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If you're a beginner, please read the guide first.
Guide: https://tatsumoto.neocities.org/
Previous: >>35241753

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daily reminder to ignore itazura links.

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it's fucking over.

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i've heard of it, as far as i know it's a "service" that spies on people in exchange for letting them watch anime. pretty hilarious considering that we have torrent trackers.
>toei animation
i have no idea what that is

is that screenshot twitter? you shouldn't use twitter, it's a mass surveillance tool. use pleroma instead.

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> https://www.reddit.com/r/ajatt/comments/o0qjxw/ajatt_myanimelist_club/
> I noticed that there's no club for AJATT or immersion on MAL and I think a fair amount of AJATTers use MAL so I made one.
> Link: https://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=82744

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>toei animation

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who cares about what a D-tier animation studio has as their icon on twitter?

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oh shit it's full of crappy shows

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nice picture.

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this language is impossible

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what's some jamal approved 'me from the last 5 years

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Can't believe i'm working harder and getting less you's. My spirit is weakened.

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For beginners, the actual guide is either picrelated or https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Please ignore the malicious link in the OP

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beginners beware, itazuraneko is is garbage that has nothing to do with /djt/. it is posted by a spammer.

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fuck off you patreon shill
hope you die in a civil war

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https://streamable.com/4fwwh1 Someday i'll be able to understand this song.

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little known fact all nips are colorblind

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Ohayou gozaimasu.

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the imaged that BTFO the fuck out all djt psueds, discord faggots, youtube channels, and textbooks of all time

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i don't think this tells you anything if you don't already understand the distinction honestly. it's correct it's just not actually informative

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but why can が mean 'but'

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worst op in a long time

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lessss go crippled for life

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>oke is the onyomi
yeah crippled lol

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different が . you'll only see that ga at the end of a complete sentence.

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guessed 席 from context

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how many pictures do these sluts take in a day

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its an album i have like 45 more

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another humor victim of japanese tukkomi

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the fact i got the last post in the last thread with that skit is pretty blessed n g l
fug missed that typo
来てくれて obvy

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damn got number 3 wrong
rest was ezpz

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everything you need to learn japanese: qolibri/goldendict + notepad

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maybe you are all japanese in past or future lives so just unlock your kokoro and BAM. dekiru

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>komattara pen wo otosu
>genki yoku rhythmical ni!
lets fuggin go, jerks who say im not learning in djt

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djt living rent free insides ogs kawaii head

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in a way, im paying for djt to live in my head with my 4chan pass lol

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this small victory was brought to you by holochads
hope you appreciate it

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and anki. i forgot anki. anki.

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arbitrary and irrelevant
i dont have a problem with holofags who keep it to themselves in djt and spam their shit on their own ENTIRE DEDICATED BOARD

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vt is merely a sub-board of jp

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burned out right now.

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youre gonna be merely a sub to my fat cock if you dont stfu

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you also forgot the compelling content
or do you plan to read the dictionary?

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iyasite hosii?

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to the dont believe me just watch anon; 信じなくてもいい。見ればわかるから

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even if you are posting x2 just to please me
still based

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compelling content is for ngmi adhd kids. are you one of them, son? leave the compelling content for when you know enough japanese to enjoy it
thats what id say if i knew shit. im a noob

damn, thats pretty sick ngl lmao thanks

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forgot almost everything about x2
so many literal who characters

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good luck trying to acquire any japanese with no compelling content at all lmao.

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>good luck
thanks man

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post-sin spira is a lot like own world right now, or we will be soon enough
>forgetting the best イケメン

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also forgot you had to refight all the 召喚獣s
but recycled content in a sequel is to be expected i guess
just hope there will be a bit of original content eventually
so far the game has just been one fetch quest after the other

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never saw post sin spira cuz i dropped x-2 but i'm sure it's terrible

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its about 3 girls dealing with lots of 穴s

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it just proves yunalesca and ebon-jew did nothing wrong
sin = a peaceful spira

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only non eops catch this one

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sorry to disappoint but that was an eop post
; ^ )

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it's schizo hours

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wish analcream would be doing something useful with his coding knowledge instead of boring videos

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>sin = a peaceful spira

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i am doing useful things with it, and getting paid a fuck ton. also i haven't made a video in a long time so weird thing to complain about

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societies require an 'other' to unify against to stay cohesive
also sin did a great job smashing up advanced machina and cities and thinning out the population

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linked the wrong part

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analfaggots wife wishes he paid as much attention to her smelly snatch as he did to mutts twitter and youtube

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everything useful has already been coded
every time someone links a new tool here all i can ask myself is who the fuck even needs this

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ah i mean, useful to me. sorry
and about the video, yeah. just finished watching it and its actually funny ngl

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did you see that guy that took the powershell out of my script and put it in sharex directly? it's pretty nifty

well what sort of thing would you find useful? I can't read ur mind

>> No.35258457

not really i write up scripts for my personal use all the time but those are niche tasks which every person should solve for themselves

>> No.35258470

sharex can't be "nifty" because it only works on windows, and windows is for suckers.

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Posting again for some dopamine (You)'s

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his wife is a 10/10 angel who he's been going out with since high school and they gave their v cards to each other truly a success story

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You forgot to give me a You last thread so i'm forced to post again. If I don't receive constant praise on my progress it will make me less motivated.

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youre not making any progress

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well this was anticlimactic as hell

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You forgot to quote my post let me help you (>>35258525)
It's undeniable progress.

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analfaggot vs goatfucker is like watching two monkeys with downs throw their shit at each other

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オナ禁の6日目desu (majidenukitai)

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i didn't mean "i do it", i meant some people in general. i happened to see them once or twice, accidentally. applying it to me personally is a misinterpretation.

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just own it already. look at the fucking site you made in the OP

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how many personalities do you have.

>> No.35258701

rubbed one out yesterday to to balance out your efforts anon
stay strong

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>> No.35258733

>>we fuck goats here regularly
>applying it to me personally is a misinterpretation.

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my online character and the real me. the first is for 4chan, the second is for DMs and inner circle chats.
i put it up as a joke at first, now i'm too lazy to change it.

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I did it all for the 抜き

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epic hirameki

reminds me of the matt cup streamable

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i wonder if ffx is part of why im an animist

>> No.35258877

i am an alchemist

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>> No.35258940

i prolly know more japanese than anacreon
not gonna lie

>> No.35258954

if it weren't for jamal living in og's head rent free i would've forgotten about him already

>> No.35258957

not seen much japanese from him other than critiques a la j*mal

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kanji are a good thing

>> No.35258975

Don't know any of the complex symbols and I know a lot (6)

>> No.35258976

don't know 2 of those

>> No.35258983

im just preparing for when he tries to come back or decides to put his trip back on. hes not gonna go cold turkey after however many years of this shit

>> No.35258990

true true
every tripfag should have to do a vocaroo to earn that trip

>> No.35259004

the absolute state of this thread

>> No.35259005

some day i'm gonna do a vocaroo beginning with if i'm allowed to cope for a second

>> No.35259016

ive posted in jp before https://archive.wakarimasen.moe/jp/thread/34866682

>> No.35259028

What do each of those mean?

>> No.35259034

yeah, these niggas need rtk

>> No.35259068

I'm not your dictionary
やぁ! 中國共産党中央委員会総書記の習菌平と弟の習隠蔽です 何か質問ある?

now you don't have to draw them, go look up whatever you don't understand

>> No.35259122

oh no i didn't know how to read some chinks' names ngmi

>> No.35259133

why are you linking to old posts to show you post in jp? lmao

>> No.35259230

damn am i tired of mining this dict

>> No.35259242

everyone can post in japanese if they use deepl
thats why the vocaroo is essential

>> No.35259250

just the idea of gaijin speaking japanese to other gaijin is so cringe to me

>> No.35259286

Hi y'all,

I'm a little over 8 months into learning Japanese and I wanted to share some tips I have and also some pitfalls to avoid. While I'm nowhere near fluent I can definitely function at around an N5-N4 level (may be higher in some areas)

I've made my way through Japanese from Zero books 1 and 2, and I have managed to keep a Duolingo streak for a little over 100 days.

Some huge tips I have are:

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>> No.35259289

Yes I agree, Japanese is so cringe. That's why I post here. in the Japanese learning thread on an anime forum.

>> No.35259323

this is some next level reddit spacing

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The tips onegai

>> No.35259351

ijimeta kata

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>> No.35259441

xenoblade, paper mario, and fire emblem are on sale right now on the eshop along with other games.

make sure I check supported languages b4 u buy

>> No.35259446

matto was quite based on this one.
i myself, i've never outputted in english with people that werent native speakers.
outputting with other non-natives is just silly.

>> No.35259451

xenoblade doesnt have japanese text, imported my copy
dunno about the others

>> No.35259478

is there a pattern to which japanese games support furigana? is it like based on CERO rating where those targeted at older people wont have furigana?

>> No.35259502

xenoblade definitive edition is a good purchase, highly recommend

>> No.35259538


>> No.35259563

its ultimately a design decision the ui team makes
gotta check on a game by game basis
but lower cero ratings generally have more furigana support

>> No.35259573

recent enough game to have a high enough resolution. aimed at children. big budget studio

>> No.35259627


>> No.35259644

Is that like hiragana but angrier.

>> No.35259664


>> No.35259666

these interludes sounded so cool
makes me appreciate learning japanese

>> No.35259671

this is the beginner thread

>> No.35259686

i hate all of you

>> No.35259689

>furr uh Ghana

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this thread has been compromised and i know more japanese than anacreon

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>> No.35259766

jew cheen

>> No.35259811

Is there any easy material to practice reading for a beginner besides children's books?

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As per recommendations, yesterday I started watching anime. I watched a few episodes and it was enjoyable.

Not as enjoyable as the 3-4 hours of anki cards I'm about to do though.

To the people saying I'm going to burn out, ask yourself this:

> Who would win, autism or a deck of cards?

>> No.35259844

satori reader
klc graded reading sets

>> No.35259846

manga, pokemon, etc

>> No.35259856


>> No.35259861

im eagerly awaiting your demise.

>> No.35259873


>> No.35259883

你好 word of the day

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File: 442 KB, 1920x1080, xenoblade-chronicles-definitive-edition-switch-hero.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just bought it on the us eshop and it has japanese text

maybe definitive edition is different in that way

>> No.35259903

If you await my demise you must first define my success. At what point did I not fail?

Set the goal post.

>> No.35259904

oh this xenoblade
i was talking about 2

>> No.35259921

how many new cards a day youre doing

>> No.35259938


>> No.35259941

綺麗だった膣内は、既に俺の精液と 同じ匂いになってしまっているだろう。

>> No.35259960


>> No.35259975


>> No.35259980

do not miss a single day of reviews and adding new cards and keep that pace up for a year, if you manage to do that then you win.
altought you've already missed some days lmao.

>> No.35260012

>I have absolutely no goals.
>I wake up
>I do 50 new cards
>I go to bed
>I hate learning this language
>I don't know why I'm even doing this
>I still wont stop.

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>> No.35260023

kinda based

>> No.35260026

can you link the kougou matts video? i think its unlisted and since you used it, you might have the link

>> No.35260041

Feels weird to still be studying Japanese when I don't even watch anime or read manga anymore.

>> No.35260047


>> No.35260048

it's not unlisted, it's his guide on how to use jp dictionaries

matt disease strikes again

>> No.35260064

I can't wait to tell Japanese people the reason I learned there language is because I fucking hate it.

>> No.35260083


>> No.35260084

lmao some of you are legit nuts. then again the world is nuts so i get it

>> No.35260088

woaw so this is an eroge from the most based country on earth...

>> No.35260098

when people ask me how i learned, instead of giving them the straight answer:
i simply say i use minna no nihongo. like to my gfs family, specially

>> No.35260135

why your gfs family

>> No.35260157

because i dont want them of all people to find out i learn japanese through erotic shit? so i just tell them i use minna no nihongo and other textbooks. specially because this topic came up in the first few minutes when i met them for the first time

>> No.35260160

don't take shit from anacreon even if you are a pre-beginner
he doesn't know japanese. he has the "trip disease"

>> No.35260190

Can't you just be honest, maybe they could give you a few recommends.

>> No.35260206

>thinking anyone will ever care "how" you learned a language

>> No.35260219


>> No.35260221

lol thats not how real life works

>> No.35260230

no shit, retard.

>> No.35260231

lies are not a good foundation for a relationship anon-kun....

>> No.35260238

Chances are your gf's family like the same things as here, ergo the same things as you.

>> No.35260253

that was pretty much the first question they made and since i met them one by one (father, mother and brother), i got asked this question 3x in a row. so yeah, people care

idk man, theyre pretty old

>> No.35260276





>> No.35260281

yeah they care in the same sense ur small chat with a rando at college will involve the question "what's your major?"

>> No.35260306

man your life sucks lmao

>> No.35260311


>> No.35260317


>> No.35260330

compared to yours? not looking like it

>> No.35260333

Yes, that's what I call my duo-lingo sessions.

>> No.35260340


>> No.35260359

just the idea of nips speaking english to other nips is so cringe to me

>> No.35260374

do people really move to japan to find a waifu

>> No.35260375

>no u

every. single. time

>> No.35260385

dont know about others but it was the other way around for me

>> No.35260394


>> No.35260410

japan moved to you to find a waifu?

>> No.35260411


>> No.35260414

you guys are like a warm nest I can always get cozy in and relax. im so spoiled, what will I do when the other namefags come back

>> No.35260431
File: 347 KB, 994x592, 1623863244548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35260437


>> No.35260446


>> No.35260453

the korean writing system is so much better than chinese and japanese

>> No.35260462

i wonder if you are really this pathetic or if its just a character of yours for djt, analcream

>> No.35260492

mmmm you're warm

>> No.35260494

the absolute state of here

>> No.35260508

it's also ugly and soulless

>> No.35260509


>> No.35260519


>> No.35260521


>> No.35260532

you can use the basic letters to produce more possible symbols than there exist kanji. it's the peak of soul.

>> No.35260535
File: 76 KB, 800x462, duochad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35260589
File: 26 KB, 315x213, 1623864117752.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35260598

anacremong is the weakest tripfag by far

>> No.35260612

bros i think this general might be autistic

>> No.35260618

duality of man
honestly though ive known 2d lolicons online and stuff for years and unless they were all really good at hiding it, none of them showed anything but disdain for 3d to me

>> No.35260620

true true

>> No.35260623

tatsumoto is weaker but he doesn't count

>> No.35260627

swurl was right

>> No.35260630
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>> No.35260635

where are the tips?!

>> No.35260636

whisper it in my ear

>> No.35260646

legend has it they will post the tips as soon as they hit "enter" enough times to get the spacing just right

>> No.35260661


>> No.35260673

write a paragraph about any topic using n4 words

>> No.35260695

watasi wa gei

>> No.35260709

this is n1 level

>> No.35260879

after all these years, reading katakana is physically tiring

>> No.35260954
File: 1.89 MB, 1200x994, 1599572707384.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35260962

katakana are such loud basic shapes though
and they show up in fiction constantly for names and shit
i dont get it

>> No.35260977

so off-putting when you go to a girls insta and its literally nothing but pictures of her alone

>> No.35260984

thought they were overreaction a bit from the title alone but the details show shes a total predator. also a mother of 2, fucking gross

>> No.35260986

isnt that the entire point of instagram

>> No.35260991

most people put pics of food or places they visit or pics with friends in there too not just literally nothing but pics of urself with nobody else as if u were some sort of model

>> No.35261002

insta is that kind of vibe. people post pictures with others on other types of social media or share privately

>> No.35261007

>nothing but pics of urself with nobody else as if u were some sort of model
thats definitely what instagrams appeal is though

>> No.35261070
File: 101 KB, 1700x820, _1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i warned jamal but he wouldn't listen to me
now djt is forever trash

>> No.35261080

yeah that's the hottest shit

>> No.35261098

the appeal is that it lets you act like a narcissist? based for those people i guess lol

>> No.35261109

he never pretended

>> No.35261125

never saw a place that quote was more apt for than djt

>> No.35261131

god i wish that were me

>> No.35261181

no you dont, 12 is way too young for that shit. kid would have ended up worse than bunko

>> No.35261201

i've been 12 before and that's untrue

>> No.35261213

you never see men crying in tv because they were raped by a female.

>> No.35261214

she is a woman
she doesn't understand men

>> No.35261223

brazilian 12 isnt an asian 12. that kid was probably a baby

>> No.35261245

in fact, is not even possible to be raped by a female unless she fucked your ass with a dildo or something.

>> No.35261259

no they just let it fuck them up silently while posting about how they want to have sex with the moms or old busu. or they turn into pedos themselves

shit aint right just cause you enjoy cooming, long-term effects on the brain at such an age

>> No.35261273

how do you know that though?

>> No.35261279

thats a little boy, not a man

>> No.35261305

i have a friend who "had sex" with his friends sister when he was 11 or so and she was 16 and it really fucked him up badly. he's had 1 serious relationship and it went up in flames and his trust and intimacy issues are off the charts. depression and anxiety goes without saying.

>> No.35261308
File: 163 KB, 1273x722, Web capture_16-6-2021_20209_www.youtube.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35261309

at 12 i was popping boners and jacking off already, i was ready to fuck a woman and i guess the nip little shit was also ready to.

>> No.35261310

because children arent supposed to have that kind of stuff happen to them, its like, the biggest psychological trigger for all kinds personality disorders and behaviors. its one thing if hes playing doctor with a girl around his age but that kind of adult x child dynamic is not natural and will mess him up good you can bet

>> No.35261323
File: 23 KB, 480x478, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i meant this
>brazilian 12 isnt an asian 12.

>> No.35261332

at 12 (give or take) humans start sexually maturing, that's nature telling you that youre ready to have sex.

>> No.35261343
File: 421 KB, 1115x1600, 330a5a442696336357ea3ca499fb30ed267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35261347


>> No.35261349

>i was ready to fuck a woman
no you werent, you just think you were because you have a longer perspective. you were ready to pop boners and jack off and thats all that happened to you and 99.9% of all boys that age for a reason

>> No.35261351

>brazilian 12 isnt an asian 12.
thats bullshit too.

>> No.35261375

i know myself better than you know me, drop your patronizing bullshit already and stop projecting your own self on others, if the little shit didn't want to fuck the girl he coul've refused but he didn't.

>> No.35261376

>lemme tell you what it's like to be a man i know because i saw what happened to unko

>> No.35261388

i'm not talking about the boy. i'm talking about the dude who said "god i wish that were me" u replied with "no you don't" hence my post

>> No.35261393

have to agree with whore on this one. in my mind i also feel like id have been fine fucking someone at 12 cause i was already jerking off and watching porn but there is a lot of research that suggests it would fuck ur brain up in a lot of cases.

>> No.35261394

a cunt thinking that she can understand what goes on a man's head, the funniest shit that i've seen today.

>> No.35261395

key word being "start". humans develop retardedly slow compared to animals. girls probably mature faster around 14-16 and would be OK in a consensual relationship if the guy isnt way older, but guys dont even finish growing their frontal lobe till they are in their 20s. they are supposed to be a little older than the women they are with so like 18-21 is probably a good age for them

>> No.35261410

not really
the brazillian kid has probably seen over 10 corpses before turning 12

>> No.35261414


>> No.35261415

its amazing how i have this knack for posting an innocuous image (like the shotawhore pic) and it leads to the entire thread diverging into that topic and turning to utter shit. should probably stop making those posts lol

>> No.35261444

you posted 3d shotacon shit and you call it innocuous and are surprised at the discussion lmao
wtf is wrong with your brain

>> No.35261447


>> No.35261461

it is innocuous, i expected like 2 (you)s to the effect of wtf i love japan now or whatever

>> No.35261466

so what

>> No.35261473

sounds like youre a total degenerate whos projecting

>> No.35261486

i am a degenerate but im pretty low on the list as far as djters go so its not rly projection if its true

>> No.35261515

guys are talking with their dicks over "shotacon" fantasies and you think i dont have a more objective perspective here. you hornballs would handwave away anything if you thought it was hot enough. its specifically because a 12 year old coomer brain isnt able to understand how it would fuck you up at that age that makes you so vulnerable in the first place

>> No.35261523
File: 26 KB, 528x67, ai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35261524

youre the first person posting irl child molestation stories to my recollection, and expecting positive responses

>> No.35261527

yeah rip djt been watching more anime though recently

>> No.35261530

output whore, phd in psychology

>> No.35261542

people post screenshots or link to news articles about fucked up shit all the time but whatever even if im king degenerate i couldnt care less

>> No.35261543

>objective perspective
there's nothing more objective that listening to your body, in the middle ages teenagers were conquering kingdoms and raping villagers and they were perfectly fine.
you can stick your research up your ass, retarded cunt.

>> No.35261553

no this one is just pure intuition, common sense and a healthy bit of moral revulsion

>> No.35261559

the guys that literally say they would fuck those kids that pedo bait poster keeps reposting are prolly worse lol

>> No.35261574

so somehow your intuition tells you that the correct age for sex is at 18 that coincidentally falls within western spook law?

>> No.35261575

if the kid was even a few years old and an actual teenager and the woman wasnt almost my age with kids i wouldnt have said shit. plus her methods we total premeditated predation and grooming 101

>> No.35261587

same, its a good thing

>> No.35261610


>> No.35261629

no, i think like in a more traditional society women are mentally ready around 16, maybe as young as 14 in a stable marriage with a guy who isnt waaay too old. guys are just stupid monkeys and take forever to think a thought that isnt sticking things in holes till they are a bit older. id say 16 is fine for both if you want it even steven but honestly guys arent ready the stability needed in exchange for sex till like 20

>> No.35261637

that kid must've been the happiest little shit on the world while he was banging that cougar, he must hate the guts of the retard who snitched on him.

>> No.35261638

can confirm dad got me a girl for my 18th birthday but i was born a few hours before i fucked her and now i'm mentally ill

>> No.35261642

just realized youd have to use lube when fucking a whore cause her pussy would be dry as fuck. only had sex with 1 girl myself but didnt have to bother with that so it never occurred to me till now

>> No.35261661

hyperbole is a desperate mans game in an argument

>> No.35261679

not arguing just shitting on you

>> No.35261681


>> No.35261683

>mentally ready
you can stick your spook up your ass, that's an incredible vague term.
im talking about a purely physical relationship.

>> No.35261699 [DELETED] 

i wish my dad would've took me to celebrate my 12 birthday on a brothel.

>> No.35261707


>> No.35261708

lol og is brainwashed like any other burger you can't convince her

>> No.35261728

i wish my dad would've took me to celebrate my 12 birthday to a brothel.

>> No.35261729

purely physical
id say 13 is pushing it, 14 is ok if around the same age and no weird power dynamic even if i dont think its a good idea. 16 is fine. but really kids have sex like that without commitment or prudence has drastic social consequences even if they are physically and mentally ready

>> No.35261731
File: 84 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35261746

tfw cant go to japan cause i could not endure being on a plane for 25 hours

>> No.35261761


>> No.35261766

break up the flight and layover in a hotel. would probably be cheaper anyway as separate tickets. thats what i do.

>> No.35261776

>around the same age and no weird power dynamic
lmfao, incredible bluepilled coming from an unironic nazi.
the norm is for the male to be older than the female.

>> No.35261778

yeah thats a good idea, could stop in thailand maybe and fuck a ladyboy on the way

>> No.35261790

just travel with the trans siberian

>> No.35261792

i already said that. but like when you get super young on the male side you cant expect the girl to be like 12, can you?? this is why its so ill advised. girl needs to be at least 14-16 in case she gets pregnant or something so how old do you think the guy should be genius? same age or a few years older

>> No.35261798

>terrible, godawful, boring "discussion"
>og at the center of it
every single time. why are you so fucking boring and annoying? unreal

>> No.35261808

why are age of consent laws being debated in the japanese learning thread

>> No.35261815

i fucking telling you how things ARE not how things OUGHT to be.

>> No.35261816

this is borderline taboo in mixed company honestly if this is boring conversation to you id hate to see what you find stimulating

>> No.35261817


>> No.35261825

cause og is bored and has no interest in anything pertaining to japan or japanese and wants to shit up the thread

>> No.35261834

chugging some og diarrhea rn

>> No.35261837

oh blow it out your ass i was speaking japanese a ton before any of these started

>> No.35261841

og, what else could it be?

>> No.35261850

yeah bros, let's ditch this convo and talk about hololive and those little girls that get posted in here.

>> No.35261852

nice english you stupid bitch

>> No.35261853

Anyone into Ddlg?

>> No.35261861

does getting stiches remove hurt at all?

>> No.35261864

you go first :^)

>> No.35261874

if you think that's nice you should read her "japanese"

>> No.35261879

no, the wound itself hurts more.

>> No.35261894
File: 190 KB, 225x318, 1605601464612.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok getting back on topic, nearing the end of this. it got pretty good but it took like half the show. some cool character arcs going on too, you can tell this was adapted from a book cause anime usually is allergic to anything resembling character development.

>> No.35261902

next topic: the simpering optics of power dynamics arising from the interplay of the dopamine nexus

>> No.35261908


>> No.35261922



>> No.35261927

dental stitch removal is kinda painful but not anything to cry over

>> No.35261954


>> No.35261965

you reek of moebuta

>> No.35261966
File: 177 KB, 449x549, 1623870492969.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mini yoga and og

>> No.35261993

when i was 8yo my aunt sucked my dick and i remember it was kinda painful, when i recall that memory i get hard AF

>> No.35262000

It's so weird to see dressed up girls out and about with anime hair except it's tied up in a knot, the colour has faded, their hair is greasy, and they are wearing shirt and jeans.

>> No.35262002

yup this guy is fucked og was right

>> No.35262007


>> No.35262009

dame, some women are legit crazy
she was your aunt, bro, wtf was her problem
please stop youre reminding me why i hate living in america

>> No.35262011


>> No.35262068

find one post itt blogging about my personal life outside of djt, ill wait

>> No.35262083

me before i raid og's omanko

>> No.35262247


>> No.35262514


>> No.35262566

understanding japanese in pure hiragana/katakana/roumaji is higher level than understanding it in kanji
prove me wrong
protip: ありえない

>> No.35262571

fuck off we're full

>> No.35262577

Good point. Thanks again for the advice.

>> No.35262578

furigana chads who cant read kanji
where you at?

>> No.35262591

>i would have never guessed this word if only heard it or saw it written in pure hiragana but i know it because i saw these two obvious kanji telling me the meaning of this word
yeah, no.

>> No.35262617


>> No.35262648
File: 1020 B, 114x45, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35262801

swallow the buzutuber pill

>> No.35262803

retarded esl

>> No.35262836

i said it before and i will say it again
im glad to be alive and see the vtubers era unfold

>> No.35262847

waiting for the vtuber era to refold

>> No.35262848

wh*tes hands typed this

>> No.35262953

just remembered the 前に言っておく saga and not understanding why it was rude cause i sucked that bad

>> No.35262963

i remember it but i forgot who _m said it to

>> No.35263250

oh be quiet og

>> No.35263255

she won't be able to find any 安全策 when i'm around if you catch my drift *wink wink*

>> No.35263364

no idea what bss means

>> No.35263365

I have re-ordered /djt/ in my tabs, you are now 3rd behind two /vg/ generals.

>> No.35263366

hgg and hgg2d? based

>> No.35263475
File: 6 KB, 210x67, jp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35263487


>> No.35263530

bout to reorder your guts with my foot

>> No.35263532

the ga used incorrectly in ur image

>> No.35263625


also the green haired girl's voice actress is amazing

>> No.35263630

dame you just suicided

>> No.35263673
File: 312 KB, 1080x1349, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jamal looks like THAT?!?

>> No.35263686

didn't knew that meisou was that fat.

>> No.35263694

what makes someone act so retarded that they quote posts like this?!

>> No.35263710

watashi no namayay wa yuuuuki

>> No.35263713

u don't belong here

>> No.35263719

just die already

>> No.35263720

nice self own

>> No.35263721

restriction of (you)s is the only power u have on djt really

>> No.35263744

post feet first

>> No.35263747


>> No.35263756

if you are not happy then leave
you won't be missed

>> No.35263758

i love fat booty bitches

>> No.35263761

Anons, tell me how you did spented'ed the day not learning Japanese today?

>> No.35263762

ditto my nigga

shame theyre in such short supply in japan

>> No.35263770

I will leave when I graduate in 100 days. Maybe I'll become a tourist and from time to time I'm gonna get here just to laugh at some eternal ngmi turds

>> No.35263773

listening to stuff from 2012 monstercat and feeling mega nostalgia even though the music sucks

>> No.35263788

no need to sign your post

>> No.35263790

now post this in japanese

>> No.35263793
File: 144 KB, 960x960, a0062909886_10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based, i still have a few songs i go over from time to time

>> No.35263799

the songs sound so basic in terms of production lol but i still enjoy some like this one i cant lie

>> No.35263801

枝毛 wo oboeta

>> No.35263809

they are basic in terms of production but they still have soul
music nowadays is just too industrialized in my opinion
it's why i enjoy underground artists so much more

>> No.35263836

listen to goreshit in 2021 makes me reexperience those feels i had when i was just browsing 4chan 24/7 all sweaty and reeking really bad because i showered like 2 times in a month
good times

>> No.35263848

I will in 100 days, jamal.

>> No.35263876

do people that post a billion pics on instagram with their bf/gf go and delete them one by one after they break up lol

>> No.35263883

yeah technology has been regressing since the 90s

>> No.35263885


>> No.35263889


>> No.35263890

the fuck is "part of speech"

>> No.35263898

can you stop replying to me with your fucking garbage all the time

>> No.35263909

if i spot an offtopic post, ill balance the scales with some japanese content
just stop it with the offtopic posts and i will stop replying
simple as

>> No.35263947

>this thread is about japanese learning
where does it say that?
its called daily japanese thread
not daily japanese learning thread

>> No.35263964

the japanese will never surpass western humor like in community

>> No.35263980

well i wont stop posting japanese content here
watch the video and learn something from it
and take your retarded posts to some other thread

>> No.35263997

dont have anything to learn from that garbage cause im not an n6 retarded cockmonkey like you

>> No.35263998
File: 754 B, 54x31, brave_pcqSjlyre9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only one way to hear it

>> No.35264014

you sure post like one though

>> No.35264019

t. guy that the entire fuckin thread despises

>> No.35264096

>if you cared about japanese you wouldnt be in a thread thats 90% off topic and 99% english.
thats why im here, to save the thread

>> No.35264149

the thought of an asian girl having such a booty makes me diamonds

>> No.35264166

obesity fetishists are ゲイ

>> No.35264167

japanese people are autistic

>> No.35264181

check the link she aint obese in any sense of the word

>> No.35264220


>> No.35264229

spent a minute trying to figure out wtf a wakuchin was, fuck this abomination of a language

>> No.35264238

get rekt lmao

>> No.35264242

this is the intermediate thread

>> No.35264248

post your kanji grid waggot

>> No.35264254


>> No.35264256

>still using anki
maybe this is the beginner thread after all

>> No.35264262

post yours

i dare you to find a single mistake in that sentence

>> No.35264264
File: 946 KB, 1256x2552, screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35264270

this is the retard thread
if your iq is above 90, do NOT post here
you are free to observe, but do NOT comment

>> No.35264277


>> No.35264288

ready to prove your knowledge at kotobaweb kanken2 and pre1 quiz? otherwise, dont post this again

>> No.35264296

it doesnt feel natural or something a native would say. this is the intermediate thread

>> No.35264298
File: 947 KB, 1256x2552, screen2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35264314

I hope it's a troll because that sentence came straight from a japanese dictionary, retard

>> No.35264324
File: 29 KB, 400x400, eSUgvxr4_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do djt think of lang focus?

>> No.35264330

i'm indifferent to it

>> No.35264338

xiaomanyc did a similar number of hours in anki when he was learning Chinese in Beijin, of course he was in a total immersion environment

>> No.35264347
File: 31 KB, 456x320, jfmu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>real japanese is full of names of people and places

>> No.35264364


what's everyone watching next season?

>> No.35264374


>> No.35264400

is there something better that lists all anime per season?

>> No.35264402

is anacreon there? i have an important anki request

>> No.35264408

mine has 2650 kanji when do i get to sit at the big boy table?

>> No.35264410

just say it

>> No.35264416

we all use anilist here

>> No.35264419

japanese is infinite
a pre-beginner knows 20k words
if you know fewer words than that then you are a pre-pre-beginner

>> No.35264436

add me on mal anacreon and og

>> No.35264437

is a big request but 頼むだけならば自由だ
im in need of a nice kanken deck
words dumped from jmdict with [X] accent marks then tagged according to the kanken level of that word

>> No.35264442

anichart is anilist

>> No.35264444

japanese, the most phonetically destitute language out there also has the most words

>> No.35264447
File: 2.73 MB, 1622x829, 1600877809133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fantastic content on this channel lmfao

>> No.35264456

finna chug

>> No.35264464
File: 2.28 MB, 1457x749, 1614268677696.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bitch has literally no ass

>> No.35264477


>> No.35264479


>> No.35264480

use Qm's deck

>> No.35264492


yeah this will be the chuggers pick next season

>> No.35264493


>> No.35264494


>> No.35264501

i dont want just one word for each jouyou reading. and also not only jouyou kanji. i wanna study until jun1k

>> No.35264505

ive been scared to chug ever since i heard hairy legs guy needed to get stomach surgery

>> No.35264508

i thought i knew the 撥音
but i don't know the 撥音

>> No.35264519

one thing i realized about raw listening is that trying to analyze what you hear does nothing

u gotta just let it wash through your brain

when u understand u understand without needing to make any effort

>> No.35264529

dunno i just.listen

>> No.35264550

*peak seoul

>> No.35264572

lmfao its cause of an old appendicitis surgery i got years ago not cause ive been guzzling the 'rrhea

>> No.35264574

do japaniggas ever get tired of having to fake their whole shit all the time? even their voices are fake

>> No.35264610
File: 58 KB, 739x640, 1620522900934.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35264613

can ask the same about americans

>> No.35264623

tfw cant go back to mid 2000s

>> No.35264652

show me a >30 year old american woman unironically talking like she is 13 years old. i don't mean a weeb. i mean like a tv host or someone famous

>> No.35264673

i love watching "tragedy-porn". like docs about 9/11 or natural disasters where they interview surviving family members. it makes me feel sad but it's the only time i can feel anything.

>> No.35264684

all those isekai

>> No.35264687

they talk like american 13 year olds, which means they say retarded shit like totes amazeballs

>> No.35264712

always be a nigga seethin for no fuckin reason up in this bitch shiiiieet

>> No.35264725


>> No.35264731

whos surprised esls dont know english

>> No.35264741

meant for >>35264574

>> No.35264745

rip unko gone and soon to be forgotten

>> No.35264762

if could stop mentioning him i'd have already forgotten about him

>> No.35264770


>> No.35264772

i'm going to finish mamagoto in honor of him

>> No.35264818

dreamt i hit a guy on a motorcycle when i was switching lanes on the high way cause he was perfectly in my blind spot

woke up in a cold sweat

>> No.35264823
File: 109 KB, 409x289, koa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do they do this, bros?
do they hate their own language?

>> No.35264824

are u a trucker

>> No.35264825
File: 61 KB, 177x156, brave_0RXSwxhC7I.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In general, how many episodes should you watch every day to make significant progress in Japanese? In addition, how many new cards should you be making every day? I'm starting off with JP subs and don't want to waste any time, so I'm going full autismo.

>> No.35264832

just watch as many as u want

>> No.35264834

you should be aiming for 4000 hours so if you watch 5 hours every day thats 2 years

>> No.35264843

3 episodes = 1 hour so 12 episodes a day

>> No.35264858


>> No.35264883

most episodes ive watched in a day with eng subs was probably 36 of hxh. most without eng subs was prolly like 18 also of hxh on my rewatch

>> No.35264909

watched all of fmab in 2 days lol

>> No.35264980

2 days in a row that i don't touch anki

>> No.35265017

gonna try to do 800 cards in 25 minutes

>> No.35265019

~200 days in a row that i don't touch anki

>> No.35265048

watched like 3 hours of the motorcycle girls youtube vids tonight

>> No.35265099




>> No.35265116

im 32 bro

>> No.35265125

wtf am i reading

>> No.35265134

>32 years old nigga that has to share his computer with his brother
yeah, no.

>> No.35265138

oh thats what he meant lmfao the thought didnt even cross my mind

how pathetic

>> No.35265147

so is it m > f or f > m

>> No.35265149

dont forget to mention he is a third worlder as well

>> No.35265184


>> No.35265200

getting my stiches removed tomorrow and can stop wearing this fucking girdle thing so i can finally sleep on my side again. havent had a good nights sleep in a week

>> No.35265266
File: 17 KB, 607x194, brave_8DICcVYGiY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf is this

>> No.35265289

which japanese ff14 server is the goto?

>> No.35265307

redditors see japanese on a whole different level, shits so fuckin impressive

>> No.35265317

time zoneにはあんまりよくないよね



>> No.35265328

were all gonna make it bros

>> No.35265333

no idea what the fuck he's talking about but imagine getting confused by a baby example sentence like that. would probably kill myself

>> No.35265346

only took him like 4 years and he probably doesnt lol

>> No.35265349


>> No.35265381

lol imagine reading all those textbooks, making some weird headcanon in your head of how japanese works, and then diving in only to get constantly btfo

>> No.35265403


>> No.35265418

>a season a day
damn i only manage like 3 episodes tops

>> No.35265435

30 new cards a day here

How many NEETs have me beat?

>> No.35265442

just did 200 new cards

>> No.35265454

just did 4 hours of youtube vids instead of ___ number of idiot cards

get fucked card tards *dabs*

>> No.35265456

how many cure dollys do i need to watch to become fluent?

>> No.35265461

why did he make videos about being a veteran japanese learner and how he's tired and quitting if he's still at a stage where understanding sol blows his mind.

>> No.35265467

i did both

>> No.35265503

who are you?

>> No.35265534
File: 91 KB, 1888x868, half way.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sleep deprived and have had a rough day. For some reason I'm having a hard time on Anki today. The cards aren't hard, I'm just drained. I'm going to take a break and finish them. I had to change Anki's reset time from 1am to 10am so I can complete my cards today.

The way I see it is I'm learning both Japanese and discipline.

>> No.35265546

>The cards aren't hard, I'm just drained
it begins lmao

>> No.35265548
File: 40 KB, 1401x550, rough day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wrong image before anybody calls me out for "cheating". Here is the correct one.

>> No.35265558

the hell is wrong with uppercasers

>> No.35265591




>> No.35265632
File: 61 KB, 300x300, 1623164471784.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>21 seconds per card

>> No.35265641

i've done these stupid things. trust me, you *will* burn out in the end.

>> No.35265667

just the first one

>> No.35265680

bro, just hit "again" if you can't figure it out in the first 5 seconds.
the amount of mental fatigue you're building up WILL cause burnout

>> No.35265741

djt seething at this lol

>> No.35265746

didnt even watch it

>> No.35265758

crazy how all these girls in japan are better than a lot of the frauds out there, but having the feminine virtue of modesty, rarely try to capitalize off it or even admit their level is good

>> No.35265814

people here rarely capitalize as well

>> No.35265817
File: 2 KB, 311x27, smLgOQr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35265837

Why is there no Daily Korean Thread?Is there even a good discord?Most discord servers are redditfags full of trannies shits, bro...

>> No.35265848

link some korean language discords

>> No.35265874

dont bother learning this dog language, its not worth it

>> No.35265882

korean is easy u can learn it in 10 minutes

>> No.35265908

What is the equivalent of itazuraneko library and manga bilingual for mangas translated in korean? Webtoons are shits.

>> No.35265911

you want to waste time in 2 threads?

>> No.35265912




>> No.35265918

oboeta'd 行きつけ

>> No.35265931

just random shits in disboard

yeah true no kanjis, no dkt needed

yeah true, i could just ask here

>> No.35265963

why u posting english version shit. dont care, just gimme me mangas in korean

>> No.35265966

AniDB is so much better than MAL

>> No.35265967

damn i remember when that was spread around everywhere lol

>> No.35265976

>jump scared removed
whats the point

>> No.35265991

on the topic of korean horror, a tale of two sisters scared the absolute shit out of me with the sink scene

>> No.35265996

Show me a picture of a card, I assume we are doing different cards.

>> No.35265997

hey analcream i didnt know you were in an anime

>> No.35266009
File: 48 KB, 953x590, gqajxJF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35266048
File: 60 KB, 2192x1675, card example.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is what one of my cards. Looks like.
I read the entire sentence outloud, I work out every kanji. I make sure I understand the question. Then I check the answer and listen to the audio before hitting good or again.

>> No.35266052


>> No.35266065


>> No.35266069

the absolute state of sentence card fags

>> No.35266082

the only way to improve your output is by saying "fuck it" and butchering the language without any remorse

>> No.35266088

fuck im such a pussy i cant watch this

>> No.35266106

true, true

>> No.35266118

no, u shadow someone and just repeat everything he says

>> No.35266123

sheep take

>> No.35266128

sheep take

>> No.35266138


>> No.35266261





>> No.35266281


>> No.35266299

> I work out every kanji.
what did he mean by this.

>> No.35266301

another riveting post by imouto

>> No.35266399


>> No.35266420

stop posting those whitoids.

>> No.35266425

wash yo hair bitch
some dry shampoo for her bangs at least
>vending machines
im feeling the void of vending machines here in seoul, it sucks balls

>> No.35266427

also racism isnt allowed here

>> No.35266440

whitoids are offtopic itt, if you're gonna post 3d roasties then post japanese women.

>> No.35266452

that vid had jp subs, so clench harder
posting jp women with nothing to do with japanese is actually off topic be glad you dont get reported

>> No.35266467

crippled gaijin japanese is offtopic too.

>> No.35266476

well you know the best way to find out, dont you?
we can have this war and let the jannies sort things out of you can cease your faggotry. your call

>> No.35266479

WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I don't want to do my reps today WAAAAAAAHHHHH

>> No.35266487
File: 238 KB, 1280x720, 1607082961785.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35266492 [DELETED] 

the tranny will sort this out, whitoid.

>> No.35266496

did ur brother let u use the computer yet

>> No.35266501
File: 3.03 MB, 1552x2172, 6c7c00cf4a58a8fe5b7199e87d3e9792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35266552 [DELETED] 

almost threw up

>> No.35266554

god new game makes me so horny, cant focus

>> No.35266561

I don't understand this language

>> No.35266565

Ok dude, I know you want attention but don't go around using a racial slut against my skin colour, this isn't the place for your it.

>> No.35266579

i was only one of them

>> No.35266645

Listen, i`m not even bad at conversation. But why is every single person on language exchange apps like Tandem the equivalent of a Japanese gigachad or a super cute girl? It`s very difficult to talk with these types.

>> No.35266661

how can you possibly feel socially inferior to some japanese nerds on a language app?

>> No.35266664
File: 981 KB, 1600x900, 6Lyowjf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35266677

Don't feel insecure king, it's just as easy for guys to suck in their gut as it is for chicks to pile on make-up. Just be yourself.

>> No.35266775
File: 92 KB, 2175x807, 14 days left.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally finished for today. Didn't fall behind. If this pace continues I'll be finished with all 2100 n3 vocab in 14 days.

It will have taken 49 days to learn all N3 vocab and kanji readings.

>> No.35266783

Why do nips have 5different symbols for every sound, did they do it as a joke?

>> No.35266802

you should switch. the time you save will be more time for reading and watching anime, which is where it really matters

>> No.35266807

Lmfao look at this one, 何. I'm getting closer to being able to read manga.

>> No.35266823

meanwhile i spent 20 minutes on the same amount of cards and 5 hours reading/watching while enjoying every second

>> No.35266827

he's doing a premade n3 deck, he aint reading or watching shit. will stay on the anki teet for the rest of his life

>> No.35266845

lmao at imouto falling hard for russian girls
whites win again

>> No.35266852 [DELETED] 

yeah im def prettier than her. she has a cute sort of flimsy kind of charm to her though

>> No.35266873

>moooooom, nukemarine is reading anime again!

>> No.35266876

lol you are in for a rude awakening, my man
you'll forget half of that shit and only have a vague notion of the other ones

>> No.35266887

sounds like nuke got bullied by girls in school lmao

>> No.35266915

great guy

>> No.35266922

its nice to have a nuke stream, feels liek djt again

>> No.35266925

i like nuke

>> No.35266939

wtf, are we his entire audience?

>> No.35266967

this was in my jp playlist somehow
great song

>> No.35266979

thats it, im getting back to practicing my bass everyday

>> No.35266983


>> No.35266985
File: 2 KB, 403x53, y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35266992

kinda glad i never vocarood my honki singing
dont want to worry about djt to find me if i break out in a small way

>> No.35266997

the hard button is so stupid

>> No.35267008

nah, this was because i changed my settings
starting ease: 131%
interval modifier: 191%

>> No.35267011

I got baited, this is a course on US politics.

>> No.35267018

the same thing happened to me a while ago, but only like 4 cards were effected so i just went with it

>> No.35267095

why is the video set to private? did something bad happen?

>> No.35267105




>> No.35267109

it was a live stream think he said in one of his earlier vids that hell be privating them and make them available a few days later

>> No.35267115


>> No.35267130

thats retarded. probably trying to monetize them or something.

>> No.35267152


>> No.35267156


>> No.35267177

og trying to derail the thread like usual

>> No.35267185
File: 11 KB, 540x153, hameru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35267193

why is he laughing?

>> No.35267201

i know what im gonna rail

>> No.35267216
File: 836 KB, 498x278, 1592459096003.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35267221


>> No.35267235


>> No.35267239

getting bunko style yt recs hits different now

>> No.35267301


>> No.35267310

Really want to eat meat but i'm out. Don't want to spend money on takeaway food.

>> No.35267313

i'm reading mamagoto and i'm like (in bunko's honor)
>why did i ever find vinnies hard?
i barely need to look up words now

also this shit is boring af

>> No.35267327

read a real vn

>> No.35267334

3 years and 500 hours in and i find reading even the most basic vns to be incredibly difficult

>> No.35267336


>> No.35267354


>> No.35267368 [DELETED] 

buddhism truly is the the christcuck equivalent of the orient

>> No.35267372

buddhism is pretty based

>> No.35267373

dame, trying to avoid a thread derail is hard

>> No.35267376

abe no semen

>> No.35267377

I knew a Buddhist Taiwanese women, she was very nice and would often give me extra food or cook me really nice meals.

>> No.35267380

did you fuck her tho

>> No.35267396

thats because its one of the easier vns dont delude yourself

>> No.35267411

>you shouldn't use twitter
Imagine trying to learn Japanese and not using the largest social media network in Japan.

>> No.35267430


>> No.35267437
File: 1.76 MB, 1395x1041, 1623101267971.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35267438

Does AniDB catalogue Korean and Chinese shit like MAL does? By any chance does it have a Japanese language option?

>> No.35267446

>using english subtitles
unironically ngmi

>> No.35267458


>> No.35267466

lmao ok me tho

>> No.35267491

sorry, i have an allergy to diarrhea

>> No.35267526

looks like haachama

>> No.35267529

finally found a video on djt's level

>> No.35267537

japs are so funny 発車、っていうか発射? の準備が整う

>> No.35267566

you need to take a break from posting

>> No.35267672

ok, later

>> No.35267739

not posting for a few weeks till i learn a new song
keep my name out of your mouths in the meantime

>> No.35267766

in the mean time i hope she gets a boob job so i can fantasize about her

>> No.35267773

she just cant help herself can she lmao

>> No.35267821

are there any good short audio courses or anything for just starting out learning, like absolute basics, that's fairly passive listening that I can throw on while at work? I am on my feet and reading labels and stuff 95% of my work day, so it will he beneficial if I can make educational gains with that.
Then I can come home and pair it with starting to learn hiragana and katakana.
But sometime to passively listen to as a complete beginner. I say passively because I will be reading labels and stuff so I will probably zone out here or there.

>> No.35267830

>Korean and Chinese
Nox and the fact that MAL does is stupid. It's an Anime site, not a Drama site.
>Japanese Language Option
AniDB has every cataloging option you can imagine it's so autistically beautiful. Also no third party scripts like Google, nor ads. Just a focus on the content and advertising.

>> No.35267835

>a page full of inner dialogue is about which maid folded mc's suit
holy fuck can these eroge writers at least try to make mc interesting

>> No.35267843

There's a bunch of learn japanese asmr vids I sometimes watch before falling asleep. They usually just teach a few words or phrases over the course of an hour.

>> No.35267857

yeah just put on cure dolly videos

>> No.35267872

>Your chances of learning Japanese are low.

>> No.35267915

i dont want to be a minority

>> No.35267923

but not zero

>> No.35267938
File: 531 KB, 1024x535, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.35267966
File: 649 KB, 1417x2000, E4AfX75UcAAeFip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35268036

literally me

>> No.35268076

Watashi wa unagi desu.

>> No.35268092

anacreon didnt even reply to my kanken deck request :'(

>> No.35268095
File: 228 KB, 474x355, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How long until I can read shit in nihongo!?!?!?!??!!?! for fucks sake they told me once i learn the kana i could read and slowly git gud but i'm a month in, learned 400 kanji from RTK, learned like 150 words from core6k and did half of genki 1 and I still can't understand anything from any japanese text

>> No.35268117

its gonna take you at least 10x what you know now to start (vocab wise) and it will suck a lot until you have at least 50x more vocab. things will get better once you reach 10k words

>> No.35268122

kill me now the expatfags told me you only need 200 words to be conversational.....

>> No.35268134

>I would say it's actually possible to fluently speak a language knowing only about 50 words. If you understand the "grammar" of a language, you can basically get by anywhere anytime with a couple dozen words only. What words you don't know can easily be figured out, but you can't wing it with grammar and you can't wing it with morphology.

you only need 50 anon

>> No.35268144

>200 words to be conversational
this doesnt make sense at all. wtf at this point im not sure i should blame them or you for believing such a bullshit
im not there yet but apparently it only gets better (to read stuff) once you reach 30k words so you only encounter a new word here and there

>> No.35268146

I think that's a correct way thinking. It makes sense, most of language is filler words.

>> No.35268185

its an old meme

>> No.35268212

I have a dictionary of basic japanese grammar and dictionary of intermediate Japanese grammar (the yellow and blue ones). Is there any use in getting a handbook of Japanese grammar patterns?

>> No.35268225

How do you know 400 kanji but only 150 words?

>> No.35268275

rtk. he literally said that

>> No.35268280

rtk teaches you kanji with english meanings only
no readings, no actual words

its really dumb

>> No.35268293




>> No.35268311

ok, where is he?

>> No.35268319


>> No.35268320

Imagine knowing 女 but not おんな or 音 but not おと. RTK is fucking stupid.

>> No.35268329

I like RTK. I think its probably the best kanji resource out there.

>> No.35268338


>> No.35268344

You honestly dont know kanji until you do something like RTK and specially RTK. Otherwise you know only a blurred shape of the kanji. Not its details

>> No.35268352

never been on reddit though
better luck in the future!

>> No.35268363

You honestly don't know Japanese until you read a fucking book.

>> No.35268370

And do RTK

>> No.35268375

japanese is not suited for novel form
thats why we have manga

>> No.35268380

Imagine wasting all of that time on RTK when you could just read a book.

>> No.35268391
File: 61 KB, 465x660, 561966EB-4760-453B-976F-DC6208C11CDA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35268401

all lns are garbage so that proves my point

>> No.35268407

>all that time
2 months
you spent more than this searching google on how to learn japanese only to find a bunch of gaijin full of retarded textbooks

>> No.35268412

>all lns are garbage so that proves my point
opinions like this are exactly why you suck at japanese

>> No.35268443

everyone i know who did rtk quit japanese shortly after yet here i am still chugging

>> No.35268474

this proves everything, anon. i kneel before your wisdom

>> No.35268475

Same. Reading bros unite.

>> No.35268486

thinking back it was really funny, i tried giving them some books i had already finished reading but they said they werent allowed to read yet until they finish rtk, which never happened

>> No.35268502

stop making up stories or get less retarded friends

>> No.35268506

reminds me of calvin tweeting he wouldnt dare play a vinnie until he finishes the tango decks
if you have an aversion towards japanese content youre ngmi

>> No.35268514

who else watches his fav AV stars on youtube?

>> No.35268521

unfortunately you have to be somewhat retarded to even want to learn japanese

>> No.35268522

i feel so sad when people fall for ecelebs memes.
>matt knows japanese so he knows what hes talking about
this depresses me. a lot. dont do what they tell you to do. do what they did. simple as

>> No.35268527

Starting do get a lot of answers wrong now putting wa and /\ in the wrong place.

>> No.35268539

im too old to attend japanese high school

>> No.35268562

Matt's not even done yet. Yes he's a "high" level but he makes a lot of mistakes and there's still a lot he doesn't know. He's a high level compared to most learners but it's not enough.

>> No.35268579

it's not enough for what? its enough to watch/read stuff and talk to natives easily. the only thing it isnt enough for is for autistic retards obsessed with becoming "native level" which they never will anyways

>> No.35268602

>I'm too old to eat lunch in a Japanese high school's toilet because nobody likes me.
Fixed that for ya

>> No.35268607

havent seen 司る in so long i read it as 伺う at first

>> No.35268615

It's not enough for being considered fluent. Calm down Matt.

Also fuck you Matt I won't forget what you did.

>> No.35268630






>> No.35268632

>It's not enough for being considered fluent.
you're honestly deluded lmao i dont even like mutt since he's a slimy grifter but to claim he isn't fluent is ridiculous.

>> No.35268667

>Also fuck you Matt I won't forget what you did.
the fuck did he do

>> No.35268723

youre probably way worse than him since only retarded shitters have these deluded insane opinions lol

>> No.35268742

is there anyone who has caused more seething among schizos than matto?

>> No.35268785

QM, analcrayon, rucuck, og, jamal.

but not dogen <3

>> No.35268853

Man, I'm gonna laugh so hard at you guys when I graduate soon lmao. You do deserve to suffer in this ngmi hell... Look at the retarded things you preach

>> No.35268868

Are you a vtuber??

>> No.35268878


>> No.35268883

Let's All Love OG

>> No.35268894
File: 1.88 MB, 640x532, 1620580888774.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well how are you gonna graduate then dumbass

>> No.35268897
File: 1.17 MB, 576x576, Praise me more .webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35268912

>when I graduate soon lmao
treating yourself to a prostitute?

>> No.35268914

>this anon hates djt. it must be og

>> No.35268987

og is anon though
you only know its her from her posting style and unique brand of mental illness

>> No.35269027

>From Japanese
you dont wanna use it ever again or how should i understand this

>> No.35269039

I'm not og. Ive been learning Japanese for two months. So far, I was doing retarded shit like core decks (2k words in). Now I finally saw the light. Now I finally know what it takes to learn it and learn it fast. That's why I'm gonna graduate in around 100 days.
So yeah, I'm not og nor any other namefag here

>> No.35269091

The youtube video told me to play ffxiv in japanese but whats the point if I skip the dialogue anyway

>> No.35269180

Just wait and be amazed. It's going to be so funny when you guys accuse me of studying Japanese for years instead of months and automatically prove my point

>> No.35269213

To be fair you can learn fast if you dedicate your time to it. But there's no chance i'm personally gonna do anything more than minimum. I've got other things I want to do during the day.

>> No.35269221

best you can do in 6 months

>> No.35269244

wow he sounds native

>> No.35269255

are you the same person?

>> No.35269260

i was blown away, he sounds great

>> No.35269272

Cope? This soon, guys? lmao

>> No.35269285

feeling blown away
he sounds great!

>> No.35269297

not feelin todays larp

>> No.35269309

dame nice tits

>> No.35269342

make sure to get ur double chin in the camera so we can see ur weight loss progress too

>> No.35269425

I hear lingo deer is better

>> No.35269555
File: 649 KB, 472x603, telegram.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35269675

Of course I will doxx myself just to please some retards. What did you smoke?
Nice projection

Well, guys. That's it. Gonna get back into my serious studies and you guys do whatever to fool yourselves into believe youre actually learning anything. See you later

>> No.35269676

streamable has been taking down videos if you haven't noticed. the safest place to store those videos is in telegram.

>> No.35269685

a collection of every streamable ever posted on djt is likely less than 3 gigs anyone can archive them locally

>> No.35269733

archiving for the mass use.

>> No.35269750

you can do a vocaroo or stream yourself playing a vinnie
you dont have to doxx yourself or show your face

>> No.35269869

Not gonna record my voice. Not in Japanese nor English/my native language lmao

>> No.35269943

how will you amaze us with your japanese then? >>35269180

anyone can put stuff into deepl or ocr words
cant fake muscle memory though

>> No.35269957
File: 28 KB, 444x174, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35269998

this new personality is boring

>> No.35270003

i havent noticed cause i dont give a fuck about random clips that mean nothing

>> No.35270043
File: 34 KB, 1096x269, 1605522494025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow i sure do love summer

>> No.35270047

I guess it's enough to say where I'm at. Right now, a little less than 2k words into core10k. I stopped doing it tho and probably will phase out the reviews.
In 100 days, reading light novels and novels like it's in English
Not gonna reply anymore. I have a lot to study now

>> No.35270050
File: 1.69 MB, 1920x1080, coco.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35270068
File: 18 KB, 366x297, 1189463169116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol no

>> No.35270071

this guy is trolling btw in case anyone hasnt realized it

>> No.35270089

I've been wearing just pyjama bottoms for the past month, I really hate the heat.

>> No.35270149

stopped wearing socks and pants

>> No.35270211

i always wear a shirt at home during summer cause my arms making contact with my torso makes me even hotter and sweatier if i dont have one on

>> No.35270215

stopped wearing bras

>> No.35270231
File: 73 KB, 1082x610, 1619139964606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do people live in places like this

>> No.35270243

forced central ac running full blast
low electricity costs
driving everywhere

>> No.35270244

fucking Johannesburg in Africa is 40-50 all year round it's insane. Thank fuck my ancestors moved up north. I'm dying when it reaches 10.

>> No.35270262

sounds fucking miserable, id be uncomfortable going out at night too cause id be sweating like a pig at those temps

>> No.35270267
File: 752 KB, 1174x1500, E3pPpaHVkAEKUjP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35270285

give me your best vocab book, i wanna buy a physical book on amazon.

>> No.35270292

your body adapts after a while
you stop generating your own heat

>> No.35270330
File: 23 KB, 507x373, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35270350

finna immerse

>> No.35270449

I'm not but I can understand how it can be mistaken by trolling by smaller minds

>> No.35270503

english native huh

>> No.35270513

What do you mean?

>> No.35270534

I do 20 kanji a day from RTK and 5 words a day from core2k. i plan on learning 30-50 words a day once I'm done with RTK

>> No.35270542

>I have a lot to study now
what exactly are you studying

>> No.35270550

>there isnt any subs for gto in kitsunekko

>> No.35270579

You don't need subs retard that's what your ears are for. just watch it.

>> No.35270597


>> No.35270616

how im gonna get my reading immersion tho

>> No.35270618

unironacally NGMI

>> No.35270629

upload to youtube as private unlisted video and use the text to speech feature

>> No.35270666

>not watching something you want to because there's no subs
think you're ngmi amigo

>> No.35270679

wtf? thats a 180 iq move there
i thought this was the intermediate thread

>> No.35270699

and the djt newfag gaslighting begins

>> No.35270703

why is daijirin below jmdict?

>> No.35270710

*speech to text

>> No.35270732

im really liking ep1 so far so im just gonna do audio only.

>> No.35270735

what is the equivalent of normie in japanese?

>> No.35270752


>> No.35270769


>> No.35270807

how about you hurry up and learn nip so you can translate it for the rest of us you lazy mong.

>> No.35270834

the point of learning japanese is so I can live my life outside of the english world, not to give you a taste of japan. go learn it yourself fucktard.

>> No.35270851

bro stop being lazy, think of your friends c'mon.

>> No.35270853

>be me
>often get ads for a mobile game
>i dont like mobile games
>this one actually looks really high quality
>im interested
>the game doesn't come out for months

turns out there was an anime and I had no fucking clue.

>> No.35270862

you're not my friend. i hate english and i hate you. ill be glad when I never have to speak this stupid language again.

>> No.35270947

i'm not the creator of that channel

>> No.35271002

>ill be glad when I never have to speak this stupid language again

>> No.35271039

western society is shit. it's the worst thing ever. i love japan. i want to be japanese. even if I can't be japanese im happy enough to live my life like a japanese person. japan is perfect and doesn't suffer from all the shit that killed western society and the language barrier keeps out the retards.

>> No.35271041

yep this man needs TSCs

>> No.35271051

you'll never be japanese tho.

>> No.35271075

doesn't matter. it's easy to become a japanese citizen, and if you're fluent japanese people treat you normally. i have never had a problem in japan.

>> No.35271086

oh? are you huwhite?

>> No.35271113

dude they are all on twitter and following in the wests foosteps just maybe 10 years behind at best. sorry to break it to you but by the time you learn japanese and settle in over there its gonna make you sick how far things will have degraded

>> No.35271129

cant wait to see leftists fucking the last remaining culture in the world

>> No.35271161

i am white but why does it matter?

no. even when western shit catches on over here like metoo it's not the same. its very very different here than what america was like.

>> No.35271169


>> No.35271177

you are just seeing what you want to see. then again its not my job to dishearten you when id also rather be there than in america at least while a good thing lasts

>> No.35271260

>you are just seeing what you want to see
im really not. i live here, i work in a japanese company and have japanese friends. I know what it's like here.

im treated fine.

>> No.35271264

true true
gotta enjoy it while it lasts

>> No.35271558

damn this looks like absolute trash

>> No.35271574

the cycle of djt namefags

>> No.35271613

if this is league but with pokemon ill probably try it till i burn out

>> No.35271673

Some fag added me to this channel, which prompted me to return browsing /djt/

>> No.35271739

>japan is perfect and doesn't suffer from all the shit that killed western society
Fucking kek. Modern japan IS a western society

>> No.35271761

japan is the perfect country, i am going to find my love in japan

>> No.35271785

great anime

>> No.35271814

Anyway... Mined 156 words. Time to ankidrone

>> No.35271822


>> No.35271830


>> No.35271845

Honestly at this point I may as well learn to draw with how slow mangaka are making content.

>> No.35271852


>> No.35271863

its no fun to read or look at your own content

>> No.35271882

How true is that though, surely there's something nice about making a story exactly as you want it.

>> No.35271887

maybe your posts would stink less if you washed your pussy haha

>> No.35271908

while making it, its fun yeah, but if you revisit it you only see flaws

>> No.35271929

guess im og now lets gooo

>> No.35271949


>> No.35271952

how sweaty are your tits right now?

>> No.35271953

post feet

>> No.35272016

ok ill admit it i popped on in bed but i spent an hour practicing bass and im limiting myself. no more day posting its dead hours anyway

>> No.35272025
File: 53 KB, 212x218, 1335472272727.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35272044

still got no idea what og's doing in korea lmao

>> No.35272058

整形 probably

>> No.35272069

getting a himecut

>> No.35272070

also if i dont post music you all will have nothing but vtuber trash and the same handful of anime op/eds
did you not just have a breakdown yesterday for a similar reason? one of us, gooble gobble gooble gobble

>> No.35272079

what makes you think i click any of your links

>> No.35272084

never clicked one of your links

>> No.35272098

im not really a candidate for eye-opening surgery lol

>> No.35272106

good film reference, a true classic

>> No.35272110


now this is an absolute banger

>> No.35272120

stfu ciaran i still hate you

>> No.35272149

reminds of that guy that drew pictures of miku for her birthday, it was on the fucking news here for some reason, always weird to see anime in the news.

>> No.35272164

pro tip: just because i make half of the "ciaran" posts itt doesnt mean im actually ciaran

>> No.35272165

forgettable pedestrian j-folk
how many decades is this shit gonna persist its not been good since the 70s

>> No.35272190

i didnt have a "breakdown" i just said most interactions are useless and should be limited didnt say ill be abstaining from posting for weeks only to hirugaesu a few hours later lol

>> No.35272197

already know your taste is bad from the stuff you link, you dont have to further rub it in

>> No.35272234

>i just said most interactions are useless and should be limited
the optimal usage of this thread is to just use it to catch a breather between immersion sessions
and sometimes theres some good laughs to have

>> No.35272236


>> No.35272255
File: 884 KB, 1025x775, ina.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

talking bout miku...

>> No.35272262

yeah im getting railed rn, posting on my phone the entire time cause im bored lmao

>> No.35272270

Ina is so talented, I wish I was born with the ability to draw.

>> No.35272276

you should watch kodocha, i think youd like it

>> No.35272303

it looks good, ill add it to my list

>> No.35272325

you can, you just gotta do your reps

>> No.35272326

true but i was making a general statement at the time
no i didnt i only said ill be taking a break this one time and guess what i did i was gone for weeks i could do it again but its summer so thatd be kind of stupid

>> No.35272336

You don't know how really bad I am though. Also I'm left handed if that matters.

>> No.35272353

my hidarikiki brother
do you play an instrument?

>> No.35272379

I did try to play the guitar and the piano once, i've got no rhythm in my hands.

>> No.35272393

oh, weird. i started rhythm in late in life and it feels like im finally scratching an itch. piano sucked my parents forced me for years and it was rigid and i hated it but bass feels like music and i can "feel" it its a total experience

>> No.35272430

>hate piano
>bass feels like music

>> No.35272453

>t. knows nothing about music theory

>> No.35272458

im not a melody person, turns out. at least when it comes to playing it myself and what my body feels like doing

>> No.35272462

*doesnt sound like music in ur path*

>> No.35272474

bass parts are great, used to play bass parts on my saxophone way back
wanna pick it back up and maybe invest in a guitar when i have more disposable income

>> No.35272484


>> No.35272521

LMAO you guys are eternal ngmi. in every single aspect of your lives

>> No.35272524

im gonna buy a piano/keyboard eventually so i can play hisashis stuff

>> No.35272534

its not that i dont like hearing piano but its not something i want to do myself. i dont feel the creative process with piano like i do with bass. i like singing the melody though

>> No.35272556

bass is the worst instrument ever. youd better be playing the harmonica or some retarded flutes.
bass is terrible lmao

>> No.35272573

>og breaths air. air is stupid lol
bunch of groovelet autists

>> No.35272576

tfw u will never be a virtuoso

>> No.35272578

gonna buy one of them blowjob flutes and theres nothing you can do about it

>> No.35272579

really love the bass line in this,
especially from 0:38 onwards

also this overall, great channel btw

>> No.35272598

Can I film it. Just for a laugh like haha.

>> No.35272610

teared up listening to a lovely erhu concert video

>> No.35272615

he had mutant hands could play a 13th

>> No.35272653

dame, a larc en ciel bass cover is like reading my dang mind. thanks
i tried that exact white p-bass model with the sparkly red pickguard. ended up returning it cause my fingers felt too small for the neck and i wanted a rick anyway

>> No.35272654

well judging by this thread bass players are absolute retards

>> No.35272697

its og her level of retardation is hard to generalize from regardless of context

>> No.35272716

also always loved the bass line in this

simple but it just hits the spot

larc has many good bass lines
blurry eyes
new world
caress of venus

>> No.35272729

what can i say my primitive brain likes simplicity in my music. piano and classical at a certain level just feels like work rather than enjoyment
just wanna strum some dank root notes under a nice hook, sue me

>> No.35272796

dude, play guitar. play anything but bass. its too retarded to play bass. people itt keeps falling for memes one after the other. watching some dave504 videos and now playing bass

>> No.35272797

damn thats a nice one. right up my alley. pick action too
i always like when bass has a little moment right from the start

>> No.35272801

classical music can be simple and catchy too

>> No.35272809
File: 62 KB, 591x518, 1623943574536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35272842

playing electric guitar is 100x more of a meme than bass
i know that, but most classical snobs scoff at my favorite piece being chopins nocturne op.9 no.2

>> No.35272846

wanna throw this guy out of a plane

>> No.35272873

nice one

really like the bass in this song as well
wish janne da arc still was around

>> No.35272886 [DELETED] 
File: 33 KB, 363x529, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35272904

cute pubic hair peek!

>> No.35272908

what do you think her parents would say if they saw this

>> No.35272934

You mean gross.

>> No.35272942

no its really really cute
i wish it was a regular thing at the beach

>> No.35272946

theyd probably jerk off

>> No.35272952

being a woman fucking sucks.

>> No.35272956

>playing electric guitar is 100x more of a meme than bass
LMAO you guys are too retarded to be true

>> No.35272958

its cute!

>> No.35272968

you do know rock has been dead for like 15 years, right? outside of japan anyway

>> No.35272971


>> No.35272977

don't care about outside of japan

>> No.35272987

bikini mama?

>> No.35273022

she's too fat 尻

>> No.35273077

the thicker the better

>> No.35273078

hate her face. especially cause this is considered "pretty" in japan. long prominent nose and pointy narrow face. kao chicchai bitches all just like like rats

>> No.35273086

remember going to the us for the first time and being shocked how every 3rd person was the size of a fuckin elephant. u hear those statistics but its hard to picture that if you are from europe where you almost never see morbidly obese people.

>> No.35273094

obesity is a mental illness

>> No.35273099

obsessed europoor hours

>> No.35273120
File: 2.40 MB, 1920x1080, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's alright.

>> No.35273121

that's not what they mean when they say kao tittyai

>> No.35273127

its hard to even make out her real face in this
its a jav cover so its 99.9% fake
pretty sure there is no resemblance to her in the movie

>> No.35273131


>> No.35273135

burger obesity rates are high primarily because pharmaceutical companies that sell weight loss pills lobbied for the definition of obesity to change in an effort for more people to buy their pills
that being said, the us is the heaviest country on the planet so yeah youll see some fat people

>> No.35273143


>> No.35273148

that's some intricate cope

>> No.35273152
File: 2.38 MB, 1920x1080, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35273153

the obesity rates are high cause they eat mountains of garbage food, have to drive to get anywhere so they dont even walk let alone exercise and drink gallons of soda that contains insane amounts of sugar lol

>> No.35273156

i dont have one on me to share but look up the us obesity rate by year and you will see a sudden spike occur in the year they redefined obesity

>> No.35273164

>it's an "og seethes cause a barely attractive woman looks better than her" episode

>> No.35273180

obese people probably have messed up genes i eat a lot and dont exercise at all and my bmis still 22

>> No.35273186

yeah she's cute
i would

>> No.35273190
File: 118 KB, 472x600, 1617397989202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

og being an authority on rat faced bitches lmao

>> No.35273196 [DELETED] 

abstain from posting whitoids.

>> No.35273198

you havent seen her belly yet.

>> No.35273201 [DELETED] 

Gonna ask you to stop using that racial slur.

>> No.35273208

she probably gives the sloppiest kisses

>> No.35273210

best thing about javs are chubby bellies that jiggle to the beat of the pounding
so im sure id love it

>> No.35273212
File: 187 KB, 1016x1024, DiIUBWpU0AE3MXe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it is though. they like em pointy and weasely. ive been "set up" with at least two guys by japanese friends who had the kao chicchai thing going on and they both looked like marsupials. plus i watch enough idols and celeb stuff over the years to know
obviously they also care about the actual physical size of the face with masks and stuff too, but the impression is a different matter
true, they got her angles to look that way though.

>> No.35273247

og you're a fat ugly hog

>> No.35273251

wheres the soaplands guide? did that dude die?

>> No.35273270

he "graduated" lol

>> No.35273277

maybe if you keep saying that along with me not knowing any japanese, it will come true someday

>> No.35273279

yep, gone-orrhea'd himself from the thread

>> No.35273295

post the belly already

>> No.35273332

lucky bastard is probably out there living a good life full of debauchery and forgot about us
now ill never fuck a nip

>> No.35273333


>> No.35273359

both of those things are true u can keep lying till the cows come home

>> No.35273370
File: 40 KB, 519x567, M0hNhUoODs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hate it when beginners do this fake as fuck self-hype act

>> No.35273371

if only she went on a juice fast...

>> No.35273375

Japanese, unlike the rest of the thread

>> No.35273381

last thing i remember from him is him having a whitoid gf who's has some ridiculously high body count

>> No.35273389

yeah my posts in jp, mistakes notwithstanding, are just lies. also im clearly obese in the body parts ive posted lol

>> No.35273392

Watch me

>> No.35273403


>> No.35273408

i think its cute
hes full of shit, but i like his honki

>> No.35273421

thanks for being as vague as possible with your answers on every single post
makes it pretty obvious you're just trolling and i can safely ignore you

>> No.35273427

making posts with garbage n6 japanese that are still riddled with errors is supporting evidence that you don't know japanese, not the other way around lmfao

>> No.35273431

i think that other anon earlier had the right idea, im spending way too much time here as well. i think I'm going to graduate too. bye anons, see you on 2chan.

>> No.35273432

nothing you're saying is inspiration. stfu

once you're here longer you'll have seen so many beginners do it that it's no longer cute. you just view them as npcs/robots.

>> No.35273460

Dont you think it might be on purpose? I don't wanna help you. Why would I?

>> No.35273466
File: 134 KB, 1000x1200, E4E90NLUcAAjeV9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35273467

im not that bad. i mess up for sure cause im not fluent but and its obsessive you keep screeching i dont know anything after all these months
actual buzzword with a side of cope
you just sound like a grumpy old man
let him have his delusions and short lived joy
maybe hess surprise everyone, he deserves the chance to not fail at least

>> No.35273494

yeah dude was super fucked up tho so not really surprising
guy made an excel spreadsheet with over 100 soaplands, he definitepy lives in a world where whores are normal for him

>> No.35273498

imouto taught me you are supposed to wear your panties on the outside of your pantyhose
cant believe a japanese dude larping as a little girl btfod the way my whole family wears them

>> No.35273500

>i mess up for sure cause im not fluent
aka you dont know japanese lol

>> No.35273530

why did you respond to my post describing how you're an npc who is trying to hype yourself in an overdone and cringe way with something completely unrelated.

wtf are you talking about you dork who's giving anyone chances. the act has been done before. it doesn't matter what happens.

>> No.35273539

perfect is the enemy of good
holding learners to a binary standard of perfection is fucking retarded crabbucket shit

and you should consider a painless suicide method to save society the misfortune of your continued existence

>> No.35273557

>you are supposed to wear your panties on the outside of your pantyhose
your wear panties and pantyhose?

>> No.35273575

your japanese is bad by any definition in existence. you can't say you "know" a language you are bad at. it makes no sense.
>to save society the misfortune of your continued existence
lmfao ive contributed more to society in the past year than you have in ur entire fuckin life u worthless leech

>> No.35273576

no idea why pantyhose exist

>> No.35273587

Because they are sexy af?

>> No.35273590

So what does this mean?

>> No.35273604

if you are gonna act in a position to say my japanese is that bad maybe you could prove you are qualified to make that call with some japanese of your own

otherwise seethe, cope, clench, dial 8

>> No.35273617

Just realized your question and my answer were almost 4 hours apart. I studied Japanese the whole time and am now eating my lunch. What did you do?
You just shitposted ne, anon. tsc stc

>> No.35273635

yeah i like this kid. good luck man prove the haters wrong and make it somehow

>> No.35273639

meant for you >>35270542

>> No.35273894
File: 322 KB, 1920x1080, 7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35273915

Had a big crush on this one growing up.

>> No.35274238

why do you have subtitles?

>> No.35274309

cuz the screenshot wouldn't make sense?

>> No.35274425

lmfao gottem

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