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Slow day in a fairly dead week so far. The thread is just a reflection of that
> https://youtu.be/rpQvM8MxGLI
Fresh new clip from Arupapa

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I'm chalking up seaweed's relative silence to practicing for cr cup

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Flower boy's 2nd anniversary merch looking cute

>> No.35570193

Thought I missed a stream, but I guess it was undecided.

AruRitsuHanakishi in 2h
Pikatowaberu in 2h30 (PIKAmee, iTOu life, WAraBE, roBERU, I guess?)

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Murder mystery on the 14th. Possibly the members for the 6 man cover that's about to come out.

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Waking up to news of visual kei among us is really odd and unexpected, I would have never expected to read Dir en grey and Kiryu with vtuber among us. How does this happen, I feel also feel so old.
Nice line up, Ill need to read the role materials later but this one should be really fun. I hope there is some lie detecting going on, give Knight a chance to show off some of his wolf skills.

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Yurustars Rikka Ultimate chicken horse

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>> No.35571599

Rikkas platforming skills are probably going to make him take an early lead and maintain it.

>> No.35571660

They just need to increase his handicap everytime he wins

>> No.35571674

This anon lives in the future

>> No.35571701

Tuners are pretty familiar with the fact that he's really good at platforming

>> No.35571770

Roberu Mario golf collab with Itolife, Pikamee and Warabe

>> No.35572086

Itolife proving why he is called Sensei

>> No.35572128

I shouldnt have underestimated the flowerboys power even with old mans platforming ability.

>> No.35572225

seaweedpex 22:30jst
i guess he's gonna play with his cr cup team

>> No.35572295

SunTempo all live at the same time again...

>> No.35572310

getting closer

>> No.35572487

Astel followed Izuru's example and turned on subscibers only mode for chat.

>> No.35572652

this damn flower

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From what I heard, warabe, roberu, pika and ito want to play mario tennis next together. This new group is great.

>> No.35573149

Hopefully no one get magneted

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I love this silly cat shogun

>> No.35573978

More Oopa Loopa breeding with Papa

>> No.35574160

I'm sick of watching oopa loopa breeding sessions can RNG just give him the blue oopa he wants?

>> No.35574183

Since Astel didn't put up a new frame. No scrims, just really high level dome fight practice feat. coach Yukio styling on their asses 8/10 times.

>> No.35574214

There's even more oopa loopas on his screen kek

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>> No.35574541

These dome fights are scary, if they manage to turn this practice into the real thing, they'll be a scary team

>> No.35574560

The oopas are dying by the gorillions

>> No.35574575

i-it's happening? I'm scared

>> No.35574612

bossu....... the suspense is killing me

>> No.35574613

This is the first time I see him setting his tweet that way.

>> No.35574622

I like how after Yukio, Astel is THE player to beat during these dome fights. Shows just how much he's grown as a player and how other high level players acknowledge him as such.

>> No.35574669

Arupapa’s papa & ollie witnessing Papa’s crimes...

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>> No.35574722

Next step is to build some Holocoasters and automate some oopa killing

>> No.35574742

First she witnessed Temma's human breeding, now this...

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Ollie has seen some shit. Holostars MC server tour when?

>> No.35574793

Shinove and Deep Blizzard showed up as well to witness these eugenics program

>> No.35574802

At least she didn't see Miyabi commit oopa loopa crimes... poor girl wouldn't be able to handle it

>> No.35574807

that's one way to look at it

>> No.35574833

“Move you can’t protect your baby”
Arupapa what the fuck

>> No.35574847

>"It's their fault for not being born as a blue axolotl"
Jesus fucking christ Arupapa...

>> No.35574879

Witness the birth of Demon Lord Aruran Deisu with the sacrifice of 10 000 oopa souls

>> No.35574975

Yukio's dome movements are insane, how the fuck did astel take this guy down twice in the last round of Kagayaki Cup?

>> No.35575013

Plot armor befitting a shonen protag.

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>> No.35575086

I really don't wanna overthink this but it seriously seems like something will happen on the 10th.

>> No.35575200

Wait i thought he was gonna restart his stream and ive been waiting for him to do so.......
He didnt say anything on Twitter.....seaweed...

>> No.35575244

I waited a whole five minutes before deciding to take a look at his teammate's channels just to make sure. Here is the other POV.

>> No.35575278

On one hand, Ollie's got her schedule for 7/10 written down as "???" so there's a chance they're connected
On the other, I'm probably just overthinking and it's just a coincidence that both Bossu and Ollie have something important scheduled on the same day

>> No.35575284

Height advantage is OP in Apex

>> No.35575639

Told ya yesterday not to leave Arusan alone, he is really falling into madness

>> No.35575658

>Astel's team fighting cheaters in Arena
Now that's a new low.

>> No.35575945

but at what price...

>> No.35576032

The white ones are so cute bros. Couldn’t papa just make a giant basement pool and dumb the babies there instead of...you know

>> No.35576169

i think there's a mob spawn limit

>> No.35576278

someone said he was killing the babies so that his fish generator tower could still work, the number of fish was too high

>> No.35576767

This >>35576169 and this >>35576278, there's a limit to how many entities there can be in the world and of it's reached new ones won't spawn, which is why Aru started killing the Oopa Loopas, he was reaching the Mob Cap and the fishes couldn't spawn, only way for him to not have to kill them would be, iirc, to increase the Mob Cap manually or to load more chunks.

>> No.35577135

I guess the "announcement" is whatever bullshit EN has going on and nothing particular to the boys

>> No.35577158

i bet that its Vsinger...

>> No.35577178

Just wait tomorrow and you will get your answer :)

>> No.35577351

Izumi's comment did not help the case either.

>> No.35577706

Why would it?

>> No.35577721

7/7 schedule

>> No.35577726

bossu at 22jst...

>> No.35577784

The times add up pretty nicely. Whatever EN has going on is announced today, assuming it really is EN/Vsinger then their debuts being on the 10th makes sense, it also lines up with Ollie having something that day, since it would be a wide Holopro thing.
Also I like to think they're not retarded enough to make a big EN announcement at the same time the stars are announcing something, that would just overshadow the latter

>> No.35577822

>Also I like to think they're not retarded enough to make a big EN announcement at the same time the stars are announcing something, that would just overshadow the latter
Each Holostars gen came out within a few days of a Hololive branch. Regardless, we know 3Ds are coming before the end of the year, it's almost guaranteed there will be one this month or the next

>> No.35577956

There will be 3Ds for everyone by the end of the year, but not everyone is guaranteed a debut before them. Marine and Flare both showed up at Holofes but their debuts happened after.
Plus the boys themselves said so, only the third one else planned, as far as it goes for everyone else the models have just been commissioned as of the second anniversary

>> No.35578940

Anons I fucked up and missed my chance to order 2nd anniversary goods. Does anyone know if the discord server or anywhere does buy/sell/trade for merch or do I just have to wait it out and check mercari and yahoo auctions for what I want? Sorry to blogpost but I am a fool

>> No.35578983

sorry for your loss anon.
mercari might be your best bet

>> No.35579022

>Does anyone know if the discord server buy/sell/trade for merch
They do, yeah. You should check it out either there on Mercari like the other anon said

>> No.35579035

* there or on

>> No.35579052

I checked yukio's pov that day and to be fair the first time reid and noah did decent damage on him. The last fight astel dealt 50% to his armor and the 3rd party dealt the other 50%, he used stim so his hp wasn't full so he got 2 tapped by astel's eva. Hope astel can learn some movement from yukio, that's the one thing he can really improve on, i haven't seen astel use advance movement tech like tap strafing and super glide in his duels before.

>> No.35579398

I recall some of the stars saying that the plan is having the 3Ds ready for the december live things can happen etc. Also think someone said that the live date could change( meaning that if one of the 3Ds isn't ready no one would be left out from the libe)

Oga RTd this so I guess we should expect nothing


>> No.35579849

>Oga RTd this
That's just usual Oga

>> No.35579975

Temma english studying day 51

>> No.35580140

>> No.35580201

The fuck is that. Final boss of the shrine?

>> No.35580212

They never sold so, I doubt scalpers are asking much for them. Check mercari or YH shopping

>> No.35580284


>> No.35580338

what the hell is he up to now

>> No.35580600

Schedule for today

>> No.35580635

I hope we get some stories today too, though he has more crowns than needed for the next batch already if I remember correctly.

>> No.35580716

just sharing the treasures that I discover while doing my Miyabi reps


if you are interested they also talk about shogun's bug eating habits in this archive.

>> No.35580787

That innocent smile...

>> No.35581031

it seems that astel is the detective for this game, nevertheless i want to see knight's skills for this trpg

>> No.35581116

I can't believe that some anons here are unironically swayed by the EN countdown.
Once and for all, whatever the fuck is planned the 10th at Ollie's schedule is unrelated to the rest of events and you should stop in general giving it importance.
Just fucking wait for Shien's stream and you will get your answer, especially when all his behavious this week has been him teasing shit so far.

>> No.35581224

>Announcing a 3D/Costume the same day big EN news drop

>> No.35581304

inb4 Shien is the new vsinger

>> No.35581329


>> No.35581339

Yeah I was a little disappointed when checking the booth page, but at least this may lead to even more glasses Temma or Tenko and moody glasses Miyabi fanart too, the situation sounds like a lot of fun even if I wont follow it that well.

>> No.35581422

>> No.35582561

To no one's surprise, the announcement was indeed the Vsinger and her debut is until the 11th. We can go back to being overly nervous about whatever Boss has planned at 22 JST

>> No.35582666

I'm excited. I have a feeling it's an outfit.

>> No.35582678

Wouldn't Oga be teasing his as well?

>> No.35582808

Piano knight

>> No.35582839

To be fair, Coco and Luna didn't debut their outfits (the most recent ones, anyway) within the same week as the other Gen 4s so I'm assuming that it'll be the same case wherein there is a delay with Oga's new costume
... assuming Shien's announcement really is for a new costume in the first place

>> No.35583224

Knights voice for this song is so nice, it's really nice to sleep to. I’m really grateful for all the piano streams this week even though they also make me long for the asmr streams to return or those diary voice tweets.

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>> No.35583359

So it is 1000000000000000% a 3D, and that pretty much confirms they're going in sub order

>> No.35583373

I'm tempering my expectations. I am not going to allow myself to get disappointed that it's not a 3D reveal.
Astel confirmed that he got his wish of being the last member of the stars to get his 3D

>> No.35583395

>juggernaut piano ver ft temma
He's so cute

>> No.35583407

There was that person who speculated it's in recording order. Shien is indeed the third one and Astel last.


>> No.35583409

The juggernaut was so nice I wish he had continued with it. I wasnt expecting that.

>> No.35583432

I mean being real what else could it be, it's not a costume those announcements are made by the official account and it's very similar to how Roberu did his
It's not like they're being subtle abut it, tempering expectations is pretty bullshit when everyone is guaranteed one, no need to act like abused housewives

>> No.35583516

I love his autism.

>> No.35583565


>> No.35583656

my cum has found it's purpose.

>> No.35583737

Roberu Baseball

>> No.35583757

Another upcoming amongus collab


>> No.35583912

The return of Arusan's competitive Among Us.

>> No.35584102

Rikka is in Youtube Music Weekend with the Holo girls.

>> No.35584429

>that order
>Miyabi begs Temma to make Hanakishi debut instead of solo

>> No.35584634

yes please

>> No.35584811

I thought something similar when I saw them next to each other, because if they planned one debut a month there wouldn't be enough time, 6 months left and 7 of them. They would need to debut two of them in one month.

>> No.35584960


>> No.35585187

don't give me ideas anon, all the recent niji collabs have been putting 3d princess carry in my head

>> No.35585229

we are talking about Miyabi, and if he can't get his dramatic "the dai senpai and center was the last one to get his 3D" then his move should be giving us a teetee hanakishi overkill.

>all the offcollab stuff they want to do for summer
>some include Bossu
>Bossu 3D soon( I hope)
>first the big hanakishi teetee debut
>collab with Bossu after that

let me dream

>> No.35585319

That reminds me of the carnivorous plants in FF

>> No.35585743


>> No.35586832

Among Us collab (Rikka pov)

>> No.35586886


>> No.35586929

please... let me order it from outside japan...

>> No.35586940

My vtuber manager is also an idol?!

>> No.35587302

Seaweed please... your original hair is cute.

>> No.35587374

Another better screen because I am not an ant

>> No.35587389

>Not in the main visual
Fuck you cowards

>> No.35587426

I'm glad they're included in the summerfes, they weren't even mentioned in any new year stuff previously so this is a step up as far as I'm concerned

>> No.35587433


>> No.35587442

that's a placeholder right?
what the fuck is that design

>> No.35587471

shirt design in my passion

>> No.35587488

It's the "we didn't want to order more art, but we still had to make the shirt" design
I guess it's better than being left out

>> No.35587567


>> No.35587588


>> No.35587622

To be fair, the girls' t-shirts design isn't that transcending either.
But, maybe they should have just gone with the regular one?

>> No.35587826

Temma would probably instantly say no, the hanakishi business teetee has been more on the tsun and deny side lately. The future fanservice 3d collabs will be fun but I'm looking forward to their separate moments in the spotlight for the debut.
I somehow wasnt expecting this to go the usual jp among us style, its still so bizarre for this collab to exist, Old mans imposter skill is getting better.
These are really cute, I really want to buy that set.

>> No.35587849

5 min before emergency meeting get in anons

>> No.35587935

where the fuck is this dumb babu

>> No.35587941


>> No.35587945

if Temma goes tsun then maybe we can get pouty flower. A win in my book.

>> No.35587979

seaweed and majin in chat

>> No.35587980

This is very touching music Bossu. The boys are really quick to show up in chat today, everyone excited for the washlet reveal.
I can mentally hear the "mou"

>> No.35587983

The boys are in the chat too. Fuck the excitement is killing me.

>> No.35588000

Shien is graduating from being 2D

>> No.35588010

fucking KUSA

>> No.35588015

That was really good, what a true dramatic star Shien is.

>> No.35588034

Announcements fill me with dread

>> No.35588035

With his lethal level of autism and how dedicated he is when doing personal projects, I have high hopes for a kino 3D debut

>> No.35588062

Chuuni poses, voice segments where he roleplays famous scenes from anime

>> No.35588078


Bossu you are killing me. Skipped my sleep for this.

>> No.35588092


>> No.35588115

Speaking of star sweeper I hope they have a song in the live, I dont know how those are usually set up so I dont know if theres actual chances of that.

>> No.35588124

>> No.35588126


>> No.35588129


>> No.35588130

Congrats, bossu!

>> No.35588131


>> No.35588136

July or October

>> No.35588148


Bros I'm so happy for the boys

>> No.35588155

consecutive 3D for her children must be making her heart explode

>> No.35588160

Japan uses year-month-date because they aren't savages

>> No.35588167

So in 3 days?

>> No.35588179


>> No.35588183

That small triangle of tummy and belt.

>> No.35588199

yeah. surprised he's getting it on a Saturday, considering Roberu got stuffed on a Wednesday because of 3d events for the other branch

>> No.35588200

>3d tail

>> No.35588239

The hype for Bossu's 3D debut made me realize that I'm probably getting a heart attack during Miyabi's turn.

>> No.35588256

The artstyle seems to translate well in 3D.
What are your bets on which parts will be badly rigged?

>> No.35588277

Rather than betting on the bad rigging, I want to see his hood move up and down when he walks

>> No.35588283

his ears and tail will wiggle gloriously, and his coat will fluff excellently. nothing will be wrong.

>> No.35588285

I still find it weird how despite being the first homo, and the one being puts into the center of a lot of promotional materials. Miyabi's 3D is still nowhere to be seen.

>> No.35588309

the melodramatic flower wanted to be the last 3D debut.

>> No.35588340

He wanted to be last since he's the first, but Seaweed took claim to that spot

>> No.35588358

Her affection for them is really endearing, I'm really happy for her. I also look forward to Lackpapas reaction when Aru makes his debut.
He will have his eventually as well, Im not sold on what order we are getting but he may end up being the center of the debuts which will be fitting.

>> No.35588363

Well, the main character always arrives late, so why not.

>> No.35588383

Namakawa will not die alone, bukatachis will die with her.
If the recording order theory is correct, his 3D might happen sooner than expected.

>> No.35588390


Holyshit it’s actually happening. All Stars 3d

>> No.35588398

It's been 18 minutes since her last tweet
I think she passed out

>> No.35588399

I'm so fucking pumped

>> No.35588412


>> No.35588431

>that fucking poser
those 3 days will be entertaining

>> No.35588432

Wait, that pose
what a fucking good boy

>> No.35588459

His tail got fluffier uoooh

>> No.35588470

What a perfect pose for the teaser, good jackal. I hope his ears have a nice twitch, have to go all in for the one kemonomimi, please.

>> No.35588480

>3D tail

>> No.35588482

Fuwa Fuwa Bossu Shippo. I hope his debut will be kino.

Anyway, Papa's is going to play a kusoge

>> No.35588579

The idea of a promotional image of Roberu's bar slowly filling up with more and more 3D models of the boys fills me with great joy. I don't usually come here but I'm glad for Shien.

>> No.35588593

He’s beautiful ;_;

>> No.35588602

Already this kusoge is tanking Arus framerate.

>> No.35588607

I can't wait for HoloUters3D in Roberu's bar, he already has a stage after all

>> No.35588633


>> No.35588665

the first thing they have to do is the reenact that handshake scene

>> No.35588666


>> No.35588690

Is she ogey...

>> No.35588697

Don’t follow the white rabbit

>> No.35588718

All the high quality art posts involving the Hanasaki no Mori animals always makes me laugh

>> No.35588828

It is cool that every gen has at least a 3D Star now.
What is your speculation on the environment after the scene and the bar?
A hideout? His usual backroung in 3D?

>> No.35588837


>> No.35588889

The nursery school.

>> No.35588912

Wait... he was there from the start of the stream?

>> No.35588928

putting the star in starlight lmao

>> No.35588974

Im expecting his usual background but I do hope they add in a somewhat ragged desk and fancy chair, something like the mafia art.
I didnt notice it at the time but after going back to make the clip, I noticed he was. Its funny because he was saying something like "its tanabata so Im also in the stars look for me there" paraphrased badly with my bad japanese but I thought he was just being dramatic and cute.

>> No.35589003

I hope his shitty base with that single chair shows up before he cleans it up and makes it fancier

>> No.35589018

Based old man shilling for his bro's 3D debut!

>> No.35589095

I wish that more of the amongus rounds were of the gimmick kind the last 3 were, doing gimmicks inbetween the usual japanese style wouldve been nice.

>> No.35589142

I'm so fucking excited for the possibilty of Holouters 3D one day bros. Today is a good day.

>> No.35589163

They've been putting off HoloUters3 so they can announce HoloUters3D instead, what a move

>> No.35589171

You gotta brace yourself for tomorrow then.
Because with the previous similar lineup, they went all out on serious business. I guess it is alright if them and their audience enjoy it that way.
And imo, I prefer AU collabs much more than Gaypex or MHR if I had to pick a poison.

>> No.35589184

If Hanakishi is indeed next, it could potentially be the case for Holouters 3(D) before the final live

>> No.35589390

More horror game making from Majin

>> No.35589401

What’s yagoo doing to our maijin

>> No.35589432

I have to admit I was planning on skipping out on tomorrows but I should probably give it a try. Im very strange with outside collabs, if I dont already have a large interest in some of the other participants/game or my favorites arent there I usually pass.

>> No.35589492

She lives

>> No.35589513

Don't force yourself!
I am unsure if I was clear enough, but what I meant is that it will most probably end up as usual with emergency calls every two minutes, so I doubt you will really like it.
I hope I am wrong though, but I will watch it anyway to encourage Arusan for his efforts lately

>> No.35589606

I did misunderstand, thats on me, after rereading you were really clear. The japanese style can be really fun sometimes part of my problem is I follow someone that does play it a lot.
I hope someday the sing along gimmick round that Ive seen a few times reaches vtuber players though I understand its harder with music permissions.

>> No.35589617


>> No.35589848

Papa continues to descend into the oopa loopa madness.

>> No.35589884

Mix it with Oga's current BGM for maximum effect

>> No.35590036

Look at all of these blue children.

>> No.35590214

Those are all the souls of the genocided axolotls who came to haunt the stream.
That's why their number increases everytime

>> No.35590350

I’m starting to question if you can even get them by breeding at this point

>> No.35590947

There are surprisingly a lot of people watching tonight! Are they attracted to eugenism?

>> No.35590987

Gacha always gathers a crowd, I think also people really got invested in the journey. Its very comfy too, perfect bgm stream.

>> No.35591252

Sometimes the horrors of the world are too hard to take your eyes off of

>> No.35591354

Thats a lot more hopeful people than I would expect.

>> No.35591392

me too.. is he doing this right?

>> No.35591408

Is it people being hopeful or is it people wishing for the suffering to end

>> No.35591657

Is papa ok?

>> No.35591668

I think he's becoming Orochimaru

>> No.35592068



>> No.35592250

I wonder if he's playing rank with Pakael?

>> No.35592718

He should contribute to Izuru's documentary research.

>> No.35592907

>> No.35593153

how do you anons do your archive reps.. do you go through a certain category first like zatsudan etc?

>> No.35593205

I click randomly and commit with with what I got

>> No.35593316

collabs then release order.

>> No.35593438

>God I wish that were me

>> No.35593453


>> No.35594090

Temma english studying day 52 with food as the topic its slightly harder to go off topic.

>> No.35594376

Please scold the lazy part of your chat Knighto, if you can throw in some free extra exercise voice tweets Id really appreciate it.

>> No.35594437

Anon, are you negative?

>> No.35594446

Jesus christ Temma this is depressing

>> No.35594466

Knight please I came here to listen to you go on about food and your past 6 pack.

>> No.35594484

Temma please I watch vtubers to forget about my psychological problems

>> No.35594506

he's too fucking wholesome

>> No.35594522

Im now reminded of past marshmallow streams where muscle training was his answer for half of them, I thought it was a bit since he couldnt think of an answer and it probably was half of that but he probably really does believe that too.

>> No.35594670

temma i can't just start planking out of nowhere please

>> No.35594676

Do your planks anon.

>> No.35594814

Flexible Knight... IMAGINE

>> No.35594817

reasonably flexible knight.....

>> No.35594916

Thanks Temma I want soba now

>> No.35595104

So why are aunties so depressed?

>> No.35595151

can't marry temma

>> No.35595161

Old man is playing apex with Bosna and Otogi

>> No.35595295

Twitch has ads so I hate it

>> No.35595449

Cute threads of the boys with pokemon.

>> No.35595479



>> No.35595560


>> No.35595846

I love this dumb flower

>> No.35596122

Knight Minecraft lovely thumbnail

>> No.35596264

It's so eerie, why is he doing this with no BGM

>> No.35596291

The lack of bgm was just a build up to the stream cutting out for that long moment.

>> No.35596292

The way the stream cut right as temma went into Aruran's lab is too fucking good

>> No.35596306

Is the state of emergency going to mess with the 3D debut? please tell me it won't...

>> No.35596351

I hope I end up waking up to the news that he was able to get a blue one.

>> No.35596359

the guys are the only ones doing lets study english streams, right? have seen any improvements or not?

>> No.35596390

Temma is the one studying english and he's improving super fast, to the point he can hold solid conversations with his english chat with minimal stopping to look up words

>> No.35596466

good for him, it wouldnt surprise me if he eventually becomes fluent, btw I always knew the girls were gonna drop that kind of streams and even the ones who were taking private lessons seem to have stopped

>> No.35596499

>straight into shitting on the girls

>> No.35596520

Shien's should be fine.The others gotta wait a bit longer though, but it doesn't really matter for the models production,
Moreover, if Hanakishi are really the next ones getting 3D, it gives them more time to reach the 100k until then.
But those shitty olympic games that nobody wants anymore really messed up any planning and all those offline lives...

>> No.35596569

But it's a fact anon, they wouldn't use Duolingo if they really want to learn English

>> No.35596600

Temma can't even read english words back before he started doing it. Nowadays he instantly understand what the chat is talking about.
Aru had good grasp from the very beginning, Roberu has improved a lot since winning son meme first began, Astel is in Aru's level, Izuru is in conversational level. The other is in basic level or non at all. Miyabi wants to study but seems like never really have the time.

>> No.35596707

They're actually doing the Olympic in this situation? I thought even the Japanese are against it.

>> No.35596732

To be fair they already spent a fuckton of money on it. I'm assuming they're thinking of just going through with it rather than having all that money go to waste.

>> No.35596743

He had very basic english skill before he started the focused studying and was able to read a little of chat, his grammar and limited vocabulary really did grow quickly however.

>> No.35596794

that's one hell of a sunk cost fallacy. guess the billions of dollars is worth more than the potential lives they are going to lose

>> No.35596797


huh? didn't they lift the state of emergency some weeks ago?

>> No.35596836

They just reinstated it a few hours ago until August 22

>> No.35596867

From July 12 so Shien's 3D is fine.

>> No.35596872

>Builds a giant blue axolotl monument on top of Arupapa's "secret" eugenics facility
Sasuga knight...

>> No.35596879

It's just lives anon, can be easily replaced... Wait, oh yeah. It's Japan, nearly forgot.

>> No.35596880


Doubt it will affect Shien's 3Ds at this point. But if this delays Hanakishi's 3D I will be beyond mad.

>> No.35596888

> https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2021/07/f9b456e83cc7-tokyo-to-get-fresh-covid-19-state-of-emergency-during-olympics.html
The worst thing out of it is that there will probably be no allowed spectators inside venues. They're in a massive cope.

>> No.35597017

cute https://twitter.com/miyabihanasaki/status/1412996337583353859

>> No.35597197


>> No.35597459

Nene even mentioned his exploits on stream and her chat was like “wait you can mention joli stars without asking manager permission now? Whoa :0”

>> No.35597557

I was a little worried when Temma started his Duolingo streams but he seems to use them as cooldown/easy sessions inbetween more in depth chats with his English speaking chat. I remember when Arusan laughed at the idea of using Duolingo to learn a new language.

>> No.35597575

>I remember when Arusan laughed at the idea of using Duolingo to learn a new language.
He was correct.

>> No.35598895

New clip from Aruran

>> No.35599014

can someone spoonfeed me? Any place where I can download the covers( mainly any song with Miyabi, painter and blessing) audios with good quality? Had to change phone and now I want to fill it with stars songs.

>> No.35599070

something about Arusan calling for his papa is very endearing

>> No.35599149

Cute image

>> No.35599332

TRPG with Haneru, Roberu and Ryushen

>> No.35599357

Ryushen is there solely to prevent Haneru from pouncing on Roberu

>> No.35599397

You sure? It was Ryuushen who actually invited Robe on Haneru's Momotetsu collab

>> No.35599568

No she wasn't. Their last momotetsu collab was their first time meeting. She only suggested Roberu to Haneru because he sounded like a cheerful person. Context is that momotetsu is meant to mentally crush people.

>> No.35599757

Ryushen, nice, they bounced fine back in Momotetsu collab. I love her voice too.

>> No.35600084

you can request things for boss to do at his 3d

>> No.35600093

Next countdown image from Bossu

>> No.35600173

Sorta tame compared to yesterday, that weirdly smug:3 face is still welcome

>> No.35600201

He can put hands in his pockets? Nice
I'd love to see a coat-off look but that's probably hoping for too much.

>> No.35600687

More baseball from Son

>> No.35600875

>> No.35601277

Among Us collab (Aruran pov)

>> No.35601324

Hira povPOV
Kosaka POV
Peanuts-kun POV
Naruse Naru POV
Batsumaru POV
VGorilla POV
Makea POV
Nanase Taku POV

>> No.35601657

Knight delivery

>> No.35601704

I'm sick of this kusoge but Knight's reaction is worth looking forward to.

Old man Hikigatari

>> No.35601764


>> No.35601808

We should get a few scares out of him at least, clumsy attempts at atmospheric/ psychological horror will still probably work a little on him.

>> No.35602048

Now that I think about it, which star is the best and the worst at handling horror anyway?
Knight's screams are truly music to my ears, tskr

>> No.35602083

hmm miyabi and rikka seem to be the best? but i haven't seen mafia play horror...

>> No.35602093

Both Rikka and Miyabi are really good in general, Miyabi will jump but he usually brushes off everything well, same with Rikka.
Worst would be suntempo though all in varying ways, Astel is probably the worst out of all of them if he cant get a gun but depending on the game Temma gets very jumpy too, he is very weak to atmospheric horror.

>> No.35602143

Shien is easily startled by jumpscares but he seems to handle horror quite well.
I don't watch Oga often enough to say anything about him but I've heard that he's weak with horror.

>> No.35602521

What a cute knight, I wasnt expecting the reaction to that to be that strong.

>> No.35602857


>> No.35602903

It went much better than expected! Members were fun.
Props to Arupapa for organizing (?) this, since he was the one setting up the rules

>> No.35603034

Since when did Robesan do GTA5?
Also more Uma with the other Uma addicts

>> No.35603193

Majin zatsudan

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