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Old thread is almost gone. west coast
Out of practice, tired, etc.

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Why do you run Blue (level 2) Pillar? You never actually used it, but it's pretty much garbage.

Anyway, ggs, bawww this game hates me, half of my inputs got ignored, I'm still out of practice, etc

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Good games.
It seems I can only beat you when you're tired and out of practice. Those were some fun Reimu mirrors. I like how neither one of us dominated the whole game. It isn't often that I play someone that evenly matched.

>Why do you run Blue (level 2) Pillar? You never actually used it, but it's pretty much garbage.
I use it sometimes, it's just that I was saving up for some higher level spellcards. It's useful for reversals and has a low cost. Besides, I keep one of every spellcard in my deck.

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Host plz

>> No.3524505 EU

>> No.3524558 west coast
Bored, rehosting.

Tired of etc, practice, out.

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>Tired of etc, practice, out.
Excuses in case you lose, etc.

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Lurker, I know you're out there tier

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gg mungkay.

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GG, I utterly suck against Yukari and your super armor for Suika gets me too much

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Nah, just out of practice. I woke up some time during those Reimu mirrors.

ggs LoliMew, that's some bad weather we're having. Hurrrrrr River Mist.

You really set yourself up for Fire Punch a lot, though. Once I got it to level 1 I was pretty much able to spam it every time I expected you to approach and win easily. Also, is it just me or was the connection kind of odd? I had random bursts of lag and sometimes buttons weren't working when we were at the select screen.

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I haven't played enough to know what to do against Suika so take that half assed excuse as to why I keep getting fire punched. There was a few lag moments, but really nothing to complain about.

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>> No.3525145 west coast

>> No.3525213

East Coast host
Haven't played in a while and probably going to bed soon tier

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GGs, E-man.

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stop spaming ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's

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GGs RSVP... or whatever

My Froggie doesn't appreciate you breaking out LOLIBALL and Crowslut to fight her...

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Stupid tier utsuho


Looking for a match

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ggs Saje, sorry for the extremely poor play on my side (mainly as Suika)

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Hahahaha. Oh that last one was quite entertaining. Nice use of that spellcard to avoid the punish for your whiffed 623B. Sorry for the poor play. Couldn't find the right deck with my Cirno (not that she's that great to begin with) and, close as I may have come against your Suika, victory just seemed to elude my Patchy (not even going to discuss those Yukari matches). Thanks for the games, t'was fun.

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I'm not usually that bad with Suika, I'm just stupid tier today. It's affecting other people (like bob) as well.

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isn;t even scrub tier

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You forgot to kick the shit out of me with Iku before you started using a character twice, though.

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GGs! it fun playing with no laggs lol >< i wish i could play with u again

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australia rehosting

>> No.3527546 eu

>> No.3527761

Another EU hostan:

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Today I've learned how important it is to 2b enemies above you. Now I've just gotta use it.
Also, blocking komachi's j2a.
Good games. And if you were wondering, yes, I always do that with suika.

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My friend does the exact same thing with his Suika, so for a moment I thought that I was playing him. Good games though.

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stop spaming ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's

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stop spaming ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's

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GGs, I couldn't find a bullet move with higher priority than the curse to destroy it.

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Lasers and Okuu.

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I was playing random, so I had to figure it out for each character separately.

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gg, nah not rly didnt rly know how to soku anyway

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ggs! good to know more aus people

Australia rehosting

>> No.3527964

Australia :10800

>> No.3527971

Ggs! good to know more aus people

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GGs, thanks for the games

>> No.3528199

Gg, mate. It's nice to play with somebody.

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>> No.3528240

Australia :10800

>> No.3528265

sorry that was too laggy ><

>> No.3528269

sorry, but the lag is overwhelming

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>Both apologise although neither of them is at fault
/jp/ is so nice today~

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I've only done the danmaku games so I'm kind of lost. In Hisoutensoku... why do none of my spell cards show up in battle? CPU and friends have them, but it's just empty for me.

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Explain. Pics would help.

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profile->first option->choose your deck

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Every deck has 20 cards.

Reimu and Marisa are the only characters who spell cards actually show up.

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Someone host plox

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reinstall both hisouten and hisoutensoku.
if it doesn't help, then I don't know.

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Can the EU's play with no lag with US's?

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Depends. I get acceptable delay with US east guys, but anything above is too much.

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Fixed it.

Had to rename the profile.

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I see...So is there no way to make the netplay truly worldwide?

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Not in fighters, at least. Playing in 200+ms delay gets really dull.

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Well I guess that's that...But why can I play MBA with somebody from EU (I'm currently in Asia) with good framerates?

>> No.3528561 west coast

>> No.3528578

MBA buffers way better than Hisouten.

>> No.3528601

Asia is huge, but I guess you are talking about SEA.
The framerates can still be good if theres delay, though.

>> No.3528633

Sorry about that, my internet died for a second. Rehosting.

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ggs, lag is kind of irritating against Utsuho.

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Aw. Sucks that replays don't save player names too.

>> No.3528875 west coast

>> No.3529474
US Midwest

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Long time no see, Duckator. Remember playing you just after soku came out.
As you can see, I didn't play too much after that.

>> No.3529634

Good games.
You've gotten a lot better since soku came out. Utsuho is still a pretty weak character though.


>> No.3529729

>Utsuho is still a pretty weak
Did someone say easiest 3k dmg combo? Ability to one-hit guardcrush on melee while in a combo? Highest priority bullets? Fast attacks, even as she's supposedly slow? Etc?

Okuu seems pretty insane to me.

>> No.3529734 west coast

>> No.3529860 [DELETED] 

>Killing me with leftover bewitching bait after I 66C you
Now that's just not nice. ;_;

ggs Duckator. You almost 66C as much as me... but I am still the master of 66C spam. I laughed several times throughout those matches, especially when you messed up Bewitching Bait so I used crystals and then it extended and I died. I also chuckled when we used Perfect Maid at the same time.

...But this reminds me, back in SWR, I made a vow to never play Sakuya ever again after I attempted a timestop setup consisting of doing absolutely nothing. I should probably stop breaking it.

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>Killing me with leftover bewitching bait after I 66C you
Now that's just not nice. ;_;

ggs Duckator. You almost 66C as much as me... but I am still the master of 66C spam. I laughed several times throughout those matches, especially when you messed up Selene so I used crystals and then it extended and I died. I also chuckled when we used Perfect Maid at the same time.

...But this reminds me, back in SWR, I made a vow to never play Sakuya ever again after I attempted a timestop setup consisting of doing absolutely nothing. I should probably stop breaking it.

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Good games again.
>Killing me with leftover bewitching bait after I 66C you
Hey, it's not my fault you ran into it.
Mirror matches with you are always fun especially when we end up using the same move that the same time.

All of her attacks are very punishable and it's easy to tell when she is going to try to hit low or high. It doesn't matter if she can do 3k damage off a dial-a-combo if she never gets a hit in.

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I'm bored, someone go host

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hosting, WC

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GGs, thanks for the games

>> No.3532529

ggs! u getting better and better ><

>> No.3532530 Australia


>> No.3532532

not really ;_;, are you any good with remi? can you show me some corner pressure/guard crushes with her next time?

>> No.3532579

>guard crushes

enjoy your single low hit which is punishable on block.

>> No.3533005

far 5 a hits low, too. 3a is safe if you do it from far enough away; cancel it into 623 if close.

>> No.3533333 AUSTRALIA

>> No.3533447
Below average tier, EU.

>> No.3533469

Is anyone a good remi player who can upload a few replays? Or link me a some youtubes?

>> No.3533483

If I were you I'd just download SWR tourney replays ( can find them from http://swr.mizuumi.net/index.php/Tournaments ) and watch those. From what I understand several of Remilia's moves were rather changed in Hisoutensoku though.

>> No.3533508

GGs. Block more.

>> No.3533510

Her blockstrings didn't change at all as far as I can tell. It's just that her bullets were nerfed down a lot.

>> No.3533517

That was way to laggy for my taste, no offense.

>> No.3533519

Rehosting., located in Sweden.

>> No.3533522 [DELETED] 

stop spamen ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's btw moot log's ur ip's lulz enjoy ur v&

>> No.3533528

EU -

Serious tier.

>> No.3533532

Ya, sorry, I'm USE. It didn't seem that bad to me. A bit of delay, but no dropped inputs or anything.

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US East
Doubt US players are here at this time, but hoping for the best.

>> No.3533605 [DELETED]

>> No.3533655

GGs wav, I would have liked to play more, but lamest Sanae ever. As a Sanae main I resent that, see ya next time.

>> No.3533656

That was quite...exhausting fighting your Marisa.

>> No.3533676

>lamest Sanae ever.
Well, normally, I don't run around using alt.623C over and over, but my normal stuff didn't work against you. My pressure sucks and you, being a Sanae main, apparently know where you can escape, so that was out, and I didn't have any luck with jump ins. Without the ability to put any physical pressure on and getting a puffball in my face every time I tried to attack, I didn't have much choice other than to play footsies and wear you down.

>> No.3533700

>> No.3533725

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Ouch, my latency.
Shame, too! Seems my internet's been acting up lately, i could barely browse at all last night.
oh, well. i'll try to fix it and come back.

>> No.3533766

That was a lot of jumping/running past each other.
The 2 236BC hits I took in typhoon made the difference, I'd say,
but why only 1 game?

>> No.3533768

I'm just hoping that isn't your normal Sanae playstyle, because it reminds me of what some of the better Suwako players (beatsstayflowin, ZomB) do--sure, I'm confident about my chances if I stay focused, but on the other hand 15-minute matches just aren't very fun.

The simplest thing to do is to just use 6[A] or 3[A] in the corner (after 5A, 5AA, or 2A) for a high/low crush mixup. It's bound to hit eventually (followed up by some dial-A combo).

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Because I was feeling almost half a second of delay between pressing the button and the move actually being made, and I assume you had the same problem.
I realise this is impolite and apologise for it, but, ouch.

>> No.3533805 EU

Tier incompetent; let's play!

>> No.3533806

I'll come back when you play a real character.

>> No.3533815

lol u mad

>> No.3533821

You would be too if you near perfected someone only to have them get a single combo during Vampire weather and get the life advantage.

>> No.3533829

Your fault for getting hit :3

>> No.3533849

My fault it happened during vampire, and my fault the 3 typhoon weathers in 4 matches came on too, right? There's a reason no one likes you, Okuu.

>> No.3533862

Hurr exactly (unless you didn't notice, I dialed A during phoon, xept patchy)

>> No.3533865

Vampire and Phoon tier okuu rehostan

>> No.3533961

Connection dropped? GGs Giant Tree. When I spec'ed your earlier game none of the profile names showed up so I wasn't sure who I was up against.

Whew, losing with Cirno in games I had complete control over is tough, have to land those SCs and win early before cheap stuff happens.

>> No.3533963

Ggs dude, very solid cirno, my wins were by luck lol any of us could have won those, also sorry gtg, need to hide my power level

>> No.3534196

>>3533805 here
Thanks for the games AoA. I have absolutely no idea how I am supposed to fight against Yuyuko. Looks like Patchy got some buffs since SWR, maybe I should stick to her. And damn, this game is tiring

>> No.3534213 [DELETED] 

GGs, Ketone. (was that a disconnect or quit?)

Have I ever seen you play anyone other than Suwako before?
Anyway, I can't just use any character against you anymore, since you block a lot better than before. I have to use the only character I know blockstrings with (Reisen, oh god why was that a hj8 and not 9? what with that lag why does my character randomly stop grazing/blocking?).

Spring Wind spam against Meiling is lame!

>> No.3534227

GGs, Ketone.

Have I ever seen you play anyone other than Suwako before?
Anyway, I can't just use any character against you anymore, since you block a lot better than before. I have to use the only character I know blockstrings with (Reisen, oh god why was that a hj8 and not 9? what with that lag why does my character randomly stop grazing/blocking?).

Spring Wind spam against Meiling is lame!
>And damn, this game is tiring
Yes, it's tiring when I can't reach my opponent because of jumps, dashes, flying and spring wind.
>I have absolutely no idea how I am supposed to fight against Yuyuko.
And I have no idea how to fight with her.

I wish SWR wasn't so much about jumping crossups (some quite unfair).

>> No.3534254

She got equally buffed and nerfed in minimal dozes in Soku. That said: not much happened.

>> No.3534272

I liked those Reisen matches. Actually, I was always playing with Patchy but I thought I should try something new so I went for the most unusual new character in 12.3. I was forcing myself to play with Suwako since then, but maybe she's just isn't made for me.

Oh well, time to build a deck for Patchouli

>> No.3534387

any hosts?

>> No.3534514

Come back here, you!

>> No.3534538

Nooo let me go! I wanna die, life is pointless!

>> No.3534761

Well, I doubt that's really Giant Tree then. Lim? Was my assumption, with all that reckless play (oddly enough Utusho is really good at getting away with garbage), but not enough 66Cs to convince me.

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Has anyone figured out how to be good with Cirno yet.

>> No.3534864

Yes. Try playing beatsstayflowin's Cirno.

>> No.3534989

mostly spam her C melee move

>> No.3535126

Anyone hosting?

>> No.3535150

look at that baka

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Cirno, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Yukari is one of the best "C melee move" spammers of all time.

>> No.3535617


>> No.3535646


Can Central.

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File: 103 KB, 500x500, 67cfa75da0aa68aa6cc0f583bcf109bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
West Coast US
Aww shit tier nigga

>> No.3535811

GGs, try tech rolling (D+4 or D+6) when you get knocked down and Border Escaping out of block strings.

>> No.3535814

Heh, ggs raymoo.

Hungry time though. Need food.

>> No.3535825

Yukari, I'm really happy for ya, I'mma let you finish but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0THT0NZdW8c

>> No.3535872

GG Super_me. Random Matches everywhere.

>> No.3535876
File: 28 KB, 386x454, Patchythumbsup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very fun games again, LoliMew.

>> No.3535950

Man, who was that Impostor Tree anyway? That's mean, grabbing some high skill level Utusho player from Mizuumi and going under another name (with GT's permission, probably). I want to find him again so I can beat him more thoroughly next time.

Surely Lurker should have a clue?

>> No.3536002

According to Tree, it's Bob51 (aka stupid tier/walks into trains utsuho).

I don't know why I should be expected to know, though. Is it because of the zombtree vs dimglunk battle from ages ago?

>> No.3536009

Go away Nero, nobody likes you. ;_;

>> No.3536015

You seem to be in touch with him more than those of us who never go on IRC.

Okay, that's even more embarrassing. I don't know who Bob51 is but I think his ceiling is very low.

>> No.3536021

Goddamn, I'm popula-- wait a second

>not enough 66Cs to convince me
>Giant Tree
You, uh, haven't actually played me before, have you?
I think you're confusing me for a certain somebody who's out of practice and tired all the time.

See, my signature is making a lot of stupid mistakes and then writing large paragraphs - otherwise known as treeagraphs - about them. Nobody can do the imposter job right unless they do that, and fortunately for my beautiful name nobody has the brilliant writing skills I do.
I don't have specific moves I spam all the time like lunker and ZomB do for example, just a weird playstyle. Actually, to tell the truth, my playstyle is variable as fuck and is completely different all the time depending on factors that I don't even know, so anybody could probably just play like themselves and get away with impersonating me so long as they write paragraphs and use my palettes. Nobody's been able to get those right so far.

Not like anyone else can make as many stupid mistakes as I do, though. Seriously, who'd you people think it was, ZomB?
Well actually, that wouldn't be too much of a stretch. He's done it before. ;_;

>> No.3536040

No, when I was talking about "not enough 66C", I was referring to how I ruled out the possibility it was Lim in disguise.

When that impostor guy typed "u mad" after he beat someone, that was all the indication I needed that it wasn't you. Not to mention the ridiculous message he typed after our games (gtg, lol, Ggs dude, etc.).

>> No.3536043

>I think you're confusing me for a certain somebody who's out of practice and tired all the time.

You're talking about Nipah, right?

>> No.3536052

Not like I don't read through these threads like every day. All you need to do is mention Giant Tree, Tree, or hell, any word that begins with 't' and ends in 'e' and I'll crank out some paragraphs for you. Today was one of those rare cases that somebody had to tell me because I'd been out of it all day.
Really though, I hardly play soku anymore to tell the truth; emphasis on the word "play." I may drop by and host once in a while but not without complaining about how free I am and how easily you're going to win, herp derp skwerp etc. I just haven't been able to find the motivation to actually concentrate on pushing buttons to make a loli beat up another loli so I've done the SRS PLYRS a favor by not playing at all. I don't even play the IRC tourneyfags either, I just go there for the obligatory troll/idiot who asks how to host/set up soku without realizing they had the SWR demo/download SWR and maybe a few powerlevel arguments here and there. Shit you can't get away with on /jp/, for the most part.

Well, maybe someday I'll show up ready to toohoo someone for real.
Until then, I expect my imposters to type REAL paragraphs -- seriously, hosting by posting nothing but your IP? Come on /jp/, I never do that. You should know this shit by now.

>> No.3536078

Oh I see what you mean, my bad there.
I do say "u mad," but...
>after he beat someone
Yeah, that should be your indication that it's not me right there. ;_;

To prevent this from happening again, I feel that Lurker and Lim - maybe Nipah too - should have an elimination battle to decide who gets to be the one everybody makes fun of for spamming 66C. This is getting ridiculous.

'Nuff wasted posts though, it's failed impersonations that make this shit happen.
Maybe in a few hours I'll host, show people how to play soku badly -- THE TREE WAY.

>> No.3536089

Lim and Nipah don't cause people to rage over 66C spam like I do though! Plus Lim doesn't even spam 66C that much, he spams Teleport Kick.

>> No.3536111

>Lim doesn't even spam 66C that much, he spams Kanako.

Fix'd for you.
And I think the word you're looking for isn't "rage" so much as "groan."
Nipah forms an amusing character out of doing it with Cirno, your Yukari is just... ugh, stop that.
Know what I mean?

>> No.3536119

Damn it, y so paragraphs tree? Well original plan was spamming 3A to rage ,which failed ;_;

So I herd someone wanted to kill some fake tree in here

>> No.3536120

I assure you, I see Lim try to do 66C to interrupt blockstrings with Reimu and Sanae all the time (much like you).

Plus with Sanae he'll attempt 66C even more often when "Night Bright Stars" SC is in standby--then again, all Sanae players do that.

>> No.3536189

Some reactions I've gotten before were a bit more than groans.

>> No.3536285
File: 103 KB, 257x252, alock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3536320
File: 136 KB, 700x600, 1253155668823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

interesting discussion here. heh. I use teleports not just to do offense, but to close in on the opponent, cuz i know how punishable the move is, same goes for Kanako for quick dash approachs. (yea, its silly)

>> No.3536330

Oh well, GGs Impostor guy.

Like I thought, the only reason I did poorly before was because I was tricked by the name.

>> No.3536332

derp ggs a.a not a single win, and lots of chars too lolol, Enjoyed the Koma fights the most, I know her range will reach me but I still dash hurr

>> No.3536341

[22:15] <Giantree> if you're going to use tree in your name, at LEAST type one paragraph

So I'd totally do that but forgot about the other matches ;_; , so let's see, wait doesn't this just count as a paragraph? Iku (lol) and koma are what I remember, and how do I develop on how I got murdered? Guy got me good (no pun intended on Guy)

>> No.3536351

You should try using 6b more with Utsuho. Pretty useful and particularly troublesome for characters like Komachi.

>> No.3536364

A paragraph is at least 3 sentences. At least, that's the bare minimum usually acceptable for being considered a paragraph; a REAL paragraph is at least 5. Though I admit I settle for 3 often due to the fact that I tend to use run-on sentences once in a while without noticing it. A lot of that is because the semicolon is my favorite punctuation mark, I've abused that glorious thing since middle school.

Listen well, for I'm about to reveal the secret to treeagraphs: When playing, I take note of every little thing that's out of the ordinary and during the process of pushing buttons I'm hardly even paying attention to the game so much as forming sentences in my head and preparing to type them whenever the opponent quits. Most of the time when I'M the one who leaves it's because I feel like I'm about to forget one of them so I have to hurry and type it out before it disappears. It's probably the majority of why I get my ass handed to me so much, but goddamn I enjoy typing treeagraphs.
I'd rather keep that up than be, you know, good.

Pssh, like you've ever played poorly against me before. ;_;

That's why I use certain moves such as Cirno/Suika 66Cs, but doing shit like that solely for the purpose of distance is hardly a good idea 90% of the time because I know I get the crap punished out of me for it, generally. Though if you can pull it off by all means do so.
Kanako for approaching, though? She moves a set distance so that sounds like a weird idea, but thinking on it it may just be crazy enough to work. I like the way you think.

But people will remember you for using telekick/Kanako just like they remember ZomB for DPs and lunker for 66Cs. Such is the way of life.

>> No.3536366

I never use 6C, not enough soviet damage.

Actually I whiff it too much ;_;

>> No.3536389

less paragraphs, more hosts!

>> No.3536401


Here you guys have fun with this, Link from Aqo

>> No.3536405
File: 103 KB, 257x253, ylock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3536416

And I'll just be forgotten, period.

Stupid shitty university internet. ;_;

>> No.3536432

Whoa Guy, you've been here the whole time?

Your Meirin is still the best of /jp/, you gotta come back sometime. My flowchart imitation just pales too much to the real thing.

>> No.3536436

DAMN IT! SMRPG battle theme stuck in my head now!!

(Though I believe Bowyer used the Armed Boss theme, this is always the one that gets stuck....)

>> No.3536439

Get better internet, I've missed fighting your super offensive Tenshi. ;_;

>> No.3536442

Oh, don't get me wrong, I'd love to play again, but every time I try I lag up a storm and make playing seem more like a chore than a game.

It's nice to see that my Meiling made at least a little bit of an impression, though I doubt that she's still (or even ever was) the best in /jp/.

>> No.3536458

>get better internet

Hahaha, I have to move out first. Luckily, this is my last quarter of uni, so I'll actually have something that doesn't travel at the speed of molasses by December.

>> No.3536460

Oh Guy, I missed you so much. ;_;
Like hell you'll ever be forgotten, whenever someone talks about good players from /jp/ you're always the first name I bring up. Your style was so much more fun than the crap you see tourneyfags using these days, I'd totally love to play a bullet time lag match against you sometime in the near future.
Maybe crushing my extremely free lolis will boost your self-esteem more or something.

The thing I missed about you the most was the Kung Pow quotes.

>> No.3536461 west coast

only got time for a few matches

>> No.3536472

>I'd love to play

Scroll up a few posts, posted some custom AI for soku, they're pretty awesome, those fuckers learn from your moves and becomes harder and harder ;_;

>> No.3536495 [DELETED] 

2 games? Escaping while you're "ahead"? Why are you such a coward? GGs lurker, but seriously...

>> No.3536500

That's pretty cool. Reminds me of the booster for IaMP.

>> No.3536509

GGs, etc. play Yukari or Reimu next time.

>> No.3536511

I said "only got time for a few matches".

I had a kind of long post about Patchouli and Iku and other stuff but then it didn't go through. I don't feel like rewriting it. ggs though.

>> No.3536512

Oh I know that, but 3 games should pretty much be the minimum, barring any technical issues like debilitating lag. An even number is just silly.

>> No.3536516

gg raymoo, had fun

>> No.3536518

Use Lazarus extension for Firefox.

EVERYTHING you punch in a form gets saved.

Never lose a message board post again. Bonus: Also stores your copy-pastas really well for repeated trollan /v/.

>> No.3536521

lol u mad

night /jp/, today was a fun day

>> No.3536527

GGs. Pretty funny how it took you so long to beat my Remilia when I was using one hand because I was on the phone. Also funny how the first round of the Remi vs Sanae match was so much shorter than the second round even though the second round was when I started using both hands.

>> No.3536529

Hmm...the AI is surprisingly good. Suika's AI fell for Tenshi's 6B -> j.6B -> j.5A -> BnB set-ups and the variations quite a bit, though. It was also weird seeing a Suika that didn't loliball every three attacks!

>> No.3536554

Inconceivable. That's like a Cirno that doesn't dash-C every waking moment of the day. It'd be like buying Rumble Roses and never once using the game to fap.

>> No.3536555

Alright fags, I have some time for a few matches of toohoos now. It's been forever since I've had a chance to actually play this, so while I'm expecting a lot of dropped combos and shit I do think I'll only allocate 30% of thought processes to treeagraphs this time.
I mean really, it's like FUN matches are a long-lost memory. I really missed you, /jp/. ;_;

That said, hostan:
US Central, paragraph tier

>> No.3536589

My Cirno 66Cs maybe once every three matches.

Still, though, I was surprised that it was pretty good; of course, it's still nowhere near as good as playing against an actual person here, but it's also much better than playing Lunatic Mode. At least it gives me a chance to get some of my rust off.

Oh you, Tree. I missed you.

>> No.3536615

Rehosting. Trying to squeeze in some games before I have to retire for the night.

>> No.3536626

That was awesome Guy. Didn't even manage to pass the character selection screen. Still hosting.

>> No.3536627

Ugh, oh wow. It's even worse than it was before; sorry, I had to try.

I just really miss playing with everyone. ;_;

>> No.3536642

Fuck you. If that's 30% of you're Toohoo power then you must be some kind of unbeatable superhuman Neo robot in a funny hat when you're at 100%.

ggs anyway though.

>> No.3536656

Huhhh, I swear I know you from somewhere. Let's see, who do I know that would call everyone weeaboo fags? Besides, you know, everyone on /jp/.

Oh well, GGs bro. While I do feel I'm still pretty free, playing with you really helped me get some of those good soku habits back since they never registered as muscle memories for me. I had fun though; not something I've experienced in a while since playing with IRC tourneyfags is a completely different experience. Either way I think I'm gonna call you YAWF. I like the sound of it, it sounds like a sound some sort of mutated dog would make. YAWF.

Goddamnit Guy, you're not allowed to feel this way.
I won't believe your lag problems until I see them for myself.

Rehostan if you're still around. At least one bullet time round? Please? ;_;
If not I guess I'll just rehost anyway, hurr. But goddamnit I missed you more than anyone else.

>> No.3536677
File: 249 KB, 1040x1386, 1252884838186.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I don't ever recall playing with you before. I just go under various troll callsigns because I escape /v/ every now and then to play Toohoo fightan with my /jp/ bros.

>> No.3536695

Giving up hosting, a typical occurrence.

>> No.3536697

what the hell.

how does that belt work, where is the extra slack?

>> No.3536698

>> No.3536703

no come back and host!

>> No.3536713

>looking at the belt and not Peaches's sexy cowgirl hat, her sultry face, her delicious cleavage, her wonderful midriff, her lovely legs, or that perfect little fold going into her crotch
faggot confirmed

>> No.3536722

>looking at the belt and not Mokou's sexy cowgirl hat, her sultry face, her delicious cleavage, her wonderful midriff, her lovely legs, or that perfect little fold going into her crotch

I'm not even sure how you got that name wrong, but I went ahead and fixed it for you.

>> No.3536736

someone host!

>> No.3536813

I can't believe I just beat somebody who goes to irc o.o

Good games xD

>> No.3536817



Don't use this here, or GTFO.

>> No.3536828

You're a gigantic faggot.

>> No.3536836

Seriously though, ggs tree, I was laughing hard throughout the matches. Shame I was kind of obvious though.

>> No.3536841

>seriously responding to old copypasta
Teehee. But no really, stop that.

You're a goofy person, you know that?
Well GGs anyway, though I really would've hoped to get a chance to play Guy again. Guess if he doesn't want to play, he doesn't want to play. ;_;

Guess I'd best be off to hone my complaining skills elsewhere, you have fun /jp/.
And don't forget, I love you.

>> No.3536853 west coast
Next time you host just be 'radical maaaan' tier tier

>> No.3536886

Can't tell if you're a countertroll or not. Ah well, ggs, I'm done playing for the night.

>> No.3536895

Countertroll? What do you mean?

>> No.3536919

GGs Duckator. Not much to say. If I use my better characters I win, if I use my weaker characters I lose.

>> No.3536928

Well, I guess I also hate how Aya's 214 input keeps turning into 412's instead, letting you run up and dial-A combo me for free. The typhoon headstomp KO was worth it at least.

>> No.3536966

Good games.
The same is true for me. Of course, it doesn't make much sense to win with your weaker characters.


>> No.3537181

ggs, duckator.

>> No.3537182

Good games p3.

>> No.3538336 australia

>> No.3538462 EU

I want to say something new, but let's just play instead!

>> No.3538625
Hosting from Sweden

>> No.3538658 [DELETED]

>> No.3538686

Well, thanks for the games Austria. Looks like I keep falling for the same moves again and again. Drinking the Life Elixir after knockout seems like a bad commercial, also: lol Royal Flare

>> No.3538695

GGs, I have to go for dinner now.
(Wouldn't it be easier if your hosting post listed your name, ketone?)

Very good. I haven't found another opponent for whom my win/lose ratio is that near to 50/50.
Those fireballs seriously make too much damage for my tastes (I was totally defenseless in typhoon). I often tried to beat you as soon as possible so that you don't get your Royal Flare card. I don't know what to do against it. The last time you had it, I tried to keep my spirit full to graze it and then we both kept a "get me to shoot bullets" game for about twenty seconds before you activated it and BAM 50% Life gone. (I really often accidentally activated spellcards. I'm sure you noticed.

It's really bullshit how gigantic the hitboxes for some j5A and j2A attacks are. You poke with your finger and 1 meter away BEHIND you, I'm struck. (It's not like I didn't have such moments).
If I still have anything to reply, I'll do so after dinner.

>> No.3538828


>> No.3539793 west coast

>> No.3539916

any hosts?

>> No.3539942 west coast
You should start advertising yourself as '66C Tiruno tier' tier

>> No.3539954

Any English patch getting released for this yet? Moonspeak is quite annoying when making decks etc.

>> No.3539973
File: 427 KB, 458x1158, 34e9a2a78e7f1772a452793f7f527a7c6a4f2fd1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
West Coast
Behold my shit tier glory...tier.

>> No.3540055

still no host...

>> No.3540115
File: 28 KB, 386x454, ptu2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

GGs person who's name I just forgot.

>> No.3540125

ggs Super_Me. Hope you enjoyed fighting my awful day 1 hurrrno.

>> No.3540131

Yeah, it was fun...It kicked my ass anyway.

>> No.3540211

Rehosting. Garbage-level Alice and misinput-level Aya.

>> No.3540270
Never-won-a-match-tier, EU.

>> No.3540302
File: 386 KB, 750x1000, 1252535201492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.3540331

And again, forced to give up because no one is connecting.

Watch as someone else starts hosting a minute after I quit and picks up a player in 5-10 minutes!

>> No.3540355

i thought you wouldve given up at the 30 min mark so i didnt join

>> No.3540372 [DELETED] 

stop spammin ur crappy boerd on Дnoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's btw moot log's ur ip's lulz ur not relly anonimus enjoy ur party v& u monkey's

>> No.3540942

bump for hosting

>> No.3540960

Fine, rehosting. Still going to be messing around with new characters.

>> No.3541116

GGs Lolimew, nice finish.

Alice makes my head hurt, half the time I'm trying to remember which moves will whiff and leave me open. Probably should give up trying to learn her.

>> No.3541117

GG. Close match at that Alice Vs. Remilia match. Weird, I always felt that my Remi sucked and that I was better with Meiling.

>> No.3541190


>> No.3541194

hosting, WC

>> No.3541496
US west
irc tier
suwako, china, iku

I'm famous! Feels good man ;_;
Is that you Lishy

>> No.3541506

Using everyone once

>> No.3541508
Hostan Canadia

>> No.3541624

bump for hosts

>> No.3541845

Ahh, good games as always Duckator. My poor rabbit cannot stand up to your might. I was also suprised at how that Sakuya match went, as once you had the momentum on your side I was getting pounded no matter what I tried.

>> No.3541850

Good games rabbit.
I still don't know what to do when I'm stuck in the corner like that. Whenever I try to escape I get hit. Maybe I should go watch some replays.

>> No.3541915

My normal corner string has a lot of vulnerabilities in it if you are familiar with it. I could describe the decision making process and strategy I go through but the basic holes include dragon punching on wakeup (the myon spam won't hit you if you have graze frames I charge into it without fail), poking any moment I use B (Usually after 3 melee hits and if I'm close you'll interrupt the bullets) and high jumping out of the corner directly upwards on wakeup and then blocking (it used to be punishable by 2a but now its slow and im not sure what to replace it with).

>> No.3542062


>> No.3542181

I see, I should try high jumping on wakeup. I'm so used to blocking on wakeup that I would've never tried that.

As for my Sakuya, I rely a lot on her 6a since it has a long reach and either some invincibility frames or an extremely high priority over other moves. If you mange to block it I'll probably follow up with her C bullets which leaves me vulnerable to a graze attack. Of course, after I get punished for that I'll start following it with another 6a and then all you have to do is block it twice and you should be safe.

>> No.3543689


>> No.3545447

Hosting before this falls off the board.

>> No.3545974

bump for host

>> No.3546022

Good games.
I didn't think anyone would join after nearly 2 hours.


>> No.3546105

bump for hosts

>> No.3546499

GG, Duckator, but I'm tired of getting my ass kicked and I need to chill down now. Thanks for the matches.

>> No.3546518

Good games.
I think I need a break too.

>> No.3546523
File: 473 KB, 899x712, Patchy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets see if I can get someone to connect this time...
West Coast US
Still shit tier
Planing on using everyone once.

>> No.3546557
File: 213 KB, 750x891, 444b7ad6b0762c75b00f4d329181d569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one again?
Ah well.

>> No.3546779
US west
irc tier
suwako, china, iku

>> No.3546796

2.5 games go

>> No.3546817

u fag bob

u fag

>> No.3546822


>> No.3546867
File: 253 KB, 644x678, 1207438091354.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3546875

Shit casual fag tier.

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