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She can easily swallow a full-grown man whole.

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Something seems wrong with that Flan.

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Flan is bad...

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Flan is a psycho.

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She wants to kiss and beat up Marisa, at the same time. Flan-chan is the Alice Margatroid of the SDM.

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Eat me with your bottom mouth ok?

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Why is Marisa refusing? I would love to have my body mangled by Flan while she kisses me.

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How is Flan beating the summer heat?

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by never going outside

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Basements tend to stay cool don't they?

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last flan thread died
“Alright I guess its pretty late, to bed servant.”
>following her orders you take her to her bed, which on top sits a open coffin
>You always thought the ‘vampires sleep in coffins’ thing was a rumor but it is in fact true
>You learn something new every day
>Gently you settle her into her coffin
“Good night mistress.”
>”good night...”
>She succumbed to sleep quicker then you expected
>slowly you close the lid on her
>And let out a sigh of relief as you fall to your knees
>You did it, you managed to survive what was definitely your doom, at least for now
>But you’re still here, a mouse trapped with a lion
>which is why you start searching for a way out of here
>First thing you check is the door, but theres no doorknob, keyhole or lock to be found
>Sheesh her sister really does keep her prisoner down here
>How sad, but theres no time to dwell on that
>Now to search the rest of the room
>first thing you check is the cabinet
>theres some kind of object on top but its been destroyed beyond recognition
>making as little noise as possible you open it
>Just more broken objects
>if you had to guess they were some kind of platewear
>either way it doesn’t matter now
>time to move on to the fireplace
>first you feel around inside
>Theres always been stories of old manors having secret passageways hidden in their fireplaces and behind bookcases
>This fireplace is just a regular fireplace and all you get for your effort is soot covered hands
>you quickly wipe them on your fancy pants, not like they’ll matter anymore
>standing up you look on top of the fireplace
>only mutilated toys greet you on top, their heads torn off and discarded
>to complete the gruesome scene multiple sharp daggers are left impaled on the wall and even into the stonetop of the fireplace
>Yeah you really lucked out
>in the end theres no mechanism hidden around the broken dolls
>you decide to pull out a dagger and place it in your inside pocket
>Doubt you’ll be able to use it to defend yourself but its better then nothing
>Done with the fireplace, next up is the rather tall trunk
>on top of it is a stack of books
>looking through them its mostly storybooks
>you aren’t familiar with any of them
>moving them aside you open the trunk
>and find clothes
>its usually not a good idea to go through a girl’s clothes but you have to make sure nothing is hidden
>Making sure not to mess up the folded clothes you search
>ultimately you find nothing
>things aren’t looking good
>closing the lid of the trunk you replace the books
>all thats left is a chest
>hanging above it is a dartboard with darts penetrating it and around it
>On top of the chest is a vase
>the vase has some kind of liquid in it. liquid you are not very eager to check
>theres also a rather sharp looking trident leaning against the chest
>no shortage of weapons for this little vampire
>but you doubt she’d even need them
>time to crack open this chest
>inside you find dolls
>just dolls, ones that have yet to be broken
>no luck in finding a way out of here
>you’re gonna stay trapped here
>fuck it was all a waste of time in the end
>to mock you further now that you think about it you realize that you wouldn’t be able to escape here anyways
>the head maid led you through a labyrinth to get here
>you would starve to death before making your way out from this underground dungeon
>despair starts to set in and you are not sure if you want to scream or cry or just lay down and pretend you’re dead
>really what hope do you have left, after all once they find out she didn’t kill you they’ll make sure to finish the job right?
>Plus you seen those moments where Flan’s face became crazed and dangerous
>how long will she hold herself back
>how long until she decides she’s bored with you
>how long until you join those decapitated toys ontop the fireplace
>mocking you the grandfather clock ticks away the seconds to your eventual death
>tick tock tick tock tick tock...
Fear and frailty finally claim their due...
>it takes some time before you manage to pull yourself together
>you don’t want to die
>so really theres only one choice
>do the best you can to endear yourself to the little mistress
>if she begins to trust you maybe you can use that
>she has been all alone down here for who knows how long after all
>neglected by her own family
>you can take advantage of that
>it’s sounds incredibly cruel in your head but what other choice do you have?
>all you need to do is convince her to escape here with you
>then you’ll be able to leave back home and forget about all this
>yes this is the best plan of action
>it’s the only chance you have

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I never said those words

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Flan with another one of her gloomy friends

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I like that the Scarlet sisters have beds even though they sleep in coffins.
>>Doubt you’ll be able to use it to defend yourself but its better then nothing
>better then nothing
But if Flan finds out you're carrying a knife she'll think you're planning to hurt her. That knife is actually worse than nothing.

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I want to cuddle with Flan.

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Flan is evil Anon, she breaks everything and everyone she touches - only someone evil could do that.

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Another solid addition. Good to see you continuing with this little story!

I wanna give her lots of headpats!

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bumping for more.

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The lovely, adorable little sister makes her appearance!

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I'd headpat and tell her how cool her wings look.

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Imagine getting eaten by a giant Flan haha

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>giant Flan haha
midget Remi chichi

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So much for being the bigger sister

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Bite me, Flandre-sama!

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I want imouto-sama to turn me into a vampire...

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but then you'll turn into what she is

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Yes, and that is a good thing. Who does not want to be immortal and together forever with the Vamp Twins?

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you will be her slave forever

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You must be some kind of pervert, anon...

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i dont wanna be her slave

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I just wanna lick the crytals and wonder how they taste

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I don´t think she would treat (you) like a slave, she probably would be happy to have someone to do all sorts of things with. After all, she might not be confined to the SDMs depths anymore and has gotten to know some other Gensokyoans but still was lonely for a very long time and would be happy just to have someone by her side.

Also: Would taste.~

Why stop there when you could lick her all over?

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Flan found a new durable friend!

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Vampires can never grow up

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They are staying cute lolis forever, don´t make it sound like a bad thing.

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Womb tattoos are so damn sexy.

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>ugly bastard rape victim forever

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Yes they are.


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Yes you did.

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Flan is a sore loser! Not elegant at all!

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she sees humans as drink

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I think I remember a visual novel where she complains to her sister that all the fun people will hate her whilst simaltenously saying its her right to rule over them. Don't remember the name

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eww, I'm not eating that

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Imouto-sama doesn't like rejection...

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Offer to substitute it by cooking something together?

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I'll give her upsy-daisies until she forgets I refused to eat her "food".

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What even is that?

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Flan is unaware that she needs to drink blood, Sakuya just mixes that shit in with her food and she's never noticed

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Flan never washes her Feets! It's why she has such Ferocious Feety Fumes!

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cant breathe

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I'm going to get a hose and industrial strength soap

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it doesn't work

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Aren't you worried about getting stabbed with her wings?

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I’ll try harder then since I refuse to be defeeted

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What I wouldn't give for an hour of those feet all over my face!

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poison ur lungs

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cuddle with Flan at night

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how much do you think the crystals that grow on Flan's wings are worth? Just asking for a friend...

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What kind of mushroom is she looking at?

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Well played.

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A boy's mushroom.

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my ds3 character FlandreScarletII just got save-file corrupted
rest in peace flan, may you live on in my 279gb of clips
time to make another flan...ahhhh.....

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bump for more poast

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*rapes you*

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this is why you make backups. how did it corrupt in the first place?

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That’s not okay Flan-chan. You can’t just do that to people.

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thanks flan chan i luv u <3

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Then stop me.

You're not supposed to feel good after it

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what do you mean im not supposed to sex feels good

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I’m warning you Flan. No more raping or else. I don’t care if the other guy liked it.

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Imouto-sama can do whatever she wants, it's her right as being someone of noble blood.

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Please rape me too, Flan!

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Does Flan even get fed or no? just asking.

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She gets her meals delivered, her meals also contain human blood though it's probable she doesn't know she eats people.

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fidgeting leg kicked over ps4, also after a bit I remembered I made a backup for the first time just about a week ago, but I had finished farming up 666 of every covenant item and it seems fateful that she now finally gets to rest, maybe I can finally do something with my life other than play flan all day every day

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Forgive me, then. I see the error of my ways.

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Cry yourself to sleep anon, no!

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Fuck off, twitterfag!

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I don’t recognize her nobility. In fact, can she or her sister even verify what house they belong to? Even if they are royalty they still have rules they need to abide by and they can’t just go around raping people. That’s how you get a mob with pitchforks and torches after you!

I’m glad to hear that from you. You’re a good girl Flan.

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Fl-flan...why can't you be more easygoing? Cirno-chan would never rape someone!

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...I guess you're right, anon...

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>fidgeting leg kicked over ps4
I fail to see how that would corrupt a save unless the drive itself were running at the time.

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Imouto-sama learns bad habits from the maid of fail

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it turned it off

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No she doesn't

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Is she take slow at learning?

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you don't learn mischief.

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that's not flan

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...what are you doing?

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What a lucky miko. I'd give my left testicle for the chance to lick Flan's body.

>> No.35461126

It's not enough payment.

>> No.35462894

I wanna know in what way she's raping me that doesn't feel good

>> No.35463497

Maybe she'll beat you up until you black out and then use your unconscious body. Can't feel good if you don't feel it.

>> No.35463774

I'm down for that

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Flan-chan a cute

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I do the same to my drives and it only kicked the bucket after numerous drops and other forms of abuse.

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Flan-chan bullies herself with her Four of a Kind...

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