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What do you do with a pregnant and willing Sanae? Don't worry, you're not the father.

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Have some tea and talk about daily happenings. It must be exciting to be expecting a child!

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But then who is the father?

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I do not want disgusting used goods.

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Send her back to her shrine. Seeing how Kanako reacts will be interesting.

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Colorful Ultimate Mountain Breaker

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Ah, you're pregnant? My, what a surprise. Have you considered any names for it yet?
and then you cuddle her and tell her she isn't ugly.

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Could be anyone. It could be Rinnosuke or one of the girls could have used magic.

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Something like that.

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>and then you force the abortion

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Stale joke is very stale.

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What about widows or victimized divorced women that have become completely available? Not their fault they've been turned into used goods.

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Have her breastfeed me since pregnancy means lactation.

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The widow probably killed the husband. The victimized divorced woman sounds ok.

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>Don't worry, you're not the father.

But I wanted to be the father. I want to produce children with the descendant of a god.

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She's a god herself, even. That's double-blasphemy!

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Even more reason for me to fill her up with my seed and have her bear my children.

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By your logic, wouldn't you want to produce children with a god rather than a decedent of one?

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Yeah but beggars can't be choosers.

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If I ate Sanae's heart would I become a god?

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Well, I don't like to settle for anything less when it comes to key issues so I'd rather go for Kanako even if it requires more patience.

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No. You need to accrue faith to be a god.

In other words, you need PUBLICITY.

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Well, since you talk about that I'd go for the harem ending with Sanae, Kanako and Suwako.

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I'd rather have Sanae though. A Kanako is fine too but she's no good girl.

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Humbly requesting source, it's not on danbooru or the multiimage service.

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But doing it with a god just has so darn much appeal.

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The sex would be heavenly.

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Hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right.

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oh u

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its right here

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Suwako and Kanako are gods of earthly things. So's Sanae.

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Mountains are "earthly", but I don't think sky is.

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Maybe I should have capitalized Earth.

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What do you do with a pregnant and willing.... oh shit... too late.

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Go back to /d/.

Also, reported.

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Less then I'd do if you posted the uncensored version.

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I never would've guessed that a bunch of old hags could look so good.

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have no artists ever seen a real child birthing? Its really dirty and disgusting

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I believe you. I've heard it's one of the most disgusting things a person can witness but even the most graphic doujins make it look not so bad.

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The thing about 2D is that it makes 3D things less disgusting. Like the women for instance.

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>you're not the father.

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was actually made to watch a sex ed video with a real life birthing when I was 11. I only watched about 30 second of it before I felt ill and looked away.

Pregnant girls are hot though.

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>Pregnant girls are hot though.

Only 2D ones.