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guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
previous thread: >>35225192

believe in the shark that believes in you!

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>Only 15 minutes early
Kinda based.

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Any JLPT N1 speaker here?

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ttgl and holotrash now that's a diarrhea collab

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In three weeks of learning Nihongo I have learned nothing.

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Damn, no better way to archive the old thread than with my beautiful post about nihongo gains. I'm happy

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Would ask for music recs for nip lyrics but i'll only get trash kpop or rap so I won't bother.

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Hate this new faggot.
"Nature abhors a (namefag) vacuum."

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I got you bro but maybe you should tell me what kind of songs you like. I'm assuming you can read.

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qm literally explains everything on his site assuming almost no tech literacy so everyone can follow are you telling me you cant spend 30 minutes to get everything setup forever? and youre supposed to be 130 iq? lol

but whatever im not going to spoonfeed you anymore

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Hope youre not talking about me. In case you are, why djt gets mad when someone is actually doing something about Japanese rather than shitpost?

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dame she still doesn't understand the problem with kitoaosa

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well, the ending was nice

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always a bimyou feeling posting a song with both jp and eng in it but oh well
appealing to my iq or competence doesn't really work on me but nice try lol
i appreciate you trying to help though sorry anki isnt gonna work out for me probably
sure is a whole lot of "nothing about japanese" in this post

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do you have add or something

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about as much as the next dopamine junky
so probably

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just watch lots of jp subbed anime

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ok my curiosity has the better of me wtf is suntan anus anon going on about? like, did you spread your butt? tanning bed?? i have so many questions

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i'd say bbc is gaslighting og into never making it but she's was never going to make anything anyway

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>was never going to make anything anyway
you could have inserted so many jokes at my expense there. wasted chance

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Have some confidence og for fuck sake.

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i'm not joking

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wtf how am i gaslighting

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im able to take a direct hit because i have confidence in myself to begin with, zoomer-kun

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No i'm sick of hearing this attitude you have towards yourself. It's not right and you need to stop.

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Thought I saw you saying it was starting to hurt n g l

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someone posted an image of a youtube thumbnail or something once
its a meme

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basically if you think playing with mpv scripts and anki is anything but a surrogate activity you're doomed

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lmao thanks for free therapy session, shits expensive
dont need your 意見 though

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great example of og's english with japanese words for those who were wondering

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why are you acting like i invented the concept? its pretty common in djt or at least was at one point and its literally free nihongo packaged in a dopamine punch

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youre right i forgot to say *だ と思ってた

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you might have not invented it but you certainly perfected it

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as an esl, sometimes the 日本語 term enters my brain before the english term
wonder if that happens to english natives too, because often the english term for something i want to say enters my brain before my native language

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if you know japanese you know what i'm talking about

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Wait a minute...
So :^) anon is og? LMAO

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sure is a lot of cope and blowing smoke in english from a bunch of non-nihongoers itt

also this is image is djt when i output except obviously they arent speaking japanese lmao

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you must be really smart anon.

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shes been doing a lot of not anki for years
anki isnt mandatory sure you can get good by getting a lot of comprehensible input alone but i suspect the real issue is the same as the one which is preventing her from setting up anki right now

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Are you trilingual? I only think in my primary language and pull words from there, sometimes i'll pull niche words from random languages like french but that's only because my English (primary) vocabulary is bad. But it's still better than the other languages I know. It's reasonable to pull words from a different language if the context is better. I remember reading something about language being routed in culture and that's it's important to learn different languages so you have access to more thoughts.

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finally, someone posts a 3d girl with a neat look

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skirt too long

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@og check out that 5th line

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And her vest too.

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Nah, just normal. Smarter than you, obviously, but just normal.

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yatura are fags, her fit is rad

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the real issue is i dont have a bf

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It's also hotter when their shirt is buttoned up with a proper done tie.

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^ falsefag og
im not a queer

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arigathanks gozaimuch

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what's the story behind the new namefag

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It's the same people pretending to be someone else.

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ruka or jabum
or ruka clones but thats so pathetic its hard to imagine

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names not new

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gura is outputting too

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i was surprised because i hadnt see the goatfucker shitpost in a long time; turns out he now shitposts holoshit.

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Does this count as reps.

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wonder if the target audience for mindbreak hentai is female, just like with ntr

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>target audience for mindbreak hentai is female, just like with ntr
how many levels of cope are you on, man?

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From time to time I use this name. Specially when someone posts Risa from japanesepod101. You can search on the archives so you dont make the same mistake as og calling me newfag when I was in fact here when she first started sperging in the thread with her obnoxious audios

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she cute
never used this crap.

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having completely ignored RTK and individual kanji study now it's coming back to bite me in the ass because im completely incapable of identifying/looking up an unknown word without yomichan/OCR

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I now understand what it means to answer questions correctly without knowledge. Pattern recognition is a hell of a drug.

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lord forgive me for not having perfect recall of every name and trip ive been unfortunate enough to come across. you most certainly were not posting with that name despite being here and are one the split personality faggots

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But at the same time you thought I shouldve know you prefer minna no nihongo over genki? I see.
Also, the problem was the assumption I was new rather than anything else. YOU are new, og. And became "famous" here by showing the thread how stupid you are

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>pretending to care about newfags this hard
there is about 75% of the thread for you to get to, then you can tell me how my almost 9 month tenure doesnt cut it
>became "famous" here by showing the thread how stupid you are
huh i thought it was for showing my feet lol

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Love the 4chan culture of every two weeks having a contest of who can recall the oldest memes. reminds me when I started posting and would watch the old videos of the 4chan cons.

>> No.35243027

btw you dont have to say "famous" in cunty passing aggressive tones, karen. "infamous" is the word you're looking for

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Don't use this inflammatory racist meme here, this isn't the place for it.

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wish j*mal would leave already

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>using my own takes against me

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damn this actually looks good

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really reminds me of ar tonelico

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sao more like 竿 haha

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goddamn only having imouto to "talk" to is miserable. if someone doesnt learn japanese itt i might actually end up leaving for real.
i miss bunko

>> No.35243209

learn japanese first og

>> No.35243218

yeah that cope only works for so many months, then it just becomes a self-own

>> No.35243222

Blame the nips for building their language incorrectly.

>> No.35243236

it's enough to read your crippled output to realize it.

>> No.35243250

its not that bad youve all just psyched yourselves out of it in some very impressive ways
and yet here you are critiquing me in english

>> No.35243257

early output is a sin you'know

>> No.35243270

one of these days djt will have to decide how ironic they are about matto's dictates

>> No.35243272

im happier when i have a nukige on the side that i play for several hours each day

>> No.35243283

I am a 学生 of 日本語

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>anon we are so tired, take us to your car

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1 > 3 >>> 2

>> No.35243321

i would love to have the opportunity to beat those little shits.

>> No.35243380

the cutest one always reminds me of a madoka character with her face shape, but not in a gross way. stop posting them though

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2 >>> 1 >> 3

>> No.35243503

umm honey 3 is bigger than 2 and 2 is bigger than 1

>> No.35243584

Ended up memorizing 71 words with this mix of sentence and words I started today. In a couple of hours (maybe not even 2).

>> No.35243601

The sentence structure of Nip is actually the same as the other language I know so it's not too bad.

>> No.35243654

already got banned 15 times

>> No.35243655

based sunege fetishist

>> No.35243704

lmao you're going to hell, but also kind of based

>> No.35243735

gonna get my testosterone checked in a few days

>> No.35243751

post what you consider a 10 and i'll check it for you

>> No.35243758

What, why?

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prime tomiko van
i have some symptoms of low test. it's not too bad but im curious and the test costs like 10 euros and the lab is 500 meters from my apartment so why not

>> No.35243789

yeah you might have some test problems but nothing big

>> No.35243794

Why does low test matter?

>> No.35243801

why do working testicles matter

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?? do you live under a rock or something lmao

>> No.35243829

I mean, I prefer vague science where all these difference were just summed up as your personality. It's not as if chemical treatment is effective or worth it.

>> No.35243840

>It's not as if chemical treatment is effective or worth it.
the millions of middle-aged and older men on test replacement therapy would beg to differ, restoring your test levels to normal can have a very positive effect on quality of life

>> No.35243851

You could be right but I prefer prayer.

>> No.35243863

well you're an uppercaser so being retarded is expected

>> No.35243864

i've really come to dislike the pacing in vinnies, they mix and give a lot of exposition to all the heroines (even the ones you dont give a fuck about) in the "common route" and then proced to completely ignore them once you go into a specific route.
why the fuck dont they make the vinny diverge into different routes from the start.

>> No.35243871

Without personal change you will be dependant on materia for satisfaction, this could lead to future problem. Much wiser to look after your spirit.

>> No.35243887

he never really talked to you in japanese he made fun of you without you realizing it

>> No.35243900

there's a japan thread on /int/ (not djt) if you wanna brave it

>> No.35243911

i did realize it and thats when i knew he wasnt worth giving a fuck about.
plus i had aother native vet him and although he confirmed she was probably native in her words her was an obvious a menhera case and very un-japanese in behavior

>> No.35243929

fuck im tired, cant even type. going to bed

>> No.35243933

wait i'm confused who vetted who

>> No.35243938

imouto isnt a she

>> No.35243949

yeah i meant "she vetted him and confirmed he was native, ect"

>> No.35243952

we need og to vet imouto

>> No.35243957

she already did remember the いぬ incident

>> No.35243967

oh ye


>> No.35243982

only in djt crazyland does imouto's schtick make any sense. its only natural you would assume something is seriously off with him especially as a newfag. a sole native man playing the character of a retarded 5 year old girl calling everyone big brother and typing in hiragana most of the time...yeah how could i ever had thought differently lmao

>> No.35244006

it's amazing how you always misunderstand what you're being laughed at for

>> No.35244032

it seemed to me that imouto intentionally wrote vague and obscure shit trying to trip up the retarded gaijin

>> No.35244036

Why does /djt/ care about native imitation? Is it common in the language learning community?

>> No.35244069

cuz you have to be the nipponjin to understand the nipponjin

>> No.35244071


>> No.35244085

its amazing how you always speak cryptically around an issue to act like your in on a joke when your completely inept. i noticed how imouto has a両義 behind a lot of their posts and takes it farther when he engages with you.

if you knew japanese you'd know why his level of 皮肉 and maliciousness coupled with the menhera larp in an thread for jsls is absolutely unbelievable.
its fucking disgusting pathetic cowardly behavior and i hope he jumps in front a train when his parents die and it takes a while for him to bleed out

>> No.35244112

okay but i never said anything about that?

>> No.35244115

it's pointless to care about that shit if you're not fluent

>> No.35244122

What does sumida mean?

>> No.35244136

"pass the dog, please"

>> No.35244142

does anyone know of a way to bulk add pitch accent in [x] format to an anki deck?

>> No.35244169

not much different than trying to bait esls with dopamine vortex or simpering optics, tbqh
both are ok in my view, natives should make fun of foreigners

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File: 17 KB, 228x599, 1594000952093.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

new bccwj freq dict is now out

useful for finding out how names are read and the freq of yoji


>> No.35244218

only one thread up?
are we saved?

>> No.35244231

I've decided on my thread name for /djt/.

>> No.35244276


>> No.35244313

Do you ever think you should learn actual real world words instead of meme vocabulary?

>> No.35244323

loling that og is seething this much at imouto who is probably the most innocuous poster in djt

>> No.35244338

>meme words
play more cunnyge

>> No.35244340

go vegan, its the easiest way to up your testosterone

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>> No.35244350

Give me some reccs, I know nothing about the genre.

>> No.35244351

it's different cuz she believes that's actual english

>> No.35244364

thanks anacreon, now i wont forget how to read 田中

>> No.35244406

if only i knew what this means

be curious cuz we jammin

>> No.35244411


>> No.35244440


>> No.35244473

dont confuse "banal" with "innocuous" hes a menace
ill have his guts for garters yet

>> No.35244478

when one of the 3 worst posters in djt history hates someone it just makes me like him more

>> No.35244482

>wearing garters

>> No.35244497

Putting this in my notepad so I can call you it later.

>> No.35244500


it's basically a freq list based on a bunch of shit. why is that special? it's really not.

the only thing interesting about this freq dict is they used some sort of statistical analysis to find "LUW"s which are basically when you put together the pieces of things that MeCab finds. so like MeCab would view 目的地 as 目的 + 地 separately. But this one sees how they combine into one and has a freq for the 目的地 combination specifically. along with names, and yoji

>> No.35244518


>> No.35244556

oh, thanks for clarifying
maybe you should put that on your website
or at least that the acronym stands for "Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese"

>> No.35244581

we can be ゲイ together お兄たん

>> No.35244584

i literally link to the site it tells you all this

>> No.35244647
File: 164 KB, 1826x482, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i read the site and no where does it say what bccwj stands for
only once they explain the acronym it in japanese

>> No.35244686

ok now i see where it says what it means
why the fuck would they put it over the first header

also lmao

>> No.35244690

brb making a 藁人形 of imouto to drive into a tree with some 五寸釘

>> No.35244708

>be dropout friendless purposeless loser doing nothing with ur life
>constantly pick fights for no reason on djt to fill the void
og is so pathetic lmfao

>> No.35244711

hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi fu mi hi hi fu

>> No.35244738

would it better to pick fights with real people? lol
i mean im not adverse to that idea but i need more training and people who deserve it

>> No.35244762

no amount of scam kungfu "training" will prevent a man that has 30-40 lbs on you from tossing you around like a ragdoll or knocking you out with 1 punch but it makes me happy that theres a chance it might happen to you due to your delusion

>> No.35244771

This is why I decided to make myself fatter. Throwing your weight around is a much easier way to fight.

>> No.35244779

if that was true we wouldn't be breaking bucks to this day

>> No.35244800

jam*l telling me he weighs 130 pounds gives me a lot of 自信 for fighting asian criminals desu

>> No.35244813

crazy how og never picked a fight with me

>> No.35244826

probably cause youre one of the good ones

>> No.35244849

my shins are hard as fuck from 20 years of kickboxing, if i calf kicked og with even 15% force she'd crumple on the floor in agony. great mental image for me.

>> No.35244877
File: 64 KB, 500x688, zw7218eoqz371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any opinions on tae kim vs organic japanese with cure dolly for grammar? if I'm to believe cure dolly, tae kim (along with all textbooks) is the antichrist. I tend to agree that textbook learning is shit because of the input hypothesis, but given how much people shill for tae kim it might be good

>> No.35244881

I got taught how to kick when I was younger never liked doing it in a fight. It was much easier to grapple. The only thing that happens when you kick is your leg gets grabbed and you get pushed over.

>> No.35244917

honestly cant think of a fighting experience that isnt a win for me either way. i have 3 siblings including a brother and a lot of practice experiencing pain from both sides. i just need to train my body so im not a total disgrace going in

>> No.35244928

literally doesnt matter because you only truly acquire grammar from consuming japanese content, not from tae kim or dolly
best they can do is kickstart your immersion

>> No.35244933

the cunt is comparing men and women in a pound per pound basis as if they were equal lmao.

>> No.35244942

you're not catching a calf kick thrown by someone that's good at it. watch the ufc, it basically never happens. hell, even kicks to the body are rarely caught. you dont understand how fast it is until you get kicked by someone who knows what they're doing.
you need to train actual boxing/kickboxing to get a solid striking and footwork foundation. you also need to do bjj because you're a small woman and if i guy wants it, you'll end up on the ground no matter how slick your jab is

>> No.35244944
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>> No.35244946

i present to you jamal's kryptonite

>> No.35244963

You are right but you're never gonna encounter a strong kicker in your life.

>> No.35244983

very obvious giveaways for both of them
think even he would get that right

>> No.35244994

says you

>> No.35245028

oh yeah also im getting kickboxing training and stuff too, its a pretty open dojo or whatever and well rounded. ill check out bjj too i have heard good things about overcoming size disadvantages with it

>> No.35245040

i can guarantee pretty much that guys from my gym with 1 year of training could kick ur leg fast enough that you couldnt even check it let alone catch it lol bjj is great and i do it myself but most schools put everything that happens before you're on the ground to the side

the only time in the past 10 years i got into an actual "fight" irl i just kicked the guys leg as he was getting into my face and he just collapsed on the ground and i didnt even kick him particularly hard

>> No.35245061

Oh c'mon, do you know how close you have to be to land a shin kick on my legs. you don't need to catch a leg at that point.

>> No.35245066

Lads, how do you keep up with the vocabulary you learn? Are you writing it all down on an specific notebook?

>> No.35245073

my kung fu place rolls shit on your shins and shit to strengthen them its pretty intense
im going to really be pushed to my physical limits. at worst im frontloading for real combat training later

>> No.35245075
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>> No.35245083

what a cringy topic. djt is over

>> No.35245089

i put them in my memory palace

>> No.35245093

how are you learning? personally I'm learning through an anki deck so I have an inbuilt spaced repetition algorithm to make sure I remember the words. if you're just writing down stuff in a book, it's much harder

>> No.35245099

mukatuki yuuna: some of you guado are alright, dont go to guadosalam tomorrow

>> No.35245114

effective distance management is also something u learn at the start, it's not just "standing statically > kick > standing statically". obv if an untrained person who doesnt understand movement tries to kick a grappler they'll just get double legged into the pavement

>> No.35245118

I am just using duolingo and writing down any new word. I am also memorizing Hiragana while doing that. My notebook is a mess right now, might just tear it all and restart by writing the hiragana and katakana alphabets at the beginning then focus on writing sentences with communicative purposes.

>> No.35245133

click the link on my site, press control+f, type "balance", see that indeed the acronyms expansion is on the page. also you can just google it and find the academic paper in english saying how it was made

>> No.35245167

im glad at least one anon here has martial training to any degree, even if he uses it just to dab on my dreams lol

>> No.35245200

duolingo is awful. it has a good interface and tries to make language learning fun, but it doesn't make the language fun. you're not given enough input for your subconscious mind to get an intuitive understanding of the language like you have with English. look into immersion learning methods like ajatt and it's successor https://refold.la/

>> No.35245206

that might be first unironic shilling of refold ive seen itt

>> No.35245215

all you need to learn about fighting you can learn from chuunibyou anime

>> No.35245222

I guess reading genki 281 is better, don't mind me

>> No.35245234

if thats the case, then im more powerful than any of you can imagine

>> No.35245240

gotta say i forgot about most of the worldbuilding and stuff of the ffx universe

>> No.35245254

never played a ff game and i never fuckin will

>> No.35245277


>> No.35245286

yeah totally going to watch that bro lol

>> No.35245287

play dq5

>> No.35245288

the worldbuilding in x is unmatched. even though i really like xiii background lore and mythos, the actual live setting is hit or miss. every single thing about spira is memorable and feels fleshed out without overloading or infodumping

>> No.35245289

>not refolding
lmao ur lyf

>> No.35245310

I was aware that Duolingo wasn't gonna take me all the way but I felt like a good way to start off, now I want something more. I will try out Refold and the megapack on the OP.

>> No.35245311
File: 76 KB, 800x462, duochad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35245316

nice bro, hope you enjoy it

>> No.35245318

does my 1 year of karate counts for something?
i got kicked in the head quite often and i know what you mean about the speed and strength of a kick but i also i've been in a street fight and i know that there's a difference between fighting in a dojo and fighting outside.

>> No.35245331

why are they wearing those?

>> No.35245359

>does my 1 year of karate counts for something?
it depends on how you were instructed. there are forms of karate that are actually effective but then theres the watered down shit kids learn at shitty mcdojos in strip malls in the us which is useless garbage
>also i've been in a street fight and i know that there's a difference between fighting in a dojo and fighting outside.
if you're doing proper sparring in a kickboxing gym the difference is that both people at least somewhat know what they're doing unlike in a street fight.

>> No.35245360

Where's the fucking ranged gameplay nips.

>> No.35245361
File: 64 KB, 500x568, 43543636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

one of the most beautiful airs in all vidya, think i knew this before any real japanese song

>> No.35245383

yeah this is pretty based

>> No.35245386

have you ever been in a streetfight.

>> No.35245391

watched someone do the demo boss earlier, looks a lot like sekiro with the parrying and that yellow gauge
maybe there's some jobs for ranged combat but i guess it would be kinda op if you could just run and shoot down the bosses

>> No.35245392

play ちっちゃな花嫁 ~まだまだつぼみだもんっ~

>> No.35245407

yeah like 4 times all when i was younger. i had been training for 5-10 years when all of them happened.

>> No.35245411

the quick version is that you should start learning kanji right now through rtk or preferably the recognition rtk pack. while doing this, you should try to consume Japanese content to get used to the language. then you should start on a core2k type deck to get the most common words while reading a grammar guide. these things won't actually help you learn the language directly, they just prime you to pick up the language through immersion (reading or listening)

>> No.35245430

Hope there's a machina user. Machines in ff were cool.

>> No.35245442

RTK1-3 -> core30k -> reading

>> No.35245447

early kanji gives you a mental filing cabinet for vocabulary to fit into, and makes you literate early which improves your grammar comprehension significantly

>> No.35245451

shivas summon was absolute high art
especially for the technology and graphic limits

>> No.35245455

you need to finish core100k before reading

>> No.35245468

I haven't, i've never done stuff like hit below the belt. And when I was winning I got off the guy. I always cringe at those videos online where people kick someone's head in when they're already on the floor and exhausted.

>> No.35245525
File: 378 KB, 989x284, 1617259811513.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not having a furigana version of your favourite anime/manga/light novel series
ngmi. ascendance of a bookworm chads win every round

>> No.35245551

「彷彿 [0]」

「想起 [1]」


>> No.35245580

>when I was winning I got off the guy
that was nice of you to give him a happy ending lol

>> No.35245598

yeah, reading a furigana manga of some anime you already know is pretty good practice when you're a beginner
you dont have to worry about not getting some parts since you already know the story
and already knowing the story makes it easier to infer the meaning of words as well

>> No.35245600

maximum overpleb

>> No.35245603

I knew you'd say that but I couldn't be arsed to think of different phrasing.

>> No.35245635

see picture on the post (you) are replying to. it exists for a reason

>> No.35245648

finna immerse

>> No.35245659
File: 115 KB, 1061x726, Daughter and Wife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finana isn't streaming E3 though.

>> No.35245669

@beginners: just do core2.3k

facts about this deck:
>recommend by qm
>recommend by doth
>the only premade anki deck jamal has ever completed
>voted the best deck by /djt/ via strawpoll

>> No.35245685

pick your poison

>> No.35245711

I thought they couldn't co-stream.

>> No.35245770

dunno but these watchalongs are pretty dumb i wanna focus on what the actual stream says

>> No.35245793

Just put my kettle in the fridge after making coffee A.M.A

>> No.35245826
File: 61 KB, 800x800, mizudashi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont have to ask anything
but hario mizudashi cold brew > whatever you are doing

>> No.35245848

I'm just retarded and put a heated stove kettle inside a fridge. I didn't want to sleep today. Such is the consequence of my actions.

>> No.35245857

cold coffee is nasty as hell

>> No.35246054

coffee is nasty as hell

>> No.35246092

I thought i'd like honey in my coffee because you know I love sugar and milk but it actually wasn't nice.

>> No.35246144

ga*jin are nasty as hell

>> No.35246171

not THAT honey, jesus christ you degenerates.

>> No.35246277

try coca cola with one egg, is heaven on earth

>> No.35246567
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, projection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35246730

how do you guys look up words with kanji in an effective manner while reading manga that doesn't have furigana?

>> No.35246765

sharex ocr

>> No.35246786

i don't

>> No.35246835

kanjitomo is kinda shit but instant

>> No.35246840

kanjitomo. theres an ocr on android called kaku but its a pain in the ass and doesnt work on bad scans

>> No.35246870
File: 1.31 MB, 350x718, 1623722230901.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35246930

i dont look up i absorb the words

>> No.35246940

nakadasi > whatever you degenerates are doing

>> No.35246966

nice 五

>> No.35247100

vinnie bros...

>> No.35247116

i nakadasid ur mum last night

>> No.35247173

the point was you don't need to be good at writing kanji to use it

>> No.35247202

Try writing complicated kanji with wrong stroke order, direction, count (combine 2 strokes or split 1).

>> No.35247237

yeah it still works. it might not be the first option but it almost always appears in the suggestions

>> No.35247247


>> No.35247257

also learn the fucken stroke order people. it's not that hard. left to right, top to bottom. once you've done 100 lookups this way and checked the stroke order in your dictionary of choice it should start up become second nature

>> No.35247269

learning stoke order before being fluent is early output

>> No.35247279

so learn the basics and don't be a pleb?

>> No.35247301

Stroking isn't something you learn it comes naturally.

>> No.35247321

or from taking covid vaccines

>> No.35247324

Yeah, matt said the same thing in his patreon only livestream

>> No.35247335

maybe if you're shit at a language after a decade you shouldn't be giving advice

>> No.35247528

can't believe qm and doth are going to pass kanken 2 before matt

>> No.35247617
File: 1.22 MB, 1280x2378, ultimate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

@qm can you pls make an updated version of this image that reflects as a summary of your website better and possibly references it more

>> No.35247648
File: 1.23 MB, 1280x2299, guide.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

already outdated

>> No.35247661
File: 174 KB, 864x480, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35247705

wrong board

>> No.35247857

wtf is wrong with people that cant learn hiragana? like wtf

>> No.35247864

why the fuck you do this shit m8, you know that nobody in here learn how to draw kanji or stroke order or all that bullshit.

>> No.35247902


>> No.35247915

cope with my foot up your ass

>> No.35247928

i thought you had left moe

>> No.35247956


>> No.35247999

ざわ ざわ


>> No.35248012

not gonna watch any japanese stuff till me footie is over simple as

>> No.35248038

then look it up by radical like it's 1995

>> No.35248069

*reminds me of 2013 beach vacation with the boys and hits me in the face with a nostalgia mallet*

>> No.35248073

watch your footie in japanese
simple as

>> No.35248082

nobody in here learns japanese either

>> No.35248087

thats actually a good idea but idk where to find a link to it, are they even showing euro 2020?

>> No.35248089
File: 148 KB, 864x480, 0002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty annoying, dont like the zawa zawa sounds

also this hashiwatari arc is pretty dull
at least in the previous arc there was a game to solve and think about, but the show solved it each time for you immediately

hope the next arc will be better and have less of a linear plot progression

>> No.35248102

lmao you're gonna shoot urself in the head when they get to the pachinko arc in the second season if thats boring to you

>> No.35248121

is there gonna be a different guy who's watching kaiji for the first time every week

>> No.35248130

first result for euro 2020 日本語

>> No.35248131

true true
we acquire it
*flips through linnie*

>> No.35248152

it's an awkwardly natural kind of thing

>> No.35248160

if the next arc isnt better ill just drop it

>> No.35248169
File: 418 KB, 500x500, 1592828553480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i find more dnb like this with jp vocals? these songs are so good. also the vocalist is kinda qt

>> No.35248181
File: 69 KB, 800x800, glohyRg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's a good way to practice listening?

>> No.35248186

tbqh all the arcs maintain the same level of quality imo so youre prolly fucked

>> No.35248202

this is diarrhea for my ears

>> No.35248211

by listening

>> No.35248223

but what should i listen to anon

>> No.35248228

whatever u want

>> No.35248287

have to pay

>> No.35248299

dame everything nintendo is showing looks cheap and shitty apart from botw 2
kanasii na

>> No.35248314

You learn words with Core2K by recalling the meaning and reading of the displayed word. However, I advise against using Core 2K, and suggest you do Tango N5+N4 instead, and here’s why:

>Core 2K is significantly harder than Tango N5+N4 because Tango has the sentence on the front, Core 2K has only the word on the front.
>Tango decks work by showing you a sentence at the front, and the piece of information (a meaning and reading) needed to understand the sentence at the back. You click "Good" whenever you understood the sentence, and "Again" when you did not.
>The "N" number in the deck name refers to the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), with N5 being the lowest, easiest and N1 being the highest.
>Sentences make recalling vocabulary easier, after all, it is much more close to how we use language in real life as opposed to isolated words.

However, it is important to note that Tango's translations are not literal, and do not represent Japanese structure well, so I guess that's a flaw of Tango. In other cases, it might be utterly wrong.

People have always struggled with Core 2K, and to make the process smoother, I recommend Tango N5+N4 over Core 2K. Especially if you don’t want to do isolated kanji study!

>> No.35248330

Animecards are High Quality vocab cards which are different to standard vocab cards. Standard vocab cards simply have the word in kanji form on the front, and the reading and meaning of that word at the back. High quality vocab cards, as opposed to standard vocab cards, have the audio of the sentence (from an anime or voiced Visual Novel), also a picture (from an anime or Visual Novel) and the sentence it came from at the back, making them much more superior to standard vocab cards.

>> No.35248334

dont think so
the characters are pruposefully mob-like and relatively uninteresting so you naturally divert your attention to the games and strategy
the first arc was pretty okay in that regard

this one is not really doing that so i dont really know how to keep myself interested

>> No.35248341

don't bother unless you know pretty much every word in whatever you're listening to

>> No.35248361

you can hear the drop right anon??

>> No.35248369

yeah this wowow thing has exclusive rights to euro 2020 in japan and i cant find a pirated stream of it oh well

>> No.35248389

don't give a fuck about some retards chasing a 玉

>> No.35248399

you mean some shitty streaming site has the rights over a tv channel?

>> No.35248403

excerpts from this fascinating and flawless website:

>> No.35248404

oh you're a gross turk? gross

>> No.35248413


>> No.35248415

>it's easy and has sentences on the front!
those aren't real reasons. what's the point of being easier if doing the reps takes longer? what's the point of having a full sentence on the front when the vocab it's teaching you isn't even frequency optimized?

>> No.35248427

wowow is also a tv channel apparently

>> No.35248436

ew analcringe just gave me a (you) without my consent

>> No.35248446


>> No.35248486

really annoys me for some reason when retard beginners like analcrayon or og try to argue about japanese

>> No.35248494

post vocaroo

>> No.35248500

really annoys me when people give advice to beginners after they forgot what it was like being a beginner

>> No.35248531

i hate all of you

>> No.35248551


>> No.35248638

has someone who has used mostly autismcards achieved a respectable level of japanese comprehension?
so far queef seems to be the only one.

>> No.35248682


>> No.35248723
File: 147 KB, 864x480, 0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what where they thinking lol

>> No.35248745

cure dolly says not to use core decks

>> No.35248765

yeah well she's in hospital so she can't tell me what to do. learning relevant words for you based on what you're immersing in is best ofc, but you won't get to the level where there are n+1 sentences you can mine from without a base for comprehension. learning the most common words in the language is a great way to do that, and eases new people in

>> No.35248766


>> No.35248779

theres a lot of ass pulls in the show, a lot of the fun is how ridiculous it is

>> No.35248790

i dont care i complete a core deck a long fucking time ago.

>> No.35248798

shut da fuck up

>> No.35248810

no fun at all, just urges me to turn my brain off even more while watching
no wonder moe likes it

>> No.35248894
File: 10 KB, 630x70, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i don't feel bad for mishearing now

>> No.35248907
File: 39 KB, 913x169, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

isnt that espoused to be 信

>> No.35248947

dont u rmember that publicity stunt commercial where 2 guys were holding a giant glass pane across the city so clean u couldnt even see it

>> No.35248992

just give up

>> No.35249022


>> No.35249067

how is it connected to the wall though?

>> No.35249095


>> No.35249138

>itazuraneko doesnt have ps3 games
whats a reliable page for nip games downloads

>> No.35249142
File: 527 KB, 1920x1080, 魔装学園H×H 第12話.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>to be continued
yeah that didn't happen

>> No.35249150


>> No.35249161

why would i watch this when i can watch hentai directly.

>> No.35249173

hentai doesn't have your favorite seiyuus

>> No.35249176

higher production value than hentai (usually)

>> No.35249185

at least the ed was decent

>> No.35249194

still mad saito chiwa never voiced a porn role

>> No.35249197

no reason at all, just as i thought.

>> No.35249203
File: 316 KB, 747x776, 1572888390629.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35249216

bet nobody fucks in this show

>> No.35249232

obviously they dont, it's one of those harem anime where the mc doesn't fuck any girl.

>> No.35249239

in one scene it's implied that two rezu fuck off screen
the softcore with mc and the girls is pretty extreme but yeah they don't actually fuck

>> No.35249257

nothing worse than anime whose sole purpose is to blue ball you.

>> No.35249269
File: 1.51 MB, 3767x2218, 43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shame how battle harems went out of fashion

>> No.35249285
File: 616 KB, 768x1024, bestgirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im proud to say that i didn't watch most of those and those that i did watch i found them to be a gigantic piece of shit and dropped them halfway.
feels nice having such an elite taste.

>> No.35249291

i mean in some of these shows the mc ends up fucking later on but the anime only shows the first few volumes usually so you won't see it

>> No.35249292

what the FUCK happened to my thread

>> No.35249296


damn holos getting too powerful

>> No.35249302

i only have two left
let's goooo

>> No.35249327

i don't hate them but they have nothing on isekai harems it's simply the superior chugger genre

>> No.35249345

watched a few but dropped them all

>> No.35249348

watched every single one of those

>> No.35249354

dont remember hunter x hunter looking like that

>> No.35249374


>> No.35249375

crazy how there are so few anime where people fuck at all. ones i can think of off the top of my head: mirai nikki, domestic na kanojo, kuzu no honkai, rec (this ones actually good u should watch it) and one of the heavens feel movies

>> No.35249386

only watched rakudai, mahouka and trinity seaven from here. they all sucked to varying degrees

>> No.35249393

redo of healer

>> No.35249416

>Not only do they begin living together platonically despite their one-night stand
lol what

>> No.35249437

they fuck the first night they meet but then she's like nah that was just a one time thing but the guy is into her so he lets her live with him. it's actually a comfy romance show, i also just noticed the manga ran for 7 years after the show so im gonna read that too

>> No.35249463

>they fuck the first night they meet
wow what a whore.

>> No.35249464

looks good tho

>> No.35249479

i can think of kaifuku jutushi, gate, grisaia
and not shown on screen danmachi, monogatari, arifureta

>> No.35249490

ishuzoku reviewers

>> No.35249491

>so he lets her live with him
beta cuck

>> No.35249492

they fuck in gate? only like 10 eps into that. dont remember explicit sex in grisaia the show, dont remember it being intimated in arifureta. man my memory is shit lmao

>> No.35249493

school days was good

>> No.35249507
File: 7 KB, 291x185, 1618277519117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah looks great bro simply amazing lmfao

>> No.35249520

>school days
there's no ntr in the anime if i remember correctly
but there's a ntr scene in the game if you dont go for the route of that heroine.

>> No.35249524

there's sex in gate s2
pretty sure grisai no meikyuu has yuuji fucking the blonde german, also s1 explicitly has a teacher fuck one of the students in the stranded arc
in arifureta they fuck in the bath after clearing the first dungeon

>> No.35249561

this guy chugs

>> No.35249574

dame i'm posting in the same thread as somebody who hasn't seen school days and has to look it up on anilist of all places. this world is over

>> No.35249580

gonna put this on my tinder profile

>> No.35249584

couldnt give less of a shit

>> No.35249585

yup, gratuitous bunny girl rape scene in gate

>> No.35249593

White album 2
Panty and Stocking?

>> No.35249601

Haven't watch it either and it looks like garbage.
Eat shit

>> No.35249608


>> No.35249619

>school day
old enough that it's normal to not have watched it already, the most memorable thing about it is the ending after all.

>> No.35249629

ile s. stonishyuu

>> No.35249645 [DELETED] 


>> No.35249655

jamal spoiled it for me so ill never watch it
just like clannad

>> No.35249659

picked up

>> No.35249669
File: 92 KB, 1050x600, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35249676

you still can watch it and get a thrill at the end, it has a nice character development and pacing.

>> No.35249677

damn, glad hes gone

>> No.35249687


>> No.35249691


>> No.35249697


>> No.35249710 [DELETED] 

i've been gone for a few, why isn't jamal here anymore?

>> No.35249713 [DELETED] 

ask him on his discord

>> No.35249715 [DELETED] 

jamal committed seppuku in shame after doxxing bunko

>> No.35249723 [DELETED] 

J*mal was exorcised from this thread.

>> No.35249741 [DELETED] 

dont care about jabum where is moe?

>> No.35249743
File: 823 B, 104x69, letter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35249754


>> No.35249777 [DELETED] 

who the fuck is moe?

>> No.35249786 [DELETED] 

He left us.

>> No.35249791


>> No.35249794 [DELETED] 

is a thorough victory for obese girl, all her enemies went away.

>> No.35249822
File: 427 KB, 581x603, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35249835


>> No.35250006

rip in piece kanagorilla

>> No.35250018
File: 57 KB, 369x380, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35250064

nintardo sucks

>> No.35250071

She has good taste in ice-cream.

>> No.35250080

there hasn't been a single good game in 15 years so yea

>> No.35250147

and she'd give a hell of a handjob

>> No.35250157 [DELETED] 

4bbc is still here
og is working on the leak to drive him away tho

>> No.35250172

i think i just wanna consume from now on

>> No.35250174

only real nihonngo masters can point out the difference

>> No.35250186
File: 69 KB, 732x720, 1621137526925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My mind is too blown by the idea of following up watashi with ga instead of wa

>> No.35250200 [DELETED] 

i thought bbc was one of obese girl's simps

>> No.35250207

is the difference the increase in cockthirst?

>> No.35250214

what the fuck is wrong with the tranny why the fuck is he deleting posts

>> No.35250224

a lurking legend shall return

>> No.35250264


>> No.35250274

he said か゚ the second time

>> No.35250285

how do you type these with the ime

>> No.35250318

dunno i just have it as a custom entry in my dictionary

>> No.35250338

wish i had that kani streamable now

>> No.35250353
File: 435 KB, 518x425, 01_15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so fucking horny but i'm on no fap day # 5

>> No.35250372

lmao i know this feel and i'm a boy

>> No.35250386


>> No.35250391
File: 1.47 MB, 1507x819, 1598554529924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noticed that in the SMTV jp trailer 仲間 is written in kana and then as 仲魔 with 'ma' from demon despite the word not existing, though it's not hard if you know the word
how often to japs pull this shit?

>> No.35250403

so fucking horny and i'm on fap #5 today

>> No.35250405

whenever they feel like it

>> No.35250472

just read 大食 as だいしょく

>> No.35250480


>> No.35250483

just read 大食 as おおぐい

>> No.35250505

this is garbage, why did this bitch get so popular

>> No.35250530

crazy how u can become a massive pop star at 17 in japan and nobody even know who you really are

>> No.35250537

ぬきたい ああああああ

>> No.35250544


yea i'm thinking basedarino

>> No.35250570


>> No.35250625


>> No.35250650


>> No.35250656

does the average person really know words like 奏上? i feel like if i had an equivalent word in my native language i probably wouldnt know it

>> No.35250665



>> No.35250671

gonna ppap my foot up your ass

>> No.35250672

english words sound so dumb in japanese
i'll never not laugh at them

>> No.35250690
File: 225 KB, 548x538, 1603126854861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm not lying when i say that finishing core 6k took me 3 years

>> No.35250699

im not lying when i say i dont give a fuck

>> No.35250705

reddit moment

>> No.35250713

george-kaufmann connection is coming

>> No.35250724


>> No.35250763

how long have you been at it by now

>> No.35250811

3 years

>> No.35250822

how is matt still years behind everyone else with knowing about resources online

>> No.35250825

>matt mentioned
>analfaggot seething instantly
like clockwork

>> No.35250843

yeah you got issues analcringe

>> No.35250847

I mean does "lightsaber" not being an english word stop anyone from understanding it instantly?

>> No.35250881

>dopamine vortex or simpering optics

wtf does this mean

>> No.35250894

cuz he's already mastered japanese

>> No.35250911


>> No.35250932

gonna buttfuck analgayons ugly wife while he sobs in the corner lmfao

>> No.35250944

is pimsleurs any good?

>> No.35250959


>> No.35250968

is duolingo any good? (gonna try for 20exp a day)

>> No.35250969


>> No.35250974


>> No.35250989



>> No.35251012


>> No.35251023


>> No.35251030

>dopamine vortex
this was never said here
og said dopamine nexus

>> No.35251053

kung fu is bullshit. pick a better art

>> No.35251062

a good art would be picking fights on the street like in fight club

>> No.35251071

listen to me. kung fu is bullshit
it's fake fighting
pick a better art

>> No.35251075
File: 34 KB, 279x425, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

picking up a better art

>> No.35251084

lmao bitch thinks she's the bride from kill bill

>> No.35251094

i meant a better martial art
kung fu = larping

>> No.35251138

you know kung fu means martial art

>> No.35251143

best you start studying marital arts instead

>> No.35251182

yes, a fake one that doesn't work in real fights

>> No.35251191

Where can I talk to you privately? I have a job for you

>> No.35251192

oh i see what you're doing. "kung fu" means martial arts
yes, all of the styles are fake

>> No.35251215
File: 125 KB, 700x467, chinese boxing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the only style that isn't bullshit is Sanda
i hope that this is the style that you practice instead of doing those autistic stances
tiger claws or some bullshit like that

>> No.35251223

ive searched jp youtube high and low and still havent found anything more interesting than listening to crippled people talk about their trials and tribulations lmao

>> No.35251230

need you to suck this massive bbc

>> No.35251236

*snaps your legs in half*

>> No.35251237 [DELETED] 
File: 152 KB, 587x538, 1623783413108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35251255

all business inquiries should go to my email

anacreondjt [at] gmail

>> No.35251265

you can't say that every martial art from china is bullshit but the ones og will have access to certainly are

>> No.35251276

signed you up for some esl newsletters

>> No.35251335

buck breaking cock

>> No.35251347


>> No.35251357
File: 91 KB, 2143x850, another day.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another day another 50+ vocab added.
>Yes I'll do it again tomorrow.
>Yes this is sustainable
>Yes this is autistic

>> No.35251364

post hardest jap rapper

>> No.35251376
File: 49 KB, 480x360, keef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35251385


>> No.35251410

have nothing to mine and im trying to memorize at least 5 words per day. do your job, anons. send me words

>> No.35251417


>> No.35251427


>> No.35251437

yeah same as that tard that kept posting his kanji grid then gave up after a few months lol

>> No.35251444

thought i was at the daily japanese thread

>> No.35251447

i gotchu senpai

>> No.35251448

Last night, I ate at a ramen place (I just wanted something warm because Sydney winters are cold).

I asked the YOUNG server as she sat me down if I can put my work bag on the floor in Japanese (I do this to see if the place is actually Japanese or pretending to be).


She replied back, 大丈夫だよ, which is way too casual when a server addresses a customer unless I guess it's a maid cafe or something.

My traditional Japanese reflexes was about to go off on her about the proper verb tense addressing customers but I bit my tongue because:

A. I was hungry and I didn't feel like getting kicked out

B. I don't know her background

C. I'm not in Japan and it's stupid for me to care what is claimed as a Japanese restaurant to educate their staff members about manners

However, in my traditional Japanese head, that verb tense was enough to delete this place off my revisit list.

Moral of the story: even if you don't know the language, being polite and courteous makes sure you are not offensive to the easily offended.

>> No.35251456

yup, u are. maybe u should be reading a vinnie if u want to see jp words

>> No.35251466

10/10 made me triggered

>> No.35251475

dont you ever talk about wani speedrunner again. he had an amazing soul. hope he gets back someday

>> No.35251476

don't mind analbeads. he is always grumpy for some reason. see him like those old grandpa that are always angry about some thing
you don't argue with them
you just find them funny

>> No.35251489

or what

>> No.35251494

I go mental on staff but only if it's a shy girl. If it's a lad I'll give him a confidence boost and tell him he's doing a good job.

>> No.35251505

im gonna cry!!

>> No.35251511

the worst part is that there are people so vile in this world that idk if this is fake

>> No.35251534

wani runner is my messiah. waiting for him to come back and bring freedom to my people

>> No.35251543





>> No.35251557

>say high to _______ for me
never actually done this after it was said to me in my life

>> No.35251568

having literal adhd makes this shit almost impossible. even listening to something in english i constantly find myself skipping back 5 seconds to relisten to a sentence because my brain just skipped over it

>> No.35251576

yeah its over

>> No.35251587

just go take a fucken volume of manga and go to a park or forest withour ur phone and read it

>> No.35251611

being forced to consume shit to maintain your japanese is annoying
i don't remember feeling like this with english

>> No.35251614

Do more stuff at the same time not less, when I ''''learn''' I'm watching Nijisanij, playing ffxiv, and posting in multiple threads. Humans are supposed to be bored.

>> No.35251615

hate reading because again even in english i'll end up reading an entire page and realizing i absorbed none of it and have to read it all over again

>> No.35251625


>> No.35251627

Not supposed to be*

>> No.35251630

no one is forcing you to consume anything
if you don't naturally want to consume things in japanese then maintaining ur japanese is pointless anyway

why is that a problem

>> No.35251631

yeah never been asked to say high either

>> No.35251635

thought i had ADD cause this used to happen to me in uni then just remembered i hated what i was studying and thats why

>> No.35251643

because it's annoying and i have an aversion to reading because of it

>> No.35251649

then don't read if u don't enjoy it. problem solved

>> No.35251651

Do you think this is completely true? I guarantee if you started reading again from the start you would suddenly recall the plot.

>> No.35251652
File: 9 KB, 225x225, anacreon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35251657

Is the joke this isn't a captains uniform.

>> No.35251659

do you lack the capacity to understand things in a nuanced way or are you just being obnoxious on purpose?

>> No.35251666

he's a massive twat just ignore him

>> No.35251674

wow how rude wtf is ur problem

>> No.35251677

>no u
every time

>> No.35251683
File: 639 B, 135x20, FOHdLK1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check em

>> No.35251696

it's a game to you isn't it

>> No.35251700


>> No.35251730
File: 849 KB, 4000x4000, B2364E32-C2DF-43C1-8DE1-32FDC0BDFD3E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whatchu bros watching

finished a bunch of monogatari now everything feels impossible or piss easy

>> No.35251732

i already don't

>> No.35251744

I thought the whole point of this is now you get to choose what you want to watch.

>> No.35251763

i like japanese content but that doesn't mean that i want to watch 16 hours of japanese diarrhea every single day for 50 years

if you stop even for a while, you already feel a decrease in your jp level

>> No.35251781

not really if you know japanese you know japanese

>> No.35251787

>what is a forgetting curve

>> No.35251788

i'm not saying that someone is forcing me to do it

i'm saying that _if_ you _want_ to maintain your level then you are forced to do it

>> No.35251793

sometimes there’s just nothing you actually want to watch but don’t want to let a day go by without practice. some day i intend to gradually swap all the inevitable bullshit internet time wasting to JP to aid in this, but vocabulary and kanji still have a way to go first.

>> No.35251799

People are learning Japanese so they can spend their time maintaining their Japanese level?

>> No.35251805

it depends on how early on your journey you are, the more advanced you are the less immersion you need to keep your level.

>> No.35251810

i don't know japanese that's why i'm in a learning thread

>> No.35251817

shield hero. it's pretty fun so far and the adventures have a comfy feel to them but i swear to god episode or two the mc does something retarded or cringey or some other shit happens that doesn't really make any logical sense. i'm sure it's probably all great in novel format but idk some of that stuff just doesn't translate well to the anime. i'm feeling a 6/10 at best right now.

>> No.35251829


>> No.35251840

i call this the matt disease

>> No.35251845


>> No.35251853

what would i be doing on /djt/ if i already could already speak and understand japanese at a native level?

>> No.35251871

if you don't know japanese you don't belong here. simple as

>> No.35251877

this is the thread for insecure fools who want to larp they are native level to compensate for their feelings of inadequacy

>> No.35251881

might as well delete the thread then because no one does
not at the level that you are implying

>> No.35251882


>> No.35251889

i come here for og

>> No.35251894

like 3 of the top 10 power users quit a few days ago so the threads are empty now wtf

>> No.35251897

i cum for og

>> No.35251901
File: 228 KB, 1920x1080, [SubsPlease] Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level Max ni Nattemashita - 07 (1080p) [D639AFF4].mkv_snapshot_14.41.109.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

watching aots

>> No.35251904

i can recall only 1

>> No.35251905

only 1/3 actually was competent in japanese

>> No.35251912

wish that were me

>> No.35251918
File: 1 KB, 84x44, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yea ill skip that one

>> No.35251923

moe is 2. 3 is a hypothetical user who probably took a lot of inspiration from moe and jamal.

>> No.35251930

moe being able to passively understand half of his chugger anime doesnt count

>> No.35251942


>> No.35252008

don't remember that character from madoka

>> No.35252022

Hey guys.. How to say " You are hot! " in Japanese without sounding like google translate?

>> No.35252027

ijiban atui hoon

>> No.35252041


>> No.35252045

anata wa gei

>> No.35252048

i havent come in a week after a ban
usually make like 50-100 posts per thread

>> No.35252063

i make 100 posts in a minute

>> No.35252074

urusai bonkura

>> No.35252075


>> No.35252077

yuu aaru hotto

>> No.35252081

色っぽいじゃないか (coomer)
いい女じゃないか (general)

>> No.35252089

is the spammer banned cuz it's page 9 and he didn't make a new thread but this is how things should be.

>> No.35252102

how many new cards do you guys average per anime episode?

>> No.35252105


>> No.35252114

i'd fantasize and masturbate at the thought of seeing og if she had big tits

>> No.35252121

honestly though japanese girls arent going to be as flattered by the concept of "hotness". theyd rather be called cute/pretty/beautiful.
its pretty stupid to call someone hot in english really, it just a nicer way of saying "your fuckability rating is exceptional"

>> No.35252136

If you have the core2k/6k or the core 2.3k etc., she's the one in the picture for 目立つ

>> No.35252152

girls know guys want to fuck them so its not much of a compliment

>> No.35252170


>> No.35252185

"oi, busu" lmao
that jp vid is hard to find i always forget the title

>> No.35252212



>> No.35252230

nm found it
dont quite get the "ガード下のおでん屋で吹いた" joke though

>> No.35252254

japanese sounds like a made up language

>> No.35252257

That's because it is lmfao.

>> No.35252263


>> No.35252264

they're all made up

>> No.35252267

in this sense

>> No.35252271

ur all just shadows on the wall

>> No.35252284


>> No.35252294

the way the spoken language is so revolved around kanji and their readings is so fucked and backwards it literally makes no sense

>> No.35252296

other souls are the only thing that doesn't feel like a shadow on the wall to me

>> No.35252302

>the spoken language is so revolved around kanji and their readings
only dekinai think this way

>> No.35252311

that doesn't sound like what he said so i went to the comments and it's

>> No.35252314
File: 16 KB, 231x205, 1599494976928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no, plato, some people have peaked behind the curtain and found it lacking. they found out that this shit isn't an act, you're all actual losers with real personality problems, and basically not worth the time. so yeah, shallow as cave shadows. protip: go away

>> No.35252323

i grabbed it from the top comment, i know its not what he said but i think its the name of a poem or something

>> No.35252331

>watches a school of life video once

>> No.35252340

>reading youtube comments

>> No.35252365

how is ffxiv for immersion? most games i've tried are so light on kanji or text in general that it feels like a waste of time but i'm thinking an mmo might be the way to go

>> No.35252370

what's that? is it a thing where if i don't respond and go do something else, you'll keep making posts for hours if not days later hoping people are lurking hoping that they see your real soul and can see and accept you for who you are?

>> No.35252375

i never understood when people say you are stuck in your own self and cant experience others or whatever. if anything its too easy to lose your true essence in a sea of "others"

>> No.35252390

hate it when people talk metaphorically about vague dumb shit. mostly women do it

>> No.35252394

wow, that's embarrassing. you trying to woo your middle school crush by trying to win the school's talent show with public poetry readings? how humiliating

>> No.35252395

u thought about it so u lose

>> No.35252415

what a rude bunch of yatura

>> No.35252417


no one fucking told me about the greatest collab of all time happening right this fucking second????

>> No.35252423

see >>35250713

>> No.35252435

what is this larping schizo doing outside of /x/

>> No.35252439

apologize to your mother for being a mean kid

>> No.35252441
File: 1000 KB, 1302x2250, pls to not talk to my homu homu k thx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

u tell me :^) rmber, nihongo in the nihao thread. now go away

>> No.35252446

kaufmann has one of the worst japanese accents i've ever heard. can't take him seriously

>> No.35252452

>choosing a game based on how many kanji the story uses
matt disease strikes again

>> No.35252454

most of djt has awful english accents yet im supposed to care what they think of my native english lmao

>> No.35252466

nta but you sound obsessed. ff14 has a big player base as a popular mmo thats pretty well rated

>> No.35252475

i sometimes fantasize about choking her out. she's the type of parent who would occasionally smack or hit me but even as a kid i knew she did it out of anger, to vent frustration, to feel powerful. i could knock her the fuck out with one punch now obviously. i even told her this at one point - not to scare her. she's not scared. she's seen worse. and she and i both know i probably wouldn't actually do it. but the mere fact her own kid wants to beat the snot out of her probably makes her feel horrible. and i'm glad, because parents who hit their kids are abusive power-hungry assholes. it is one of the closest relationships humans can have and it is also a relationship that is by far the most lopsided in terms of power, and yet so many parents abuse it. i'd never hit my kid. let them get on your nerves. let them cry and embarrass you in a supermarket. you don't hit someone for doing that unless you're a sick twisted fuck.

>> No.35252479

then play it instead of seeking validation on a taiwanese plum juggling forum about how many kanji it has

>> No.35252486

lol pussy

>> No.35252489

we're ESLs, we're allowed to make mistakes

>> No.35252500

hitting a child that is half your size and has no recourse is the pussy thing to do.

>> No.35252512

i can tell she didnt beat you enough just by how faggy this post is
hitting your kids without causing lasting harm is the more natural thing in the world. in fact smacking your friends family around in general is normal within a certain threshold.

fucking faggot hippie westerners honestly we dont deserve to survive in such a weak state i guess nature is correcting the mistake

>> No.35252515

actual cope

>> No.35252519

isn't it essentially a single-player game though

>> No.35252520

a native speaker who laughs at esls and then proceeds to make mistakes in his own language has to be laughed at

how else are we supposed to react when we see such a thing?

>> No.35252528

its not meant to be a fair fight you moron, you arent hitting for that reason. you are teaching them to respect power and authority and learn humility in the process. and yeah people vent their emotions physically sometimes take of the century right there

>> No.35252532

i dont laugh at you guys unless you get uppity and have the nerve to arbitrate english, weve been over this

>> No.35252547

a spank in time saves nine

>> No.35252558

wtf i dont know that

>> No.35252559

i like this, stealing it

>> No.35252568

more like, a spank in time makes sure you have grandkids someday

>> No.35252577

do not beat your child, that's evil

>> No.35252584

beat your meat

>> No.35252589

>something only maligned in living memory compared to the norm of human history and animal behavior is "evil"
big "doubt" from me, bro

>> No.35252592

>is the more natural thing in the world
naturalistic fallacy.
>in fact smacking your friends family around in general is normal within a certain threshold.
as long as they're not defenseless children then go ahead
>cking faggot hippie westerners honestly we dont deserve to survive in such a weak state
beating up defenseless children doesn't make you strong and in fact it's the easy thing to do for a lot of people.

every time people defend child abuse they have to imagine up some perfect morally righteous adult who only hits out of necessity (bullshit argument btw) and not because they're pissed off and want to vent their frustrations off on an easy target. you pussies can't even be honest about the fact you just like beating up on someone who gets on your nerves and with no social repercussions. btw the west started falling long before hitting your kid was frowned upon. you can dislike brown people invading your country and also not want to hit someone completely defenseless and totally dependent on you.

>> No.35252603

am i allowed to cope?

>> No.35252613

george can be cringe too
he is talking to an elderly man and then mentioned that he wanted to learn korean after seeing pretty girls
come on, bro.

>> No.35252622

dame george dgaf

>> No.35252624

that's a fallacy, bro

>> No.35252639

Fallacy is an authoritarian doctrine.

>> No.35252641

disregarding an argument for the reason that its a reddit meme "fallacy", is also a fallacy. nature isnt a fallacy its one of the few objective truths of the world visible to humans
>muh defenseless children
their "defense" is their parents love and restraint and also their own good behavior
>wall of text strawman
takes your meds and dial 8

>> No.35252643

no one is gonna tukkomi this?

>> No.35252644

>its a zoomers fall for the "fallacy" spook episode
doomed generation

>> No.35252653


wait a second...i thought beating up someone who is 1/2 or 1/3 your size and is totally dependent on you would teach them humility and good values? but it seems to make them anxious and depressed? WTF?? my views on child hitting were based on scientific evidence and wasn't at all an excuse for the fact my parents were mean pieces of shit who abused me or the fact i get the urge to hit annoying kids and i want to justify my own inclinations toward abuse.

after seeing this i'm totally gonna change my mind and not continue justifying physical and emotional abuse!!!

>> No.35252658

after that og meltdown because of old jokes it makes sense why she is always mad at "zoomers"

>> No.35252662

yah tanoshikattaze

>> No.35252665

remember guys
logic is reddit
making arguments without appealing to fallacies is reddit
not beating a defenseless child is reddit

>> No.35252671

stfu ciaran your mom should have hit you more

>> No.35252672


>> No.35252675
File: 436 KB, 500x566, 798800edbab0983ddd35af3eaca1ebfc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35252678


>> No.35252683

lmao he has journalist articles saved for this stupid argument because his mom smacked him popping off like one time. no wonder you are on 4chan and will never reproduce

btw i wonder what the atlantic would think of your overtly sexist attitudes towards women and your own mother you cherrypicking ddisingenuous queer

>> No.35252690

damn u didnt have to murder him like that lol

>> No.35252692

yeah im think you would still have your anal virginity if your parents beat you more, not even memeing

>> No.35252693



>> No.35252696

why do stinky girls always have to mess up our club

>> No.35252704

>lmao he has journalist articles saved for this stupid argument
literally just googled effects of spanking or life outcomes from spanking

nice try though. you don't have to hate your parents for abusing you. they were just doing what everyone else did. you can accept that what they did wasn't good and then try to do better for your kids.

>> No.35252707

why doesnt anki let u do more than 9999 cards per day wtd

>> No.35252711

lmfao i'm closer to my 両親 than any of my pussy friends that never got to get spanked until big enough to get into proper brawls

>> No.35252721

this is like a kid who got molested bragging about being close to his abuser lmfao (i'm not actually laughing but your point here was really fucking stupid can we acknowledge that)

>> No.35252723


>> No.35252726


>> No.35252733

>trusting metadata of the social sciences with a clear bias and agenda
midwits, so glad you self-filter out of any position of power

>> No.35252740

spanking is fine if u do it out of love

>> No.35252741

yea heheh totally filtered out of power and not actually the most dominant cultural force in the west
lots of social science sucks. this doesn't mean all social science sucks.

>> No.35252745

>straight to the molestation analogy
hyperbole...really desperate to avoid your L huh?

>> No.35252746

two cubs playing with each other? was that supposed to prove something?

>> No.35252747

wait is this guy actually ciaran

>> No.35252751

get back to me when your reproduction rate is better than a coinflip and journals arent showing clear bias to what they publish

>> No.35252754

it's fine as long as you understand basic psychology. if u give a dog a treat randomly they won't learn anything. if u give a treat at the right time they will understand what behavior is being rewarded and learn. same with punishment and learning which behavior is being punished

what does molestation have to do with spanking?

>> No.35252760

>inflict harm and pain on a body that isn't even equipped to receive damage or else you are reddit! you don't want to be reddit, do you?

>> No.35252763

wouldn't be surprised, would explain why he hates women so much. although its almost always mommy issues

>> No.35252773

no one even said reddit except you, the only thing about reddit said was your arguing tactics like muh fallacy

>> No.35252778

kids are annoying

>> No.35252797

kids used to be better behaved and not nearly as annoying. now they act like toddlers till the age of 10 because daddy uses s*y treats as positive reinforcement instead of beating they asses

>> No.35252800

if ur fat then u have no right to tell anyone else how to raise their kids

>> No.35252803

yea as long as you sit there stoically and say "now timmy we discussed the importance of getting good grades in school. please come here" and then you uppercut him or whatever then you're totally doing a good thing that's not contradicted by data and you're totally not a detached sociopathic weirdo. but seriously just picture that scenario it's actually fucking hilarious how crazy such a person would be. in reality people are never that detached when hitting their kids. they're just venting anger.

hyperbolic analogies can be fine. the point of an analogy is to explain/demonstrate some underlying shared principle and sometimes using extreme examples can better convey that principle. it only becomes a problem if you're using it against some sub 80 iq dipshit who's too emotionally compromised to rationally consider it. which seems to be the case here so my bad i'll do better next time.

i never said hitting your kid doesn't work. it'll scare them into doing what you want them to do. it just makes you a lazy sociopathic piece of shit is all.

>> No.35252810

refreshing going to japan and seeing a kid start to act up in the supermarket and immediately stops when he hears

>> No.35252811


>> No.35252821

i'm not the other dude who you "people" are arguing with. i just find it abhorrent that someone thinks that beating a child is ok. it's such an act of cowardice.

>> No.35252834

i think they're talking about smacks and spanks rather than beatings, you dense motherfucker.

>> No.35252836

the projection here is you are weak and useless as an adult and feel worthy of protections and pity
the fact you feel entitled to even your very existence is some 偉そうに nonsense

>> No.35252839

>t. completely detached from reality
i suggest u watch my vid again of the psychopathic baby bears abusing each other

>> No.35252844

lol you must have an asian mom then

>> No.35252849


>> No.35252855

no, white. she didnt even hit me all that often buts thats cause is was naturally inclined to being an いい子 but shed pop me in the mouth if i got smart with her

>> No.35252863


>> No.35252876

do you think his parents smacked him

>> No.35252877

holy based.
didnt know you on tv as a kid 4bc

>> No.35252889


>> No.35252894
File: 78 KB, 402x372, 1606069572176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i leave to get a snack, and come back to not nihingo. so this is the current theory? lol

>> No.35252897

i meant because you hate them

>> No.35252907

are you saying that he hates women because he got spanked as a child?

>> No.35252911

hating on yellow women is just a meme i like to keep going. its just easy to shit on coomers lmao

>> No.35252917

the type of person who hates women is the type of anti-social person that would just happen to have a strained relationship with their parents (obviously including their mom). one doesn't cause the other - they share a common factor.

>> No.35252918

clearly, the whole thing started because he blogged a huge post about women sucking because his mom slapping him lol

>> No.35252921
File: 480 KB, 520x400, external-content.duckduckgo.com.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.35252922

so you do agree that beating children is evil and shouldn't be done

thank you.

>> No.35252923

cooming to cosplay ntr doujinsi

>> No.35252932

yeah theres no way people could hate women haha

>> No.35252937

wow, for someone who hates his mother you sure like to argue like a passive aggressive cunt-haver

>> No.35252946


>> No.35252951

do you not get that making fun of him for being weird in some way due to him being spanked as child isn't going to help your argument that spanking kids is ok? it literally proves his point.

>> No.35252957

dont talk about urself in 3rd person

>> No.35252967

that wasn't me. i won the debate a long time ago so i don't need to rehash the argument.

>> No.35252969

the very first thing i said was that it was clear he didnt actually get spanked or beat properly and only had it happen once or twice, just enough for him to get uppity and indignant about it during some childhood regression therapy lol

also bad arguing in general, hes could be a useless fuck despite being "beaten"

>> No.35252982

dno man i have an intact asshole and you dont and i was properly raised and dont have a bunch of gay hangups on normal childhood rearing practices like you thats all i know

>> No.35252989

everyone who participated lost

>> No.35252991

i already refuted anecdotes. reread the discussion if you're confused.

>> No.35252993

oh no, my boy got a cellphone

>> No.35253005

yeah nothing reddit about you at all lmao
why dont you go smoke something and enlighten us all with more of your superior views on life an society and how we too can learn from the experience of getting analraped during a bad trip

>> No.35253008

put on your reading glasses

>> No.35253011

>why dont you go smoke something
i oppose drugs
>with more of your superior views on life an society
not my views. just read more science

>> No.35253022

>just read more science
lmao are you actually a real person? no wonder there is a bounty on your head

>> No.35253023
File: 165 KB, 1104x192, ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i got beat as a child and i turned out ok

>> No.35253034
File: 313 KB, 603x1375, 1617375487361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf pokemon

>> No.35253054

yes i know reddit and science scare you because they don't let you be racist or beat the shit out of your kids.

>> No.35253060

yeah yeah i get it you unironically support fascism only when its in your favor

>> No.35253063


>> No.35253070

if ur gonna make fake screenshots about me at least make them funny

>> No.35253076

what's next? believing the earth is round is reddit as well?

>> No.35253081

the pirate chicks char designs pretty hot ngl maybe ill search for her doujins

>> No.35253086

straight to the hyperbole again
tiresome midwits list:

>> No.35253090

i didn't make that one. i saw it posted here a couple of times.

>> No.35253095

i can't tell which posters are og or ciaran. is round earth guy ciaran?

>> No.35253096

ackchyually its an oblate spheroid

>> No.35253101

ciarans posts are formatted like mine, but more womanly in tone and content lol

>> No.35253103

there must be an inverse correlation between anki use and probability of having offspring

>> No.35253111

got your oblate spheroids right here

>> No.35253119

but qm uses anki a ton and jamal has never touched it

>> No.35253121

ciarans probably sleeping rn its like 5am in scotland

>> No.35253123

Under a certain age children dont understand cause and effect
If something bad happens, babies as young as 9 months of age think the parent’s disapproval is their fault, even if the parent is just tired or stressed. This is because children under a certain age cant tell the difference between their self and the parent. The child may grow into a subservient or distrustful adult who constantly fears being punished when they could be living life for themselves

>> No.35253138

not trying to be cruel, but qm literally hasnt been able to impregnate his gf thus far so that anon might still be correct

>> No.35253139

>he thinks 9 month olds get spanked
have kids

>> No.35253141


>> No.35253143
File: 401 KB, 527x494, 1554582740526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this one is real tho

>> No.35253151

eh, stick to the scripts

>> No.35253157

really dont like arguing on the same side of analcream because hes still a liar and scummy person despite supposedly getting spanked

well its not a foolproof method there were still shitheads back when everyone spanked their kids

>> No.35253162


>> No.35253170

epic self own

>> No.35253173

oh look, the people that defend beating children are fighting among themselves now. 信じられない

>> No.35253175

in fact it's a completely flawed method as evidenced by spanked kids having higher levels of anxiety and depression

>> No.35253179

now thats my kind of aesthetic
put on your ocular spectacles

>> No.35253184
File: 239 KB, 512x512, 1535314273784.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is outdated
just do ankidrone
it's the most widely used deck based on the number of downloads
haven't been recommended by ngmi people (qm, etc) which is a proof of quality

>> No.35253192

only thing i 信じられない is that you arent a woman, or on your way to trying to become one. goddamn

>> No.35253196

>the only premade anki deck jamal has ever completed
wtf when did he do that

>> No.35253197

this is retarded because you can't possibly fit everything on a single picture.

>> No.35253210

starting to think the vast majority of og posts that werent actually og posts were fucking ciaran lmao

>> No.35253216

if you don't want to uppercut your kid then you are a woman and women are reddit

>> No.35253227

funny how you think the insult about you being a woman is that its "reddit" lmao
that dick to the butt really messed with your hormones didnt it?

>> No.35253231


>> No.35253232

dude please just come out with it are you ciaran or are you some other anon i'm curious as hell

>> No.35253236

the only way to find out about the new gay resources is to constantly sit here. people who are actually immersing don't do that.

>> No.35253239


>> No.35253241

im ciaran (recently discovered im trans btw if it matters)

>> No.35253242

wtf i went to workout and eat, came back and u guys are still arguing about the same stupid shit lmfao

>> No.35253245

you're usually asleep at this time wtf

>> No.35253251

yah big reveal im karen too

>> No.35253253

you are talking to more than one person.

>> No.35253259

could you link the scripts please?

>> No.35253263

i took a hyperbolic nap, watched stars be born and die, and when i got back djt was the same stupid shit wtf

>> No.35253271

wtf i went out to make a million dollars eat pussy came back and u guys are still poor lmfao

>> No.35253276

why do you guys always want people to be "someone"? 64 people have posted here today. not everyone is a namefag

>> No.35253290

uh because maybe djt are my friends and i want to get to know them better and that's hard to do sometimes if i'm not sure who posted what?

>> No.35253292

those ips arent all unique poster. safe bet to always halve that number for phoneposter and vpn users

>> No.35253302

dont think we have more than 40 regulars

>> No.35253306

start using a trip

>> No.35253358

just watched some twitch streamer guy use ござる is that normal

>> No.35253369


>> No.35253370

normal in retarded otaku speak, yes

>> No.35253374


>> No.35253389

in prison school they call the guy who always say gozaru "gozaru yarou" so no

>> No.35253395

yea that one dude from prison school said it a lot

>> No.35253396

normal for cringelords

>> No.35253397


>> No.35253404

you don't want to be the gozaru yarou

>> No.35253410


>> No.35253422


>> No.35253460

makes sense since he was playing minecraft

>> No.35253487
File: 104 KB, 1280x720, [FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume 06 [720p][69DB1449].mkv_snapshot_15.13_[2010.12.03_13.02.01].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know where I can download the 君の名は audiobook?

>> No.35253496

her hairstyle is rad lol

>> No.35253500

audible japan

>> No.35253502

i'm going to say something pretty obvious right now

not only i have to learn words, i also have to see them being used with certain words often enough to actually be able to understand them well and quickly

>> No.35253509

No, I mean for free.

>> No.35253510

yep this guy needs radicals

>> No.35253557

im only going to read after i know at least 3k kanji and 30k words
change my mind

>> No.35253586

this is me before loging into djt


>> No.35253607

there are better ways to procrastinate learning japanese

>> No.35253610

dont want to change your mind. im glad you wont make it

>> No.35253643


>> No.35253657

and after that, make sure to read the entire ajatt website before consuming any japanese media

>> No.35253717
File: 73 KB, 659x665, KaWqwIh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is he gonna make it bros

>> No.35253740

>needing luck

>> No.35253755

first episode of the second season of isekai maou to shoukan shoujo no dorei majutsu

i only had to mine 3 words. this is my level and i still suck, crazy.

>> No.35253759

why do you give a shit about some random guy posting that?

>> No.35253773

inferiority complex and whatever this guy is having >>35253610

>> No.35253788

why didn't you quote >>35253557?

>> No.35253792

until i was maybe 25 i wouldn't say i had 100% of my own native vocab in a random show. and my english vocab is much higher than the average

>> No.35253794

>this is my level
this sounded weird. these niggas will come at me for this

what i meant to say is i can understand a good amount of words but i still suck dick

>> No.35253816
File: 49 KB, 850x400, quote-to-feel-envy-is-human-to-savour-schadenfreude-is-devilish-arthur-schopenhauer-35-98-62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ive got demons

>> No.35253830

based shopey

>> No.35253833

why would i? only quotting people with inferiority complex and the likes

>> No.35253853

thats sad

>> No.35253867

that anon has an inferiority complex about his kanji and vocabulary. why else would he post that? why would you not quote him? must be him. sad.

>> No.35253891

my racial trait gives me inherent 90% resistance to djt posts so i dont need to go through all that lol

>> No.35253892

because i dont give a fuck if hes going to make it or not. nor do i care if that was a bait.
you on the other hand is probably both posters i quoted. which makes you retarded and hypocritical

>> No.35253905

lol now he stopped larping as a schizo and switched over to being a pseud

>> No.35253908

geez, i wonder who could be behind this post

>> No.35253914

>everyone i dont like is the same person

>> No.35253927

probably some really cool dude whos also strong and attractive

>> No.35253934

nah u just have a very obvious disingenuousness around your posts

>> No.35253936

or probably just a cheese smelling pussy whore

>> No.35253937

when did she transition?

>> No.35253949

ive always been a guy, you rube
but i am very beautiful and young so it was easy to trick djt into thinking im a girl

>> No.35253959

you know whats funny? im not the kanji guy. im not the anon you replied to now. you are talking to (or about) 3 different people and think you figured them out as 1 person. interesting. retarded, indeed

>> No.35253969

not gonna fall for that trick but nice try

>> No.35253974

I remember reading somewhere someone said if you tell other people you are committing to something you are more likely to do it. Personally I don't believe that but maybe he does and that's why he's posting it.

>> No.35253975

you ignored a poster with an inferiority complex, but quoted the poster angry at him. that is hypocrisy. why treat him differently? i know, it's because you're him. a retarded hypocrite calling others what he is, isn't that hilarious? wait, don't laugh. that's what i'm supposed to do.

>> No.35253980

lol retarded

>> No.35253991

you guys are having the stupidest discussion of all time

>> No.35253992


>> No.35254000

deejaytee be craaaaazy

>> No.35254009


>> No.35254010

i think i should clarify myself. i dont like inferiority complex at the expense of others, which is exactly what you and the screenshot guy did. got it?

>> No.35254020
File: 31 KB, 332x814, Day20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another hard days work of earning 50xp on duo-lingo.

>> No.35254025


>> No.35254029

i just wanna live in spira...

>> No.35254033


>> No.35254035
File: 8 KB, 352x158, rqD7SWv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

howd u know.

>> No.35254044

only 991 is mine

>> No.35254045

because you have an obvious disingenuousness around your posts

>> No.35254051

cant stand the genesis of chugger art style that is k-on

>> No.35254056

true i am pretty retarded.

>> No.35254090
File: 62 KB, 1277x720, 1614573981088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35254101

i finished that game. it was too easy

>> No.35254105

fugging chipmunk toothed whores

>> No.35254110


>> No.35254146

the way japanese people pronounce "erufu" in anime is funny

>> No.35254147

you know i get really really biased against people who like things i dont despite knowing its not reasonable conduct wish i could do something about it

>> No.35254158

*like things i hate

>> No.35254161

>wish i could do something about it
get a life. simple as

>> No.35254167

thats normal and healthy because there is likely fundamental reasons they dont share your tastes that are diametrically opposed to your wordviews

like do you want those people in any position of power or influence? lmao of course not

>> No.35254178

yeah being biased is normal and people who say otherwise are fooling you or were fooled themselves

>> No.35254184

wtf is wrong with you all

>> No.35254187

tastes dont always reflect worldviews things arent so simple i know people who i agree with on a lot of points besides aesthetics

>> No.35254195


>> No.35254207

yeah i would usually shut up about these things but i think 4bbc needs to swallow these pills

>> No.35254209

>> No.35254215


>> No.35254216

thats a fair take, but in my experience people's aesthetics says a lot about their character and true nature. for better or worse. holofags are a perfect example, they all have an almost identical deficiency of character simply for the fact they enjoy chugging that trash

>> No.35254218

your "pills" are laxatives
they only lead to diarrhea

>> No.35254222


>> No.35254224

better out than in lmfao

>> No.35254229

thats not what that means lol
it means it tastes better as a burp

>> No.35254250

dame society was a mistake questions about agreement/disagreement simply shouldnt arise 99% of interactions with others are pointless and as such should be severely limited thats it im closing this tab

>> No.35254271

hope 4bc comes out the other end of his metamorphosis into a proper human someday

>> No.35254408

reminds me of something

>> No.35254470


>> No.35254480


>> No.35254502

Imagine going to the theater as a Japanese kid in the 90s

>> No.35254509


>> No.35254549

feel bad for kids now they go and see stuff like detective pikachu

>> No.35254558

yeah its hard to hate zooms when you consider the void they grew up in

>> No.35254569

digimon surpassing 究極体 used to be some heavy shit

>> No.35254581

omegamon more like omygeimon
amirite? cause of the bl shipping

>> No.35254978


>> No.35254985 [DELETED] 
File: 207 KB, 900x1200, cs034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35255019

thats a big bitch.

>> No.35255020

i only want to learn japanese to read shit like this, nothing more nothing less

>> No.35255037


>> No.35255110

She is the お姉さん they are boys

>> No.35255154

>step 1: learn japanese basics
>step 2: consume content

>> No.35255157


>> No.35255176
File: 2.26 MB, 3036x2160, E39RhjOUYAMUUoL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35255216

the proportions still make her a giant

>> No.35255222

this is how you they try and turn you into a troon

>> No.35255226


>> No.35255259

i dont know the exact mechanism all i know is it makes guys want to be girls after a certain point

>> No.35255273

rip digibro. another victim to chug

>> No.35255303
File: 1.29 MB, 1280x720, ground pound anons mom.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35255345




>> No.35255346

when/why was digibro ever relevant

>> No.35255360

is it でぃぎ、でぃじ、でぎ、or でじ bro

>> No.35255370

he wasnt he was always an autistic brony freak but people still took his anime editorializing seriously lol
the last one

>> No.35255408

mmo guy my prep for loading up djt is like

>> No.35255419
File: 194 KB, 864x480, 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw listening to kpop

>> No.35255467


>> No.35255567

ive heard the exact opposite. telling other people you're doing something will give you a dopamine spike and make you feel like you've already accomplished something and that will make you lose motivation

>> No.35255615
File: 6 KB, 286x94, tkCEoXdK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the comments

>> No.35255619

true, im starting to feel motherly instincts

>> No.35255672

me listening to your posts

>> No.35255698

its both. telling randos online wont hold you accountable but will give you a dopamine boost. irl people that want to see you succeed like teachers or friends of that language on the otherhand will make you accountable
fucking christ this cannot be suitable for human consumption. anime was a mistake

>> No.35255748

nope thats all bullshit, people who tell others their plans and still succeed are because they are already self motivated people but it definitely wont do you any good unless you need them to participate

>> No.35255752

ty digimon

>> No.35255759

ok but i try way harder in japanese thanks to djt busting my balls over mistakes so pffffftttt

>> No.35255810

yeah but did u ever announce your plans like that dumb redditor did 4 times

>> No.35255841

ive said a lot of dumb shit in djt and anons like 4bc love to remind me of it
accountability to a peer groups works if its your personality type but if you are entirely antisocial maybe not

>> No.35255863
File: 107 KB, 1280x720, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*hold self accountable*

>> No.35255881


>> No.35255918

who are you

>> No.35255931

who do you think literally doesn't understand what anon means

>> No.35255987


>> No.35256030


>> No.35256045

lol that one was good, what an idiot

>> No.35256075



>> No.35256084

02 was unfairly rated. it was good

>> No.35256128


>> No.35256315


lets goooooooooooooo

>> No.35256404

you really cant figure out whos the dumbest post in the history of this thread??

>> No.35256437


>> No.35256447

facepalm... og

>> No.35256457


>> No.35256463

amazing how all wanichads left the thread because they learned japanese and saw no point in being here anymore. they graduated

>> No.35256492

yeah amazing how they didn't get it til the very end

>> No.35256513

thats your envy talking. they are in a much better place now while we are still trapped together with refold followers and qm wannabes

>> No.35256521

you know there is free apps out there that effectively does what wannycunny does but without the bloat and cost

>> No.35256528

what do you mean trapped you could leave whenever

>> No.35256529
File: 137 KB, 427x435, kani.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35256551

honestly not sure why i spend so much time here either. bunkos gone, 4bc is going through a character arc, no namefags left worth arguing with, holofaggotry around every corner, dead threads during peak hours, and now duplicate threads every fucking day. doesnt seem to be going on with the nihongo ecelebs either

>> No.35256556

maybe try learning japanese instead of wasting time on the thread

>> No.35256569

>honestly not sure why i spend so much time here either.
because you have an empty life with no friends or anyone that wants to spend time with you

>> No.35256577

id rather learn bass
true, true

>> No.35256590

i know. and the best one is anki with the wanikani deck from ankiweb

you know well one cant leave without making it beforehand

>> No.35256610

im gonna graduate in exactly 100 days

>> No.35256623

anything you learn outside of japan/japanese native conversation is simply front-loading for the read deal. lmao at thinking you are graduating anything in 100 days

>> No.35256643

dont believe me just watch

>> No.35256651

og you dont know japanese lol

>> No.35256657

yeah 行くことがない男s simply dkj

>> No.35256661

maybe he meant graduating live

>> No.35256671

like i said: dont believe me, just watch 初年

>> No.35256675

stupid language

>> No.35256677

well, i like your moxie if nothing else

>> No.35256679

yeah i'd go to og's sotugyo live

>> No.35256684
File: 160 KB, 393x423, mama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35256733

its not that hard to learn japanese. just do what people whove learned did. not what they tell you to do

>> No.35256744
File: 287 KB, 717x413, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35256798

最初から最後まで全てにありがとうございました (お辞儀)
(うおおおおおおおおおお L●O●V●E● ラブリー O G)

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