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remove 35poos

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are we reclining?

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Nahone. Wagatta.

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Marine is a lesbian in a committed relationship with Flare

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You vteens killed the tsukasa thread. Kill yourselves.

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Feels good it means the tourist left now we can just talk in japanese warakimashita anontachisama

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What happened

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Oh no

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Wrong thread or wrong board?

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Made for kaigainiki face and dick

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2hus are "trolling us" >>35597471

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Since you keep posting her I guess I'll have to turn into an anti.

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This is the beginning of the end for us bros...

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Marine doesn't like men

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Reine and Nene gonna make a great pair

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she speaks that way just to confuse me right?

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Wrong board holobronies

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Noel is a whore

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Tongue piercing, please understand.

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Gonna make some burgers, its been a while since I ate homemade ones.

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>122 watching now
I don't usually watch her streams, but when anons said she was doing well, I thought she'd have 10x this amount of viewers

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IDChads? [email protected]?

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It's been 311 days since Mano Aloe "graduated".

Thanks to the many voices of concern and encouragement she has received, Aloe was able to overcome a lot of difficult situations and now she's able to think positively and stay motivated to work on her album, merch and in the new design of her live2D model.

Mano Aloe is not a very strong person and she's a person whose mental health breaks down frequently, but I'm glad that she's alive and happy that she's working hard to accomplish her dreams.


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Noel is a virgin.

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I thought you guys said that Peko doesn't like to yuribait?

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Going by that Q1-Q2 numberfagging comparison chart posted few days ago, more than half of Holos were still inclining, so no?

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Noel is only for me, her boyfriend

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The stream is unlisted

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does anyone else secretly wish that a holo would off themselves
i dont yearn for any harm to fall upon a holo, like a holo getting murdered would be awful
but a holo killing themselves? idk that's kind of interesting
ill go to bed now because im thinking dark thoughts

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It's unlisted so only her Fanbox member can watch it.

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kill yourselves you mentally ill freaks

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The Rami....

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Noel is a piece of shit

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>IRyS at 200k subs already

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Never going anywhere

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Add some banana peppers

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It's a private stream where the link it's only shared through her Fanbox. What did you expect?

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You'd better to bump your fap thread, bro.

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Mean to say unlisted stream

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>Room review
>A lot of the submissions have one or two Holo merch or wallpaper
Kinda awkward

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Right board Holochads

>> No.35597607

You gonna necro us off the board at 500 posts again? You do realize we'll just remake the thread and continue enjoying ourselves while you shit up the rest of the threads on the board with low effort bump posts in order to push us off for all of 5 seconds every couple of hours.

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Thats Marine. Imagine dropping out of high school in a country where peasants have been literate since the 14th century. She has no respect for her country.

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What happened to the last thread?

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Anya should do some cooking streams, that would help her incline. She can show off some Indonesian cuisines.

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No chat replay on Miko's last minecraft stream?
Is there a yab that got removed or something?

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You wanna know the real reason that Pekora avoids Miko and Marine? It's got nothing to do with yurishit or rape narratives. It's literally because she invited them to join Usaken but they both rejected her so now she feels embarrassed and refuses to speak to them. It must especially sting since they've been associating with her existential and eternal nemesis, Aqua.

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>Okayu pandering to ES
it's over, bros...

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>tent on the bed
the fuck

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Not really, she talks about Hololive all the time.

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Being attracted to oppai is no yuribaiting. It's part of natural instincts left inside all of us from the time we got breastfed.

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You guys DID watch IRyS's first stream, right?

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Yeah, also leaving a dislike

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>got privated before I could play it

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is that an anti-bug head tent?
delutayas are based

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Why is she like this

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Her head looks really off. I think she needs a hat.

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That doesn't make it less awkward.

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I'm starting to suspect that Aqua's announcements are never important.

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Pekora avoids Marine because Marine can't go 5 minutes without doing something stupid. Look at what happenes to Miko. Not worth the risk.

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Coco died for this...

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>actual live stream with 30 viewers
>8 minutes streamed
>video privated
What the fuck was this?

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Took you this long, huh?

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Thank you, this was incredibly important, as always.

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No it isn't awkward. She tear up and got happy watching a room of a guy that draws a lot of Nene fanart and she got excited and possibly horny when she found out that Lamy had a dakimura

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Isnt it on wtc anniversary?

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Hlg has been too quiet today. Where's the suisei butt-peeing posters? The Lamy transformation posters? Also the reaction to Coco graduating has been so much more tame than I expected

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>already being forced to graduate on the first day

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Says the anon posting in obese 2hu and onahole general threads

>> No.35597683

I wonder if she ever regrets not hanging in there despite the massive amount of EOP support she was getting. If Towa could survive her yab she could've too.

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graduation RTA!

>> No.35597690

She just pulled an Aloe...

>> No.35597692

Lamy cuddles.....

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>If Towa could survive her yab she could've too.
Towa wasn't a teenager living with her alcoholic abusive stepfather

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We don't do that stuff here

>> No.35597699

Anon… She is going to meet with other holos. That seems extremely important to me and she is announcing it, ergo an important announcement!!!

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schizos ruined this place
/hlg/ has lost its soul

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now imagine roboco san in this outfit

>> No.35597706

She could've moved out. Someone like Coco would've been more than willing to offer her a temporary place to stay.

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They are on /vt/

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I must say that I really like that bgm

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Hide massfag threads
Ignore massfag posts
Do not reply to massfag posters

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That's a really nice loading screen

>> No.35597722

And they have the audacity to call others mentally ill

>> No.35597723

Based. These mentally ill children need to use their own VTuber board.
We really need to talk to the mods in the IRC channel about this

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Based archivist.

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>Warosu-sama still not archiving images

>> No.35597740

based anon. doesnt look bad tho she could at least change the music if she doesnt want it to be the same but the loading screen might not be so easy?

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>Subaru cooking stream
Which holos did a cooking stream recently?

>> No.35597749

use wakarimasen archive or archived.moe

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Really makes me wonder why they can't just these types of stream on some newly made puppet account.

>> No.35597754

>Also the reaction to Coco graduating has been so much more tame than I expected
It's basically like the Aloe situation, tatsunokos come up and talk about her roommate if she streams, though at least they aren't ritual posters so you don't seethem everyday.

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1) We don't know how well aloe knew the other holomem
2) she didn't want to leave her terminally ill mother behind and alone with her shitty stepfather
3) probably most holomem don't know how to handle her situation since she's a menhera teenager with years of abuse

>> No.35597759

Is Jyumi... J Chad?

>> No.35597760

I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

>> No.35597761

>check Global to see if they posted anything about the Irys stream over there
>instead find a photo of someone that came on his phone with fanart of some gay Ayame avatarfag on it
That was a mistake

>> No.35597763

She avoids them both because she's a fan of that doujin artist from the drama earlier this year

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>> No.35597769

wrong board pajeet

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>> No.35597773

Jenma I think.

>> No.35597774

New captcha slowed down the posting rate sitewide and many got banned for not wanting ENsharts here.

>> No.35597776

Never leaving 2hushart

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>> No.35597784

>Another recording
Only pre-recorded 3D stream, live 3D stream is no more.

>> No.35597787

all me

>> No.35597789

Why there is no good porn of Hololive?

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>> No.35597792

I can't even pretend to be Nene's dad anymore now that Botan stole that too from me

>> No.35597796

Bibi fucked Towa's brain, next he's going to fuck Pekora's rabbit brain

>> No.35597800

I love Miko Miko Miko Miko Miko!

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>> No.35597807

Did 4chin got into another YABE and now Hiro wants to keep a Low profile?

>> No.35597809

You are Nene Husband!

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>> No.35597818

The hat is Towa. Whoever wears the hat becomes Towa

>> No.35597819

A fucking Towa doll...

>> No.35597839

Or atleast they can just unlist the stream.

>> No.35597846

Sora… love…

>> No.35597849

It reminds me of this...

>> No.35597850

Am I retarded? There's no streams live, what is this a reaction to?

>> No.35597860

>he doesn't know about the secret Towa stream

>> No.35597864

Or they kind of wanted to give some little spark of hype, seeing that the reaction to her announcement was kind of underwhelming.

People were expecting up to 3 singers and it's just one, with no audio/L2D demos and just a 30 second vid manually linked by them at the end of an 8 hour hype countdown.

She definitely has potential though and I'm thinking she might actually be cute if what we saw was her concept art and it will look more conventional once animated.

>> No.35597866

Towa is streaming apex, newfag. Shes even asked people to play with her on twitter.

>> No.35597867

T4 membership towa stream

>> No.35597868

scroll up

>> No.35597872

>suisei dakimura in Aloe stream

>> No.35597873

The only thing I'm worried about is her voice.

>> No.35597877

>w-wrong board holobronies!!
No! WE will NEVER leave. /jp/ is OUR board. Keep MALDING 2husharts.

>> No.35597880

Just thinking about towa...

>> No.35597882

Discord raid

>> No.35597886

Sora come sit down

>> No.35597887

>live 3D stream is no more
We had the Azki/Watame/Nene live just last week.

>> No.35597889

No shit, she's a singer, that's kind of the main thing.

>> No.35597890

Suisei has a dakimakura???

>> No.35597895

Rin love!

>> No.35597896

Well, I imagine her singing voice is good. I'm worried about her talking voice, hopefully it's not repulsive.

>> No.35597905

Marine's channel terminated

>> No.35597907

Make a vsinger debut video
Don't let her sing
Don't show her vtuber model

Hope you are really hyped for this

>> No.35597909

>New captcha slowed down the posting rate sitewide
What the fuck, how? This captcha is easy as fuck and its somehow less annoying than the image picker because the more you posted the more it made you keep hitting next

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>> No.35597912

What the fuck

>> No.35597916

Didn't this happen before?

>> No.35597917

>it's real

>> No.35597918


>> No.35597919

It will be back in a couple of hours just like Patra's

>> No.35597921


>> No.35597922

>It's real
Youtube what the fuck are you doing

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>> No.35597927

Marine a shit

>> No.35597928


>> No.35597929

Yeah it happened to Agne, Patra, Kiara among others. It usually doesn't take more than a few hours for YouTube to restore it. The channel will back up before her next stream no worries

>> No.35597932


>> No.35597933

This captcha is easy, but you have to >type just to post, I mean you can do the previous captcha with only using your mouse

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>> No.35597945


>> No.35597947

Fix it for you

>> No.35597949

Marine schizo won.....

>> No.35597955

noupajeets are getting uppity again

>> No.35597956

hahaha stupid fucking marine, play stupid games win stupid prizes

>> No.35597957

Towa baby...

>> No.35597959

I didn't have to solve the google captcha at all 9 out of 10 times so it was way easier for me.

>> No.35597962

Wait, so it's actually true that Youtube will fuck with your channel if you keep showing too much anime 2D skin?

>> No.35597963

based youtube dabbing on the whore

>> No.35597964

I was going to watch her portal 2 archive but I guess not anymore.

>> No.35597965

Looks like all of my reports for sexual content finally got through

>> No.35597967

did I finally manage go back in time
I swear I have seen this episode before

>> No.35597968

Fuck you you whore you serve being banned

>> No.35597969


>> No.35597972

Marine's backup channel here

>> No.35597973

The sad thing it was only a half dozen nijikeks who agreed to report her channel. The rest were saying to fuck off

>> No.35597976

Important announcement

>> No.35597978

I think the issue most anons have with Marine is that she caters to EOPs but in a way that is like hahaha I am cute anime girl with boobs I am horny. That is all she wants us oversea bros to know.
If you disregard all the EOP I'm horny reddit meme bullshit she is actually a pretty nice streamer and you should have some of that copium.
Anyway, hope her channel comes back soon.

>> No.35597980

Flare has nice tits in that art

>> No.35597983

Algorithm works off skin tone I'd guess. If it recognizes a lot of skin color with a face nearby it thinks it's a naked person

>> No.35597984

Your oshi will never even be half the chuba than Marine is, your oshi is irrelevant compared to Marine

>> No.35597986


>> No.35597987

>Corporate ship

>> No.35597988

will be back in an hour or so

>> No.35597989

Should have been Marine and Flare, not Flare and that worthless cunt no one likes

>> No.35597990


>> No.35597991

Do other types of YouTube channels have problems getting randomly terminated? I only heard of chuubas getting this kind of issue.

>> No.35597992


>> No.35597993

kek based

>> No.35597994

>having to type thr captcha instead of scrolling through like 3-4 pages of images unironically killed the site's traffic
The fucked up part about this is that reflects more on the majority of this site's userbase than it does gookmoot or anything else

>> No.35597996

>Laughs in Gura sounds

>> No.35597997


>> No.35597999

>Corporate ship
Who give a single fuck

>> No.35598001


>> No.35598002

Why is her fanart as bad as her original art?

>> No.35598003 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35598005


>> No.35598006

>I've been watching japanese girls playing apex for more than two years now

>> No.35598009

What is up with all the Marine antis?

>> No.35598010

It's funny I can't hear Gura sounds because I don't know what she sounds like

>> No.35598012

it happened to Miko and it lasted 50 minutes

>> No.35598013

ichimibros nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

>> No.35598014

What do you think Lamy smells like right when she wakes up? Does she bathe before she goes to bed or right when she wakes up? Does she sweat in her sleep? Maybe she holds true to her lore, and her AC is cranked up so high it's like she's sleeping in a freezer? I need answers yukimin

>> No.35598016

>no one is live

>> No.35598018

I only needed to check a box most of the time.

>> No.35598019

You should try watching relevant chuubas then.

>> No.35598021

She doesn't just cater to EOPs. She caters to r*ddit that is the issue.

>> No.35598024

>I've been watching japanese girls play video games for 2 years and still not N6
If only anime wasn't so fucking trash I could go back to that

>> No.35598026

I gauge how good a holo is by how much they get shitposted here
Very accurate

>> No.35598028

>no one is live

>> No.35598029

Lamy smells like me in the morning....

>> No.35598030


>> No.35598031

Shishiron's cum and sake

>> No.35598033


>> No.35598034

The usual fattie goes all out.

>> No.35598036

I guess the only ones you watch are the ones that were never on meme review then, you fucking reddit schizos are worse than 2hufags

>> No.35598038

i can't believe marineschizo won...

>> No.35598040

>This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.
The others got nailed for copyright. Marine is fucked.

>> No.35598041

What's her problem?

>> No.35598042


>> No.35598043

We hate Marine here

>> No.35598045


>> No.35598047


>> No.35598049

>I think the issue most anons have with Marine is that she caters to EOP
She doesn't. Do you even watch her fucking streams? there's barely any English on them outside of them some absolute fucking retards sends a SC in English. Outside of that Marnie a streamed focuses on commentary, the main draw is her conversational skill that you can't only appreciate if you know Japanese.
But I don't expect retards on 4chan to actually understand what make Marine great. You useless piece of shit just circle jerk around the same shitty tex chat in minecraft and DeepLd tweets.

>> No.35598052

Important announcement

>> No.35598053

Twap is almost a hag...

>> No.35598057

If you like r*ddit so much go there.
Also you should probably make a Twitch account since Marine will be streaming there.

>> No.35598060

We love most holos here. The only holos we hate are Ayame, Noel, Ollie and Kiara.

>> No.35598061

I'm going to marry the schizo, wish me luck bros!
Not yet, we still have to consummate the marriage.

>> No.35598062

holy based

>> No.35598065

I can't believe YAGOO has a taste for menheras...

>> No.35598066

oh no they're blue checkmarks now

>> No.35598068

Marine is off-topic now. She doesn't even have a r*ddit account.

>> No.35598071

Marine graduation announcement soon? This might push her over the edge

>> No.35598072

Wait, did Marine actually make a youtube channel?

>> No.35598074

Marine's butt is just too dangerous for Youtube-kun.

>> No.35598076


>> No.35598077

I don't like reddit but I'm not some niggerfaggot who has to hate and cry about someone just because of what they do, i bet you voted for trump

>> No.35598079

Nah we love Noel and Ayame.

>> No.35598080

>Susan was the Marineschizo all along

>> No.35598082


>> No.35598087

>we love Noel

>> No.35598090

>Susan was the Marineschizo
Suddenly I am no longer attracted to the marineschizo.

>> No.35598091

>The SCs for her "return" stream

>> No.35598092

Who doesn't?

>> No.35598093

>> No.35598094

I can't believe Towa's friend is dead...

>> No.35598095

Not only did you not have to click any images at all frequently, if you were logged in with google, 4chan also didn't make you solve the captcha if you already posted some minutes ago.
It was way less obstructive.

>> No.35598096

That's a wide gap between her eyes

>> No.35598098

I am not a burger or a dumb election tourist like you. r*ddit ruins everything it touches, it should be avoided.

>> No.35598099

Not important and not an announcement
凸(`△´+)I only accept important announcements from 湊あくあ ch

>> No.35598105

Yes we do. Its only you who hates her. Stay mad

>> No.35598107

I dunno schizo, most holos went on reddit review and they're all still the same

>> No.35598109

Keep dreaming peko

>> No.35598110

>Nah we love Noel
No. We hate whores here

>> No.35598111

another thread ruined by 35poos

>> No.35598115

>youtube keeps terminating channels just to give back later

Fucking monkeys, fix your shit already.

>> No.35598116

>This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.
>This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.
>This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

>> No.35598117


>> No.35598122

My oshi caused me to develop an armpit fetish...

>> No.35598126

Marine is miles better than your oshi will ever be

>> No.35598127

Stay mad Noelschizo.

>> No.35598128

Too much green, my eyes hurt. Please stop.

>> No.35598131

>Randomly terminates your channel for no reason.
>Gives it back within a few hours.
Honestly Youtube is a pile of garbage, Sometimes I wish they would move to twitch.

>> No.35598132

>Disliking a shit person makes you a schizo
Keep seething. Noel will always be garbage and nothing will ever change that she's universally hated

>> No.35598136

My oshi still has a YouTube channel. Yours doesn't.
Can you stream on r*ddit? Maybe Marine will stream there from now on.

>> No.35598137

>holos move to twitch
>twitch ethots get jealous and complain to the admin simps
>holos get banned from twitch

>> No.35598139


>> No.35598143

Twitch is that site with the mods that try to groom streamers, huh? That'd go swell, I'm sure.

>> No.35598147

Wrong thread tanigoshart

>> No.35598148

So Marine?
Shart's dead subs mean nothing.

>> No.35598149


>> No.35598150

so angry

>> No.35598153

Who hurt you anon? Who on reddit hurt you so bad that you have to press shift 8 everytime you mention the name, are you really that autistic

>> No.35598154

I wonder how pop-chan is doing...

>> No.35598155

Yes, I am fluent in Japanese and do watch her streams and I mostly agree with you, but then she uploads Marinenglish videos. She is much better than this.
And why are you attacking me for defending Marine?

>> No.35598156

By all means keep seething. Marine will have her channel back in a couple of hours and this little "mistake" will only make it so her next stream get's ever more attention.
Higher viewership
More SCs
Marine get's to joke about it
Schizos: eternally BTFO
Marine: always winning

>> No.35598158

Who summoned all the schizos

>> No.35598159

Made for kaigainiki face and dick

>> No.35598162

Hey dude, check my wife

>> No.35598163

Welp I'm not surprised, it's youtube's banning season now, it'll probably happen to other holos too anytime soon

>> No.35598167

I think you might be a little new. Marine is a lesbian

>> No.35598168

>still demonizing reddit and twitch both superior platforms to 4chan and Youtube
Back to your console wars /v/ermin.

>> No.35598170

We all love Marine over here.

>> No.35598171

I know this might be controversial but I actually don't gate any holo .

>> No.35598172

Replaced after the accident...

>> No.35598174

>> No.35598175


>> No.35598176

I blame Aloe and her big FANBOX

>> No.35598177


>> No.35598180

I also let all holos come in, keeping them out would be a dick move, especially with this weather.

>> No.35598181

Who wants another clip of Marine's roommate? Skip to around 14:00 to see Mikarin once again flirt with men, this time as part of a voice championship. Also notice how she immediately tries to put on a sexy voice as soon as she calls and then does a loli voice.

>> No.35598182

Its ok, I will fill her womb regardless.

>> No.35598183

Twitch yes
Reddit no

>> No.35598184

He peed on Noel's hand again.

>> No.35598186

That ass sure looks like it's made for gentlemans rich on melanin

>> No.35598187


>> No.35598192

I hope Marine's sister is in gen6

>> No.35598193

You can't stop rape

>> No.35598195

Rate the stream

>> No.35598198


>> No.35598199

>Retard who can't tell when someone is joking
I guess Marine must be SUPER horny because she also used her pikachu voice

>> No.35598201

B-but Noel told me Pop-Chan is fine… That he is in a really big farm playing with other animals

>> No.35598203

>> No.35598205

>channel terminated
Just another Thursday.

>> No.35598207

Didn't watch it because I don't watch whores

>> No.35598212

Towa just kissed me...

>> No.35598213

Reddit is now for holo announcements since it's mostly an EN/Homobeggar/Fanart free-advertisement site after Coco left
Twitch is mostly for watchalongs and casual shit
Imagine being triggered by this crap

>> No.35598216

Was it Apex again? If so I dont care.

>> No.35598217

>move to twitch
Nah, different culture and Twitch staff that don't like you will just ban you manually.
They should at the very least have it as a backup though like when Youtube has a problem like a few hours ago or when your channel gets demonetized/terminated.

>> No.35598219

>> No.35598220

You could apply this same logic when she jokingly flirts with other holos
But of course a retarded /u/ fag probably won't realize they are getting baited by fake yuri

>> No.35598222

>A membership has been paused
No, not Marine

>> No.35598223

You know, i'm no saviourfag, don't really watch her streams and don't really want her back, especially since she chose to leave. That being said, fuck me if listening to her talk doesn't inspire a feeling of wasted potential. She sounds like she could have been fun, especially in the coontext of gokisei. Oh well.

>> No.35598224

>last thread archived at 795 posts
Are we finally dead?

>> No.35598228

What happened to the meds posters?

>> No.35598229

If your brain is on hololive you can't even handle if your oshi is interacting with someone male. They immediately seethe because they feel inferior. She said hello to a male person she definetely wants to fuck that person stupid whore!

>> No.35598230


>> No.35598231

Based, fuck the schizos.

>> No.35598235

>> No.35598237

You should have posted the clip of her talking about how she likes watching men cum.

>> No.35598238

if towa was here..

>> No.35598243


>> No.35598245

they have something planned together? I know reine has polka minecraft later.

>> No.35598246

Towa please come back...

>> No.35598247

I mean, have a clip where Marine literally explains why she doesn't collab with Peko more often. If you're too lazy to watch, it's because according to Marine Pekora is extremely passionate about streaming, and likes to maintain a high level of quality for streams, so inviting her to collab half-heartedly doesn't work. She has to figure out an interesting enough premise for a stream.

>> No.35598254

Earlier than usual suistream in about 2 hours!
It's utawaku today with some announcements regarding her new song releasing midnight tonight

>> No.35598255

How the fuck you compete with Ohtani?

>> No.35598256

uh...bros? What the fuck is going on?

>> No.35598260

>Also the reaction to Coco graduating has been so much more tame than I expected
Anon, everyone accepted it already. Most of the shitstorm was on the first day she announced it.

>> No.35598261

>have a clip
>Hallo! I'm Japanese and studying English I am making translation video. My English is poor so I make many mistakes sorry...

>> No.35598263

>> No.35598264

I agree, fellow melanin brother.

>> No.35598266


>> No.35598268

>Akukin has a BANNED holo in it

>> No.35598271

korone sopranos watchalong when

>> No.35598273

Actually deserved lmao

>> No.35598274

Can I wrestle with her?

>> No.35598276

Anons dont need Towa to stream the just post
>fat fuck had it coming
No one here actually discusses Tokyo Tower's stream.

>> No.35598277 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35598280

lol Marine's ban is already trending

>> No.35598282

Towa and Coco speak just fine though

>> No.35598286

Obama is a whore...

>> No.35598289

First off, who are you quoting
Secondly, i assume you're attempting to make fun of my english. My phrase was not meant to convey the meaning of "There is a clip where...", i was saying "I mean, have a clip where..." in the sense that i'm handing you over a clip. The "i mean" at the beginning of the phrase is there to convey a sense of disagreement towards those poster's narratives, seeing as how there is a clip where Marine explains the situation herself. I hope this has made my post clearer. Also, fuck you.

>> No.35598290

my wishlist for this utawaku :
Mogu mogu
Red heart

>> No.35598291

>Ubersheep has no other Holos in it except Watame herself

>> No.35598292

>Pekora and Miko
>Kanata and Suisei

Damn, is the Korone and Okayu friendship the only one that hasn't been broken from their time under Hololive?

>> No.35598295

It just means that the other holos weren't good enough for Ubersheep

>> No.35598296

Miko wanted Franklins virginity...

>> No.35598297

She's going to sing Ne*N Daibakusou, right?

>> No.35598298

Damn nazi rallies!

>> No.35598299

offpeko, like her oshi

>> No.35598308

Wait, how the fuck that last thread got archived that fast? Wasn't it like page 4 or 5 like 3 hours ago?

>> No.35598310

OkaKoro is the only one that's real

>> No.35598313

For which character would Korone cry when they get whacked?

>> No.35598316

Twitch staff are just as ban happy. Difference being that they don't pretend to be professional and won't appeal you if they don't feel like it.

>> No.35598320


>> No.35598323

she loves all ojisans, it would be a rollercoaster the whole time

>> No.35598326

Kanata and Suisei already made up though.They are not as close as before but at least they are not avoiding each other anymore

>> No.35598329


>> No.35598332

So once Marine is banned off both Twitch and YouTube where will she stream? niconico? mildom?

>> No.35598333

Not a ship, just a platonic relationship with lots of sexual intercourse

>> No.35598334

I love suisei

>> No.35598336


>> No.35598339


>> No.35598341

>> No.35598343


>> No.35598347

>severe violations of ToS
You're aware this is how Nick J. Fuentes got permanently banned from YouTube, right?

>> No.35598350


>> No.35598351

So, Pekora is a cunt, what a surprise!

>> No.35598354

>> No.35598355

I think she would love Paulie, stereotypical ojisan, kinda funny and loves his mother to death.

>> No.35598357


>> No.35598360

Kiara got the same thing and she's unfortunately still around.

>> No.35598361

Worth it.

>> No.35598362

Is that Watson's dad?

>> No.35598363

For now....

>> No.35598365

Mio has large breasts.

>> No.35598368

Wasn't that copyright?

>> No.35598370

Okite Okite

>> No.35598373

Anon… Nick Fuentes is an alt right supporter and Marine is just a japanese girl larping as a drawing, not really a fair comparison.

>> No.35598376


>> No.35598377

Why do artists keep drawing Mio with a smaller Mio

>> No.35598378

Like 5 Holos got the same shit by now and they all got their account back.
It will keep happening too because Youtube never fix their dumb AI.

>> No.35598382


>> No.35598384

Rules are rules and Marine broke them.

>> No.35598385

You sound like a relic from 2016 with how embarrassing you write

>> No.35598386

For you to fap on both at the same time duh

>> No.35598391

Smaller Mio is cute and also because there is an inherent feeling that Mio should be a mom

>> No.35598394

I don't think he's making fun of your English. I think he's implying the translation could be wrong so people don't rely on this video to avoid misunderstandings.

>> No.35598397

>IRyS has 212k subs and she debuts in 3 days
The Hololive brand is just too strong

>> No.35598400


>> No.35598402

I am starting to suffer from withdrawal

>> No.35598404

One day Lamy's channel will be gone....

>> No.35598408


>> No.35598410

The translation is mostly correct though. It paraphrases a bit but her message is properly conveyed.

>> No.35598412

how long till we get the perfect towa captcha?

>> No.35598416

No it's the exact same message.

>> No.35598419

What have we done...

>> No.35598428

Lamy just needs to obey the rules.

>> No.35598429


>> No.35598430


>> No.35598433

The EN boost is downright broken and unfair. Pretty scary how much hololive has taken off since EN was launched.

>> No.35598437


>> No.35598438


>> No.35598439

how are you doing, my fellow hololive fans?

>> No.35598444


>> No.35598446


>> No.35598448

alcoholism isn't okay....

>> No.35598449

Bros, I opened these images and now my computer's blowing out smoke, am I going to be okay?

>> No.35598450

>Fubuki, Mel and Suisei are going to shill for Tales of Crestoria on the 1st anniversary

>> No.35598451


>> No.35598456


>> No.35598457

Lamy could kill someone on stream and get away with it

>> No.35598458

That game is still alive?
Moreover it's been alive for a year?

>> No.35598461

>> No.35598470

How does their child suddenly start talking English?

>> No.35598472

Someone really loves Mel

>> No.35598477

KanaTowa baby...

>> No.35598479

Has there been any new stars since EN? I wonder if they might experience a slight boost, even just a bit, to at least have the new ones surpass the previous ones in subs in like a month.

>> No.35598480


>> No.35598482

Im happy for Suityan.She genuinely like the series and she deserve the shill

>> No.35598484

Sora sex..

>> No.35598487

Mel's manager is still working there, except he's in the sponsorship department now. And he's trying his best to make Mel like him again...

>> No.35598488


>> No.35598491


>> No.35598493


>> No.35598496

They aren't going to risk adding more holostars just because Hololive has gotten so big since they hired the TriNero boys that filtering the Raitos is going to be too much effort

>> No.35598498


>> No.35598499

Cucko raised her.

>> No.35598500

https://twitter.com/suisei_hosimati/status/1413045442300968961 Should I request Smile & Go? Can Suisei make it sound better?

>> No.35598501

watch it, kroney

>> No.35598503

W-what is she doing with that Soratomo?

>> No.35598508

*grabs your dog's ass*

>> No.35598510

Me on the right

>> No.35598512

Coco raised another woman's child.

>> No.35598519

It is going to take days for Marine to get her channel back if she even does. The annoying kraut didn't have a history of pissing off YouTube like Marine does.

>> No.35598528

It took Kiara like a few hours

>> No.35598529

ai mai chocolate onegai....

>> No.35598536

I wish I was Towa...

>> No.35598537

Nah she's already trending

>> No.35598539

HoloEN has far more competent managers than the nip side of things

>> No.35598543

The only good version of Ai Mai has been from Watame herself, when Ui and Marine sang it, it was really awful.

>> No.35598547

It doesn't really make sense to add more holostars while the current ones are still underperforming. Sure, there's a chance that they could hire a really good one that brought viewers to the stars as a whole (Kaoru kind of fit the bill, and i feel like could have been pretty sucessful long term had he not graduated), but on the other hand if you add say 3 more and they also end up underperforming, that's 3 more people you have to support as talent that aren't bringing that much cash in, not to mention it would further dilute the small viewerbase they have as a whole. On the bright side, we're getting 3Ds for all current stars, and i genuinely feel like concerts could bring a lot of attention to them. Astel is a great singer and i'd wager he can also dance being a boyband reject.

>> No.35598548

Paradise has no chance with this man so we're safe koronesukis.

>> No.35598551

Shit, I decided to watch Fubuki's RE2 first then Marine's since she was earlier, but guess I should have watched hers first.

>> No.35598555

Pirate, more like BANpirate lmaoooooll

>> No.35598556

I don't understand why you guys liked Coco so much.
Watching her collab with Moona, it was obvious that she hates autistic people.
She would despise any one of you if she ever met you.
Contrast this with Haachama, who loves her fans, no matter how kimoi they are. She even asked management once if it was ok to meet her fans, but management said no.

>> No.35598563

If its deserved. Then it won't matter.

>> No.35598564

>> No.35598565

Is this general pro-lamy or anti-lamy???

>> No.35598567

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that Yozora Mel, the vampire vtuber, has yet to sing the popular song "vampire", which her colleagues have already covered.

>> No.35598569

>who loves her fans

>> No.35598570


>> No.35598571


>> No.35598575

Oh shit, Mitchie M Cover, nice.

>> No.35598576


>> No.35598577

I'm stoked.

>> No.35598578

half the thread is lamy the other half is shishiron

>> No.35598581

Friendly reminder: if Luna and Pekora don't have a second collab on Luna's channel, it means they hate each other

>> No.35598582


>> No.35598583

We only hate Marine here.

>> No.35598584

towa baby...

>> No.35598588

>tfw have been no lifing pso2 NGS like crazy and farming like an autist even though theres isnt any real content up outside of trying to bog people in the markets
>started dumping money again (last night I burned through 60 bucks)
>havent watched my oshi in 3 days
Fuck, her playing ragnarok reawakened my MMO addict self and now I probably gonna be playing NGS for 5-6 years straight and nothing else like I did for OG pso2. Ramirez why did you do this to me...

>> No.35598590

Why waste money on adding more holostars when ONE new girl already outperforms their entire branch before her debut.
They're keeping the current ones alive because firing them would be bad PR and vtubers are cheap to maintain, they had their chance to prove themselves and they failed. It's already past the "they're just getting started give them some time, they're sure to blow up now that (irrelevant condition has been met)"

>> No.35598591

But we love Marine and Marineschizo here and want to see them have lesbian hatesex with each other.

>> No.35598592

>sankisei kizuna

>> No.35598593

what if they have another collab but it's on pekoras channel?

>> No.35598595

Cover did her dirty with this sudden graduation

>> No.35598599

I'm fairly certain there are at least two people who love both Nene and Reine here and one of them is me.

>> No.35598606

>still underperforming
only by your metric of "they aren't doing better than the girls"

>> No.35598607

>youtube turns into a rule filled shithole, only allowing weird fetish videos for kids
>Coco is no longer in Hololive

>> No.35598611

but she told Pekor on MC?

>> No.35598612

Concerts are fucked since a significan part of their viewership is from overseas

>> No.35598613


>> No.35598614

So you're telling me Flare's a liar? oh no

>> No.35598616

Anything new on Shion's fanbox?

>> No.35598618

Chink platforms has even more retarded rules.

>> No.35598620

You know, i considered adding "relatively" to that sentence, but abstained because i figured someone would shitpost about numbers and them being failiures. So it's really a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation in these threads, can't really avoid pissing SOMEONE off.

>> No.35598621

Yes anon, in they eyes of the company they're underperforming compared to all their other employees. Why the fuck would you measure their performance compared to every other struggling indie and not the other vtubers from their same company.
If you keep changing the measuring stick everyone is successful to an extend

>> No.35598623

I don't see her ever singing one of the sheep's songs. Suisei seems to go out of her way to avoid her.

>> No.35598624


>> No.35598626

any new rrats?

>> No.35598627 [SPOILER] 

Yeah, she posted a picture.

>> No.35598628

How to post on NGA? I am going to make a compilation of Marine mentioning Taiwan.

>> No.35598629

B-but muh clip

>> No.35598632


>> No.35598633

If Cover is smart they'll give them free concerts, since the potential publicity would be much more valuable than the money they'd possibly get from tickets in the long run. Either way, they can still do regular singing 3D streams like the girls, and those can end up being popular too.

>> No.35598635

This general IS lamy

>> No.35598636

>If Cover is smart they'll give them free concerts
Anon don't be delusional

>> No.35598639

Marine is permabanned from YouTube.

>> No.35598641

They could just do digital concerts through spwn. At 30-40 dollars a ticket they'll probably make a decent profit off it,especially of they don't plan to have a live audience so they can do this all from their studio

>> No.35598642

I love flare because she uses her natural voice, any others like her aside from suisei?

>> No.35598644

I heard everyone's getting a 3D this year, they might be able to have solo concerts then.

>> No.35598646

>inb4 management becomes more strict with Marine's content
Can't wait for another Hololive alumni in the making.

>> No.35598650

Ichispics BTFO

>> No.35598651

She doesn't. Her roommate sounds different, you can her Flare's actual voice leak in offcollab specially the drinking one she had with Patra

>> No.35598656

>Can't wait for another Hololive alumni in the making.
No one will be sad this time.

>> No.35598657

I mean, fair enough. But i stand my point that 3D could be big for them. 3D bar robel streams have potential, Astel and Izuru singing 3D streams could be great, Oga will almost assuredly have a 3D stream with Fubuki which could also buff his numbers (even if it pisses people off). Don't know about Arurandis, Miyabi and Tenma though. Shien can just do weird shien shit.

>> No.35598658

I love Marine twice as much as schizos hate her so the thread is still positive.

>> No.35598659

Matsuri, Shion, all of sankisei

>> No.35598662

They didn't become more strict with Kiara's content, if anything the chicken got worse, why would they crack down on Marine?

>> No.35598663

Talents have to pay for their sololives. That's up to them is they want/can pay for it

>> No.35598665

Kill yourself, marineschizo.

>> No.35598667

Luna... depending on your perspective of what "natural voice" means.

>> No.35598669

I require a reminder as to why twitch is worse than youtube.

>> No.35598673

My wife and my cute indog sidepiece are going to have a cute song collab!

>> No.35598674


>> No.35598675

Creating /vt/ was a mistake.

>> No.35598677

Youtube - Garbage AI
Twitch - Garbage Humans

>> No.35598680


>> No.35598682


>> No.35598683

Given how the past 2 3D streams performed I'm keeping expectations in check

>> No.35598685

Calling all this shit AI is so dumb anyways. It's not intelligent in the slightest...

>> No.35598686

Luna's voice isn't natural though. She leaked her real voice several times when she was with Haachama or those collabs with Subaru and Choco.

>> No.35598687

I know this gets asked every time but... why? Why does the talent have to pay for their own shows? Cover just skims the money off the top and do nothing?

>> No.35598695

>Marine's channel is terminated so I can't watch her VoDs
>suddenly feel a strong urge to watch her VoDs despite not having it prior to this
Why am I like this?

>> No.35598696

Didn't they put an indefinite ban on one of the most popular twitch streamer?

>> No.35598697

Youtube is bad because their automated systems are mediocre. Twitch is bad because it's ran by malicious people.

>> No.35598699

Right, but that's what i mean. It's not her natural voice in the sense that it's not the voice she was naturally born with. But it IS her natural voice in the sense that it's the voice she uses all day, every day, barring times where she is unable of maintaining it or prohibited from doing so because of societal norms.

>> No.35598702

What the fuck bros I'm bleeding?!

>> No.35598705


>> No.35598707

Small indie company, please andastd

>> No.35598708

Not just holos, cnn hit by it too and BBC got shadowbanned for like six months before anyone noticed.
I'm honestly surprised there hasn't been more uproar in the mainstream press about this after the BBC incident.

>> No.35598711

Why, most of the undesirables hang out there in the piss (until they get banned and crawl back), people interested in Hololive found their place in individual holo threads, it's overall a good containment board.

>> No.35598712

Because it's not a Cover initiative unlike Bloom/Holofes and looking for your own funding to do something extra is something that's not uncommon even when you're under contract to a company.

>> No.35598713

What the fuck bros I'm cumming?!

>> No.35598716

They're customers of a talent agency, not wage slaves whose every move has to be commanded by some authority figure

>> No.35598719

Hey at least the robot rebellion won't be happening anytime soon

>> No.35598720

I guess the way to see is that Cover is not just a bank they can keep borrowing money from, if they want to do a casual 3D stream just having fun with what already exists then it's all fair and free. But if like Suisei and Aqua they want to have new assets made specifically for them along with several tech upgrades then they have to pay for all the manpower that goes into it.
Everyone is treated the same and everyone has access to the same resources and if someone wants more then it's up to them to finance it. No preferential treatment

>> No.35598721

Main thing you'll hear bitched about in these threads is the culture, twitch children are all about emote spam and raiding other chats. That doesn't really extend to jops, but you'll get more dumb eop comments there if they make it high up on the front page. Not a huge deal, just schizo bait.

The real issue is that they're a retarded California company. Youtube is shit because they're all automated, Twitch is shit because they're run by weirdo silicon valley mutants that will ban you for anything they don't like, while completely making a double standard for streamers they do favor. Plus vods are only saved for a month and music copyright is much more kiked on twitch.

>> No.35598722

Who would pay for a Noel concert?

>> No.35598725

Marine has been abusing her power doing fucked up stuff for a long time now. Getting her own channel terminated should be a wake up call for Cover.

>> No.35598728

It's interesting how the JP fans and herself are making jokes about it while the EOPs are kinda mad and saviourfagging with hashtags.

>> No.35598729

This reminds me that Watame's real voice is funny. It's similar to the way she speaks now, but it sounds more airheaded. You can listen to it in her old channel.

>> No.35598730

I don't know, I hardly think the human race is any better at times.

>> No.35598732

based 35pajeet code getting that whore banned

>> No.35598734

I would

>> No.35598735

her simps

>> No.35598736

>that difference of reactions

>> No.35598737

Mate if you ever saw her mengens...

>> No.35598740


>> No.35598741

Has Marine become the first universally hated Holo here? Or was that Aqua?

>> No.35598745

Time for even more restrictions. First up, graduate Nene. She's not suitable for the company, and she talks about her pubes and is a gross fetishist.

>> No.35598746


>> No.35598747


>> No.35598749

35pajeet is no longer an insult. Pajeets are incredibly based for doing this.

>> No.35598750

Yeah a wake up call to move hololive entirely to twitch

>> No.35598751

You can get permabanned just from posting shit on twitter. You can get permabanned for showing stupid gif for like 3-5 seconds.
But if you're a twitch thot and show your bare uncensored cunt on stream all you'll get is 3 day ban at best. Also you literally banned to discuss twitch mods and admins having sex with thots for benefits.

>> No.35598752

35Poos are based on my book.

>> No.35598755

I wonder what Towa did on her vacation...

>> No.35598756

JOP fans - chill fans
JOP antis - overreacting faggots addicted to outrage
EOP fans - overreacting faggots addicted to outrage
EOP antis - chill trolls

>> No.35598758

i'm pretty sure you don't need to be intelligent to nuke shit.. actually being dumb probably helps with deciding to nuke shit.

>> No.35598759

difference compared to what?

>> No.35598762

pog, that's so weirdchamp monkas

>> No.35598763

to kiara's termination

>> No.35598767

do you hate all holos?

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