If Miko said japanese during the race, the stream ends. She said nande

>> No.35612915

>killing axolotls
why is rushia like this?

>> No.35612916

lets fucking go wata/m/e

>> No.35612917

>> No.35612918


>> No.35612919

why does Senchou like these shitty horror games so much?

>> No.35612922

I hope she graduates.
90% of her audience is the redditors that try to "save" her

>> No.35612923

uuwooooooooooooooooo WATAME

>> No.35612924


>> No.35612926

they're failed abominations

>> No.35612927

At least Ayame has proven the hypothesis to be correct. You can be a cum snorting slut that ignores her fans and still get tens of thousands of views and reach 1 million subs, easily

>> No.35612929

why is it universally agreed that towa is the bottom?

>> No.35612930

how would you guys feel about a line of hololive scented candles?

>> No.35612931

me, all me

>> No.35612932

It is every vtuber's duty to play them so you can't even enter Hololive without loving them.

>> No.35612933


>> No.35612935

doubt anyone would care if she announces her graduation

>> No.35612937

>People not reading the title that's in Japanese
I don't know what I expected...

>> No.35612943

She tries to be a brat but folds under the slightest of bullying

>> No.35612945


>> No.35612946

>You can be a cum snorting slut that ignores her fans and still get tens of thousands of views and reach 1 million subs, easily
Before Hololive, i actually thought that this is the only way for women to reach 1 million subs

>> No.35612947

Watamates, great work on the guitar!

>> No.35612948

Looks like one of those NGA icons

>> No.35612949

Wow guys this really is the best time ever
Since towa left i got reemployed and my mums cancer is receeding
I really hope the with wont return so i may continue to live in this bliss

>> No.35612954


>> No.35612958

Anon, theres schizo shitting on every holo in this thread. Learn to ignore retards instead of giving them attention.

>> No.35612960

>levi is getting 3d
That’s pretty fucking fast in niji standards

>> No.35612962

Nice guitar!

>> No.35612963


>> No.35612965


>> No.35612967

11 minutes ago
Content is good, but please don't do like that anymore! Watching someone feel bad and not being able to do anything about it is the worst thing that can happen. Take care of yourself Nanechi!

8 minutes ago (edited)
We know you're the strongest, Nenechi, but please don't push yourself too hard!

i Scream
11 minutes ago
Pls nene dont make this kind a stream again, we so worried

Israel Armando Cabrera Balderas
6 minutes ago (edited)
Nene-Chi please take care of yourself! Do exercise moderately and if you feel bad, search help! We want you with us more time! You did a great job, sasuga ore no saikyou tsuma, we proud of you! We always love you, please take it easy!

JY Chang
10 minutes ago
Please go to hospital instantly Nene ! Hope you get well soon

Snow Denzel
3 minutes ago
Manager should take nenechi to see doctor , careful her health plz !

>> No.35612968

I am the refrain of my tamashii

>> No.35612970

Feels like they're rushing their 3Ds recently or these past months. Getting a lot of sponsors too and most probably a pachinko

>> No.35612971

Twap is bullybait.

>> No.35612972

Miko's revenge stream now, here we go!!! https://youtu.be/sZndDD4J508

>> No.35612974

>gets one in 7 hours

>> No.35612975

I think nene should do more streams like this just have her die a little less but yt comments are gay

>> No.35612976


>> No.35612980

i fucking love this sheep

>> No.35612982

migo that is cheating...

>> No.35612985

You can only talk like that when we will see her tomorrow.

>> No.35612988

But so is Kanata...

>> No.35612989

>fucking Luna survived the ringfit endurance
Meanwhile Nene...

>> No.35612994

>Miko acting as if nothing happened
Kek Miko

>> No.35612998

JP Only.

>> No.35612999

Theres no way nene is actually dead
Dont worry about it

>> No.35613000

only hags are streaming right now. when is shion going to stream?

>> No.35613002

towa owes me sex

>> No.35613003

amanekanatach x Twap is kinda disgusting desu...

>> No.35613005

>gundam sheep

>> No.35613006

Once I'm finished with her.

>> No.35613007

Watame is going to town with the /m/ songs

>> No.35613008

>Spanish only
Miko noooooo

>> No.35613009

>doubting the CEO
You need to get reeducated

>> No.35613011

I love how watame has fun with these songs. She will even change the lyrics on the fly sometimes

>> No.35613013

what da fack?

>> No.35613017

Do you really beleb?

>> No.35613019

i have a sudden urge to fap
when is mio going to stream?

>> No.35613020

she's alive!

>> No.35613022

Nene is alive.

>> No.35613023

No stream today Cometbros.Also she might be appear on Subaru's stream tonight

>> No.35613026

I clicked on a single towhore vid once now the algorythm thinks im a kenzocuck...

>> No.35613027

Luna is in fact a holo /vt/ard

>> No.35613028

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.35613029

Nooooo I wanna piss in ass..

>> No.35613032

i lived bitch

>> No.35613033

What Luna did and what Nene did are on entirely different levels of intensity.

>> No.35613034


>> No.35613036

thats going to fucking hurt tomorrow

>> No.35613040

You are.

>> No.35613041

ah, so her manager is one of the relaxed ones, that's nice

>> No.35613042

She streamed yesterday so ofcourse no stresm today lol
Suisei wont ever stream more than the minimum requierment

>> No.35613043

>Akukin FAQ
Holy based

>> No.35613044


>> No.35613047

>akukin FAQ

>> No.35613048

Who is your favorite stream holo?
Who is your favorite clips holo?

>> No.35613049


>> No.35613051

Watame's new song premiers soon!

>> No.35613053

I clicked on it by accident fucktard

>> No.35613054

I'm going to shut up Slender Man.

>> No.35613055

>Cookie Monster download you like animal hey hey okay but I'm going to shut up Slender Man
what did she mean by this bros?

>> No.35613057

Oniichan is so cool!

>> No.35613058

Damn, Miko really hates Aqua huh?

>> No.35613061

Thanks for the notice i will try to not notice

>> No.35613064

https://twitter.com/shirakamifubuki/status/1413449390820192257 Fubuki
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvSxI6egFHw Okayu
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKkwfSLuNw Noel
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3rZm2cN5ZY Watame Premiere

>> No.35613065

Yeah sure.

>> No.35613066

Not today, unfortunately. It's harder to figure out her streaming schedule now...

>> No.35613068

Lamy's definitely going to give her a lecture after this.

>> No.35613069

my head hurts trying to figure out what miko is saying.

>> No.35613071

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEsc5yIy6Rg Fubuki

>> No.35613073

watame is going hard at it

>> No.35613074

Dont project ur faggotry on me fucking kzk

>> No.35613079

Nene's manager gave absolutely no shit about the pubes conversation and she also helped Nene come up with some of her choreography for the 3D live and went to dance lessons with her, she's pretty cool.

>> No.35613081

Elite Miko

>> No.35613083

She has part 2 radio tonight

>> No.35613085

Did Cover commission Ina to do those normally, or did they exploit her, because she's their chuuba employee?

>> No.35613086


fubuki's breeding blue axolotls
it's over

>> No.35613088

New original song

>> No.35613089

You're the faggot who did it and are making excuses here now.

>> No.35613091


>> No.35613096


>> No.35613097

/biz/ memes intensify

>> No.35613098

Based friend, kill this arc already

>> No.35613099

They exploited her because EN kneels to JP

>> No.35613100

The AI is sentient, it wants Miko to play GTAV

>> No.35613101

another original song with 200k views maximum! can't wait!

>> No.35613102

holy fuck, a horror game where nothing happens...

>> No.35613103

Let's be real, even if Botan didn't take a break she wouldn't get one in time with her luck.

>> No.35613106


>> No.35613109

Smile and go!

>> No.35613111

Watch Aqua's wife

>> No.35613112


>> No.35613114

You are just mad no one likes your whore oshi now fuck off wierdo

>> No.35613116

The song's literally about her late night superchat readings LMAO

>> No.35613118

Why the fuck do you post like a crossboarder?

>> No.35613119

well the thing is that if you try to moderate what she does you can end up with a lack of expression in streams, and that will ultimately result in people having less fun while watching her
if there's nothing that's going to damage her reputation among her fans or the observers of hololive at large (I say observers because it includes antis from shitty parts who aren't regular viewers) then there really is nothing that should be regulated

having a vacation is great

>> No.35613120

Yay another Smile&Go! tier original song!

>> No.35613122


>> No.35613123

i prefer kimidake no melody

>> No.35613124

You don't even know English

>> No.35613125

ah, it's a song about mineecraft stream all-nighters

>> No.35613126

That was one of the best posts in this thread

>> No.35613127

Staying up all night watching Watame place sand in the desert!

>> No.35613129

Selena Maya is Miko's alter ego

>> No.35613132


>> No.35613133

Holy shit what a song. Watame is a whore.

>> No.35613135

otsumiko again!

>> No.35613137

Sheep don’t wanna leave me!

>> No.35613138

shamefuru disupray miko-san

>> No.35613139

Watame keeps releasing flop after flop while every Polka cover is a success
the difference between a bad and good singer I guess

>> No.35613140

this is her third new manager though, nene seems to be a handful

>> No.35613143

People really want (you)'s from the watamates...

>> No.35613144

Lord help us if Polka ever flops. The shockwaves will be felt the world over.

>> No.35613145

>Okayu wearing old outfit
New outfit confirmed

>> No.35613147

Based Nene manager

>> No.35613149

Whatever you say, kenzocuck. Just don't come here later saying that you sucked a dick by accident.

>> No.35613150

Polka is too big to fail

>> No.35613151

You mean Ayame

>> No.35613153


>> No.35613155

The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

>> No.35613157

Sheep too cute

>> No.35613160

managers probably rotate around in the company, don't ask me why they do it but I think they probably do have this sort of thing happening
subaru also mentioned changing managers before unless I'm starting to lose my memory

>> No.35613161

Okayu wears that outfit like twice a month. I agree though.

>> No.35613163

Yeah, to make it even better he should have added the meme arrows to every second line.

>> No.35613164

God please no
The ensuing tsunami would crush my hometown since its near sealevel

>> No.35613165

Not really, the original gen 5 manager was a piece of shit so we all know why he got replaced, her second manager (the one she used to share with Watame) got promoted to a higher-up position and this is her third manager, unless I'm misremembering things.

>> No.35613166


>> No.35613170

where is noel??

>> No.35613171

Shut the fuck up cunts

>> No.35613172

busy fucking

>> No.35613173

She couldn't get the bra on...

>> No.35613174

towa's smelly penis...

>> No.35613175

Its good news retarded eop

>> No.35613176


>> No.35613177

She’s busy having sex with flare

>> No.35613181


>> No.35613183

All the streams are extra retarded today, what is next?

>> No.35613184

>Sing my new original songs as encore?
>Nah, let's sing the bee song

>> No.35613185

whatever the excuse, we all know the truth is towa fired them

>> No.35613186

Rushia forgot to end her stream....she's live with an unmuted mic...

>> No.35613187

the stink seems disproportionate to how small it is

>> No.35613191

watch out, poka’s mad again. it’ll spam dox and mukkun soon

>> No.35613192

Here comes the bee song!

>> No.35613193

fuck off

>> No.35613194

Miko on Subaru police!

>> No.35613195

good stream when?

>> No.35613196

bigger than aloe's fanbox?

>> No.35613199


>> No.35613200

>> No.35613201

>bee song
That's why I fucking love this sheep

>> No.35613202

Blessed sheep!

>> No.35613203

Looks like there's plenty of time before the actual announcements.

>> No.35613204

Little Furea
Big Cowe

>> No.35613207

Nene has surely done enough crimes to get in trouble with duck police, hope she feels well enough to show up if she was scheduled today

>> No.35613208

mr. Cunt...

>> No.35613209

Again nice projection but sorry bro unlike you and your whore oshi i only get my dick sucked by cute girls

>> No.35613210

Aloe’s fanbox is smaller than Polka’s breakfast

>> No.35613214

Rushia is going to get suspended over this

>> No.35613217


>> No.35613218

>Nene has surely done enough crimes to get in trouble with duck police
She turned herself in for being too cute on the very day Subaru announced it.

>> No.35613219

Who else is watching Noel?

>> No.35613221

It's always best if they can get a manager that fits the holo's temperament.

>> No.35613222

Watame's playlist
>goofyshit song
>song from a bygone era

>> No.35613225

At least my cunt isnt coverd by a big fatty belly flap

>> No.35613227

why is Rushia always fucking everything up

>> No.35613228

>> No.35613230

Is nene fucking stupid?

>> No.35613232

rushia's raw cough...

>> No.35613233

>rushia coughing

>> No.35613234

Rushia coughed and left

>> No.35613236


>> No.35613237

Damn. Was hoping for a real juicy yab

>> No.35613238

If your oshi isn't willing to nearly die on stream for your sake, can you really say she loves you?

>> No.35613240

And that's how she brainwashes her cult

>> No.35613241

>no mafumafu

>> No.35613242


>> No.35613244

Friend is engaging in eugenics

>> No.35613246

>> No.35613247


>> No.35613250

Roberu hangs out with Maimoto more than Subaru does now. What happened to the Oozora family?

>> No.35613251

So those are female Watamates...

>> No.35613253

My oshi fucking hates me and thinks im disgusting

>> No.35613254

Nene needs a caregiver

>> No.35613255

it looks like Anya's sister

>> No.35613256


>> No.35613258

not that suprising that noticing she left the stream on makes her cough..

>> No.35613259

Robert is hanging out with Suisei as well

>> No.35613261

>mfw i'll be genghis khan soon

>> No.35613263


>> No.35613264

>let's hope Kanata sees this
Retard didn't even get permission for this, what a fucking leech.

>> No.35613265

I can feel the fish coming to the surface

>> No.35613266

dagger sheep

>> No.35613267

Too bad I already divorced Nene...

>> No.35613270

Shit oshi. My oshi loves me.

>> No.35613272


>> No.35613273

Towa is NOT a liar!

>> No.35613274

Watame, don't leave...

>> No.35613277

God I wish my oshi fucking hated me and was repulsed by the very thought of my existence. Instead she loves me unconditionally. I'm very disappointed.

>> No.35613278

fubuki has been performing oral sex on woopers for days and management has done nothing about it

>> No.35613280

what do we think about watame's new song?

>> No.35613282

hituji...don't leave...

>> No.35613284

what happened here? it seems that the thread got better with the new captcha

>> No.35613285


>> No.35613288

It wilm be fucking locked behind a paywall again because the towhore is also a tojew
Also its going to be fucking awfull

>> No.35613289

This holo is dead.

>> No.35613291

They can't stop her

>> No.35613293


>> No.35613295

my sexfriend fubuki is leading the blue oopa loopa arms race!

>> No.35613296

My brats...
Where are they?

>> No.35613298

suck it

>> No.35613299

Fuck you i like not being liked and its hot that she thinks im disgusting

>> No.35613302

This is all we have in stock

>> No.35613309

does breeding two blue freaks make more blues or does the gacha spit in the face of punett squares?

>> No.35613310

Cute and funny song

>> No.35613312

towas hoarse voice.....

>> No.35613313

This fat fuck fish makes every single holo wet. How does he do it, bros?

>> No.35613315

50% chance.

>> No.35613317

Erotic 3D ASMR by a real GFE chuuba is a level of dick-pulsing excitement I didn't know I needed

>> No.35613320

I literally whipe my ass with cash after i shot but towa is not even worth that
Stupid lying whorish jewy cunt and fuck you kzk

>> No.35613321

she's grabbing an imaginary wheelbarrow

>> No.35613324

Have you considered becoming cute?

>> No.35613326

The time has come.

>> No.35613327

>Nene has more dance lessons starting next week
You guys think we're getting a gen 5 3D live for their anniversary?

>> No.35613328


>> No.35613329

whats so special about this dumb fish anyway

>> No.35613331

Holy fucking shit ayamy
My fucking dick

>> No.35613332

I don't like you and think you're disgusting

>> No.35613333

Dumb youthful energy combined with outgoing nature. All of the younger holos come off as really horny

>> No.35613334

It cute

>> No.35613337

canadians getting uppity again

>> No.35613338

Have you considered becoming rare drop in gacha?

>> No.35613339

Pretty damn cute ears.

>> No.35613341

NijiEN is Ollie on steroids. I hate it

>> No.35613343


>> No.35613344

Use some of that cash for an English lesson, seanigger

>> No.35613346

Deep sexy voice.

>> No.35613350

Thanks my dude
Now i only need my oshi to say that

>> No.35613351

It's a really good song. Fits her well.

>> No.35613352

It was super rare before you get the first one, now it's the same as any other.

>> No.35613356

Marine is cute, but why do they keep playing these Japanese kusoge horror games?

>> No.35613362

The actual answer is neoteny. Why do you think all those shotacon and lolicon hags are all over an animal that never truly matures?

>> No.35613364

Ayamy is a whore.

>> No.35613365

Because they do this every year

>> No.35613372

Cheap shit, lots of viewers, what not to like?

>> No.35613374

Oh, sudden Okayu BlueRose

>> No.35613379

Not as good as Melody For You but it's so good too.

>> No.35613380

Gee Suisei, your mom lets you release TWO belters within the space of three months?


>> No.35613388

Noel....your luck reps...

>> No.35613389

Towa has literally never kept her promise because she cant stop being a lying cunt
Have fun getting excited for literally nothing and more shitty apex

>> No.35613390

Who's your oshi

>> No.35613391


>> No.35613392

Poorfag and ESL. Embarrassing.

>> No.35613395

smoka ASMR?

>> No.35613396

uhmmmm..... noeru???

>> No.35613399


>> No.35613400

ground typing mitigates it's electric weakness, and unaware and water absorb are both very good abilities

>> No.35613401

But she's a whore for her boyfriends

>> No.35613402

How the fuck Noel

>> No.35613407

A towaschizo what the fuck
This day is weird

>> No.35613408

>Towa is NOT a liar!

>> No.35613410

Thats a secret due to if i told anyone even more people would watch her wich would be gay

>> No.35613411

This is the cutest ohamachi I've ever heard in my life

>> No.35613412

looks like aqua

>> No.35613415

being a towa schizo doesn't work because everyone makes fun of towa for being a dumb whore, you moron

>> No.35613416

why is fubuki back to blowing ooopaaroopaa?????????

>> No.35613417

How many prizes were there initially?

>> No.35613419


>> No.35613420

Ohamachi too cute.

>> No.35613421

fubuki is mass producing oopa loopas now?

>> No.35613422

Once she has two, she will be able to breed them and will CRASH THE WHOLE MARKET with no survivors.

>> No.35613423

She wants to dominate the blue fish market.

>> No.35613425

Blue aholortel

>> No.35613426

Did Noel forget to put background music or is it supposed to be like this?

>> No.35613428


>> No.35613432

Friend stole all the hard work of Kanata, Nene and Botan when they are burning bad RNG. I hope Zhangbros get her.

>> No.35613433

they have so many iron, they just keep the buckets with rejected axolotl in it in chests

>> No.35613434

Supported by China

>> No.35613435

Aqua should breed oopa loopas...

>> No.35613436

I have been calling them アクソロトル all this time...

>> No.35613438

Okay, Okayu, I get it. Your imaginary Bluerose white dragon Suisei in your head is very wonderful.

>> No.35613439

Free content that she doesn't have to try too hard on. They're short so it's convenient for her to play in 1 stream. Just imagine it as filler content.

>> No.35613441

>already mass producing the blue ooparoopa
goddammit fubuki.....................

>> No.35613443

Why is Noel like this

>> No.35613444

So no one watched homo here after all, not even the homo spammer.

>> No.35613445


>> No.35613448


>> No.35613449

no sea or burgerpeople now

>> No.35613451

What's wrong with being supported by China? Chances are that your salary is being paid indirectly through Chinese investors. You should look into that.

>> No.35613452

what a whore

>> No.35613454

Has Okayu reacted to Suisei singing Mogu Yummy?

>> No.35613455

Same, i got like 3 weeks to go

>> No.35613456


>> No.35613457

By the time Kanata wakes up everyone on the server will have one. And then if she ever gets hers people will just assume she got it from Fubuki.

>> No.35613458

But she is blue upa already... Do you want to see her having children with peasant upas?

>> No.35613459


>> No.35613460


>> No.35613461

I am the Chinese investor

>> No.35613462

Noel just aim for the box at this...

>> No.35613463

Tokorea Towa...

>> No.35613464

homospammer only watch ENs

>> No.35613466

They were, you dumb nigger, have you ever seen what Mito moving in 3D actually looks like? She makes Marine look like a ballerina.

>> No.35613469

She'll just play until the hand of god comes in and help

>> No.35613470


>> No.35613471

>FBK talks about holostars
>-2k viewers


>> No.35613472

This is supposed to be a promotion right? After seeing that Noel and Flare can't get this object no matter how hard they try, I've decided not to play this

>> No.35613473


>> No.35613474

I'm revving up the wheelbarrows right now

>> No.35613475

She just talked all about it, and then sang Bluerose. She thought it sounded real cool hearing her singing it, and liked that Suisei caught that the song actually has surprisingly harsh lyrics.

>> No.35613477

wait for tomorrow, skunk fellas 3d is coming

>> No.35613478

zhang... invest to friend

>> No.35613479

I'm pretty sure Met is not Korean, so how are they gonna communicate? Last time around Bora had to translate 紫 for selly so they're not gonna make it on Japanese alone

>> No.35613480

She has 3 fucking oopas now hahahahhaha

>> No.35613481

Noel's hole...

>> No.35613482

I missed the Premiere, how are people liking Watame's new song?

>> No.35613483

Wait, Fubuki already has two blue oopa roopas.
It's over...

>> No.35613484

Yeah I noticed. No talk about the news here at all, but I bet when an actual homofag starts talking about it here, it will start spamming.

>> No.35613485

I like it. It's something new she is trying and I'm happy that I haven't heard a song of Watame's that I've hated yet. They have all been pretty good. The song has a hint of snail house imo

>> No.35613486

>don't worry girls, we got this

>> No.35613487


>> No.35613489

>3 blue ooopa loopas now

>> No.35613493

Alright, announcement time, in 2 minutes.

>> No.35613494

someone should assassinate all the blue upas, fubuki cannot hold this much power

>> No.35613495

Uragiri no Towy...

>> No.35613496

Okayu is sounding extra cute today for some reason

>> No.35613497


>> No.35613501

After you get two blue ones, you can breed them with virtually 100% success rate. Any new ones after the first two have no value anymore.

>> No.35613502

He didn't help them hard enough

>> No.35613503

The blue ooparoopa arc is OVER.

>> No.35613504


>> No.35613506

new outfit pls

>> No.35613507

>kami sama is a shitskin

>> No.35613510

Shut up cover shill. Tribalists like you should fuck off.

>> No.35613511

FBK crashing the market with blue oooparooopa inflation....

>> No.35613512

Fubuki just started the capitalism on holo server...

>> No.35613514

Haachama, the other blondies are fine and all but as they say, the best meat is the tender one.

>> No.35613515


>> No.35613516

go back nijitrannie

>> No.35613517

but Aqua is monke

>> No.35613521

problem, upacoin?

>> No.35613522

damn, gramps can move

>> No.35613523

Autism is a universal language

>> No.35613524

>the nijinigger cries out in pain upon being exposed

>> No.35613525


>> No.35613526

>you can actually see the dent

>> No.35613529

>Watame's new song is all about her demanding everyone become nocturnal and live on her fucked up sleep schedule ignoring the world around them

>> No.35613530

>she actually get into the hole in last turn

>> No.35613531

finally hit the hole when it doesn't matter

>> No.35613532

She was arrested last time though, so I imagine Subaru is getting new faces. There are certainly enough crimes to go around.

>> No.35613533

Announcement time

>> No.35613535


>> No.35613536

Towa is going to show off her Korean reps.

>> No.35613537


>> No.35613540

FBK will fill the rivers, lakes, and ponds with blue ooopas now......

>> No.35613541

Getting a second one is slightly above 50% per breed, it's really a non-issue. The only one that really matters is the first one.

>> No.35613542

It's good. I like it about as much as Melody For You, for different reasons.

>> No.35613543

Diurnal world is WRONG.

>> No.35613544


>> No.35613545

uhh I'm okay with this

>> No.35613546

Okayu has gone blind...

>> No.35613547

cool cat!

>> No.35613548


>> No.35613551


>> No.35613552

BML had over a million live viewers... I bet Suisei and Aqua would've loved to perform there, but, well, you know...

>> No.35613553


>> No.35613555


>> No.35613556


>> No.35613557

I'll kill my sleep for the sheep.

>> No.35613558


>> No.35613559

we cool?

>> No.35613560


>> No.35613562

snake oil merchant okayu

>> No.35613563


>> No.35613565

>> No.35613566

The nousagi is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a schizo, falseflagger, chink, globalfag, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a nousagi and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

>> No.35613567

i will never forgive friend

>> No.35613568

Why does Marine like watching men jack off?

>> No.35613569

Really suit Okayu.She looks silly

>> No.35613570


>> No.35613571

but okayu's eyes are so pretty...

>> No.35613572

Sounds like a plan ma'am

>> No.35613575

Suisei hates the chinks after they how ugly they made her last year.

>> No.35613576

I hate those glasses

>> No.35613577

Okayu is going blind...
Kanata is going deaf...
Botan is becoming infertile...
Towa is dying from HIV...

>> No.35613578

FBK will breed oopas until she gets a rainbow one...

>> No.35613579

The foreshadowing!

>> No.35613580

True. She has the most detailed eyes.

>> No.35613581

it's hot, fag

>> No.35613582

I too can pull numbers from my ass like bilibili

>> No.35613583

It the glasses from her APEX collab with Shion and Korone...

>> No.35613584


>> No.35613586

Towa only has herpes, NOT AIDS

>> No.35613587

The glasses are kinda floating over okayu's face

>> No.35613588

Because she's a woman

>> No.35613589

I want to EOP


>> No.35613590

>Botan is becoming infertile...

>> No.35613591

>> No.35613592

A million bugs are inconsequential, anon. And Suisei will never forgive the chinks

>> No.35613593


>> No.35613594

what a lewd thumbnail

>> No.35613595

Don't eat Temanyan. Okayu would be very sad.

>> No.35613599

>special thanks: watamates
she's not demanding it from them, she's joining them

>> No.35613601

She has a drinking problem.

>> No.35613602

Reminder that Towa is a traitor to the people of nippon

>> No.35613605

Thin Man had taken over Okayu's identity

>> No.35613607

I'm so proud of Okayu getting a PhD

>> No.35613608

Suityan love sheep's orisong

>> No.35613609

ah so that's why she called it blew axolotl

>> No.35613610

>> No.35613614

I think they want to really water down the impact of the IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT with not so important announcements being called important.

>> No.35613616

I'm already european, no adjustments required

>> No.35613617

Speaking of Thin Man, have a holo played Little Nightmare 2 before? I don't think so, right?

>> No.35613619


>> No.35613620


>> No.35613621


>> No.35613622

branch out a bit bro... it won't help, but it can't hurt.

>> No.35613623


>> No.35613625


>> No.35613626


>> No.35613628

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N16A2XNu0L4 Subaru
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqwKeddXPOg Okayu Premiere
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ltIaGid9W8 Moona

>> No.35613629

Gee Okayu how come you get 1 new costume a year

>> No.35613630

Now Subaru not only doesn't have a gaming chair to match everyone but also glasses.

>> No.35613631


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