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Everyone knows what a Sword is—yet much that they
“know” about the Sword is wrong.

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Mein Kaiser.

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Dead - as in that's what you will be if you mess with swords

Dying - as in that's what your family and friends are gonna be doing if you buy a sword

Don't - fuckin touch swords

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What's that? A cautionary tale of swords?

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Apperantly Shirou didn't read this.

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If you have a family, and you bring a sword into your home, YOU ARE PUTTING THEM AT RISK. The vast majority of sword-related fatalities are due to children getting their hands on their parent's swords. You are not protecting your family, you are putting them at risk in order to stroke your own ego.

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children getting their hands on their parent's swords...in order to stroke your...

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Shirou doesn't bring swords in the house. He creates them outside and leaves them lying around for children to pick up and play with.

He's generous and cautious.

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