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Tell me the name of one Touhou game that there isn't a single character that uses either a fan or a parasol.

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Add a katana and you are done, OP.

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Highly Responsive to Prayers

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Are you counting the player characters? Because then I think IN and SA fit too.

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Mystic Square

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Mystic Square

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The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

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Imperishable Night
Mountain of Faith
Something Awful

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>Mountain of Faith

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You have a problem with fans and parasols faggot?

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Story of Eastern Wonderland
Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream

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>Highly Responsive to Prayers
Only right answer so far.

>Imperishable Night
Remilia, Yukarin, Yuyuko.

>Mountain of Faith

>Something Awful
What's this, I don't even...

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No, but I have a problem with ZUN's lack of criativity.

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Me too, it's been bugging me for several games now how a couple characters using one accessory or another negates any other orginality.

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>Story of Eastern Wonderland

>Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream
Also right.

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Yukarin, Aya.

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PoDD: However, it does have an awesome cape.

EoSD: Remilia didn't pick up the parasol until after the Scarlet Mist Incident (in the ending, no less)

SA: Aya was off screen so it technically counts. She could have been in the buff for all we knew.

UFO: Kogasa IS the parasol, so it doesn't count.

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If we're only counting newly-introduced characters, however, then SA works.

Seems kinda redundant to keep counting Yukari, etc. when they're not technically a new character unique to that game.

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Tell me the name of one Touhou game that there isn't a single character that uses either a fan, a parasol, a sword or a cape.

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Tell me the name of one Touhou game that there isn't a single character that uses a silly hat.

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Prediction: Touhou 13 will contain no new characters with hats. Fanbase will quake.

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Tell me a single Touhou game in where there is a character that isn't a woman

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The Highly Responsive to Prayers
The Story of Eastern Wonderland
Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
Lotus Land Story
Mystic Square
Undefined Fantastic Object

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SA. Koishi's hat is very sensible and not at all silly.

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the answer is all games because all touhous are pure and innocent girls and not women

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the 5 magic stones in Eastern Wonderland are also not a woman

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The youngest.

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can one really be a girl and an old lady at the same time?

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they all look young and fresh

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>Something Awful