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cute boy

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no one respects polka

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Lamy fucked up her throat AGAIN

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I wish Tenkyuu Suisei is her alternate outfit

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I want the dog to see my penis

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She should tone down the dick sucking

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I love Fubuki!
She's still trying to get a blue ウーパールーパー!

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I love my hungry wife Choco!

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Watame is mass producing Night Fever thumbnails

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I sent a dick pic when she was accepting gifts. I hope the intern at cover was happy when they saw it.

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Watame photoshop class

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Uma server down

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

I miss you Miko...

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Okayu is having a lot of fun with this.
>mario sunshine mitai

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>Ayame couldn't assemble an ikea desk
Ojou... This baby is in danger.

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Same, jeans sell it.

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towa need choco

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On Saturday…

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You do not have Watame membership.

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Ayame is dumb

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Yukihana Lamy

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So she got her boyfriend to do it...
She's so cute...

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Choco's bowel movement asmr
Embarrassed choco is exceptionally cute

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Okayu cute literally mogu

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that was loud

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This fucking woman need to eat

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You did not met Mikochi

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Why are Aquacrew spamming Fubuki's tags on twitter now?

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Sora Love!

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> watch lamy

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>Sora Lamy album

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People always say, if you want to live in Japan, you're a retarded weeb.

Well it's true. I'm a retard, that's why I think I'll fit in in Japan. People in my own country are too intelligent, while Japanese people are more on my IQ level

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>toeless socks
very nice

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uma, priconne and gbf down on KMR's birthday...

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Ayame hasn't changed her expression for 60 minutes. What a dedicated post modern artist.

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Do you also have fucked up buck teeth and random moles on your face?

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The day will come even we have mind broken Pekora enough for her to give us kisses on the regular...

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I have a membersheep

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my favorite is the heart eyes on the left

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you sound very upset

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what is the status of the BIG PLANS???

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i like having sex with dogs

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>"For about 6 months I never went the same direction as her. I always turned the other way and waited for her to go, so I could come back and head the same direction."

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here comes the voice training talk

>> No.35602306

spilled some water on them now they're WET PLANS

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kson's father is gonna moderate the DMs sent to kson.
I'm gonna send her some messages just talking to him, like wishing him a nice day or sharing a boomer meme

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I am once again asking YOU, my personal army, to help me get rid of these bugs

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No thanks

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Just send him Rushia lewds

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lmao do people seriously believe this shit?
Nakirigumi are truly the most retarded fanbase

>> No.35602320

Did some of them get deleted last time?

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Towa's teeth are big but they're not buck and her face is flawless not a blemish to be seen, which is amazing really when you consider how much she smokes

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good advice, I'll do it

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>Kanata 20k
>FBK 15k
Cuckfox fags on suicide watch

>> No.35602330

me 4th from the left on the top

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Wrong board, retard.

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Did Watame and her chat give you a cultic welcome, though?

>> No.35602334

which fanbase is the strongest lorewise??

>> No.35602337

I believe so since I keep saying new profiles every time I check the tags.

>> No.35602344

Yeah but that was 11 months ago when she had that ice farming stream

>> No.35602346

nene despite her new age has a plentiful basket of lore

>> No.35602347

koronesuki are the most durable

>> No.35602348

Nakirigumi survive on Ayame's bullshit. They've probably built up a hardy body with tons of resistances.

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Cat talk, food next.

>> No.35602352

We will never hear Jirunyan again...

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>more lamy monhun

>> No.35602354

Royaltea are literal PMCs

>> No.35602355

For people who watch her streams it's not that hard to believe...
She's known for high level of autism

>> No.35602357

It's honestly better if you ignore them. Fubuki just blocks the accounts and will never see the spam. They don't make new accounts frequently enough to be more than a minor nuisance.

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>it's suspicious or spam -> the hashtags seem unrelated
or what?

>> No.35602362

Koronesuki have the super healing factor.

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Go back to your member stream, filthposter.

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Not lunaito for sure

>> No.35602371

I never got my irasshai because I membered before the membership opening stream started. at least I know my exact membersheep number

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lamy is that friend who gets addicted to whatever the FOTM game is but then plays it for way too long after everyone stops

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>They all have Aqua images on their profiles
I used to think it was falseflagging, but some of those accounts are really old.
I’ll never forgive Aqua for the cancer she brought to hololive, even with Coco gone these chinks are still at it, now it’s Fubuki.

At this point just graduate Aqua so we can have some peace again.

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Shuba Shuba Shuba Shuba

>> No.35602384

Man you're fucking obsessed lmao

>> No.35602386

>suspicious or spam
>spam to a trend or hashtag
Is my go to

>> No.35602387

Watame lmao

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>5th original song

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>> No.35602396

Can I get an update on her ragnarok progress?

>> No.35602397

which holo has the puffiest vulva

>> No.35602398

Remember when we were lucky to get 1 original song a year from a holo...

>> No.35602401

If you join the royaltea, you could hear the first twenty or so seconds of the upcoming collab cover in Reine's last sunday membership stream at 2:05:00.
Just saying, you know.

>> No.35602403

God I fucking hate holos playing horror games the reactions are always so fucking fake since none of them are good at actually acting scared this Reine stream is actual torture with how obnoxiously fake she's being

>> No.35602404

I miss Coco...

>> No.35602405

>graduate coco and they'll leave
>graduate aqua and they'll leave
buzz off insect

>> No.35602406

SSRBs are jihadi experts.

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roboco's new setup looks pretty good
well, as good as youtube lets you stream, anyway

>> No.35602412

Only fanbases that have appeared in Alternative are powerful enough to even consider.

>> No.35602414

Well, there is your problem.

>> No.35602416

No wonder jihadists are so incompetent when they use candles as grenades

>> No.35602417

whichever has the most philipinos, the strongest race

>> No.35602419

>multiple originals from Watame
>multiple originals from Suisei
>another from Aki finally
>Ina releasing one some time
>Coco graduated to force an original out from Kanata
The time of originals is here.

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Reminder that Wataschizos don't actually have a membersheep and can make up anything about the member streams.

>> No.35602422

needs a geass edit

>> No.35602423

Don't even pretend the JP girls are any better

>> No.35602424

Horror games are fucking stupid in general.

>> No.35602425

>Natsuiro Matsuri
Your honest thoughts?

>> No.35602428

me ;)

>> No.35602429

I wonder if her new setup also has custom built case with her art on it, etc.

>> No.35602431

wow nkrg seriously is powerful
this is insane

>> No.35602432

No Lamy ASMR anytime soon...

>> No.35602433

Fandead are the strongest!

>> No.35602441

Are you saying this scream is fake?


>> No.35602442

She's cute and I hope she finds happiness.

>> No.35602444

What did choco just call me?

>> No.35602445

Shut the fuck up Risu

>> No.35602449

Cute, but crazy menhera, plays garbage games, needs help.

>> No.35602451

Why are you asking for member content leaks?

>> No.35602453

love her live stage performances

>> No.35602456

Post the Aqua one, made me feel like the girl actually died.

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>> No.35602460

She's getting fat again

>> No.35602461

You still want to play that fool's game when we literally spoiled you ID2, Yonkisei song and collab, Vsinger debute and Mori 3D?

>> No.35602463

I dunno, did she buy a completely new setup? If she got a third PC then she might've gone ahead and asked the same guys who made her case to make another one, but if it's an upgrade from the previous one then she'll probably be using the case she already has

>> No.35602464

I thought this was Aqua...

>> No.35602466

The hell is choco doing?

>> No.35602468

She is cute but she needs help.

>> No.35602469

Plenty of them don't fake their reaction, which you'd notice if you watched them. My Oshi doesn't for example.

>> No.35602470

What's this meme about Rushia putting people in fridges?

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>> No.35602475

Aqua shrieked like she was about to get raped in real life
It was pretty hot

>> No.35602477

Time for bifocals

>> No.35602479

ping pong chink chong

>> No.35602486

i want another 3D VR horror ayame...
the last one was great, it was so long ago...

>> No.35602488

I think it started with the collab with Ui and Tamaki, and typically it's just Ui who's in the fridge.

>> No.35602489

Dead flesh rots too fast at room temperatures.

>> No.35602490

Watame will upload a video of her birthday mug lightning up.

>> No.35602495

Watame is making fun of Yagoo...

>> No.35602500

Haachama return on the 16th and collab on the 17th visiting the EN server!

>> No.35602502

It's a jap thing about menhera killing her lover friend and hiding the head in the fridge, after a Ui Tamaki rushia collab, Ui was forced to live in a fridge for a joke.

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>> No.35602510

This is legit

>> No.35602512

Lamy said to beat up Yagoo

>> No.35602513

That was short

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>> No.35602520

It's already been 2 months

>> No.35602523

Watame confirmed a homo collab next week, followed by Kiara the day after

>> No.35602526

lamynglish is really something else.

>> No.35602528

>Gura collab on the 11th

>> No.35602531

>ayamecucks think this is big numbers
It wouldn't be a surprise if these retards are living in a cave to be honest.

>> No.35602532

>> No.35602533

stop lying

>> No.35602536

NIjuuichi anon...

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>> No.35602541

Watame just got a blue wumba lumba first try.

>> No.35602543


>> No.35602544

Watame just laughed at everyone who fell for the false news, she thought only boomers do that

>> No.35602547

Is there truly no way to get a hold of an actual human at twitter?

>> No.35602549

Cute once again

>> No.35602551

>kill nene

>> No.35602552


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>> No.35602556

Will Himemori-san keep her promise to Pekora?

>> No.35602559


>> No.35602564

>kanata currently most viewed
what did i miss?

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>> No.35602570

she already broke it during the choco stream ytd

>> No.35602571

Lamy is really missing the Yukimin love...

>> No.35602573


>> No.35602574

No and hardly any actual humans use twitter. That website is full of bots or 3rd worlders who shouldn't have access to internet.

>> No.35602575

>It's already been 2 months

>> No.35602576

Nene has the cutest "sad face" in Hololive and I accept no other opinions.

>> No.35602579

She ate Coco's body and now controls her fans.

>> No.35602580

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35602582

>> No.35602583

Thanks for the reminder.

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>> No.35602585

It is, you can count on one hand holos that make 38k USD in a single stream. Celebratory or not.

>> No.35602587

Deaf leeching bonus

>> No.35602588


>> No.35602590

Are we pro-matsuri or anti-matsuri?

>> No.35602591

Her coronation stream

>> No.35602594

I will literally just add a single black pixel to this when it's time anon

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>> No.35602599

Bets on how long Haachama will go before her next break? I give her 3 weeks tops.

>> No.35602601

> Since I haven't done any drinking stream, my YukiminXLove tank is running empty

>> No.35602606

ordered her nendo

>> No.35602607

>> No.35602609

There are more than 10 holos that can make money that big in a single stream. Stop being a fucking retard.

>> No.35602610

Why is the baby smug?

>> No.35602611

Don't care, didn't ask sheepfaggots

>> No.35602612

is lamy officially fucking yagoo?

>> No.35602613

I guess I had a stroke

>> No.35602618

>> No.35602620

Why does she lie like this? Yukimin shower her with praise and money 24/7

>> No.35602621

sorry to say Hime but the new stamp position is bad

>> No.35602623

Name what holos you think could make this with a low effort zatsudan put together last second where not even your model is active.
See above.

>> No.35602625

Lamy is being very parasocial right now

>> No.35602627

Successfully leeched some tatsunokos

>> No.35602629

you're not alone anon

>> No.35602631

Haachama's coming back this month, right? right?

>> No.35602638

Baiting superchats as usual

>> No.35602639

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3SpNc-cHs0 Flare Patra Debi

>> No.35602640

No, next month is more likely.

>> No.35602641

>I am debil

>> No.35602642

>i will end up becoming a dark elf if i don't stream

>> No.35602643

Lamy should drink semen

>> No.35602645

Flare and Patra are such a cute couple.

>> No.35602647

>with a low effort zatsudan
>comparing a zatsudan to a 1m celebration stream
lmao ayamecucks really are retarded.

>> No.35602649

did you miss Mio's fortune? It recently came to fruition.

>> No.35602650

Taiga is a bitch ass nigga

>> No.35602651

I wish I were older so I could have money to have a hololive sugar baby

>> No.35602652

This kind of behaviour is really unpleasant, I get why some people are into it but it feels really gross to me.

>> No.35602656


>> No.35602658

This word is an insult where I live.

>> No.35602659

Gonna send him a dickpic

>> No.35602661

doesn't matter that much when they get enough reports

>> No.35602665

>> No.35602670

My onahole collection

>> No.35602673

She'll surpass Miko's 1M celebration utawaku pretty soon. With only a PNG up. Why don't you start naming those holos anon?

>> No.35602675

Ayame just called Taiga an old fatfuck

>> No.35602676


>> No.35602677

I am Yagoo

>> No.35602679


>> No.35602680

your oshi will never be a woman

>> No.35602681

and this is why no one likes Flare

>> No.35602685

Marry Okayu
Fuck Okayu
Kill Okayu

>> No.35602686


>> No.35602687

>Flare cucking l*l*

>> No.35602689

Watame said she crashed the Cygames servers because KMR didn't include her in the upcoming Hololive collab

>> No.35602690

It's Lamy love....

>> No.35602694

Y-Yes I did time traveler

>> No.35602695

Yes yes I know, your wallet is opening on it's own.

>> No.35602697

She didn't say she did it but that she willed it

>> No.35602699

Lamy is the worst of her gen

>> No.35602701


>> No.35602706

what happens to the rejected oopa roopas?

>> No.35602707

You cared enough to reply

>> No.35602709

Rushia is on?

>> No.35602710

Not hololive, fuck off

>> No.35602711

Polka exists

>> No.35602713

>> No.35602716

Anon?? Where are those 10+ holos?? I can keep going for as long as I want.

>> No.35602717


>> No.35602718

sex with patra...

>> No.35602719

They were culled like the citizens of Nanking

>> No.35602720

kys heimin trash

>> No.35602722

Based lamy

>> No.35602725

Flareposters, we lost...

>> No.35602726

Getting unruly again?
Have a towa, cheer yourselves up

>> No.35602729

Why are heimin so weird?

>> No.35602731


>> No.35602732

Lamy sounds really fake when she does it.

>> No.35602733

Post OTPs

>> No.35602734

Really bad day today...
Can I get a very VERY cute picture of my oshi to make it better please?

>> No.35602736

How many more days until she becomes off topic like Aloe?

>> No.35602737

All women are fake tho

>> No.35602741


>> No.35602742


>> No.35602743

Towa's baby...

>> No.35602744


>> No.35602745

>hurr x larper with an anime avatar is fake
You know that they're all pretending, right?

>> No.35602746


>> No.35602750

Minus seven.

>> No.35602753


>> No.35602755

Who the hell is Worog?

>> No.35602756


>> No.35602758


>> No.35602759

Because Rushia is totally sincere....

>> No.35602760


>> No.35602761

Earth to anon???? I'm still waiting.

>> No.35602762

IRyS bebi...

>> No.35602764

Marine is Flare's girlfriend

>> No.35602765

The guy who got his birthday today.

>> No.35602768


>> No.35602769

Good old Evanescense

>> No.35602770

gokishit is the fakest gen and lamey is the fakest one in that fake gen

>> No.35602771


>> No.35602772


>> No.35602773

Those holos didn't have a fake comeback bonus

>> No.35602776


>> No.35602778


>> No.35602781

I never know YAGOO replied to Ayame airpod tweet

>> No.35602782

What is Luna doing?

>> No.35602784

is anyone else 4chan x broken?

>> No.35602785


>> No.35602787

Aloe is a whore and a quitter

>> No.35602788

Korosan is getting eigo jozu'd...

>> No.35602789


>> No.35602790

Wong you're wrong, at least she turns on her Live2D unlike Ayame

>> No.35602791

Watame just brapped on stream

>> No.35602792

L0L0 for gen 6...

>> No.35602793

Will always be on topic, fuck off MASS trash

>> No.35602795


>> No.35602796

I finally got my crown member badge. I'm happy.

>> No.35602797

Stop replying to bait. Your making yourself look like a schizo.

>> No.35602798

onigiriya are poor prison inmates, puresu understanddo

>> No.35602799

>Umapyoi Densetsu
But Ayame...you never play horsepussy...

>> No.35602800


>> No.35602801

lamy eats your stupid opinion

>> No.35602803

> I thought Marine got banned for putting a sensitive thumbnail, but I felt sorry for her so I never told her
WTF Lamy

>> No.35602805

Choco gave me multiple kisses today, later fags

>> No.35602806


>> No.35602807


>> No.35602810

Neither did she.

>> No.35602811

If you're getting the "Verification not required" message, you just need to enter anything into the box.

>> No.35602813


>> No.35602814

Watame is abusing her setup

>> No.35602815


>> No.35602817


>> No.35602819

It doesn't show post success messages or (You) s

>> No.35602821

I got mine just recently as well congratulations anon!

>> No.35602822

My yubi...

>> No.35602823

Watamates respawn.

>> No.35602825

I was going to watch Matsuri but heard a male and closed it

>> No.35602826

Lmao cope more, she got her "comeback bonus" yesterday.

>> No.35602828

>it's been almost a week since she left

>> No.35602830


>> No.35602831

I believe in my Lamy wife.

>> No.35602832

Hope she eats a cyanide pill next

>> No.35602833


>> No.35602834


>> No.35602835

just realized marine's past community and therefore member posts got deleted too as a result of the ban...

>> No.35602836

Feels like it's been months...

>> No.35602837

is koone american?

>> No.35602838

>shilling games on the main channel without disclosing they are being paid for it

>> No.35602839


>> No.35602840

>> No.35602841


>> No.35602843

I love her

>> No.35602844


>> No.35602846

Thank you anons.

>> No.35602847

How do you know that she's fake if you've never watched her

>> No.35602848

you're getting too dark

>> No.35602849

>ayamecucks and deltasharts seething over a literal non entity like lamy of all fucking things
Lmfao the absolute state

>> No.35602852

I have seen clips

>> No.35602853

I guess Gen5schizo needs some TLC too just like Marineschizo...

>> No.35602854

That's a good theory. Ayame cucks develop mental illness from repeatedly telling themselves Ayame cares and her 5th consecutive total ghosting is out of love.

>> No.35602855


>> No.35602856

I’m listening to this Luna stream and I keep thinking https://youtu.be/j7kQ1HFVsGQ will start playing.

>> No.35602859

BASED. Streamfags are gping to flip!

>> No.35602860


>> No.35602861

I think there's a mistake on the hololive homepage. They don't have any of the Chinese members that graduated on the website. But Coco is still on there, so isn't that odd? Maybe one of the Web developers made a mistake

>> No.35602862

And now dead hour begins

>> No.35602863

Does anyone have the long list of all of Delta's lies?

>> No.35602864

Miko was able to get hers back when it happened to her.

>> No.35602865

stop falseflagging /v/-kun

>> No.35602867

Lamy is a very important member of Hololive

>> No.35602869

Ayame has two streams worth of supacha backlog. And not just any streams, but record breaking revival and 1m milestone streams. Will Ojou be able to do it?

>> No.35602871

>> No.35602876

>> No.35602879

They made a mistake making a CN branch

>> No.35602883

When will my suffering end

>> No.35602885

>> No.35602886

Some retards were also trying to numberfag Lamy vs Watame. These threads are in a new dark age.

>> No.35602890


>> No.35602891

Yukimin are getting worse then Fandeads

>> No.35602892

reply to yourself again and ur PP will become 1cm smaller (from 3 to 2)

>> No.35602897

>> No.35602898

ayame is gone...

>> No.35602900

Towashit is so fucking shit I fucking love her so much. I fucking wish I can tell her how shit she is in person and kiss her right on her mouth multiple times.

>> No.35602901

>> No.35602902

Gokishit will never be hololive

>> No.35602904

Enjoy seething I guess.

>> No.35602905

>Some retards were also trying to numberfag Lamy vs Watame
It was Lamy and Watame vs Coco

>> No.35602907

Susan shitting on Lamy again

>> No.35602908

everyone loves gokilove

>> No.35602909

>That lyrical humming
Moona... I kneel.

>> No.35602910


>> No.35602911

It's soon going to be 1 year since 5th gen debuts and they still not hololive.

>> No.35602912

Watamates are getting really desperate these days. Mindbreak from Kanata, Ayame and now Suisei is just too much. I hope they get better soon.

>> No.35602913

Irys bebi...

>> No.35602915


>> No.35602916

>> No.35602917

It's actually Miko's baby

>> No.35602918

Towa mama...

>> No.35602919


>> No.35602920


>> No.35602921

And aloe will never be anything more than a fuckup and repeat her family's cycle destruction so it's a fair trade

>> No.35602923

I guess the reason no one really cares about that vsinger EN debut so far, is that there are already tons of good singer and vsinger out there to listen to.
They have not delivered any reason why you should watch her except for that design and yeah it is Hololive and EN. Watch out oversea bros!

>> No.35602924

Take your fucking meds

>> No.35602925

It's actually hoshiyomis on edge about the sheep's ever growing catalogue of songs

>> No.35602926


>> No.35602928

>> No.35602930

Watch Luna and shaddap!

>> No.35602932

Different set of numberfagging, but good to know that one happened as well.

>> No.35602933

Nobody likes gokishit
They should all graduate

>> No.35602934

Kanata has pretty good english, using "super" correctly, is super rare for a japanese lol.

>> No.35602936

>> No.35602942

I'm watching okayu, I don't understand Luna

>> No.35602944

Yeah, he's seethin again.

>> No.35602945

Watame is putting out several originals so who gives a fuck? Only one of those three actually doing anything is Suisei.

>> No.35602947

Wtf choco elf is being satanic

>> No.35602948


>> No.35602949

wrong board gokisharts

>> No.35602954

Lamy? more like Lamey!

>> No.35602956


>> No.35602957


>> No.35602958

Kanata's been doing her eigo reps offstream. She's probably not using Duolingo and is actually using a method of learning english that works, so she doesn't stream her progress.

>> No.35602959

>now roading

>> No.35602960

Why is he having a meltdown?

>> No.35602961

Where is your Shion image?

>> No.35602962

She absorbs information like a sponge and lives with Coco so I guess its to be expected

>> No.35602963


>> No.35602964

shionyo !!

>> No.35602965

Why the nigger playing with the devils?

>> No.35602966

She's not going to read them.

>> No.35602970

why aloeshart

>> No.35602971

We've all seen the menltdown over subs, no reason to hide it now.

>> No.35602972


>> No.35602974

>> No.35602975

Watch stream and stop being a parrot

>> No.35602977

Oh damn Moona singing AZKi's song Inochi

>> No.35602978

Woah how did you find that one? I figured that the admins would be too lazy to actually delete anything, and probably just made the site redirect to the homepage or something like that.

>> No.35602979

If all of 2nd Gen besides Subaru graduated, barely anyone would notice.

>> No.35602980


>> No.35602981

>Kanata has 3 times more views than Luna
Even Pekora couldn't save her, sad

>> No.35602982

Spotted the mentally ill hoshiyomi, don't you have some cum to consume? Or some drugs to take with your recording?

>> No.35602985

Watamates have never numberfagged about sub numbers, we are beyond such caveman behavior

>> No.35602986


>> No.35602987

Amane Kanata roommate channel


>> No.35602989

>> No.35602991

So where's the 3M vtuber?

>> No.35602992

>> No.35602993

It's cute you keep trying.

>> No.35602994


>> No.35602998

She told stories about taking online courses for both English and guitar, she probably wouldn't stream something like that anyway.

>> No.35603001

Still going to get more subs and more live viewers than gen 5, that's sad lol

>> No.35603002


>> No.35603004

>Watamates have never numberfagged about sub numbers
Can't tell if you are joking or not.

>> No.35603006

who's the cutest vtuber?

>> No.35603007

Look at how far she's come
I'm so proud of her bros.....

>> No.35603008

Being top female streamer is like being a winner at special olympics.

>> No.35603009

>ayamecucks are schizos
This will never not be funny

>> No.35603010

I thought that would lead to one of these monkey torture circles.

>> No.35603011

has the gen 5 schizo and marine schizo been seen in the same place

>> No.35603012

TWO collabs next week!

>> No.35603013

>top female streamer is 33rd overall
rumao rumao roru roru

>> No.35603015

Unreliable stats, this doesn't measure VODs which puts Gura at a disadvantage because most of her fanbase is spread out across different time zones and can't catch her live.

>> No.35603016

yab if true

>> No.35603017

Femalebros we're losing to hot tub and swimsuit streamers...

>> No.35603020

Show me any peer reviewed proof of this. You can't.

>> No.35603021

She called Flare a dark elf...

>> No.35603024

She mentioned something about using those apps that lets you to converse with natives

>> No.35603025

what the FUCK is a "SUISEI_HOSIMATI"???

>> No.35603026

>japan is still struggling with covid
roru roru
1st world country btw

>> No.35603028


>> No.35603029

Bitch do you not think the same thing is true for Pekora?

>> No.35603030


>> No.35603032


>> No.35603033

Not spoonfeeding you. You can check the archive to find the answer you seek to avoid.

>> No.35603035


>> No.35603038

man, the audio from their previous collab sounds SO different

>> No.35603042

Earlier in the reading

>> No.35603044

Now that's what I call Cope.

>> No.35603047

What's amazing about this is that
1. the top streamer does asmr and hottub streams, while pekora does neither. Pekora's colleagues do asmr streams but pekora is still more popular than them
2. Pekora streams in Japanese, 80% of her audience doesn't even understand Japanese but still watches her.
3. Pekora never shows her tits
4. Pekora is pretty bad at video games. Her metal gear playthrough was as bad as darksydephil's but she's still popular

>> No.35603048

You can just look at VOD views after the fact and see how Gura matches or surpasses Pekora there on a per vid basis.

>> No.35603049

Beibi streams are like hypnosis

>> No.35603051

Nah gokischizo doesn't even watch stream and just shitpost from things he read in thread.

>> No.35603053


>> No.35603054

Check the tier 3 member stream from 2021-04-01
about 380 minutes in

>> No.35603055

>Soneone shitposts Pekora
>Instant (you)’s
This proves noutoddlers are the ones shitting up the thread

>> No.35603056

I'm pretty sure there isn't any peer reviewed proof in the archives. You better link me to some research papers on the subject or concede.

>> No.35603057

Lamy is lonely and horny once again today

>> No.35603059

Why did you shitpost pekora anon?

>> No.35603060

No one watches gen 5 in the first place, not even the Japanese

>> No.35603062

Watch yourselves

>> No.35603064

Kanata is too fucking loud.

>> No.35603065


>> No.35603066

>FBK leeching Kanata

>> No.35603067

Watame just deleted Fubuki and Flare.

>> No.35603068

>shitpost about Peko
>reply to yourself
>make a meta post about yourself
Why is Towa like this?

Can't anyone free us from this hell?

>> No.35603070

Lamy needs to be bred....

>> No.35603071

noo.. rami don't go..

>> No.35603072 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35603073

>true otsulamy
S go inn de sxnnxmjjzjnsNndlskksmnsbdj, jkxsmmzndex nzmam

>> No.35603074

I know, it's so great.

>> No.35603078

Japan didn't get the vaccines as quickly because they required additional testing before they can use imported vaccines. This makes sense to me, you shouldn't blindly trust a vaccine developed on the other side of the planet

>> No.35603079


>> No.35603080

>using an app to speak with a native instead of speaking to coco

>> No.35603081

vroom vroom

>> No.35603082

That's Coco.

>> No.35603083

Moona so amazing

>> No.35603084

The original Marineschizo, Noelschizo and Gokisei schizo were all the same person with a distinct posting style. Don't know what happened to him, but the legacy of marineschizo is being continued by our favourite fujo, while the current Noelschizo/Gokiseischizo is some condommate from /vt/

>> No.35603085

I only shitpost Miko because she’s a fake whore who leeched from males when she was small and then abandoned them when she got big, she’s the definition of an awful person

>> No.35603088

She could be #1 desu

>> No.35603090

Kanata is too cute

>> No.35603091


>> No.35603092

Lucky food is strawberry

>> No.35603093

The top streamer does hot tub streams to about 18k people for 10 hours at a time, that's why her CCV is high.

>> No.35603094

That's a big sheep

>> No.35603095


>> No.35603097

She does instill brainwashing techniques to achieve absolute loyalty in lunaitos.

>> No.35603098

Chine is trustworthy though. Japanese dogs are just pussies.

>> No.35603099


>> No.35603101

How do you even keep track of that stuff?

>> No.35603103

>> No.35603105

>Never shows her tits
I STILL seething the fact that Hikosan made tons of props for Pekora in the exchange of hiding her chest with table just because her children are watching pecor


>> No.35603107

>Realized I misspelled my SC but it's okay because lamy can't understand it anyway...

>> No.35603113

wait is it rami or lamy?

>> No.35603114

I accept your concessions

>> No.35603115

This is the 5rd time I've seen this posted

>> No.35603116

He's the retard from 2 days ago huh...

>> No.35603118

>says the amerishart taking an rushed and untested vaccine with their clown world government backpedaling on shit every other day

>> No.35603119


>> No.35603121

Never left and I'll keep on calling out gokifaggots for thinking that their failed gen could ever outperform EN

>> No.35603122

Lamy has a very toxic relationship with Yukimin

>> No.35603123

Ramy deez nuts in ya mouf gottem

>> No.35603127

According to Ayanokoji, being number one means you gather a lot of attention. That's why she almost at the top place in every category but never care to become the first

>> No.35603129

Can you be any more cucked than donating your hard earned money to one of the top 5 richest streamers in the world? She makes as much money in one stream as you do in several months. She spends your money on condoms and a tinder gold account

>> No.35603131

When did Kanata inclined so much?

>> No.35603132

Watch streams

>> No.35603134

>China is trustworthy

>> No.35603135

I’m glad you guys are finally stopped pretending not to like the IDs

>> No.35603137

Dunno why but I can't watch Kanata longer than an hour

>> No.35603144

Leeching Coco and doing her monthly "endurance" stream where she can pretend that her being unentertaining is due to her being tired from the endurance stream.

>> No.35603146


>> No.35603147

Learn english

>> No.35603148

Why are you like this?
Just fucking talk about the stream like me and others here watching Moona atm singing beautifully, those who are interested tune in, those who don't are watching something else.

>> No.35603151

More like LAMEY

>> No.35603153


>> No.35603161

>Ctrl F deleted

>> No.35603167

Damn brat

>> No.35603168


>> No.35603169


>> No.35603170

This fine anon has answered your question >>35603151

>> No.35603171


>> No.35603172


>> No.35603173

You're shitposting? Luna is playing the electone and you're shitposting?

>> No.35603178

So if it's Lamy, then why is it called OKBR?

>> No.35603179


>> No.35603181


>> No.35603183

Because when I was do that there was fags calling it spam to speak on IDs

>> No.35603186

Yukimin sheep get out your whore is done streaming

>> No.35603187


>> No.35603189

is Luna ever going to play Air?

>> No.35603191

>Watamates and Lunaitos

>> No.35603192

A-rank Cat!

>> No.35603194

Why in the fuck are there like 8 individual holo threads and even fucking global's thread in the /jp/'s catalog? No wonder the 2hus have bitchung so much lately

>> No.35603196

There will always be some spiteful anti schizos, just ignore them.

>> No.35603200

idk what are Globaltards trying to achieve by doing this shit...

>> No.35603204

A-rank pussy!

>> No.35603207

ENG rep fag, watch her or shut the fuck up.

>> No.35603208

>You're not vibing with Luna right this moment
Why anon

>> No.35603209

That too.

>> No.35603210

>already being followed by some famous twitch streamers
Well that was fast

>> No.35603211

>there's a hololive global thread that's been up for 5 days
>hololive jp thread gets deleted
This means you should only talk about JP holos here and take your indog and enwhore talk to the global thread

>> No.35603213

The best part about those threads is watching 2hufags get banned for posting "wrong board".

>> No.35603216

I'm unironically playing white chronicles 2 right now

>> No.35603219

I know... How about another shitpost lunaito?

>> No.35603220

it's yukihana

I'm watching luna and kanata now

>> No.35603221


>> No.35603222

>all those chinks

>> No.35603223

>chinese partner
>chinese partner
>chinese partner

>> No.35603224

Lol learn what a mp3 is you stupid bitch

>> No.35603225

Why am I getting whorish vibes from Luna lately?

>> No.35603226

>> No.35603230

Can Shion and Lamy do an off-collab and show Marine how it's done?

>> No.35603231

>chinks and vshit

>> No.35603234

I wish jap holos would sing Piaf too.. even attempt..
I guess Suisei would have the best chance if she really trained one specific song.

>> No.35603235

mooner is singing sorry

>> No.35603236

Kanata is too loud

>> No.35603239

Looks like i can keep discussing Moona here like i've always done.

>> No.35603240

I'll watch Luna later today when Kanata ends, these electone streams are so good

>> No.35603242


>> No.35603243

Disgusting holo attracts disgusting followers

>> No.35603245


>> No.35603246

Nope JOPs are locked down again

>> No.35603247

>instantly deleted
Hey janny how about you post actual shitposts

>> No.35603249

>leeches and chinks

>> No.35603251

fitting for a whore

>> No.35603254

Limpdong is the shitposter

>> No.35603256


>> No.35603257

enjoy still wearing masks and having things banned while I go outside with no mask and everything open

>> No.35603258

Watching the moon

>> No.35603260

delete actual shitposts*

>> No.35603261

I don't know any of those people lol and I bet neither does pekora.
Wasn't there this American YouTuber once that kept trying to get Korones attention and she completely ignored him?

>> No.35603264

Why are 35P always so angry at Pekora?

>> No.35603271

But that was a schizopost that was deleted as it should

>> No.35603272 [SPOILER] 

>> No.35603274

>> No.35603276

Just because you amerilards dont give a shit and destroy things due tomyournretardation doesnt mean the rest of world is the same

>> No.35603277

Take meds nijinigger

>> No.35603279

If you're talking about the emo looking faggot and his furry girlfriend, they posted in every single holos chat.

>> No.35603280

I have only head bad things about that remaster. Such a shame too since I loved that game as a kid.

>> No.35603281

Been keeping a steady incline since she returned from hospital. Fes and Bloom helped the push, then her quiz streams got good views, Gakki arc was amazing, Miitopia helped too. She's been hosting tatsunoko since Coco's chink problems started but now the rest joined her.

>> No.35603282

It's good that they plan on playing it more than once

>> No.35603285


>> No.35603286

They don't know Pekora

>> No.35603287

I think it was mostly about bad coop as it's only for dungeons instead of everywhere.

>> No.35603288

Are they doing it with just Bakatare or getting a fourth?

>> No.35603289

Is that a..?

>> No.35603291

name literally one cute pure virtual vtuber

>> No.35603293

he says using the american language posting on an american website

>> No.35603294

It was a post questioning the rules around here since we apparently can't have a hololive JP thread while a global thread is allowed, nothing schizo about that

>> No.35603297

Just Bakatare. There is a Bakatare circus on Sunday if I remember correctly for some other game.

>> No.35603298


>> No.35603299

Hime soul

>> No.35603301


>> No.35603302


>> No.35603304

Well, if you spent more then a minute looking into it, you'd see that there are a few actual threads with discussion and a lot of posts, and everything else are husks specifically kept afloat for days just to trigger people. Obviously it's some schizo ops.

>> No.35603306

>virtual virtual tuber

>> No.35603308

I fucking kneel...

>> No.35603309

Kiryu Coco.

>> No.35603310

I miss Lamy already....

>> No.35603311


>> No.35603314


>> No.35603315

oh state of emergency is back..

>> No.35603316

there's is no hololive JP only hololive so yes that's a schizopost. hololive doesn't exist without ID and EN as they are the core of the company

>> No.35603317

These Oopas are kind of cool. I kind see the craze behind it. They should add more weird animals in the future because it gives some content.

>> No.35603318

Fish food freighting friend!

>> No.35603319


>> No.35603322


>> No.35603323


>> No.35603325


>> No.35603327 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35603329


>> No.35603331

It'd be nice but it takes them a year to do literally anything

>> No.35603332

Japanese people don't exist, they are just Mongolians.

>> No.35603333

Images they add banana slugs

>> No.35603334

The JP is a different branch from ID and EN and the fanbases are different even if there is some overlap

>> No.35603335

35P here. I love Miko but I also like Pekora, they're literally the only 2 holos that I watch

>> No.35603336


>> No.35603337

Which fanbase has the best posters?

>> No.35603340


>> No.35603342


>> No.35603343


>> No.35603345

Wrong. hololive fans are all hololive fans and there's zero difference between JP and EN/ID

>> No.35603346

kill yourself /v/ monkey

>> No.35603347

my daughter is cute...

>> No.35603348

Why did she abandon us bros?

>> No.35603349

another lovely piece played today hime sama

>> No.35603350


>> No.35603351


>> No.35603352

But can't we have JP only discussion thread?

>> No.35603353


>> No.35603354

I mean, oopas are cute and all, but the game had horses and breeding with not only complex color patterns on them, but actual stats as well, all through breeding with RNG. I'm surprised not a single holo decided to autismo herself a perfect horse.

>> No.35603355


>> No.35603356

what the fook did hiro do to captchas this time

>> No.35603358

Because only schizos want that and we don't cater to schizos in here

>> No.35603359

I'm a fan of JP holos but don't like EN/ID so you are objectively wrong

>> No.35603360

She spread out her wings and became glue for us...

>> No.35603361


>> No.35603363


>> No.35603364


>> No.35603366


>> No.35603367


>> No.35603368

Who the fuck is gonna use a horse in a post-elytra world?

>> No.35603369


>> No.35603370

When she collabed with Moona, a ripple of autism went through the Internet...it was at that moment that Cover knew that she was too dangerous

>> No.35603372

Don't tell me you don't know Yuichi Nakamura...?

>> No.35603373

If you aren't watching Luna you are doing yourself a disservice

>> No.35603374

you are just a schizo

>> No.35603375


>> No.35603376

I mostly just watch my oshi who is JP. I probably couldn't even name all the ID/ENs.

>> No.35603379

Im watching the other moon

>> No.35603380

>> No.35603386

Friendly reminder.

>> No.35603387

Who's "we", limpdong? You and your seatranny friends in the IRC?

>> No.35603388

That's like saying the fans of FF7 are the same fans of FF1 2 and 3 despite not playing any of them

>> No.35603389

You should stop projecting and accept you need to go get some meds

>> No.35603390

Calliope-sama asked for a fire remix and she'll get one.. a hot pile of garbage that is. I swear this was a good idea in the beginning

>> No.35603392

I like Sugita slightly more desu

>> No.35603394

>replying to a globaltard

>> No.35603395

Tell me again why getting retweeted by nip e-celebs like this is okay but Mori collabing with Gigguk or VShojo is a sign of the end times?

>> No.35603396

But Mooners is still live. I watch Luna after

>> No.35603403


>> No.35603406

That got deleted fast

>> No.35603407

rent fucking free, limpdong

>> No.35603408

Soro soro say goodbye to penis privileges deadbeat.

>> No.35603409

>self deletion

>> No.35603410

isn't nakirium just semen?

>> No.35603411

>nip e-celebs
Fuck me, this is a bad bait.

>> No.35603412

kanata's been going strong for about 2h now, when do you think she starts talking less?

>> No.35603413


>> No.35603414

All this could be avoided by having a thread dedicated to just the JP holos so you can thank the retarded jannies for this

>> No.35603416

How is that even comparable? Take your medication

>> No.35603418

It got deleted before the minute deletion cooldown

>> No.35603420

Mori is cute

>> No.35603421

>e celeb.

>> No.35603422

I just want a holo who's a sexy dumb slutty bimbo COVER PLEASE is that so much to ask

>> No.35603425

>> No.35603427


>> No.35603428

Watch Propro

>> No.35603430


>> No.35603431

She is on hiatus because God knows whatever reason.

>> No.35603432

I love Luna

>> No.35603433

>> No.35603434

>Luna messed up
Gomen hime, i'll have to spank you...

>> No.35603435

it didn't, ENshart
go falseflag somewhere else

>> No.35603437

Pekora mentioned today that lately there have been quite a few times where she has been feeling rather down and streaming lets her forget about that stuff, so this relation is a win-win for her and the nousagi with her healing them and them healing her(She was reading a superchat saying, among other things, that her streams gives him relief)
She also mentions that when it comes to things you do to reduce stress and make you forget about things that bring you down, for her that is streaming and says that if she didn't stream then all she would do would be to just sit stupefied doing nothing.
Then she says that it is thanks to this exchange that she has with the nousagi, the fact that it exists makes it so that she can continue on living like a normal human-like rabbit.
Because if she didn't speak with the nousagi like this then the only other people she'd be talking with would be her family, and during meetings and talks with her manager and such. She stresses this point a lot, emphasizing that she is not joking.
And you can understand that from her bringing up an example that earlier on she had a very rough voice and that is because she doesn't talk sufficiently.

She is so perfect...

>> No.35603438

That is some great singing Luna.

>> No.35603439

just go back to /vt/ globalchama

>> No.35603441


>> No.35603442

Haachama… Nene… Mel…

>> No.35603445

Luna heals my soul

>> No.35603446


>> No.35603447

>> No.35603452

>that her streams gives him relief
who are talking about? who is getting handjobs from pekora?

>> No.35603456

For me, its Moona singing

>> No.35603457

Pekora wa Pekora

>> No.35603458

First they came for the watamates...

>> No.35603459


>> No.35603460

I remember when he talked about seeing vtubers for the first time when he was recommended Marine, Noel and Pekora by Youtube but seems like he only ended up following manjigumi and Fubuki...

>> No.35603461

>talking less
Maybe if you add a whole bunch of people to voice chat

>> No.35603463

>lately there have been quite a few times where she has been feeling rather down
Sounds like the lack of creative freedom is getting to her and she wants to graduate. Don't be surprised if 110 becomes active again soon.

>> No.35603467

enjoy your ban lol

>> No.35603469


>> No.35603470

Yeah that's great, but pekora isn't your friend, she only sees you as a wallet

>> No.35603472

The true leaks start now!

>> No.35603473

>All this could be avoided by having a thread dedicated to just the JP holos
>Reine's collabs with JP
>Apex collabs
>minecraft stuff
>Holo does totsu and EN or ID calls
>etc etc
It wouldn't solve a shit, it would be just another split schizo autism all over again.

>> No.35603475

Stop ban evading

>> No.35603477

but she definitely talks less when she's tired, check out the undertale endurance runs she did

>> No.35603479


>> No.35603480

if moona did her english reps instead of japanese her utawakus would be S tier

>> No.35603482

what a lad

>> No.35603483

Maybe Ayame is actually a famous seiyuu and all the narratives about her being lazy isn't true, she just has a very busy irl job

>> No.35603487

Giantess Luna...

>> No.35603490

is roboco a unicorn??

>> No.35603491


>> No.35603496

She's just playing Minecraft, when it's a chill game she never stops talking

>> No.35603497

It's a very dangerous relationship because both nousagi and pekora herself are in a correspondant parasocial kind of relationship. Pekora is kind of stranded without anyone to direct her anywhere, very cute bunny. I still need to catch up with todays stream.

>> No.35603498

I want to show my disease ridden dick to Okayu.

>> No.35603500

what if he compliments your dick

>> No.35603502


>> No.35603503

Pretty funny going through the posts.

>> No.35603504

>collaborations that will never appear again with the participants in it

>> No.35603508

I think it's more to do with the fact that Nakamura is a fat ojisan now.

>> No.35603510

t. low nakirium or T, or high copium

>> No.35603511

The best relationship is one of mutual insecure jealousy and codependency
If she is jealous of you and you are jealous of her and you are both codependent on one another, neither you or she will ever:
-cheat one one another
-break up with one another
-get bored of one another
-take one another for granted
-stop trying to impress or entertain one another
-stop trying to make the other person feel loved
-stop finding new ways of enjoying one anothers company
-stop finding ways of spending time with one another
-stop having sex with one another
-stop being exclusive to one another
-stop being emotionally open and available to one another

this is what living is about. dating a jealous, codependent menhera while being one yourself is what true love is.
and the meaning of life is love.
Why is this important?
Simple. Because Japanese otaku/hikki female vtubers are so bizarre and insecure that they can get jealous and codependent over the fictional representation of the gestalt consciousness of their viewers.
And if the viewers are just as menhera, the truest form of love can be forged between the two

but you wouldn't understand.

>> No.35603514

EN/ID talk would be banned outside of collabs with JPs and the people who usually watch EN/ID can talk about those collabs in their own thread

>> No.35603522

Do you think Okayu cares that my dick is disease ridden?

>> No.35603524

Damn, Moona is killing it

>> No.35603525

I guess, the concentration required is way less so you're probably right

>you either live long enough to be the fatty you used to laugh at, or die becoming young in your un-fat state
just think about all the holos who'll become fat in 20 years.
I place bets on sora being slim forever though

>> No.35603526

>everything I don't like is schizo
What a fucking schizo.

>> No.35603529

Why is Haoni such a coomer

>> No.35603530

What if we had a duo of holos one of which acts incredibly lewd and slutty but is actually 100% pure, and the other acts pure and wholesome but is actually a complete whore?

>> No.35603531

Why not though? Everyone is still alive, in Hololive and gets along as well as they did or better.

>> No.35603532

timestamp for when she starts talking about that?

>> No.35603534


>> No.35603535

remove 35pajeets

>> No.35603536

Love Luna.

>> No.35603540

Nothing that we didn't know before, that she treasures the parasocial relationship she has. She's a hiki with no other outlets and more free time than the average fag here, which can pretty much fuck up with anyone's mental health. Of course, Covid doesn't help.

>> No.35603542

have you seen her face? Of course not

>> No.35603544

I love this played by Luna. It sounds quite perfect

>> No.35603545

You can talk about them when they're having a collab and are relevant, just like how this thread can talk about Selly if he's collabing with Towa again but doesn't bring him up for no reason otherwise.

>> No.35603546

If you like japshit you are schizo
simple as

>> No.35603547

Friend fucking loves Nakamura, good for her.

>> No.35603554

I think that one is probably a lot different, she never really slows down in streams where the content itself isn't exhausting her (is there an example of it without another thing confounding it?). I accidentally deleted most of my post's text fixing a typo and then it just looked like a rude post so I deleted the whole thing.

>> No.35603555

Which holo has definitely dated a yakuza member before?

>> No.35603556

but you won't see those same four participants appearing in a collab ever again
excepting maybe hologra
or a collab on the hololive youtube channel, or niconico
they're almost certainly never going to collab ever again

>> No.35603557

Only one of them would be acting.

>> No.35603558

Everyone thinks of Flare as a dark elf, it's just that Flare is too autistic or knows shit about fantasy.

>> No.35603559

The electone is playing, all is right in the world...

>> No.35603563


>> No.35603567

The superchat that leads into the convo starts somewhere around 1:48:16

>> No.35603568

Anyone have a clip of Marine and Aqua singing PreCure opening? I couldn't find it in my folder of hundreds of clips.

>> No.35603569

it's been one year...

>> No.35603572

On a board about otaku culture aptly named /jp/? I guess you're right.

>> No.35603574

Manjigumi seem like the perfect vtubers for oji-san that can't watch stream as often.
They are young chicks and you rarely missed their stream.

>> No.35603575


>> No.35603577

>> No.35603581

I mean, the probability is low since they are kind of random and not a collab unit, but it can happen.

>> No.35603588

The tag of the board has nothing to do with the content
Hololive is not about japanese content, it's about vtubers from around the world.

>> No.35603589

schizo is something a zoomer would say im 30 years old im too old for that
*watches anime girls stream*

>> No.35603591


>> No.35603592


>> No.35603593


>> No.35603594

Has there been an increase in lunaitos?

>> No.35603596

Okite Okite

>> No.35603597


>> No.35603600

The BIG PLANS are happening in August, now it's confirmed!

>> No.35603602

What was his name again?

>> No.35603603

>The tag of the board has nothing to do with the content

>> No.35603605

I just like the electone

>> No.35603606

you need to be over 30 to post in this thread

>> No.35603607

Any juicy rrats atm?

>> No.35603608

Gen 6...

>> No.35603609

remember the chink that got doxxed for leaking this
and that black asian gay redd*tor?

>> No.35603610

/jp/ is not about japanese content, it's about hololive from around the japan.

>> No.35603611

Not a lunaito but I always watch her piano streams

>> No.35603612


>> No.35603613

1st Gen - all of them are weird
2nd Gen - relatively normal
Gamers - actually wholesome
3rd Gen - soap opera
4th Gen - the only normal one is a "devil"
5th Gen - ???

I'm very excited to see!

>> No.35603615

The chink's, or the guy's who tried to pass off the chink's work as his own?

>> No.35603616


>> No.35603618

most fantasies just have regular elves in them instead of going into two separate races of dark and regular elves anyway
and it's not like the character designers for the holos are experts at western myth and lore

collabs aren't random, people can ask other people to collab and excepting collabs outside main branch, you can probably just ask any person you want to collab with and it's up to them to accept it or not, schedule dependent of course
see that one stream where suisei went and asked like 6 or 7 people to collab with her ON STREAM as an example

>> No.35603620

My body is leady.

>> No.35603621

Luna said to Coco before her graduation that she'll surpass her. She never lies

>> No.35603622


>> No.35603623


>> No.35603624

ID has been allowed and welcomed here since it started and the idol threads also talk about ID branches as much as JP
/jp/ has nothing to do with Japan

>> No.35603625

August 19th a 3D will happen that contains a MASSIVE announcement

>> No.35603629

Cat sneeze...

>> No.35603631

yes I oshi Luna now instead of Ayame. Sorry Ojou

>> No.35603632

>relatively normal
>the girl that sleeps for 18 hours a day in her 20s and has 6000 hours on ARK

>> No.35603633


>> No.35603634

Luna please don't end....
At least Ars is streaming

>> No.35603635

Right thread, king.

>> No.35603636

So what's the point of Hololive Global on this board again?

>> No.35603637


>> No.35603638

>people who usually watch EN/ID can talk about those collabs in their own thread
This is our thread though

>> No.35603639

Lamy is made for cum

>> No.35603640

>still replying
Bet you like to shitpost too huh? Can't ignore the faggot eh?

>> No.35603643

Hime is drilling this music into my neurons.

>> No.35603645

>4th Gen - the only normal one is a "devil"
Towa is the weirdest one though

>> No.35603646

>FBK still leeching
No shame

>> No.35603648

jp is about niggy, onaholes and jav thats the true heritage /jp/ culture

>> No.35603649

The chink who leaked it

>> No.35603651

Hololive is a japanese vtuber agency, so every japanese gen of hololive can be discussed here, everything else "worldwide" fucks off back to >>/vt/

>> No.35603652

Ars is like the niji Luna, after Luna left niji.

>> No.35603657

don't forget tripfags and anime screencaps

>> No.35603658

>top tier design right into the trash just because of yab
Holy shit, I still don't know who to blame. Triangle for having a big mouth, jap antis or Cover for hiring inept managers.

>> No.35603660

fellow shitposters, if you’re getting the Verification not required on your captcha,type TOWA and your post will go through

>> No.35603662

5th gen are failures

>> No.35603663

Fubuki kissed Kanata... I'm sorry Watame.

>> No.35603666

The true culture of /jp/ is the schizos we made along the way

>> No.35603668

Triangle for being a weak bitch who ran away at the first sign of trouble.

>> No.35603672

>talk about ID branches
kek you don't even go there. bet you just typed jkt48 on warosu and go "oh there are hits so they talk about ID branch"

>> No.35603673

the secondaries don't even know about niggy anymore.. it's over lad.

>> No.35603674

The only failure is Aloe

>> No.35603675

Pekora confessed to miko but she got rejected because miko is just larping as a lesbian

>> No.35603677

I sleep 18 hours a day in my 20s and have 6000 hours in Factorio
Would me and Choko make a good pair?

>> No.35603678

have any Holos gotten a blue oompa loompa yet?

>> No.35603679

/jp/ is dead when the jk thread was nuked.

>> No.35603680

Is there something wrong with me showing the JP schizos the way out?

>Hololive is a japanese vtuber agency
Correct and this japanese agency hires non-japanese people who are apanese by extension when working for a japanese company

>> No.35603681

Which generation is the most autistic?

>> No.35603683

Guess I should stop zoning out when she reads a superchat, though most times they say the same thing.

>> No.35603684

It worked.

>> No.35603686

Kanata's bad breath...

>> No.35603688

>literally just liz
>top tier design
Can you fucking /alter/ refugees fucking stay in your no-content ridden shithole for the entire year? Thanks.

>> No.35603692

Coco had an affair with Yagoo pre-graduation. In order to not create a havoc in Hololive she retired before it.

>> No.35603693


>> No.35603696

>august 6th
>one year
Do your fucking counting reps

>> No.35603697

Have a fucking guess...

>> No.35603698

Then I encourage you, my friend, to try and post "vtubers from around the world" in /vyt/ or /103.50/.
>idol threads also talk about ID branches as much as JP
>All AKB sub-groups and related Japanese *48 groups welcome.

>> No.35603702

/jp/ loves JKT48

>> No.35603705

>Family wants her to get married
>She tells them she’s going to be alone forever
Time to ask for her hand in marriage

>> No.35603707

Watame all day 1 hour streams.

>> No.35603708

Don't forget 2hus.

>> No.35603709

>collabs aren't random
I'm not saying "literally random", more like 1-2 people have an idea for a collab and grab whoever is up for it without much thought or buildup or whatever else.

>> No.35603710

jesus, how are you still alive?

>> No.35603711

Towa may be very girly but she is still weird.

>> No.35603712

towa killed /jp/~
its towa's fault~

>> No.35603713

JKT48 is dying...

>> No.35603716

ID was allowed here at first because almost nobody watched them. Then the EN branch brought in a million EOPs who don't even watch JP holos and shit up the thread with EN/ID posting

It's clear to anyone with a working brain that the fanbases for ID/EN and JP aren't the same

>> No.35603719

We aren't as autistic as them

>> No.35603720


>> No.35603721

Say 1 nice thing about your oshi!

>> No.35603722


>> No.35603724

What the fuck are you on about retard?
I'm talking about
>If you like japshit you are schizo
which is ironic (and funny) on a board about otaku culture.
Take your meds, you unironic schizo.

>> No.35603727

What's the hololive global thread then?

>> No.35603729


>> No.35603730


>> No.35603731

>goalpost moving at the speed of cope

>> No.35603737

KanaTowa baby...

>> No.35603742


>> No.35603743

What's that.

>> No.35603744

towsama SEX

>> No.35603745

Watame throwing shade at Fubuki

>> No.35603746

Gen 4 has every member with an autism count of 1000, for a total of 4000
Gen 2 has Aqua and Choco with autism count of 5000 and 2000 respectively
So it's not even close

>> No.35603747

>big mouth
she was a kid who didn't know how to keep secrets or about work etiquette in companies when she got accepted, getting the model doesn't mean you're supposed to show it to your audience
that said she shouldn't even have been given the model if she wasn't going to do testing without streaming to a whole fuckton of people, among whom would be some retards who don't know how to keep secrets either

ah, well that's true
luna and marine's collab was totally unexpected but really funny, they should do more if they feel like it. Their chemistry is pretty good

>> No.35603748

Lots of new members for Luna today.

>> No.35603753

Those things barely happen once a week. And if they do happen then yes they are related to JP.

>> No.35603755

A thread that only exists because of splitschizos. There should only be one hololive thread because these threads are one and the same and no one sane wants separate threads

>> No.35603758

You don't become Japanese by getting hired by a Japanese company, you will always be a SEAdog

>> No.35603759

>> No.35603760

Yeah, what a bitch for not ending the collab after 1 hour.

>> No.35603762

This is what happened instead of KanaTowa3D. And now their bebi is debuting as a Vsinger.

>> No.35603763

I feel like your autism count for Choco is too low

>> No.35603764

this retard is obviously raiding this board.

>> No.35603769

>​[EN] W: Well for me I am the type that can play however long
Shots fired

>> No.35603770

Thread status?

>> No.35603775

Same EN/ID discussion always happens during the same timeslot.

>> No.35603778

Aqua butt

>> No.35603779

>globaltard larping as oldfag

>> No.35603782

an important announcement will save us

>> No.35603783

Will Luna do asmr ever again?

>> No.35603787


>> No.35603788

She is pretty creative.

>> No.35603789

Why isn't it being deleted then?

>> No.35603790

>of 2000
Anon Choco grinded 200+ levels in Minecraft at one farm. Without being AFK, listening to endermen screaming in agony for hours. 2000 is WAY too low.

>> No.35603791

It's not about the model, never was, she even said on her apology stream that management had given the go-ahead to test the model there. The big mouth was her getting caught talking about Chitose and angering a bunch of fans from the other company.

>> No.35603792

thank you anon

>> No.35603794

Aqua slapped Pekora's knee right in front of Miko, causing tensions between the three of them

>> No.35603795


>> No.35603797

Fuckers just got back from work and instantly jump on their pc to shitpost every fucking day

>> No.35603799

Jesas Moona has been singing for more than 3 hours now

>> No.35603800

Which holos played Crystal Chronicles, I was stuck in covid can when it came out.

>> No.35603801

>> No.35603802

I can assure you that the akb thread called jkt girls monkeys until the indonesians gave up posting them

>> No.35603804

>> No.35603806

Isn't nanora banned?

>> No.35603808

This but unironically

>> No.35603809

I think we should stop replying to bait

>> No.35603810


>> No.35603811

Bakatare is playing it tomorrow

>> No.35603813

Reminder that your oshi should graduate if she either:
-doesn't have 1m subs by now
-made less than Ayame in her 1m celebration stream
Ayame is the ultimate litmus test.

>> No.35603818


>> No.35603819

>> No.35603820

shit bait

>> No.35603821

She's Lamy

>> No.35603822

It's not a rule breaking thread, it's just a second thread about hololive

>> No.35603824

Her lungs and throat are in really top shape.

>> No.35603826


>> No.35603827

>fix sleep schedule
>miss every good stream

being a handsome overseas guy isn't all it's cracked up to be

>> No.35603828

So my oshi has to get undeserved numbers and be a useless whore to be like Ayame?

>> No.35603833

>> No.35603834

...then why is Hololive JP thread deleted?

>> No.35603835

Do you like fairies, /hlg/?

>> No.35603836

Did you really think Luna would honor her promises? She didn't even write Coco a letter and refused to break character for her own purposes.

>> No.35603837

I still look at the niggy posts in the archive to laugh and how much anguish he gave the maids

>> No.35603838

Those guys should have been banned for racism what the fuck

>> No.35603839

>It's the same person who spams ID screencaps

>> No.35603840

Only for that one stream at the end of it, which is a shame.

>> No.35603841

How does she do it?

>> No.35603842

Which holos are ovulating this week?

>> No.35603844

pomu love

>> No.35603846

Just fucking stop retard

>> No.35603847

Yagoo keeps buying bots

>> No.35603852


>> No.35603853

Did you enjoy the stream anons?

>> No.35603854

No such thing as undeserved numbers. Your oshi is just not as talented if Ayame can outdo her while putting 0 effort. Hololive is a very level playing field for all holos.

>> No.35603855

I've seen so many posts talking about what a good singer Moona is. She seriously sounds like a drunken deaf person trying to sing.

>> No.35603856

Because it's a rule breaking schizothread that's not needed. No one wants a hololive JP thread while a lot of people are fine with hololive global.

>> No.35603857

all of them

>> No.35603859

one day we will get ASMR.. and fashion stream..do you remember she did that pol about APEX, Marika and Splatoon.. She forgot

>> No.35603860

Pomu is cute!

>> No.35603862

like always

>> No.35603864

Why are you like this lmao, just enjoy streams you're interested in.

>> No.35603865

I like dragons more.

>> No.35603867

>break character
Luna is Luna

>> No.35603870

Does anyone has the Ayame schizo copypasta made by a heimin of all things?

>> No.35603873

I know Pomu's roommate IRL and it's weird when you guys call her cute

>> No.35603874


>> No.35603875


>> No.35603877

quick someone post towa

>> No.35603878

Oh yesh

>> No.35603880

Yes I love Luna

>> No.35603882


>> No.35603883

Nanora is identity

>> No.35603887

The only right answer.

>> No.35603888

Other way around actually.

>> No.35603890

>still image
>rakes in millions

>> No.35603892

Luna = Jesus

>> No.35603893

Why am I a retard? Why is Hololive Global okay and Hololive JP isn't?

>> No.35603895

Keep going anon they're going to crack eventually

>> No.35603896

Would you guys move to /vt/ if you were allowed a Hololive JP only thread?

>> No.35603897

>fashion stream
I wanted that since the first one happened... Maybe we could remind Luna? She does seem forgetful...

>> No.35603899

The superchats themselves are usually uninteresting but sometimes she strikes up a good convo from them.

>> No.35603901

very much chu!

>> No.35603902

Which rule does it break? Name the rule. And which rule did the kana thread break? "Don't trigger globalshits"?

>> No.35603912


>> No.35603913

Fuck off

>> No.35603915


How do I find ranked matches this wholesome?

>> No.35603916

Why are you piling on me? Just enjoy streams you're interested in while I ask this larping meido about why there can be two /djt/, Hololive Global, multiple individual threads with one for each EN, but a single thread named Hololive JP is deleted.

>> No.35603918

The katakana thread actually claims to be a "JP focused" thread now even though just a few months ago they were dogpiling anyone that didn't like EN or ID.

>> No.35603920


>> No.35603925

was it really?
well the thing is that the autists got really stuck on that point about her revealing her outfit and I don't think they'll let that go, just like how there are retards who probably still won't let go the point about marine and miko talking about doujins on stream, or about the people who joked about janitors
then again I suppose you're right, it's probably the fact that she stuck out for pointing out things that made her get all the heat, and the main reason why she won't stream in public to this day, because of the bad image that people have of her for speaking about a fellow streamer behind their backs
japs are just as fucked in the head as the mainlanders and their kin, to be perfectly honest

just watch VoDs

>> No.35603926

Time to do my reps. Today I will learn animal vocabulary.

>> No.35603929

I've posted the same feedback for everyday since 4 days ago.

>> No.35603934


>> No.35603936

It feels like she's been feeling down more recently which is a shame but understandable given things like Coco's graduation. Still, it's always nice hearing her say stuff like this about streaming being a win-win situation. Thanks for the summary, it confirmed that I actually fully understood that conversation without having to go back a second time to see if I missed anything.

>> No.35603938


Dark elves have been a thing in eastern media since long ago and if it is like you say then I'm disappointed in Lack papa.

>> No.35603946

the feedback form is just another way to catch naughty trouble makers and punish them...

>> No.35603948

Literally fuck off. The fact that this shit is still being asked from retards that can't do their fucking archive reps proves how fucking new you are

>> No.35603950

Flare is clearly a drow.

>> No.35603956

I'm pretty sure it's been told numerous times, you just don't like to hear the reality, that's why it's pointless.

>> No.35603960

Why can't you answer?

>> No.35603961

Hurea Do'Urden

>> No.35603962

She can really hit these notes, color me impressed. Especially considering how she sounds like a goblin when talking regularly.

>> No.35603963

What's next? Gen2 only? Gokisei thread? Indulging the splitfags always bring more problems.

>> No.35603967


>> No.35603968

except lack papa is just an artist, he's not the main guy in charge of character design in hololive management
artists can probably have input, just like the holos themselves can, but they're not the ones to have final say. See the example of marine's papa being turned down multiple times when he was making the dakimakura for her, for one

>> No.35603970

Minecraft Uma Musume

>> No.35603972

Kanata is creating an entire industrial supply of OOPA LOOPAS to displace the Japanese whaling industry and you're just here sitting on your thumbs.

If Towa was here, this atrocity wouldn't stand.

>> No.35603974

Yonkisei only with Kanata discussion banned

>> No.35603975

Why can't you fuck off and do your archive reps? Retarded newfaggot

>> No.35603976

Drow are actually evil though
>B-but Drizzt!
The exception that proves the rule

>> No.35603979

Why does it anger globalshits so much much that people don't care about EN

>> No.35603983

No schizos allowed, you should stay here with all the flith.

>> No.35603984

Why are Kenzoku like this?

>> No.35603987


>> No.35603988

Try me.

>> No.35603994

Yeah we love EN and ID in the katakana thread.

>> No.35603996



>> No.35604003

Your kind will fall and the glory days of yonkisei will begin!

>> No.35604005

Didn't expect Okayu to like this game enough to endurance it. Should have known better.

>> No.35604006

I hope you get your ass banned

>> No.35604011


>> No.35604014

Yellow taxi...
Fire hydrant..
Parking meter..
Traffic light...

>> No.35604016

are oppai mousepads good for you

>> No.35604019

you want to ban me?!

>> No.35604020

I'm pretty sure that Flare being dark skinned is lack's fetiche.

>> No.35604021

Gookmoot is a nijinigger so good luck. He also doesn't give a fuck about 4chan other than as a part of his e-peen measuring contest with the pig farmer.

>> No.35604022

>numerous times
What? The "we don't need two threads for the same thing" the retarded meido spew about? Then what is Hololive "it's just the second thread about Hololive" Global if not two threads for the same thing?
What is the two /djt/ threads that lived for at least 3 days? With one having HoloEN's image.
The powertripping meido is the one fucking this board up. And I'm the idiot?

>> No.35604024

I have a phone from a different ISP so good luck with that

>> No.35604025

You can't, he doesn't give a fuck what goes on in this site.

>> No.35604026

Wrong thread globalshit

>> No.35604031

No. The area for the mouse if way too small, they are usually low quality as in the art will start to wear off and the novelty wears off quick. Buy for decoration only.

>> No.35604032


>> No.35604033

one day you will wake up and immediately ask "where is towa? wheres towa?" and towa will not be there because towa will be gone

>> No.35604036


>> No.35604037

I think another vtuber caught me on the rebound with coco

i'm so weak

>> No.35604038


>> No.35604039

Here's that link that someone from last thread asked for https://japaneseruleof7.com/are-japanese-people-retarded/

>> No.35604043

Pretty sure they aren't, but mine makes me happy.

>> No.35604045

I think

>> No.35604051

Towa is literally everlasting.

>> No.35604052

It has nothing to do with me. Mods ban anyone using slurs because racism is against the rules.

>> No.35604054

it is, actually, lack just never draws pale skin because he's very good at drawing darker skin, the kind of color that's like someone who's gotten a suntan
then again it might just be my imagination that he prefers that suntan color

what do you do if someone steps into your room?

>> No.35604056

This is Hololive

>> No.35604060


>> No.35604061

First time?

>> No.35604064


>> No.35604066

>The katakana thread actually claims to be a "JP focused" thread now even though just a few months ago they were dogpiling anyone that didn't like EN or ID.
Kek I remember them doing that dumb fucking UNITY shit and nope'd out guess they're all here now

>> No.35604067

kek, just a warning. lucky faggot doesn't experience when a mod banned everyone who called americans "burger"

>> No.35604069

fat cat tats

>> No.35604071

>To get an F, a student literally has to not exist. And still the administration will change it to a C, because even if you’re no one, well, no one fails university in Japan.

>> No.35604072

I did, and fuck you for thinking only newfags want a JP thread.
There's only one answer that seems like it came from the faggot meido who always made his posts in long paragraphs.
And it's a non answer. Everything it said about why Hololive JP isn't acceptable is exactly everything Hololive Global is right now.

>> No.35604078

I have literally never been banned for racism outside of this thread and I post on multiple boards

>> No.35604080

be angry at the sun, retard

>> No.35604081

Watch Kanata

>> No.35604083

The meido are the one trying to shit things up, banning 2hus in their thread, auto archiving kiguchilive, instant delete hololive jp while dead schizo thread with en op is still here, keeping a djt thread where there is only one poster that keeps talking to himself, etc.

>> No.35604088

Would Lamy eat oopa placenta?

>> No.35604089

I will call you a nigger and the jannies can hold my dick

>> No.35604090

They get pandered to by the paid maideration team in /vt/ so obviously leaving the hugbox sends them into a tizzy

>> No.35604091

>bing search 唐揚げバター
holy shit I'm making this the next time, it looks really good

>> No.35604093


>> No.35604095

I'll be asking for a thread status update again...

>> No.35604096

Oopas don't have placenta

>> No.35604097

>Mods ban anyone using slurs
youre retard if you actually believe this

>> No.35604100

>And I'm the idiot?
Yes. Literally everyone with two braincells can figure out that this board and specifically this thread is being moderated with malicious intent, how the fuck are people even questioning that to date.
Why even fucking bother pointing it out and arguing with people when nothing Is going to change the feeedback button is useless, hiro doesn't give a single shit about how this website works, not even a whole ass board that's basically all global as enough for the power tripping faggot to fuck off for good. Just fucking ignore it nothing is ever going to change about the shitty state of these threads because no one in moderation wants a thread only for JP

>> No.35604101

Pretty fucking impressive animation quality.

>> No.35604102


>> No.35604103

Towa better not show her face here again or she'll be fucking sorry

>> No.35604108

I don't watch leeches that's riddled with chinese ticks

>> No.35604109

>What? The "we don't need two threads for the same thing" the retarded meido spew about? Then what is Hololive "it's just the second thread about Hololive" Global if not two threads for the same thing?

>> No.35604117

Okay, sorry. I got heated.

>> No.35604120

Just a reminder that this particular baby charges you 1000円 for a single smile.

>> No.35604124

>eating butter
Sounds like a good way to die young

>> No.35604127

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35604132

I only watch leeches!

>> No.35604133


>> No.35604136

I demand my product

>> No.35604139

Watame is the one that Hong Kong loves, dummy!

>> No.35604140

Important message

>> No.35604142

You're not very good.

>> No.35604147


>> No.35604150


>> No.35604153

And yet it's the best place on the internet to discuss holos. Forgive the guy for struggling in vain to halt the speed of degradation of this place.

>> No.35604159

Okayu's mousepad has a lot of surface area too because she had them make it bigger so her ears could fit on it. The thing is massive

>> No.35604162

>there's a hololive global thread that's been up for 5 days
>hololive jp thread gets deleted
This means you should only talk about JP holos here and take your ID and EN talk to the global thread

>> No.35604163

Towa is never sorry about anything

>> No.35604168

Will Hiro kill the meido if I akasupa his stream everyday?

>> No.35604169

Towa nurunuru craves for PPT

>> No.35604171

>one of the best unaffiliated Hololive animators is a giantess footfag
why is the world like this

>> No.35604173

well it's just a one-off thing, butter's WAY more expensive than regular sunflower or peanut oil
I'll probably do it once like subaru and then drop it since it's a pain to clean up this kind of thing

I'll be perfectly honest with you, it is not, if you consider the state of chaos that it's usually in
that one time triangle streamed and easily 70-80% of the thread was just posts about her was a prime example of this shit

>> No.35604177

I tell them to check it out because I haven't been afraid of that shit in years. I spare them the story of how much I love Okayu though.

>> No.35604179

scroll up retardchama

>> No.35604182

He'd take your money and laugh at you for liking Hololive, the gook is a nijinigger.

>> No.35604183


>> No.35604186


>> No.35604192

This threads would be better if Toby Fox released Deltarune already.

>> No.35604196

Not your imagination, he likes it. And that's ok I like it too, I just think that Flare wouldn't have to have all those pointless headaches and confused viewers and would even have a bigger audience if she just called herself a dark elf.

>> No.35604197

I think anyone who sees you buying stuff imported from japan probably knows what's going on already.....
at least you're not at the stage of having naked dakimakuras in your room.

>> No.35604198


>> No.35604200

why aloefags?

>> No.35604206

I wonder what kind of a mental illness that person has?

>> No.35604208

I’ll just larp as nijinigger bitching about it spilling into niji thread.

>> No.35604211

Haha, yeah. Well, not until she releases one at least...

>> No.35604214

>ctrl c
>ctrl v
You're right he's definitely on another level for /jp/

>> No.35604215

What? I just complied to the janny and posted it without the "racism"

>> No.35604218

Maybe if you do nothing but browse the net on a small display.

>> No.35604219

why is warosu being such a useless piece of shit

>> No.35604221

NijiEN is pathetically bad, jesas. How could they accept someone with no streaming experience lmao

>> No.35604224

>it is not
Well, do provide better options, I've been looking for them on and off for months with no luck.
I enjoy the times when we aren't raided, and even when we are you can get a discussion going with some effort.

>> No.35604225

Isn't moona like 19 or 20? Why is her setlist so agressively mid-2000s/early 2010s

>> No.35604228

Fuck off schizo we love EN and ID here and they are as important to hololive as JP if not even more so

>> No.35604229


>> No.35604230

Nene has the cutest face

>> No.35604231

Isn't she mid 20s?

>> No.35604232

Is she? I just realized I've never really heard unanimously accepted age for Moona before.

>> No.35604235


>> No.35604237

it's really because of the official character backstory more than anything else

please never resort to buying fan-made stuff, you'll fall down so far you won't even know where you started off

unironically, comment in youtube chat for the streams when you're there, and participate in nip comments for kirinuki if you're so inclined
two birds with one stone: you practice japanese, and you avoid shitposting

>> No.35604238

Kanata live chat is pretty nice. No disgusting EOPs in sight.

>> No.35604241

>resorting to samefagging because his bait got ignored

>> No.35604243

If you get 3D for 100k then what do you get for 1 million? Smell-o-vision?

>> No.35604244

Time to pay schizo

>> No.35604245

all 3 of them seem pretty experienced to me

>> No.35604246

Reine being harassed...

>> No.35604248


>> No.35604251

>> No.35604252

kys itoddler

>> No.35604253

I don't samefag, that shit is for actual schizos

>> No.35604255

A lot of her talk topics filter people and whatever EOPs are left are pretty well behaved.

>> No.35604257

They're miles better than HoloEN and Pomu is miles better than most of HoloJp

>> No.35604260

but you are there

>> No.35604262

why is pekora love by chineses

>> No.35604263

Yonkisei collab is never happening

>> No.35604264

>> No.35604265

The fuck are you talking about and who's side are you even on? I just want these splitschizos to fuck off and you seem like one of them.

>> No.35604266

Dark elves are just another hentai tag for most Japanese people and Flare doesn't want that image

>> No.35604267

>> No.35604268

The main incentive to buying Okayu goods was to support her, so I don't think I'll fall to the fan merch scene any time soon.

>> No.35604269

nips are way more gacha addicted than EOPs

>> No.35604272

my guess is that she's greatly influenced by her older siblings

>> No.35604274

>> No.35604276

Raped and ded...

>> No.35604277

Anti-split schizos are the worst

>> No.35604278

50 songs in now..
Moona is a beast when it comes to singing. I'm glad she stopped doing those shitty meme utawakus from few months ago and we've been blessed with proper karaoke lately.

>> No.35604279

>> No.35604280

Wrong thread shart

>> No.35604285

She only decided to sing because PUBG wouldn't launch.

>> No.35604286

>resorting to spamming after his bait got ignored

>> No.35604287

All of Kanata's own EOPs either learned enough Japanese to blend in or just generally don't chat live, and most of Kanata's grey names are JP-Hololive fans who roam in because their favorite isn't streaming. She's in a pretty good place.

>> No.35604292

I’m bored too

>> No.35604293

>> No.35604298

good lad

it does become EOP central when she streams the more popular games like undertale though

>> No.35604301

>Pomu "le epic zoomer xD" is miles better than most of HoloJp
El fucking mao

>> No.35604302


>> No.35604303

>> No.35604304

I used to hate her design and personality but now she's great filler for after my oshi's hours

>> No.35604308

It's just the usual

>> No.35604309

>> No.35604311

I know, but we had proper karaoke just week ago or so where she sang like 70+ songs, it was insane as well.

>> No.35604312

Towa cum... has to be

>> No.35604319

>> No.35604320

>> No.35604322

>> No.35604325

We love all holos here

>> No.35604328

>> No.35604334

>> No.35604336

That was because of a Milestone.

>> No.35604337

I used to dislike Moona in the start too when she was being full puritan muslim, but she slowly mellowed out and got into the routine of being holo and all.
It's weird, give time to people and all, now I really look to her singing stuff.

>> No.35604338

Where's the holostars?

>> No.35604339


I mean, a dark elf is still an elf, you can twist it a little and there will be no problem. I bet everyone that read that description thought that Flare was a dark elf just that writing half dark elf was too long and just omitted it.

>> No.35604341


>> No.35604347

That was 750k celebration karaoke.

>> No.35604352

You like to spam.

>> No.35604355


>> No.35604358


>> No.35604361

Somebody post the poorly translated names of all hololive girls

>> No.35604362


>> No.35604363


>> No.35604364


>> No.35604366

Nenechi is ambidextrous?

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