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pitch accent listening practice:
(instant registration, no verification or email, feel free to put random name/pass)

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"i don't know what i should say"

is this what this says?

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yep posting on the based thread

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i think it's more like "i don't know would be a good thing to say"

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i don't know what*

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miss the days we used to hit auto archive limit of 2000

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Can't help but respect this thread. What a great OP.

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idol shows with jap subtitles are very helpful. without subtitles the japanese just goes over my head. my hearing is bad

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/jp/ is now one of the fastest boards, so even if everyone stuck to the one thread we wouldn't get close.
People wanting their favourite holo as the OP so making new threads while the old one has another 12 hours to live is just the icing on top.

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you dont need to cite the /jp/ lore to me, i was there when it was written

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the shields they wear look stupider than wearing masks

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i was wondering if that's for corona or maybe some way to improve sound.

here's a good mining guide:

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did these two ever make up and become friends again? feel like matt is a big enough man to forgive yoga's backstabbing.

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>without subtitles the japanese just goes over my head. my hearing is bad
can't tell if clever bait or extremely retarded

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>check other thread
>11 replies
>1 poster
you hate to see it

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in some japanese the ka is before the verb

this shit confuses me

some explain this to me

how do i translate this in my head?

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dame, almost feel bad for that 駄目

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someone explain this to me*

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sound quality is a lot better with those dental shields, plus you get to see their pretty faces. idols would look like a regular old office lady if they needed to wear face masks.

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oh wait that's kamo which means maybe
never mind
kamoshirenai lol

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they do that so their cute faces show.
no one wants to see an idol with her face covered

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why is emiri katous voice so hot

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Posting in rightful djt

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truly a makeinu

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wtf something is really wrong with that guy

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the sad thing is hes gonna be upset and spam 2x as hard now

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spamming the thread with を覚えた absolute loser

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i couldn't help but think that this is how the average djt creature lives

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i wish

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i seriously still can't understand why people broadcast themselves learning a language
if an anon makes a retarded post no one remembers

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it depends on the person of course, but it's probably some combination of things: a lack of self-awareness, the desire to be part of a community (maybe more specifically a community that [they think] is better/cooler than other communities), to get attention, etc.

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neechan, ore ha, chinpo wo kimi no manko ni irete iin degozaimasuka?

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why is it harder to read shit that doesnt have kanji

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does matto have narcissistic personality disorder? what are your thoughts?

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i always laugh when i hear スタンバってる

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not sure I've ever heard that before, but I recently read that ズムる is a thing.

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Someone please buy and share all of the hamefura ebooks. I'll digitally give you a good sucking.

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lol its useful how they can just add ru to anything but it sounds retarded

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so if i just read whatever i want to read regardless of difficulty how long will it take to stop being a pain in the ass

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can i make a living in japan as a translator if i get to n1 or n0

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someone pls

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what are u tryin to say analcrayon?

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we told you. wanikani has them.

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>search for crack for random anim vinnie
>find shady ass list of links posted a few years back, only one works
>all the images in the captcha are of my house

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daily spanish practice

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it should be more like, if we're speaking literally, "I don't what best to say"

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no they don't

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All the phrases I've heard in anime (e.g. おちつけ なんでかなぁー  行くぞ! 平気平気) are starting to make sense. Feels pretty good

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i would never because this community in particular is extremely toxic/racist/negative in general

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ironically its even worse on d*scord

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wait, is there a non-migaku script that allows you to make cards from anime through anki?

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wait, is there a non-migaku script that allows you to make cards from anime to anki through netflix?

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what do you have against my great awesome intelligent slightly overweight brazillian friend

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its called the internet

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nothing, it's just $5 isn't something I'm interested in spending if I don't need to.

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Previous thread
>>35540251 #2908
>>35528800 #2907
>>35522134 #2906
>>35510798 #2905
>>35505659 #2904
>>35484363 #2903
>>35469219 #2902
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it's proprietary software. i only use libre.

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Does anyone have the detective is already dead in japanese? I can only find scans and an epub of the first book.

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on a scale of 1-10 how buttered did that dmca make you

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buy it poorfag

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no. they usually prefer to hire native japanese speakers so it's pretty competitive to get the few available roles for l2 speakers. these days machines do a lot of the translation and humans just check for errors so they prefer to hire housewives.

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Learning new Japanese words and grammar from at least four difference sources. How do I avoid duplicating notes?

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i often wonder why anons with zero interest in japan even try learning japanese. even in weeb shit there's so much that you won't understand if you don't know anything about japan. pic related.

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What's a good book to learn about Japan?

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1 google.co.jp
2 "日本ニュース"
3 press enter

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just read japanese websites and see what japanese people are talking about. also try talking to japanese people.

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why not go grab yourself a nice girl from the japanese countryside?

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id rather grab the cute dog

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don't have sex with animals. i don't care if it's legal in japan, don't do it.

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I mean Japanese culture, not current events.

Well, I'll just read history books in Japanese whenever I reach that level of competency. I've read some in English, and though they do mention some things of interest (like the post ww2 red purge which ousted the commies looking to occupy the power vaccum after the war and prevented japan from becoming a communist hellhole), they don't do so in much detail. I don't doubt they have a western bias. Also, they barely talk about cultural practices and focus on events and political change.

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the fuck? im not gonna have sex with it nor eat it. i just want a cute イッヌ

>> No.35542284

you're not allowed to take the girl's boyfriend without the girl

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best thread

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Stop watching Language Learning Youtubers they're all losers.

>> No.35542337

it's not even a full face shield, what is it even supposed to do?

>> No.35542338

>only 30 unique IPs
dead thread

>> No.35542351

>plus you get to see their pretty faces.
>they do that so their cute faces show.
neither of them are either especially good looking, though this goes for most other 'idols' too

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why doesn't anacreon explain in the comments that he can't challenge the dmca because matt's ulterior motive with it is to dox him by getting his name and address from the counter claim form?

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Black hair girl is a solid 9/10.

>> No.35542369

must suck being blind

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>if an anon makes a retarded post no one remembers
o rly

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don't be buttmangled just because she called you out on your hairstyle.

>> No.35542393

i don't think she is in a position to talk about anyone's haircut when hers makes her look like she has a monobrow

why is it that like 99.9% of japanese women have this hairstyle anyway? it's awful

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How to learn japanese

>> No.35542404

i think its very cute

>> No.35542405

Long, straight black hair because that's super elegant beauty. Fringe to cover the forehead and hide a high hairline.

>> No.35542418

well its been 14 years do you think he made it?

>> No.35542427

nah if we're speaking literally then it'd be "what if said good, don't know"

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having a fringe doesn't mean it has to merge with your eyebrows and turn you into a monobrowed goblin

yet this is the look all japanese women go for

>> No.35542441

How valid of a strat is "just skip lines if you don't get it" really?

>> No.35542442

i don't care what a delusional idolfag who has wasted countless hours of his life on this garbage and now has to justify it to himself thinks

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Super valid. Lets you get through your reading material super fast to help build confidence.

>> No.35542453

>Fringe to cover the forehead and hide a high hairline.
fringe to cover the forehead and hide your shit genes

>> No.35542458

i do like idols but i genuinely think it looks good

>> No.35542474

the alternative is that you stress out constantly over shit you just simply aren't ready to understand yet and end up burning out from the frustration of not being able to reach the 100% comprehension level you've told yourself you must achieve

letting the things you don't get go is the only valid strategy

>> No.35542481

somebody explain this meme.
how do you say this word インヌ or イッ........ヌ

>> No.35542488

you put wa instead of wo

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japanese is impossible

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>> No.35542521

listen to this

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japanese is impossible

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cause then analcrayon will have to admit he's scared shitless that matt can sue him for defamation and go after assets he own irl.

>> No.35542609

>suing someone for defamation for making a video consisting of nothing but stuff you've said yourself

>> No.35542610

you'll never learn japanese

>> No.35542634

why are there 3 threads wtf

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>> No.35542672

finna make a 4th one

>> No.35542703

finna dump a barrel of acid on ur face

>> No.35542740

I'm more offended by them being those stupid whispy bangs that are trending and makes her look like shes balding. Himecut or GTFO.

>> No.35542823

what was the name of the thing that can hide hardcoded subs in mpv? i remember seeing it once it was like a black bar right over them

>> No.35542844

>So long as "ou" constitutes the end of a verb, it is safe to say that it is pronounced as /oo/. However, if it is at the end of the verb, it will be pronounced as /ou/.

imabi needs a proofreader

>> No.35542899

Been reading some very dekinai takes itt

>> No.35542901

it's called the taskbar

>> No.35542912

youre a fucking genius thanks

>> No.35543001

if the episode has a dub you can dual stream to get rid of them completely

>> No.35543008

seething for no reason again

>> No.35543012

maybe youre on your period

>> No.35543016

actually just realized its cause i remembered ciaran exists

behead ciaran and shit in the mouth of his decapitated head

>> No.35543021

does he even post anymore

>> No.35543080

how could he ever post again after getting beheaded 900 times

>> No.35543115

there was no ciaran

>> No.35543127

the only thing persisting that isn't chug even after becoming a gashapon mobile game

>> No.35543139






>> No.35543153

i cant think of a more unfitting song than this

>> No.35543159

holofags (including the janny)

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>> No.35543211

rip bunko

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File: 1.72 MB, 1080x1973, ミタマ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.35543280

dame probably one of the worst ways to die

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>> No.35543328

this one is perfect

>> No.35543332

great track

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>tfw we've been learning a pajeet language for years without knowing

>> No.35543538

lol these people are so dumb

>> No.35543575

How to improve my Japanese in 2 months? I have uni holidays and free time so I want to learn a lot. I don't wanna watch anime/movies and read manga. I would rather do some writing tests or whatever. Any resources for that?

I have no intention of passing JLPT btw, I just want to git gud fast. I'm learning for 2 years already and I'm progressing very slowly

>> No.35543578

oh my god

>> No.35543586

nigga anime is boring. I can barely watch one episode a day

>> No.35543589

>I don't wanna watch anime/movies and read manga
that's the fastest way to improve
>I just want to git gud fast
apparently you don't
>I would rather do some writing tests or whatever. Any resources for that?
go ask reddit

>> No.35543598

what the holy hell has been going on with "learning japanese" culture lately. what is with all this abstraction and "japanese is like this" shit? its a fucking language just fucking learn it you retards.

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I learned English without watching much anime and movies and reading manga in English.
I just watched shitton of YouTube. But Japanese YouTube is boring too

>> No.35543606

unfortunately learning involves aids

>> No.35543607



>> No.35543608

>I don't wanna watch anime/movies and read manga
>I'm learning for 2 years already and I'm progressing very slowly
perhaps reflect and think if these two things might be related

>> No.35543609

read lns and play vns

>> No.35543630

>I just watched shitton of YouTube
okay so you concede that you consumed a shitton of media in english to learn english yet you refuse to do the same thing to learn japanese
>but there's nothing i want to read or watch!
then it appears that japanese might simply not be the language for you why are you even trying to learn it

>> No.35543631

crazy how this pic never decreases in hotness

>> No.35543632

I have been watching anime and reading, but I have to force myself to and it's just fucking painful. Even in English I don't like anime/manga.
Kurosawa's and Ozu's movies are pretty good, but they're too heavy to watch every day.

>> No.35543641

just give up dude, if you suck dick after 2 years you havent watched or read enough and u dont seem to want to change that so whats the point of just spinning ur wheels for even more time

>> No.35543644

>you don't like anime and manga and shitty games for manchildren so the language is not for you
yeah, that's all that exists in Japanese
I have my reasons and I asked very specifically for the tests, because that's what I enjoy at the moment and don't have to force myself.

>> No.35543652


>> No.35543653

there are no "tests" that will let u acquire japanese much less in 2 months lol wtf are u smoking

>> No.35543654

epic strawman
the point is to watch and read things you enjoy it doesn't have to be anime or manga
it can also be doramas podcasts radio movies novels
but you need something and if you don't have that japanese is not for you and you should fuck off

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File: 16 KB, 310x200, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





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I never said I want to acquire language in 2 months. I only asked for tests, the rest you made up in your head.
Okay, so I'm watching movies and dramas, but in addition to that I want tests.
Finally the first response without hurting ego, thanks

>> No.35543704

>but in addition to that I want tests.
/r/learnjapanese has got your back

>> No.35543706

Hey everybody its YA BOI
Today we are gonna learn about how Japanese has parallels in Judeo-Christian holy texts including the dead sea scrolls. I think this will really help enlighten you guys and help you progress on the infinite stairs to native level. This video was brought to you by Skillshare and my Patreons. Make sure to smash that like and hit subscribe for more Japanese learning content!

>> No.35543815

>i don't want to learn japanese, i would rather pretend to
yeah sorry can't help you

try asking on reddit i'm sure they can give you some tips on how to not learn japanese

>> No.35543821


>> No.35543838

>i hate japanese media
then why are you "learning" japanese retard

>> No.35543844

On reddit they use Japanese sometimes at least

But here you all write in English all day

In my mind, they're superior

I like pre 1990s media and I like the language itself

>> No.35543857

huge win for writing tests guy

>> No.35543869

then ask reddit what u should do im sure they will guide you well

>> No.35543872

how does this thing work is there any tutorial or smt https://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/texthooker.html

>> No.35543880


>> No.35543890

>In my mind, they're superior
so why are you asking here lol

>> No.35543895

redditors lack introspection and are offensive beings to both god and man. and also they suck at japanese
whereas djt is just bad at japanese

>> No.35543896

I believe you need this plugin https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/clipboard-inserter/deahejllghicakhplliloeheabddjajm

>> No.35543900

just remembered queefington insist for 6 months that anibook or whatever the fuck that shitty webplayer is called was better than mpv with clipboard inserter lol

>> No.35543901

get the clipboard inserter addon for your browser (firefox/chrome) turn it on then load that page every time you copy something the line will show up on the page

>> No.35543903


>> No.35543918

animebook is pretty good i wouldnt use mpv if it werent for anacreons script

>> No.35543922
File: 79 KB, 636x900, __padko_indie_virtual_youtuber_drawn_by_shiodome_oji__dca903ddb56372822d6a53d1ea4d2b42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ya sé hablar español, coño de la madre.

>> No.35543925

Because it's anonymous and people are honest instead of sugarcoating.
Even though 80% of replies are worthless, it's a good thing to allow them

>> No.35543933

quizler was shilling another site tho that was a precursor to anibook and it sucked ass

>> No.35543948

mined 柘榴

>> No.35543962

it works thx

>> No.35543965
File: 725 KB, 1440x810, 1575051226482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.35543984


>> No.35543989

coño de loli

>> No.35543999

og moment

>> No.35544026

would breed

>> No.35544027
File: 109 KB, 850x1202, __altina_orion_and_juna_crawford_eiyuu_densetsu_and_1_more_drawn_by_kago_no_tori__sample-0bada36db71626d552e35524a947370e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35544034


>> No.35544040

you think a jet dude could get away with calling a student にっがき haha

>> No.35544044

lmao. aquired ザギンでシースー

>> No.35544085

acquired this the other day

>> No.35544089


>> No.35544100

if this isnt a joedanda, kys

>> No.35544107

oh come on that was a decent 黒木 ガキ pun

>> No.35544122
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do rtk

>> No.35544127

i mentioned on reddit one time how i passed n2 after a year or studying (as in passed the actual test, not a shitty discord quiz) and they said it wasn't possible even though it's the norm for foreign students in japan. they are most definitely not superior.

>> No.35544129

yo where's moe been at miss that fat sack of shit

>> No.35544135

heisig should pass kanken 2 or something first would give him credibility

>> No.35544140

damn, guess moe was right after all

>> No.35544142
File: 84 KB, 850x587, __texas_and_exusiai_arknights_drawn_by_yamamura_saki__sample-74ee2bc6aaf1a2a1d6019b04222f99fa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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>> No.35544169
File: 384 KB, 683x844, heisig unleashed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

heisig will eat kanken 2 for breakfast bro

>> No.35544187


>> No.35544194


>> No.35544204

that's like n3 level

>> No.35544231

acquired brutalität

>> No.35544236

x ラノベ
o 駄ノベ

>> No.35544246

>>I like pre 1990s media
"i like a few old japanese films"

>>I like the language itself
is this worth spending literally thousands of hours of your life over?

quit while you're behind, this clearly isn't for you

>> No.35544247

let's have a djt 黙祷 for our recently fallen heroes
james (bunko)
may they 眠る in piece lol

>> No.35544253

what happnd to og

>> No.35544255



>> No.35544258

she took preggo leave

>> No.35544260

damn imouto knows what's up
as opposed to the stupid store cleark in matto's video

>> No.35544267

>you will never be a cute japanese lesbian anime girl
why live

>> No.35544268

shes in jail for killing a korean guy who catcalled her with her bare hands

>> No.35544277

she's trapped in jamal's セックスダンジョン

>> No.35544284

you couldnt kill a fly og

>> No.35544297

what about anacreon makes you cringe more than anything

me: when he was replying to comments on his matt vids with eminem lyrics and names with "matt"

>> No.35544309

Wish I had an internet stalker.

>> No.35544334

she got into another fight with ruka and !4bc and she couldn't take the L so she started spamming hentai images and racial slurs to get banned. that's her usual form of ragequitting. she also accused everyone of gaslighting her.

>> No.35544336
File: 70 KB, 1080x1077, 1625401792373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35544351

i would say hes a poor mans jamal but that would imply its not also cringe when jamal does it

>> No.35544356

one of my wisdom teeth has become impacted and im 27, bros how much will this surgery fuck me? should i expect to not be able to practice japanese for a day?

>> No.35544358

he tries to act like jamal but doesn't even reach the level of a poor man's version

>> No.35544359

looks like nippons back on the menu, boys

>> No.35544376

>why don't they care about blm in a country with 5 black people

>> No.35544378

i usually just post people drinking pee.. to each his own

>> No.35544381

analcream is a muffled joke in a crowded room no one wants to own up to

>> No.35544385

>country with black population in probably the 5 digits
>wtf why they no care about blm??

>> No.35544396

i had an impacted wisdom tooth removed last year. they didn't get me high or anything they just numbed it and removed it. the surgery itself was fine but when i was walking home it bled really bad and I kept spitting out large amounts of blood (you shouldn't swallow blood, you can get sick). after I got home i was in a lot of pain. the pain meds did help but it still hurt when I was on them. the pain lasts a few days. you should try to get as much studying done as you can but it will hurt.

>> No.35544397

wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire, rest in shit cunts

>> No.35544403

i didn't click on all of the images but she posted some pretty normal hentai. some of it was actually hot. she even posted some hololive hentai.

>> No.35544407

>wouldnt piss on them if they were on fire
nice try og

>> No.35544408


>> No.35544409

its true, she one inch punched him in the dick and he went into cardiac arrest

>> No.35544411

just wish she woulda posted those fullbody nudes she was considering

>> No.35544416

>og: fuck you guys im leaving this thread and never coming back
>also og: comes back

>> No.35544418


>> No.35544421

yeah it happens at least once a month, wonder why

>> No.35544422

sorry im only attracted to japanese women

>> No.35544424

thats a stupid expression she uses

>> No.35544435

im moribito guy thats my expression and if she uses it she stole it from me

>> No.35544436

thread number? wanna check dem archive

>> No.35544438

she reposted some the doujins ive linked in the past without permission thinking of getting 4channel to serve her a copyright notice

>> No.35544449

imagine being so pathetic and so devoid of any self-control that u cant stop urself from massively seething over an argument on 4chan and have to resort to getting urself banned to stop posting

LOL couldnt be me

>> No.35544454

>pain lasts a few days
bummer, ive never had anaesthetic before, kinda nervous

>> No.35544470

which country are you in? if you're in america they will probably get you high as fuck first. if you're in japan they won't do that but at least it's cheap.

>> No.35544475

well at least youve never said "guts for garters"

>> No.35544485

lol that coming from a woman kinda loses its potency knowing u could literally end her life with 1 solid punch

>> No.35544494

i always thought that it was morbido like morbidly obese.. huh

>> No.35544499

yoshi finna do my reps

>> No.35544503

maybe she decided to learn karate because she got scared lol

>> No.35544505

gonna play oreimo game

>> No.35544515

yeah im a burger, people always talk about how fucked up they get from the drugs with wisdom tooth removal but man it still makes me nervous

>> No.35544522

the psp one? is it just a vinnie version of the light novels or does it have its own story? i read very little of it to test psp games on vita and the intro was the same as the intro to the first book.

>> No.35544524

be glad it just makes you loopy instead of turning off your brain like full anesthesia does

>> No.35544536

it has its own story, i think they made some ovas out of it some time after they released the game

>> No.35544558

are you playing on real hardware or an emulator? i think I heard textractor works on ppsspp but I don't know if that's true.

>> No.35544563


>> No.35544570

>textractor works on ppsspp
epic if true

>> No.35544579

yoshi finished my reps

>> No.35544582

yeah man, thats way too "star trek teleporter brutally murders you and replaces you with a doppelganger" for me

>> No.35544587

yeah im playing on my psp go but games quite ez if your at least n3 theres not much shit to look up except for kusoneko lines or so

>> No.35544596

cringe lol youre such a pussy bitch man the fuck up

>> No.35544598

thinking about oreimo makes me mad

>> No.35544610

>psp go
how is that? it's pretty small, isn't it? should I consider getting one for vinnies on the go or is my vita a better choice?

>> No.35544613

handheld consolefags are always either manchildren or fags (or both)

>> No.35544621

well i was bordering on morbidly obese at one point but i lost 40 kg and am normal now but its not cause of that ye

>> No.35544643

>i was bordering on morbidly obese at one point but i lost 40 kg and am normal no
did you shave off your leg hair haha

>> No.35544657

why would a male shave off their leg hair

>> No.35544666

Play with your feet do you? LMFAO retard.

>> No.35544667

psp go's screen is great but its hard to play any other games, if you like bigger screens try to get a psp 3000, as for psp games on vita i think they look like shit even with resolution fixes, id suggest to try it out anyways if you can stand the pixelation your good to go

>> No.35544669

for crossdressing purposes obviously
supplemental income

>> No.35544671

or people who have jobs and want something to do during their commute or lunch break.

>> No.35544674

to feel cute owo
you should try shaving your legs, putting on make up and nail polish, putting on pantyhose and female perfumes in preparation for dildo penetration

>> No.35544677

we like to joke around here
morbido guy is also hairy leg guy

>> No.35544682

>its hard to play any other games
would you suggest it over the other models if im only interested in vinnies?

>> No.35544683

>female perfumes
why do you talk like youve never seen a woman before

>> No.35544690

programmer confirmed

>> No.35544697


>> No.35544698

had a psp 1000 best shit ever although the handheld part didnt really help played in my room all the time

>> No.35544702

i read wikipedia articles during lunch break

>> No.35544705

because i haven't really

>> No.35544745

i got a japanese psp because there were a lot of jp exclusives and i really wanted to play madoka portable for homuras earlier loops. hours and hours and hours on that thing. also bought a lot of digimon games.

>> No.35544755

imagine reading wikipedia when you could be playing games about a guy who fucks his little sister instead.

>> No.35544758

have like 3 different models of the psp

>> No.35544761

none of these things are typical of women other than leg shaving. you have some weird ideas about how girls live

>> No.35544777

will read oreimo once they turn it into an eroge and quit it the moralfaggotry

>> No.35544782

more like Penis Sucking Philistine

>> No.35544783

yeah i guess id go for the go lol tho it would be good if you get to try both versions by yourself before buying one, btw when i said its hard to play i was talking about the buttons position but you can fix that by connecting a ps3 dualshock

>> No.35544794

Gonna read more English translated manhwa instead of Anime or Manga today.

>> No.35544839

yeah i sure love seeing yet another character named syoon or whatever

>> No.35544848

yeah actually think i played a tld vn at the time without realizing or maybe it was a game with certain vn elements i dont remember probably left a deep impression

>> No.35544853


>> No.35544885


>> No.35544888

ngmi just give up now koreaboo

>> No.35544919

Going to start learning Korean.

>> No.35544920

wish i could live a medieval life somewhere like in an isekai but without the gay questing shit and chugger japanese tropes. just a comfy inn or something away from this stupid world out in nature

>> No.35544941

Yeah ok Korean is as a meme of a language as Nip, They have letters that look almost identical and they both make the same phonetic sound.

>> No.35544951

you wouldnt even survive a month lol

>> No.35544956


>> No.35544967

The entire point of isekai is to play irl videogames, not to larp as a peasant.

>> No.35544994
File: 2.91 MB, 200x155, 1603591446250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh also i'd like to take a moment to thank whoever has been making proper threads. you are a nameless hero for the noobies

>> No.35544999


>> No.35545012

central europe is p isekai-ish. learn polish and move to poland.

>> No.35545016

It's so weird seeing people make all these systems to avoid learning for as long as possible.

>> No.35545031
File: 127 KB, 512x402, unnamed (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

projecting the fact youre brainwashed into being soft and sucking at the tits of modern infrastructure
peasant or tradesman are the kinds of videogames i like. even in mmos my crafting level is always highest

>> No.35545036

Manhwa is just third rate manga ripoffs made by Gooks. Read real literature instead if you're not gonna read manga.

>> No.35545049

The west doesn't write death game novels.

>> No.35545069

best thing about living in japan, knowing japanese, and the restrictions being lifted is all these japanese women that want gaijin dick again. last year was hell, but this year has been making up for it.

>> No.35545077




>> No.35545084

why there's two threads?

>> No.35545085

The Hunger Games is literally about that.

>> No.35545104

most dangerous game would like a word as well.

>> No.35545116

analcrayon or jizzmaster wanting to spam their shitty sites.

>> No.35545119

I already watched that one. And in my opinion it barely qualifies because I feel there's a distinction between battle royale and the specific games with the penalty of death i'm looking for.

Literally a short book.

>> No.35545120

one bacterial infection and youd be knocking on deaths door coughing your lungs retards just dont realize how terrible things were before antibiotics were a thing

>> No.35545122

>most dangerous game
I read that one back in high school.

>> No.35545131

not the same without other people also living a similar kind of life but in a non-contrived way
are you a woman?

>> No.35545145

Configuring things is fun. In any case, it saves you time in the long run.

>> No.35545148

lol not me fuck holotrash

>> No.35545185

lol youre such a fucking chump hypocritical trash like you should be denied modern medical care even in emergencies

>> No.35545189
File: 559 KB, 663x837, 1625406659630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That guy is just like me but I started in 2013. Maybe this time will be different.

>> No.35545193

>thread is on auto-sage and the other thread is still up
we lost

>> No.35545231

rather die young in a world that has meaning and value than live a miserable prolonged existence in this modern hellscape until the last thing i see is a jamaican nurse stealing my shit in a nursing home

>> No.35545261


>> No.35545288

you should probably just give up

>> No.35545297


>> No.35545308

nolife that thinks he'll live better in a different time not realizing he'll be miserable there as well because he's a pathetic nolife.

>> No.35545309


>> No.35545351
File: 94 KB, 425x481, 1473219936748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i only said "isekai" so my post wouldn't be offtopic i dont chug that shit

>> No.35545362

nothing wrong with the occasional chug

>> No.35545384

>Spam post to keep your thread alive for 12 hours
>Janitor comes along and deletes it

>> No.35545391

how are you supposed to live in peace and quiet in a medieval world if you don't have the whole cheat thing going on
you'll just get raped and killed or turned into a 農奴

>> No.35545402

holy shit based jannies? world must be ending

>> No.35545411

wheres the full audio for this?

>> No.35545424

Is it true Matt fucked Analcrayon's mom?

>> No.35545426

dame matt losing both his sleep and his hair

>> No.35545434

going to shave my head in support of matt

>> No.35545436

dame imagine being a professional internet personality and then being surprised when that sword cuts the other way
couldnt be me

>> No.35545469

it isn't uploaded anywhere anymore, youll have to wait until analcream makes a new vid

>> No.35545477

didnt he get two strikes one more and hes dead

>> No.35545480

matt is a virgin

>> No.35545491

there's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.35545495

no way hes a goofy looking motherfucker, but still fuckable

>> No.35545505

og ban evading

>> No.35545542

now matt can use the threat of doxxing you as blackmail

>> No.35545543

Based Matt.

>> No.35545559

it can be different if you stop being studying virgin and start being an acquiring chad

>> No.35545678

guys... i read and read but most vocab just doesnt stick.

>> No.35545683


>> No.35545717

i wonder how many esls came to 4chan and left because they couldnt understand memes and slang

>> No.35545722

You're still a virgin unless you've gotten 10000個 on your 沈宝

>> No.35545729

aww :(

>> No.35545743

i love you, if that makes you feel any better

>> No.35545757

understanding hidden shit like this keeps me going

>> No.35545778

hes gonna win the dispustes

>> No.35545780




>> No.35545792
File: 92 KB, 850x531, __hatsune_miku_and_kagamine_rin_vocaloid_and_1_more_drawn_by_qys3__sample-b4b49a3650deab919e56d233ac7ce48f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, how do I find 影薄い social media accounts to stalk?

>> No.35545795

Hahaha, so wait he want to only talk with yoga because he wants to get the video taken down. a true chosen. imagine if he actually had the emotion of remorce

>> No.35545804


>> No.35545807

who invited tkyo hambeast

>> No.35545814

just make one yourself

>> No.35545823


>> No.35545825

lol this thread is worse than the one on /int/

>> No.35545835

pretty sure most people bumble through life justifying everything to do and never feeling real remorse unless they go through some major shit. stop virtue signalling, hes just your usual mountebank scamming for a buck

>> No.35545837

/int/ thread has no soul its just dekinai crippling each other

>> No.35545838

nice projection

>> No.35545839

grade A projection right here

>> No.35545843

search for something on youtube and sort by newest
then pick something with barely any views and see if they have a twitter

>> No.35545856
File: 457 KB, 600x847, __original_drawn_by_aoshima_kanae__f88a053be0c9ab1c9fe50a5259f489ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already got a 10 year old Twitter account that I haven't used in years. Now what?
>inb4 you gotta look for people
Can you help me round down the search a bit?

>> No.35545867

i skimmed this thread and there is not a single discussion about japanese, only dramafagging

>> No.35545879

should probably learn what "projection" means. i dont run any businesses or scam anyone and the fact im willing to acknowledge that people cope away their sins in the first place is a level of insight remorseless people arent capable of

>> No.35545911


>> No.35545915


>> No.35545922

yeah, your level of discourse is certainly worth sleeping on

>> No.35545939
File: 428 KB, 281x281, 1595179218289.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35545942


>> No.35545967

analcream 2.0 right here
derivative of a derivative of already unfunny namefags

>> No.35545981

should probably learn what "derivative" means

>> No.35545987

theyll never be as fun or successful as jamal here, that dude has a magic to him these autists cant even begin to emulate

>> No.35545997

jamal doesnt even post like that lol

>> No.35546001

see, now this is a proper example of "projection"

>> No.35546014

what causes people to become this insufferable

>> No.35546019

an imitation or in maths a rate of change

>> No.35546029

i wasnt saying he was aping analcream aping jamal, just that hes going the same route of becoming a poor amalgamation of his thread heroes

>> No.35546048

Are you part of the Dank Smug Akari Face Linux User Meme Cult?

>> No.35546050

who cares im just doing what i feel like

>> No.35546067

also i dont think of anyone as my "hero" never have i dont need role models just more cringe projection on your part
i use windows (10)

>> No.35546070

i only care enough to make fun of your abysmal posts but i never said i wanted you to stop

>> No.35546079

back to back posts spell out "cope"

>> No.35546080
File: 207 KB, 800x1098, __kobayakawa_rinko_love_plus_drawn_by_tadanoshi_kabane__e460ae0ef96bbd2cb5eabb2b9972f587.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's funny how you guys only call me Tobira Guy whenever I post NSFW images, even though the original Tobira Guy wasn't an NSFW image poster.

>> No.35546086

theres nothing to discuss we've gone over every topic a hundred times

why is that so hard to comprehend for retards like you

>> No.35546088

what am i coping about

>> No.35546104
File: 158 KB, 850x1134, __pekora_jashin_chan_dropkick_drawn_by_sat_c__sample-0afbc98fe728a8adb72fc1bb4d8c2443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Cope" is an acronym for "peco".

>> No.35546105

its his iq and the fact that he is a "master manipulator"
if you spend enough time in these threads it becomes pretty clear that he doesnt have any feelings
hes probably too high iq to be human

>> No.35546111

you're acting like a cringey zoomer in denial
your cope is apparent what do you care if i think you are unoriginal? just tell me to fuck off i dont need to hear your life story

>> No.35546135

this. he outright contradicts himself all the time on fundamental things that cannot work if he has real emotions. you can have a high iq without being evil but thats not the case with him

>> No.35546142

how difficult is one piece generally speaking? been thinking of slowly grinding through the anime. there's probably a lot of slang in it, too. i wonder if that makes it really hard to understand.

>> No.35546149

not sure why you think im trying to be ""fun"" or """successful""" how do you even type out that projection without dying from cringe

also pretty crazy how jamal lives rent free in your heads instant point of comparison and reference for a million things if you want to suck dick do it solo lol

>> No.35546154
File: 199 KB, 710x900, __natori_sana_sana_channel_drawn_by_tadanoshi_kabane__1482075edf08cf85800098be6e485277.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jamal is just a 40-something year old Boomer with the mindset of a 14 year old attention whore who happened to have found a community that had no strongmen yet back when he just landed and raped it every day till it became his slave. It's only a matter of spamming stuff till the regulars just either run away or get forced into submission, which is the same reason as why other forced memes like Boomers and 'jak variations have proliferated so much.

>> No.35546163

you're telling me everyone here is actually perfectly fluent in japanese

>> No.35546165

i still mine despite not having done anki in 8 months

>> No.35546178

made for children so most of the words are simple, but theres a ton of different themed islands that come with their own quirks which can conplicate it a bit
and yeah, a lot of slang and weird dialects

>> No.35546186

>not sure why you think im trying to be ""fun"" or """successful"""
lmao i said neither of those things, now who's projecting?
>btw i really feel like slurping jamal's cock while im trying to convince you i dont have any thread heroes *shlorp* *shlorp* *shlorp* did i mention dicks in the same sentence as him? oops

>> No.35546197

this, but also he has no heart

>> No.35546208

if you didnt care what people itt thought of you, you wouldnt have responded at all

>> No.35546212

It's a general thread with a very specific topic that's mostly populated by posters who don't really have a lot of interest in the main topic itself, but rather only in stuff tangentially related to it. All general threads eventually turn into a mini-/b/ after so many iterations.

>> No.35546228

this but also he has soul

>> No.35546232

you can tell what people actually depending on how they respond to that criticism i keep careful logs of all of you

>> No.35546242

oh yeah? youll never guess who i am

>> No.35546250

hows the new couch?

>> No.35546251

there is 0 correlation between "discussing japanese" in a thread on 4chan and improving at japanese so whats the point of it

>> No.35546264

I feel like there aren't enough posts about me lately.

>> No.35546272
File: 234 KB, 850x1167, __wynn_yu_gi_oh_drawn_by_tadanoshi_kabane__sample-be52588c7acc8d53ac1e3077dea2a462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who are you?

>> No.35546324


>> No.35546328

>lmao i said neither of those things, now who's projecting?
wow check out this narcissist learn to read or learn to stfu
>theyll never be as fun or successful as jamal here
dumb binary fucking for against twitter tranny mob mentality to accommodate your own limited mental resolution just shut the fuck up

youre dumb i reply to many things that dont have anything to do with me participating in exchanges from which i have absolutely nothing to gain and attach to my name also more projection youre basically saying youd never reply to posts that dont involve peoples opinions of you lol youre one shallow npc stay in your lane

>> No.35546345

lol and you project again

>> No.35546347

f'(x) = lim h->0 = (f(x+h) - f(x))/h

>> No.35546357

why is it that any time i check this thread you guys are just arguing over stupid shit? i leave and come back with gaps of multiple hours and i always see that the same few people have been active arguing about the same usual topics all day long. i don't want to be mean but i really don't understand how you guys are supposedly studying japanese when you spend so much time here arguing. i swear the existence of this thread must be to serve as a filter to keep more people from learning japanese. then again if not for this thread you would probably just procrastinate doing something else.

>> No.35546361

>insecure in his intellect (midwit)
>insecure in his popularity (major social dysfunctions)
>not insecure in his appearance (adequate height and appearance)
>not insecure about his dick
>insecure about his virginity (volcel copes)
>insecure about women (female derangement syndrome)
>insecure about his education and career prospects
>insecure about chaos and missing data (cuck for systems)
>insecure about the productive use of time (constantly projecting on others)
>insecure in his emotions (outright has admitted to not being able to control his temper)

>> No.35546381
File: 249 KB, 850x1204, __original_drawn_by_sheepd__sample-48ee371ba202c6f9a94ab2868cc02eac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be honest, the only reason why I still keep /jp/djt on my bookmarks is because all of the general boards are either too fast or too circlejerky/private chatroom-like, or because I don't think I'd find anybody to post together with about raw light novels and manga on Reddit.

>> No.35546388

dame he got so spooked he stopped posting

>> No.35546389
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1576196647174.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop reading

>> No.35546404

idk if that was aimed at me but i work more than you for sure

>> No.35546405

oh yeah also hes white and 1st world because hes not insecure about his country, first language, or race

>> No.35546423

major hangups about living off your parents, huh?

>> No.35546445

output woman is spitting venom 24x7 and then has the audacity to act innocent and complain about "harassment" what a vile creature

>> No.35546471

hope you dont think calling her a woman is an insult because it isnt

>> No.35546474

What have you recently been watching, guys?

>> No.35546477

hey ogre didn't you say you were leaving for good? what happened to that?

>> No.35546484

>everyone who doesnt like me is a woman lmao
what the fuck are you doing on about?

>> No.35546487

i would be insulted if someone called me a woman

>> No.35546489

watched 6 eps of sankarea like 4 days ago

>> No.35546513
File: 81 KB, 334x500, D_NQ_NP_933953-MLM42776623152_072020-O.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like h-doujinbait

>> No.35546514

what im saying is calling og a woman is not an insult. id never call a bro a woman, thats just wrong

>> No.35546519

og is one of the most toxic people i've ever seen

>> No.35546521

why are you playing the victim i thought you loathed that behavior

>> No.35546525
File: 42 KB, 1440x562, 1625413204565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>達元: half of coronavirus deaths are vaccinated people in the UK.

>> No.35546556

its a good show its not just plain ecchi shit also ranko is hot

>> No.35546567

that stands to reason because high risk types are all but forced to get the vaccine in the uk, so the ones that die this late in the game are likely to have already been vaxed

>> No.35546572

Ranko more like Manko

>> No.35546614

really pisses me off how this autist 4bbc was getting owned until he screamed "og" to get the thread to chimp out over its favorite boogeyman

>> No.35546636


>> No.35546649


>> No.35546651

doesnt matter because our opinion of him hasnt magically increased now that we are back to flinging shit at og, we will return to flinging shit at 4bbc at a later time

>> No.35546676

shes too dumb to get that

>> No.35546680

you should tell him that, his posts stink like an oily ibs shit

>> No.35546693

call me a she one more time kid and ill lay hands

>> No.35546705

shutup bitch

>> No.35546714

good to see that jannies picked the right thread this time

>> No.35546729

might as well put "moe" in front of your trip you basically are just his soundboard now

>> No.35546741

rent free

>> No.35546758

when japs are genociding koreans? those little shits make me puke

>> No.35546770

if you are just gonna spout cliches you should make sure they are more apt. least you could do

>> No.35546780
File: 199 KB, 850x1167, __ghost_belle_haunted_mansion_yu_gi_oh_drawn_by_tadanoshi_kabane__sample-a17ca7b86f5d8cb5d80d0aa3f416de68.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you guys really spend more time on DJT talking about yourselves than actually engaging Japanese content? Maybe you should tone down on the frequency of your DJT visits if you're doing this in the absence of literally anything else to do.

DJT: Autistic attention whores chatting about literally anything but Japanese stuff

>> No.35546807

kind of getting tired of this holier than thou attitude some posters have

>> No.35546818

i didnt expect to wake up to getting my dick sucked on this 4th of july but alas

>> No.35546819


>> No.35546828

lucky bastard

>> No.35546845

you can really tell 4bbc never was high status irl and desperately wants to be one of the cool kids
you hate to see it
lmao the fucking nerve of you of all people saying that. not a single anon here is more self-righteous

>> No.35546872

figuratively or literally?

>> No.35546893

oh looks like we are back to flinging shit at 4bbc already, that was fast lmao

>> No.35546894

oh no i mean the thread

im still waiting for og

>> No.35546924

man youve got some serious issues i cant deal with your shit just filter me

>> No.35546925

4bbc is a consummate artist when it comes to slobbering you knob, be hard for og to compare

>> No.35546933

what is she playing

>> No.35546944

I like your picture posts a lot, they are really cute.

>> No.35546957


>> No.35546958

save me from these uppercasers lol

>> No.35547026


>> No.35547035

is he ded

>> No.35547040

more like watasi ha otome (gei)

>> No.35547059



>> No.35547073

real men use 儂

>> No.35547082


>> No.35547091

no just unconscious after she saved him drowning
then he cucks her for some princess after she becomes human
then her heart breaks when she cannot kill him and regain her mermaid form so she throws herself into the ocean and dissolves into sea-foam
the end

>> No.35547108


>> No.35547116

>then he cucks her
but why
does her pussy smell like fish or smt

>> No.35547128

why are men so vile

>> No.35547144

he's against species-mixing

>> No.35547146



>> No.35547159

she trades her voice for legs and he thinks she just some rando peasant who cant speak
he does love her kinda but marries up cause hes a prince and doesnt know she saved him

>> No.35547188

did she fuck him tho

>> No.35547189

what a dumb trade even dumber than misa going for the shinigami eyes
but not surprising

>> No.35547190

prime rib corn and potato salad after lifting weights and running all morning, get your america on boys

>> No.35547221

Shinigami eyes literally would have lengthened Lights life.

>> No.35547222

no i think he gave her headpats and called her a precious little retard or something. oh yeah also every step she took felt like walking on knives and she hid the pain the entire time and even danced with him
"things men wouldnt understand"

>> No.35547228

Dwarf Fortress

>> No.35547229

how can i tell if a pull up bar will break the doorframe or not

>> No.35547245

if your amerifat then yes

>> No.35547306

imagine eagerly giving up your voice for a pair of crippled legs and a roastie cunt which hed turn away from in disgust anyway lmfao im guessing she couldnt ask for a refund

>> No.35547309

I wouldn't use one of those. I'd rather you make holes in the wall and cement the bar in.

>> No.35547321

>implying anyone itt owns their property to be able to do this without getting evicted

>> No.35547327

at least misa fucked kira

>> No.35547341

Is AJATT the only real way to get good enough to read and understand most anime and manga?

>> No.35547356

speaking of mermaids i remember this got dubbed and made it to the usa somehow. i cant remember whether it was a dollar store video or what though but it might be one of my first anime i didnt know was anime. i only remember the character designs

>> No.35547371
File: 633 KB, 1080x1409, 96b3z2a9hvr61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35547389

hey this has jp subs lets goooooo

>> No.35547402

women are just as vile

>> No.35547412


>> No.35547425

both are vile in ways that hurt the other deepest
such is existence

>> No.35547437

be honest, would you have even offered yoga the $20,000 that matt did, let alone the hundreds of thousands of dollars that yoga was demanding instead?

>give me money or i'm going to post this embarrassing video of you which i secretly recorded
matt offers him $20,000
>i want $200,000 the lawyer i paid who is clearly biased in my favor and telling me what i want to hear told me i deserve it
matt says no
>hey everyone look how bad matt is for not giving me $200,000 because clearly my shitty anki add-ons which i coded over a weekend have a 6 digit value durrrrr

yoga has no excuse for even keeping that secretly recorded video up anymore. everyone knows why he left matt and why mia doesn't exist anymore which was his only justification for posting it in the first place. he's desperate for views on his channel though so he's happy to keep leeching off of matt's name in hopes of getting a sliver of matt's fame for himself. he's a backstabbing money-grubber.

>> No.35547440 [DELETED] 
File: 129 KB, 850x1202, __original_drawn_by_shibacha__sample-b6894c28163ab3e1de36465b74727d4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck niggers fuck Jews fuck Gooks fuck computer screens fuck Youtube fuck the news fuck politics fuck women fuck that guy who called me a fag fuck that guy who said I was gonna take the rope fuck ITALIANS fuck Jamal fuck Matt fuck people who tell others "just have sex bro" fuck them fuck /r9k/ fuck Argentinians who repost bad memes fuck Joe Biden fuck BigPol fuck Libtards fuck them

Oh and fuck people who think food needs "muh spice and 3000lbs of salty sugarbutter" in order to taste good oatmeal, frozen vegetables, and eggs are a perfectly good mealset on their own

>> No.35547445


>> No.35547450

>Jamal is just a 40-something year old Boomer
that's just the meme
he's in his early thirties

>> No.35547458

i blew through 20k in like 6 months last year thats literally chump change. an insult

>> No.35547462

>fuck Argentinians

>> No.35547467

>20k in like 6 months

>> No.35547470

a neo-nazi conspiracy theory site

nice source tatsumoto

>> No.35547471

can someone code up a simple lightweight pitch coloring addon

>> No.35547476

i know, that was me living "frugal" lmao

>> No.35547478

yoga had to move to brazil because he couldnt afford living in america anymore

>> No.35547483

>Do you guys really spend more time on DJT talking about yourselves than actually engaging Japanese content?

>> No.35547498

this kanji is divine

>> No.35547517

why did you ignore my earlier post? >>35546250

>> No.35547521

>men are this
>women are that
wish collectivist insect brains would fuck off

>> No.35547530

all women are queens

>> No.35547532

all women are whores

>> No.35547536

wish atomized individualists would stick to their midwit sandtrap websites like reddit

>> No.35547538


>> No.35547541

all whores are queens

>> No.35547549

its tribalism not collectivism, we cant escape our primate brains

>> No.35547550

the duality of man

>> No.35547556

its all just low iq

>> No.35547557

>go to japanlife subreddit
>half the posts are bitching about how backwards and sexist they are, and how their tv is worse than america because they barely talk politics
well i guess i'm moving to nippon

>> No.35547562

the 2nd dudes voice sounds epic

>> No.35547579

mid 30s now

>> No.35547582

the important thing is you spouted a take to make you sound above it all

>> No.35547597

because i am

>> No.35547608

idk what ur on about but ive been at peace w. the diffs between men and women for a long time but i still like to lol at them

>> No.35547610

take me with you

>> No.35547615

lets roommate anon

>> No.35547620
File: 180 KB, 1209x1800, h25tjk2an6051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35547621

dude always go off the deepend at your age
probably good you went to hawaii

>> No.35547626

im 25 and finally starting to want to have sex with someone

wtf is wrong with me lmfao, getting my testosterone checked on tuesday maybe its low af

>> No.35547629

Is thefe any value in this thread for someone who just started taking a Japanese class at Uni and wants to get good enough to live and work there after graduation?

>> No.35547630


>> No.35547631

only if your a girl (male)

>> No.35547635


>> No.35547637

i wouldnt say im off the deep end

just eventually i gotta find me a woman whos also over all the bullshit and is just ready to cling until the end comes

>> No.35547643

i'm a male male, i'll suck your dick as a friend though

>> No.35547644

yeah post all your questions here

>> No.35547659

when you get to a certain age you see your own gender acting like a travesty too and its just a
big tragic joke played on us all

>> No.35547660

nah ill pass im not gei enough

>> No.35547662

idk, some time ago on /int/ i asked a question about the irrealis form of i-adjectives and got a very helpful answer back

>> No.35547675

you're posting on jp djt you're gay, now give me a brojob bro

>> No.35547679
File: 241 KB, 850x1282, __kotonoha_akane_and_kotonoha_aoi_voiceroid_drawn_by_microa__sample-dfe61c6545dcf784e7b177d6874736e8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, just think about how much pussy I'd have on top of me if I'd been born as an oil field owner's son in a Gulf state country instead of in suburban North America. Christianity and the Enlightenment were mistakes. FUCK Rene Descartes and David Hume.

>> No.35547693

just gotta get rid of all these off topic posters and it will be a helpful thread. it was pretty good a couple days ago

>> No.35547696

I love these videos, reminds me of old Youtube.

>> No.35547697

youre missing the point that yoga owned half of mia. matt shouldnt get to dictate the conditions of their split and i think thats why yoga didnt accept it. also they were making close to 100 thousand a year so the valuation would at the least be 100 thousand likely quite a lot more. idk why he still has the videos up but i wouldnt take them down if somone jewed me but youre probably just a matt simp though so feel free to ignore what I said

>> No.35547702

nta but /jp/ bylaws state one or both of you have to dress as brohus according to section 8 paragraph 6 of the jp brocode

>> No.35547703

Japanese niggas be like "Ching chong osaka shinkansen lets give every single particle a trillion different use-cases ching chong ramen hee ho"

>> No.35547719
File: 902 KB, 2362x1392, 1625350374439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just looked this guy up. he's very inspiring

>> No.35547721

you're the one with a problem.
don't you see that you're always the source of discord?

>> No.35547728

I'd get boring just like everything, why do you think so many of them end up paying prostitutes to get shit on? Dopamine slaves.

>> No.35547733

everyones retarded and the worlds gay

people should still be living out in the woods naked rubbing sticks together for hours to make fire

>> No.35547737

dont like the tone of the first part of your rant but you had me second half
but you dont get monotheistic desert cults without agriculture so this shit goes back quite a ways

>> No.35547738


>> No.35547743

everything would repeat

>> No.35547758

if the dragonballz were real id wish to be able to watch earth turn into a barren wasteland like mars as humans destroy it and themselves

then id wanna go hang out at another earthlike planet and scope out the local flora and fauna lmao

>> No.35547759

do you think i could use it between two chairs to at least do rows

>> No.35547769

im in the migaku server and yoga gives me the impression that hes the kind of guy that wouldve paid matt half the value of mia if he was in control of the money. ive troubleshooted with him a few times and I could be wrong but he seems like a genuine guy unlike the jew whos having multiple videos coming out to expose him

>> No.35547770

btw god bless america heres ur 4th of july 曲


>> No.35547774

finally something i agree on if not for the same reasons the same conclusion will work
also true, sadly. thats why ebon-jew did NOTHING wrong in ffx and created the closest thing to a perpetual utopia

>> No.35547778

ive said it before but yeah rest assured that in the event of total societal collapse, someone would inevitability come along and reinvent hedge funds

>> No.35547779

did you see this?

>> No.35547786

the only difference between yoga and matto is yoga has some resemblance of an adult in him but hes also a fat piece of shit

matto is still a child but eventually were gonna help him get his first job

>> No.35547793

im flattered at you giving me this much credit, but im just a nobody

>> No.35547795

why are you linking the jews video?

>> No.35547801

very good you should check it out

>> No.35547803

hes really not that fat, i think most of djt is probably fatter than him myself included

>> No.35547815

If you want to break them.

>> No.35547816

i dont like that jew and i can learn japanese without his help

>> No.35547823

good shit

>> No.35547827

lot of legit criticism of matto but acting like not wagecucking is something to ashamed of is gei
working hard for others is something only proles do

>> No.35547830

welcome back, og

>> No.35547837

yeah i doubt that. he already knows japanese btw, unlike yoga

>> No.35547841

theres always a power struggle and survival of the fittest but at least that system actually works on the honesty of nature instead of this retarded spell the human race allows itself to be under

basically we need a new hitler but not one fueled by low level things like hate and racism someone who understands where things are headed and someone who understands that maybe the best way to end world hunger is to eat the rich

>> No.35547844

thanks i almost didnt share it cause its emotional for me

>> No.35547853

lol your conclusion had no connection to the rest of your post

>> No.35547857

Hitler didn't rise to power because of hate and racism, he promised food and work.

>> No.35547861

yoga knows 4 languages and has a real skill because he can program and all was self taught, i also think he is an engineering graduate so i am pretty sure if he spent more time on japanese like matt did that he would be a lot better than matt and also probably still have learned programming too

>> No.35547865

well no shit but in the end he gassed the jews he didnt even eat them

>> No.35547866 [DELETED] 

if you werent brainwashed youd know hitlers real objectives are exactly what you say you wish he was all about. the hate and racism thing is history being written by the winners. his thing with jews was a reaction against they weimar republic and international banking cronyism which is the same kind of shit you constantly rail against

>> No.35547872 [DELETED] 

help us jannie

>> No.35547878

>gas the japanese for making underrage girls go pro, but dont gas the jews
>t. jamal probably

>> No.35547881

>he can program and all was self taught, i also think he is an engineering graduate

>> No.35547882

I have Matt simped in a previous life but I can admit that this is likely true.

>> No.35547887

if you sit on your ass all day and do cardio or muscular workout then yeah it's pretty much unavoidable that you'll end up with low test

>> No.35547895

he mentioned studying engineering in one of his videos

>> No.35547897

fuck i need to finish 130 reviews in 8 minutes

>> No.35547906

i heard u flipped out and posted hentai again

>> No.35547911

i just *spacebar*

>> No.35547950 [DELETED] 

you have an high enough iq to look into the basic logistics of the gas chambers and ovens that are public record and extant in only like 3 camps and notice the numbers and basic physics of how gas works doest add up to that narrative. jews got typhus'd and starved during the later food shortages

i know you have an inquisitive enough mind to look into taboo shit for the sake of playing devils advocate i didnt think id ever believe it either but you can only deny reality and common sense to a certain point

>> No.35547951


>> No.35547974

didnt read

>> No.35547982

maybe if i had never learned how to pirate everything under the heavens i would've put more effort into making money and now i wouldn't be a hikkineet.

>> No.35547984

>an high

>> No.35547993

you hate to see it

>> No.35547998

Yes but then you'd have to wait till your 60's before you can start enjoying life.

>> No.35548011

crazy how jamal started the talk about politics and hitler and his posts are still up

>> No.35548013

only problem is it doesnt matter which way i believe because its not based on anything i could empirically observe myself and humanity through the course of time has been proven unreliable in keeping the story straight

as long as u find ur own way to holding good values and not being consumed by things like hate and malice thats the best way to contribute to the noise and cacophony that is the ongoing human conversation

>> No.35548028

you aren't doing your part

>> No.35548029

shes deleting her own posts

>> No.35548031

she sure loves her vacations

>> No.35548041
File: 1.92 MB, 1647x2684, 24f846t795971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyway back on topic

>> No.35548052

that pics retarded bc u can effectively say all of that by just saying doko once lol

>> No.35548055

stop eating all the time, fatty

>> No.35548060

she should sit on my peeled cock

>> No.35548064

the hip meme now is to mix japanese and english as bad as possible

>> No.35548068

who knows.

>> No.35548072

indeed u reap what u say so

>> No.35548075

>peeled cock

>> No.35548082

when i watch raw

>> No.35548085
File: 1.58 MB, 1334x1536, 1607867246813.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it has always been hip nerd

>> No.35548088

This post would read different coming from Kiara.

>> No.35548097

ah. arigracias

>> No.35548102

wish i could just be done with humanity and live under the ocean like these 人魚たち i posted

>> No.35548107

cant believe theres an unironic reaction channel chugger itt

>> No.35548128

whats a good jp site to log manga? (excluding bookmeter mal and something-list)

>> No.35548130

you'll love this

>> No.35548133

Couldn't be me, I only enjoy things ironically because I'm too embarrassed to have real feelings.

>> No.35548140

dropped a dislike

>> No.35548148


>> No.35548158

reaction channel chugging is peak ironic behavior. you arent even experiencing a feel first hand, you clueless zoom

>> No.35548164

unironically learned that word from this

>> No.35548165

peel my cock

>> No.35548174

missed like 15 cards crazy pissed time to tugunau

>> No.35548179

imagine the smell
no seriously dont though just typing that made me gag

>> No.35548183

what do you think this means

>> No.35548186

permanently crippled

>> No.35548208

this https://youtu.be/5v9omN-Z9wM

>> No.35548217

you want to be circumcised?

>> No.35548227

i just came up with a genius idea, sound cards:
audio of a single word on the front - meaning on the back.
you can thank me later when you can perfectly understand anime.

>> No.35548238


>> No.35548244

heres a sound clip for ur first card


>> No.35548245

finished my wanikanis. gotta go cuz 米国日

>> No.35548246

retarded idea for a couple of reasons

>> No.35548248

jp dubbed disney is easy immersion
also its way better than fucking anime

>> No.35548250


>> No.35548254

aw fuck

>> No.35548257

why do people do this

>> No.35548269

this is absolutely dumb enough to package and sell to desperate dekinais for regular income

>> No.35548273

pays off later when you want to listen to song covers

>> No.35548276

agf already debunked audiocards

>> No.35548286

cardcards each card had a card on the front and back

>> No.35548289

ok, tell me the bad parts so we can fix it together
(we can go 50/50 on the business, but i don't want to put it in writing)

>> No.35548291
File: 465 KB, 1062x1133, atlascards.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there is only one card format that matters

>> No.35548296


>> No.35548305

win 8?

>> No.35548307

windows is proprietary

>> No.35548308

he didn't own half of mia because mia wasn't a company and didn't exist on paper

and why should yoga be entitled to 100% of 2 future years worth of mia patreon money when he has chosen to end mia causing it and those future profits to cease to exist?

>mia would make x amount of money if it would continue to exist for a year, which it won't because of my actions, therefore i deserve 200% of that sum and if you won't give it to me i'm going to post a secretly recorded video of you on the internet
yoga is a scumbag

>youre probably just a matt simp though
no i don't particularly care for matt either (the only content of worth on his channel is the old ajatt stuff imo), but it's easy to see who is worse between the two here

if someone uploaded a secretly recorded video of you, i'm pretty sure you would want it removed too (especially one where the person recording it provoked you into embarrassing yourself, meanwhile making sure they looked good, because they were planning to blackmail you with it). i don't see how matt can faulted over this. people on djt seem to expect him to behave like a saint for some reason and then get outraged and crucify him when he doesn't. the obsession with him in these threads is just bizarre.

>> No.35548321

jp disney are some pretty amazing dubs for the most part, and im a person who loathes dubs. sometimes the wordplay is really interesting in jp

>> No.35548326


>> No.35548330

only problem is u cant claim copyright on shit that isnt copyrighted lol

if u could just do that tmz would never have existed

>> No.35548341

it would be lame if a nip who was learning english was watching eng dubbed anime

>> No.35548342

Serious question: do you think wanikani is really worse than anki?
Is there anything you think wanikani does better than anki?
I'm just starting out, and I'd prefer not to fall for a meme

>> No.35548359

no instead they just repeat "this is a pen" 10000 times until they achieve awkward mastery

>> No.35548360

both suck coom to loli instead

>> No.35548366

don't use either

>> No.35548377

i think there is something to be said for learning japanese expression styles by watching shows you are familiar with dubbed in jp. you arent translating since you dont know the script word for word but you also are familiar with the plot outline which helps take the pressure off comprehension and you can just immerse and enjoy yourself

>> No.35548385

it's great just try it. there's a free trial for like 3 weeks

>> No.35548396

you can suck my dick just try it theres a free trial for like 3 weeks

>> No.35548400

just realized 操作 and 捜査 are homophones. im not even aware how many words theyve loaded up on each sound

>> No.35548415

rapunzel is a better girl in japanese, thats just facts

>> No.35548426

damn u reminded me of a dude on /b/ that was making big greentext posts about fucking his sister and always use a pic of rapunzel for the thread

>> No.35548431

holy shit i just cant stop laughing

>> No.35548450

another w for jp dub is they get rid of the cringy trendy names like "tangled" and "frozen" and go with whatever the traditional name for the story is in japanese

>> No.35548467

sorry, guess its one of those things you have to know japanese to "get" : ^ )

>> No.35548471
File: 27 KB, 142x186, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35548479

you mean like hiraitegoma?

>> No.35548492

i know japanese and i was laughing the entire time too bc shes runnin around with a mile of pubes hangin off of her

songs a banger sounds like that mid 90s pop im thinkin hella natalie imbruglia etc which btw i also thoguht she was really hot in the torn video

>> No.35548515

i've already presented that idea here, baka

>> No.35548534

people slept on tangled it was better than frozen and had some bangers. well, the japanese loved it shokotan did the music even.
probably because it reminds them so much of their hypercontrolling parents

>> No.35548548
File: 8 KB, 423x317, ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bitch, that's my idea

>> No.35548552
File: 982 KB, 1182x1400, level.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

post em


>> No.35548563

this thing only goes up to 2k and i know way more than that

>> No.35548564

now i get why u cut ur hair

>> No.35548566
File: 6 KB, 645x156, core.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do what i'm doing. core6k with the sentence audio in the front of the card

>> No.35548570

thats retarded too

>> No.35548580

agree to disagree

>> No.35548591

only one i didn't know how to read is 坪数

>> No.35548614 [DELETED] 


>> No.35548622

Are you stupid, any two people doing business together are implicitly in a partnership and those are covered under the law. Yoga didn't care the money I don't understand that some people don't see that even now. Also he wasn't asking for any specific amount he said they should get a third party valuation and base the amount on that. You must be a teenager to not understood that. Lastly if you think Matt didn't record his conversations with yoga then you're pretty stupid, he's just playing the victim card after betraying a friend for greed.

>> No.35548629
File: 31 KB, 758x439, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35548640
File: 3.92 MB, 1920x1080, 1614675219293.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35548661



>> No.35548664

companies can exist defacto before being put to paper. of course putting it to paper removes a lot of annoying grey area if shit like this happens.
intellectual property also can be defacto as long as you have evidence to support what belongs to you and when you made it. but once again, much better to get this stuff protected officially so its documented and easy to point to

>> No.35548676
File: 5 KB, 452x157, du.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've only been doing wanikani for a year. i think i've made good progress.

>> No.35548682

i'm using long intervals and i repeat the whole sentence out loud.

>> No.35548685

getting busted being a piece of shit unfortunately means that all attempted damage control will only make it worse

as the boy will come to find out

>> No.35548689

bunch of 苦いs here with 0 working understanding of business pretending to know what they are talking about. >>35548664 is right

>> No.35548693

and what is this supposed to train your prosody lol

>> No.35548701

also i already know all those words. i'm trying to improve my perception of sound not trying to learn new words. i watch a lot of anime. yesterday i watched 10 episodes

>> No.35548714

best idea is to follow all the rules and be the first on the floor licking bezos boots when the world starts ending
it sucks but its true

>> No.35548723

it's training my listening obviously. how is this any different from those audio courses like, for example, assimil

>> No.35548728

bezos aint shit till he mines all the helium-3 from the moon

and if someone does it before he does bezos really wont be shit lol

>> No.35548731


>> No.35548732

whats that got to do with what i said? im not taking sides here just think its stupid for everyone to get all serious about the legal and business ramifications of shit that amounts to a petty personal beef between two retards who failed to definitively put their professional relationship in writing to protect themselves fairly
you hate to see it but its pretty common. dont go into business with friends and family. always keep it professional. always keep records and put everything in writing.

>> No.35548735

unironically gmi

>> No.35548737

well u see one stupid retarded filed a fraudulent dmca claim lol

>> No.35548740 [DELETED] 

Matt was just being a jew, it's plain as day to see that he expected to fuck over yoga and have him not do anything. I'm glad yoga chose to not take his shit laying down. People who say he's in the wrong are just stupid, Matt wanted to steal from him and for him to just stfu and take it and for noone to ever find out about it. Pretty sure yoga burned it all down on purpose, I would've done the same thing.

>> No.35548746

matt deserves everything

>> No.35548750

both are in the wrong matto for being a lazy piece of shit and yoga for being a greedy piece of shit

>> No.35548758

He deserves cancelled

>> No.35548760


>> No.35548769

motherfuckers here think they understand american corporate law when they dont even know english

>> No.35548776

yes thats extra bad youre basically learning nothing youre not training your ears to pick out the word in speech where the challenge comes from the variety of context its even possible and quite likely that your brain is associating the non-semantic parts of the sentence audio (its beginning actually) to the word and youre not even thinking about the word meaning or the sentence meaning you just go into auto mode and match pure sounds basically has nothing to do with the language itself at least text sentence cards dont have this issue

>> No.35548777

nice self own

>> No.35548779

How is yoga greedy? He Literally asked for a third party to value the company which Matt refused. It's clearly written in the emails. Yoga didn't care about the money or he would've taken a deal rather than devaluating mia and getting nothing. Are you guys 70 iq?

>> No.35548784

yoga didnt do anything. matt is the entire brand

>> No.35548787 [DELETED] 

>follow all the rules
you know cordons were invented to condition people to stand in line like good sheep. the mars lander will leave without people like you.
i dont believe matto went into it with the plan to jew yoga, i do think as time went on that nature in him awoke especially when yoga wanted more.
yoga should have been smart enough to know a jew like matt wasnt going to just hand over a bigger share without something without something he couldnt weasel out of
matt played his hand well but is more despicable for doing his bro like that and fighting in front of the kids
both are retards for different reasons. matt is immoral and sneaky. yoga is naive and entitled

>> No.35548801

>the mars lander will leave without people like you.
lmao. epic bro!

>> No.35548810

the only thing we should be discussing is did yoga actually pop mattos ass cherry

>> No.35548815

bros im going to mars! they needed somebody who could sorta read japanese

>> No.35548819

>youre not even thinking about the word meaning or the sentence meaning
wrong. you're just making wild assumptions based on nothing.
i've already told you that i know these words.

i read vns, manga and i watch anime with jp subs and without subs

>> No.35548828
File: 493 KB, 1280x529, 1625373550109.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35548831

I'd never to that, I laugh at the past and future movies that paint sitting in a shuttle for 40 years as heroic. LMFAO.

>> No.35548836

wouldnt it be crazy if something leaked that they homo'd together at some point and thats why its so personal lol

>> No.35548839

based, we're all going to mars, bros

>> No.35548842

yoga raped matt. that's why he fired him

>> No.35548848

That makes a lot of sense actually. They are both vulnerable to being prison gay.

>> No.35548850

oh no now everyone is gonna know i made mpv scripts, a texthooker page, and exposed a scammer!

>> No.35548851

thats just 4bbc coping about his precious dogma with word vomit

>> No.35548859

yoga raped matt. that's why he hired him

>> No.35548875

change of plans jamal the kame house has got to be on mars for when the world ends and you have to save x amount of djters

>> No.35548876

I think the difference between good and bad dancing is the belief that it's choreographed.

>> No.35548886
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0597.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35548890

tkyo ham lmfao

>> No.35548894

---> 35547371

>> No.35548896

Yogas work certainly accounted for over half of the value of mia, that's why even with such a small audience Migaku still has about the same number of patreons. Like I said before, are you 70 iq or below?

>> No.35548897
File: 4 KB, 196x96, upload.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do people actually write 問い like this? it's missing half the brush strokes

>> No.35548898

i hate that i got here after the split already happened
would have liked to see the memes when the brangelina nihongo powercouple was still together

>> No.35548899

matt's getting outside funding from investors

>> No.35548909

you have to feel the kanji in your heart. you can't see it with your eyes.

>> No.35548913
File: 157 KB, 1280x720, 1572909181603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35548922

>i read vns, manga and i watch anime with jp subs and without subs
>i've already told you that i know these words
like i said makes it worse

what the fuck are you training lol how does strengthening this kind of association lead to real world benefits theres a lot of other info in audio beyond language and the brain can start relying on some of it as a prompt which is bad
i think youre fucking stupid and have no experience with these things even having slightly different card background colors among your subdecks can sometimes serve as information during reviews unintentionally providing a hint for a word you would have otherwise failed in the wild by reminding you of its association with other cards youve learned which had the same background color

>> No.35548924
File: 230 KB, 1177x662, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35548927

how the hell did a literal boomer like nuke get into this young man's game? its so weird seeing a 50+ year old man pausing steins gate

>> No.35548932

honeslty nuke chan watching stans gate was about the last time hell ever be epic

unless we find him watching 80s maho syojo anime next

>> No.35548933

tbf he got into it when he was a lot younger lmao

>> No.35548936
File: 3 KB, 143x112, 1608520418952.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all the cool kids be in irc

>> No.35548944

thats not much better

>> No.35548951 [DELETED] 

Yoga said he wanted a fair deal that a third party decided on. Matt refused that. What more is there to say. I know Matt says he owned all of mia but they had documents they wrote and even the Indian kid said they were all partners. Matt was a jew from the beginning. It's so clear but incredible that some people always want to see good in what he does. I would do the same as yoga I would want nothing to do with someone who behaves like Matt did, not to mention that matt was the one not doing any work.

>> No.35548954

idk who ne of those ppl r including the ~

>> No.35548956

i thought this was posted to make fun of the people in irc and then i see your trip
so this is what they call a "self-own" yaruna

>> No.35548968

LMFAO does that tard have DJT written in all his online handles.

>> No.35548971
File: 468 KB, 720x404, duck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35548999

best part of the mia breakup was this dude

>> No.35549003

>Yoga said he wanted a fair deal that a third party decided on.
Before or after they went into business together? You don't get to change the rules midway as equal partners its consensus or conflict. Yeah it would be "cool" of Matt to not act like a filthy jew but if you go into business not expecting the other person to fuck you other if you dont protect yourself you only have your own naivety to blame.
I dont have to see anything "good" about Matt to call Yoga a retard. But I will say Matt seems to be winning, and I prefer winners to losers boohoo lets cry about how unfair the world is.

>> No.35549015

the worst thing is someone who doesnt know might think he sounds like he speaks good japanese but hes actually just exceptionally bad

remember when i used to talk about if u do the wrong things over and over u get good at being bad ? thats the result right there lmao

>> No.35549021

what a banger

>> No.35549030

he sounds good tho

>> No.35549053

og is that you? thinking this japanese learning another go?

>> No.35549059

>what the fuck are you training
my listening. i don't understand what is so hard to get here. it's a japanese person speaking japanese. can i understand what they said with only my ears? what's so crazy about that?

>listen to sentence
>i heard all the words clearly and understood what the sentence means right away -> hit delete

>i had to think for a second to realize which words were said -> pass the card

>next time if i hear it clearly -> hit easy

>i didn't hear a word -> read the back of the card and hit again

steps: 15 1440 8640
graduating interval: 15

>> No.35549065

she could stand to go to nihongo school after her last deleted post

>> No.35549071


>> No.35549072
File: 59 KB, 919x604, 1595981241305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this dude has no idea what is coming

>> No.35549084

lmao that youtuber's gonna lose his account. didnt know it was this easy

>> No.35549112

u know i heart emoji u relax

>> No.35549123

dont think that guy understands how dmcas work lol

>> No.35549134

I dont feel good about having to share a thread with someone like Anacreon. I take back what I said earlier 4bbc is only the 2nd most self-righteous

>> No.35549138

by the way, matt has done the same with the spoonfed chinese deck which is ordered i+1

he put only the audio on the front of the card and did 10 cards a day

>> No.35549143

matt doesn't know chinese

>> No.35549156

matt wouldnt dare try to speak chinese on my watch

>> No.35549160

I think yoga will win this game in the end. I can't say exactly why but I wouldn't fuck with brs.

>> No.35549168

everyone knows an analcream its that overzealous guy who picks personal beefs and gets way too obsessive and you try to talk him down but he just tells you a million reasons why its ok to act a psycho and play out a vendetta and you see them smiling and shit and you know they are enjoying bringing misery despite their posturing

>> No.35549175

this guy wants to convince me that somehow listening to a japanese person saying a basic japanese sentence is bad

how on earth does that make any sense?

>> No.35549186


>> No.35549195

>Are you stupid, any two people doing business together are implicitly in a partnership and those are covered under the law
yeah thanks for regurgitating exactly what yoga's paid lawyer told you i see you're a real smart free thinker kek

>Yoga didn't care the money
yoga didn't care about the money that's why he demanded $200,000 from matt and tried to ruin his life when he refused


>he said they should get a third party valuation
which yoga's paid lawyer had assured him would've resulted in matt having to pay yoga $200,000 and which was yoga's justification for refusing matt's $20,000 durrrrrrr

>he's just playing the victim card after betraying a friend for greed.
it's amazing how you can have things so backwards
yoga ended the partnership, tried to extort money from matt with blackmail, then when matt didn't offer him as much money as he wanted he published a secretly recorded video of matt on the internet to humiliate him

>> No.35549199

if he gets the job done im not gonna criticize him for not making it a pretty sight bc dirty work is dirty work after all u cant really glorify mopping a bathroom floor even if u do it w. a sham wannabe youtubers e-career

>> No.35549208

were you retards not here when the entire thread spent a week arguing about this stupid shit?


>> No.35549215

didnt read

>> No.35549220

>jew jew jew jew jew
who let all the /pol/tards in here today

>> No.35549232

utter waste of time if youre going to delete cards you comprehend straightaway (youre not using it like a normal srs btw) then its much better to just mine audio sentences you failed to parse in the wild variety of context matter a lot more when it comes to listening comprehension

>> No.35549249

br powers are nullified this side of the equator otherwise id agree with you
yeah its clear you have no problem with getting mud on yourself as long as you get your way its probably a reoccurring theme in your life
hes a literal jew and also behaves like a figurative one lmao. seethe harder

>> No.35549257

you're mentally ill

>> No.35549258

shit advice

>> No.35549259

why would anyone want to be in the same e-room as that?

>> No.35549283

did he send you an email

>> No.35549286

does youtube ban people for submitting false claims?

>> No.35549287
File: 146 KB, 872x872, E1qrt5KVoAEZmLE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This ark would be much funnier if matt and ana were Vtubers.

>> No.35549308

nothing will happen to matt for sure. anacreon will lose his channel then unveil his master plan...make another youtube channel and upload more dumb shit

>> No.35549310

im convinced tripfag minds simply dont work the same way. they cant contextualize themselves without shit like chatrooms and sites where they can fag it up with other egoists. beyond failed normalfag

>> No.35549320

he sent him a few

he tried apologizing for whatever he might've done wrong to get anacreon on his case so much and asked him to remove the vids

>> No.35549328

i didnt use a trip until someone asked me to so they could filter my posts

ironically enough most people didnt filter me

go figure

>> No.35549354

you shouldnt have caved now its all over for you
although even without a trip, you handcufffed djt to the radiator and had you way with it for years which isnt much better

>> No.35549357
File: 136 KB, 367x297, E4-iTT5VkAAmlag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>despite your shitting the thread
is it og?

>> No.35549359

funniest part is she unfiltered both of us lmfao what a cuck

>> No.35549360

retarded reasoning sasuga bbc

>> No.35549376

it's not a waste of time. you haven't even tried it. you're just making some unsupported claims simply because you don't like the idea.

>variety of context
you mean like watching several anime episodes per day? how is that not variety enough?

>> No.35549382
File: 7 KB, 200x154, 1bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and had you way
is it og?

>> No.35549386

try running it through google translate if you really don't get it bud

>> No.35549389

well she unfiltered me (not like she really filtered me she still read my posts despite filtering them cuz shes that kind of sperg i know the type) cuz she loves me idk why she unfiltered u tho

>> No.35549393

og's black. that's just her dialect

>> No.35549430

you missed me, dont lie to yourself
dame wouldnt that be the plot twist of the decade
i was trying to pretend to be a new anon and a new anon wouldnt have you filtered but the ruse kinda fell apart at some point i just couldnt help but bully 4bc. ill stop reading your posts now i honestly wasnt reading them before you never post anything interesting and arent fun to argue with

>> No.35549438
File: 67 KB, 1000x523, GawrGura_Nendo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35549444

Show me one place where yoga demanded 200k and I will change my mind immediately, but that didn't happen.

Yogas lawyer also never said anything about 200 thousand, he said mia was probably worth around that and using a third party mediator was the best course of action to arrive at something they both found fair.

Yoga owned half of the partnership, and clearly wrote he wanted only a fair deal that a third party could decide and that matt could even pick that person as long as it wasn't someone he knew. That's not extortion, he only reacted well after Matt started stealing from him. He also said he recorded the videos for his own protection on the advice of his lawyer and that they were business meetings not friendly conversations. Matt had recorded conversations with qm secretly and then shit posted about him which is much worse since him posting the qm conversations were only for his entertainment, while yoga posted it to prove he wasn't lying and even posted the while conversation when people asked, which is pretty transparent I think.

Also remember that matt had already deleted yogas access to his money or Patreon I think before they even talked about the split. So he certainly threatened first... I mean if those things are all true then it's pretty clear Matt is the asshole.
You're not looking at what actually happened objectively at all.

>> No.35549453

all you have do to pretend to be og is make a dumbass typo somewhere. the kind that she typos out her mouth when she talks

>> No.35549456

I just found out about all of this last month when I came back to Japanese after my first fail at it

>> No.35549457

shut up and just love me woman lol

>> No.35549459

>you shouldn't swallow blood, you can get sick

>> No.35549464
File: 42 KB, 400x400, 1606455545517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35549466

hey holofags do any black vtubers exist? thinking i could be the first and make major money in the western black weeb market

>> No.35549467

didnt read

>> No.35549480
File: 3.25 MB, 2335x4172, piggukira reginald.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35549490

Can I get a drip edit?

>> No.35549491

damn, thought todays thread would be good since last night was going well

>> No.35549497

must be true because some braindead fucking moron said so without any reasoning the authority has spoken lol what a dumb piece of shit stay in your lane maggot
all youve done is waste my time made 0 arguments only shared your anki settings and then insisted it works i dont need to convince you when youre so stupid all you can say shit like this and think youre enlightening anyone
>this guy wants to convince me that somehow listening to a japanese person saying a basic japanese sentence is bad

>> No.35549506

there's plenty of indies. i think there's a 20% chance at least they add a black girl to holo en gen 2

>> No.35549507

most people itt would "love you" if you were simply a better person and thats just facts. you got the iq, you got the humor when you make the effort, you have the optics but you just cant help your rotten insides oozing all over the place. djt is your dark mirror

>> No.35549568

i already love jamal

>> No.35549574

very true. hey check this out

>> No.35549575


>> No.35549592

4bbc is right on this you know

>> No.35549594

>all youve done is waste my time
i didn't force you to reply to me

>made 0 arguments only shared your anki settings and then insisted it works
i'm noticing an improvement in my listening. i'm noticing words in that wild that i heard on anki. i'm not telling people to do this.

>i dont need to convince you when youre so stupid all you can say shit like this and think youre enlightening anyone
i'm not trying enlighten anyone. it's just something i'm doing. i'm not trying to get you to do it.

you're the one trying to convince me that i'm a stupid retard that is just saying random sounds without understanding what i'm saying as if i can't fucking tell if i understood a sentence of not.

>> No.35549598

too bad hes incapable of giving a shit about you in return

>> No.35549600

why is monogatari the best anime ever made bros?

>> No.35549605

that's okay i don't need him to give a shit about me

>> No.35549606

Are you trying to convert a Matt disciple? I think that's impossible.

>> No.35549611

because you need a 140+ iq to truly get it

>> No.35549638

what made last night's thread good?

>> No.35549645
File: 662 KB, 1112x1280, 250bo299vk871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35549652
File: 166 KB, 477x417, img.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you donated to the best dictionary out there?

>> No.35549676

this guy definitely wasted my time >>35548604 you wasted my time by not describing the unusual way in which youre repping these cards right away >>35549059 and being obtuse on purpose this is why i hate explaining things itt complete fucking waste of my time giving free explanations to people whore too dumb to get them i gain nothing ever

>> No.35549677

because of saito chiwa and horie yui

>> No.35549680

he has autism, please be patient
data that runs contrary to his beliefs are the same as an attack and in his mind you are a heretic trying to lead people astray and hes a faggot who thinks hes some nihongo vanguard それなのに、今までデキナイ奴じゃん

>> No.35549720

>i can perfectly understand anime
well maybe but you can't even impregnate your gf

>> No.35549758

today i saw a live japanese woman in her late 30s she was so hot

>> No.35549763

tell us more this sounds really interesting

>> No.35549775

Japanese niggas be like "Ching chong osaka shinkansen lets give every single particle a trillion different use-cases ching chong ramen ho ho"

>> No.35549787

slender, small tits, pony tail with bangs, some acne scars, high pitched voice(建前) and a few crooked teeth i just wanted to lick her face

>> No.35549803

i saw an older jp woman on vacation trying to buy booze pretend to not understand english so she wouldnt have to tell the cashier her age outloud. it was hilarious because it caused a scene and the cashier was eventually yelling "how old are you?!" cause she couldnt read the jp id or something. and the store was all watching her at that point. she just whimpered and left without her booze eventually

that was her reverse genkin moment

>> No.35549807

bunko is back?

>> No.35549812

i'll take that as an insult

>> No.35549814

souyuu koto ne. yappali.

>> No.35549820

shut the FUCK up you worthless illiterate shitstain that guy asked me for an explanation thats all that matters he wasted my time youre wasting time youre not worth shit how dare you you me stop barking before i rearrange your face with my bare fists dumb bitch

>> No.35549822

you shouldnt nothing in your description puts in mind anything but a hideous busu

>> No.35549829

you wouldn't talk like that to me irl

>> No.35549835

i told you from the beginning that
1. i already know those words and i'm only testing if i can hear the words or not
2. i read and i watch anime daily

you claimed without 0 evidence that it's "extra bad" that i know those words and insists that i'm a retard for not listening to you.

i think that i can evaluate for myself if something is working or not.

maybe just maybe i'm noticing an improvement and that's why i want to keep doing it

>> No.35549837

dude why are you getting so angry that anon is just asking some simple questions no need to get your panties in a twist

>> No.35549840

lmao you are adorably retarded
never change, sperg

>> No.35549843


>> No.35549859

how am i bad person on the internet of all places

>> No.35549860

*and you insist

>> No.35549878

where did this dumb uppercasing /pol/tard come from

>> No.35549885

fake og

>> No.35549892

og phoneposting with autocorrect

>> No.35549904
File: 88 KB, 1260x372, 1622600737395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35549912

how does being on the internet matter to you being a good or bad person? you cant play the innocent shitposter here you sprayed too much of yourself all over this place for years to cope out like that

and anyway we are having a conversation about your online conduct dont be dense. maybe you arent so bad irl i dont know i dont really care but you sure arent that here

>> No.35549917


>> No.35549937

>Matt had recorded conversations with qm secretly and then shit posted about him
some anon recorded a convo of chad matt humiliating virgin qm in qm's discord and posted it in the thread to laugh at him

>> No.35549973

alright this is epic

>> No.35549976

why does he respond to you about this in public
these nerds are starting their epic companies left and right but they aren't even attempting to stay professional

>> No.35549996

i can relate to matt i would hate having my real identity construed in an unfavorable light to the public
but he made his choice it comes with the territory of internet fame and sheckles

>> No.35550047

>djt's anacreon

>> No.35550052

anacreon groveling before yoga

>> No.35550063
File: 95 KB, 200x302, k.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35550066

the 21st century is about authenticity not "professionalism" w/e in the hell that actually is

>> No.35550072


>> No.35550073

Saving all your mean-spirited posts to upload to my channel btw.

>> No.35550082

let me know when you upload it so i can give you a shot-out from my channel

>> No.35550087


>> No.35550112

people value authenticity but not when the actors are being authentic pieces of shit, only cultists of either faction are into the bitch fight of two goblins
every normal person will see this stuff and decide to not waste their time on the product of people who can't control themselves and act like literal children

>> No.35550119

sigma: spotted

>> No.35550128

sigma what

>> No.35550135

yoga's a great guy. I wish I was joking, but that seems to be the case.

>> No.35550136

real thread when

>> No.35550141

sig ma nutsack

>> No.35550142

just made it

>> No.35550148
File: 81 KB, 1239x361, 1614756478998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow yoga really was the good guy all along

>> No.35550155
File: 40 KB, 519x567, 1623946514560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35550156

holy autism batman

>> No.35550157

damn this guy holds a grudge lol

>> No.35550167

literal brazillian

>> No.35550181

would you like the guys who stole tens of thousands from you and your family, and belittled you claiming he was all of the value in your company? I dont blame him. #teamYoga

>> No.35550190
File: 132 KB, 324x430, 1619189396719.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

changed the link in the description, no longer points to djt discord

made my own discord for it:

>> No.35550194

more like #myNameIsYoga

>> No.35550203

I am an unashamed yoga simp without his work i wouldve quit learning japanese by now

>> No.35550207

and there it is

>> No.35550209

analcream going mad with power

>> No.35550218

wow you uploaded it to mega too

>> No.35550219

put them back up! let's gooo!

>> No.35550220

upload it on torrent sites

>> No.35550221


>> No.35550224

How do you guys remember pronunciation? I have no problem memorizing kanji but most words sound the same to me and it's hard to remember how to say things because there's so few syllables used in Japanese.

>> No.35550228

if you win the dispute it will be even more epic, he wanted to even remove from mega but instead its going back up on youtube! I will die if you win

>> No.35550229

no i dont
you gotta feel the kanji

>> No.35550231

you should watch 10k hours of subbed anime to help with that

>> No.35550263

listened to korone while i slept and now i'm 20% more fluent

>> No.35550279

same but okayu

>> No.35550285

ty sir or maam

i give a shit about all my boys and girls

>> No.35550286

true, round of applause for the strong willed anon over there

>> No.35550288

core anki decks be like "lets teach you how to say every number possible before teaching common everyday words"

>> No.35550296

shoulda done core 2.3k

>> No.35550302

i am

>> No.35550318

i hear a word and it feels like i should know what it means. i type it out and i indeed i do
it just happened right now with 謝罪

this happens all the time in my raw listening sections. it's a weird feeling

>> No.35550320

was that confusing for you?

>> No.35550339

was it og?

>> No.35550356

yeah theres obvious resentment but who wouldnt resent matt lol

>> No.35550382

just suspend those cards if you hate them

>> No.35550407

matt seems chill

>> No.35550433

i would smoke a j with him but i feel like he would start coming onto me

>> No.35550448

There are lots of videos pointing to him being a shitty person and wheres there's smoke there's fire

>> No.35550451

i think i know why this is your fantasy

>> No.35550457

this is btfo into the next dimension. thank you for posting these for some reason lol

>> No.35550476

I don't think there's anything wrong with not liking someone, there are people you like and the are people you don't. I don't really see it as a grudge to not like the guy after having a bad history. Now if yoga was actively going after matt still then I would see that as grudge, but he was just responsing to analcream bowing down before him

>> No.35550481
File: 883 KB, 1182x1386, timeline.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these search results
i'm loving it

>> No.35550523

>fluent by 21
so he's 15 now?

>> No.35550558

og post right here

>> No.35550566

namefags are all the same

>> No.35550568


>> No.35550572

someone joined my server and found a safe place to upload the videos


>> No.35550589

wtf is just got a virus

>> No.35550595

wtf 70 gigs of dolphin porn, dont open this

>> No.35550602
File: 416 KB, 678x405, 1603736581562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

god i fucking love this guy


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