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What are your favorite Touhou 4-koma?

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I can't do that thing on the left.

How do I do it?

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You have to push with your back muscle. Don't force your head, the idea is to push your belly against the ground.

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Fuck off

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If you can't do it, it's probably because you're a fat weeaboo with atrophying muscles

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That's not a nice thing to say to someone who's trying to help you.

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My favorite is a 2koma.


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You just described one fourth of this board.

The other three fourths are thin.

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Flexibility really has nothing to do with muscle strength.

Some people are much more flexible than others and stretching every day for 5 years will still not make you more flexible than someone who can naturally stick their head between their legs.

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What's your point?

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I think we've long established that noone on /jp/ is fat. Being fat requires food, and food needs to be bought, which is a process a NEET avoids as much as possible, since it requires money we don't have, and contact with other people we don't want.

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But trust me, after a couple years of autofellatio, sticking your head between your legs destroys your spine over time. I can stand up straight, but when sitting even sitting up straight is strenuous. The minor scoliosis probably doesn't help too much either.

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>durhur /jp/ is neet xD
Worse than "rebel /b/tard" mentality. Nobody here is a NEET, give up the charade, it's tiring.

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>Being fat requires food
The body's metabolism naturally decreases to preserve energy in times of little food, so being fat only requires having had food at some point in the past and not being active enough to counteract this.

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>Nobody here is a NEET
Get out.

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this of course

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Noone's falling for your trolling.

Fair enough.

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You mean, most people here aren't NEET. It's easy to spot the fake ones.

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Digging your hole deeper.

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Not really.

I've stayed the same weight for 3-4 years now despite vastly varying eating habits. Whenever I exert myself more I just end up eating more to compensate. While exercise can certainly make you more fit, it won't make you lose weight, at least not alone.

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>It's easy to spot the fake ones.
You mean like
This guy(s)?

Also: Thread derailment successful

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You completely missed the context of my post. An extended period of low caloric intake was assumed.

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Do you really need to talk to yourself?

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Oh god, two people think you're a raging idiot with a "fight club" /b/ mentality? Unthinkable, surely everyone in /jp/ thinks you and your imaginary NEET entourage are super-cool except for this one guy.

Butthurt in a colossal scale

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You've used that word in attempting to troll me several times already tonight. Come up with some original material.

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LOL @ secondaries squabbling

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Why would he come up with something new if what he does now apparently works? Stop replying to trolls, idiot. For god's sake.

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It's cuter when primaries squabble over game rankings.

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>Why would I
Uh-huh. I'm not sure why you do anything. You somehow manage to keep typing despite clearly not having a functional thought process, so anything's possible.

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Yes, because anyone who doesn't think /jp/ is actually a super-secret underground society of NEETs is a troll. You're fooling yourself, I would be willing to bet cash money that you don't fit the fucking bill of a NEET in any way.

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How much? I'm trying to save up for a PS3, so I could use it.

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>I would be willing to bet cash money that you don't fit the fucking bill of a NEET in any way.
So you think he's currently in employment, education, AND training? Oh wow.

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OR training*

A NEET by definition is not engaged in any single one of the three, so engaging in even one means you don't meet that requirement: Thus, not fitting the bill of a NEET.

Thought getting a little muddy since it's past bed-time?

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>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.
>in any way.

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>You're fooling yourself

Yes, we. Now, allow US to continue to fool yourself while YOU, who clearly don't belong here, go not fool himself on some other board.

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>You're fooling yourself

Yes, we. Now, allow US to continue to fool ourselves while YOU, who clearly don't belong here, go not fool himself on some other board.

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You act as if Employment, Education, and Training must be treated as three different aspects when it comes to the definition of a NEET. This is because you're utterly incapable of abstract thought.
To rephrase: To fit the bill of a NEET, you cannot be engaged in EET (education, employment, training) If you're engaged in even a single one, you no longer fit the bill of a NEET, because a NEET can't be involved in any of these.
Therefore: If you engage in even a single one of these activities, you no longer fit the bill of a NEET IN ANY WAY.

I can't believe I'm arguing semantics with a short-bus rider.

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If they were a whole rather than separate, you would be a NEET if you didn't meet all three, so yes, they are separate.

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Life of Maid.

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touhou games chart-inverted.jpg

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I think a mistake has been made on this chart, it lists the most substance-less, poorly written, and most of all LEAST FUN Touhou as the best one.
Seriously: Bunny girls and moon princesses? I've come up with more original concepts doing math homework.

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I know logic should not be mixed up with natural language and this is all pointless, but whatever.

For someone to be a NEET, he needs to fulfill the following requirements:
- not be employed
- not be in education
- not be in training

If you're, say, just studying, you're still fulfilling two out of three requirements to be a NEET. All it takes for you to become a NEET is to drop out of school, so it's a thin line.

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>original concepts

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>implying Japanese people who are simply between jobs are considered "NEET"
You can see where this starts to fall apart.

In any case, enough semantics.
Getting back to the point, 95% plus of /jp/'s population is not NEET

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And next you'll tell me over 95% of Africans are not black.

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Oh, you're a troll (probably the same one who's here since the beginning of the thread). You were speaking coherently for a moment, my mistake.

PS: NEET is not a Japanese term.

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stop spammin ur crappy boerd on Дnoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's btw moot log's ur ip's lulz ur not relly anonimus enjoy ur party v& u monkey's

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>PS: NEET is not a Japanese term.
You do realize you're saying this on the Japanese/General board, right? When we use a word like NEET, we're obviously fucking talking about Japanese NEETs or, if we're talking about ourselves, using the understood Japanese definition of a NEET

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You must be new here.

I believe I've already told you to leave. Kindly follow my advice, please.

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>reaction images

Get the fuck out of here.

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>this thread

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Yeah, forgive me, I'll just leave you to your delusional hallucination of a /jp/ where everyone is a super-awesome nonconformist NEET just like in Japan!

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>every troll on /jp/

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>delusional hallucination

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About those 4komas...

>> No.3537515

>About those 4komas...
Accurate depiction of what happened to your 4komas

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There is a fifth panel. Darkness.

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sauce for this? /rs/ shows nothing

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I moe'd my eyes out. That was awesome.

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My favorite character never seize to exist in my love. Thank you.

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Sorry, but what the FUCK did you just say?

Help me out, here, because all I got was an incomprehensible string of garbage.

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The SSiB supplementary ones are always good.

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It's love, dear anon. I know you still have some in your heart.

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This is one of my favorites also.

Search for "bkub" on Gelbooru.

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Why does every 4koma look like Azumanga or Lucky Star (which is a ripoff of Azumanga)?

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I like Life of Maid.

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Bump for laughs.

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Azumanga invented 4koma

>> No.3541639

yeah, this.

only series that made me laugh

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Gotta admit I giggled at the left.

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is it because cirno is the strongest? god im calling my daughter this...or marisa...or alice.......sakuya?...

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The idea that you might be able to reproduce is almost enough to make me suicidal.

>> No.3541689

Nah, just the learning to skip rope and flying away since she was sorta cheating made me chuckle.

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Imperishable night had some of the worst music of any touhou game, while PCB had some of the best.

No, the music quality hasn't degenerated since then, you're just a nostalgia fag and IN was your first touhou game.


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>Imperishable night had some of the worst music of any touhou game

Immortal Smoke, Lunatic Princess, History of the Moon, Mooned Insect, Deaf to all but the Song, Old World, Plain Asia, Kagome Kagome, Invisible Full Moon, and Eastern Youkai Beauty are all very good songs.

>> No.3541719

>Immortal Smoke, Lunatic Princess, History of the Moon, Mooned Insect, Deaf to all but the Song, Old World, Plain Asia, Kagome Kagome, Invisible Full Moon, and Eastern Youkai Beauty are all
neither "good" nor "songs".

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PCB definitely had the best music, but IN did not have the worst. IN probably has the second-best batch of music. UFO's music is probably the worst. In SA, the only two good songs are Satori's and Okuu's.

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Remilia. I'm naming my daughter Remilia.

It's just sounds so fucking refined.

>> No.3541735

To name any of your spawn based on fictional characters is sad.

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>neither "good"


>nor "songs".

Music, if you must be so grammatical about it.

>> No.3541742

But there are no songs in Touhou.

>> No.3541745

SA stage 2 and 3 music are fantastic

>> No.3541749


You have terrible taste.

>> No.3541751

So should I just pick some random name than? It's not like anyone on /jp/ will ever reproduce anyway.

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Grammar is about structure and general syntax. It has nothing to do with this.

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I myself only really liked three tracks in PCB. The rest aren't that great. I did find that IN has the best music out of any game of the series, but like that faggot you're quoting, that's just my personal taste.

>> No.3541784

>Should I ... than?
Two problems. First, "than" doesn't work here at all. Second, "then" shouldn't be here either, as it is unnecessary.

>> No.3541856


I like this. Where can I find more?

>> No.3541891

>UFO has the worst music

Are you Philistines all deaf?

I only got into Touhou recently, so I'm not biased towards the older games. It certainly has its fair share of kickass themes.

>> No.3544510


touhou wiki search dioxin

>> No.3544522

oh, yeah. Not everything's like that. There's a lot of grammar puns and such, though you'll be able to relate to most of them... I hope

>> No.3544619

I'm not a NEET. I'm just tsundere for social interaction!


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its hard to choose. i will just put something to make you lol, k?

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heres another one. lets make it a 4koma thread.

>> No.3544694

OH goooooooooood

>> No.3544697

That's the point.
You only got into it recently.
That means you haven't yet appreciated the good things.

>> No.3544698

<3 Reisen XD

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how about 5koma?

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its hard to restrict myself to only 4koma...

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Been into it since PCB.
UFOs music is fucking great.

>> No.3544737

Yukari is so perverted in that doujin.

>> No.3544757


got a link?

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isnt anyone else gonna join my dumping?

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all i know is its made by "organic compound"

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Pretty much this.

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sorry wrong page

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You cant forget the people living with their parents and the huge anime/game otakus who buy everything (which implies that they have a job which means that they can afford food).

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more repost

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more pics from danbooru...

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Yukari is definetly the yandere of gensokyo.
reiimu haram is yan but marisa haram is tsun. why is that?

>> No.3544860

Can someone upload an archive of touhou 4koma? It'd be nice to read more than some random ones posted in /jp/

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>> No.3544869

hold on... they rip off their tails???

>> No.3544871


>> No.3544883

tail concerto temporery - "Magical Coincidence"

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>> No.3544917


have you tried gaku gaku animal land?

>> No.3544942

I'm really glad that the practice of speaking into fans and pretending to be robots or aliens is universal (´・ω・`)

>> No.3544950

Why don't you just download some stuff from here, you might find something nice:


>> No.3544958


Ha ha ha.


>> No.3544990

oh sweet! tail concerto i hadnt red yet! tnx anon.

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you dont need the first 14 pages to understand the joke

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why not?

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Now what?

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