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uhh, jannies?

guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

previous thread >>35336619

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All of my threads got purged wtf I was learning so much Nihongo.

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lmoa they think we are like we are on film where the actors leave their shoes on in bed

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wtf was that about? a janny got trigger happy?

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what if jamal is a janny and he is trying to fuck us from behind the curtains

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could be we are officially being moved off of jp now that /a/ and /int/ has a thread

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gonna get me a cuppa with some strawberry cake

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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Word of the Day: https://t.me/s/jt_library

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no, the /a/ thread got purged first

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maybe it was just because that one thread was in nihongo
maybe they decided theres some retarded rule where all threads outside int have to be in english or some shit

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uh no lol djt belongs on jp more than any other board

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beginners, ignore this spambot

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the /a/ thread got archived at page 1 too. what is their endgame?

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It hit bump limit didn't it?

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if this thread gets purged you know who to blame: 4bbc and ogre girl

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wow based anglo post
i got my royal milk tea with nut brittle right here

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beginners, ignore those who hate the guide

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i didnt do anything bitch

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it was on /a/ first
the admins have lots their goddamn minds ever since moot left, nothing makes sense other than blindly accepting their capricious whims

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it was like on page 5 or something and it got archived out of nowhere

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i just realized "ogre" starts with "og" lmao

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the thread was archived with posts made just seconds prior

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yah but it wasnt really the right board for the thread to begin with djt isnt just about anime for example vn guy wouldnt be able to post in djt if it were on /a/ and thatd be fucking sad

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was wondering why there was a thread on /a/ at all
didnt they say that wasnt allowed anymore

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be wary if you are a person of color. this guide was made by a person with prejudiced views >>35341016

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the entire site was set up with weebs in mind. a japanese learning thread can potentially fit into any board related to japanese culture
this place used to 70% weeb boards

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based muzzies

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uppercaser tard btfod forever fucking rip

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why do you think my views are prejudiced? makes no sense.

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or games, or movies

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based, but
>sandniggers laughing at niggers

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i want to go back

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/djt/ is cancer, even for generals, just look at the amount of trannies and eslniggers and tripfags in the /jp/ threads
wanting to kick it out of /a/ makes a lot of sense

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browns and yellows are 10x more racist than whites could ever be, unfortunately (for whites)

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racist in the same way that whites were racist 80 years ago
ultimately useless

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it was nigh impossible to learn this language ten years ago, let alone 20

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why was the l board removed

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you can. just visit nanochan. we have a /djt/ there btw

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i just want to free myself from the scourge of western l*calizers

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its better than most generals in some ways. most general tripfags are straight up sexual predators and in between trying to find other pervs to erp with, blog relentlessly

id say djt is more """toxic""" than other generals but its way less of a cancerous, degenerate, coomer circlejerk. not that the bar is set high to begin with generals are all fucking trash

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not canon

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seriously? we already have enough shitskins there, could you please not?

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too prone to being a honeypot for actual pedos

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i like your site schizo the resources gave me the push i needed to commit when i couldn't before

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but mods love powertripping on that board i got banned like 8-9 times from a last year for literally nothing actually made me ragequit that place for that good and then i found djt on jp

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*8-9 times in one month

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i recall jp being on the very bottom in terms of image usage

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sadly many games have worldwide simultaneous releases now and are neutered before even releasing in japan

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To make 4chan more friendly for advertisers.

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yeah you and me both but that was a post-moot /a/ which everyone knows is one of the worst boards on this site now. moot /a/ used to be one of the the best boards after 2hu was banished to /jp/

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why do you always write "we" when you mean "there is"

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lmfao i thought obese girl had filtered me

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no imageboard with dedicated loli/shota boards is gonna last, advertisers aside its just too prone to draw all kinds of cursed individuals and happenings. no one wants to deal with that bad karma. 4chan sorta gets around it by allowing incidental lewdposting of 2d girls within reasonable parameters to the board culture and its worked pretty well so far

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i don't know, maybe i acquired the construction while immersing. i don't think it's wrong though. by using "we" i implied that i participate in it. it's like saying "visit our store, we have the best selection of onaholes."

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Is there a well-structured Japanese grammar course somewhere out there?
I went through Genki two years back with a university course, and I've been reading low- to mid-intermediary texts and building my vocabulary since then - even managed to maintain a bilingual writing correspondence. I feel like now would be a good time to do a review of the grammatical structures from the ground up, but the resources I've been able to find on the internet are usually fragmented, 'one video at a time' piecemeal content. Any recommendations?

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try the dojg anki deck links in the op

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yotuba is my daughter!

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wtf, we get no respecc anywhere

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Is there any language learning resource worth buying?

>> No.35344300

there is nothing truly worth buying

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was this supposed to sound like a rodney dangerfield joke?

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am i face blind or is this the girl on the left

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you're closet blind too if you're really asking this

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Why are you having a melty in /int/ and shitting it up just because /djt/ was deleted for 3 seconds.

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anki for the gameboy advance

>> No.35344328

no idea what the fuck that means

>> No.35344329

uniqlo used to be the shit
now its just "shit"

>> No.35344331

always wanted a gameboy but my parents said no

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the closet behind her is the same

>> No.35344339

im asking if its the same girl as the one in the op you retarded fuckin moron

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audiobooks you can't pirate
a teacher or personal tutor
a life coach

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your store example is fine because in that example you would own the store
but you dont own nanochan so saying we feels off to me
participation alone is not enough to say we have

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are you talking about me? i merely quoted a post. i've never posted on /int/djt and i'll never will

you must be suffering from hallucinations or something

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not a lot of 日本語 going on in here

>> No.35344363

saying we there implies that you are an owner of nanochan or at least a member of staff there

>> No.35344364

It's one of you lot because /int/ is always chill.

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well, gotta immerse more i guess

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his english is fine retard

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kono watakusi igai to ne

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this isn't the /daily nihongo practice thread/

>> No.35344396

dame was just typing this out

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no lie, imouto is literally the rudest japanese person ive ever communicated with

>> No.35344415

seethe more hole

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time for my 5th liquid diarrhea session of the day

>> No.35344434

didnt know this was the rude thread
thought we were civilized here

>> No.35344440

no one likes you, og

>> No.35344447

What did you eat bro.

>> No.35344448

dude you have ibs i dont care about your lack of other symptoms. this is ibs 101 do get it diagnosed and figure out what food sensitivities are making it worse
no other disease makes you shit yourself from nerves like that

>> No.35344454

you think you could learn nihongo with a backpack full of books while living off deer meat

>> No.35344461

dont worry im right here

>> No.35344483

that sounds absolutely wonderful

>> No.35344488

yesterday i had pasta with bolognese sauce. i just ate lunch like half an hour ago so doubt it was todays food.
cursory google search would indicate that it doesnt have to be that

>> No.35344521

>eating slave food and grain sludge
of course you have diarrhea its not human food

>> No.35344528

ok ill shift my diet towards your moms asshole from now on bro

>> No.35344529

dr. google is not a good diagnosis tool
at the very least you should make sure its not something more serious like a parasite or infection. if you have something like c.diff and leave it untreated for too long, it will melt your guts irreparably

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This sounds good, actually. But I also need core30k in physical flashcards just to practice it
Shitload of books in nihongo to immerse
Ah the peace

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you don't really need flashcards if you have a dictionary

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i have a feeling imouto was in /int/ once and got pissed when i said his yakisobapan looked like carb-on-carb shit lmao. i think it was a duckduckgo image

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曲 of the day


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Gross, I hope none of you do this.

>> No.35344604

Can you still make a jp Amazon account and buy books from Amazon jp for a Kindle or has that process been fucked with?

>> No.35344615

you a real one

>> No.35344618

no i just smear it all over my naked body for moisturizing and healthy acids

>> No.35344619

You can! I dont know if its necessary but I used a random Japanese address though.

>> No.35344655

imagine caring about this place so much you create a shitstorm across several boards

>> No.35344667

kakegurui is shit. don't watch it

>> No.35344684

wasn't planning on doing that

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>> No.35344738

kakegurui has one of the dumbest premises i've ever seen

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It's better if you pretend they're all middle age losers.

>> No.35344802

矢鱈 (never seen this in kanji)

>> No.35344833 [DELETED] 

the truth of the matter is anime combines all aesthetic ideas regardless of the racial facts. it has ideal elements from caucasians and asians. the hyper long leg to body ratio is something youd only ever see on nigerians or something

>> No.35344837

Thanks. I'll do that then.

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This 1's better.

>> No.35344875 [DELETED] 

you talked about this in the last thread already
and im sure also in one last week, and the week before that, etc
arent you done?

>> No.35344897 [DELETED] 

dame even aliens are cuter than whites

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Could someone explain to me why ゼネラル is used when they have ジェ as an option? Or hell, if they find that too difficult why not use ゲ as an option since it would at least match closer to what the word is in English? Loan word pronunciation is so odd to me and seems entirely random what they go with.

>> No.35345031

>buy japanese game
>there is literally no way to change the language to japanese
why sony do this bros?

>> No.35345050

how is that going to fix the insanely stupid premise?

>> No.35345052

>using common sense to learn language

>> No.35345080

you should have seen the mess that was the atelier releases in the west. you had multiple versions of the same game and whether they decided to let you change the language to jp or not was entirely arbitrary even within the same story sequels

actually though they only let you change the spoken language, not the text

>> No.35345095

It makes the whole struggle and desperation of the situation stronger.

>> No.35345122 [DELETED] 

the bottom pic is 2 completely different angles lmfao

>> No.35345152

Can't believe Persona took 5 fucking games to let me shut off their awful voice actors

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自動販売機 is the longest word I've learned yet

>> No.35345191 [DELETED] 

wish i could become a high school classroom chair

>> No.35345198


>> No.35345207

and unironically are the kind of words you never forget

>> No.35345211 [DELETED] 

black tights girl is so effay

>> No.35345225 [DELETED] 

and most rapes are perpetrated by them to children lol

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>> No.35345244

it took me days to remember 宿題 but I doubt I'll get that one wrong again.

>> No.35345254

not a guide do not click

>> No.35345262

too bad i filtered 4bc hed like this i bet

>> No.35345265

自動 販売-機

>> No.35345278

just read that as やどだい

>> No.35345282

my foot-your ass

>> No.35345289

i just call it a jihanki like everyone else

>> No.35345290


>> No.35345299

not my fault, i saw 宿代 earlier on anki
i have many kachite moments throughout the day

>> No.35345322

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.35345347

if the goatfucker is from iran doesnt that mean that he's persian?

>> No.35345348

then leave

>> No.35345365


>> No.35345379

looks like hot trash

>> No.35345397

thanks for helping taking the sting out of the impending end of humankind with your garbage taste

>> No.35345409

that video itself is the end of humankind

>> No.35345418

if only that were true we should have made it past the 90s

>> No.35345457

sounds like shit
looks like shit

>> No.35345458

if we didn't make it past the 90s you wouldn't be posting this upscaled trash and would've instead watched it on your crt from a vhs tape the way it should be

>> No.35345471

i'm a filthy zoomer but this songs make me cry so much

>> No.35345474

ok its djt stupid hours
i sleep

>> No.35345482

No, you could do it. You just had to either take a specalized language programme, have a personal tutor (probably a University student working on the side) or live in Japan.

>> No.35345494

What's a realistic goal for 5ish months of study? I'm going to Japan around December (hopefully) and at least want N5 around that time.

>> No.35345501

i have never seen sailor moon and never will.

>> No.35345530


>> No.35345538

self abasements never amusing

>> No.35345544

then don't do it

>> No.35345555

never done it never will

>> No.35345573

Christ alive are you all shitzo's?

>> No.35345596

peppa pig without subs

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>> No.35345635

all me

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>> No.35345646

the peppa pig stuff is real but you have to be on fourteen levels of tism

>> No.35345661

if you shut up and read the guide you would be n3 by now

>> No.35345671

when i see one piss' female cast all i can think about is doujins

>> No.35345675


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why /djt/ is so addicted to matt?
he is just a boy

>> No.35345710

How bad is it to review early?

I've got some free time today, but I'm completely swamped tomorrow. I figured I'd knock out some extra cards for tomorrow, but the Anki manual seems to disapprove.

Is it really that bad?

>> No.35345738

that's how you make mustard gas

>> No.35345745

just do it, fagget

>> No.35345759

imagine having to ask for permission in order to review some cards. couldn't be me.

>> No.35345778

>Is it really that bad?

>> No.35345793


>> No.35345813

@jamal can you post vacation pics

>> No.35345835

Imagine underestimating your own brain. Couldn't be me

>> No.35345867 [DELETED] 
File: 2.92 MB, 720x486, 1620233145080.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35345876

stfu filthy uppercaser

>> No.35345893

i dunno but i always try to do a samurai impression when reading. i figure it's the same reason you learn 敬語, and then trim it to become more casual. you learn how samurai talk, and then trim it to become more casual. if you haven't posted on int already it's just schizos here

>> No.35345900 [DELETED] 

the fuck

>> No.35345907


>> No.35345911

never have i read gaijin japanese and never will

>> No.35345976

anki is not a game nor a competition, the entire purpose of the software is to help you remember words.
if you're having trouble with reviews then do a fucking reasonable number of new cards per day.
dont review early and dont review late, that's it.

>> No.35346009

yeah thats not hard to believe since you cant read anything lol

>> No.35346033 [DELETED] 

home alone?

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why are you still here, turk? you should go back.

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>> No.35346132

okay, but you still didn't explain why it's bad to review early

>> No.35346155

it's not gonna help you remember more words, which is the entire purpose of the software.

>> No.35346299 [DELETED] 
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>br hours

>> No.35346336

>it's not gonna help you remember more words
Why wouldn't it? You're getting in an extra review, and Anki would adjust the interval accordingly.

If you're just saying that it's not the absolute most efficient, that's fine, I agree. I have a bigger priority tomorrow than being the most efficient. I just wanted to know if it's completely ineffective or actively harmful (say, for some spaced repetition reasons that I'm not aware of.) Your vehement opposition to it makes it sound like it is. I wanted to know why you think that.

>> No.35346381

do whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.35346416

As long as your ease and interval modifier are tuned properly any issues will be balanced back out quickly. Anki isn't magic and it's never going to have an exact read on when you should review a card.

>> No.35346417

If you didn't have any actual reasoning for your posts, then you shouldn't have posted in the first place.

Does anyone else know of a reason why it would be bad to review ahead?

>> No.35346436
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>> No.35346452

Anki actually uses the same formula for studying ahead as it does for studying overdue cards. It’s kind of retarded.

>> No.35346462


>> No.35346475

imagine thinking im gonna write a long ass post for the sake of an imbecile like you.

>> No.35346486 [DELETED] 

lmao i got warned for posting a silly joke about br
faggots cant even stop from reporting
rot in hell jungle-niggers

>> No.35346490

imagine you wrote a short ass post telling people you have a lack of effort for something

>> No.35346505

Your posts are pretty useless, long or short.

>> No.35346506
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>> No.35346512

check BillyBuckets post here

>> No.35346525


>> No.35346529

>new interval = MAX[ (days elapsed) × mean(ease, 120%), old interval)]
lmao, lazy lazy

>> No.35346540
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>> No.35346576

lmfao, maybe i'll consider your opinion if you manage to somehow learn japanese.

>> No.35346585
File: 112 KB, 478x483, mattnoose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35346603

I use the Free Weekend Add-on


>> No.35346604

damn dude relax

>> No.35346638
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>> No.35346690

why's his poster upside down?

>> No.35346691


>> No.35346694

so he can read it while doing handstands

>> No.35346727

Marshallyin maybe?

>> No.35346764

he loves finding hidden shit like that

>> No.35346774


>> No.35346872
File: 1.40 MB, 907x1210, basedairbnbsetup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

私のOriginal Contentです。 ヽ(゚∀゚)ノ パッ

>> No.35346895


>> No.35346908
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clean your desktop

>> No.35347026


>> No.35347042


>> No.35347054

Anyone know a good place to grab weekly shounen jump raws? The guy on nyaa who I usually grab them from hasn't uploaded in over 2 weeks.
They always helped a lot in learning some basic words.

>> No.35347098

there's literally decades worth of shounen jump manga you can pirate and learn basic words from. why the fuck do you need the latest weekly ones

>> No.35347120

fucking zoomers, people below 18 are not allowed here

>> No.35347137

try mam

>> No.35347147
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I'm in an Airbnb until the end of the month, then I move to Arizona to live with my boifren Tomokochad (人*´∀`)。*゚+




>> No.35347162

lmao keep us updated

>> No.35347168

it's not even noon in Arizona how can you go to bed

>> No.35347176

you've revealed yourself to be a zoomer gj

>> No.35347187

underrated gem

>> No.35347200

the fountain shot is kino

>> No.35347345

>why the fuck do you need the latest weekly ones
Cause I read them anyway, might as well do it in jap. Also I'd rather Kurt Cobain myself than read "Zolo" ever again.

>> No.35347398


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my first night in japan

>> No.35347555
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How do you know whether より means more than or from? In some contexts it looks like it could be either or?

>> No.35347582

yori means yori
sore yori imi nasi

>> No.35347585

feel it out

>> No.35347596 [DELETED] 


>> No.35347647

Is there somewhere that has all the Peppa Pig Japanese episodes or do you just have to watch the chopped up compilations on YouTube?

>> No.35347662

imagine a grown ass man watching peppa pig.

>> No.35347694
File: 534 KB, 735x616, imga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35347703
File: 22 KB, 320x237, 1588934463430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So here より means from? It could just as well mean "天下 rather than 京" no?

>> No.35347724
File: 76 KB, 224x315, could you imagine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35347725


>> No.35347754
File: 247 KB, 500x411, 1544341052404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf is wrong with this language

>> No.35347759

damn they really are desparate to fight population ageing huh

>> No.35347771

Condom handouts to Olympians have been a tradition since the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, as an AIDS epidemic swept across the world.

>> No.35347787

Condoms are in such high demand during the Olympics that past games have run out of protection. During the 2000 Sydney Summer Games, Australian organizers initially prepared 70,000 condoms but ordered 20,000 more after they ran out halfway through the games.

>> No.35347848

fuck the west

>> No.35347864

all thanks to america.

>> No.35347885

is this a parody?
whos fucking who?

>> No.35347893


>> No.35347894

if you know sports you know

>> No.35347901

欧羅巴 shows up in cross channel early on but it has furigana.

>> No.35347909

i dont know sports.

>> No.35347910

what do people here think about animecards used from animecards.site?

>> No.35347912

put your trip on

>> No.35347923

i don't think about cards

>> No.35347941

not good enough at japanese for that

>> No.35347945

i used them for three months and they really didn't work out for me.

>> No.35348006


>> No.35348012

>as an AIDS epidemic swept across the world.
sounds like a bullshit reason to me.
you can only get AIDS through gay sex

>> No.35348023

hope youre kidding

>> No.35348033

gonna quit djt next month

>> No.35348035

what do you use instead?

>> No.35348047

its now or never

>> No.35348069

i went back to sentence cards.

>> No.35348092

post a sample
i wanna laugh at how wrong you are using sentences

>> No.35348133

it's the best way to use anki

>> No.35348136
File: 220 KB, 1366x745, anki_XVsZ6ElVCt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35348171

i knew you were doing it wrong lmao

>> No.35348183

where can i watch the olympics in japanese?

>> No.35348187


>> No.35348217

hopefully they get cancelled and you can't

>> No.35348225
File: 95 KB, 1280x720, お金で脳トレ!?支払いはまかせろ!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

korone dabbing on matto

>> No.35348275

nigga thats a paragraph

>> No.35348285

dont worry. you are going to make it. its just going to take much longer than it could take. but youre gmi, which is more than i can say about most of the ppl here

>> No.35348305

ppl in the thread:


膣内 - intravaginal

>> No.35348330

i blame the whole "you have to mine from anime/vn in a single click or youre ngmi" mentality

>> No.35348347


>> No.35348353

it's definetely not a short one but it's quite easy to read and understand so it's not a problem.

>> No.35348356

what are the benefits of paragraph cards over sentence cards?

>> No.35348387
File: 54 KB, 1366x745, anki_PtrG3WnrUw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the amount of time i take to review a single sentence isn't that long to begin with, stop being such exaggerating fucks.

>> No.35348399

the equivelant to the "aktually" meme in english

>> No.35348401

no. and i dont think he posts unless its for shill (and your cards look like his btw lmao) or when his boyfriend analcream is on

you guys are beyond salvation

>> No.35348414

more than 11 seconds
>isnt that long

>> No.35348448
File: 1.29 MB, 2658x1482, 痩身.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you wanikani

>> No.35348462
File: 1.47 MB, 2606x1438, 優勝.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35348500



>> No.35348514

whole linnie

all the words you didnt know

>> No.35348520

i kneel

>> No.35348524
File: 150 KB, 850x850, sample-d69a7baca1d31603a376a1d71312348f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just saw this. based holochad

>> No.35348541

dame i do sentence cards but it doesnt take me almost 12 seconds per card

>> No.35348588


>> No.35348631

matt says language acquisition can happen in anki as long as there is enough to read on your cards

>> No.35348654
File: 164 KB, 2141x817, i cant be stopped.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

15 hours later I've caught up completely from slacking yesterday. 4 hours of Anki done. N3 deck will be finished on July 4th.

I continue with the pace of 50 new cards a day. My retention is still 80%.You can't burn out of Anki if you enjoy it.

I'm a fucking monster. I can't be stopped.

>> No.35348661

nothing in comparison to the time i spend reading daily.

>> No.35348672

matt also says to review like this:
first try to read all kanji words in the sentence
then click individual words to make the furigana pop up
then read the sentence as a whole
finally check the translation. if you got both readings and meaning right, you pass it. otherwise, fail it.
which is probably why this retard takes a lifetime per card:

>> No.35348683

missed whatever this was, but...


>> No.35348696

Immersion through Anki. It might sound like a joke but you have no idea how much my reading comprehension has increased over the past 2 months.

>> No.35348707

nah, "we" is fine if you are implying you are a regular in the community

>> No.35348708

Immersion through anki
thats a new one lmao

>> No.35348726

kachisha ? kachisha?

>> No.35348741

kunrei-shiki is ゲイ

>> No.35348743

> Immersion through anki
For real though. My finger is seriously in pain from clicking in Anki and looking up kanji in my dictionary.

>> No.35348749
File: 1.41 MB, 2060x1686, matto cock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shut the fuck up loser

>> No.35348761

well man, if its working its working. but its a funny concept so i pointed that out

>> No.35348827

matt says.... nothing, you idiots. matt's dead, he's locked in my basement (ha ha!)

>> No.35348829

so alpha

>> No.35348843

i get this reference ;D

>> No.35348849
File: 230 KB, 1258x470, analcrayon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35348861

Why does every subculture revolve around e-celebs?

You would think that of all the generals on 4chan, japanese language learning would be the least likely to focus on them, but lo and behold, it's nothing but e-celebs

>> No.35348873

because when you get a group of people together its natural for a few of them to float to the top

>> No.35348877

i understand why you'd think that if you knew nothing about languages

>> No.35348880

so why does djt flock to the bottom lmfao

>> No.35348894

the japanese """""learning""""" thread is on /int/ bro

>> No.35348896

gossiping is really fun

>> No.35348897

because in bigger cultures they just call them celebs

>> No.35348927

theyre just lolcows

>> No.35348932

hiv is from africa

>> No.35348934

cant talk about people who dont have a name

>> No.35348943

the human brain is hardwired for it

>> No.35349039

yh fuck matto

>> No.35349048

you wouldn't say that to me irl

>> No.35349065


>> No.35349072

suck my ass matto

>> No.35349087

this poster is underaged

>> No.35349111

>who cares how he is, you want to learn japanese, not how to shape your personality. as long as he provides good tips, then that's good. stop bringing the topic racism everywhere
whoah, i didn't ever think i'll find a based post in plebitt.

>> No.35349125


>> No.35349179

>isn't that the site ran by that racist guy, matt?
give it up anacreon jesus

>> No.35349181


>> No.35349201

good song

>> No.35349212

Is there a way to set the easy interval to one day for re-learning cards?
Anki 2.1 scheduler automatically boosts it by one day, making the minimum interval 2 days.
Is there any way to get around that?

>> No.35349221


>> No.35349223

its weird that this opinion isnt considered normal

>> No.35349230

Got in contact with Youtube legal.

>> No.35349236

some people are more interested in the ecelebs rather than learning japanese.

>> No.35349251

got in contact with matt's mom

>> No.35349258

everyone misreads words all the time, don't worry about it

>> No.35349271

In preferences you should have selected "Show new cards after reviews" to reduce your review time a bit.

>> No.35349289

that's on purpose

>> No.35349292


>> No.35349306

i see kanis everywhere in all japanese media. there is no end

>> No.35349314


>> No.35349327

Motherfucker is so blatant with his sock account.

>> No.35349341


>> No.35349414
File: 144 KB, 896x504, E4f1Wh2VIAMI_gI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35349451

this korone girl's lives are in english or japanese? never watched any

>> No.35349453

what is qm's main account called?

>> No.35349469


>> No.35349470

Crazy how people can study Japanese for more than a minute and not get bored.

>> No.35349488

i see. was going to report as off topic but if its japanese, its fine even though its retarded.

>> No.35349519

i think thats the problem. just load up core2k, read some tae kim until you finish it and thats as far as study goes

>> No.35349521

she tries her best at english sometimes

>> No.35349578
File: 1.12 MB, 823x1175, kikitori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

korone is hard mode for my listening comprehension compared to like okayu. but i've gotten much better recently.

>> No.35349587

its fine if shes learning english or whatever shes doing there. shes japanese, her lives are in japanese, so its on topic.

>> No.35349613

yoi or ii?

>> No.35349623

lunahime is very hard mode
even japanese people cant understand her sometimes

>> No.35349624
File: 57 KB, 456x660, E23uhy6VIAI_I_H.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this song is epic btw

>> No.35349633

haven't really watched her. assumed she'd be easy because she talks at 5mph w/ baby words

>> No.35349672

/a/ threads shouldn't be called djt as the mods look down on generals. they should be something like "what show/manga are you learning japanese with?" and just post it when you feel like it.

>> No.35349687
File: 2.35 MB, 1080x1350, 25towzpdzk071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok let's see it

>> No.35349703

goku looks the whitest in this and thus the most attractive. bulma and chichi have ugly asian faces.

>> No.35349711


>> No.35349734


>> No.35349739


n5 version if n4 is too hard for you

>> No.35349741

i just got hit with a so wtf

>> No.35349743

woah what lol. does she have teeth?

>> No.35349758


nobody knows japanese

>> No.35349760


>> No.35349763

this is chinese

>> No.35349777 [SPOILER] 
File: 54 KB, 918x90, 1624386615133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's reading this

>> No.35349808

that's crazy difficult lol. like she's saying totally different sounds for some of the syllables. i had to check if she was indonesian

>> No.35349922

no, just you

>> No.35349925

it's n5

>> No.35349964

not a single person aside from you cares about your post, thats why

>> No.35349974

nah you're just being mean i don't think that's true

>> No.35350167

did you mean to say i’m the only one who knows japanese? bc that’s what “just you” implies

>> No.35350173

yeah don't listen to them. Anonymous is my favorite poster.

>> No.35350200

what triggered anacreon's jihad against matt

>> No.35350208

I wanna know as well

Also how did

learn nothing since 15 years lmao

>> No.35350214

I assume all the shitposting is rooted in there being at least 5 different Japanese learning guide makers ITT.

>> No.35350217

wtf does he just go after every youtuber?

>> No.35350229

and all of them are completely wrong. thats really sad (for you ppl, obviously, as i know exactly how to do it)

>> No.35350245


>> No.35350248

when you're starting out you can't tell if they even know japanese themselves so to be safe go with sites made by natives like wanikani

>> No.35350253


>> No.35350256
File: 76 KB, 800x462, duochad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35350260

yeah duo is fine too of course

>> No.35350275

minha rola na sua boquinha

>> No.35350281

new matt vid just drop and it's got my man tim rogers

>> No.35350301

he looks like he's in a quantic dream game

>> No.35350351

Even natives can't understand her.

>> No.35350366

check this one out too

>> No.35350384

matt was gonna promote anacreon's mpv script but instead ditched him for the goatfucker and promoted mpvacious.
since then he has been butthurt.

>> No.35350397


>> No.35350414

/int/ chads... i kneel

>> No.35350415

jfc always figured he was bad but i surpassed his level in a few months.. sad he doesn't put any effort forth even for his wife

also are there any pics of her?

>> No.35350471

toxic attitude

>> No.35350483

warm nest

>> No.35350489

What do you think of Dogen

>> No.35350496


>> No.35350497

his quad tricks are killer

>> No.35350506

>also are there any pics of her?
i doubt she's hot.

>> No.35350512

im sorry guys im working on my mental health. i shouldnt lash out at people for their success

>> No.35350523

lmao at him trying to read the comment
and his wife at the top of her game right there she knew exactly he wouldn't be able to read douga lmfao

>> No.35350532

even agf can read 動画ビデオ

>> No.35350551

np, thank you for the tools you have provided

>> No.35350557

i haven't been here since january what's the latest on j and q? did i miss anything good?

>> No.35350562


what's everyone chugging?

>> No.35350564

you missed the bunko leak, the greatest djt event in 2021

>> No.35350568

meditate and exercise

>> No.35350569

fy tourist

>> No.35350577
File: 547 KB, 1920x1080, ナイツ&マジック 第08話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35350578

The Nip rabbit hole has lead me to learn Korean.

>> No.35350579

actually i have almost nothing negative to say about dogen. he has a real job, he lives in japan, his youtube career is free entertainment, his patreon is for a very specific type of lesson that is hard to find elsewhere despite leeches like matto harping about how important pitch is for years

>> No.35350581


>> No.35350582

that's good stuff

>> No.35350586
File: 80 KB, 227x358, ronweasley.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35350590

i could respect dogen a lot more if he showed off some freetalk japanese skillz

>> No.35350607

no point, are you going to learn croatian next?

>> No.35350617

just checked in the archives and that's not nearly as exciting as the pregnancy arc, disappointing

>> No.35350621

where can i find dogen's videos for free? i don't wanna be a paypig

>> No.35350623

Depends on how cute the design of the next Croatian chuuba is.

>> No.35350628


>> No.35350632

when did og get pregnant?

>> No.35350646
File: 142 KB, 640x923, onigirilewd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35350647

its 10 pm and its still 28 degrees

>> No.35350653

unko is a faggot for leaving btw

>> No.35350661

bunko leak?

>> No.35350666

yeah pretty weak

>> No.35350677

here right now, its a refreshing 15C

>> No.35350678

i searched the archives and found nothing interesting
it seems like someone received photos of his mom through email then found her on facebook and told her her son wants to fuck her and thats all

>> No.35350679

if you listen to vtubers while still early in your japanese learning, you will sound like an effeminate homo when you start talking japanese (permanently crippled)

>> No.35350681

wonder if nips clap like retards when they take a shit and look at the fat log in the toilet bowl

>> No.35350682


>> No.35350688


>> No.35350691

>it seems like someone received photos of his mom through email
the retard posted the photos himself.

>> No.35350697

his name and address + pics of him were also posted

>> No.35350705

new livakivi just dropped

>> No.35350709

post the one with the text

>> No.35350717

oh didnt know it. but is that all? why cant i find the photos on warosu?
that would be the only interesting thing

i cant find those

>> No.35350719

do you sound like your mommy?

>> No.35350722

new duolingo lesson just dropped

>> No.35350725

i saved them but dont feel like getting banned plus he's probably suffering enough atm lol

>> No.35350727

no, you will sound like a ossan

>> No.35350737

new 異世界でも風俗嬢やってみた volume just dropped

>> No.35350742

its not like i could do him any harm and i cant even seem to find those
hope you feel like uploading them soon

>> No.35350746

amazing that these guys get literally 1% of the views of a normal holo despite so many subs

>> No.35350754

one was already posted in this thread

>> No.35350756

been seeing this a lot in dragon ball

>> No.35350757


>> No.35350773

some of their streams are better content wise too
sucks that being a women alone gets you more views by default

>> No.35350829

People pay for this? I can deduce the accent of the words just by listening to them, im not gonna say FUtsuu and shit.

>> No.35350833

They're boring as fuck at least the dudes from the other company can entertain

>> No.35350847

i had a lot of audible input from males since i was born, and english mannerisms aren't as heavily gendered as japanese.

>> No.35350851

i wanna see bunkos mom. i want a mega link

>> No.35350866
File: 3.25 MB, 2335x4172, holostars.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're letting me into holostars en. hope i break 10k views per stream

>> No.35350872

i always assumed fatyoga was gay. i mean, i dont care about it so i simply kept watching his videos until he suddently said something about his wife. that was quite the surprise

>> No.35350887

i pay for misas content on her patreon lol

>> No.35350888

>I can deduce the accent of the words just by listening to them
no you can't

>> No.35350895

how come none of you have made a detailed 1 hour youtube guide on how to learn japanese

>> No.35350896

English isn't my native language

>> No.35350897

who is the tranny pictured?

>> No.35350904

oh, chinese?

>> No.35350906

i don't see his paywalled videos here

>> No.35350909

yeah. ever since japan was born, people have been relying on dougens videos because its impossible to learn just by listening

>> No.35350920


>> No.35350922

when your voice is as high pitched as that its something normal to assume.

>> No.35350923

japanese just accept that whitoids can't learn intonation and bear it

>> No.35350932

>who is the tranny pictured?

>> No.35350936

why is きさま seen as disrespectful?

>> No.35350940

don't use my race as a slur. this isn't the place.

>> No.35350946

>white bitch bitching
uhh princess... lmao

same shit

>> No.35350949

why is cunt seen as disrespectful?

>> No.35350958

japanese is not a slur

>> No.35350959


Who is the guy at 1:08 LMAO

>> No.35350966

that's anacreon

>> No.35350977

apparently the last 10 years or so have been him just dicking around, traveling in asia with no job while his wife supported him. and now her biological clock is about to run out so she pressured him into getting a job with his fellow scammer matto

>> No.35350985

yama ni tachi des

>> No.35350986
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, ultimate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

because it doesn't take an hour

>> No.35350995

ohh i see lol
now upload bunkos mom to mega onegai itashimasu

>> No.35351011
File: 756 KB, 1440x2415, 1624394342835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35351015

matt spends 15 minutes talking about a single anki deck
im sure its possible to make a very detailed video where you setup and explain all tools, show examples of them in use, how to mine a card, etc.

>> No.35351020

he does this on purpose so autism warriors here sperg out and promote his channel

>> No.35351043


>> No.35351072


>> No.35351078
File: 43 KB, 730x391, 1624378530153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35351100


>> No.35351108

wow hes based af

>> No.35351114

can i export multiple sentences in both languages at the same time?

>> No.35351119

how is your wife doing?

>> No.35351120

bad time to become a coco fan but at least he has a huge archive to immerse in

>> No.35351144

you wont tho
you have no hobbies anymore. im sure you dont even recognize yourself anymore

>> No.35351157

you're not the only one that hopes that

>> No.35351163


>> No.35351165

gonna need you to 腹切 or 切腹. your choice

>> No.35351166

whoa look at this deep psychological analysis of an internet stranger. definitely not just pure projection

>> No.35351184

did quizzler seriously got married? lmao

>> No.35351189

sorry. didnt mean to hurt your feeling towards your bf

>> No.35351190

seems like we need a reminder

>> No.35351205

transcribe this clip

>> No.35351211

she was ugly

>> No.35351221

yeah but im curious anon

>> No.35351228


>> No.35351238


>> No.35351252

this is probably the easiest "transcribe this" clip ever posted so im sure you can do it

>> No.35351259

i was curious too when he was hyping her up to be a goddess or whatever

>> No.35351286

i hope someone uploads the photos somewhere. dont care about real name and or address tho. just curious about the pics

>> No.35351299


no idea what she means with ぁしたぞ

>> No.35351310

stop being a retarded beggar. use the archives or shut up

>> No.35351312

dude screw youtube we need you back on djt

>> No.35351319

i tried finding them at warosu and couldnt. so theres nothing i can do but beg

>> No.35351329

what do you need qm for the era of him being a lolcow is over now he's just an eternal dekinai

>> No.35351332

my favorite djt moment was jamal quoting me telling me to be more like another poster he quoted, but both were my posts

>> No.35351340

warosu more like waruso(u)

>> No.35351346


>> No.35351377

there are two wolves within you

>> No.35351378

but i wanna see. will you upload them?

>> No.35351383


>> No.35351389

then i think you should be the one to stfu

>> No.35351400

shut the fuck up annoying retard.

>> No.35351404

sure. as soon as i get the photos

>> No.35351412
File: 59 KB, 584x588, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there are two sharks within me

>> No.35351413

if you actually stfu'd and looked harder you wouldn't need to beg

>> No.35351425

yeah but we both know thats not gonna happen

>> No.35351428

isn't asking for dox info against the rules

>> No.35351446

4bbc said that's not bunko in the first place cuz his trip got compromised so it shouldn't be a problem :^)

>> No.35351450

not sure. but saying things that could result in multiple reports is

>> No.35351492

its not dox if the person himself posted it. the other personal infos are tho but as far as the photos go, they are at best off topic

>> No.35351545


>> No.35351577

great song

>> No.35351587
File: 123 KB, 1000x1000, she knew.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my favorite is jamal dropping in to stan calli

>> No.35351614


>> No.35351621

well, what is it then?

>> No.35351649

wait, jamal is a zoomer?

>> No.35351660

and he sounds like a mexican https://youtu.be/8A7TfNauPUQ?t=113

>> No.35351667

>he finds out about naruto from youtube recommendations
"at that time nobody really knew about it"

>> No.35351675


>> No.35351697

english holos are the fastest path to fluency

>> No.35351724

side business

>> No.35351736

true i dropped japanese
english holos made learning japanese obsolete

>> No.35351741

do any of you have fat friends irl or have ever had a fat friend

>> No.35351743


>> No.35351745

this is a new low even for djt

>> No.35351752

They've put so much effort into this it's brilliant, I will enjoy binging it in a year when the campaign is done.

>> No.35351772


>> No.35351783

the holoshitters dont belong in here so dont lump them in with us.

>> No.35351794

i have a whale as a friend (140kg). best bro actually

>> No.35351816

no there are almost no fat people here

>> No.35351826

this is the learn japanese with holos thread. the "vinnie" thread is here >>>/int/djt

>> No.35351832

who the fuck is vinnie

>> No.35351836

chad ugandan

>> No.35351839

kys retarded holoshitter, fuck off to your containment board, pest.

>> No.35351847

if you don't read vinnies, you're ngmi, simple

>> No.35351858


>> No.35351873
File: 1.33 MB, 498x498, yabe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


i oboerud this link because it spells yah-be

>> No.35351880

>i oboerud this link because it spells yah-be

>> No.35351894

if i ever get tired of fucking around southern korea i'm going to do this

>> No.35351948

why are you there btw?

>> No.35351955

>fucking around

>> No.35351964

whats wrong with her fucking around literally? thats what i would be doing if i were there lmao

>> No.35352012

our temple is still pure

>> No.35352022

that doesnt mean you arent degenerates lmao

>> No.35352030


time to get this thread back on track

>> No.35352035

there's a difference between being a degenerate in the mind and having the actual mark of degeneracy in your body tho.

>> No.35352041

for me, the same shit almost. being degenerate "in the mind" is worse in my opinion tho because you guys dont do anything about it

>> No.35352051

a guy who likes other dudes but has never sleep with a man is not an homosexual.

>> No.35352071

it's not gay if your penis is bigger than hers

>> No.35352072

being fat is caused by low IQ or some other corruption of the mind, which makes it hard for me to stay friends with them.

>> No.35352094

oh i found that clip i was looking for https://streamable.com/t6p2a0
i wanted to watch the whole thing after i beat the game anyway so decided to clip it

(it's literally one of the best games of all time btw. ridiculously addictive gaming loop with weird emotional pulls)

>> No.35352102


>> No.35352117


>> No.35352140

coping , for what?

>> No.35352148

coping with your urges

>> No.35352149


>> No.35352162

knew this thanks to hololive en

>> No.35352165

its true nonetheless.

>> No.35352166


>> No.35352172


>> No.35352173
File: 694 KB, 636x1454, i don't know japanese.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35352192


>> No.35352196


>> No.35352202


lets goooooooooooo

>> No.35352213


>> No.35352219
File: 1.66 MB, 1006x1102, 偶.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35352227

had a good laugh at 乳脂

>> No.35352228
File: 1.88 MB, 996x1204, 隅.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35352243


>> No.35352249


>> No.35352261


>> No.35352279

thats the most retarded post ive seen in a minute

>> No.35352281

「超越論的観念論」 mined from peppa pig

>> No.35352302

yeah daddy piggu is a gold mine for shit like this

>> No.35352325


i never liked shiori tho

i liked shiori from kanon but shiori from tokimemo can s my d

>> No.35352342

cあn't get over how good this song is

>> No.35352350
File: 2.40 MB, 1200x899, 1623474825751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah it was a bitch to get her ending. i somehow got 館林見晴 as my first one tho lol

>> No.35352360

is that atlantean in the beginning?

>> No.35352361

>yeah it was a bitch to get her ending
this guy has a wife

>> No.35352372

lol u couldve done much worse

also imagine thinking having a wife means u cant play dating sims lmao

>> No.35352374

it's greek to me

>> No.35352397

and whenever she sees me giggling at my phone she asks if I'm cyberbullying again

yeah it just came out of the blue, really unexpected. I was aiming for fukisaki ofc and I get this girl that I've never even went on a date with or held a conversation

>> No.35352414

we still go on dates, it's just more involved with scheduling a baby sitter and whatnot

>> No.35352423

動物 - animal
愛護 - protection
法 - law
違反 - violation

>> No.35352426

just realized guy that says "that's chinese" is esl and literally translating idioms from his native langauge

>> No.35352430

backs prolly not a good word im surfing every day in oahu till the end of august

yah but thats not exciting and u know its not its something entirely different

>> No.35352445


>> No.35352464

>yah but thats not exciting
haha ok now i really know you don't have kids. just think about it logically based on what you said before: "married people don't go on dates often". it's ecstatic

>> No.35352486

it being nice and it being exciting r 2 diff things

>> No.35352573
File: 1.68 MB, 1605x795, 1606024970075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35352578

can you point out what made you think that

>> No.35352586

wanna fuck her back to womanhood

>> No.35352619

i mean i get that its nice to somewhat revert from being stable family man and woman to two people trying to be youthful during their brief reprieve but i mean uve both already heard and smelled each others farts many times in life and much more

i guess what im trying to say is closing distance is the epic part of the dating stage but once u get there and u actually enter that partnership nothing will ever b that exciting again

>> No.35352653

switch to wanikani

>> No.35352662

fewer new cards

>> No.35352675

reduce new cards to 0 for a few days. set it to 5 or 10 once you get your shit under control

>> No.35352681

no. if anything, you need to increase the time each day you do anki. everything else is irrelevant to Japanese. that's why we call it AJATT. #AJATTStandUp #よし

>> No.35352722

nah it wont

>> No.35352805

did nips just discover youtube like 3 years ago? feel like i never see any vids older than that

>> No.35352807

it's all on niconico before that

>> No.35352827
File: 6 KB, 622x161, sentence.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

y'all doing core6k as vocab cards while i'm stunting.
sentence audio only

>> No.35352848

who is that?

>> No.35352853

Stop being mean to shoui sama

>> No.35352857


>> No.35352862

i didn't mine that. it's core6k
i'm deleting everything that i can understand

>> No.35352873

>doing core6k when core2.3k is superior in every way

>> No.35352889

no it isn't this youtuber style diarrhea content isn't niconico material

>> No.35352892

thank you for removing your nametag

>> No.35352898

i got it for the sentence audio
i'm testing my listening comprehension

>> No.35352900

pretty sure it has the same sentences and sentence audio
only 6k has more of em

>> No.35352903

>superior in every way
how? not saying that's wrong, I'm just curious. as I want to start doing anki cards soon.

>> No.35352917

just use wanikani

>> No.35352927

no. it's the same shit but with a subscription fee.

>> No.35352934

what, are you poor?

>> No.35352951

someone managed to install mpvoracious on windows 7?

I downloaded curl but I have no idea how to connect it with anki and mpv

>> No.35352955


>> No.35352965


why couldnt this be an script for mpv though?

>> No.35352966

i make a yearly wanikani subscription's worth every minute

>> No.35352980

it's based on core3k, which is core 6k with these improvements https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1060896809

further improvement is done to make core 2.3k explained here https://anacreondjt.gitlab.io/docs/coredeck/

>> No.35352985

use this mpv script instead https://animecards.site/minefromanime/


>> No.35353001

i don't it's possible to make that as a script?

>> No.35353020

why not? you can load files and display text with lua

>> No.35353021

rule #11
>Advertising (all forms) is not welcome

>> No.35353030

you shouldn't advertise the rules

>> No.35353057

so, let's say, hypothetically, that I'm ゲイ

>> No.35353076

maybe an hour

>> No.35353092

I have memorized at least 2500 words in 4 months and I still can't read jack shit. When does the literacy begin?

>> No.35353095

when you start reading

>> No.35353096

must have used anki

>> No.35353097
File: 115 KB, 2172x1120, graph (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

around 95%

>> No.35353101


>> No.35353104

see >>35337903
u gotta read

>> No.35353105

bullshit graph

>> No.35353109

how so?

>> No.35353113

i've memorized all the words

>> No.35353121

graphs are fake

>> No.35353122

shitty corpus, bad parsing

>> No.35353124


>> No.35353126

I just understand it

>> No.35353130

can somebody recommend a peppa pig tier manga

>> No.35353134

dragon ball

>> No.35353144

how is the parsing bad?

>> No.35353147

I'd give it a shot.
I don't know why so many people here recommend yotsuba. Why would anyone want to read that.

>> No.35353158


>> No.35353162

they're pedophiles. simple as

>> No.35353164


>> No.35353172

time to watch some JOJO

>> No.35353175

is it interesting that they say you only need 5k words to understand 98% of english, yet that graphs says 5k isn't even enough for 90% understanding

>> No.35353182

the author doesn't provide the data so you can only assume it's poor. parsing errors are common in stuff like this. check jpdb.io chronological vocab lists and you'll find some

>> No.35353184

if i add another 1k morphs that's a whopping 98% comprehension

>> No.35353211

what is "98% understanding." it doesn't make sense to be familiarity with individual words when there's sentences you know every word in and yet don't understand.
as for differences between english and japanese vocabulary, because of the japanese conjugation system and kanji compounds it ends up with "more words" that would just be phrases in english.

>> No.35353222

I guess it's because in Japanese you practically separate languages for speaking formally and colloquially.

>> No.35353227

well, that depends on the validity and specifics of those claims. assuming they're both true, it could be that VNs tend to have more high-level vocab, and the English statistic included all English, so "normal" conversations as well as books with more niche words and phrases.

>> No.35353244

>it could be that VNs tend to have more high-level vocab

>> No.35353252

that graph is about the japanese language
an agglutinative language that has nothing to do with english. not even in the same family

>> No.35353253

it's literally open source

>> No.35353263

yes. and/or there are a lot of words only used in writings

>> No.35353273

japanese has a trillion english loanwords (those count as words too, many of you forget that)
and a trillion chinese loanwords

>> No.35353294

to connect it with anki, change the config file according to your note type.
you also need to install ankiconnect
this post appears to be an automated spambot.

>> No.35353314

let's see it

>> No.35353315

if you are a non-white person, you should familiarize yourself with tatsumoto's views about race before listening to his opinions >>35341016

>> No.35353354

weird of him to say that when he has a folder full of bbc

>> No.35353357

i don't recommend core 2.3k. it has been criticized for using a very old corpus. you can sort it but it won't help.
instead I recommend ankidrone starter pack.

>> No.35353405

>t. person who puts a BLM yard sign in front of their gated community McMansion.
You're not helping anyone.

>> No.35353508

that's not going to have much effect on the 4chins

>> No.35353527
File: 57 KB, 395x418, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35353539

i refuse. phones are for ゲイs

>> No.35353549

brown latino here, i agree with the goatfucker.

>> No.35353583

P.S. the furigana is not formatted correctly either

>> No.35353622

shouldn't be a problem if you use my recommended font settings
also, i think i already have the lang=ja thing there. i'll check it again.

>> No.35353645
File: 60 KB, 634x584, 1509683728574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

could you post a screenshot? i just checked, i have lang="ja" for the sentence field.

>> No.35353663
File: 42 KB, 413x168, tatsu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know

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