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"You seem to take delight in seeing other people suffer. And you treat life like a disposable commodity! You destroy homes. You devour the lives of innocent, peace-loving youkai. You even take the lives of little ice fairies. Well, now, it's your turn Yuyuko-sama! I'm going to finish you!"

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Does not happen.

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IMPOSSIBLE! Quickly Orin, what does the scouter say about her power level?

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Shinki Majin Buu.jpg

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Not canon.

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someone's too soft for their own good

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No Youmu no. You'll destroy the entire Gensokyo!

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>Implying Youmu can do anything to Yuyuko.

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But can Yuyuko kill the half-living?

She has the power to turn a fully living thing into fully dead, but if it's used against the half-living they'll just turn into half-dead, which is essentially still the same as being half-living.

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she'll get youmu to give up the ghost

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Daughter, I am disappoint.

(Pic related, it's what you should be doing to Yuyuko, getting her to love you by being a loner and taciturn then disappearing when you're about to die)

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Myon and Youmu are the same thing. Myon is Youmu's soul separated from her still living body.

Killing the body would most likely destroy the anchor Youmu's soul has on this world.

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But Myon is a ghost. Half of a ghost anyway. Touhou makes a distinction between souls and ghosts.

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>The souls of the dead who don't realize that they're dead or whose unwillingness to recognize death is too strong will be unable to rest in peace, becoming ghosts.


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But isn't that the distinction? They "become" ghosts, not "are called" ghosts.

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A ghost is a soul that can't reach nirvana.

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doesn't this mean that youmu is half rotten?

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