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Meiling loves how much you stare at her!

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Sharing a bed with Meiling!

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You should be at the gate!

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Meiling is the most comfortable 2hu to take a nap with.
Her toned yet soft body offer support and comfort you can only dream of. Added to that is her friendly personality and tall figure so you can just loose yourself in her caring embrace and forget all of your worries while you enjoy a short 12 hour nap with her

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And I love staring at Meiling's 胸!

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Meiling seems like an fun gal to be around.

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That's a long nap.

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Meiling put on the wrong clothes this morning...

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they're planning to make some sort of virus incident

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Meiling smells so good.

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Mommy Meiling...

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Sleeping with Meiling...

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Learning about Meilings scars while she sleeps next to you...

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Learning about Meilings scars while she sleeps WITH you ;)

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Meiling smells so damn good.

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Meiling's sweaty stinky armpits

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Meiling must be one of the most erotic smelling 2hus.
Imagine how nice it would be to burrow your face in her armpit.

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Especially after a workout...

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chubby Meiling...

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Awwww~! You're so cute Anon!

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please no. she spreads the breathing problems with her chinese feet.

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it is clogging my lungs

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the secret china bioweapon

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Shame he doesn't draw Touhou anymore, his style has gotten a lot better since then.

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it's like an aged cheese

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A punishment for having such smelly soles...

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i love these flan pics with sharp toenails. she is able to breathe around meiling without ill effect because she's vampire.

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lil' Saku

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Flan-chan sugoi!

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Armpits or feet?

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I wan't to slap it sooo bad >.<

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No don't click it, unless you like farts

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wake up
>Armpits or feet?

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I love Meiling!

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what if she coughs on you

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meiling germs growing in ur lungs

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How often does Meiling take showers

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like every two days but she keeps her feet outside of it.

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I do have a weakness for red hair and twin braids

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Every two weeks.

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There's a Meiling germ growing in my heart and it's called love.

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Extremely erotic, I would pay anything to be in that fairys place.

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It depends on how often Sakuya nags her. Left to her own devices, never, because it would use up valuable time that could be better spent napping or reading manga.

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Just a friendly reminder that Meiling eats humans.

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She "eats" humans.

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I wouldn't mind being eaten by Meiling

>> No.35595635

At least she won't let you go to waste

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swimming with hong

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Does Meiling get vacation days to hang out with the rest of Gensokyo?

>> No.35601048

but she also has restraint about it, clearly, since she was only interested in eating Reimu when she realised shrine maidens are "the type of human that's ok to eat" in EoSD

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What would they talk about?

>> No.35608011

Fighting techniques
Annoying intruders
Their shared appreciation of the colors green and red

>> No.35608057

Yes but she rarely uses them, out of a sense of duty towards the SDM
Besides, others come often enough to visit the library, or to participate in some part Remi arranged