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what the hell? two reimus?

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the reimu must grow

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this is getting out of hand

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I think I liked many normal sized reimus instead of one large reimu if I may be honest

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She's gonna stuff you into her tabi.

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I'll do you a solid and take your place.

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Soon everyone will be Reimu, including you.

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is this a cookie thread

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How soon, Anon? I'm tired of waiting for it.

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how do you know it hasn't happened?

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I'm obscenely rich and my armpits are ridiculously hairy.

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you can always shave

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Why would you want to be Reimu?

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imagine needing to shave. just laser it off.

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No, it's a Reimu thread.

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Why wouldn't you want to be Reimu?

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i don't want to show off my armpits everywhere i go

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wear actual miko garment

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WHY the two Reimus have big tiddies?

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ATUD aesthetics.

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No it's a Twitter thread fishing for replies

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every thread is a twitter thread to you.

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Apparently someone has been working on translating OFFSide: DIYUSI this past few weeks.
It's already more than halfway done, but the speed of these videos coming out makes me skeptical about the quality of it.

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please lurk for a couple of years before posting thank you

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cute toes

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These new reimus are getting weird.

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All the Reimus https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm38868807

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oi, what are the name of Reimu's not sleeves? I need to know the name of what the fuck they are.

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thats reimu hakurei, dude

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yeah, what's the name of Reimu Hakurei's Sleeves?

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Sleeve in Japanese is 袖 - sode

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why are all those reimus so weird

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I'm seeing double! Four Reimus?!

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i fucking hate all of you

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do you hate reimu?

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I'm intrigued, tell me why should I watch it

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because literally nothing cookie related is ever translated.

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Well if you're already an cookie/inmufag, then I would really recommend this series since it's the sole reason why DIYUSI (as well as NEL in some cases) got popular in the first place.
If you're not, like a majority of the people here who keep posting unrelated shit to this thread and keeping it alive, then it's going to be a bit hard to follow & enjoy for the most part. Making it not worth your time.

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I was never that into touhou, but I've had this .gif in my reaction folder for years and I've always wanted to see the original video. Does anyone know where it's from?

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I don't remember but it might be one of this guy's videos https://www.youtube.com/user/Sanaefroggy/videos

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You guys forgot a Reimu!

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Yuu! Don't ignore me easy! You're being very uneasy Reimyu!

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That's not Reimu buddy that's NEL and SNNM

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It's a little known fact that Reimus can reproduce asexually through budding. I, for one, welcome our new shrine maiden overlords.

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Actually There is one more reimu

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the long-waited eldest sister.

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oh fuck, I haven't been into cookie for a while but I've always been interested in this
anyone watched this yet can comment on the subs?

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>don't just stare at it, eat it

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disturbing image

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I don't know why people keep posting the wrong Reimu.
First actual Reimu this thread by the way.

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I think there should actually be LESS reimus

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me on the bottom right drinking

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Well, I disagree. No, Reimu hasn't said anything to sway my opinion. As the sole member of the Hakurei bloodline, producing more Reimus is important.

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Reimu. the original, you could say.

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And you know she has a massive bush.

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ahh yes. 90s era compression on top of drawn panels.

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Finally, an actual Reimu.

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what the hell? trump loves reimu?

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And yet Reimu does not love him.

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I see 4

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Don't let the Reimu thread die

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Who is this remu, this is a Reimu thread.

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How can I be motivated to keep her thread alive if she doesn't return our love? >>35549711

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Sur...sure it is! A Reimu thread! That's what this is!

Look! A lazy Reimu!

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Small Reimu cooling down a big Reimu!


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>Look! A lazy Reimu!
Ahh, wet water! My favorite!
That Reimu looks to be going commando as well! Nopan! Nopan Miko!

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is the far left Reimu an actual Reimu or is it another clone

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man I love those "reimu" threads

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Don't rush it.
Enjoy your time as Anon and not Reimu, dude.

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the ray and the moo

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sport reimu

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Teasing Reimu with money that's out of her reach!

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I want to unzip her hairtubes!

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