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2D Guide: https://streamable.com/0uibzb
3D Guide: https://streamable.com/zqz3x8

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don't forget to tune in live for coco's last stream if you live in JST

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cringe thread

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Can someone remake the thread without a holofaggot op?

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does anyone here unironically watch samurai movies

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there's already a thread up

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ah whoops. well this can be the next one

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hiroyuki himself will be watching the graduation

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epic stream

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kanji will not survive for much longer, bros....

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what do you mean? they're using more kanji than ever thanks to autosuggestions. and if china continues becoming more advanced than japan there might be a new round of loanwords from china

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After completing the DoJG deck what's next? Also I'm kind of paranoid that a few unique cards were deleted when I slashed the deck in half to consolidate it to just one card type.

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just read whatever you want. it doesnt make sense to SRS grammar. just skim it ahead of time then refer back when you notice grammar things and read in depth then

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coming to the realization that immersion without looking up any words or grammar doesn't work
I think it's time to get a textbook

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then you want a dictionary not a textbook

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I need to restart and learn grammar properly, not skimming through tae kim or attempting to find something in a grammar dictionary

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which one you picking

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what's the point of さ? it's literally just the "cool" particle?

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yeah you get these kinds of things from watching enough anime

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sufJMdict (English)
prtJMdict (English)
indicates assertion
intJMdict (English)
come now
-ness (nominalizing suffix indicating degree or condition)
(sentence end, mainly masc.) indicates assertion
come now

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i think fist of the north star might be easier than dargon ball. i wanna see a manga difficulty tier list

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あなたは俺にとって 特別な存在なんです。
is this correct? should i use 私?

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just dont worry about it. focus on understanding things and the stylistic choice stuff will come automatically through exposure

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That's romantic. Who are you addressing anon?

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you have 5 seconds to name an e-celeb in the japanese learning community who isn't a scammer


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How should one read when immersing while not understanding much, even if the content is easy? Should you just not look up words at all or limit yourself to shit that pops up often? I've been working on clearing my mind of trying to translate stuff to English.

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Brit vs Japan

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dogen runs a huge pitch accent scam

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i miss the days when japan e-celebs were just loser gaijin like rachel and not people who pretend they can speak japanese fluently.

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what's with the country names in the ankidrone deck?

do I really need to remember 亜米利加, 新西蘭, 濠太剌利, 土耳其, 馬来西亜, etc.?

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hige wo soru's animation is so shit i cant believe it aired this year wtf

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よ~~!N4の学生です。さいきん、CCがなくて「鬼滅の刃」を見ているから、ぺらぺらになったわけです。wwwww >v< もちろん、jk。テレビを見ながらとくべつなことばをえらぶのができます。そして、jishou.orgで意味を調べるとき、ただ文法をわかれったら、聞きやすいと思います。私の書くことはへたと知りますけど。。。。。。。

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What kind of trade is that? What have we done to deserve this?

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is rtk worth it

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When you'll kill yourself faggot.

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well yeah cuz matt provides us with a gift greater than any hospital. just look at nukemarine who has been following his advice for years now, the guy is practically fluent at reading jmdict now

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Your mum in bed

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>noooo someone is redistributing the dictionaries that i illegally redistributed!!!!!! you can't do this they are my dictionaries because i auto-converted them using a free program!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wdym auto converted wtf are u this fucking retarded????

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oh yeah that's right, he doesn't follow matt's advice cuz he knows it's a scam

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so you acknowledge that you don't own the dictionaries and they aren't yours

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>walk in
>see holo shit
>poop on thread
>walk out

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>removed my name from the metadata
why didnt you put the names of the people that wrote the dictionary?

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>Tatsumoto the terrorist removed my name from the metadata on purpose

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Meh call u want it want. I still think tatsumoto is a fucking asshole for everything else he stole from me too not just dicts
From now on I'll call him pakurimoto

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dont know what the uppercaser is on about but if he hates the goatfucking mudslime piece of shit he's alright in my book

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beware that the linked site contains a bitcoin miner and is run by a person who scams people.
you can find all dictionaries you need here https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/blog/yomichan-and-epwing-dictionaries.html

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this is crazy.

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most of them are proprietary malware so it doesn't count.
i can kick out a guide like that any time, but i choose not to because promoting proprietary software is a disservice to the community.

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opinion discarded

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wow, i thought they hated each other

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any posts worth reading

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it's a troll link, obvioulsy. and it's hidden far in the bottom.
i have themoeway linked on tatsumoto as well, and there's a helpful warning below the link.

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It's up

Why are all japanese learners cuties

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yea that was a poast worth reading

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nobody cares if ur a chill guy on your off-time if ur scammin' during ur "work" time

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These hours are usually quiet. Why are you having a melty at this time.

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im hype as fuck rn cuz u got porky pig in his yt comments talkin about lawsuits lmfao lets fuckin go reminds me of the good old days in internet owning

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Hey, if people want to pay for his time, good for him

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yeah so people see this guy who tells them exactly how long hes been learning for what hes been doing and snippets of what he suggests i dont see the issue

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this guy's delusional

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i just need a rap vid now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iUvuaChDEg

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Why do Holofags insist on spamming these images here when they clearly have no interest in learning Japanese

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>stop talking about this gay e-celeb shit and start talking about learning Japanese

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this thread isnt for pre beginners like you
we are all post beginner pre intermediates here
may i suggest >>>/int/djt

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it's even better

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oh yeah i forgot to post matt's apology for that one anon

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what did you do to make the seo so good

>> No.35501106

hint: the subject is ambiguous

>> No.35501168

actually some people in the thread could use something like that lol

>> No.35501175

im gonna sign up for a 80 dollar nuke chan lesson

>> No.35501176

it's pretty hard. the hardest shounen ive seen at least.

>> No.35501178

maybe i should have said 堪能できる to better capture the original meaning but i dont give two fucks about outputting

>> No.35501194 [DELETED] 

learn english
they got no idea who they are dealing with

>> No.35501195

read this as kino

>> No.35501225

we're reaching cope levels that shouldn't even be possible

>we're all fluent already
>i dont give two fucks about outputting

>> No.35501255

Shit OP.

>> No.35501356

no it's some nobody who has nothing to with any of this. yes it's that sad

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>yoga couldn't code his way out of a paper bag
name one program you've made that is as useful as the migaku suite. yoga is basically a master at programming by now, utilizing the same methods he used to learn japanese and chinese: immersion. reading and writing code every day for years.

>> No.35501398

honestly i appreciate anacroen doing the actual dirty work now bc every time i tried to come up with a funny and dope way to do whats being done i thought this is too fucking gay

now that im seeing it in action i realize there is no beauty in the pig pen (teekyo sam joke)

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so it's suppletive then, makes sense

>> No.35501646

>grammar fags

>> No.35501651

no its what he said it is

>> No.35501662

Will I ever find a ママ活

>> No.35501667

which is what I said. though I used the wrong term. it's substantive. the verb acts as a noun phrase without something additionally needing to be there (in this case 状態 or a noun like it)

>> No.35501690

phase 2 begins: move into the apartment unit next to matt's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTRSLWncUZc

>> No.35501695

no you said its a suppletive he didnt say its a suppletive

>> No.35501708

luckily im all but ridin off into the sunset at this point

>> No.35501721

I mean the idea was right, the word was wrong

>> No.35501755

oh nvm i found it


tx 2 whoever made this

>> No.35501757

too sexual

>> No.35501762

no it wasnt. why do use terms you dont know? you obviously dont know shit.

>> No.35501828

its a shame well never get another chance for matto to tell us whats up from his bedroom at his dads (plural) house lol

>> No.35501830

i do

>> No.35501838


>> No.35501973

oh, so you mean it's substantive. nice

>> No.35501993

yeah it's good. more of this and less schizo matt spam

>> No.35501995

lolling bc shes actually bigger than him bc anime is trash now lol

>> No.35502057

you just embarrassed yourself and then frantically googled the difference to save face. best of all, you still dont understand it, lol. why do you think you can tell me whats right and whats wrong?

>> No.35502127

you dont know what 寝れないを means. so you dont know what is and what isnt. your linguistic explanation is worthless because youre regurgitating what you read on google like a retard without understanding any of it. next time, dont use words you dont know, bitch.

>> No.35502183

reading vn in native language is a western otaku flex

>> No.35502184

>when you lose an argument

>> No.35502191

im mining yous rn lol

>> No.35502286

uoooh american accent ToT good...

>> No.35502288

I've never tried this. last thread: 94

>> No.35502291

未然形, + nai = adjective

>> No.35502338

i got a real job so i don't have the 余裕 for that
also if anything i would listen to audiobooks

>> No.35502345

i worked from 7 am to 3 pm this week and still watched like 6-8 eps per day

>> No.35502346

so just like how suppletive was a typo? lol, you said it twice >>35501596 >>35501645. its obvious you didnt know what it means. why do you use words you dont understand?

>> No.35502348

huh? do you work at mcdonalds or something

>> No.35502357

>wake up and theres still no fullbody nudes circulating djt
did she at least get the timeout she was looking for?

>> No.35502364

>so just like how suppletive was a typo?
>its obvious you didnt know what it means. why do you use words you dont understand?
in my first post you can see me expressing the idea of substantive, though I use 'suppletive' a couple times. mistypes happen anon.

>> No.35502366

15 minutes

>> No.35502367

my iq is 110, is that high enough to learn japanese?

>> No.35502376

no but i have to focus so it would either be a distraction or i wouldn't pay attention and it would be useless

>> No.35502539

depends on which is less boring

>> No.35502541

im sorry there are rules here
i believe in you though

>> No.35502542

when someone mentions jcstaff being bad i just think about the 90s and early 2000s and go man jcstaff was the best

>> No.35502550

>if i do ill reconsider my content deployment strategy
u mean makin ur own yt channel?

>> No.35502551

you mean your job doesn't allow you to do at least four hours of "work" and minimum 1 hour of real work at a desk?? lol

>> No.35502572

Show your face pussy

>> No.35502574

what are their must-see shows from back then?

>> No.35502575

because I believe in me!
thanks friend!

>> No.35502580


>> No.35502591

show your throat-pussy

>> No.35502593

i dont date, usually tell them some bullshit like "im aromantic noncommittal"

>> No.35502604

i have before, not gonna search archives for you

>> No.35502627


>> No.35502637

would fuck her

>> No.35502727

he should look into bitch accent

>> No.35502732

Why do Indians like that movie so much?

>> No.35502806


>> No.35502807

oh nvm i didnt see the title changing still had my original tab open

>> No.35502823

imagine announcing to the world that you are learning japanese this way. it doesn't take geniuth to figure out how it will end

>> No.35503009


>> No.35503010

yeah you live in china we get it

>> No.35503012

we go by nipponese time in this thread

>> No.35503037


>> No.35503179

As for the Japanese language, cannot speak. EZ

>> No.35503181
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>> No.35503191

that's really the title they went with lol

>> No.35503275

Avant-garde humour.

>> No.35503290

kiara did a watchalong for lord of the rings

>> No.35503326 [DELETED] 
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thread fucking sucks

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>> No.35503343

why don't you ask the tranny directly on discord

>> No.35503393
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>> No.35503415

makes sense
it seems to be a ripped sub though so i was confused

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>> No.35503615

why does changing the breast slider change the face

>> No.35503628

MMDs need a comeback

>> No.35503630

damn this is crazy, my other uploads spiked in traffic and now almost every video on my channel has over 1k views

>> No.35503683

why would someone not use firefox?

>> No.35503693


>> No.35503702

it's gone by the wayside, the recent update makes it looks ugly too

>> No.35503725

sold one of my properties today so i technically made 400 grand during 1 work day so 80k/h. nobody itt can beat me.

>> No.35503730


>> No.35503733

ppl r watching the garbage days and not getting half of the clips

>> No.35503749

thats not really how that works but go off silver spoon bro

ive made more than 400k in a day trading tho

>> No.35503776

so good

>> No.35503807

nice word

>> No.35503808


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any good kanji apps on android?

>> No.35503822

just remember khaz called his whale program silver spoon. based

>> No.35503827

and thats even with taxes

>> No.35503833

yeah it was 400k after capital gains and shit

>> No.35503834


>> No.35503844

but loling anyway

>> No.35503872

at this point it's not even rent free, you might as well be paying matt to live in ur head

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koronebro here. thank you for replying to my post

>> No.35503892

oh look my warm nest is still here and cozy as ever

>> No.35503896

Hey anacreon check what I sent you pls

>> No.35503933

the truth about what

>> No.35503935

found a really good japanese lesson youtuber series for beginners. structured like a classroom

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who your favorite anonymous poster is

>> No.35503959

yeah its probably vn guy

>> No.35503983

ダメ, her videos don't get very many views

>> No.35503985

i'm getting filtered by japanese movies

>> No.35503993

same with my posts, but only if they are non-holo related

>> No.35503995


>> No.35503998

>structured like a classroom
stupid braindead cockhead

>> No.35504000

she's also retiring to join holo en

>> No.35504004

looks like ill have to cut back on my lols

>> No.35504011


>> No.35504014

tried watching shoplifters and it was fucking impossible even with jp subs. but i watched 告白 raw easily before that. there's a lot of variance in difficulty though i presume the older you go the harder it is

>> No.35504137

crazy how i can understand this with my eyes closed now

>> No.35504173
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>looks like ill have to cut back on my lols

>> No.35504184

yeah i usually need my eyes open to understand things

>> No.35504186
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>> No.35504189

blooma my favorite character

>> No.35504205


>> No.35504228

damn this piano cover is crazy

>> No.35504244


>> No.35504266

when did ppl start saying thou and why r they that retarded lol

>> No.35504286

these niggas had to say ひがいしゃ ten times for me to realize that they were saying 被害者

it's such a weird feeling when this happens

>> No.35504294

why do japanese women clap like retards at the start of every video? fills me with rage

>> No.35504297

yep my man needs hololive

>> No.35504309

to troll you

>> No.35504316

i'm watching movies without subs

>> No.35504321

this is what is happening to you >>35501424

>> No.35504323

>half the thread talks about random namefag e whores
Not surprising since vtranny fans are all mentally ill faggots and can't help but cling to fake parasocial relationships.

>> No.35504325
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>> No.35504337


>> No.35504348

who are you quoting

>> No.35504356

thought you were talking about matt and the trip fags in the first half

>> No.35504389

Yes, but the only reason random dumbshits get attention is because vtranny fans brains are wired to only seek dopamine by having parasocial relationships. Sad.

>> No.35504398

hate it when i gotta be outside all day and i miss what's poppin off in djt

>> No.35504409

you're new here, right? yeah holochads arent the one sperging out over matt. it's a tripfag who tags his trip off to samefag with a 4chan pass.

>> No.35504412

ill pop my foot off right up your ass

>> No.35504432

are you upset

>> No.35504433

feel like the difference in attractiveness between a 6/10 and 9/10 nip woman is a lot smaller than for a white bish

>> No.35504438

i watch vtubers to see their interactions with other vtubers
dont want it to get parasocial or involve me at all

dont really get why people superchat, whats the point of having a personal message read by them

>> No.35504446


>> No.35504533

havent laughed at one of holo guys jokes yet

>> No.35504569

i made this one

but im probably not the holo guy you're referring to

>> No.35504579

holobro killed og which was pretty funny

>> No.35504591
File: 234 KB, 806x852, conformist test.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wonder if ciaran ever thinks about this

>> No.35504610

yeah they dont want to admit it but everyone here likes holos and bell-bottoms

>> No.35504650

that guy that gets mad at lolis is gonna look real stupid in 100 years

>> No.35504658

kinda depends on who the peers in question are lol. if it's just a random sample of 10 people from your country then chances are even opinions you hold that you think are inoffensive would be offensive to some of them and have a similar effect as expressing those which you know would be offensive.

as for me without trying to sound edgy i dont really care about anything enough to have real opinions on stuff

>> No.35504663

5 years you mean

>> No.35504672

the coming cultural shift is putting both of you in the ground

>> No.35504678


We'll post lolis in the deep web

>> No.35504692

you're going in the deep ground

>> No.35504696

he already looks stupid

>> No.35504701

This is fun because it advocates might makes right.

>> No.35504710

only to you and ur sick freak friends

>> No.35504723

>our last e-moments in the studio

>> No.35504736

the only deep thing rn is how far my foot is up your ass

>> No.35504739
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>> No.35504747

>the best vtuber in holo jp was american
at least it will actually be holo jp now

>> No.35504760

>You Can't Translate an Anime to English
are they right?

>> No.35504771

damn even deku paid them a visit

>> No.35504780


All those titles are bait but yes

>> No.35504795

2 of them know 0 japanese

>> No.35504800
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what's with modern anime n fairies

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>> No.35504807


>> No.35504812

yeah i was asking about you personally. dont think you have what it takes to translate an anime

>> No.35504822

lmao >>35501858

>> No.35504829

sasuga chugbro

>> No.35504832


>> No.35504836


>> No.35504856
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>> No.35504902

search the archives for "refund my 4chan pass" or something like that and itll come up

>> No.35504904

yeah the same way any other namefag leaves

>> No.35504910

holobros kept replying to her until she rage quit

>> No.35504911

yeah she posted hentai again lol

>> No.35504970

dang i missed it

oh well

>> No.35504971


>> No.35504972

Lol when did she pull out the dictionary? That's funny.

>> No.35504977
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>> No.35504981


>> No.35504993

she often does japanese only streams where she has to sip on some alcohol whenever she uses eigo

>> No.35504995


>> No.35505005

ogre girl is addicted to this place
there is no way that she left

>> No.35505007

Haha. Wow.

>> No.35505017

why should i listen to analcream if he doesn't know japanese.

>> No.35505022

lulu too

>> No.35505025

everyone expresses grief in their own way

>> No.35505064

she says more japanese in this one stream than most here have said in their lives

>> No.35505065

now that the dust has settlted
what is og's mental illness?

>> No.35505073

it's probably bipolar

>> No.35505075

does misa from japanese ammo with misa have a boyfriend?

>> No.35505078

schizophrenia, i posted a test once and she failed it

>> No.35505089

what are you doubting in particular? a video from one of jamal's lessons? a resource i made that qm or shoui recommended?

>> No.35505090

do you think he is white?

>> No.35505096

any woman above a 4/10 has a boyfriend

>> No.35505109

... thats not saying much

>> No.35505110
File: 69 KB, 758x545, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505119

maybe not

>> No.35505124

iirc she lives in prague so yes

>> No.35505128

what the fuck is this meltdown?
was she drunk or something? fucking weird bitch

>> No.35505131

shoo shoo poo poo

>> No.35505133

momento guy is back

>> No.35505136


>> No.35505137
File: 25 KB, 500x312, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

misa is built for bbc

>> No.35505142

she's just retarded simple as

>> No.35505148


>> No.35505158
File: 842 KB, 1124x749, example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505160

calli used wanikani to get where she is

>> No.35505172

what's the consensus on that site by the way it's cute and looks informative

>> No.35505175
File: 124 KB, 806x633, pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>treachery and lies and wickedness
why does she take this place so seriously?

>> No.35505178

show us your setup then tough guy

>> No.35505179


>> No.35505180
File: 21 KB, 522x348, wanikani.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

absolutely based

>> No.35505183

What's your setup this looks cool

>> No.35505232

Can you show us a screenshot of what it looks like it action

>> No.35505251


>> No.35505263
File: 41 KB, 324x600, speed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>martial arts work

>> No.35505266

We all use momento here

>> No.35505270

>kung fu means martial art and martial arts work.
i know but everyone uses "kung fu" specifically to refer to chinese martial arts. they all suck. they are all fake. practice something that works instead of chinese retarded bullshit

>> No.35505273


>> No.35505275

my cards used to look almost exactly like this when i still used anki

>> No.35505280

Seems nice for reading but the video integration seems troublesome and not intuitive

>> No.35505288

if i were attacked in a dark alley i would simply parry the opponents blade and then unleash my super combo while hes still in his recovery frames

>> No.35505303

im not going to give up all the features of yomichan and my texthooker page just so i can have an inferior version of both bundled into mpv

>> No.35505326
File: 6 KB, 806x97, anime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

アニメ means "animation" but everyone uses it to refer to japanese animation the same happens with the word "kung fu"

>> No.35505332

plus she's a girl so even if she learned boxing she'd get stomped by an unathletic and untrained man.

>> No.35505339

I had the opportunity to speak with old soldiers about fighting, one was a boxer who taught me how to parry and the other said "There's no rules to fighting, grab the closest thing to you that can be used as a weapon. Pull their hair, poke their eyes out, anything"

>> No.35505344

she's not gonna learn wing chun, she's just gonna get raped by chinese monks in a remote mountain village

>> No.35505349

6k vocab in just over a year but at my pace with my 2k/6k anki deck I can reach that in just a little under a year. Are the grammar lessons decent at least?

>> No.35505352

i know kong fu, im a black belt and you don't know what you're talking about

>> No.35505367

yes, i do. your silly shit doesn't work

>> No.35505379

there's some good breakdowns on the subscribers only forums

>> No.35505397

wish you weren't a disgusting esl foreigner piece of shit

>> No.35505405
File: 43 KB, 758x404, 1624891387568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what risks are you taking to learn japanese

>> No.35505406

he got to like level 25 at least

>> No.35505408

i say jcartoons but that's just me

>> No.35505409

idk what theres even to be addicted to these days

>> No.35505411

Requires membership it looks like
Also watching a video the text to speech seems inferior to the 2k/6k Optimized Anki deck w/ audio added, which features actual humans dictating the words

>> No.35505416

you can improve your mental health and learn japanese with this channel


>> No.35505423

you used to singlehandedly guide conversations but without you the holospam autist has taken over

>> No.35505427

that reminds me there was another anon posting kanji grids and he died as well

the fate of the anki drone posters

>> No.35505442

usually there was something here to spur me along

things got so off track theres not much here for me to do lately

>> No.35505449

Were they pacing themselves? I'm eager to grind words too but I see people do a ridiculous amount of new cards a day sometimes. I'm keeping mine at 20/day and that seems reasonable so far

>> No.35505456

finna stuff an energy blast up your anus

>> No.35505457
File: 1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 9db.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you think about the new generation of pokemon?

>> No.35505458
File: 84 KB, 526x645, 1624633256072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looking forward to playing elden ring in japanese

>> No.35505462

every youtube channel does this.

i think in japan youtube has become a part of their culture and they still care about youtube sempais and shit like it's a serious thing and you're somehow a guru just because youre a dumbass youtuber with many subscribers.

>> No.35505469


>> No.35505472

if you cut your japanese learning time in half, it should be possible to manage both

>> No.35505475

yeah i always liked the americlap meme but they're not even close to how retarded japs are with their clapping

>> No.35505476

yeah 20 a day sounds reasonable

>> No.35505485

he did a whole level of wanikani a day which is like 120-150 cards

>> No.35505493
File: 25 KB, 777x698, anki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok but my cards also have pitch accent which is a lot more helpful than I thought already
Toufugu-kun, maybe you should "pitch" it at the next meeting hehe

>> No.35505499

no more *clap clap* next meme

>> No.35505506

why do ankitards throw so much shit on their cards, jesus

>> No.35505508

why does reading tweets from japanese girls with basically no followers make me feel so warm inside

>> No.35505513

They all serve a purpose

>> No.35505514

the pitch accent is in the audio clip. use your ears

>> No.35505519

you feel you got a realistic chance with them

>> No.35505521

You're basically looking into the unfiltered mind of a Japanese girl
But it's a little キモい if you ask me

>> No.35505523
File: 35 KB, 400x400, xvtfF-Uf_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who knows what the future has in store for us

>> No.35505532

It's nice to have a visual representation of it as well, though. Especially when starting it out it helped me realize the subtle nuance of high-low between different kana sounds like

>> No.35505537
File: 210 KB, 662x856, 活用形.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now this...this is a card

>> No.35505538

man fuck pitch accent sometimes it sounds like they're just as loud if not louder at the end of the word but they say it's fucking atamadaka or whatever the fuck

>> No.35505541

agreed. stupid bitch. since when was piano about cosplaying, clickbaiting whores?
just defiling the music and what piano is about
those videos piss me off way more than they should

>> No.35505545
File: 54 KB, 602x874, EksPBG2XgAIvOym.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505546

pitch isnt loudness

>> No.35505548


>> No.35505550

>those videos piss me off way more than they should

>> No.35505557

do not dox me and my wife

>> No.35505563

Well, lower pitches tend to sound quieter usually when you're using your voice. You can try it yourself

>> No.35505565

the guy who wrote this is dumb, my answer is still no, but not because is something i'm fucking "supposed to" believe

>> No.35505570

flashtards everybody

>> No.35505582

That's okay that just mean you're a conformist

>> No.35505588

try using your ears

>> No.35505595


>> No.35505600

i can usually hear where the pitch changes but sometimes i have no idea if its going up or down
so sometimes i confuse heiban for atamadaka

>> No.35505601

You will not troll me hehe

>> No.35505604
File: 509 KB, 701x700, E0t6SSQUcAgWArS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505608

green is my pepper

>> No.35505622

matt clip expiring soon

>> No.35505633

evange a lion

>> No.35505641

Eve aun jel leon.

>> No.35505646

i guess it comes down to people just shitting all over what you care about and spend time on.

another example, as a guy who loves movies and have seen a lot of them, i had a "friend" who told her favorite movie was some utter trash about some politically polarizing bullshit in addition.
you'd think fair enough let her have her opinion but actually she is shitting all over the greatest movies made, my hobbies and what i care about and i could never see her the same way after that. what the hell is wrong in her brain is the sentiment im left with.

>> No.35505656

my point is that i'm the opposite of a conformist.

>> No.35505663

lets hear what this utter trash movie is

>> No.35505676

>who told her favorite movie

>> No.35505680

i dont even know or want to know. i think it was about transsexuals or something. im not gonna look it up or ever watch it.

>> No.35505690

> i think it was about transsexuals or something.
her favorite movie was joker, based

>> No.35505698

jamal and me hanging around just doing our thing


>> No.35505709

nope that one ive seen

>> No.35505710

context is important.

>> No.35505714


>> No.35505715

yea you just happened to be born in the only time in history in which everything you were told to believe is true

>> No.35505718


>> No.35505724

because of the political bullshit and how she described it. why do you care so much?

>> No.35505734

who says i do? learn how logic works before you try again.

>> No.35505742

coco is rich now... but she's also a drug addicted american... She will be broke within 2 years.

>> No.35505745

why do people always act rude after typing vague shit instead of just explaining themselves? is it just to posture?

>> No.35505750

he has nothing to say

>> No.35505753

i dunno, maybe she's just really bad at describing it or why she liked it
some people make things sound way worse than they actually are

>> No.35505766

yep thats science

>> No.35505770


>> No.35505773

nice font bro

>> No.35505776

well ideally that'd be true but in practice...

>> No.35505777

>maybe you should give poo throwing a try dude dont knock it before u tried

>> No.35505789

you want all that shit in your card so that you can relearn the card in case you forget something about it.

just reading a definition isn't enough. you have to see it in action to get a real sense of how the word works unless we're talking about concrete nouns

>> No.35505792

yall are braindead k.

>> No.35505803

that's what reading books is for. you want the minimal possible on your cards.

>> No.35505825

its shuba shuba's birthday today

>> No.35505845
File: 244 KB, 850x1202, d8qao728bmb51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505871
File: 92 KB, 402x500, 1430082050516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35505898


>> No.35505904

what video editing software in gnu to make that

>> No.35505916

timestamp of her speaking japanese or gtfo

>> No.35505923

not him but kdenlive or openshot

>> No.35505924

ye not watching she sucks at all of them anyways they all do

>> No.35505926


>> No.35505935

99 hours in kdenlive

>> No.35505943

You have any better suggestions

>> No.35505944
File: 33 KB, 914x174, sm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whatever, have fun with your low quality vocab cards

>> No.35505949

珍しい indeed

>> No.35505964

what is this from, refold? lol

>> No.35505969


>> No.35505987

dont know if i like misa much anymore, shes less cute these days

>> No.35506017

nah, it's just from supermemo. have you ever heard of it?



>> No.35506034

you should stick to the minimum information principle

>> No.35506037

>I learned 12 languages
translation: you know one or two languages natively, know one or two to a relatively high level for second language learners, and 8 to a level less than that of a native 5 year old

>> No.35506048

can you fucking read? >>35505944

>> No.35506049

new thread up >>35505659

>> No.35506055

who cares

>> No.35506056

5 year olds are fluent

>> No.35506060

>The fact that items should comply with the minimum information principle does not mean that they cannot be in any way redundant in itself.

>> No.35506065

your card is just crammed with garbage.

>> No.35506074

my foot up >>your ass

>> No.35506106

it's up

>> No.35506107

hmmm who should i listen? the guy who invented the algorithm and did research on the subject or "anonymous" from 4channel?

>> No.35506132
File: 465 KB, 1062x1133, 宝石.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

rate my cards

>> No.35506151

Oooh, the visual association with a picture is a good idea--I'm going to add that

>> No.35506154

has he learned japanese?

>> No.35506173


>> No.35506176
File: 28 KB, 900x261, super.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, it is

>> No.35506180

i call it...teeteecards

>> No.35506218

This isn't always true


She's pretty good and has plausible reasons to be good at them as well

>> No.35506254


>> No.35506265
File: 35 KB, 865x330, memo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35506293

yeah i like to have the entire wikipedia page as a hint field. proper context helps me remember

>> No.35506294

supermemo has some good ideas and some bad ones
cards should be as small as possible and as quick as possible
its worked best for me out of 4 years

>> No.35506296

post a vocaroo of you saying 竜側

>> No.35506307


>> No.35506316

reading from a script doesn't make you fluent

>> No.35506324
File: 71 KB, 1383x826, anki2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks, I'm trying to install it but it doesn't seem to be appearing when I preview it, but it's registering...

>> No.35506329

having optional context in the back doesn't make the card slower. you're still testing yourself only on the meaning. the context is there in case your need it. why the fuck don't you get this?

>> No.35506332

he passed n3 (fluent)

>> No.35506349

lmao what did they do to anki it looks like shit

>> No.35506386


is this the font they use in lns and manga?

>> No.35506400

answer: gay
[he sucked a japanese guy's dick back in the 80s]

the context between [] can be ignored. it doesn't make your card slower to review

>> No.35506426

you only changed the font in the editor field and not on your actual cards

>> No.35506430

bloated and inconsistent "optional context" depending on how stupidly you do it can impact your expectation of where to look for certain things and in the worst case causes auto scroll when flipping
ill clarify that a small amount of "optional" bits can be fine especially if its consistent but the more is better idea is wrong

>> No.35506444

he wasn't even born back in the 80s

>> No.35506451

do core 2.3k

>> No.35506481

>having optional context in the back doesn't make the card slower
makes it slower to create

>> No.35506485
File: 34 KB, 968x656, anki3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not working...
I dropped it into my collection.media folder and everything

>> No.35506500

where it says font-family: arial;
put GenEi Koburi Mincho v6 instead of arial

dont need that font-face stuff

>> No.35506513

excuse me, i create high quality vocab cards with the help of yomichan and analcream's script. it couldn't be easier

>> No.35506523

I take it this is a serious question since you wanna debate this so bad

>> No.35506535

I tried it with myfont, what you posted, and 源暎こぶり明朝 v6 none of which worked

>> No.35506546

did you double click and install the font?

>> No.35506565
File: 4 KB, 352x176, anki4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course

>> No.35506567

appeal to authority of some autist programmer who tried to learn esperanto

>> No.35506577

just use font-family: meiryo;
and call it a day

>> No.35506588

Didn't work either... Must be something with the deck

>> No.35506642

maybe its one of your anki addons dunno

>> No.35506648

check front template and back template also

>> No.35506676

My only addon is the pitch accent addon

These are my front and back templates:

<span style="font-size: 30px; ">{{Vocabulary-English}}</span>
<span style="font-size: 35px; ">{{Vocabulary-Kana}}</span>
<span style="font-size: 14px; ">{{Vocabulary-Pos}}</span>

>> No.35506766
File: 55 KB, 429x1079, fonts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

meiryo is still best at small sizes, librecels seething

>> No.35506794

we all use gothic

>> No.35506796

can't change my japanese fonts in firefox anymore without them appearing bold

>> No.35506874

meiryo sugoi

>> No.35506904

.card {
svg > text { fill: #fff !important;}
svg > path {stroke: #fff !important;}
svg > circle[r="5"] { fill: #fff !important;}
svg > circle[r="3.25"] { fill: #2d2d2d !important }

font-family: "GenEi Koburi Mincho v6";
font-size: 25px;
text-align: center;
color: Black;
background-color: white;


>> No.35506937
File: 34 KB, 968x739, anki5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I appreciate the effort, but no dice

>> No.35506966

ctrl+a, then cut and paste the text on all your card fields but with ctrl+shift+v (paste without formatting)

really grasping at straws here though

>> No.35506993

you can try making the @font-face font-family match the card one so that its actually doing something
you shouldnt need that in the first place but its worth a shot

>> No.35507000

I even got rid of the formatting for the pitch accent. Thanks for the help but I guess I'm just gonna have to stick with the ugly ass font

>> No.35507064

yeah just use wanikani at that point

>> No.35507586

Not optimal, but if you can stand it, yea.

>> No.35507619
File: 18 KB, 827x570, RTK deboooonked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it doesn't work. that's been proven.

>> No.35508007

yea dunno bros but futaride seikatsu wo okuritai naa

>> No.35508150

same but sonna yume mitai na sekai aru wake nai