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Watame will call in to Kiara's totsu

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Koone is losing it

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Hololive is dead.

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Okite Okite

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I love Lamy

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I love Fubuki!
Mengen right now!

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watame calls in every totsu

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Noel's soulful singing...

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I love Aqua!

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Worry not friends, for none other than Nakiri Ayame has freed us from another day of nijiniggers!

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Deco*27... your song...

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What do I press on milfdom to make it not lag?

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Anon could hold a girlfriend easier than Noel could hold a rhythm

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Get in

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Why is she streaming on mildom anyway?

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Just ignore it and hopefully it will go away.

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Is she slapping her thighs

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wake me up when luna is on

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I think this level is beyond Ko'one's ability

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How do numberfags cope with vnuma rounding up numbers?

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I like Bluerose unironically

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>mildom can\t handle just 7k people
absolute cancer website

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Kiara is doxxing Moona

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I missed her so much.

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i can't believe coco left...i can still hear her voice...

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captcha: 0R4T

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Not hololive

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Coco Let's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

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Mildom is so fucking shit jesas

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>i can still hear her voice
Really? What is she saying?

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Korone broke her own level

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>region locked app in 2021
Mildom isn't gonna make it

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You're right, what was I thinking

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Its finally happening...The Towapocalypse...

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Isn't Aqua meant to be significantly shorter than Subaru and Nene?

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Wrong thread

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Even after graduation she still shits up the thread.

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I like 3時12分 explicitly

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this is hololive

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I have been happy every day since I met Mikochi!

Elite chorus time! https://youtu.be/K57XcDsUl6A

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I want to fuck the dog

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If Sui-chan is officially the Pride of Hololive, who is the Shame of Hololive?

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>open chicken's stream
>that voice
>close chicken's stream
Let me know when Watame enters please

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I want to sex ojou while she is like this l

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Imagine the smelle

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I just got TGAAY

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Not gonna give chicken views so pls explain Anon.

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It is just retards who are too retarded to use the correct thread. I mean just look at A*oe posters.

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kson is not coco

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No other content creator have gotten those numbers? what a shitty site...

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right thread zhang

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She really is one of us

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Not yet.

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Hololive OG, motherfucker

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Who the fuck are these western whores

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Towaposting is the peak of AI learning machind

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the fans

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who the fuck is that in Kiara stream?

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Kson is not Coco.

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Even captcha knows about the yuribait

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Coco is, Kson is not

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I honestly didn't think ksharts would be worse than triangleturds but it's not looking good.

>> No.35572892

Reminder that Ayame just streamed and you can't talk shit about her not streaming anymore.

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Time to update my filters I guess

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I have no fucking idea what's going on on that mildom stream but I can tell she's making bank.

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I've been listening too much Danchou Shaka Beach in the last couple of weeks it doesnt sound soulful anymore. Goodbye Sengen when?

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Why would you ever think that, are you mentally retarded?

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no sunglasses
no soul

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>sings Shaka Beach
>starts slapping your cock around due to her tick of needing to do something with her hands at all times
>laka laka love

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k-on is pure soul. this is what I was looking for.

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I warned you guys.
There were already more people posting about Kson streams than Coco even before Coco announced her graduation.

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>talking about the most popular hololive alumni is bad
neck yourself chink

>> No.35572913

>never announce breaks
>still have 5-10 "comeback" streams a year
What a whore

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This is Zir-nyan, his face finally revealed (somewhat). What do we think of him?

>> No.35572917

Subaru has a new wig

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How to up level on milfdom guys?

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She is not Hololive anymore you fucking retard, use the appropriate thread to talk about an indie. How hard is it?

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Half of triangle fans are blatantly anti-hololive

>> No.35572921

Her character height is 148cm with shoes

>> No.35572922

kson more like ksoff

>> No.35572923

I wonder if ks*nfags surpass massfags in being insufferable...

>> No.35572924

Massfag 2.0
What a surpise NOT

>> No.35572927

K-what? Stop speaking your bug language, chink. All I hear is Coco speaking

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>red gifts
It's like nothing changed

>> No.35572932

go back

>> No.35572933

2hu is dead

>> No.35572934

Keep seething retard.

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>I just realized that I can't sing male vocal song that well
>viewer:You can't sing the one with female vocal just the same...

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Not much different then.

>> No.35572938

There's a pretty active thread on /vt/ I don't know why they don't just go there. Oh wait yes I do it's because they treat this thread like a Discord chatroom or just want to blatantly shit up the thread.

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always will be cope and seethe

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Do you call her Coco right now in her stream comments?

>> No.35572948

not Hololive. Go make her thread in /vt/

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captcha towaposting...

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They are the same niggers

>> No.35572954

>all these people mad at the OG
Keep those tears coming.

>> No.35572955

Is there even one likeable thing about Delta?

>> No.35572956

The % of what she gets out of those reds changed for the better.

>> No.35572957

ready for another 6 hours of koro-san trying to beat her own level?

>> No.35572958

Anon please, you should've been over the Denial stage weeks ago.

>> No.35572959

Same reason ENfags don't go to global. They're the same people after all.

>> No.35572960

Not yet, but they both should fuck off.

>> No.35572961

Its a female cat...

>> No.35572964

Miko wont call

>> No.35572966

Well yeah, but you are not talking about Coco.

>> No.35572968

She's not working for Cover

>> No.35572970

>creating a mildom account to use their cancer chat

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>> No.35572974

How does she do it?

>> No.35572976

Hololive Old Girl? Yes she is, she's already retired after all.

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>> No.35572982

No I am not.

>> No.35572984

Chatposting isn’t going anywhere. Better get used to it.

>> No.35572985

Of course. These are the best streams

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>> No.35572987

learn jp eop

>> No.35572989

Say one nice thing about Kiara

>> No.35572990

Just because she was already around when you started watching vtubers it doesn't make her "OG".

>> No.35572991

Oh yeah.

>> No.35572994

May I offer you a monster in these trying times?

>> No.35572998

>open Kiara's stream
>hear two whores
>close stream

>> No.35573000

>k*on overlapping with kiara's birthday

>> No.35573001

All yayoi want to return to their gook roots whether they like to admit it openly or not. Fuck rice munchers Jomon pride!

>> No.35573003

So you care about her so little that you don't want to interact with her at all.

>> No.35573004

The virgin Mikochi and Watame talks to Haachama through Discord.
The chad Hoshikawa meets up with her straight and has dinner with her.

>> No.35573005

Anybody who wants to be on /vt/ already left ages ago. The niggers remaining are just here to shit this thread up

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>> No.35573013

Another eternal blaze

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>> No.35573016

As Nana wills.

>> No.35573019

she wasn't going to miss out on a totsu, go sheep!

>> No.35573020

>Tatsucucks cant even differentiate orange from black

>> No.35573023

Primetime was supposed to be the better threads since we'd get a lot of streams to talk about but now 2 of the orangewomen have to be on at the same time.

>> No.35573026

This Korone stream and my life have one thing in common, they both aren’t making any progress.

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>> No.35573030

It's actually decent. Not straight up bad.

>> No.35573031

Seriously neck yourself don't bring that bullshit here

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>> No.35573035

You will never escape ORANGE

>> No.35573039

Surprising they are still interacting.

>> No.35573041

but anon, she is black

>> No.35573042

Watch AZKi, she's getting lower views than Homos playing APEX...

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>> No.35573048

neither will delta but shitheads still keep posting them here and meidos will not do anything about it so your only option is to call them fags filter them

>> No.35573049

Kinda surprised desu and... she messed up again as I typed this...

>> No.35573051

I am not an attention whore, I can enjoy entertainment without having to use terrible mildom chat system just in hopes of getting noticed

>> No.35573052

There's more people complaining about Cocoposting than actual cocoposting, like usual metatards are the real cancer

>> No.35573054

It's not surprising if you know their history.

>> No.35573055

>Kson is gonna stream everyday on jewtube
Fun times are coming

>> No.35573056

>shion is DEAD
Explain yourself, YAGOO

>> No.35573057

Orange is the new black

>> No.35573058

Kson has achieved literally everything any holo could strive for
She's beaten the game, seen the ending, and was done

>> No.35573059

>Kiara: Sorry Nene we are on a tight schedule so I'll move on to the next caller
>Watame takes double of Nene's time and ends on her own terms

>> No.35573060

Noel the high notes...

>> No.35573063

I mean, messing up the lyrics is cute at least.

>> No.35573064

There's no actual cocoposting because no one here understands what she's saying.

>> No.35573066

I have insider information that she's dying her hair soon

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>> No.35573073

So you won't dare to call her Coco. No balls castrated faggot.

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>> No.35573075

not your hugbox and they embody hololive's roots better than the seiso idolfaggotry cover is forcing on everyone these days anyway

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>> No.35573078

She hasn't said anything except talk about her big plans and how the chat is fucked up

>> No.35573079


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>> No.35573083

kek that's the kind of shitpost even the schizos would be ashame of posting

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>> No.35573086

She progressed! Things are looking up for you Anon

>> No.35573087

>low views on a pure supacha reading segment
No shit

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>> No.35573093

i cant read that chat on mildom

>> No.35573094

>Fuck rice munchers Jomon pride!
To think the Yamato house wiped the Jomon out and corrupted the ancestral shinto faith with buddhism...

>> No.35573095

Very cute.

>> No.35573096

don't care massfag still going to filter everything related to them

>> No.35573097

No faq

>> No.35573098

>> No.35573099

Newfag: the post

>> No.35573100

Yeah the metatards aka (You)

>> No.35573101

I mean, that was before her Australia and schizo arc. When was the last time they streamed together? Last summer?

>> No.35573102

I'm fine with people posting Coco though. I'm not fine with people making posts about off-topic vtubers for epic reactions

>> No.35573103

Thank you for your interesting contribution to humanity, zhang

>> No.35573104

marines cringe compilation is getting a lot of views... marineshitter is probably gonna take his anger out on his mom later...

>> No.35573105

>cocock is now working on ARK
Dream come true right there.

>> No.35573106

Why is she spoiling who is calling in? Ruin's the chance for some who might be trying to pretend to be someone else to trick viewers.

>> No.35573110


>> No.35573111

only newfags believe hololive started out as an idol agency

>> No.35573112

Mooner draws better than Iofi...

>> No.35573113

>both orange women causing a ruckus
I'll just come back later.

>> No.35573115

>> No.35573116

Just checked last thread and /jp/ has good taste now?
Based Ayame salvaging those threads

>> No.35573117

Not like it's a huge accomplishment

>> No.35573118

What does "rrat" mean?

>> No.35573120

Orange saiko!!!

>> No.35573123

How was Sora tonight?

>> No.35573124

>EN vs ID mariokart

>> No.35573125

Moona's drawing is really decent. Like I can tell the stiffness in certain things but past that it's still nice, I didn't know she was that good in drawing either.
I guess the pantsu was by her too yesterday?

>> No.35573126

What are you talking about? Speak Engish.

>> No.35573127

Moona's Mario kart is a disaster

>> No.35573131

And he outed himself, good job anon.

>> No.35573133

Lost Island...

>> No.35573134

Korone is going through all of this only to have
A) Shion never return and play this stage
B) Shion clears in 5 minutes

>> No.35573135

Ironic coming from someone that doesn't dare to call Coco by her TRUE NAME. You are scared and chinese.

>> No.35573136

Chicken wont top ayame's number kek

>> No.35573138


>> No.35573140

kson's flash avatar is cuter than the virtual one

>> No.35573141

Hoshikawa has better chemistry with Haachama than all of the other girls combined. Being friends since middle school helps a lot with that.

>> No.35573142

fucking kek moona

>> No.35573143

>I really like eating

>> No.35573144

She's angry again
I'm scared

>> No.35573145

>first impression is food related
sasuga Moona

>> No.35573146

Gen 4.. Home..

>> No.35573147

Write something on the wish paper for Lamy!

>> No.35573148

You can only see one eye from that angle so I think even Loafer could draw that

>> No.35573152


>> No.35573154

poor marineshitters mommy...

>> No.35573155

Pretty cute. Her last game was painful though.

>> No.35573157

do your english reps, anon. it's pretty easy to read that

>> No.35573158

Who all has called into Kiara's stream? I'm ending memberships and unsubscribing to all of them.
Also Kson isn't a holo and she's boring as shit. Redditors need to stop posting her.

>> No.35573160

She promised us she'd be back. I'll wait as long as it takes

>> No.35573161

Your oshi

>> No.35573162

When did everything go wrong?

>> No.35573163

I can't believe Coco made her girlfriend pay off their debt to Watame with her body...

>> No.35573164

Nene, Watame, ID1.

>> No.35573165

All first gen ID

>> No.35573166

>> No.35573167


>> No.35573169

>Moona in stream
>talks about eating
I don't know what I expected

>> No.35573171

Your brain is fried by memes, SEA. Grow up.

>> No.35573173


>> No.35573174


>> No.35573175

The only chicken stream I will watch is her graduation stream.

>> No.35573176

Click on the star-shaped symbol near the chat window and uncheck all options.

>> No.35573179


>> No.35573180


>> No.35573181

Towa will call in, might as well end your membership now.

>> No.35573183

She's a good friend to Nenechi, that's all I need personally.

>> No.35573184

Oida is just like yabai

>> No.35573185

That was a fun stream from Friend.
Loki watchalong at 20JST tomorrow, followed by more Operation: Tango with Watame.

>> No.35573188


>> No.35573189

enter Soda...

>> No.35573190

Oh shit it's Sora

>> No.35573191

<span class="sjis">hey man[/spoiler]

>> No.35573192

Why isn't she streaming on YouTube?

>> No.35573194


>> No.35573196


>> No.35573198

Oh no, not Sora-chan.

>> No.35573199

thanks anon

>> No.35573200

Meido has a sense of humor.
Totally not me.

>> No.35573201

All the holos currently streaming are streaming on youtube.

>> No.35573203

Don't reply to shit posts

>> No.35573204

>Kicked Nene
>Didn't Kick Watame
>Kicked ID1

>> No.35573205


>> No.35573206

Filter cazzies

>> No.35573208

you are getting raped kid

>> No.35573210

>Who all has called into Kiara's stream
That's not how English works

>> No.35573211

But it's true...

>> No.35573212

I meant flesh

>> No.35573213

Will Luna ever do a one on one collab with EN or ID?

>> No.35573214

Better watch Ui-mama than the chicken

>> No.35573215

If you have to ask then you aren't subscribed/membered to anyone at all.

>> No.35573216

>[EN] Coco: The weirdest one was anti-smoking goods. I have no idea why they approached me! I've never smoked before!

>> No.35573218

Sora got kicked lol

>> No.35573220

That's actually how it works in America SEAchama

>> No.35573225


>> No.35573226

At this rate Shion is gonna come back before Korone beats this stage

>> No.35573229


>> No.35573230

>Coco: I'm glad to get sponsorships! But as Kumicho, I generally don't intend on doing then.

>> No.35573232


>> No.35573233


>> No.35573235


>> No.35573236

I reply to all Shion posts

>> No.35573240


>> No.35573241

Is it just me or is the thread really good right now

>> No.35573242

Jesas, Kiara is really popular

>> No.35573245

That's what you get for spending a night with Towa

>> No.35573246


>> No.35573247

>Coco got anti-smoking sponsorship offer
>wtf why me I never even smoked before
Redirect it to the correct person then

>> No.35573248

O'riends love!

>> No.35573249

Will Miko call?

>> No.35573250

>Noel finally going bacl to GTA
Titty City...

>> No.35573250,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.35573251

>oppai trauma

>> No.35573252

Chikcen will break RBC totsu record at this rate...

>> No.35573253

Why is she kicking out Holos? Does she have no respect for her senpais?

>> No.35573254


>> No.35573255

just you

>> No.35573257


>> No.35573258

Sure thing its not like she forced any of them like she usually do

>> No.35573259

Ms. Paradise...

>> No.35573261

Lunaitos, save the thread... pls...

>> No.35573263


>> No.35573264

What are you all talking about?

Coco isn’t streaming.

>> No.35573267

Filtering those poor EOP while prepare for YouTube

>> No.35573268

based filterchad

>> No.35573269

You kick those who do not commandeer your respect

>> No.35573271

One tribute coming up for the ice elf, one tribute!

>> No.35573272


>> No.35573274


>> No.35573277

Instead of having decent conversations with her senpai she's trying to spam as many callers as possible to leech off of as many fanbases as she can, get as many clips as possible, and to show off how "popular" she is from within the company. What an absolutely dreadful woman.

>> No.35573278

I'm looking forward to more agent Fox and Sheep.

>> No.35573279

Korone seppuku no!!

>> No.35573280

then why can I still hear her voice

>> No.35573281

Fuck Migo actually called hahaha

>> No.35573282

>Korone telling everyone watching Chicken to commit sudoku

>> No.35573284

Looks pretty good to me

>> No.35573285

wrong thread

>> No.35573286

>anti smoking
>gives it to a smokef

>> No.35573287

12 minutes!

>> No.35573288

We love Kiara here, this is an Ayame anti thread.

>> No.35573289

Seriously... How new?

>> No.35573292


>> No.35573294


>> No.35573296

I don't buy it

>> No.35573297


>> No.35573299

no this cant be happening

>> No.35573300

pego is here

>> No.35573301

Kanata stop...

>> No.35573302


>> No.35573303


>> No.35573304


>> No.35573305

She's not Kiara's oshi anymore..

>> No.35573306


>> No.35573307


>> No.35573308

Nice of Pekora to do a charity call.

>> No.35573309


>> No.35573310


>> No.35573311


>> No.35573312

Right thread chad

>> No.35573313

>pecker in the call

>> No.35573314

Kiara haters in absolute shambles right now.

>> No.35573315

Noel want to wear swimsuit...
Imagine 3D bikini stream while singing Shaka Beach

>> No.35573316

Lamy is on a stream? Where?

>> No.35573317

oh no no no /hlg/bros!

>> No.35573318


>> No.35573319

jesas stop spilling your spaghetti chicken, this is your chance to change your imagine from fan to colleague

>> No.35573320

Who's doing totsu? Uimama?

>> No.35573322

What's wrong with Korone? Why is she streaming Mario Maker instead of calling into Kiara's birthday to remind EOPs that she exists? She won't get a lot of viewers back at this rate...

>> No.35573323

I have 32 tabs open so I can't exactly tell where her voice is coming from, but I can definitely hear it right now, and it's not a clip or archive or anything, she is definitely livestreaming and talking about new things

>> No.35573325

Where did you go this wrong in life to become spiteful like this?

>> No.35573326

>> No.35573327

I thought nobody watches chicken here?

>> No.35573328

It is, it's referred to as "Southern Vernacular"

>> No.35573329

Ko'one knows what's up.

>> No.35573330


>> No.35573331

Nene just released the Panama papers.

>> No.35573332


>> No.35573333

you are mad, hlg
Your blood is boiling

>> No.35573334

>Peko would rather call in to Kiara than Miko

>> No.35573335

She is quite literally at her 2020 average right now

>> No.35573337

Some indie i think

>> No.35573338

>I have 32 tabs open
Do people really? Do you not own another monitor?

>> No.35573339

goodbye cruel world

>> No.35573341

SMOKAS know the danger of smoking better than anybody else

>> No.35573342

we lost...

>> No.35573343

You are hlg

>> No.35573344

I hear her voices in my head
She council me, She understandss
She talks to me
She talks to me

>> No.35573345

I got a totsu weakness, please understand

>> No.35573346


>> No.35573348

>> No.35573349

I hope they have plans for it and they're making it seem like the girls are demanding it with how much they have talked about it in these past few weeks.

>> No.35573350

I'm so fucking disgusted

>> No.35573352

No doubt the newfags here won't understand this image...

>> No.35573353


>> No.35573354

>pekora calls kiara but not miko
It's over pekomikofags.

>> No.35573355

Oh, an EN, nevermind.

>> No.35573356

>Bikini Day was yesterday
Never again...

>> No.35573357

>> No.35573359

Oh, so just like "African American Vernacular", a.k.a. "I didn't graduate from high school"

>> No.35573360

That's a really sloppy job of reattaching a cat's head after removing it's vocal chords. does that neck even turn?

>> No.35573361

>People surprised Pekora called in
I know most of you faggots don't know Japanese but this is embarrassing.

>> No.35573362

Anons, is it just me or holos have a very specific talking style? I mean, if you watch Shigure Ui or nijis or whoever else they talk like normal people, but holos talk with regular pauses in a way that's kinda similar to TV hosts or something, I wonder if in addition to dancing and singing they are also taught how to speak in public.

>> No.35573365

Sounds like "I don't speak English vernacular" to me

>> No.35573366

Falseflagging, tho instead the one who complains about chkn gets the (yous)

>> No.35573367

She knows that the Chicken will go full on menhera and cry on stream again if she doesn't call.
Nobody wants that.

>> No.35573368

What does that have to do with the number of tabs

>> No.35573369

Lurk more

>> No.35573370

>Calls shit chicken
>Doesn't call Miko
What did the rabbit mean by this?

>> No.35573371

This shipp is cute

>> No.35573373

90 tabs is the average for me

>> No.35573374

She didn't call in to Miko's...

>> No.35573375

you lost its over

>> No.35573377

Who are you quoting

>> No.35573378

The absolute state of PekoMiko

>> No.35573380

They are very close but southern vernacular is not limited to a single race or economic group.

>> No.35573384

globalchama... >>>/vt/6164630

>> No.35573385

Just wake up, any new yabs?

>> No.35573386

Why are global raiders so pathetic?

>> No.35573387

Stay mad, self hating EOP. Go do your reps.

>> No.35573388

>inviting pekora to the dead minecraft EN server

>> No.35573389

based hikosan drawing peokia art

>> No.35573390

Stop larping tranny kfp

>> No.35573391

kfps run this threads now

>> No.35573392

I was disappointed when someone asked her a few months ago if she ever smoked weed in america and she said no.

>> No.35573393

Pekora got kicked

>> No.35573394

That's because you don't live in America or if you do, have never been to the south

>> No.35573395

I think Mr. Paradise is losing her sanity.

>> No.35573398

Pekora's been saying for months she wants to go there

>> No.35573399

Gokisei's comfy woman.

>> No.35573400

I usually dont but this is a big event

>> No.35573401

Kiara literally messaged her on Discord asking her to come to her totsu if it was alright with her and Pekora agreed.
She said this at the end of her Minecraft stream.

>> No.35573402

PekoMiko is as dead as Hoshi no Kanata anon...

>> No.35573403

Ayame robbed a bunch of cucks live on stream

>> No.35573404

Just finished the game Reine's currently playing every Saturday and it feels so incomplete. Should I play ZTD next?

>> No.35573407

Wow, I never would have expected Dagger to call in
They never even interacted on stream before

>> No.35573408


>> No.35573409


>> No.35573410


>> No.35573411


>> No.35573412

i see why kiara rubs people the wrong way

>> No.35573413

>Kiara kicked Pekora for Anya

>> No.35573414

As long as you go into it with the mindset to not take it seriously then sure

>> No.35573416

They are only demanding it recently because its summer in japan

>> No.35573417

and EN management kept saying no. Why the fuck?

>> No.35573418

Who is this indie calling Kiara?

>> No.35573419

EN runs this shit

>> No.35573420

>> No.35573423

What does ohtani have that i dont...

>> No.35573424

You should.
People are extremely mixed on it for reasons that will become obvious when you play it, but it's the only way you will get some sort of closure to the overarching plot.
Probably gonna have a much better time if you look at it as a trashy b-movie and don't take it particularly seriously.

>> No.35573425


>> No.35573427

Good on Kiara. Miko should have messaged Pekora lel

>> No.35573428

She is an Atlanta girl, it's a crack nation, not pussy devil lettuce

>> No.35573429

Learn japanese

>> No.35573430

Dagger got kicked after 1 minute

>> No.35573432

>> No.35573434

>she will do utawakus
Maybe life isn't that bad after all...

>> No.35573436

Here, have a better version

>> No.35573437

Smooches her face

>> No.35573438


>> No.35573439

Why is Anya not speaking JP? I was hoping both would try to out JP each other to see who's the superior one

>> No.35573440

Korosan please.

>> No.35573441

This thread has more than one person in it, zhangbro, >we don't have a hivemind running here like you do back at your former home on NGA. Southerners are uneducated retards but you aren't even one of them. "Unsubcribing to", kek, ask someone from Hong Kong to write a message for you next time, hongweibing.

>> No.35573442

>kicking ppl out

>> No.35573443

why are you linking a clip that has no eigo subs

>> No.35573444

Man do I miss this idol's karaoke streams

>> No.35573446

>kicking people out for coming into her call
why is she like this?

>> No.35573447

Her name is Aki Rosenthal and she's Hololive JP 2nd Gen

>> No.35573448


>> No.35573449

What is this subaru is a liar narrative? I'm too old to keep up with the gossipping.

>> No.35573450

Can't she just go over time a bit?
Is there some rule that birthday streams can't go over 1h no matter what?

>> No.35573451

I'm kind of surprised that Hikosan has never drawn Pekomoona art, unless I just missed it.

>> No.35573452


>> No.35573453

this sexy hag managed to sneak in before Kiara had to go shill merch.

>> No.35573454

A reminder Pekora didn't draw your oshi.

>> No.35573455


>> No.35573457

This is so subtle it has to be bait

>> No.35573458

>> No.35573459

Chumbuds are the worst Holo fanbase.

>> No.35573460

I think the sleeping pills are more than enougj for her lol

>> No.35573461


>> No.35573462


>> No.35573463

Coco's karaoke stream

>> No.35573464

Watame streamed her birthday for 22 hours across 4 days. There are no rules.

>> No.35573465

Imagine being this much of a pussy that if you see a word that you don't like you start seethin. This is essentially chink behavior.

>> No.35573466

She wants to time it to the merch release. She already said this will be two hours.

>> No.35573467


>> No.35573469

Close tabs you don't need right now and use bookmarks

>> No.35573471


>> No.35573472

You're not too old to open the archive faggot

>> No.35573473


>> No.35573475

Because there are plenty of people in this thread who understands JP anon.

>> No.35573477


>> No.35573478

how do i filter filterfags?

>> No.35573479

Every fucking time
>people come here to falseflag as people hating EN
>lol /jp/ is seething

>> No.35573480


>> No.35573482


>> No.35573483

When did Nene become such a bad girl? Degenerate sleep schedule, now gacha?

Who is responsible for this?

>> No.35573484

Just use English instead of making shit up

>> No.35573485

>Because there are plenty of people in this thread who understands JP anon.

>> No.35573487

Pekora has drawn herself many times

>> No.35573489

That is the accurate version.

>> No.35573491

>> No.35573492


>> No.35573493


>> No.35573494

filters? I post image

>> No.35573495

love ayame

>> No.35573496


>> No.35573497

Holo JP kneels to the chicken, why don't you?

>> No.35573498

I think it's started with her writing poorly translated topics for her zatsudans in eigo, which came off either as an exaggeration or hilarious slander (e.g. Okayu's fingering)

>> No.35573501

>I want to have healing sex with Akirose ch

>> No.35573504


>> No.35573505

she absorbed part of aloe's soul

>> No.35573506

Who was given the most time to talk so far? Watame?

>> No.35573507

>Because there are plenty of people in this thread who understands JP anon.

>> No.35573508

Remember when Suisei was Suichansempai

>> No.35573509

>global lingo

>> No.35573510

idolfaggotry is better than vshojokeks

>> No.35573511


>> No.35573513

please learn japanese ``please''

>> No.35573515

dumb newfag

>> No.35573517


>> No.35573520

They don't but ogey.

>> No.35573521

I don't even think I'm lying anymore when I say nobody here understands Japanese

>> No.35573522


>> No.35573523

all the bad posters migrated to /vt/ imo

>> No.35573524

Towa did this...

>> No.35573525

>kson Pro is actually real
Roru roru rumao

>> No.35573526

Ayame wont

>> No.35573528

Yes and she wasn't kicked like most others

>> No.35573529

Lies & slander, the Lamy hole is very warm

>> No.35573531


>> No.35573534

All the good posters moved there

>> No.35573535

sex old shion

>> No.35573536

Miko and Watame WILL groom Haachama to be their sex slave

>> No.35573539

I did and it looked like a bunch of nothing at all.
I'm confused why you fags keep memeing it.
So it's just a joke and not actual schizo shit?

>> No.35573540

>saying this during raid

>> No.35573542

Finally a good post.

>> No.35573543

Ayame only kneels to suck dick

>> No.35573545


>> No.35573546


>> No.35573547

god you are new as fuck

>> No.35573548

>Korone Mario Maker
After watching speedrunners this stream is giving me whiplash

>> No.35573549

She can take Haachama and Ayame

>> No.35573550

>coco's vtuber company
uh oh

>> No.35573551


>> No.35573552


>> No.35573553

Finally, a good post.

>> No.35573555

And they well all play ARK all the time.

>> No.35573556

KsonPro confirmed!

>> No.35573557

>So it's just a joke and not actual schizo shit?
No it's schizo shit you're just not looking deep enough

>> No.35573559


>> No.35573560


>> No.35573561


>> No.35573562

That acronym was never a thing here, get the fuck outta my face.

>> No.35573563


>> No.35573564

Fucking whore >>>/vt/6164684
Graduation when?

>> No.35573565

do newfags really?

>> No.35573566


>> No.35573567

Bunbuncha spammers are better than nnaa-niggers. There I said it.

>> No.35573568

If you enjoy EN, you unironically need to go to /vt/. This is /jp/ where we discuss /jp/ holos.
>b-b-but Kiara speaks japanese!!
And she's a part of Hololive EN, therefore she doesn't belong here.

>> No.35573570

2 orange women. Can >we handle it?

>> No.35573571

Doesn't change the fact, no matter how much the raiders are replying to me with funny images and greentexts.
Clips are not difficult to understand, even less so when they are JP subtilted.

>> No.35573572

kek half the holos are going to run off to ksonpro in the coming months when their contracts expire, cover is fucked

>> No.35573573

I think so.

>> No.35573575


>> No.35573577

Stop spamming lunaicucks, your oshi will never be popular even if you spam her here

>> No.35573578

>So it's just a joke and not actual schizo shit?
Fuck if I know, some schizo might've jumped on the bandwagon at some point.

>> No.35573579

Some things just weren't meant to be.

>> No.35573580

Are you ready for Luna electone?

>> No.35573583

>post made 12 minutes ago

>> No.35573585

How did you know that you need to kneel to suck a dick? Did you try it too?

>> No.35573586

man that guy really wanted replies

>> No.35573589

ogey newfagchama, you need to lurk more

>> No.35573590

>It's real
Yes, it's over for Cover.

>> No.35573591


>> No.35573592

Haachama is already in the sheep's basement.

>> No.35573593

Chicken pls, your really making it apparent that these birthday call-in streams are just to sell merch in a limited time. Just pick the ones you wanted and space out the time.

>> No.35573594


>> No.35573595

You know I'm looking around everywhere and still couldn't find who asked.

>> No.35573596

>there is going to be naked official KFP Apron Kiara cosplayers

>> No.35573597


>> No.35573599

Does knowing or not knowing Japanese correlate with who your oshi is?

>> No.35573600

It's schizo shit that people started playing for laughs and it stuck because it's funny.

>> No.35573601

What kind of revolutionary content will kson come up with now that her creativity is not stifled by the corporate overlords?

>> No.35573602

I don't care whether gura plays lol or not

>> No.35573603

Ayame fans all deserve the rope

>> No.35573605

Yagoo modelling career still going strong. Now the Apron.

>> No.35573606

You're right man, I didn't disagree. It's just funny trying to do that right at this time.

>> No.35573607

Back to /vt/

>> No.35573608


>> No.35573609

It started because she always has a bunch of farfetched, ridiculous stories.

>> No.35573610

Atleast luknights doesnt kneel to entrannies

>> No.35573613


>> No.35573614

Luna's a whore tryhard faker that's not even cute rl

>> No.35573615


>> No.35573618


>> No.35573619

>Kson pro
Can she even get chinese sponsorships that are plaguing the vtuber industry???

>> No.35573620

All the people that know Japanese are in /hlgg/, the real fan thread.

>> No.35573621


>> No.35573622


>> No.35573623


>> No.35573625

Ayame antis are stupid

>> No.35573626

They've been friends for a long time, but prior to this and her saying her saying they talked about going somewhere a dew days ago, the last time I remember Hoshikawa mentioning Haachama was months ago and she said she hadn't even talked to Haachama since she got back to Japan

>> No.35573627


>> No.35573629


>> No.35573630

That's not very radical of you, anon.

>> No.35573631

Raids don't exist. It's all in your head.
Especially with the new captcha.

>> No.35573632


>> No.35573633

>he doesn't speak japanese
Why haven't you killed yourself yet? You clearly can't do anything in life

>> No.35573635

VShojo collabs and slut streamers, Minecraft verboten

>> No.35573639

He looks pissed.

>> No.35573640

Yagoo-san your dignity...

>> No.35573642

That apron is honestly pretty good and functional merch.

>> No.35573644



>> No.35573645

List of the holos who will quit hololive to follow Coco:

>> No.35573646

/It's all in your head/i

>> No.35573647

EN is here to stay

>> No.35573649

Replying to yourself doesn't make it true.

>> No.35573650

Guys look I'm gonna post something stupid and then delete my own post

>> No.35573651

Towa Doko?

>> No.35573652

Why is Ui mama so popular

>> No.35573653

Is this the schizo general?

>> No.35573654

Nice falesflagging you got there

>> No.35573655

First use of the acronym was in September 29, ENfag.

>> No.35573656

>an apron
Are you for real?

>> No.35573657

Are we being raided again?

>> No.35573658


>> No.35573659

I just want closure for the plot. It went downhill from 999 tho.

>> No.35573660

Yagoo the official hololive model

>> No.35573662


>> No.35573663

"I'm going to serve some fucking phoenix burgers, take it or leave it"

>> No.35573664

Why did you delete your post?

>> No.35573665

>Kiara's outfit
What the fuck is this I seldom watch her but holy shit

>> No.35573666

You're going to roast sheep

>> No.35573667

you need to be fucked in the head to decipher some of these captchas i dont buy it being a schizo filter at all

>> No.35573669

Nene would gladly strangle Coco in an alleyway if remaining an idol required it.

>> No.35573670

But that's exactly how it works in this thread.

>> No.35573671

It was started because on a few occasions when chat asks Holos about stories that Subaru told, they say "wait that's not what happened"

>> No.35573673

>> No.35573674

Mature Luna.

>> No.35573676

>not whoring themselves out in minecraft instead
Literal self-sabotage.

>> No.35573677

>write bait
>delete the post
>pretend that a meido did it and reply to yourself
Shitposting never changes

>> No.35573679

KsonPro is going to be the Michael Scott Paper Company of Hololive. She is going to be the new CEO of Cover in six months.

>> No.35573681

Listen to hime

>> No.35573683

Get fucked.
We love Kiara here.

>> No.35573685

>second original song

>> No.35573686

>24 first results
>all of them in global
yhm... tell me more...

>> No.35573687


>> No.35573688

That's your residual vt refugees.

>> No.35573689

Coco is Nene's best friend newfag, watch some streams

>> No.35573690

now that en is here yes

>> No.35573691

Wait, so you guys just put on the streams and... not understand anything?

>> No.35573693

Likely story

>> No.35573694

Luna's electone + Korosan's suffering.

>> No.35573695

They got the /vpol/ mindset they're unsalvageable

>> No.35573698

>Chicken has as many original songs as Suisei now

>> No.35573699

Kill yourself

>> No.35573700

I'm not, come to Georgia

>> No.35573701

If i kill myself i would be doing nothing forever...

>> No.35573702

>no yagoo feet for the slippers

>> No.35573703

wen the horni is gone

>> No.35573704

We watch Kiara totsumachi

>> No.35573705

Tourists can you be quiet while hime plays? Thanks.

>> No.35573706

En is here to stayyyy babyyyyyyy

>> No.35573709

Liked her so much that she's the only gen 5 to not join a meme review lmao.

>> No.35573710

Global raid hours...

>> No.35573711

As it turns out, getting away from the EOP cancer and schizo garbage made her remember she had friends she used to collaborate with and made promises to hang out with in the past.

>> No.35573712

Saying a lazy whore should stop being a lazy whore is not anti behavior

>> No.35573713

You guys know that she said that as a joke right

>> No.35573714

Kiara is one of the better singers in hololive. Perhaps top 5.

>> No.35573715

I thought it was annoying at first but now it's surprisingly easy

127 IQ btw

>> No.35573716

Not only is she not (they're just acquaintances), Nene loves being an idol so much she'd probably strangle her best friend for that too.

>> No.35573717

He's going to start falseflagging as a nijinigger in a bit

>> No.35573719


>> No.35573720

I don't wanna

>> No.35573721

Did the Chicken get a new model with unbuttoned shorts?
I don't remember them being this lewd
You can see her red panties when she leans back

>> No.35573723

Anon this happens during every big EN stream. It's resident schizos baiting for (you)s

>> No.35573724

How is that any different from your life?

>> No.35573725

Who is your oshi, chink?

>> No.35573726


>> No.35573727

Hime saving the world with her Electone. Come watch, anon,

>> No.35573728

Exactly, she spared her from the cringe.

>> No.35573729

It started when Subaru talked about how she used to exaggerate stuffs when telling stories because she didnt bother to remember the details. That puts other holos in alert everytime she's telling a story. They would ask if she exaggerated some part of the story. Lately she's been trying to fix that by providing some kind of 'proofs' from her stories.

>> No.35573730

>munches on chips and gets crumbs everywhere
>continues aggressively eating snacks into the mic
>snack dust-coated lips smack together with an audible plap, and tongue sloshes around inside mouth, lapping at cheeks and teeth
>reads chat and gets mad about something
>makes long, drawn-out mouth fart noises
>makes more fart noises
>hides half her videos behind a membership
>sings poorly
>watches capeshit
>uses youtube money to buy expensive jewelry

>> No.35573731

gomenasorry anon

>> No.35573732

Ksonpro's first talent recruit will be Deltaya

>> No.35573733

Is this the anti thread?

>> No.35573734


>> No.35573735


>> No.35573738

>Because there are plenty of people in this thread who understands JP anon.

>> No.35573739

she doesn't usually show stuff below the waist

>> No.35573741

When is she going to call

>> No.35573742

If you think so.

>> No.35573743

So who all called chicken?

>> No.35573744

Watch their Ark collab

>> No.35573745


>> No.35573746

How are you falling for the same shit, that you made yourself, over and over, Korosan?

>> No.35573747

Luna took off her socks

>> No.35573748

>Coco quit hololive because her HoloARK server died
Why is she like this

>> No.35573749

Watch Watame

>> No.35573750

i made all the hlg memes it was mewtthv

>> No.35573752


>> No.35573753

Can't make your bait that ridiculous, retard.

>> No.35573754

>not a single usage last year outside of global

>> No.35573755

heard you talking shit about towa and watame

>> No.35573756


>> No.35573757


>> No.35573758

Wait a second…that face…

>> No.35573759

My oshi doesnt care about that whore and started her stream as if she was nonexistent

>> No.35573760

>Watching EN whores
No thanks.
Coco fucking ruined Hololive with her reddit shit and EOP pandering.

>> No.35573763

I tuned in 40 minutes late but I saw Subaru, Reine, Pekora, Anya, Aki, and Fubuki.
Presumably the first 40 minutes were filled with others.

>> No.35573765


>> No.35573766

>Watch Watame
I already am

>> No.35573767

This is the anti general

>> No.35573768

But will she get an L2D? No she won't

>> No.35573769

That post gets asked everytime as well anon you might want to start recognizing patterns

>> No.35573772

She put them on my face.

>> No.35573773

You'd like us to believe that wouldn't you globaltard?

>> No.35573774

EN is later

>> No.35573776

Dangerous based

>> No.35573777

Luna won't. She will not even reply to tweets

>> No.35573779

anon... it's her third.

>> No.35573780


>> No.35573781

I unironically can't wait for EN gen 2

>> No.35573782

i can't believe Coco tapped up Gibara, Lulu and Magnet for ksonPro...

>> No.35573784


>> No.35573785

Fubuki got her wish

>> No.35573787

>lterally a board a fucking full board for themselves
>still come to this niche place for absolutely no reason
God it makes me so mad this kind of shit

>> No.35573789

I remember Luna replying to Anya on her congrats tweet but ignoring Ollie.

>> No.35573790 [SPOILER] 

i only watch one EN

>> No.35573791

Ko'one please

>> No.35573792

Recently it's fairly lenient and positive compared to the rest of the site

>> No.35573793

Same globalbro, same.

>> No.35573795

[EN] Coco: Let's just say there will be people that you'll definitely recognize haha

>> No.35573796

Don't reply, faggot.
Put it in your filter. It kept saying it for the last few weeks or so during burger hours.

>> No.35573798

its all one big elaborate meta raid woven through countless threads and falseflags

>> No.35573799

I'm not a weeb lol
>If you don't spend years learning a dead language you must kill yourself
lmao go outside

>> No.35573800

Never forget how dumb these people are

>> No.35573802

What is KsonPro?

>> No.35573804


Strong first lineup

>> No.35573806


>> No.35573807

>Have an entire board built for them
>Still refuse to move there
God it makes me so mad this kind of shit

>> No.35573808

fuck off 2hufags

>> No.35573809

I'm not denying that they're on good terms because you'd have to be literally Hitler or a school bully for Nene to dislike you, but Nene was expressing regret in that collab exactly because she didn't manage to become good friends or talk with Coco that much while she could.

>> No.35573810

That's why they do it. If you could fucking ignore them they would fuck off

>> No.35573812

Cute gurame

>> No.35573813

Why is she so universally liked across both threads?

>> No.35573814

Wrong reply. Meant for >>35573773

>> No.35573815

She just started adding shit to sections she had already playtested towards the end of her building. I had a feeling this would happen.

>> No.35573816

Yeah Hololive is fucking done.

>> No.35573818

I thought trianglefags months ago were saying it's coming. What happened?

>> No.35573820

Literally anyone could be better than EN gen 1.

>> No.35573821

please stop responding to people who watch EN/ID, they don't understand japanese so they have to resort to watching people who speak english, instead of watching hololive itself

>> No.35573822


>> No.35573823

cos shes actually fun? ame actually does a ton of stuff that makes her a very good oshi

>> No.35573824

>Dog casually plays MariMeika2
>Noeru just sings and thanks supachas

>Has to beg her oshi on her day off to come by

>> No.35573825

I can feel the jealousy radiating from this post

>> No.35573826

is this the famous antiboard?

>> No.35573828

Nene has a behelit.

>> No.35573829

Her stream on Mildom

>> No.35573830

what a turbo retard

>> No.35573831

>> No.35573832

Actual schizo. You can cross-reference so many of her stories with other holos nobody in their right mind would believe this. It was literally a matter of Okayu trying to hide the fact that Subaru is practically living with her and that one time when she ripped a part of her sofa off because she thought it was a pillow. It became an in-joke in SMOK as it usually does so Subaru is joking about it too now, and naturally schizos latched on it.

>> No.35573833

OK understandable

>> No.35573834

Me too but only because I can't stand anyone from gen 1

>> No.35573836

You only watch EN

>> No.35573838

Yeah, there's an entire board for vtubers, not sure why do they still come to /jp/

>> No.35573839

会長 is dead, all hail 組長

>> No.35573840

EN/ID was a mistake.

>> No.35573841

Nobody knows Japanese here. They're lucky if they even know English.

>> No.35573842

dont reply to it do not reply whatever you do do not reply dont reply bro i told you not to reply

>> No.35573843

>God it makes me so mad this kind of shit
Maybe if you weren't an ESL you'd get more respect

>> No.35573844

>they would fuck off
Or reply to themselves 30 times.

>> No.35573845

Is that why so many of them started being more and more active on their roommates?

>> No.35573846


haha it's totally different anon but don't ask me why.

>> No.35573847 [SPOILER] 

I also only watch one EN

>> No.35573848

At the very least she's a genuinely big fan of hololive. She's also retarded in a similar adorable way to miko

>> No.35573849

>> No.35573851

No, I mean, what exactly was she talking about when she said that?

>> No.35573853


>> No.35573854

>That puts other holos in alert everytime she's telling a story.
Nobody ever thought that way. Lamy said it as a playful jab because Subaru loves her tits too much.

>> No.35573857

why do YOU like hime anon?

>> No.35573858

Because we are learning japanese on the way, unlike all of you filthy EOPs.

>> No.35573860


>> No.35573863

Already fucked over by Cover, she'll gladly leave if there's the opportunity
Neglected by Cover with no costumes, all her plans rejected just like Coco, was best friends with Coco, likely to leave
Hasn't appeared in hologra just like Coco, all her plans rejected just like Coco, best friends with Coco, likely to leave
Literally said she wanted to leave and is also best friends with Coco

>> No.35573864

There are going to be some familiar faces

>> No.35573867

posting like this should be a bannable offence

>> No.35573868

Lamy's cleavage...

>> No.35573869

dangerously based

>> No.35573870

What Holo is this?

>> No.35573871

She says nanora, I'm not even memeing

>> No.35573872

[EN] Coco: Noel really did slap me in front of YAGOO on that day.

>> No.35573873

She is the cutest holo around. Love her piano love her electone and love her streams in general.

>> No.35573874

>It's another welcome to membersheep episode

>> No.35573875

>> No.35573876

Holy fuck, Mildom's interface and chat are as bad as the ones in Bilibili, it's fucking horrible.

>> No.35573878

you can take the coco out of hololive, but you can't take the hololive out of coco

>> No.35573879

Pekora's only friend is Miko and it's a very strained relationship.

>> No.35573880

put it in your filter list DO NOT REPLY

>> No.35573882

This is true
This is fake

>> No.35573883

looks like a 2hu

>> No.35573885

Voice, mannerism.

>> No.35573886

she is also the only western vtuber I can stand somehow

>> No.35573888

that's a toho

>> No.35573889

That's a 2hu

>> No.35573890


>> No.35573892

>Because we are learning japanese

>> No.35573893

>[EN] Three... POSSIBLY four members, I don't know just yet

>> No.35573894


>> No.35573895

>was best friends with Coco
What happened? Did they have a fight?

>> No.35573896

Knock off Twap. Now with 20% more autism.

>> No.35573897


>> No.35573898

This smug degenerate face
This isnt cute this is the face of evil

>> No.35573899

That's a nice color scheme actually.

>> No.35573900

It's because Mildom is also made by chinks.

>> No.35573901

Haachama, Pekora, Rushia and Marine for starters

>> No.35573902

remember taiga is three years old and growing old. he is an oji-san

>> No.35573903

>> No.35573905


>> No.35573906

It's coming... one day... eventually...

>> No.35573907


>> No.35573908


>> No.35573909

>[EN] Coco: Right, I'll make it capable of raising its middle fingers too. I might be the first vtuber who can do it.
She's becoming too powerful

>> No.35573911


>> No.35573912 [SPOILER] 


>> No.35573913

I don't see her often but I times I had see her I always have a good time.

>> No.35573914


>> No.35573917

>Chicken's fanbase copying 35P and getting some random celebrity to send a video message

>> No.35573918

>Hasn't appeared in hologra
Brain damaged anon...

>> No.35573919


>> No.35573920

Ame is alright in my books.

>> No.35573922

wait a minute... a shart has been spamming this entire time!

>> No.35573923

Triangle, L*l*, Chammers

>> No.35573924

well duh this is /jp/

>> No.35573926

Oh yeah, this is neatnora

>> No.35573927

>Mildom(ミルダム)は、株式会社DouYu Japanが運営している
>DouYu Japanは中国最大のライブストリーミングプラットフォームを持っている闘魚(Douyu)と三井物産によって2019年8月に設立された。
They are both made by chinks

>> No.35573928

Who the fuck is that?

>> No.35573929

You want smug?

>> No.35573930

Wait they got fucking Samwise gamgee?

>> No.35573932



>> No.35573933

Cats normally live twice as long as dogs and rarely go into their mid 30s. Taiga is a little bitch baby still.

>> No.35573934

>no one talked about Ollie's appearance at all
Damn is she the actual most hated holo?

>> No.35573936


>> No.35573938

She's one of the only ones that actually understands vtuber culture

>> No.35573939

No one is talking about Watame

>> No.35573944

>> No.35573945


>> No.35573946

H-hoshi no kanata..

>> No.35573948

The entire list is blown out of proportion and inconsistent as fuck. Almost nobody would jump ship without Coco being able to prove that she has many of the stuff down in the first place.
Where the fuck is Lamy? She's the only gokisei who really really liked her and could possibly pull Botan with her, out of the comfy retirement job she got and into some weird gamble.

>> No.35573949

Oh my god so vulgar so creative so brave.

She hasn't grown up a single day since her 12th birthday it seems.

>> No.35573950

Haachama, Shion, Kanata, maybe Botan

>> No.35573951

She's high on my list of holos I would creampie but wouldn't take responsibility for

>> No.35573952

Watch Luna.

>> No.35573954

Cover shareholders will NEVER be able to free themselves of Coco.
Even when she's already gone, holos still continue to talk about her and meet with her.
Some are even going to do something with her on their roommate account.

Would have been better to just let her do asacoco, fucking retards.

>> No.35573955

Second most

>> No.35573959

Lamy barely collabed with Coco but nice rrat

>> No.35573960


>> No.35573961

Shionyo's suicide show on a livestream

>> No.35573963

Kanata will still be in Hololive after Cover disbands.

>> No.35573965

>Almost nobody would jump ship without Coco being able to prove that she has many of the stuff down in the first place
Retard spotted, they worked with her, they know she's far more competent than the chuckleheads at Cover they're forced to slave for right now

>> No.35573967


>> No.35573968

Today I will remind zhang again

Coco won
The CN branch was all dumped into the trash.
>There wasn't even time to prepare to graduate.
>No one in Hololive came out to express their condolences.
>Their name was banned and no one mentioned them that ever existed in Hololive.
>No one in Hololive had any secret contact with them.

Coco graduated with the most honor.
>There is time to prepare for the official graduation stage.
>There is enough time to prepare to say goodbye to the members and fans.
>All Hololive members expressed their condolences in words and actions.
>The channel remains as a valuable Hololive member's memorial.
>Hololive members can always mention her name.
>Of course, she also lives with Kanata and stays in touch with the other Holive members as a friend forever.

>> No.35573969

Sir this is hololive, the Iori thread is down the hall page 3 at the moment

>> No.35573970

The actor of Sam from Lord of the Rings.

>> No.35573971

Hasn't Comet done more collabs with Miko in a month than she ever did with Kanata?

>> No.35573973

Lamy has said on multiple occasions that being in Hololive is essential to making all her dreams come true. That and she's one of the biggest Hololive fans in the company.

>> No.35573974


>> No.35573975

Are we finally allowed to discuss roommates here?

>> No.35573976


>> No.35573977

Why does it seem like Coco's the one who had big plans instead of Watame?

>> No.35573979

>EN gets actual Hollywood stars calling in
>JP gets

>> No.35573981

4 members will appear. She doesn't know who yet

>> No.35573983

Great post all around.

>> No.35573984

>they're forced to slave
How can people shit on specific holos for not streaming enough if they're all being "force to slave"?

>> No.35573986

>lost so hard it's now affecting her former work colleague
This level of delusion reminds me of a simpler time

>> No.35573987

litteraly an idea stolen by 35p
try again globalcuck

>> No.35573988

I mean who is saying it?

>> No.35573989

Depends if you count Hoshi no Kanata day as a single collab or not but I don't really count though so

>> No.35573991

>> No.35573992


>> No.35573993

Cover-antis live in a completely different reality, don't bother reasoning with them.

>> No.35573994


>> No.35573995

American with CEO mindset vs Nip with salaryman mindset

>> No.35573996

globalnigs we already discussed this, you can come here and post when ina or ame are streaming, but other than that you fuck off

>> No.35573999

Watame will be the first to join Coco. She no longer has any business in hololive.

>> No.35574000

ENTER shaaaaaaaark

>> No.35574002


>> No.35574004

wtf is this doxx?

>> No.35574008

Double standards are another thing that'll tear hololive apart, look at how Ayame gets everything without streaming while Pekora is neglected and mistreated by management all the time. Don't be surprised when the rabbit reincarnates as 112 in a few months when her contract is up.

>> No.35574009

>spam EN
>samefag hateposts
>go back to global and say /jp/ is seething
Why do they do this?

>> No.35574010

You just need to pay less than one akasupa.

>> No.35574011

fuck off inameshart

>> No.35574012

I'm happy that she'll be doing a lot of stuff and that she's working on big projects. She's always looking forward... I admire her and I wish her all the luck in the world!

>> No.35574013

>ina or ame
What makes them so special?

>> No.35574014

Appear in what

>> No.35574016


>> No.35574017

Didn't Fubuki and Marine got an interview with the VA of Ragna the Bloodedge?

>> No.35574018

There's still minecraft deserts with sand in them

>> No.35574021

I dont see any shark in luna's stream. What are you talking about anon ?

>> No.35574022

This actually happened?

>> No.35574024

Didn't ask

>> No.35574025

choco no!

>> No.35574026

OK but why?

>> No.35574027

ragna the who?

>> No.35574030

Literally who?

>> No.35574031

Yeah and Mori has collabed with Gigguk more times than that.

>> No.35574032

I refuse to believe Korosan's not doing this intentionally to pad her hours...

>> No.35574033

That's rich globalnigger, takoniggers and condommates are even more insufferable than the rest because they're in denial about what they are.

>> No.35574034

I guess she's a big fan idk??????

>> No.35574036

Yes. Tony Hawk sent a message for Luna from lunaitos.

>> No.35574037


>> No.35574039

Thanks I was about to ask

>> No.35574040

Ina is honorary gen 5
I don't know about Ame

>> No.35574041

>Don't be surprised when the rabbit reincarnates as 112 in a few months when her contract is up.
The only people who actually believe Pekora is going to quit any time soon are people who don't watch her.

>> No.35574043

Shion also got to talk to Kyon, sort of

>> No.35574045

You can pay celebrities for them to say anything that's not politically incorrect

>> No.35574046

fuck off vtfag

>> No.35574048

>/v/kiddies do /v/kiddy stuff
I mean, do I have to say anything else?

>> No.35574049

No Minecraft allowed in ksonPro

>> No.35574050

Fuck me you are new I bet you smell nice and fresh

>> No.35574051

Just a heads up, you are now replying to falseflaggers, all Cocofags are gone.

>> No.35574052

>newfag doesn't know she had a breakdown over management stealing her money and cancelling her plans a few months back

>> No.35574053

Well Ina is calling in I guess.

>> No.35574054

Taking back the Weather Hackers

>> No.35574057

stop hornyposting with Aki
like clockwork

>> No.35574058

The cursed radioshow interview...

>> No.35574059

Is that supposed to be a good thing?

>> No.35574060

Man Coco's graduation really fucked this threads permanently

>> No.35574061

Tako is so fucking tired

>> No.35574062

>anything that's not politically incorrect
Well, there are a few that will say absolutely anything.

>> No.35574065

Because everything in life must be treated like a sports team - politics, entertainment, food, vtubers, movies, how you shit your pants, etc.
Doesn't matter that you yourself didn't do shit and that nobody actually cares, all that matters is that the "team" you project yourself onto is "winning" than you are winning by association and therefore not an utter failure at life

>> No.35574067 [SPOILER] 

I hope Zhang bros will take a look at chicken's channel and mistake her for Coco.

>> No.35574068

It's better than collabing with the VA of Ragna the Bloodedge

>> No.35574070

What do you get when you combine Mio and Lamy?

>> No.35574071


>> No.35574072

Why the fuck would you call Sugita "the VA of Ragna the Bloodedge"? Are you gonna call Kakihara "the VA of Jin Kisaragi" next?

>> No.35574074

>> No.35574076

My hard penis

>> No.35574077

your right bro let's go to /vt/ it's so much better

>> No.35574079

How come the Chicken gets panties when the others all have spats

>> No.35574080

I know that, but since I also know Japanese I know what she said afterwards and also ever since.
I'll say it again with some more emphasis this time, the only ones who thinks she is quitting any time soon are people who don't watch her or EOPs who doesn't understand her.

>> No.35574082

Anon, Sugita isn't just "the VA of Ragna the bloodedge" lmao

>> No.35574084

That's why she's staying in hololive forever

>> No.35574085

Global niggers don't know the names of VAs of course.

>> No.35574087

You let her graduate, it's all your fault.

>> No.35574089

Uhh dude... that was the VA of Sakata Gintoki. Get your facts right.

>> No.35574090

No shit Sherlock.

>> No.35574091

Vshojo is disbanding and joining Ksonpro

>> No.35574092


>> No.35574094

Ina is inoffensive because she's literally a wet towel, Roboco-tier boring which makes her good for people who are deathly afraid of women. Ame doesn't collab with m*les.

>> No.35574095

I actually considered mentioning the "stop horny posting with Aki" anon with that post, but didn't want to scare you off

>> No.35574097

>newfag couldn't even bother actually watching pekora explain her situation and apologized over how brash and overreactive she was outright saying she was making a big deal out of nothing

>> No.35574098

>coco gets harassed by chinks
>leaves hololive because of it
>now streams on a chink website giving them half of the donations she gets

>> No.35574101

Why isn't Okayu being the most xenophobic of all of hololive and actively never speaks any other language or tries to learn another language or panders to non-japanese viewers discussed more?

>> No.35574102

Why is she so autistic?

>> No.35574103

This thread isn't very good

>> No.35574104

China won. Tatsunocucks kneel to Xi.

>> No.35574105

Call me when a Holo member actually managed to get him to call during their bday s

>> No.35574107

This is the run korobros.

>> No.35574110

I assume your anituber would strongly disagree with you

>> No.35574116

Korone have mercy on my penis

>> No.35574117

She's a lazy cat
She eats, sings and games
That's it

>> No.35574118

how new

>> No.35574119


>> No.35574121


>> No.35574123

wen u havent strem but ayame stremed before your return

>> No.35574125


>> No.35574126

K-Koro-san that's hot

>> No.35574128

That was amazing Luna.

>> No.35574130

He'd only call homos so he can rape them

>> No.35574131

>those noises
korosan what the fuck

>> No.35574132

*streams once*

>> No.35574133

>believing what the company told her to say after she lost control in the heat of the moment and let slip the truth
You guys are so blind it's not even funny

>> No.35574134

yes, it is a jp board after all

>> No.35574137


>> No.35574139

I mean why should she? The dedicated ones will learn Japanese for her sake.

>> No.35574143


>> No.35574145

For someone that wants to sing, why would she join ARKpro?

>> No.35574149

What's the name of the song Luna is playing rn?

>> No.35574151

Thanks for reminding me to send her another dickpic to her roommate gmail again.

Not stopping until she goes back to streaming.

>> No.35574152

something's fucky here

>> No.35574153

Not even that, why Ragna? Why not Kyon, Gintoki or Joseph Joestar? Who the fuck thinks of Blazblue when they think of Sugita?

>> No.35574154

>tanoshikatta kara OK
>tanoshikatta karaoke
Ojou is genius

>> No.35574159

>Lamy posted on Twitter about her cheat day
>But for me cheat day is everyday...
>I dont like diet,I prefer eating what I want to eat
Noel getting fat again...

>> No.35574164


>> No.35574165

It's not Far Beyond the Sun, but something with similar title that I can't remember.

>> No.35574166

Obviously it's some /v/ fag.

>> No.35574167

Maybe because this is 75% /v/?

>> No.35574169

Yes anon, it is only the truth when it favors your side of the argument, otherwise it is a conspiracy.

>> No.35574171

>> No.35574173

Kevin Spacey graduated Kaoru and Kira, change my mind

>> No.35574174

>posting Aki
go back

>> No.35574175

Wrong, Pukeyhana Lamy

>> No.35574176



>> No.35574177

Because /v/ that's why.

>> No.35574178

Luna is too great. Glad I changed my oshi from Ayame to Luna. Even when she streamed today, I didn't get this feeling like I am getting in Luna's Electone stream. Maybe Ayame was never my oshi....I feel complicated..

>> No.35574181

architectbros just can't stop winning

>> No.35574184

I think of Bullet when I think of Sugita, does that make me /v/?

>> No.35574187

You all seiyuufags are just too easy

>> No.35574189

Yes that's what I said

>> No.35574190


>> No.35574193

Wait I'm dumb.

>> No.35574198

/v/ doesn't pay video games, especially not anime fighters, anon was just making a joke

>> No.35574199

Lord of the Rings...

>> No.35574200

What you got against Aki?

>> No.35574201

If Lamy puked on my penis I'd be the happiest man in the world

>> No.35574203


>> No.35574206



>> No.35574208

Noel is the type that gets fat as soon as she gets married

>> No.35574209

Sadly... no she isn't

>> No.35574212

>coco had no ethics
>coco has no ethics

>> No.35574215


>> No.35574219

K, just wait for some retarded larper to greentext with her pictures

>> No.35574221


>> No.35574223

nanora ga yattekita

>> No.35574224

>Calliopei: "I hated you at first but now I think you're okay."
lmfao, this did not come across remotely like she thought it would

>> No.35574231

EN has declared victory... we lost...

>> No.35574232

the orange woman is crying bros...

>> No.35574234

nanora nanora

>> No.35574236


>> No.35574239

fuck off suicideshart

>> No.35574241

Her main translator is Brazilian.
Well deserved.

>> No.35574246

Why do people like this wigger's rapping again?

>> No.35574248

I want hime in gojira pajama

>> No.35574252


>> No.35574254

>You get to have sex with your oshi
>But it has to be a threesome with A-chan
Would you do it?

>> No.35574256

I mean when you think about it, the day or two after you leave a shitty job by posting double middle fingers on your other account really says a lot about how you felt having to work there and the kind of staff that are there. Like you want nothing to do with that shitt job that you had to work at and now celebrating that you never have to set foot in there ever again

>> No.35574257

You should just ask nicely if you want some

>> No.35574263

fucking slut

>> No.35574264

where the fuck is the downside?

>> No.35574266

Aren't these questions supposed to have a downside?

>> No.35574267

You would have to be really gay to say no

>> No.35574268

What good headset, 400 dollar max, is good to use to listen to electone?

>> No.35574270

Anybody who has to associate Sugita with a character he's played instead of the VA himself is an complete and utter pleb. If you didn't watch him during the anime radio show golden age you're not fit to be on /jp/.

>> No.35574273

...I'd fuck A-chan after tucking my oshi in.

>> No.35574275

God I wish she smashed my balls with that bat.

>> No.35574276


>> No.35574277


>> No.35574278

Why are you threatening me with a good time anon?

>> No.35574281

>falling for shitty bait

>> No.35574283

didn't ask, don't care. stop discussing off topic shit.

>> No.35574284

why is this even a question

>> No.35574285

Luna just keeps getting better and better.

>> No.35574288


>> No.35574289

>you get to sex your oshi one time
>but you have to marry chickdn and be her husband until you die

>> No.35574290

>almost no streams
>doesn't give a shit about her fans
>doesn't give a shit about her co-workers
>still gaining subs
I hope other girls start doing that, apparently you fags eat it up.

>> No.35574291

Will A chan force me to wear a yoshi outfit?

>> No.35574292

Headsets are shit. Get Sony MDR-7506 and a cheap amp.

>> No.35574295

Two boards instead of one, I'll take it.

>> No.35574296

Discussing how shit Cover is is very much on topic, shill

>> No.35574298

alright what's the announcement gonna be tomorrow

>> No.35574300

No thanks

>> No.35574301

Based pure autist

>> No.35574302

I honestly hope they keep harassing her honestly.

>> No.35574303

Just like my Japanese hentai comics...

>> No.35574304

>no NASS reunion for tanabata this year
Feels bad man.

>> No.35574305

That's nice and all, but what does Mori have to do with this thread?

>> No.35574307

I get to fuck A-chan twice?!

>> No.35574308

>sex with oshi
>free punching bag
where's the downside

>> No.35574309

Of course Coco isn't streaming, she already graduated.

>> No.35574310

watame unveals the biggest plan of all....

she will slap luna

>> No.35574313

I think Towa SUCKS

>> No.35574314

That has no relation with cover anon...

>> No.35574316

>Sony MDR-7506
Seconding this, been using these to do light music production for years.

>> No.35574317


>> No.35574320

Actually no, I don't even want her watching

>> No.35574321

Wait until Kanata's headphones come out one her 1M celebration and buy those.

>> No.35574324

>all this anons would fuck a girl with a flat chest
Why? Women are supposed to have breasts, there's almost no difference in fucking a flat chest than fucking a man

>> No.35574325

>you get to have sex with your oshi
>but you have to keep posting on /hlg/

>> No.35574326

Now that's a real question. And i answer yes

>> No.35574332

I'm part Volga German and part Liberator, so this sounds a lot more enticing than it should be

>> No.35574333

>You get to have sex with your oshi
>But it has to be a threesome with Anon
Would you do it?

>> No.35574336


>> No.35574337

There are multiple streams yet most of the threads doesn't even talk about a single one. What's even the point of coming here anymore

>> No.35574338

cheaper than i thought. Thanks anon

>> No.35574340


>> No.35574342

is luna blowing on bamboo? i can't listen to this sorry

>> No.35574343

Korone…it’s been 3 hours

>> No.35574346

as long as i can fuck anon in the ass with my oshi watching

>> No.35574347

I'm not really interested in fucking my oshi but I'd definitely do it with A-chan.

>> No.35574349

She's way too emotionally needy for that to be even slightly worth it.
You'd be her spouse and her "psychiatrist" until you killed yourself.

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