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Tried to pick up a caterpillar yesterday but it was too rambunctious to be handled.

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Are you in beach shape?

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Do cc onis hang out at dingy diver bars or high class fancy club bars?

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It's summer, you guys should go to the UMI DA

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anon… did you really get outmaneuvered by a caterpillar?

>> No.35597341

Depends on the oni I guess

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Kiki just cleaned this thread, don't get it all dirty again!

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Young girls play with dolls and dream of being princesses. What do monster girls play with and do when they play pretend?

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Very good.

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They play "doctor" with boys

>> No.35597504

They play with the neighbor boy, and play husband and wife

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Pattycake sounds innocent enough, don't see why not.

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What is she planning

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I'm going to say this:

I'm glad and happy that Beastwomen have finally gotten their update. Finally! Beastwomen are no longer this low-tier meme joke faction that people make fun of as idiots.

Beastwomen gang rise up!!

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>go to tricoromille, walk out with a waitress
>go to dairy farm, walk out with a Holst
>go to mage school, walk out with a elemental
>go to dark mage school, float out with the imp/devil/familiar/whatever loli you summoned
>Go to dragoon academy, fly out with a dragon or a wyvern training buddy
>go to ancient ruins, settle down there with an echidna
>go to ancient desert ruins, get buried alive there with mummies or ghouls (or khepri if you're really lucky)
>Go to cemetery, shamble out with a zombie
>Go to Chinese cemetery, bunnyhop out a jiangshi (because those corpses can't walk)
>Go to seemingly peaceful grassy Savannah, run out screaming with a horny brigand WAAAAUGH on your tail
>go to mountains, get carried off by a bird
>Go to church, walk out with a corrupted nun
>Go to shrine, walk out with a shrine maiden attendant (kitsune-tsuki or shirohebi)
>go to eros temple, get nothing because fapping is a sin
>go to ares temple, get KABEDON'D through a wall
>go to the mines, get a miner (ant, dorf, wurm, etc)
>go to the totally abandoned mine several dozen metres deep, become spiderman
Got any more?

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>I'm glad and happy that Beastwomen have finally gotten their update
What did kc do this time

>> No.35598023

>go to a cave on a mountain, get tailpussied

>> No.35598055

Pretty sure it's a warhammet reference.

>> No.35598112

>didn't get into the school I wanted to get into
>no job
You know, it's times like these you really come to appreciate the life of wormfood.

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How do you post here when she is too deep to get wifi?

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Happiness in a single image:

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>Are you in beach shape?

No, but my wife is.

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Needs music.
Then it's just how will Anon convince this strong but silent warrior from a distant planet to join his space crew?

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It's winter where I am, so I'm embracing bear lifestyle and hibernating.

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Getting SNUG'd by big girls is true happiness.

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>I wonder how my parents will react when I bring her over for dinner...

>> No.35598418

...How many miles worth?

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>>Go to Chinese cemetery,

Did you experience any Human Rights Abuses and violations along the way?

>> No.35598521

Dont forget the Authoritarianism. It ain't truly Chinese without all that Authoritarianism, and also Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.

>> No.35598533

Should I ask for a ryu’s blessing to marry their shirohebi or just elope

>> No.35598550

You will officially ask her for her blessing at the altar anyway

>> No.35598587

The kirin would not accuse you if you were not guilty.

>> No.35598653

But there is no more winter because of global wanking
They're very territorial animals so the cables aren't that long

>> No.35598733

How do I save my jinko from those evil conniving weresheep without falling under their sleep spell as well?

>> No.35598796

You're talking mad shit for a pathetic lowly human in paizuri range

>> No.35598811

Oh no! Sharp teeth!

>> No.35598845

What does Wendy do during the summer? Do you think she and the snuggle scouts enjoy hiking or swimming?

>> No.35598900

Wet Wendigo coats are so heavy they can easily sink to the bottom and feed on clams

>> No.35598961

take responsibility!

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>> No.35599344


I bet Papa Wendi's BBQs are amazing.

>> No.35599361

You got questions aboot propane, eh?

>> No.35599452

>selkies with thick accents

>> No.35599509

>tfw no sultry bombshell kiki maid.
She can even do the CLACK thing!

>> No.35599531

But anon that'll ruin the floors

>> No.35599537

Of course not. She is a perfect and elegant maid.

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You're off the edge of the star charts, captain anon. Here there be tygers.

>> No.35600628

how will space outlaw anon escape this time?

>> No.35600696

Is it better to divide writings into chapters or post whole stuffs? Which do you guys prefer?

>> No.35600707

Eenie-meenie-miny-moe, catch the tiger by the toe!
Depends on length.

>> No.35600713

So what's going on out there ?

>> No.35600731

Out where?

>> No.35600936

The p'orcs are at it again, what about it?

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>Papa Wendi grilling burgers and hot dogs for the neighborhood
>Yeti's husband and Ice Queen's husband helping with the grill and chatting
>Wives in bikinis and sunglasses, sitting by the frozen lake soaking in the sun
>Yeti cuts a hole on the lake to go for a quick dip and cool off
>Wendi, Yeti, and Ice Queen kids playing and wrestling in the snow until the burgers are ready

>> No.35601061

Can someone post Dragon Commander? Thanks.

>> No.35601182

Multicentenarian noblewoman looking for a single young man (social status not important) to share her vast tracks of land with.

>> No.35601209

sounds too good to be true, whats the catch?

>> No.35601217

We're marooned on a small island in an endless sea
Confined to a tiny spit of sand, unable to escape
But tonight, on this small planet,
On Earth,
We're going to rock civilization

>> No.35601395

Alll monsters with big tits are some sort of cow

>> No.35601475

Cows aren't the only ones that can be milked.

>> No.35601494

True. Just look at this cow mage.

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>> No.35601526

Looks like she fell in a briar patch

>> No.35601553

She could use the door.

>> No.35601589

>moves his office to the third floor
>harpy keep slamming into the window

>> No.35601618

its an 5800 word story, so far which I could split up, or just push it as a whole. I'm comfortable around 4k ish.
I just don't know if people who read stories rather want the stuff to be readable asap, and release it in chapters, or wait longer for the whole stuff.

>> No.35601666

Wonder what the new area of kc's game will be.

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>> No.35601727

What is your opinion on panties?
Do you prefer mgs with them or without?

>> No.35601743

I prefer to steal them and discared all clothes cause they stupid

>> No.35601750

Oversized tshirt covering her waist and no panties

>> No.35601780

here you go anon

>> No.35601797

>no panties
Not for me,
I'm weirdly more aroused by seeing a character in her underwear or a micro bikini than full blown naked.

>> No.35601802

With so they can force (You) to wear them like a mask

>> No.35601822

with so i can make fun of their choice of panties

>> No.35601834

Panties only appeal to me when the girl is visibly embarrassed about having them seen.

>> No.35601861

do greenworms wear panties?

>> No.35601903

Seems like the girl were if you were to gift them panties the next time you see her and ask what she thought of her gift her comment about it would "it was yummy"

>> No.35601911

Jinkos, the most marryable monster girls

>> No.35601926

thats every girl expect slimes

>> No.35601960


>> No.35601979

Only good if they are cute and embarressing.

>> No.35601986


>> No.35602008

>"I'm sure Anon will love these," Yuyuko tries to convince the half-phantom.

>> No.35602012

>expect slimes
>still fall victim to a surprise drop attack from above
you just
can't win

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>> No.35602105

What’s the best technique to protect yourself against the sabbath?

>> No.35602139 [SPOILER] 

>get a miner

>> No.35602145

Panties aver extremely sexy.
From the cute to the sexy, from the plain to the lewd.
They make a good girl into a great girl.

>> No.35602164

Same as her parents
>Why no grandchild yet?

>> No.35602204

Her breasts are pushing out of that uniform in a very grabbable way

>> No.35602205

More like every girl except bapho and the other lolis, they're daughter material rather than wife material.

>> No.35602208

what would your parents do if you brought your monster wife to meet them?

>> No.35602242

I genuinely think they wouldn't care as long as she wasn't a loli. Which is fine because that's not my thing anyways

>> No.35602333

Too bad the only thing space outlaw anon is grabbing is the big space jewel she's meant to be guarding

>> No.35602363

She is an angel. They’d probably be more concerned with how Heaven and angelic lore is than how the fuck I met an angel
>monster wife
Now this case they would be questioning where the fuck I found a dragon.

>> No.35602378

Just think I got with a weirdo cosplayer, they don't have to know whats really going on

>> No.35602380

Can I pet the snake?

>> No.35602392

Only if you ask him first, okay?

>> No.35602407

What even killed Kantai Collection? I barely learned of Seaport Hime and turns out it stopped being a big game since years ago.

>> No.35602430

Why ask that here?
Go somewhere dedicated to that topic instead

>> No.35602437

I'd be fine with 2/3 most likely picks as that need for grandchildren would override most skepticism and all of my favorites would be good talkers. The demon would take some explaining, though...

>> No.35602465

Be nice anon

>> No.35602476

>turns out it stopped being a big game since years ago.
Oh yeah people at the time were saying it was going to be touhous spiritual successor

>> No.35602493

Then years latter people were saying the same with kimono friends
Granted kf legit had the potential for that if not for whatever bullshit happened behind the scenes.

>> No.35602519

Kemono Friends is an unusual case. Gotta wonder why the fuck they even let that happen it outright HAD potential, but they’d rather destroy it and together with it any money they could make with it. They’d rather let that retard in power, and would rather let him pettily tear it down than making use with it.
Jesus Christ how did they let that happen? There is a big difference between a retard not knowing what to do and a guy ACTIVELY ruining everything

>> No.35602542

It does stand as counter example on the economic theory that humans are all rational actors.

>> No.35602614

No app on the phone and other gacha games coming out eventually led to KC not being as popular. Don't care what happens to the game and whether it lives or dies but I will proudly say that the abyssals are good girls and I would happily marry Seaport Hime or her angry sister at any given oppurtunity

>> No.35602648

>Gotta wonder why the fuck they even let that happen it outright
Rumors say that the original artist grew resentful that the producer of the show was seemingly getting all the credit

>> No.35602667

Ask if those corruption stories are true.

>> No.35602668

Just date actually young lolis, that'll show them.

*might not work on Momonika sabbath

>> No.35602700

Auntsers. Yay or Nay

>> No.35602708

No shit hits too close to home

>> No.35602724

You don't want your wife (aunt) bullying your mom (her sister) by thanking her for raising such a cute little stud?

>> No.35602752

All my yes, I love auntsers

>> No.35602754

>> No.35602774

That's why you bully her womb to keep her from doing that

>> No.35602780

I really don't like potty mouths.

>> No.35602809

Motorboat a big titty dark mage in front of them.

>> No.35602824

Sure, making her pregnant is going to make her less smug. Although I suppose the tables would turn when your aunt wife is exhausted by a sudden increase in family size and your mom tells her she never expected to have so many grandnieces.

>> No.35602845

hide in your BIG wife's arms
she'll protect you from those yucky flatties

>> No.35602850

No matter how tough, strong, or haughty a monster is remember that she is capable of being impregnated and carrying milk in her breasts. That is all

>> No.35602939

Let them know that, while you like lolis, you prefer independent magical study over organization, and offer to exchange research in the future, should your findings be relevant to their field.

>> No.35602976

would laws about statutory rape exist for monster girls post portal?

>> No.35602983


Anon becoming a Dragon knight story for that Anon who requested it idk how many threads ago.

>> No.35602997

wear a shirt that says I want mature old hags, not fucking babies

>> No.35603005

Panties allow for lots of things I find sexy, but sometimes the lack can be appealing - primarily with skirts or transparent leggings. Really, the appeal of presence or lack of panties on a MG depends for me on the species of MG, her personality, and her "role" in relation to me.

>> No.35603022

Shoot down their planes, destroy their superweapons

>> No.35603036

>Sabbath planes all need booster seats

>> No.35603037

munch monster pussy on the corner and refuse lolis

>> No.35603046

My dad would be shocked but would probably get over it pretty quickly.
My mom... she’s fairly religious, I don’t think she’d ever completely trust my wife. She’d always feel like I was being deceived or possessed.

>> No.35603052

You have now issued a challenge, and one they're used to answering at that. Godspeed.

>> No.35603087

Reminder that adventurer is consistently voted "Number 1 Husband Profession" by monster girls according to Rata News.

>> No.35603096

>Someone actually fulfilled my request
I'm touched, anon. Thanks!
I've also been following your other works and I think you should proofread the grammar a bit more. Keep practicing

>> No.35603102

I'd need a necromancer for that to happen to begin with.

>> No.35603106

Tell us the top 10.

>> No.35603150


>> No.35603166

I installed an automatic proofreader extension, which should help, since my Word doesn't do it for me for some reason. I have to put it on AO3 first, and then I can proofread, but it should be better a little bit.

>> No.35603176

by enterin g their place butt naked with the words "I am a lolicon" written on your chest

>> No.35603241

>baphomet thinks it’s a trap
>familiar doesn’t care if it’s a trap or not, flying tackle hug commences

>> No.35603244

CC auntsers are my favorite. They're hilarious.

PS: Translation of image please.

How much a auntser helps raise her human nephew depends on her own species. A Kiki auntser might insist on serving him from before his birth by looking after her sister during her pregnancy.

>> No.35603259

You people are gross

>> No.35603265


>> No.35603268

So how do I get a Baph to help me summon a harem of Familiars?

>> No.35603275

>tfw ywn have a jabberwock auntster

>> No.35603283

>Nobleman (merging of various noble titles)

>> No.35603296 [SPOILER] 

Jabber LOVE!

>> No.35603300

>"Onee-chan, you should really stop waiting on me, I want him to choose his own wife"
>"I called dibs."
>"But he's my--"
>"I. Called. Dibs."
I imagine such an arrangement would present one with quite a few amusing cracks in their wife's usually cool and mature demeanor.

>> No.35603326

Sabbaths frequently have job postings to retrieve or otherwise procure them information, artifacts, resources, etc. They’re one of the largest sources of work for adventurers and other professionals.
Just take a job and request to be paid in Familiars. Hell, they’ll probably cut you a deal for ‘em.

>> No.35603341

When she's a CC who monsterized herself to get a man and still failed, you shouldn't expect her to be entirely mentally stable.

>> No.35603357

I would bully her for that, Oh I would so bully her for that

>> No.35603398

Alright, but if the treasure turns out to be a cute, thin Cursed Rapier, I can't promise them that I'll be able to give her up.

>> No.35603471

You'd be irresponsible not to. If she turned into a maid of all things she'd probably love it, though that's just another perk.

>> No.35603485

But bullying family is awful, even if she is a self-monsterized femcel.

>> No.35603521

gonna tease her and blueovary whenever possible

>> No.35603523

>vamp cunny

>> No.35603541

>CC monsterizing to be more appealing
lord forgive me I'm gonna marry her

>> No.35603553

>fiend cunny

>> No.35603578


>> No.35603583

Being masked by a mg's panties...

>> No.35603642


>> No.35603653

Tell me about the masked man.

>> No.35603736

Has to wear the mask to conceal his identity otherwise every female will rape him for being a man (produce a lot of mana)

>> No.35603768


>> No.35603785

how would she react if I proposed to her

>> No.35603816

beach sabbath!

>> No.35603851

Annoyed that it took this long

>> No.35603869

Reminds me too much of hacka doll 3

>> No.35603894

gonna take her to pound town for that

>> No.35603935

Floaties are required.

>> No.35603941

I don't care about CCs or lolis, I just want JKs!
JK succubi, who taunt me and tease me about liking their tiny teen bodies! JK demons, who come up with cheesy, melodramatic contracts! JK flayers, who convince me I'm their teacher or tutor or older brother as they please!

>> No.35603944

she got none unless you count her belly

>> No.35604017


>I can Sakuya and your panties
Needed more proof reading.

>> No.35604040


>> No.35604049

Who are jk? High schooler?

>> No.35604053

I'm bored, time to draw fairy sex.

>> No.35604055


>> No.35604070


>> No.35604104

High school age range, like >>35604070 said.

>> No.35604112

If a man was foolish/gay enough to get a vasectomy, does mamonomana fix him, or does he alp?

>> No.35604116

What's wrong with that sentence?

>> No.35604123

Jesus fuck dude

>> No.35604126

Would it be rude to ask your demon wife to look human so your family doesn't worry over your immortal soul?

>> No.35604130

What about unemployed?

>> No.35604146


>> No.35604152

No! Draw fairies engaging in wholesome activities!

>> No.35604178

>Guy gets vasectomy thinking he can pump and dump monsters now cause they’d never want a husband shooting blanks
>Mamano mana fixes this and makes him twice as virile just for good measure
>Has knocked up every monster girl he’s slept with so far
>Now has marry them and take responsibility

>> No.35604187

If a western animator would make a video parodying mge which would make the cringiest?

>> No.35604194

Eh, they'll find other shit to freak out over eventually then.

>> No.35604222

I will, with many more. I hope they didn't think we were going to stop there?

>> No.35604226

I want to make fun of CC monsters, also want ot make fun of old hags, what are some good insults and things to tease them about

>> No.35604240

I mean it's like doing the same if you brought a black chick home cause your parents are folks what get all their news from Glenn beck and singing woodland creatures.

>> No.35604247

He can what panties? Smell, eat, see? Sakuya's not Sakuya.

>> No.35604254

POV: you just wanted classic rock cds

>> No.35604270

Dragonia is not the only Dragon Realm, KC stated a more femdom and protectionfag appealing Dragon Kingdom exists:

>During the time of the former Demon Lord, he was defeated by the heroes of the time and said, "My soul will not be destroyed, and you will surely be rewarded for this...! I will make sure that you will receive your reward...!
>She's now reincarnated as an evil-looking black dragon demon girl, and she's taking revenge on the hero who reincarnated with her vague memories, and she's getting him thoroughly impregnated so that she can get her comeuppance.

>By the way, at that time, the kingdom was the homeland that the brave heroes protected from the evil dragons.
>In the present day, by the hands of the evil dragons and their avalanche of dependents (worms and wyverns) and the daughters of the evil dragons and brave men, it has been reborn as the "Treasure Kingdom of Evil Dragons," where dragons treasure and dote on human men as they please.

>The demons of the old demon king era often did not have rich and emotional feelings like humans and the demon girls of today.
The evil dragon said, "At that moment when I was defeated, for the first time I was strongly moved by an existence other than my own. Thinking about it, I've been in love with him since that moment..." (The following interview, in which pink and are flying around, has been omitted.

>> No.35604290

Their heaving breasts
Their childbearing hips
Their shapely butts
Their pillowy thighs
Their cute pouts
Their pure hearts

>> No.35604299

POV: you are looking for your friend who said that he knew a great place to get clasic rock cds

>> No.35604305

>Smell, eat, see?

>> No.35604307

Its far lower.
Debate was going on over if it and house husband should b e merged.

>> No.35604310

That kiki has mastah rapped around her finger!

>> No.35604323

I told you, only trust the vans when the monsters are mature monsters and have used analyze to see no sabbath affiliation

>> No.35604326


>> No.35604332

Yes. Since she can't rape them into accepting her, how would one address this issue? For the purpose of the exercise, assume disregarding your family's opinion or just not interacting with them as a couple long-term isn't possible due to reasons.

>> No.35604345


>> No.35604349

A loli is fine too.

>> No.35604350

To be fair, consorting with a black chick doesn't usually carry the stigma that your immortal soul is guaranteed to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity even amongst the most hardcore racists.

For real though, you're saying I shouldn't ask my gf to go whiteface???

>> No.35604370

u can do better than that

>> No.35604390

What's classic rock exactly?

>> No.35604393

Is this a direct machine translation? Lots of mismatched pronouns here.

Cute for KC to address the "reincarnation of an ancient evil" plot. Now I'm imagining chuuni MGs going around doing this sort of thing.

>> No.35604396

>doing better than lolibaba
litterally impossible

>> No.35604404


>> No.35604419

why make love to a flat board

>> No.35604421

dark elves? More like dork elves!

>> No.35604439

Naizuri is a fetish that I wish more artist would draw

>> No.35604452

then draw it yourself

>> No.35604455

She shouldn't be asking for praise after she birthed such a small litter.

>> No.35604456

But lolis are better than most other girls. Especially from Runya or Kuroferuru Sabbath!

>> No.35604462

>Is this a direct machine translation? Lots of mismatched pronouns here

Of course it is, all my KC translations are

>> No.35604467

Maybe it's better to let it happen naturally, they will open up to her when they see she's not evil anyway.

>> No.35604501

I would I could

>> No.35604506


>> No.35604517

>lolis are better

>> No.35604520

But she is evil. She's a demon.

>> No.35604532

Best MG for dieting

>> No.35604540

Wock because she'll just fucking eat everything before you can

>> No.35604545

Rude, demons aren't evil that's Succubi propaganda

>> No.35604554

u can't count, fatty?

>> No.35604560

KC on how MGs deal with suspicions of cheating:

>Monster girl, if someone suspects you of cheating or is worried about you, you'll say, "Trust me! Instead, she'll take advantage of the situation and suggest that they have sex all day and stay connected. They don't just suggest it, they do it.

>> No.35604569

loli cheshire

>> No.35604571

How do I prove I wasn't trying to shear her but was trying to shag her so I can avoid prison?

>> No.35604581

Add a healthy sprinkling of religion and demons are now double evil. Not that they do much to change that viewpoint and they ARE extremists...

>> No.35604588

saay your acting on welsh blood, and also fuck that sheep to make it clear

>> No.35604595

I bet you're one of those Ratastokr propagandists i won't entertain this conversation further.

>> No.35604611

Just go to prison. That's where the biggest girls are.

>> No.35604615

demons aren't evil, they just like to suck dick a little too much

>> No.35604616

I am so sick of that joke

>> No.35604620

What a terrible crime scene.

>> No.35604639

>"Anonymous man loses debate with hero local squirrel supported by facts and science, leaves in huff and shame!"

>> No.35604640

Are boogies more used to being the big spoon or the little spoon? I'm wondering cause they're like stuffed animals so they must have more experience being hugged

>> No.35604670

Now if you excuse me i have to cope and seethe while cuddling with my Demon wife.

>> No.35604671

>That's where the biggest girls are.

The guards or the inmates?

>> No.35604678

lol said the Cheshire

>> No.35604691


>> No.35604693

Based. Personally, I just wanted a blue succ, so I've headcanoned a demon too lazy to go too heavily into the momdom or extremism.

>> No.35604705


>> No.35604707

I'll love my demon wife even if she is evil. It's in my contract.

>> No.35604709

where does it say they go into momdom?

>> No.35604720

Well, I have a thing for powerful evil women in high positions.

>> No.35604722

>needs a contract to love his evil demon wife

>> No.35604727

Great for eating out from under the desk

>> No.35604732

Hey we don't make the rules.

>> No.35604734

Someone post that bapho who got lost at sea in vada pics

>> No.35604739

They all have ladders I see.

>> No.35604744

You wouldn't understand.

>> No.35604752

The entire profile reads that they like to dominate men through pleasure, and then there's these little nuggets:
>It seems that it is in their nature to give into their men's demands and spoil them, regardless of the pact
>the reasoning behind their radical beliefs may be that they are worried about humans because they are so weak and they want to place them under their protection.

>> No.35604780

>doing better than lolibaba
>litterally impossible
Genuine loli mg

>> No.35604784

>> No.35604787

The inmates are mostly human men. You make friends during your time in a slammer run by monster girls.

>> No.35604793

Sweating so hard the ink starts spilling away.

>> No.35604852


>> No.35604856

Who said anything about needing it?

>> No.35604909

Nurarihyon at it again.

>> No.35604979


>> No.35604998

Fox freak

>> No.35605005

>proudly shows off contract
>ink so smudged the signature is unreadable

>> No.35605010

>No demon wife to open up jars of sealed marmalade.

>> No.35605014


What do men talk about among themselves when they are there?

>> No.35605044

welp no husband, family or happy life for her, just another 50 years at the law firm

>> No.35605054

Please help there are several Orcs on my street singing about how "It's coming home" and I'm scared.

>> No.35605065

just join the selkies in their collective concern that the orcs might actually win

>> No.35605074

Saddest thing i ever read.

>> No.35605086

I am the Foxman, that's what I am
I am the Foxman, I got the master plan
I am the Foxman, that's what I am
I am the Foxman, with the master plan

>> No.35605091

>spreading rumours that a demon only gets one chance to make a contract and if she messes it up she can never have true happiness

>> No.35605110

>She starts tearing up when she sees it
>Only to beam so hard you'd think she was an angel when you casually say it's a good opportunity for her to think about any addendums she wants when you renew your contract

>> No.35605123

>not partying with the orcs to celebrate the fairly won victory
They are good people, they've assured me that all the rudeness is just banter. They also keep buying me drinks. Come out and have some fun with us Anon, there's more of them then I can handle.

>> No.35605127


>> No.35605161

I’d prefer my wife to not be functionally retarded, which (true) kids are.

>> No.35605170

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face

>> No.35605182

>"I'm thinking you fucked behind my back"
>"Fufu~ Now we'll have to stay in bed and have sex all day so you'd be sure I'm loyal to you~"
>"Yeah great, but let's talk about you possibly fucking behind my back"

>> No.35605210

mindbroken by h'orc pheromones

>> No.35605236

Is there any girl that gets as literally close to you; physically, mentally, and spiritually, as Cursed Sword?

>> No.35605253

I love my lich wife!

>> No.35605277


>> No.35605296


>> No.35605300

Ok hear me out: Demon Cursed swords.

>> No.35605324

You have my undivided attention.

>> No.35605348

I love my Lich Queen!

>> No.35605351

Can I get a Cursed Gun?

>> No.35605353

its a shame kitsune usually have a reputation for being slutty, i just want one to be a loving wife

>> No.35605356

Just take an average demon and make her yandere, VERY yandere.

>> No.35605360

You had me at demon.

>> No.35605412

They're supposed to be fairly smart in MGE though, one could assume especially the higher tier ones.

>> No.35605424

Now how about a powerlich queen?

>> No.35605436

Living Armor, now get inside

>> No.35605451


>> No.35605507

>Bunyip hugs you too softly worried about hurting you
>Wurm hugs you too hard and makes your bones creak
>Kobold wants to be hugged and even when she hugs back is way too small for a comfy hug

>> No.35605516

>"What are you in for?"
>"Stealing a Kiki's food that she made for her husband"
>"I know which one you're talking about. I'm in here for the same reason"
>"You two are really in for it. She's the warden's best friend. Me? I jaywalked"

>> No.35605608


>> No.35605609

Based on what?

>> No.35605614

all hugs are comfy, even the smallest one

>> No.35605615

Based on this dick.

>> No.35605616

So go for Inari over Youko.

>> No.35605731


>> No.35605741


>> No.35605751

why is the maid looking at me like that?

>> No.35605758


>> No.35605759

I shudder to imagine what a yan demon would put in her marriage contract
the captcha is telling me I don't need verification then not allowing me to post because "I didn't fill out the captcha" when it refuses to give me one to fill out. Wtf is going on

>> No.35605779

I'm the who, who is legit and I'll work on that salamander + anon writing, but now there is too much red wine inside me, and for some reason I changed her character from a tomboy into a tomboy milf kek.

>> No.35605782

I think you can just type in whatever

>> No.35605800


>> No.35605843

Lamias usually don't give me that "predator has sensed you" feeling but somehting about the way her snake half is drawn in this does.

>> No.35605853

They recently added that part, so 4chanx has no idea how to handle it yet. No idea why they couldn't do from the start as most of the captcha have that function.

>> No.35605900

Rude! The Jabberwock is one of the highest tier monster girls, she deserves to be respected! Not bullied!

>> No.35605912

Probably something that sounds creepy but with wholesome connotations.

>> No.35605934

Got hired as a massagist in a Hinezumi dojo, they only go after fighters so... I should be safe, right? After I finish giving my massages I will ask them if they can give me a ride to the Jinko dojo to get a wife there.

>> No.35605952

You will massage mouse ass and you will like it anon

>> No.35605966

Time to oil up.

>> No.35605978

Is it considered a great shame to the amazon tribe if a girl gets defeated by a man then gets taken as a trophy wife forced to wear frilly dresses and lay on her back for lovey dovey hand holding missionary sex?

>> No.35606015

Space is not only densely populated, but it is densely populated by beings that dwarf humanity's levels of horniness

>> No.35606054

>First, congratulations. This is a big step in your life and your Mom and I are very proud.
>Second... we both FULLY expect you to make an 'honest man' out of whatever poor lad/s you two had your fun with.
>I need not elaborate how your Mother will react if she finds out either of you decided to skip out on the father/s.

>> No.35606064

Yes, but the only ones who really care are the single ones secretly seething about their lack of a man.

>> No.35606066

It's disgusting that's what it is

>> No.35606074

Is there anything as comfy as traveling the world with a Living Armor?

>> No.35606093

Hugs are meant to creak your bones

>> No.35606096

what kind of fuckery is this new captcha? it didn't load an image or anything, it just said in plain text "Verification not required"- and then when I want 'Oh, okay, nice' and tried to post I got the standard 'you need to complete the captcha, idiot'. On a wild-ass guess I literally typed in 'verification not required.' AND THEN IT WORKED.

>> No.35606102

The hottest shame.

>> No.35606203

I know gore here and in MGE is looked down upon, but does the thread and MGE setting allows for things like claw scratches during sex with feral monsters?

>> No.35606210

>get granted a small title at the edge of the kingdom for your various adventurous deeds
>its small and isolated but seems like a nice place to finally settle down
>get welcomed at the edge of the realm by centaur stewardess who shows you around your holdings and introduces you to various members of your court
>captain of the guard is a salamander
>book keeper is a demon
>head servant is a kiki
>most of the local wheat farms are run by manti
>it quickly dawns upon that you haven't encountered a single man let alone another human the entire time you've been here
>various court members weren't happy when you went hunting alone
>still felt like you were being watched the whole time
>constantly getting ogled when visiting the village
>pretty sure multiple people were trying to get into your room throughout night

>> No.35606229

I think so, though it’s mostly a cosmetic effect. (Causes mana leakage that looks the part but no lasting damage)

>> No.35606263

No, because that's horrible. Why would anybody enjoy a monstergirl dragging a sharp edge through their soft tissue, then taking a sultry lick off the tip and purring in delight? Don't ever imply anybody would want a monstergirl to rake their back with claws during a leglocking, fullbody orgasm ever again, or I'll have to spam you with claws.

>> No.35606301

someone is a little too into it seems

>> No.35606345

Claw scratches are within limits as long as they're not a danger to the guy's life or serious enough to cause bad scars, generally like >>35606229 says.

>> No.35606349

I fuck monsters for this reason, If I wanted normal gentle sex, I would go with h*mans instead

>> No.35606387

>I would go with h*mans instead
Posts like this are not welcome in this thread.

>> No.35606391

I'm back with another chapter of kung-fu Anon's wacky egyptian adventures.


>> No.35606434

cheers crumble, been waiting on this

>> No.35606455

Thats why i fuck monsters, cause they best, better than the rest

>> No.35606463

what a poor soul

>> No.35606516

Good. I was afraid I was going to have to report you to the authorities. I wouldn't want another anon to have to be sent to the reeducation center/breeding pit.

>> No.35606520


>> No.35606539

I just want to rule. I want a large domain where I am the venerated king. I want a nice, big harem, some tricky but ultimately loyal and well-intentioned advisors, and a nimble, spry bodyguard to react to any would-be usurpers. I want to watch the land flourish under my reign. I want to hear my peoples' cheers as my heirs are born, or as more wives marry into my harem. I want to meet visiting emissaries from towns in my territory, asking for advice or assistance. I want to encourage trade with nearby nations, and meet with the caravans to help build trust and encourage commerce.

>> No.35606550

Something tells me you'd be paraded around being raped in front of your entire harem on the streets in the 3rd day

>> No.35606577

God I wish I was just a young farmhand who wears nothing but dungarees and a big straw sunhat, working and sweating while big CC moos watch hungrily.

>> No.35606580

What's a Monster Girl that you like, but not for romantic reasons. Maybe because you just enjoy their character, or how they're portrayed. Monster Girls you appreciate and really enjoy but not "as a waifu"

>> No.35606584

That's fine too.

>> No.35606610

>implying I wouldn't have my advisors plan that for me

>> No.35606620

Oh, I gotta do what mama told me and throw u into the pit

>> No.35606637


>> No.35606638

I want that as well but with the addition of being under a single noblewoman rule

>> No.35606651

Greenworms are adorable and I want one as a daughter

>> No.35606656

Poor kot.

>> No.35606674

>The emperor has no clothes!

>> No.35606689

>Everybody pretend like he's not being raped! Or we'll get thrown in the dungeon!
>G-Good morning your majesty!

>> No.35606694

I want a living armor wife rn

>> No.35606699

I want my back to look like I fuck my wife.

>> No.35606708

All i want is to live in a place filled with CCs and old hags and be that one young guy lives among them and messes with them

>> No.35606734

They're all going to shake their fists and complain that back in their day, men didn't run around dressed like that, instead of childish pranks they'd be exploring some dungeon or going on quests. Instead they just stare at their 'smartphones' all day.

>> No.35606755

Me too.

>> No.35606767


>> No.35606779

>Does something seem off about Mechazawa?

>> No.35606781

Pick it up, porky.

>> No.35606789

I would just double down on everything they said except the smartphone part

>> No.35606790

Are you taking more requests?

>> No.35606816

what do monsters do to their male delinquent students?

>> No.35606900

i want to get hugged by her

>> No.35606910

Maybe when her delinquent group headed by a H'Orc isn't looking.

>> No.35606932

I'll hug 'em all

>> No.35606960

I love the idea of some anon getting relentlessly bullied in public by a p'orc trying to keep him for herself and not show her girls or boss she's 'weak' then coddled out of sight and lovingly attended to.
Stuff like the P'orc stealing his lunch, eating it in front of him while demanding he stay right there, then draggin him off- and then dotingly feeding him her own home cooked meal.

>> No.35606970

Mmm P'Orc-style BBQ.

>> No.35606997

Lay evil immediately

>> No.35607000

>hug soft p'orc
>you give her a squeeze and she unintentionally let's out a cute oink

>> No.35607009

What don't they do?

>> No.35607056


>> No.35607057

sounds like heaven

>> No.35607063

Would be cute to see her try to keep up appearances with her gang as she acts like a mean girl only for you to know deep down she cares about your well being. Will just make all the time away from her gang more special when she's apologizing for what she did while trying her best to make up for it in secret.

>> No.35607077

gonna shitpost on 4mons and say math is for virgin monsters who never get laid

>> No.35607105

I bet her gang all wear leather jackets with a cute pig face with angry eyebrows on them. With something like 'Road Hogs' 'Nomads' sewn on it.

>> No.35607156

I want to entrance the gang leader while being their rival gang

>> No.35607164

>as your faithful retainer, your kunoichi steathily appears and disappears on command
>she's gotten noticably slower at it now that she's pregnant with several of your heirs

>> No.35607207

>tfw ywn be a trained by a kunoichi to be the ultimate ninja incubi to disrupt order converts and prank unwary monsters

>> No.35607271

Haha imagine mamono maths
>Mathematically speaking, this is the best way to rape a male

>> No.35607298

what do we to nerd monsters, anon?

>> No.35607324

Depends on what they are.
Tengu? Bully them.
Haku? Don't even think about it, unless you want to get raped AND lectured at the same time.

>> No.35607330

As a jock, it's my duty to give nerds a hard time.

>> No.35607341

Make them give us a blowjob then cum on their glasses.

>> No.35607343

what ya mean, I bully hakus all day

>> No.35607355

You think a kunoichi would want to train a cheshire cat?

>> No.35607366

I bet that faggot cat will find a way to do so

>> No.35607380

do you really need ninja training when you can teleport at will?

>> No.35607382

Are there submissive demons, who write horribly one-sided contracts on benefit of the petitioner simply for the sake of being used and controlled?

>> No.35607388

>Cheshire Cat Kunoichi who always slacks off during training and never takes things seriously.
>Makes her instructors furious, but they can't deny that she's talented and breezes through tests easily.

>> No.35607389

Of course.

>> No.35607393

>As a jock
Good joke mate

>> No.35607441

The real question is what would their mothers think of those contracts?

>> No.35607468

Male bullies fuck monster nerds. Monster bullies fuck male nerds. This is the natural order.

>> No.35607477

I will fuck the teacher to break the cycle

>> No.35607479

What monster is built for instant loss!male?

>> No.35607494

Joke's on you, all teachers are nerds.

>> No.35607501

I want to bully and fuck a nerd alp.

>> No.35607508

even the 8ft tall Hellhound PE teacher?

>> No.35607517

God yes. Don't dare mention pro wrestling or she'll spaz out in the most physical way.

>> No.35607525

>> No.35607536

gonna mention it and then wrassle her nude into a mating press

>> No.35607541

Rumor has it she once bench pressed a set of filled bleachers.

>> No.35607547

gonna drink her milk so I can bench press her and the entire school one day

>> No.35607561

Muscle nerds are the hottest

>> No.35607577

And that's how Anon ended up in the Pretzel Amazon position.

>> No.35607581

>10... 9... 8...
>cmon kid, you’ve gotta at least try
>5... 4...

>> No.35607598

my last words before I faint will be "I won in the end"

>> No.35607617

so I'll fuck the principal then

>> No.35607649

Congratulations, you just fucked the biggest nerd in school.

>> No.35607658

The principal is a man.
Maybe try the Slime janitor.

>> No.35607665

>so I'll fuck the queen of nerds then
Y-yeah, intercourse with your princi-pal will sure show everyone, haha!

>> No.35607666

CC Alp get

>> No.35607671

>Amazing, dear! You've written such a wonderfully subtle contract, not even I can find the loopholes!

>> No.35607699

Sad, yet hot in her desperation.

>> No.35607786

This cat looks very soft.

>> No.35607876

Sell me on why your favorite is best girl

>> No.35607887

Soft cats eh?

>> No.35607928

I shall repost.
1. Great body.
2. Strong.
3. Fucks like a tiger.
4. Responsible and level headed.
5. Will give you cute daughters.
6. Loves baths.
7. Making her chuff is satisfying.
8. Protective.
9. Top level cuddles.
10. You get to touch and be touched by her hands.

>> No.35607980

pussy squid is comfy, depression shall be no more, can literally mindbreak me and can literally mindfuck me.

>> No.35608007

I need a high energy, high octane woman to keep me motivated so I don't get slow. For me this woman is a hellhound, always running on all 8 cylinders, no rest for the wicked and no mercy for the weak.


>> No.35608059

If her tongue isn't at least 1' long, she isn't worth marrying

>> No.35608116

I want to make a lich have a smug smile, how?

>> No.35608151

Try to replicate her study, devise a new hypothesis when the results come out different. Watch her go to work as she then replicates your work, is able to reestablish he hypothesis and shit all over yours. She'll be ultra-smug when she touts the results to you

>> No.35608167

I'm pretty sure one inch is below even human norm.

>> No.35608186

I would if I could determine my own favorite, but I'm horribly indecisive.

>> No.35608187

1' = 1ft, not 1in

>> No.35608195

Never mind, I misread. I'm not used to the fucking American ooga booga measurements.

>> No.35608206

what magics would this monster know?

>> No.35608271

Just woke up from a coma, have any MGs been released since...uhhh...that smoking caterpillar one? Did he ever finish his game?

>> No.35608291

You're in luck, there have been two more monsters. You might have to keep waiting for the full release of the game, but there is a demo.

>> No.35608303

look at them money bags, they jiggle, jingle, and janlge

>> No.35608330

I want to tell that money momma that I love her for her personality and not because of her (fake)wealth

>> No.35608332

Money makes the world go around!

>> No.35608339

>Only you and other mamono can see her
>Perfect armor
>boosts your strength and reflexes
>Incredible feeling of security and happiness when wearing her
>perfect fit incredibly comfortable resistant and weightless
>Only you can wear hear
>can have sex while wearing her
>If a catastrophe occurs you both will most surely die together

>> No.35608352

yup and makes my pp hard

>> No.35608366

>can have sex while wearing her
I thought the profile said that that specifically didn't happen.

>> No.35608382

>>If a catastrophe occurs you both will most surely die together
a smiliar thing can be achieved with vehicle automata

>> No.35608387

>Get on top of body pillow
>Wrap weighted blanket around me and pillow to simulate lamia constriction
>Keep legs straight to further simulate being in lamian coils
>Hump pillow while looking at lamia porn
I have the most intense orgasms doing this. I'm definitely made to breed lamias.

>> No.35608400

My bad, but the rest still stands

>> No.35608404

but anon you forgot protocol 3

>> No.35608429

>vehicle automata

>> No.35608435

what is the best monster for hyperactive anons?

>> No.35608473

best treatment for manlets

>> No.35608487

Weresheep and Dormouse

>> No.35608500

what makes her angry aleays?

>> No.35608593

>Lose an eye in a car accident
>Your Shoggoth maid is waiting for you when you wake up in a hospital bed
>By the time the doctor arrives, all of your injuries, including your missing eye, are healed
>Tests are run, heads are scratched, but you're fine and they can't explain why
>You're released by the still very confused hospital staff
>If all they did was look a little closer, they'd notice that your newly healed eye was a faint shade of purple

>> No.35608609


>> No.35608614

if a shog replaces every cell in an anons body is he still anon?

>> No.35608622

pretty sure souls are a thing in setting so a total body replacement shouldn't be too much of an existential issue

>> No.35608630

>Sleepy sheepy.
>Wait, it's a trick!

>> No.35608649

>missing eye is back among other fixes
>doctors simply go with "lol guess we just didn't see it the first time" without inspecting it

>> No.35608650

man i would go full chunni and pretend my shog eye is a super powerful eye that was granted by a mighty one, which isn't untrue

>> No.35608651

>alas farmhand anon realised the deception too late and promptly slept for 13 hours

>> No.35608667

they could check, or they could go bang the succ nurses

>> No.35608695

>shog now sees everything you see
I-I think that might actual drive me insane with paranoia

>> No.35608727

>> No.35608757

Oh man, boss is gonna be mad!

>> No.35608764

You'd be surprised just how some doctors are, especially if they have to see potentially hundreds of patients

>> No.35608776

>"lol guess we just didn't see it the first time"
I remember hearing this actually happened to some hockey player, the puck hit his face and the doctors thought one of his eyes just got completely pulped and they couldn't find it anywhere, but after a while it slipped back into the socket from a crevasse in his head or something. Not sure if real or just a rumour, it was a long time ago.

>> No.35608867

Which hole should I cum inside of my oni lifting partner to help her achieve maximum gains

>> No.35608946

all her holes and drink her milk to max your gains

>> No.35608971

Yeah, that'd make you a bragging cunt, not a chuuni. You'd fit in great with a few dumpirefags , though.

>> No.35609019

Did she pay you to say that?

>> No.35609101

I'm going to start up a town with shortstack monster girls!

>> No.35609112


>> No.35609161

Is there an official MGE world map?

>> No.35609171

I would very much like to visit and perhaps live in this town.

>> No.35609190

And you would be welcome.
Cause I sure as shit could not dick and run an entire town.

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