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guys, what day is it?

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Honestly, I was about to make a Flan day thread, I was still searching for a good image.

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Ah, Imouto-sama please don't let the sunlight in!

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Flan Day

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Your mom?

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Remind me why the 4th of July is Flan day? I don't see the pun.

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>Flan's Day
>#7月4日はフランの日 (Pixiv | Twitter) #7月4日はフランちゃんの日 (Pixiv | Twitter) #7月4日はフランドールの日 (Pixiv | Twitter) #フランの日 (Pixiv | Twitter)

>The "95th" day of April, referencing Flandre's spellcard "Ripples of 495 Years"
>Pixiv Dictionary
What a wonderful coincidence.

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Everyday should be Flan day!

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Did you know that almost everyone in eosd fights in their socks? I thought that was just interesting.

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Remember to let Flan-cnah win when you play with her - Vampires are naturally competitive and she doesn't have the same restraint her sister has.

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There's no point in wearing shoes if you fly.
What I find interesting is that in PCB, Marisa and Reimu wear socks only, while Sakuya wears shoes.

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You can watch ZUN's art improving by how he draws the shoes and feet. If he could put bags over their hands he probably would, he still does stuff like Saki's weird pose to avoid drawing hands.

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>he still does stuff like Saki's weird pose to avoid drawing hands.
It's really all just proportioning. It's still odd when you get to adding details.

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Flans ass is hot enough to eat
don't look up the source they actually eat it. Fucking cannibals

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American independence day

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Damn yassy can draw some ass

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Well, happy Independence Day.

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Imagine Flan asserting dominance over your weak human body

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then she will bite and make you like her

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The most cum dumpsterable touhou

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Giant Flan's smelly feet are smelly enough to smell up an entire country! A country I want to live in!

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Oh no, anything but that. I'd really hate to be bitten by Flan.

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deep breath

yep. nothing worse than being her eternal slave.

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Imagine being trapped in a room, playing games with Flan and having a constant fear of accidentally winning.

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Playing a game that involves luck would feel like playing russian roulette.
It'd be both adorable and annoying when you blatantly let her win and she starts bragging about how good she is and how much you suck.

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I would kill to live the rest of my miserable existence like that.

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Also, that pic reminds me of scarlet curiosity

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Playing Mao with Flandre! Making up new rules so that she can't win!

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>ywn stroke Flans hair when you tell her good night (or whatever the appropriate expression would be)
>ywn wake her up with a delicious breakfast
Sakuya's lucky to serve the scarlet sisters.

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your neck is her breakfast

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I miss when pixiv tags had the dictionary link right on them

I also miss when they were transliterated rather than poorly translated

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I personally never saw that, but I wish I paid more attention.

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Let's be cruel to Flan-chan...

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also, what is that

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Expected of roomia. Look like she's a flan fangirl here.

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Can you blame her? There ought to be more Flan fans out there.

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Love Flan-chan!

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whatever happened to that guy writing that story where anon is stuck in Flans room

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Flan grew tired of him and decided she wanted to see what he looked like on the inside.

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So much for happy endings.

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I miss this captcha the most.

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Let's lift Flan-chan!

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I wanna throw Flan into the air and catch her.

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I wanna hug and twirl Flan-chan in the air

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do you think i could get a punch in before flan obliterates me

im 6'4 250 pound all muscle

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Dangerously adorable.

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If you're fast enough, maybe.

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Flantastic Gymnastics

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I'm gonna need to know where to find that story

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Imouto-sama's power to destroy anything makes her life hard sometimes...

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Why not third bandaid?

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what use would a third bandaid have

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imagine the sex

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It's Monday.

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I thought it was Tuesday

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No it's Monday

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your penis would get crushed as if it were under extreme pressure

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Posting this classic

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Flan-chan accidentally destroyed the condom...

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That's Wednesday.

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what's the point of counting the days if they're all the same

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Flan just found out where babies come from

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The Flan is aggressive

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I want Flan to rape me.

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Worth it.
How would Remilia react?

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>How would Remilia react?
Jealous that her little sister is going to become a mother while she's still a virgin.

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God I want to mating press creampie Flandre

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Flan-chan is such a cutie!

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Flan and her giant Marisa fumo doll.

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She isn't a virgin.

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every day is flanday

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it hurts my lungs

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not today apparently

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Maybe she's feeling a little under the weather today.

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holy pronebone!

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The hardest thing ever is finding a good image to post.

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Komeiji Flan - now with strawberry!

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they gave flan plaid clothes

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it's getting so hard to breathe

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>now with strawberries.
I thought strawberries were standard.

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>now with strawberry!
I thought strawberries were standard.

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Bite me, Imouto-sama!

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Let's get Remilia-sama mad

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SDM is home to spooky, dangerous vampires. Everybody should be advised to stay as far away from that hellish place as possible.

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You must tread carefully in the scarlet elysium.

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But I want loli vampires to prey on me.

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It's Flanilla Scarlet!

>> No.35737693

Now with four times the charisma!

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Flan Day.

>> No.35758764

Imagine giving Flan a big warm kiss and fluffing her hair.

>> No.35764326

Imagine her smile when you finish hugging her! She probably wouldn't let go!

>> No.35764520

I want to hug her but I’m worried that if I do that she’ll break me in two with the return hug or maybe even bite me.

>> No.35764542

It'd be worth it

>> No.35764619

I kind of have to agree. It might help to remind her that people aren’t as strong as her and to try and be gentle with their affection.

>> No.35764640

I'm not a foot fag but damn do her feet look so erotic here

>> No.35764657

>maybe even bite me
But that's a good thing.

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deep breath

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Lewd Scarlet

>> No.35769749

Delicious vamp cunny

>> No.35774041

great gams

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flandre never dies

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Imouto-sama is kind to her servants, won't you agree to work for her and not her big sister?

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Each one is it?

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There's a difference?

>> No.35804156

Flan's cunny.

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She's not THAT insane is she?

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No she's just a bit socially stunted.

>> No.35807698

Does it taste like flan?

>> No.35808075

While I wouldn't mind being a servant, I doubt I'd get as much out of it. Remilia provides food and shelter. I don't think I'd get the same working for Flan, and if I do, I'm really just working for Remi.

>> No.35812238

fucking shut in neet

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Please don’t step on me Flan...

>> No.35817003

i cant breathe

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this is a bloodthirsty vampire

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oh no my lungs ahjhhhhhhhhhhh

>> No.35817452

All days are flan fucking day.

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Fucking Flan every day of the week!

>> No.35817561

Don’t just stand there run for your life before she lowers her big vampire soles on you!

>> No.35817568

you can't hide. the smell will spread out and find you.

>> No.35817580

My tiny mortal lungs can’t take it. Please have mercy Flan.

>> No.35817596
File: 460 KB, 1812x2048, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_oninamako__4c47c799542998ecaa423328df5abbc8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you'll just need to breathe tainted air and get used to it

>> No.35817610

Isn't that Remilia?

>> No.35817637

I can’t do it, I think I’m *cough cough* dying already. Just *cough* let me have some fresh air for a few *wheeze* minutes. Please!

>> No.35817727
File: 457 KB, 707x900, __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_miyo_ranthath__72196c0c9d9ef76b454a4e892e57e88d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

on the artist page it says flan

the toxin cloud spreads...

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Imouto-sama is a rude girl.