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Guide and resources: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/
Previous thread: >>35215918

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>aesthetics difficult to see
my 1.5 tb collection of 2d アニメ styled pictures suggests otherwise

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>you cant learn japanese
true because i already acquired it

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The Japanese don't know Japanese

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The Japanese don't know *Chinese

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blessed op

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Isn't that for kids who don't understand English?

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Trying really hard not to ridicule you cause this is the nice thread.
The answer is a resounding "No" for more than one reason.

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You can drop the niceness if you tell me those reasons.
Well, one I can think of is that some of the kanji that come up are last year of middle school level and sometimes beyond, they should know basic English by then.
And also that those kanji transliterations are wrong more often than not.

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Another hard days work of earning 50xp on duo-lingo.

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my african american, you're supposed to learn kana by reading...

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not necessarily manga, start with the examples sentences in your grammar book of choice
unless it uses romanji, in which case it's trash, get rid of it

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What are the best set of grammar drills available?
I have no problems with vocab, but my comprehension is terrible.

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>grammar drills
>this is the nice thread
what happened?

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howard taught us that you cannot criticize art effectively unless you're a proficient artist yourself.

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First of all, the "English" is basic, but more to the point, irrelevant. English just sounds cool in an attack they don't need to have it defined. Its standard in kids shows.

Second, even if they did, if its aimed at kids you wouldn't use kanji to do so. In the same panel they have furigana over 迷わない assuming the kids can't read a very common kanji like that, yet you are saying the kanji right after which has no meaning that isn't jumbled nonsense is there to comprehend English??

Thirdly, the furigana is the "English" reading over the kanji, not the other way around. The "meaning" is meant with the kanji but the reading is how the attack is actually pronounced. Its like...poetic or flavor for the author or whoever can understand the kanji and how it tracks to the "English" words but entirely irrelevant and in the anime its just straight up レインボー ムーン ハートエイク

Fourthly its in katakana, not "English" in the first place so they have no trouble reading it to begin with.

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they just think its cool

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>cannot criticize art effectively unless you're a proficient artist yourself.

I'll agree with that.
Still doesnt change the fact that the art makes me horny. If my peepee is happy, so am I.

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So... they do it because it looks cool?

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They do it because Japanese isn't "kanji". Its just a communication tool and is subservient to the whims of whatever the fuck the language wants to use it for.

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Not really an explanation, but okay.
Also, not sure what exactly you're trying to say by "Japanese isn't kanji".

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I know you don't thats why its frustrating talking to you.

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I mean, unless you really wanted to state the obvious, that the Japanese language is not Chinese characters, it's not clear why you'd mention that.
Your answer can be summarized as "just because", why expand it into an entire sentence.

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I thought you were the anon that always chimes in with "can't imagine knowing Japanese without thinking kanji lol" everytime the subject comes up. He's a real tard.

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Well, it does help with Chinese words sometimes
E.g. if you hear 臓器みつばい, you can definitely guess what the second word means and how to write it even if you've never encountered it before.
But such cases are rather specific.

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There are no Chinese words in Japanese. Stop this shit.

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Explain this then.

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quite delicious
I like to dip them in chili pepper sauces
not a fan of sweet/sour sauces

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Not sure what is in Chingchong but in Japanese its called ぎょうざ
: ^ )

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of course ": ^ )" retarded anon is an uppercaser
why am i not suprised?

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>no Chinese words in Japanese
Lemme guess
>Well ackschchully most of the vocabulary was borrowed prior to 室町時代 over the course of several centuries, so it's ackschchully Classical Chinese and Middle Chinese, not what we call "Chinese today", approximated with Old Japanese and Early Middle Japanese phonology, which has undergone numerous changes since, and also a lot of the vocabulary is 和製漢語 not found in any form of Chinese except for modern borrowings FROM Japanese. And non of these words sound literally the same way they sound in today's Mandarin Chinese, so ackschchully those words are not literally "Chinese"

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I think what >>35225787 meant was "Chinese borrowed words" To which there are plenty in Japanese. But it's misleading call those words as "Chinese words" because Japan also made up their own compound "Chinese" words with their Kanji and those words don't exist in Chinese.
A crude analogy will be like saying the "Cafe" is a french word in English.

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its more like saying when you say "cafe" in English you are speaking French. And then saying you need to learn therefore study French to learn English.

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crazy how i can tell its some dumb shit not worth reading

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Is it ok to only learn katakana

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I don't see any of you mofos studying Classical Chinese grammar

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Get with the times, grandpas, DJT is a proper capitalization thread now.

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yes, just make to to never read anything and to only watch shows without subtitles

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lol imagine sperging out over having perfect nihongo only to end up having these kinds of conversations. yatura been memeing yourselves into self-ownage

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After spending 4+ hours catching up on a missed day and 400 reviews yesterday. Today I have only 200 reviews.

I'm 55% the way through this sentence deck. When I started it was hard. But now it feels easy as hell. I can read almost all the kanji. Guess the meaning of 50% of new vocab. It is just too easy now.

Yesterday I took a kanji estimate test: https://www.mlcjapanese.co.jp/level_check_kanji.html

I scored 800/2000 kanji. I was very happy with that because I learned them all in about 2 months.

I need to start reading. This N3 deck is too easy at the moment.

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Can't wait till I can start speaking to nip girls.

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those women are both working towards being able to understand finnegans wake

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Honestly, just use the term "Chinese borrowed words" instead of just "Chinese words." The terms "Chinese words" and "Japanese words" should just mean words that are being used in the language of discussion.
So "餃子" (ignoring the variation in the kanji for the sake of argument) is both a Chinese word and Japanese word. And it has the same/similar meaning in both languages referring to this >>35225843
If you want to refer to the word that is borrowed from Chinese into Japanese, use "Chinese borrowed words." If you are referring to the words used in the Chinese language, use "Chinese words."
Also if you want to sound like a nerd you can say "Sino-Xenic words" instead.

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some westaboo milf on lang-8 asked me to correct her rosary prayers so she can say them right
good times

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God bless.

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Can just tell she's a menhera mess by that background story alone.

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mimi on the top is a +35 yr old hag and the bitch below is 15 yrs younger

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yoooo code monkey bros, where we at?

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Kinda sucks you guys are only ever at best going to encounter the nutjob Japanese who have an absurd desire to communicate with foreigners online. Gonna completely color your perception of them as a whole in a very anecdotal way.

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Okay, what do I get?

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It would be funny to start talking to them and they can't stop banging on about some lame show on netflix instead of anime LMFAO.

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Pretty much actually. Oh and stupid western music too.

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How many people in Japan even watch anime past the age of 15, except maybe for the normiest shit out there.
I take it even of that minority 95% at least don't speak English and stick to themselves in their little gay *chans protected by rangebans.

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watched black panther for the 1st time and want to visit glorious america so they can finally see a black person irl

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all they have to do is go to Roppongi at night for that

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I already have one
I also can't speak for shit because JLPT is a meme

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ya boi veronin got married to a japanese qt
remember to never give up

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How nice and romantic.

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he betrayed his waifu for 3dpd tho

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Does his wife know she's second choice.

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They always do. Men can't even be faithful to a platonic idea of perfect love given 2D form.

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third, he dumped azusa for nico nico nii

>> No.35226381

This actually bothers me more than 3dpd part.

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How long did that take you?
I don't mean the process of learning Japanese, I mean the time of REAL GRINDING. I've been at it for 2 months now.

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I don't do grinding
I just kept reading light novels and watching 日本語の森 grammar videos
Had been doing that for a little over 2.5 years when I took it

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DJT is an abusive relationship.
There I said it.

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dame this pizzas bigger than i thought

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Goddamn it I was so close to being able to read this entire thing but that second kanji next to 正 cockblocked me.
いいかた even...

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let's add each other on mal
add me https://myanimelist.net/profile/tatsumoto_ren
reply to this post with links to your profiles.

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sent a request

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I don't watch enough anime or read enough mange to have a mal account. I only read specific genres.

>> No.35227051

just realized how creepy it would be to interact with most of the anons itt outside of 4chan. way too old to be adding teenagers on anime forums lmao

>> No.35227070

yea tanoshikattaze

>> No.35227071

That's going a bit far. It's not like it matters in the context of you both having the same hobbies.

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You are free! Run!

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really? shit was working fine last night

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nothing good comes from 30+ year olds getting chummy with teens and early 20s even with hobbies. its weird and desperate at best and i wont say what it is at worst. im not even 30 yet and i can feel the generation and powergap way too keenly already

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found the problem.

>> No.35227190

epic now i can get exclusive access to the latest mpvacious updates and have the matrix chat newsletter be delivered right to my mal mailbox wow
i mean you can google solutions but its just faster to reinstall im assuming you have everything synced

>> No.35227216

didnt know they delivered mail to african mudhuts

>> No.35227230

well at least they deliver pizza haha

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yoshi, time for a nap

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hungry as hell. not sure why i left the house for one measly onigiri. would kill for a fat slice of pizza

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when even natives cant pass this, how should i?

>> No.35227349

ive got 3 left but im only going to share with lowercasers

>> No.35227356

Eat bananas, bananas are lovely. I bought 10 a few days ago but only have one left.

>> No.35227377

How can I possibly pass when even natives have problems?

>> No.35227379

some days i eat a banana and it tastes like the best thing ever
no cooked dish could even come close

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i lowercased for you that time though
i just feel dirty, not worth

>> No.35227424

lmao i lowkey love br posters

>> No.35227470

really now

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this guys got issues

>> No.35227570

Fuck lowercasing, it was started by j*mal after all.

>> No.35227639

i always lowercased tho

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>> No.35227675

dont see any issue

>> No.35227726

thread itiban いい子

>> No.35227747

>thread 15 hours early again

>> No.35227809

Time goes faster during the day than it does at night.

>> No.35227814

They got uglier.

>> No.35227866

I have a weird question about kanji.

会社 is read かいしゃ

広告会社 is read こうこくがいしゃ

かいしゃ changed to がいしゃ.

I've noticed a similar trend with other kanji too. Is there some sort of logic to adding tenten to compound kanji or is it just random?

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if i do kklc should i just ignore the vocab and do the textbook like rtk and then just learn the reading through sentence mining instead of vocab by themselves?
>inb4 don't do it
i find it's pretty helpful and i'd like to continue doing it.

>> No.35227977

Go ask on int/djt or /r/learnjapanese

>> No.35227993

>go to plebbit
nah i'm good

>> No.35228018

when the tripfag is offended

>> No.35228095

yo @moe

>> No.35228163

this is the intermediate thread, beginners fuck off.

>> No.35228193

why do i still use this site

>> No.35228195

Has anyone here gotten a job with their japanese skills?

>> No.35228213

I thought we were learning Japanese to fap to VN's, not to gain employment.

>> No.35228268

this is the reverse equivalent of learning japanese from westerners

>> No.35228312

By having an IQ higher than 103

>> No.35228330

nihonjin iq is like 110+ compared to world average

>> No.35228546

Relative to the world average, sure. Relative to the white average, east asians score highly on visuospatial tests, but not on verbal tests, hence there is, on average, a difference of only a few points.

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lets fucking gooooooooo

>> No.35228842

if i know all the words but not the meaning should i start the sentence mining?

>> No.35228859

yep, she watched redo of healer

>> No.35228867

No you should become the Scrabble champion of Japan.

You will wreck everybody by knowing all the words.

>> No.35228899

just sunned my anus for half an hour
feel like im on top of the world

>> No.35228905

holy fucking cringe

>> No.35228911

what can be done about the early thread problem

>> No.35228924


>> No.35228937

report it to the trannys for spam or flooding.

>> No.35228968

What does this even fucking mean when people this?????

>> No.35229100

not og but the thought of her sunning her anus is quite cute

>> No.35229183

Yeah why would you say anus, that's the name for the hole, a bit weird if i'm honest.

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File: 713 KB, 854x480, tfw she sees your anus.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>> No.35229252

sunning my 殿裂

>> No.35229294

i think he was exactly doing what he said he was doing.

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Man, I really don't know Japanese..

>> No.35229396

35 fucking retards and me- 35 fucking retards and mee-

>> No.35229410

What level of comprehension should I aim for when reading? Some people have suggested 98% which I think is ridiculously high. But if it's too low and I have to look up a word in each sentence none of the new vocab seems to stick.

>> No.35229435

98% is not ridiculously high if your reading materials match your level

>> No.35229467

example test?

>> No.35229490

Do I need to worry about kanji spellings of loanwords? Stuff like 亜米利加 for アメリカ and the like. They're showing up in my deck but I'm not sure if it's totally safe to swap them for the corresponding katakana spelling. Does make decent kanji practice tho

>> No.35229541

Only one I've seen in the wild was 仏蘭西

>> No.35229543

Yes, from the official website

>> No.35229546

most of japanese is chinese

>> No.35229558

Make your own deck, fag

>> No.35229586

who's watching?

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sorry, but my oshi > pekora

>> No.35229639

the only premade vocab deck you should ever do is core 2.3k version 2
(also that ateji is really easy to read)

>> No.35229654

holotalk with coco yooo

>> No.35229657

gonna oshi you into an active volcano

>> No.35229669


>> No.35229687

Thought I had global open for a second there. Surreal.

>> No.35229716


>> No.35229755

learned 耽美 and 女冥利 from that and still remember them just from seeing the thumbnail
krashen was right, compelling input is the only way

>> No.35229775

i got half of my japanese knowledge lurking the ura
the worst place to learn english on is probably some board thats majority esl like int

>> No.35229803

Japanese conversational grammar is kind of fucked up, and learning a bunch of kanji can give you a false confidence that doesn't carry over into any kind of fluency

>> No.35229804

>in the wild
hello レッディt

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What are some good ways to learn passively? Checking the dictionary every few seconds is really taking it's toll.

>> No.35229815

Realistically I don't understand what 98% of the people here are saying in English.

>> No.35229831

unfortunately his more influential theory is comprehensible input which ends up looking like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUTWwLvqOdA

>> No.35229835

I read /djt/ and google translate the random Kanji that gets posted now and then.

>> No.35229840

Yes. You spread your anus and let the sun penetrate you.

>> No.35229853 [DELETED] 

>What are some good ways to learn passively? Checking the dictionary every few seconds is really taking it's toll.

>> No.35229866

曲 of the day


>> No.35229872

>What are some good ways to learn passively? Checking the dictionary every few seconds is really taking it's toll.
just don't look stuff up. just keep going even if you don't understand it

>> No.35229878

Youtube videos about a topic you enjoy.
Search a game you like in japanese and listen to lets plays. Have some other niche interest/hobby? Listen to it in Japanese, no need to 100% focus.

>> No.35229889

>no greentext

>> No.35229944

my theory is: if the word affects your 脳内麻薬 secretion, you'll remember it forever

>> No.35229961

Vtuber let's plays of games I already finished sounds good. Thanks anon

>> No.35229971
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Good progress, but be careful not to burn out at that pace

>> No.35230000

he can do it 8)

>> No.35230031

I'm burning a lot of words today.

>> No.35230211

stimulate the amygdala just the right way when learning it
you will remember it your entire life, literally
the catch is that you get ptsd

>> No.35230305
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yep og and 4bc are basically a couple at this point

>> No.35230348
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How are your kanken drills going bros? You ARE grinding for level 1...Right?

>> No.35230362

trying for level 4 >>35229297

>> No.35230383

dont wanna learn to handwrite kanji

>> No.35230388

I don't know what a kanken is so probably not good.

>> No.35230436

Kanji exam for native speakers

>> No.35230455

Handwriting is a little ugly, but so is mine. To be honest I haven't really been doing ANY writing.

>> No.35230488

As of June 2021, there are three known holders of the Kanken level 1 who are neither native Japanese speakers nor native kanji learners:
Bret Mayer (USA, passed in 2012), John Brobst (USA, passed in 2013), Evgeny Uskov (Russia, passed in 2021)

>> No.35230507

>passed in 2012
for a second there i thought it was saying he was dead

>> No.35230509

I remember when words like 明るい seemed impossible to remember

>> No.35230614
File: 210 KB, 662x856, 活用形.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35230622

>Bret Mayer
>His preferred method is still writing. “Some people swear by flash cards or spaced repetition apps, but I could never get into it. I need tactile methods, so the most important thing for me is writing practice. I went through over 50 notebooks, just filling them with characters and problems, and color-coded everything by word, reading, and meaning. One of my favorite sounds is the crinkling of a kanji-filled page as I flip through my notebooks.”


>> No.35230637

no such thing in japanese

>> No.35230681

Now that Jamal's dead, barely anybody shames me for typing correctly. I feel ready to come out of the closet as a full-literate (formerly known as uppercaser).

>> No.35230699

whats with this psyop against lowercasing

>> No.35230707

Switching to uppercasing as well.

>> No.35230721

Not only we must get rid of j*mal but also of his remains.

>> No.35230722

Yeah, it just feels right.

>> No.35230730


>> No.35230740

outputting hurts my brain

>> No.35230760

kanji isn't japanese

>> No.35230771

Start by improving your native English and build up those output muscles.

>> No.35230781

i honestly thought that jabum wouldn't have the self-control to leave for real

>> No.35230814

Same, but I'm happy for him.
No one should spend more than a couple years in a general on 4chan.
It just can't be good for you.

>> No.35230820

>everyone is uppercasing
wanichad changed the game again

>> No.35230826

this is so good wtf

>> No.35230843

i'm done with english. i can communicate what i want and people understand me. that's enough for me.

>> No.35230865

nice self-own

>> No.35230947

he looks likes a fucking goon in that pic

>> No.35230950

well lowercasing started as a psyop as well

>> No.35231047


>> No.35231083

this is a a japanese thread not a chinese thread

>> No.35231087

it's correct japanese there's nothing to elaborate

>> No.35231090

This is what English looks like. Learn the language.

>> No.35231111


>> No.35231120

that's what having a dick up your ass looks like

>> No.35231126

upper casers get the rope like all other homosexuals

>> No.35231161


>> No.35231167

>upper casers get the rope like all other homosexuals
So close to a perfect sentence. I see three big errors. See if you can find them!

>> No.35231175


>> No.35231184


>> No.35231188

upper casers get the rope like all other homosexuals commies thots and chynese

>> No.35231189

punctuation and capitalization aren't "errors"

>> No.35231219

took until i was an adult to realize the adults in my life as a kid were as depressed as i am today but they never told me because no one wants to burden kids with that stuff. i say this because the picture you posted reminded me of how life sucks and how if i ever irresponsibly have kids they'll live in blissful ignorance not realizing the cruel fate that awaits them.

>> No.35231227

They don't even lowercase on other boards. Can't believe I fell for the retarded English meme.

>> No.35231247

what a piece of shit hope he dies

>> No.35231253

You do not know Japanese.

>> No.35231287

>They don't even lowercase on other boards
they do on /vg/ generals

>> No.35231290

this baby doesn't know about ateji yet

>> No.35231316

this guy is atop mt stupid

>> No.35231319

If you don't study Japanese for 2,147,483,647 days, your progress will overflow, resulting in you being the most jouzu person on the entire planet.

>> No.35231339

Oh no, that's not daijoubu.

>> No.35231341

another cringe uppercaser post

>> No.35231350
File: 62 KB, 1854x506, one.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am one with the cards.
I am the cards.
The cards understand me.
I understand the cards.

>> No.35231369

who even are you guys, and why do you talk with such self-importance? i guarantee none of you will come close to doing anything of importance, none of you have any fucking drive to be great and its embarrassing, get off this board now

>> No.35231370

knowing japanese is like belonging to an elite group but you dont get the same feeling with english.

>> No.35231376

wtf why did you link my post i didn't say anything bad

>> No.35231378
File: 155 KB, 2339x868, 47 new vocab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

+3 hours. +47 new vocab.

My autism will overcome Anki.


>> No.35231381

You just made me realize how vapid and contentless almost all remedial-posts are

>> No.35231389


>> No.35231390

Damn, good job. If I wasn't a gamer i'd probably enjoy spamming cards as well.

>> No.35231391

stop playing video games retard

>> No.35231407
File: 32 KB, 644x403, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

grammarly annoys me with red underlines

>> No.35231420

i like grand strategy games though

>> No.35231422

lmao wtf is that

>> No.35231434

Nothing grand about boring 10minute turns.

>> No.35231435

Thank you.
You are the first person to actually tell me good job.

My reading is progressing fast as fuck. I can recognize and read 800+ kanji from 2 months of study.

Hope you keeping well too.

>> No.35231448

i don't play turn-based games. they are real time. paradox games.

>> No.35231455

all this uppercasing smells like samefag to me

>> No.35231461

arent you that retard that keeps saying you only do anki? anki isnt reading

>> No.35231469
File: 58 KB, 740x720, 3744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35231488

i'm listening to some amateurs debate physicalism vs dualism and i don't really understand them. also one keeps referencing hume

>> No.35231506

Imagine if philosophers dabbled in the practical instead of the ephemeral.

>> No.35231507

dont know what any of the isms in philosophy are since im completely philosophically illiterate

>> No.35231508


>> No.35231510

みたく is wrong etymologically, 「みたい」 was originally 「みたよう」, 「よう」 is a noun, it's not the 〜い in 形容詞 that came from 〜き (see: 終止形連体形統合, イ音便)

It's about as "correct" as 「違くない」

>> No.35231530

yeah, wageslaving and coonsoming its all the meaning life holds for us.

>> No.35231548

If you try hard enough you can think of dismissive phrases for philosophy as well.

>> No.35231552

more like humus

>> No.35231566

natives decide whats correct, not etymology or grammar rules

>> No.35231570

the only person in my class in hs who even remotely cared about philosophy (he went to some competitions or some shit) turned into the biggest hedonist druggie out of the lot lmao

>> No.35231585

Wow no way, one of my friends who was big into philosophy also turned into a pot head. Weird coincidence.

>> No.35231614

the guy referencing hume defines goodness as desire. so a dog wants dog food because dog food is good to the dog. this is how he gets out of the is-ought problem. but something about this reasoning feels off to me. it's word games. it's not a true bridging of the is-ought gap. someone "should" do something with respect to a particular goal, but i wouldn't say there is objective moral goodness in them doing that something.

>> No.35231626

Yeah you go to fuck-knows-where村, 岩手県 and listen to all that perfectly correct Japanese, or rather the 10% of it that you'll manage to make sense of

>> No.35231640

kys commie

>> No.35231663

Isn't he just referencing the owner as god in that case? I.E using objective morality to state
is = ought

>> No.35231670

seethe lmao

>> No.35231693

Unironically the one good thing to come out of the USSR is the fact that Russian is basically the same everywhere with some really minor variations that define the three major dialect groups, not counting the kind of places you need a helicopter to reach

>> No.35231716


>> No.35231720

i'd send a helicopter to snipe you you if i could

>> No.35231791

i dont know how you guys do with just a couple of fields but my anki cards have exactly 36 fields (plus tags, of course)

>> No.35231801

just popping in to say a quick thanks to jamal

you might not even remember anymore, but about 2 months ago you posted some advice about starting exercising, and thanks to that today i managed to run for 20 minutes straight for the first time in my life


>> No.35231828

only need two fields
front and back

>> No.35231846

Damn, thats nice brother! Keep it up!

>> No.35231866

It's like Yomichan for ESLs.

>> No.35231883

Punctuation and capitalization will change your life.

>> No.35231897
File: 5 KB, 132x227, hito.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I be learning the handwritten kanji or the regular ones?

>> No.35231901

Don't run if you're overweight.

>> No.35231908

please check out the last webm posted in the previous thread, thanks.

>> No.35231913

Do these have a different meaning, like pitch accent?

>> No.35231920


>> No.35231932

i can vouch for this. i tried running on pavement every day while being very overweight and my knees started feeling numb and weird after a few weeks and i had to stop. wait until you're a healthy weight before you run.

>> No.35231934


>> No.35231940

shit cards

>> No.35231950

How do you think football players manage?

>> No.35231951

Do the handwritten because computer will be obvious.

>> No.35231960

what the fuck is up with the uppercase retardation in this thread?

>> No.35231967

I am not over weight, but I'm not thin. I do a lot of running an injuries are numerous.

>> No.35231973

>Should I be learning the handwritten Latin alphabet or the regular one?

>> No.35231981

I always wanted to learn latin as well.

>> No.35231986

With the death of the tripfags it's time for the old customs to die aswell, out with the old in with the new!

>> No.35231989

Why are you mediating people's use of language?
Do you like it when people tell you how to speak?

>> No.35231992

The thread is so much more readable now.

>> No.35231996
File: 52 KB, 1248x835, 19c7e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232042

I feel like it should be obvious to everyone the more you do something the better you get at it. Why does exercise have so much misinformation.

>> No.35232047


>> No.35232057

why do you think people are mediating your speech? it's a descriptor, you're welcome to uppercase and be retarded

>> No.35232078

Nah, the top ones are used in print and in fonts, that's the only only difference. Pretty much how you write "a" differently by hand than "a"s you see on your screen.

Yeah, makes sense. Fortunately, I've been learning the handwritten ones.

Does learning a new language mean you should forget how to properly use the previous one? I don't care for memes or other ways of fitting in.

>> No.35232096

>why do you think people are mediating your speech? it's a descriptor, you're welcome to uppercase and be retarded
Think you should workshop this sentence some more.

>> No.35232102

ill be lowercasing and retarded

>> No.35232110

the content of ur posts is retarded

>> No.35232136

There isn't much of a difference anyway
A few kanji look noticeably different (令), some radicals look slightly different (言), for some there is an annoying subtle difference that shouldn't be ignored (備), but most look the same in writing and in print except for the rounder lines

>> No.35232137
File: 87 KB, 680x680, E3wzzQvUYAMeHd5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232139


i don't have a set of scales to confirm but i'm pretty sure that i fall into the "healthy weight" range right now; i did brisk walking for a month and a half and lost quite a lot of weight thanks to that (and quitting drinking the month before i started)

i've been running for about 2 weeks now and so far so good

i've been running off road as much as possible

i know from past bad experiences that running on pavement is not a good idea, so i only do it where i have to in order to get from one off road area to another

i still do walking; i only run 3 days a week and either brisk walk or have a rest day on the other days

i aim for 5 days of cardio a week

>> No.35232143

yo lore hype

>> No.35232212

ridiculous how many miis this game requires
and if you dont pay for switch online you cant even import miis other people made

glad there was a demo i almost bought it

>> No.35232270

Yeah, looks like a lot of work to shitpost. I'm not a creative and built square dirt houses in minecraft so I don''t like this type of game.

>> No.35232274

does ina let you download all the miis she made?

>> No.35232301
File: 44 KB, 680x382, E2_y5VyVgAQC11j.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232312
File: 1.00 MB, 2771x3464, lq52jsken6171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232314

fuck it, imma just create a name deck
my first card: 橋本環奈 -> Hashimoto Kanna

>> No.35232340


>> No.35232349

names arent a problem if you just feel them out

>> No.35232352
File: 992 KB, 960x974, 1614862149098.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232365


>> No.35232376

Yeah it's pretty obvious which words are names stop trolling.

>> No.35232392


>> No.35232401


don't even have to rep it if you learn these

>> No.35232411


>> No.35232413
File: 118 KB, 317x411, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232429


>> No.35232436

never had problems with names cuz i'm an idolfag

>> No.35232452

extremely rekt

>> No.35232454

at least rep irregular names, like 五十嵐

>> No.35232455
File: 182 KB, 613x766, IS this correct.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Doesn't "Asa" mean morning and "Gozen" just means P.M?
is Anki tricking me or am I a brainlet?

>> No.35232460

always had problems with names and all other aspects of japanese cuz i'm an englishfag

>> No.35232461


>> No.35232474

i'll just add people that i know about

>> No.35232480

Everyone said Japanese would be hard but it's so easy, especially the pronunciation, every letter is just a syllable.

>> No.35232486

Post vocaroo

>> No.35232490
File: 35 KB, 400x400, xvtfF-Uf_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232492

Can't i'm shy.

>> No.35232493


>> No.35232507

Post bussy

>> No.35232512

whoops I meant to type A.M not P.M, I was reading a message from someone
so what I meant was do I use gozen for "Morning" as well as "Asa"?

>> No.35232513

Can't I have a cock and am not gay.

>> No.35232515

in 力 for example, the ち is devoiced
its not that simple

>> No.35232516

He literally learned the language in a single year

>> No.35232520

in order to feel out names i have to have a database of lots of names in my brain which i don't

>> No.35232522

if you know japanese you know what i mean

>> No.35232527

don't worry about minutae until you're doing jj
all je definitions are approximations

>> No.35232540
File: 212 KB, 449x523, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232559

Alright, thanks.

>> No.35232563

no idea what you mean this philosophy shit is complicated but atoms moving about in your head which attracts you to some external thing says nothing about objective/intrinsic goodness. i think most people view goodness as some property of the universe but that makes no sense to me. some people agree that it's nonsensical as viewed by most laypersons and then redefine goodness as something as more "sensible", like the hume guy defining it as desire. but that is arbitrary and confusing to me.

>> No.35232570

only had a card for the names 澪 and 昴

>> No.35232594
File: 107 KB, 397x323, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232596

got 10k names in anki

>> No.35232597


>> No.35232604

If good needs a consequence, then it requires authority to be real. If good needs a result, then it requires a desire to be real.

>> No.35232608

dame your new deck is outdated already

>> No.35232620

>126.3 million (2019)

>> No.35232643

abe schizo

>> No.35232645

I can't even name 20 English names, way to overwork yourself.

>> No.35232647


>> No.35232648

my deck is a mix of first and family name separately so if we consider combinations it probably goes up to the trillions

>> No.35232659

there arent even a trillion japanaese people
also i think you probably meant a billion since we use long-scales in this general

>> No.35232681

Fairly certain he was using American metrics so we can't be sure.

>> No.35232684
File: 75 KB, 289x353, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i dedicate this one to my nigga ciaran

>> No.35232693

Why are remedial-posters this retarded?

>> No.35232694


>> No.35232695

acquired that one from ciaran's king of zipangu posting

>> No.35232702

eigo de ok

>> No.35232731


i dedicate this one to my nigga og

>> No.35232736

woah that's ame's mom

>> No.35232775

i hope james is okay...

>> No.35232789

i don't

>> No.35232792
File: 790 KB, 854x480, tou.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232806
File: 95 KB, 340x384, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35232812


>> No.35232819

i prefer 西田敏行

>> No.35232821
File: 243 KB, 854x480, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mine this

>> No.35232828


>> No.35232837

why are you writing them in romaji and not in hiragana lol

>> No.35232848

he hasnt learned hiragana yet

>> No.35232849
File: 229 KB, 854x480, onna no kan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35232857

because it's faster? i can already read hiragana. why would i give a shit about that?

>> No.35232869


>> No.35232878

what the fuck

>> No.35232888

you cant read hiragana if its faster

>> No.35232893


>> No.35232899

ankidrones be like...

>> No.35232904

why do you think this matter AT ALL?

faster to create the cards, you idiot. i'm not even typing these names. i'm just copying and pasting from wikipedia. why the fuck would i bother retyping them in hiragana?

>> No.35232908

i think he means its faster for him to type without switching the ime on

>> No.35232912

10 eps into hyouka and i dont think im gonna bother with the rest, it's just a snooze fest and the "le smart but doesn't give a shit" mc is so tedious at this point

>> No.35232924

just copy from japanese wikipedia then lmao

>> No.35232937

what for? explain to me why you think this matters

>> No.35232940
File: 60 KB, 359x57, Clipboard01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i'm just copying and pasting from wikipedia
all the more reason to have them in hiragana?
>why do you think this matter AT ALL?
i thought u were trying to learn japanese

>> No.35232952

well for one thing you are actually taking more time to change the name from how its displayed on wikipedia to japanese style lol
on wiki its Hiroyuki Nishimura but you had to paste it then change the order to make it fit

>> No.35232955

>i thought u were trying to learn japanese
lmao @ these guys...

>> No.35232957

>because it's faster? i can already read hiragana. why would i give a shit about that?
This is what lowercasers actually believe

>> No.35232965

imagine flexing about hiragana
we're at that level? there is plenty of hiragana if you just consume anything lol
these niggas depend on anki to see hiragana?

>> No.35232966

kinda crazy that someone would put romaji on their cards out of choice

>> No.35232975

Do lowercasers really?

>> No.35232984
File: 14 KB, 545x342, smp_abt-fc_img11p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>林檎 - アップル
>why yes all my english vocabulary cards are in katakana, why do you think this matters?

>> No.35232992

what jamal leaving does to a mf thread

>> No.35232996

romaji is for uppercasers and crypto uppercasers

>> No.35233000


>> No.35233001

>imagine flexing about hiragana
I'll cut you some slack if you're just starting or something. You needed a card for fucking 西村博之 so probably.

>> No.35233010

imagine grinding name cards its like these retards are having a competition for who can waste the most time droning

>> No.35233014

It's like a breath of fresh air. Just need you to leave too.

>> No.35233016

you're willingly associating kanji names with english letters
absolutely crippled

>> No.35233024
File: 10 KB, 230x449, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, these names are SO obvious

>> No.35233025

how do you say "simple/plain clothing" in japanese?
for example plain white t-shirts and plain black t-shirts without print.
is 簡素な服 fine?
or 粗服 ?
or 無地の服 ?

>> No.35233027

the last ~30 posts are peak ngmi

>> No.35233028

ironically romaji name deck guy is definitely the dude who was learning chinese but gave up cause its too hard to learn pinyin

>> No.35233035

how do i pronounce george warshington

>> No.35233039

>english letters
dont see any þs or œs there

>> No.35233041

do you put romaji on your vocab cards as well
if not, why not
if yes, lol

>> No.35233042

dont need to put romaji or hiragana on the name card
if you have the picture of the person you should know the name

>> No.35233043

>you're willingly associating kanji names with english letters
>absolutely crippled
lmao wtf? you guys are funny
what matters is the sound
language is SOUND
remember that

>> No.35233053

and romaji isnt a good representation of japanese sounds

>> No.35233058
File: 1.79 MB, 1080x813, 1602374805008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do nips rly?

>> No.35233060

so why don't you put an audio recording on the card
it doesn't matter what you think "matters" everytime you'll rep those cards you'll see the japanese name and then the romaji version so there's no way you won't associate them

>> No.35233064

>do you put romaji on your vocab cards as well
>if not, why not
because it's automatic

>> No.35233065

づ = du

>> No.35233068

wow dude thats actually kind of freaky, been bragging about doing 6 miles in 20 minutes today a new record for me, grats run brother

>> No.35233075

its always amazing how hard retards itt sperg out when someone does an idiot card that they dont approve of

>> No.35233076

if you dont eat raw fish you're mentally ill

>> No.35233079

i run that in a minute

>> No.35233085

cope and seethe romaji dekinai

>> No.35233086

seriously, it's like i'm talking to crazy people here
i can't believe that you people honestly think this matters at all

>> No.35233089

i dont even do anki lol

>> No.35233100

thats much faster than world record pace

>> No.35233101

it has been explained to you why it matters >>35233060 and it appears you have no response so i'm not sure why you keep posting

>> No.35233120

my card for Joe Hisaishi is very confusing
you pronounce this shit like じょえ or what?

>> No.35233128
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1597560805677.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lets get this thread back on track

>> No.35233131

if you can afford it get an elliptical (im making payments) or use a gym one. game. changer. you get all the joys of running without the damage

>> No.35233132

it literally doesn't matter. are you telling me that if you see something that is usually written in hiragana in romaji or katakana then you won't be able to understand it? if that's the case then it means you haven't truly acquired those words

>> No.35233136

great news bros based urasawa naoki has a youtube channel

only downside is its new so there are only 2 vids. want a new season of manben so fuckin bad..

>> No.35233138

>game. changer.

>> No.35233151

i'm not saying you won't be able to understand it i'm saying you're associating japanese words with a western writing system which is straight-up retarded if you're trying to learn japanese

>> No.35233154
File: 38 KB, 415x69, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

japanese people use romaji too you know

>> No.35233158

This is why people fail to learn Chinese.

>> No.35233166


>> No.35233169

onomatopoeia is the hardest thing in japanese

>> No.35233172

They're limited in what they say. Once Okayu got the Japanese input hack they started saying way longer sentences.

>> No.35233173

not if you feel it out

>> No.35233176
File: 299 KB, 2000x1200, iwillneverlearnjapanese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've been "learning" japanese for almost 2 years now and my progress is laughable
i know the kana, "basic grammar" and a few kanji

could someone please recommend me a nice textbook?

i've tried grinding anki and visual novels but i dislike reading on electronical devices and often lose my concentration, so i thought that using a textbook and adding some kanji/sentences to anki from time to time would be a better method

>> No.35233177

people get really defensive in here when someone does something they dont like because theyre scared their own methods are ineffective and dont like to have them challenged at all
otherwise theres no reasons to go to such lengths to change peoples opinions. they're really just trying to reinforce their own for their own comfort

>> No.35233184

The hardest thing is 四字熟語 that are just lifted from Chinese.

>> No.35233194

>theyre scared their own methods are ineffective and dont like to have them challenged at all

>> No.35233203

you suck cause you havent read and watched nearly enough japanese stuff and droning a textbook will only serve to further waste your time. you probably havent even spent a few hundred hours reading lol

just give up, this isn't malicious or anything, you are incapable of making it if this is where youre at after 2 years

>> No.35233209
File: 17 KB, 482x296, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so why couldn't it just rip the audio from google or something

>> No.35233214

yeah ive had this thought before, seems like the logical conclusion. people here are insecure.

>> No.35233215

gonna rip ass down your throat

>> No.35233219

>just give up, this isn't malicious or anything, you are incapable of making it if this is where youre at after 2 years
i get you, but i can't give up.

>> No.35233224

This is good listening in case you're at least half Japanese and you're allowed to visit their prostitutes.


>> No.35233225

about to start

>> No.35233228

if you play those old snes jrpgs you'll see words that are usually written in hiragana in katakana
do these guys that think if you make some shitty cards for names in romaji you'll get crippled for ever go like

>wait, that's not allowed! i learned them with hiragana! i can't read them like this


>> No.35233230

then do the only thing that works and read/listen to japanese content for 3+ hours per day. look up stuff you dont understand in terms of grammar on dojg and use anki if u feel like it

>> No.35233233

i've spent <1 hour reading

>> No.35233234
File: 994 KB, 2086x2044, 1570458200790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you don't need a textbook retard

>> No.35233237

textfugu + wanikani my dude
slow and steady

>> No.35233238

>yeah ive had this thought before, seems like the logical conclusion. people here are insecure.
So close to a perfect sentence. I see five errors. See if you can find them!

>> No.35233249

no because katakana is japanese

>> No.35233250

i'll find your ass with my foot with pinpoint accuracy *shoves foot up ass*

>> No.35233251

>pastebin that leads to a tinyurl
nah, not getting a virus today

>> No.35233255

Damn, now I see six errors. One's tricky.

>> No.35233261

you're crazy if you think i'm opening that lol

>> No.35233272

i opened it its just a porn url

>> No.35233274

i see 1 error in your post

>> No.35233284

>then do the only thing that works and read/listen to japanese content for 3+ hours per day. look up stuff you dont understand in terms of grammar on dojg and use anki if u feel like it
would reading physical manga and looking up the kanji i don't know be a solid way to practice?

so far i only tried to force myself through visual novels i'm not interested in and quickly gave up because reading on a screen feels uncomfortable.

i guess for listening practice i could give some vtubers a try...

>> No.35233285


>> No.35233292

literally why aren't you watching jp-subbed anime

>> No.35233301

>would reading physical manga and looking up the kanji i don't know be a solid way to practice?
>i guess for listening practice i could give some vtubers a try...
Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0n6tS4EnNs

>> No.35233315

*see famous japanese names written in romaji your whole life*
>you are not crippled
*learning japanese still seeing famous japanese names in romaji everywhere*
>you are not crippled
*put those names in anki using romaji*

>> No.35233320

what this guy said is right >>35233234, jp subbed anime is a good starting place for a few reasons. look ups are easy cause of yomichan, cadence and the VAs performance in general gives you contextual help in understanding etc. you can find the subs on kitsunekko and if you search the archives you can figure out how to setup mpv and clipboard inserter.

that being said, reading manga is fine too if that's what interests you more. try to find stuff that has furigana as well to make your lookups easier especially if you're using physical manga. shounen shit usually has it.

vtubers are super-aids so i wouldn't recommend that

>> No.35233323

dude you can stop seething now we get it you're retarded

>> No.35233333

youre going to have to give a lot of stuff a try for years, the best thing you can do is grind through manga and books all day tho, its going to feel uncomfortable at first but if you stick with it youll eventually find some shit you can get lost in and thats the moment youre at maximum gains

>> No.35233345

no!!!! i saw "oda nobunaga" as a flashcard
now i'll forever associate his name to the romaji version lol

>> No.35233347

thank god im one of those people that cant sleep at night unless i know my approach to something im trying to get better at is as good as i can make it otherwise id end up like this dude after 2 years

>> No.35233348

The easiest thing to start with is Nintendo games like Zelda.

>> No.35233356

dunno at this point the guy who is still whining about being called out long after the topic has been concluded appears like the more pathetic party to me

>> No.35233360

wtf, since when do they have gaming chairs?
also which holo should i fap to

>> No.35233365 [DELETED] 
File: 12 KB, 236x295, 1563390750526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i just couldn't get through the curry girl's route

>> No.35233369

if i was a retarded beginner again i would just set up mpv, yomichan and google, go through roughly 100 shows with neflix subs on kitunekko and then do whatever i feel like atm (anime, manga, vn, ln)

>> No.35233376

>also which holo should i fap to

>> No.35233377

this is what i did, worked out great

>> No.35233385

bro, do you wanna get crippled typing it like that?
it's にんてんどう

>> No.35233386


>> No.35233395
File: 987 KB, 1280x920, arigatou.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thanks to all of you, i'll give my best!

>jp subbed anime is a good starting place for a few reasons
i'll definitely give watching anime with jp subs another try, thanks

>try to find stuff that has furigana
i have lots of manga with furigana
gonna work through those and maybe add some sentences to my anki here and there

>vtubers are super-aids so i wouldn't recommend that
they seem mostly fine to me
do you have any other recommendations for listening practice?

>> No.35233400

it's 任天堂

>> No.35233428

the deeper you immerse yourself while bridging the comprehension gap the better, simple as

>> No.35233433

it's まんが

we don't want to get crippled with these filthy english letters

>> No.35233435

I've been learning for 8 years.
I even majored in Japanese. I could barely pass N4.

You aren't alone. You need to ask yourself a few questions.

1) Are you studying everyday?
2) Are you using Anki or any SRS?

Those are the two fundamentals to learning Japanese. If you aren't doing both you are playing on very hard mode.

>> No.35233438

even yoga and the migaku team got crippled by romaji
he says anki like えんき

>> No.35233446

you mean 暗記 of course
no ローマ字 allowed

>> No.35233449

What do you mean by goon.

>> No.35233450

gonna get a big yikes from me

>> No.35233467

>suck ass after 8 years and still feel qualified to give advice
hoping this is some sort of reddit post

>> No.35233477

so you'd choose not making it again

>> No.35233480

holy seethe

>> No.35233483

yeah we know which posts itt are yours

>> No.35233513

you're willingly associating japanese words with english letters
absolutely crippled

>> No.35233515

wish mods would be weirdos like this who contribute nothing to the thread but toxicity

ill keep dreaming

>> No.35233517
File: 1 KB, 114x54, 1604601204050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if this is happening often should i start suspending/reducing the cards a day or just stop being a retard and give up on japanese? it's making my anki sessions take really long and i already have limited time.

>> No.35233522

you're seething is out of proportion bro just relax put whatever the fuck u want on ur idiot name cards

>> No.35233523
File: 290 KB, 528x464, E3wtQ0oUcAEMooA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35233524


>> No.35233527

been acquiring japanese for a couple years.
shit on the n2

1)fuck text books (except for refrence maybe)
2)you live language you dont study it

you grow it like a tree, start with the roots, then the trunk, then the branches, and if you get real good youll get some leaves

>> No.35233534

i am but like i said limited time so i can't do it too much so an anki session taking 90 minutes fucking sucks

>> No.35233539

so cut the anki session?

>> No.35233552

i don't want to

>> No.35233558

is this what anki does to your brain?

>> No.35233560

cut the new cards per day, after a few days the reviews will go down greatly

>> No.35233563

this u? >>35225984

>> No.35233566

my dopamine is safe

>> No.35233570


>> No.35233574

i'm being sarcastic

>> No.35233578

no he says エインキ

>> No.35233582

the sheer amount of reviews isn't really the issue but the amount i don't get right even after multiple loops gets old. i think i should taking a break at the halfway point

>> No.35233583


>> No.35233595

yoga called the 漢字コーヒー forum kanji "くーひー"

>> No.35233602

worst part is, anki reps are just coat hangers, you still have to acquire the word, fucking sucks at the start

>> No.35233609

yama ni tachi dess

>> No.35233611

yoga is one of those rare cases where a multilingual went eop and lost his advantage

>> No.35233614

joey anime man calls hentai henti

>> No.35233630

>i dont have time to watch more jp subbed anime cause i want to spend an hour and a motherfucking half per day droning anki like the colossal retard that i am

>> No.35233636

i've been going for a couple of months but yeah i get how you feel. i can easily recognize many words in anki but then when i see it in my jp subs or whatever and don't recognize it in context it fucking sucks. but my vocab has gone up significantly

>> No.35233643
File: 266 KB, 1090x706, 1575689270286.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

glad i'm not a beginner wasting my time on stupid shit that doesn't matter.

>> No.35233653

yea hang in there i promise it gets better, im at a pretty comfy level now and its glorious at times

>> No.35233655

how did you do it

>> No.35233673

what is it called when you aren't native level in any language as an adult?

i think yoga has that, along with quite a few other miatards

>> No.35233683


>> No.35233687


>> No.35233688

hows that possible im an esl retard and learning japanese will probably take me half a decade but at least i speak 2 languages fluently already (through necessity) how do you have a job if you arent fluent in any language

>> No.35233691

mental retardation

>> No.35233694

Dunno how long you’ve been studying English but you have to use a different set of letters at the start of every sentence. Think of it like Katakana. You mastered those, right?

>> No.35233695

pretty much like this >>35233369 except for also doing a core deck that i quit half way through because it kept showing me politics words that didn't show up in my cartoons

>> No.35233697

og syndrome

>> No.35233705

be -> ban

>> No.35233707

yea but i'm 30 years old i can't really do that.

>> No.35233716

i think that only happens to dialect speakers like irish and south african

>> No.35233740

nah only negroids use upper case

>> No.35233746

>yea hang in there i promise it gets better, im at a pretty comfy level now and its glorious at times
just bite the pillow

>> No.35233753

what does that mean

>> No.35233755


>> No.35233756

my moms 64 and shes been learning japanese perfectly fine, neural plasticity is all hype

>> No.35233758

then quit

>> No.35233761

bite the pillow and post bussy

>> No.35233763

why? if it's because you don't have the time then you're better off quitting if it's because you feel like you're """too old""" for anime you can either find something else like jp-subbed doramas or another medium that interests you
and if there is absolutely nothing in japanese that interests you then why are you trying to learn it

>> No.35233772

it's what i tell you to endure the pain of getting fucked in the ass

>> No.35233777


i don't mind going at a slow pace but i just don't have it in me to watch dozen of episode of anime a day anymore. watching a couple + anki is ok to me but sometimes i come here to vent and shitpost and find jav

>> No.35233780


>> No.35233786

this, but your motivational plasticity is real
the older you get the less motivated you are to do anything

>> No.35233801

>motivational plasticity
100% correct, you have to really want it first, and then its ez

>> No.35233802

>i don't mind going at a slow pace but i just don't have it in me to watch dozen of episode of anime a day anymore.
who's saying to watch dozens? i did that occasionally but was pretty rare overall
just make sure you spend more time watching anime than doing anki because the anime is where the actual acquisition of japanese happens

>> No.35233821

that's my current problem, anki is taking forever so i need to change something to shift that a bit without entirely dropping my core deck.

>> No.35233826

one piece is really peaking right now

>> No.35233831

legendary performance

>> No.35233837

i thought thais didnt have bitchmode tongues. anyway just finished learning katakana. check this out ヱヰ

>> No.35233855

i tried immersion with yakuza 7 but this is way too hard

>> No.35233863

Try Animal Crossing.

>> No.35233864

seen that clip a lot but never chugged the anime

>> No.35233866


>> No.35233870

was easy for me

>> No.35233871

yea cause u picked a game where 90% of the characters speak with heavy dialects and slang

>> No.35233895
File: 936 KB, 1912x2151, EubO288UUAAhnSt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35233900

im fitting to go hammer on this japanese shit

>> No.35233901

'scuse mimasen

>> No.35233910
File: 152 KB, 2139x875, 3 hrs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finished for today.
>+3.5 hrs of Anki
>+50 new vocab
>+A lot of new kanji
>+0 hours of immersion
>momentum going strong

>> No.35233911

hey bros make sure to take care of your hands you will be glad later when you're older so just do some exercises every day i highly recommend it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiRC80FJbHU

>> No.35233936

why are you doing this to yourself

>> No.35233940

protip do reps while watching anime

>> No.35233942


>> No.35233943

1321漢字 4247単語

>> No.35233949

Because it is fun. Did you consider that I might be masochistic?

>> No.35233953
File: 6 KB, 486x65, change.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35233957

watasi wa gei

>> No.35233961

>1321漢字 4247単語
what did you do for the vocab estimate?
I took the kanji test linked the other day and got 800.

>> No.35233966

just read this out loud it didn't go well

>> No.35233993

that's just how many i've guru'd in wanikani. the real number is in the high thousands.

>> No.35233997
File: 56 KB, 500x281, .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

YES, i'm still seething that you people think that someone can get crippled due to 20 cards with the names of famous people written in romaji

it offended my intelligence

>> No.35234000

only one i've played is 誓いの場所 and it was pretty easy, at least compared to vns and lns

>> No.35234007

whats this from

feel like the va is saori hayami but idk could be a few diff ones

>> No.35234010

yea but your japanese level dwarfs mine i'm a beginner

>> No.35234020

i played it almost a year ago when i was a beginner

>> No.35234026

you werent a beginner a year ago stop lying

>> No.35234034

yep its her i was right lol this anime looks fucking garbage though

>> No.35234047

analfaggot is still a beginner right this moment

>> No.35234050

to be honest i'm still a beginner. we all are until fluency. no point in splitting hairs

>ayy man you speak japanese?
>ah, well, you see i have 8,134 sentence cards right now and 98.6% coverage of yotsubato and...

>> No.35234057

800 kanji is what i was at 5 months ago and started to feel like I was making real traction and able to read a lot of stuff. Now I'm at 1600.

>> No.35234059

you get the point dont be so pedantic i'm also literally using ur deck right now

>> No.35234062

lmfao nuke and minirapist also made ankitard decks that doesnt mean shit

>> No.35234064

now see the magic of english subs

>> No.35234076

づ how do i write this on my keyboard? like what is the input this is like doing an hadoken

>> No.35234081
File: 290 KB, 500x500, tobari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the day after a long edge session

>> No.35234084

>i'm still a beginner. we all are until fluency
this meme has to go

>> No.35234092

he didnt make it he just wrote some program to do it when he was as bad as you

>> No.35234099

romaji-kun here
type "du"

>> No.35234101

it's true

>> No.35234103

what a small ゆ/whatever?

>> No.35234104

what's the best physical j-e dictionary?

>> No.35234106

no need i got it all first try

>> No.35234114

*propels a fat turd out of my ass into your mouth*

>> No.35234119

type "xyu"

>> No.35234121

This is why we were railing on romajitard. If you rely on it you end up getting btfo by stuff like this. Think of a different romaji that's regularized. ta ti tu te to . tya tyi tyu tye tyo
Then it should become obvious. This is how Japanese people think about it and how they type. They actually tend to forget the standardized romanizations that you're used to.

>> No.35234126

i'm a beginner in japanese. think about it in terms of english maybe. what is....
beginner english? babies and children.
intermediate english? teens/adults.
advanced english? literature, philosophy, poetry, etc.

same applies to japanese.
now if you want to say you are a begginer/intermediate/advanced "LEARNER" i guess that's a different scale and honestly one i wouldn't brag about as it's kinda pointless

what kind of stuff have you been able to enjoy?

>> No.35234130


>> No.35234136

>intermediate english? teens/adults.
lmfao stupid retard

>> No.35234143

yeah it makes sense i just had to get used to how they actually input this shit on their keyboards

>> No.35234145

>i'm a beginner in japanese. think about it in terms of english maybe. what is....
beginner english? babies and children.

yeah anacreon and the trash taste bros are on the same level

>> No.35234152

you're still being really pedantic or you actually have some form of tism if you don't get that yakuza zero in japanese is gonna be a bit much for an actual beginner. i can't tell if you're doing a bit or if you actually believe that there's no difference between someone at your general level or someone who can barely get through yotsuba

>> No.35234154

you'll know after you rep them and see the kanji and what pops up in your brain is a name in english letters but you do you bro

>> No.35234163


>> No.35234167

you guys forgot to make a point, oops!

what have you done so far?

>> No.35234169

pretty much, yeah

>> No.35234172
File: 121 KB, 1080x1143, fcuvcfgz47571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


finna emerse

>> No.35234179


>> No.35234183

hey nice me too

>> No.35234194

How do you immerse using this if you don't understand fuck all? I really want to just watch comfy vtuber streams and learn that way but I don't get the point if I can't understand anything.

>> No.35234202

doubt analfaggot could understand an ep of raw anime

>> No.35234203

anacreon binging material at his level
anpanman and doraemon

>> No.35234215

finna find me some good ショートカット jav

>> No.35234220

cuz they're either at the level where they can understand most of it or they are just whitenoising
more info here: https://youtu.be/7PA_-RaVl0M
tl;dr if ur a noob, read more

strange response

>> No.35234226

well for rpgs theres always the onscreen text to aid you
but i have ears too so looking up words by hearing is not a problem

>> No.35234241

adding this to the official filterlist

>> No.35234243
File: 15 KB, 719x119, 1603461184863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmfao this dude slithers in and out of jabums wrinkly asshole pretty frequently, he's back to imitating how he talks again

>> No.35234258

that could never happen because i know other words with those kanji
織田 -> 織る, 田
環奈 -> 循環, 奈落

>> No.35234260

u don't even know jamal's writing style if u think that resembles it

>> No.35234267

any good learning programs that only use lowercases

>> No.35234270

they are the same person
do you really think jamal quit a thread he was addicted to for 20 years?

he just put on the anacreon persona immediately after he said he left

>> No.35234273

daily reminder that if you acquire japanese all day then in a single year you've done over 10 years of what a 2 hours/day tards does, its mostly a numbers game, so if you suck its most likely youre just pretending to learn japanese anyways

>> No.35234274

translation clips are fine to start with. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krvUrE5bZ0M

also it's ok if you dont understand stuff you figure it out and get a sense of how japanese sounds and the ability to hear words you can read but couldnt hear before

>> No.35234279

>blablablabla [holoshart clip] blablbla
instantly discard these posts

>> No.35234283

that image is

kek <---


>> No.35234286

what holo is the hottest irl

>> No.35234287

>jamal coming up with the hobbies for his alter ego
hmmm what do whitoids do for fun .... i know he raises potatos

>> No.35234289

both cringe

>> No.35234294

you didnt even read the post it was replying to dumbass lol

>> No.35234298


>> No.35234301
File: 253 KB, 854x480, jisho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fully voiced rpg 実況s
thats the way to go

>> No.35234304
File: 166 KB, 1280x1280, 1621745210344.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

coco is way up there

>> No.35234307

cant wait to cruise down the jp coast line in a convertible in my aloha shirt playing this

>> No.35234315

Can we use both wa and ga in the same sentence?

Can we say "watashi wa watashi ga bootywizardo desu"? Because I watched the first few videos of cure dolly sensei and she says that "wa" is just a marker and the "ga" part is often omitted because it is always implied but it is always there. This means that we can use both of them in the same sentence. Right?

>> No.35234316

daft cringe

>> No.35234334

adds nice voice acting to the unvoiced parts

>> No.35234335

https://9gag.com/gag/aK6v3qQ look at the comments bros

>> No.35234336

nah that was actually funny what anacreon said in the screencap

>> No.35234338

>>post contains holoshit clip
>immediately ignored
i dont even have to filter.

>> No.35234342


>> No.35234351

now there's a site i haven't visited in a decade.

>> No.35234353

you should find a way to filter it so yuo dont pathologically post this every time

>> No.35234364

First time i mention it, holoshitter.

>> No.35234374

funny how the holoshitter always says there are multiple holoshitters itt but cant conceive that there are multiple people that hate him. dudes got a 85 iq

>> No.35234375

you don't have any to insult bruh

>> No.35234379

damn, time travel stories are always so dumb

>> No.35234383

you just posted it here with the exact style lol
also nice going exposing yourself again

>> No.35234389
File: 29 KB, 658x247, 1601693702011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35234393

i remember hearing from 4chan for the first time when they were doing a gore spam operation in 2009 on 9gags new site and this is how i got introduced to 4chan for the first time

>> No.35234399

just noticed analcream uploaded my karbin tribute to youtube without permission tsk tsk tsk

>> No.35234400

>exact style
you mean the 4chan style

>> No.35234406

>1 tiny blog entry per month
why do they even bother lol

>> No.35234408

same because some of the gore was really hot

>> No.35234417

how am i supposed to get permission from anonymous? great editing and music choices btw dude

>> No.35234418

>dudes got a 85 iq
what do you expect from an holoretard

>> No.35234428


>> No.35234441

ok this actually made my dick twitch really hard

>> No.35234445

sorry that your brain can't convert between writing systems as easily as mine

>> No.35234457

got introduced to 4chan in 2004 when they raided an acquaintance, he had pizzas showing up at his house and stuff. thought they were pretty funny, so i checked it out, been here for 17 years

>> No.35234460

wait till you see this

also 1 million views in 2 days lol

>> No.35234466

yea im just joking カルビンの伝説を語り継いでいけ

>> No.35234468

did they really do that in 2004 already

>> No.35234470

am i crazy or does this part sound exactly like "he's a pirate" theme from pirates of the caribbean? the first pirates movie also came out as the show was airing. did hans zimmer rip off an anime op lmfao

>> No.35234479
File: 68 KB, 500x489, 1548087297353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is too lewd for youtube

>> No.35234489
File: 141 KB, 1906x977, 1611520377871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"yaaaa tanosikattaze" - carbon's epitaph

>> No.35234495

2004 was 30 years ago

>> No.35234496

yea it started over a fight on world of warcraft and back in those days they were more personal army-ish

>> No.35234514

as long as you're not lewding korone

>> No.35234516

still dont get why george had to laugh when he saw calvin

>> No.35234517

did this nigga say i was there in 2003?
2003???? is that sarcasm

>> No.35234518

thought raids only became a thing when 4chan became more notorious outside the initial SA userbase but what do i know im only here since 2012

>> No.35234522

this also i still don't get pitch accent

>> No.35234545


>> No.35234552

still have no idea what she meant by that

>> No.35234553
File: 421 KB, 1378x2039, E3wGP83VoAUimC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah she's off limits

>> No.35234554

because he had spoken to him before on discord and thought he was a nerdy white guy from his voice

>> No.35234557

d00d we already discussed this look through the archive for the answer

>> No.35234563

i'm pretty new so tell me

>> No.35234568

rule 34 on korone

>> No.35234581

cause fat people look funny

>> No.35234604

they were always a thing since i was here. might be off on the year i came here tho, maybe 2005

>> No.35234605

nothing to be said. his life force is tied to the thread. if the thread ever comes back to life then so too will he, and then you can ask him yourself

>> No.35234615


>> No.35234616

do not respond to or inquire about tripfags

>> No.35234631


>> No.35234658

rule 34 on karbin

>> No.35234669

so ancient fags are still here on 4channel and they study japanese? kinda weird i thought you guys ended up all dead or as wageslaves with 3 kids.

>> No.35234672

Except for the holoretard, i like the current state of the thread without tripfags

>> No.35234707

I really like the current state of the thread including vtuber posting, as long as its japanese vtubers

>> No.35234717

why would you stop visiting the sites you visit after having kids?

>> No.35234719

to you, my nigga bunko

>> No.35234723

im an anomaly, disabled myself in an accident so i took the time to go back to school, and study things in general, been married twice and gf right now but no kids thank god..

>> No.35234731

whats wrong with tripfags

>> No.35234737

「詰る [2]」を覚えた。

>> No.35234743

they each have a different personality disorder

>> No.35234757

hakaru or nijiru

>> No.35234759

nothing wrong with them if its just one or two in a thread full of anons
however, once they reach critical mass they only post/argue about each other and their ego

>> No.35234770

lurk moar before postan

>> No.35234778


>> No.35234785

thought that spoiler was gonna say migaku cuz you'd be using their one click card maker for chrome+netflix

>> No.35234798


>> No.35234824

tfw you realize 4chan is the thing that had the biggest impact on ur character

>> No.35234833
File: 843 KB, 1805x4096, E32JbyEVUAQfPlu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35234839

at least it wasn't a nigerian prince

>> No.35234844


>> No.35234848

this place is pretty cool, obviously we're here

>> No.35234860

i remember accumulating a massive reaction folder and deleting it 3 times, the epic get wars with s4s, the fun threads on /b/ before it turned into a full on porn board

>> No.35234884

u knoe ur pitch is fucked when u try to sing along and everyting sounds wrong

>> No.35234898

wow i can read this

>> No.35234927


>> No.35234940

obotsukanai? iirc it means something that seems like it's about to fall apart?

>> No.35234963


>> No.35234979

yuul b. alwright

>> No.35234982


>> No.35234990

Don't use my race as a slur. This isn't the time or place for it.

>> No.35235009

>Don't use my race as a slur
damn that sucks man. is it permanent?

>> No.35235013

anki is useless without immersion

>> No.35235017

you'll have to tolerate my casual racism as i tolerate yours whitoid.

>> No.35235023

20 mins till capcom e3
hoping for some weeb games

>> No.35235043


>> No.35235055

is broken english easier to understand than broken japanese?

>> No.35235064

I have played 25 days. I bought it at launch, and I try to play every day but sometimes I need to rest. The physical challenge is pretty high. I started at 21 difficulty but that was too high so I lowered it to 16 and that's been going well.

I would say that it is a nice sustainable practise. If you tried to do the same routine sans the game, it would be impossible to stay motivated.

The game goes through a warm up stretch and a cool down every session, which is an excellent routine that I often neglect when I'm in my own, so I do appreciate it.

For me, I already play Smash every day, so it is as simple as playing Ring Fit first.

I have seen good results. Tone in my upper body muscles, stamina in my legs, and strength and flexibility in my core.

As another plus, I have beat like 3 games since I started Ring Fit and I still haven't cleared Adventure mode.

I'm really glad I have Ring Fit to get me through the winter, when I would normally give up entirely on my fitness.

>> No.35235069

i liked the part where she only wanted to odoru

>> No.35235075

wh*toids aren't a race, they're a disease

>> No.35235085


>> No.35235086

anki is immersion
t. matto

>> No.35235087


>> No.35235109

>you don't do this retarded thing so you're retarded

>> No.35235122

damn her english is top tier

>> No.35235133

>YES, i'm still seething that you people think that someone can get crippled due to 20 cards with the names of famous people written in romaji
bet you watch english subbed anime

>> No.35235136


>> No.35235158

and dubbed, i mean it's from japan so you'll learn japanese right

>> No.35235160

you just lost money because i use japanese subs. sometimes i watch them raw

>> No.35235170

raw eng dubs?

>> No.35235177

i'm still seething that you people think that someone can get crippled from using romanji subs

>> No.35235180

latin script is not english
it can be used to write any language

>> No.35235185

I'm sorry that people know facts?

>> No.35235189

english is the sounds bro. what are you doing learning an ancient writing system when you can just watch raw garfield

>> No.35235195


>> No.35235202

yeah don't fall for the alphabet meme

>> No.35235212

just another day of djt arguing about pointless shit

>> No.35235227

found jamal


>> No.35235232
File: 3 KB, 336x19, GqPXKdZ[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you didn't skip your reps today did you djt?

>> No.35235237


>> No.35235241

made 50 million dollars at work today in 5 minutes

>> No.35235242

is that guy who couldn't read 藤崎 still here?

>> No.35235255


>> No.35235258 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 250x200, apu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i'm talking to people that think that the symbolic representations of sounds are the language itself and they think i'm the dumb one

>> No.35235262

wotd: 爽昧 そうまい


>> No.35235265
File: 122 KB, 500x500, pleb_3827[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i pooped and then cut it in half with my pee stream.

>> No.35235271

as a mid 20s who befriended a late 30s jap who is bringing me into her home in a few months please tell me what the downsides are? we get along better than most of my other friends regardless of age/gender so i'm not sure what gaps are really at play i guess

>> No.35235284

i would never
but i will skip capitalizing

>> No.35235285

writing card master race, powering through kanken

>> No.35235289

mh stories II looks so cringe
guys i think i'm officially to old to enjoy games

>> No.35235295

dont worry, people assign way too much weight to age. because it's easy. nuance is complicated

>> No.35235309

true that, AOC laws are bullshit

>> No.35235313


>> No.35235316

that's what i figured, the only times i've ever felt an age gap with a person i'm talking to is when they can't stop making a big deal of it lmao

i'm burning out on games too, but what do you replace them with? i have other hobbies but productive ones drain you hard

>> No.35235332

this post lmfao
>yah dude age doesn't matter
>wow i'm also too old for games wtf

come home

>> No.35235333

whoah, so you got caught by a cougar, boytoy.

>> No.35235334

you're just jealous that now that i passed 5級 i'm more advanced than any girl i'd be willing to date.

>> No.35235344

> i have other hobbies but productive ones drain you hard
>productive hobbies
really?, hobbies shouldn't be productive they ought to be constructive! there's a fine but important difference.

>> No.35235348

you havent passed anything

>> No.35235358

only cuz there's no point in paying for a physical test until 準2
tons of pdfs online

>> No.35235377


>> No.35235380


>> No.35235389

these are all hilarious
there's another one on mastering "the"

>> No.35235395

>its cope unless you pay shekels for worthless certifications
i mean it's like taking sub N1

>> No.35235398
File: 807 KB, 400x224, 1610849399831.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35235406

they take us dollars too

>> No.35235407

guess you "passed" those too since theres pdfs online

>> No.35235420
File: 1.30 MB, 1408x860, level 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35235424

wonder if we're going to see a "how i passed the kanken 2 after 700 days of study" post from doth soon

>> No.35235433

no that's because i took it for the visa points, but whether or not you give money to a korean doesn't change your level.

>> No.35235437

i cant stop mining my jisho

>> No.35235445

you're the only one shilling all these random people. stfu

>> No.35235449

>visa points
holy cringe

>> No.35235453

oh god i'm rikai kuuuuuuuuuuning

>> No.35235460

anacreon is a really terrible poster, one of the worst

>> No.35235468

>terrible poster tier lists
post em

>> No.35235470

how do RTK friends read 奠稲?

>> No.35235473

no need to be jelly, i can bring a domestic worker on my visa so if you post your bussy i can see about bringing you over.

>> No.35235474


>> No.35235485

how does one shill a person? u don't know him?

strange response

>> No.35235486
File: 1.28 MB, 1052x866, hiscore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

eigophile gettin it

>> No.35235488

im not from the third world like you so i dont need to move to a shithole like japan

>> No.35235494

>he says on a japanese learning thread

>> No.35235496

people that say this are always scandinavians or germans that are blind to their own countries turning into shitholes lmfao

>> No.35235497

>how does one shill a person
ESL nerd understanding of english. kinda like eigophile

>> No.35235511

>i'm burning out on games
>wow i'm also too old for games wtf
reading comprehension

>> No.35235515

*urge to post jav code of nyuhaafu in a rezu setting increases*

>> No.35235516
File: 216 KB, 497x529, yuul.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35235517

fuck gaijins FUUUUUUUUUUCK

>> No.35235521

is anacreon the goat fucker or is that another one of the namefags?

>> No.35235529

what does that have to do with anything?

>> No.35235536

him and the goatfucker have one of the most tedious feuds in djt history

>> No.35235534

wow way to expose urself

i figured u were agreeing with the person u were replying to, it seemed that way. do you blame ur burnout on something else then?

mini-yoga is goatfucker. he also goes by tatsumoto and "djt guide" or something

>> No.35235538

someone has to fill the void

>> No.35235546


>> No.35235547

no people only think so because they're sociopaths

>> No.35235553

wow this thread is about to surpass the number of posts in the STILL EXISTING previous djt thread lmfaoooo what a shit show

>> No.35235555


>> No.35235558

tatumoto doesnt even think of analcream despite all the seething analcream against him

>> No.35235564

the holoshart has already been crowned worst djt poster in history and he's very active spraying liquid shit all over the thread daily

>> No.35235565


>> No.35235567

wow and there've been a lot of tedious feuds

>> No.35235572

and people said djt was dead

>> No.35235574

the burnout is just the ever increasing void in my brain, most things are becoming less enjoyable
already seeking mental help, it's slow

>> No.35235577


>> No.35235582

who's that

>> No.35235593
File: 30 KB, 375x375, img_item_nekomata02[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you just have no taste pleblord

>> No.35235594

i watch american media too doesnt mean i want to live in their shitty country

>> No.35235606
File: 467 KB, 1440x983, 1622285052313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

miniyoga is chaotic neutral, not an enemy. get with the times

>> No.35235607

>watching american media

>> No.35235609

cute! what anime?

>> No.35235622

id love to see minirapists burn alive but he was based in this particular instance, fuck mutt

>> No.35235624

sick post

>> No.35235636

if you don't know the chigai between 咄 噺 話 then you don't know japanese

>> No.35235644


>> No.35235648

matt is gonna steal tscs or fallback cards next
mark my words

>> No.35235652


>> No.35235654

wanting to know japanese is for nerds

>> No.35235664


>> No.35235669

but you still replied

>> No.35235675

this razer guy has the exact same presentation style as me

>> No.35235677

>1.08M subscribers

>> No.35235685

she's not even one of the most popular ones

>> No.35235689

the fact that hundreds of thousands of holochuggers cant even understand whats being said is so hilarious to me

>> No.35235692

wow why the fuck he goes around defending matto like a groupie then.

>> No.35235699

holofaggotry is the future, embrace it

>> No.35235702


>> No.35235706

soon they will have better listening comprehension than you tho

>> No.35235713

no they wont lol

>> No.35235721


>> No.35235726

罍 i like this chinese character

>> No.35235729


>> No.35235735

theres always people in the chat live translating

>> No.35235737


>> No.35235748

there's this guy spreading fake news that i gave up on chinese
why are you lying, man?
i'm still going. i just changed to 100% audio cards like matto
wo3 hui4 shuo1 han4yu3 fake news

>> No.35235755

btw what game is this

>> No.35235757

boku no kokoro wo attameru ongaku

>> No.35235762

as much as i hate holoshit it seems undeniable at this point that its going to keep getting bigger for at least a few more years to come

>> No.35235765

>wo3 hui4 shuo1 han4yu3

>> No.35235771

read in order to receive as in order to deceive

>> No.35235773

alright, ill give you guys one chance
link me something

>> No.35235789

dame why isn't there a vtuber coin
i'm following this scene since ai chan got big in 2017

>> No.35235796

hell is upon us

>> No.35235811

my fave probably

>> No.35235817

took bronies like 6 years to die out the chugging has only begun

>> No.35235819

tales of destiny 2

>> No.35235835

there hasnt been anything good for 10yrs anyway so i dont care about vtube shit its just as bad as modern anime

>> No.35235842

>light jungle in the op
wow it has been a long time since i've heard that

>> No.35235845

lol he's even posted my In Memoriam video on the refold discord and matt got mad at him. he was able to talk his way out of getting banned ofc cuz matt is super impressionable

>> No.35235863

>matt is super impressionable
you're a literal psychopath

>> No.35235873

>the cow
okay im hooked

>> No.35235876

you don't even know the definition of that outdated term

>> No.35235880

>matt is super impressionable
do you have an specific anecdote.

>> No.35235889

matt is super impressionable says the guy who changed his whole personality and started hating his friend matt after spending too much time with a guy online (jamal)

>> No.35235901

matt's never had any friends, wdym

>> No.35235922

really sad you became like this

>> No.35235933


first game was better

>> No.35235959

the best manga/anime of all time was written by a woman
it's called fullmetal alchemist

>> No.35235973

this but its called sailor moon

>> No.35235975

the best manga/anime of all time was written by a woman
its called kimetsu no yaiba

>> No.35235990
File: 431 KB, 1920x1080, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

could be me

>> No.35235996

what do you have an ass for then faggot

>> No.35235997



>> No.35236007

nothing even comes out after that many times yet somehow it feels better than the first one

>> No.35236025

yeah you definitely have a wife lol

>> No.35236036

let me guess, you're such a virgin u think u stop masturbating once u get a gf. u probably think sex and jacking off are even similar in feeling, urge, or aftermath

>> No.35236039

just watched 10 mins of a 常闇トワ stream playing hollow knight and she fucked up reading like 50 things already, if she was a djt gaijin shed be getting roasted like crazy now...

>> No.35236041

anacreams right on this 1

>> No.35236044

anacreon cocked blocked by his own wife

>> No.35236047


>> No.35236059

sucks your wife wont touch your dick and you have to jerk off 15 times in a day

>> No.35236063
File: 86 KB, 452x276, 蟹人.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

never saw this part before

>> No.35236065

all of them fuck up words on the regular
djt has a crazy high standard

>> No.35236075


>> No.35236083

that other streamable sucked so here's a good and relevant one

>> No.35236087



>> No.35236095


>> No.35236100

i can't keep her off me

>> No.35236104

lol i laughed even though i hate this meme

>> No.35236124

i don't think i want to learn japanese anymore but i feel bad quitting. i wonder how many people keep going solely on sunk cost fallacy mental gymnastics

>> No.35236129
File: 103 KB, 1148x861, kumate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone in nippon even use 熊手 over レーキ

also we call pic related bear claw where i live, so thats where my head went first when seeing 熊手

>> No.35236136

hey can someone tell shoui i fixed her bccwj dict

>> No.35236140

yeah they do

>> No.35236143

i said it before and i will say it again:

the もんむす・くえすと series that came out in 2012 was my main reason on picking up japanese

>> No.35236149


>> No.35236153

here's another okayu fucking up a word clip. she catches and corrects herself but this is otherwise definitely on the level of a ridicule anime godfather supercut

>> No.35236156

we also have something we call a bear claw but its a deep fried piece of processed meat

>> No.35236167

thats just a regular thing that happens when you think ahead while reading
wouldnt call it a fuck up

>> No.35236200

>streamer plays dumb to entertain and seem more likeable/relatable
have you never watched a streamer before?
or a woman in general?

>> No.35236213


>> No.35236218

playing through apollo justice rn, and despite having played it twice before in english this is hell. didn't expect any more from me though considering i dont even know all the jouyou kanji yet.

>> No.35236227

its funny spotting familiar voice actors

also the mc is voiced by lelouch and the main villain by charles vi britannia, kinda funny
wonder if they go to castings together or have the same agency or something

took me a while to recognize lelouch though, dudes got some range

>> No.35236260


>> No.35236291 [DELETED] 

wtf does this tote mean?

>> No.35236311

it's like だって

>> No.35236329

dont have to delete your posts with questions

>> No.35236333

this guy definitely has a wife

>> No.35236334

the first on-topic post in years and he deletes it....

>> No.35236335
File: 410 KB, 1920x1080, 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too haha

>> No.35236343

he also voices the AI cube in vivy, his range is actually insane, one of the few VAs i cant recognize half the time. he's like the polar opposite of someone like kenjiro tsuda or takehito koyasu who you can recognize after 1 sentence in almost every role

>> No.35236347

trips of truth what can i say

>> No.35236374

same here haha

>> No.35236387 [DELETED] 


>> No.35236400

yeah he sounds closer to matsumoto in this game, now that you mention it

>> No.35236406


>> No.35236411

absolutely 0 chance id recognize him there lol

>> No.35236430

there is a character called ナナリー, when he said her name i recognized it was him

>> No.35236457

big if true

>> No.35236488


>> No.35236544

gonna embed my foot in your ass

>> No.35236655



>> No.35236668

Started regressing back into lowercasing. Gotta get in the habit of not being an imbecile.

>> No.35236678

the thread and mal updates have been dead wtf???

>> No.35236680

this whole debate about hiragana and we weren't even talking about normal words. we were talking about proper names
>you won't ever learn japanese because you created 20 cards with proper names written in romaji
it's too much autism for me

>> No.35236699

uguu be gentle onii tan

>> No.35236702

thats just your bodys way of telling you what is correct
one day, you will stop uppercasing without even realizing it and all of the uppercasing will feel like but a dream

>> No.35236709

it was worse that you put the full name on one card instead of splitting up the first and last name into two cards

>> No.35236712

jamal, moe, and bunko were banned

>> No.35236715

names can have more than one reading though

>> No.35236717

ayeee wheres mah boi Moe?

>> No.35236736

this enrages djt

>> No.35236738
File: 6 KB, 222x247, n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how am i supposed to know which one to choose?

>> No.35236745

the plot of every anime in 5 years

>> No.35236748

Meditation + 3 bowls of rice a day

>> No.35236765


>> No.35236768

lol still chugging along

>> No.35236772

nothing wrong with this other than a cynical scumbag corporation virtual signaling and using it to make money lol

>> No.35236778

you don't. just ask them how to say it. hello my name is yagoo (元昭)

>> No.35236780

djt be like raging at 4chan and 3 bowls of diarrhea a day

>> No.35236802

feel it out

>> No.35236818
File: 100 KB, 1247x1263, E34UDzRVIAc0xqm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dead thread
finna sleep

>> No.35236823

>sleep thread
finna die

>> No.35236830

>finna thread
boutta finna

>> No.35236836
File: 1.12 MB, 823x1175, kikitori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35236844


>> No.35236866

our 仲 has never been いい but nice theory lol
he'd resent that insinuation too
hes just a bro now, im not a fag

>> No.35236878


>> No.35236893

i want to be your son

>> No.35236919

that was so bad but i watched the whole thing anyway

>> No.35236935
File: 19 KB, 437x246, ohno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35236943

You're now a holochad

>> No.35236983


>> No.35236987
File: 36 KB, 1000x546, Ed7j3lEU4AAYvn8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

forgot about this

>> No.35237011





>> No.35237037

i wanna man

>> No.35237096

daily holochugging thread

>> No.35237110

have you gotten a taste yet?

>> No.35237137


>> No.35237138

i'm allergic to diarrhea

>> No.35237151

how can one guy can spam so much

>> No.35237152

no you're not. just gotta build up your tolerance.

>> No.35237162

he's insane

>> No.35237166

why do you like his advice so much it doesn't even make sense to oppose pausing

>> No.35237170

there's like ten of them

>> No.35237175
File: 19 KB, 300x300, OIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We are NijiSanji KR Fans now (Pictured; My cute League of Legends gremlin)

>> No.35237182

>why do you like his advice so much it doesn't even make sense to oppose pausing
jamal's trip got banned so he posts under this account now

>> No.35237185


>> No.35237199

if u have to pause that much just go fucken read

>> No.35237208

>if u have to pause that much just go fucken read
"mrs" anacreon to out-of-breath fat fuck

>> No.35237225

there's multiple holo posts every hour of the day (all 24 hours) so it can't be one guy unless they're automated

>> No.35237227

damn mma is still really big in japan i guess

>> No.35237234

what do you guys think about the plebittor who said he learned 15000 words in 5 months.
personally i think he's full of shit.

>> No.35237235

this thread fucking blows

>> No.35237245

then stop coming here

>> No.35237253

I agree
djt threads should be banned from /jp/ and have everyone redirected to the /int/ djt thread

>> No.35237257

What's the first/easiest vinnie I should read in Japanese?

>> No.35237258

i'll come where i want

>> No.35237261

idk its probably possible if you're autistic enough. a significant number of those words are probably in the "can't be acquired without native context" group though

>> No.35237269

why are people in djt always trying to one up each other? we should be just having fun by consuming anime/manga/vinnies/linnies
why make it a competition, bros?

>> No.35237275

every fuckin popular jp youtube channel is some minor variant of this type of shit, these people are fucking automatons

>> No.35237276

professor layton and the curious village

>> No.35237290

I want her to step on me with her bare feet

>> No.35237298

he did like 100 new words per day and said he only reviewed like 200 a day, that doesn't make any sense.

>> No.35237309

>if u have to pause that much just go fucken read
wait a minute
wait a minute
wait a 見ぬ手

you are the dude who wrote a script to create anime cards, right? and to achieve that you have to go through a process that entails having to pause the video to mine the word.
how THE FUCK can you be against pausing then?

>> No.35237313

if you're reading vns you're not gonna make it simple

>> No.35237321


>> No.35237322

i already quit learning japanese but i still read raw manga every now and then

>> No.35237324

yeah he's lying then

>> No.35237337

finally some good fuckin content on this shit ass platform

>> No.35237364

vn readers will learn to read vns but will never "know" japanese, they can't speak it ever

>> No.35237365

does anacreon know that queefmaster is against early reading? he is betraying his boi
you didn't read his original article or what?

>> No.35237384

just remembered analcrayon called matt impressionable even though he's sucking dick in every post

>> No.35237396

almost every personality in this language "community" are pitiful excuses for men

>> No.35237411

even the women look at og

>> No.35237421


>> No.35237426

That's the kind of person that wants to learn Japanese.

>> No.35237431


>> No.35237434

Bet he literally looked at 750 words a week, translated them, forgot them by next week, and called it a day.

>> No.35237441

what the fuck kind of person do you think wants to be known as someone who 'learns japanese online' a fucking normal one????

>> No.35237453

yeah and there are no matomo women that learn japanese, especially if they are from the west

>> No.35237454

Wow hang on now that's a bit negative and I don't vibe with that. If you want to be pissy there are other places on 4chan you can go to. /b/ for example.

>> No.35237460

also suck my fatty

>> No.35237467

don't care about what you want or like

>> No.35237474

u r ngmi if you don't read vinnies
simple as

>> No.35237477

maybe twitter or r*eddit is somewhere you can go if you have a problem with it, queer

>> No.35237482

i would if you had 1

>> No.35237490

this has been brought up 100 times before. maybe actually watch the video instead of being ignorant


>> No.35237498

You don't have to like me, but if you want a healthy community we have to treat eachother with respect.

This just makes a hostile environment and there's no need for it, we are all here to learn.

>> No.35237533

How do I consume a videogame that can't be texthooked

>> No.35237552
File: 523 KB, 848x593, 1619843498440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35237553

analcream has never had an original thought in his life

>> No.35237555

that's the opposite of a healthy community, it's a hugbox

>> No.35237557

actually, no, you should do ankidrone starter pack instead.

>> No.35237570

where have i seen this post before

>> No.35237571

Although it would be nice for more people to show physical affection to one another via hugs, that's not what i'm arguing for.

>> No.35237574

imagine taking jamal's shitposting seriously

a guy who recommends people to watch 10k hours of eng subbed anime

>> No.35237575

he's just jamal 2.0 at this point, yet somehow even less funny

>> No.35237594

analfagon hasn't made a single funny post in his life

>> No.35237608

this is old. the story ended with me renaming the ajatt-tools deck because it caused confusion among refolders. some of them thought that my deck is matt's deck, and i didn't want that to continue.

>> No.35237609

I was looking at your stuff, but apparently you like to use trannygram. Tried signing up, and it requires my phone number? Trash app, worse than trannycord.

>> No.35237618

This is copypasted from reddit, right?
Please be a shitpost from reddit, I don't want to believe that people like this exist

>> No.35237624

I need to go to the bathroom frequently because of my UNCONTROLLABLE diarrhea

not pausing is NOT an option

>> No.35237666
File: 214 KB, 341x512, 1621302747242.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quite possibly
>bbc dict

>> No.35237676

why are all these trips so unlikable with the exception of bunko (PBUH)? jamal is also not that bad because he is at least humorous but these other dudes are all nasty

>> No.35237677

trannygram is convenient because you can upload huge files.
there's also a mirror download link.

>> No.35237684

casual irl conversation uses much less vocab than anime

>> No.35237700

One of my coworkers is leaving and I have to write a goodbye message. Is 短い間 rude? They only worked there for a year.


I didn't get to meet them because we have been remote. Is this ok?

>> No.35237705

yeah because in real life you ponder if you should jack off two times in a day while in anime people go outside and have friends so of course they're gonna talk about more than you

>> No.35237708

Depends. Which console?

>> No.35237716

i didn't start outputting in english till i understood a 100% of my input.

>> No.35237718
File: 725 KB, 1500x1072, 1598677659652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>yeah because in real life you ponder if you should jack off two times in a day

>> No.35237721

maybe if the only conversation you ever have is about why you came to japan

>> No.35237729

i don't ponder i just fuckin' do it i'm not a retard who needs to consider these things

>> No.35237734
File: 5 KB, 190x190, not this time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35237746

what if i delete anki? would i die?

>> No.35237750




>> No.35237756

it would be extremely painful

>> No.35237761

>yeah because in real life you ponder if you should jack off two times in a day
i actually do ponder if i should.

>> No.35237762

im basing the sentiment on youtube vids and podcasts ive listened to not on convos ive had personally

>> No.35237774

>How do I consume a videogame that can't be texthooked
For any console which outputs through HDMI you need to somehow get the video signal to run through your PC. I use a genki shadowcast for this. You can use OCR to capture the text to your clipboard and look it up with yomichan.

If you're playing from a Vita you can output the video signal over USB.

If it's an older console you can use adapters to get it through HDMI

If it's a PC game that isn't hookable or an emulator forget everything I said and just use OCR.

>> No.35237784

To be fair this is true for me, i'm incredibly horny most days.

>> No.35237797


>> No.35237802

my last two braincells communicating

>> No.35237804

OCR tends to suck tho

>> No.35237808

think he says sugoi da yo

>> No.35237816

>Top xp learner for the start of the new league is learning English

>> No.35237828

>character development

>> No.35237839
File: 60 KB, 372x328, dekinai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35237843

Use ShareX. I mine from switch games a lot and it gets the text right 98% of the time. Whenever there's a mistake it's usually just the missing from something like だ and that's easy enough to correct.

>> No.35237852

the duality of man

>> No.35237858

well yeah, who would want matt tarnishing your good name

>> No.35237866

you're the expert in jsl japanese

>> No.35237903

Matt already tarnished my name.

>> No.35237952

weird video 2bh

>> No.35237964
File: 1.31 MB, 350x718, 1596872286748.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf why would u do all that shit just play the fucken game and look up words when you feel like it

>> No.35237975

i'm having a terrible anki day
it's like i forgot half my cards today

>> No.35237985

i dont even know how to write the kanji for person

>> No.35237989

hang in there anon just a few more years

>> No.35238000

is persona 5 hard to read? never played persona games in nip before so im not quite sure if im ready for it

>> No.35238014

how you get the drawing input???

>> No.35238032

some days i feel like i can understand a lot of japanese
some days i feel like i'm a pre-beginner that can't even understand peppa pig

>> No.35238033
File: 58 KB, 865x244, 1620165445389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello markarama if ur reading this o/

you dont have to know, u can see the character right on ur video game screen

it's just part of the google jp keyboard

>> No.35238040

persona is a pleb series you'll be fine

>> No.35238051

peppa pig is a post 漢検1級 series, too many layers

>> No.35238083


>> No.35238094
File: 76 KB, 658x568, ouk575FgTV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine being a baby and people are just showing you shit like this to teach you english

>> No.35238096

you probably are just deluding yourself with moments of clarity. peppa pig is so easy its mind-numbing

>> No.35238111

ngl i had a hard time with it in japanese last year, gave up eventually

>> No.35238114


>> No.35238120


>> No.35238123

>peppa pig is so easy its mind-numbing
there is always that one guy that takes things too literally

>> No.35238139

Because it's easier? all I have to do is push a button on my mouse and it scans the text automatically. With yomichan and sharex I can create high quality flash cards in seconds. It would take more effort to manually look up words in the dictionary on my phone and then I still wouldn't have high quality flash cards.

>> No.35238143

WOW, hang on, are we like bronies to nips?

>> No.35238149


>> No.35238153

me when i think about japan's future

>> No.35238161

know what is easier than all that? just playin the game

>> No.35238170

Know what's easier? Watching anime (Eng audio + Eng subs)

>> No.35238180

now you're finally getting it

>> No.35238191

I play the game. And when I find a word I don't know I make a flash card. Making a flash card only takes like 5 seconds. Reviewing a flash card later only takes like 2 seconds. It's more beneficial to do this than to ignore the word and keep playing for the sake of completion.

>> No.35238193

jamal says that you have to watch 10 thousand hours of English subbed anime.

>> No.35238207

shoui says you have to watch 100 hours of raw anime at the very beginning to train your ears even though it's just white noise

>> No.35238226

kind agree you should at least watch enough subbed anime and music to at least make sure you want to learn japanese in the first place, and get used to the language not sounding like whitenoise. i think when you are able to pick out words and phrases and what they mean before any study at all, you're ready to start learning j -> j

>> No.35238229

I read subbed manga.

>> No.35238249

>, you're ready to start learning
What's the name of the meme when people believe they have to prep for the prep work?

>> No.35238251

exactly. the 10k hours thing was never really about learning jp (though u can learn a lot of jp from subbed anime), but someone who thru the natural process of livin their life finds themselves watching a fuckton of anime then jp is just gonna find them no matter what

>> No.35238265
File: 52 KB, 850x1198, 1623724130805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't think of anything exciting for me right now. I can't think of anything worth doing

>> No.35238273

im not saying something retarded like 10k hours. if you like anime it only takes a few series before you start pickup things up naturally. you can start from 0 but i feel like its way less enjoyable because you dont have the dopamine memories of actually enjoying japanese content as a cushion to make it feel worth it

same reason i cant learn a trash language like chinese or korean any effort spent just feels entirely pointless

>> No.35238282

me either uppercaser
i'd give you a hug and try to do things with you if i could

>> No.35238285
File: 42 KB, 850x463, 1623723817748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You probably couldn't think of even a hundred anime worth watching even if somebody paid you loads to make a list of them.

>> No.35238286

why would you study japanese in the first place if you don't like anime and Japanese music?

>I can't think of anything worth doing
You have to make it worth it otherwise it all comes back to the rope. Life only sucks if you make it suck. You have to put in work to make it enjoyable.

>> No.35238301

lol if it's not for u just don't do it mang, no one is forcing u

>> No.35238312

>why would you study japanese in the first place if you don't like anime and Japanese music?
how new? lots of faggots here just it to coom, or outside of djt there are faggots following matto and the other jsl retards simply to learn the "hardest language" as a flex but i suspect they are mostly esl with something to prove

>> No.35238313

Imagine not liking anime

>> No.35238332

>why would you study japanese in the first place if you don't like anime and Japanese music?
interest in other asian languages
japanese shows/movies/books/mango

>> No.35238338

djt was going through an anti-anime meta around the time i got here. it ebbs and flows though

>> No.35238343
File: 69 KB, 732x720, 1621137526925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>and the other jsl retards simply to learn the "hardest language" as a flex
Don't believe this one.

>> No.35238345

yeah those people won't make it. matt also will probably never progress beyond his current level because he thinks hes "made it". and he doesn't like anime anymore but I guarantee he doesn't like other japanese media either..

>> No.35238354

his output is crippled

>> No.35238362

that's retarded. anime is one of the most realistic reasons to study japanese and also one of the best methods of doing so. you're not cool just because you don't watch cartoons.

>> No.35238370
File: 61 KB, 850x601, 1623724548519.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to really like anime more than anything else a few years ago, but recently I haven't enjoyed watching anime or reading manga at all. I don't enjoy porn. I don't find anything funny. I can't sit still more than 5 minutes to listen to music or read articles.

>> No.35238371
File: 59 KB, 372x328, dekinai1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35238379

damn that sucks
you should just quit and go something more productive with your time instead if forcing yourself to consoom stuff you dont enjoy

>> No.35238380

sounds like depression
you see a psychiatrist ever?

>> No.35238382

its true, they arent really on djt because this is an otaku board, but there are morons out there that learn it to look good on a resume or just as a flex because its the hardest language to learn as a westerner. a lot of them are the ones giving people like matto and dogen godlike status
i agree but thats zoomers and counter-culture zooms for you

>> No.35238398

no, jamal said that the english subbed anime is the method itself
he even posted a video of a girl saying that she learned like that

>> No.35238401

You have depression. Go to a doctor. Anime and jpop will still be there for you but they're not going to cure you. You have a chemical imbalance in your head which needs treatment.

>> No.35238407

low iq

>> No.35238409

the average age of this thread is like 25, stop vomiting your favorite buzzword all over the place retarded cunt.

>> No.35238413

im 24 and i consider myself a zoomer....

>> No.35238416

>still "young"
heh fuck y'all old fucks how's the dust in your joints

>> No.35238422

>average age of this thread is like 25,
in your dreams kiddos. also jamal singlehanded raised that average by like 5 years lmao

>> No.35238432

it does work, but the msg has 2 meanings like im saying

>> No.35238436

this thread is full of millennials even though nobody wants to admit it.

>> No.35238462

Why does age suddenly matter here? How is that on topic to /djt/?

>> No.35238467

lurk moar newfag

>> No.35238483

think most of the thread is in the 20-25 range yeah

>> No.35238488

zoomer guys are pretty youth-obsessed for themselves. kinda freaky desu. used to be you'd wanna seem older but these twinky fucks want to act like teens foreever

>> No.35238493

if you're as old as nuke you can't learn japanese

>> No.35238514

dont care what a 30代 ana thinks

>> No.35238532

youre not much younger than me dude. gonna be funny when no homopedos want to stretch out your asshole anymore lmao
faggots hit the wall way younger than women

>> No.35238550

i'm a 22 year and i feel like a boomer. i don't relate to people my age or younger at all.

>> No.35238561

>youre not much younger than me
>stretch out your asshole
not gay lol you dont even know who i am because im not a namefag like you

>> No.35238568

funny how some of you care so much about your youth yet waste time in this thread every day lol
i relate to this

>> No.35238589

wish trash like you would learn what an actual namefag is
sorry you lack a personality as to be completely irrelevant as anon maybe you should get some tips from ciaran

>> No.35238609

we all know you took off your trip because you didnt want people to filter you

>> No.35238617

shut up ruka

>> No.35238618

if you're a zoomer with Lebensmüde you can't learn japanese either
the only people who can really make it ae the ones who aren't addicted to imageboards and funny meme sites

>> No.35238619

the cunt shows up and the thread 雰囲気 immediately goes to shit, what a fucking party popper.

>> No.35238632

ive been here for hours, samefag
i wasnt the twink that started shitting on "old people"

>> No.35238639


>> No.35238649

og getting upset at old jokes

>> No.35238661

just saying if anyone is fucking up the 雰囲気 is flexing about stupid shit like how hairless your junk is

>> No.35238676

first it was about streched assholes and now its about hairless junk.
what the fuck is wrong with this cunt tonight

>> No.35238677

Please shave.

>> No.35238684

she doesnt shower either

>> No.35238689

my whole point is guys bragging about being young is effeme faggy shit. its called a theme, you dip

>> No.35238693


>> No.35238696

>guys bragging about being young
which anon said such a thing

>> No.35238697

man if i spent more time reading japanese websites and less time arguing with retards on english websites i would probably be fluent by now

>> No.35238707
File: 95 KB, 850x1202, 1623726780927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine how much trivial shit you could talk to Nips about.

>> No.35238710


>>35238561 (implying hes way younger than me)

>> No.35238717

yeah too bad u dont know japanese, you coulda been able to read all those japanese sites by now (that u didnt visit cuz u preferred shitposting over visiting japanese sites)

>> No.35238721

so this is all about because someone called the cunt an old hag lmfao.
also millennials are older than zoomers.

>> No.35238732

How do we make this outfit popular worldwide?

>> No.35238752

beats talking to retarded weebs

i can already read them, i just don't because shitposting is more addictive.

>> No.35238753

should I even bother learning to write in japanese?
I know memorizing how to draw kanji and kana will make them more legible to me, but I don't intend to ever write in japanese in my life.

>> No.35238757
File: 109 KB, 500x318, 1623518348013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>djt was going through an anti-anime meta around the time i got here.

>> No.35238760

guess its that time of the month

>> No.35238768


>> No.35238769


>> No.35238773

the cunt cant even read 売る

>> No.35238782
File: 50 KB, 850x1078, 1623727672732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

siranai. watasi ha hito wo ayatsuru no ni ha jouzu de ha nai. hoka no hito ni tazuneru ga yori yoi da to omoimasu.

>> No.35238783

advanced upper-casing

>> No.35238793

kooroy sto

>> No.35238797


>> No.35238801

advanced anal-creaming

>> No.35238805


>> No.35238814 [DELETED] 

ignore analcream, he's friends with faggots like rucuck and he shits up the thread. report his posts for spam and keep on scrolling.

>> No.35238815

saving this

>> No.35238817

i might not be able to read it but at least i can speak it and hear it
: ^ )

>> No.35238827


>> No.35238829

imagine being a namefag

>> No.35238833

>he's friends with faggots like rucuck
the noose around j*mals neck caused by circle of "friends" gets even tighter

>> No.35238840

>at least i can speak it and hear it
thats extremely basic tho

>> No.35238842

didnt that guy post a pic of his wife or something

>> No.35238843

Sorry don't know Japanese.

>> No.35238850

so youd think but djt is pretty trash at anything but kanji autism

>> No.35238854

someone said his persona was a lie so i dont think so

>> No.35238855

also its been like a fucking year and she still cant read that word lmao.

>> No.35238860 [DELETED] 

i dont even know what ur refering to. lucas?

>> No.35238861

was ruka's wife the japanese girl with the flabby ass?

>> No.35238863

imagine using wanikunny for a year and still not being able to read 売る

>> No.35238865

i actually can read it now, i just think the meme is worth preserving

>> No.35238874 [DELETED] 

your pisscord buddy ruka

>> No.35238879

not possible

>> No.35238884

he doesnt have a wife hes a fucking liar

>> No.35238885 [DELETED] 

nah he lied to me. i removed him from my server and then deleted my discord account

>> No.35238888 [DELETED] 

lmfao what

>> No.35238891

ruka hasnt posted in a while and og still brings him up all the time, she must have really liked him

>> No.35238890 [DELETED] 

i distinctly remember ruka starting some shit outta nowhere about my apartment in japan and making all kids of schizo claims that i was lying and that he was based for having a detached house or some shit. i called him out for lying and showed he didnt know much about japan to even come up with good lies.
and then j*mal chimes in and starts doubleteaming me outta nowhere about how he believed ruka and how i was lying about my place. had to fucking upload a pic of my housekey and pictures of the interior just to get him to stfu

then we find out ruka is a big phoney surprise surprise starting to think he and j*mal might be one in the same because his arguing style and heavy use of ethos and ad hominem reeks of j*mal

>> No.35238893 [DELETED] 

>nah he lied to me
as if he didn't lie about everything else already?

what did he lie to you about?

>> No.35238898 [DELETED] 

he said he was going to buy me a switch game then never did

>> No.35238899 [DELETED] 

i was there for that and you definitely did not post photos of the interior

>> No.35238900

fuckin baaaaaased

>> No.35238902 [DELETED] 

wasnt ruka the anon who uploaded a youtube video reviewing soaplands?

>> No.35238912 [DELETED] 

no that was eiffel tower guy

>> No.35238913 [DELETED] 


>> No.35238921 [DELETED] 

possibly not at that moment, but i did at some point and j*mal just started shitting on it being a run-down hovel instead of saying i was lying about. funnily enough the same shit "ruka" kept saying about it

>> No.35238925 [DELETED] 

yah jamal was right

>> No.35238934 [DELETED] 

i definitely remember seeing pictures of og's shack

>> No.35238937
File: 903 KB, 2092x1620, E1rYSc6VkAMq2Md.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35238947

would you mind posting it again? if i recall you said it was one of those government auctions wasn't it? i kind of want one and would appreciate your advice since you already did it.

>> No.35238950

he literally wasn't though. he went in hard on me lying about shit multiple times and then he back-peddlea and sidesteps when hes objectively btfo'd. you wouldnt let anyone but the faggots whose cocks you gobble get away with that over and over

im just gonna go back to uppercasing so i fall in your filter if you are just gonna be a cunt

>> No.35238971

Yeah, proper dictation is based.

>> No.35238979
File: 276 KB, 600x800, kitchen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mine wasnt a government auction, maybe ruka claimed that when i said his detached house was impossibly cheap for being in a tokyo suburb. mine was cheap but because it needed incredibly expensive renovations just to be liveable and the building was really old
not sure what ive posted so far honestly i have lots of photos

>> No.35238980

just filter him. there's no use interacting with someone who's going to make a second persona to back himself up.

>> No.35238991

do you mind if i ask how much you paid?

what should i call you? it would be nice to ask you more questions in the future but if i ask for og maybe you won't see it

>> No.35238994

why do you keep bringing up cocks

>> No.35238995

only $300 for wanikani

>> No.35238998

please do

>> No.35239008

holy shit does it actually cost that much?

>> No.35239021

I'll go as far as saying after renovations and furnishings and being turn-key ready, it was considerable less than 75K USD. A lot of that was a combination of luck (the seller was motivated and the place was so gutted it was a tough sell to natives) and the fact the renovation company I found tried to keep the budget a low as possible and only do the most necessary work. Don't call me anything thats gay. Im not writing a guide to buying property in Japan, you just to bruteforce it will enough willpower and shit happens.
OK good. Now you all can stop saying I am only trying to avoid filters as anon. All you have to do is filter uppercasers and youll catch me.

>> No.35239040

>you just to bruteforce it will enough willpower
whoah, so this is proper native english....

>> No.35239043

imagine paying money to cripple yourself with wani when you can buy 20 large pizzas and 10 cokes instead

>> No.35239049

dame onahips are pretty expensive

>> No.35239050

obviously i meant with and got a wired crossed with 'willpower'
esls be like...

>> No.35239062

do you have a visa? how will you live in it?

>> No.35239065

Don't remind how retarded expensive food has become. Its only gonna get worse people are literally gonna be starving soon. You cant sustain a world economy on nothing but services and consoomer goods.

>> No.35239075 [DELETED] 
File: 245 KB, 850x1204, __suzuran_arknights_drawn_by_aoki_fumomo__sample-01895ee0a55676628054d34fb15d7dee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, I got something very important to say: I hate niggers!

>> No.35239084

Shut the fuck up. Little Caesars pizza is $5! You can't afford a pizza for $5?! If you can't afford $5 then you can't afford to live.

>> No.35239094 [DELETED] 
File: 179 KB, 850x1199, __patchouli_knowledge_touhou_drawn_by_dleung__sample-b63dccb473984a01ab6e0125e207dc2e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also I think 14.88% of you are Niggerjews who should be sent to camp

>> No.35239096

Yeah starting to think uppercasers are based.
No, and I can't. Gonna rent it out or sell it within a year probably kind of over the whole "living in Japan" meme. Its not worth a wagecuck degree, marriage, or trying to run a business in another country. Still plan on visiting for a few months every year when they open up to tourists again.

>> No.35239097

nah it's $200 with a coupon

>> No.35239098

have an updoot, fellow anon

>> No.35239099

americans plan their diet out and be like:

>> No.35239100

"Let them eat pizza."

>> No.35239105

ill be able to use my twink powers if the world ever ends

>> No.35239106

That's only like an hour of work.

>> No.35239113

In a crisis, its always good to put your best asshole forward.

>> No.35239123

gonna play this tomorrow

>> No.35239127


>> No.35239130

btw playing in japanese so i can learn japanese while i get jacked

>> No.35239139

>wagecuck degree, marriage, or trying to run a business in another country
those aren’t the only ways to immigrate but even if they were those are all incredibly easy...

>> No.35239143

A) All food prices will keep inflating, including pizza. The huge coupon discounts will be the first to vanish and then you'll know its coming.
B) What do you think companies like Little Caesars are going to do if pizza becomes a diet staple in a food crisis?
C) You can live off pizza but its not gonna be a fun time for your guts and general health.

>> No.35239146

why did you choose to be like this? dude didn't even talk to you

>> No.35239152

Ruka/J*mal at it again I see. What your big plan for immigration, then? Throwing money away on a Japanese education visa and then get to wagecucking it?

>> No.35239154

why did you choose to be like this? i didn't even talk to you

>> No.35239155

What are you even talking about? Everything's cheaper.

>> No.35239159


>> No.35239163

Peetza is alweady a staple food in many pawts of Amewica

>> No.35239164

why did analcream become a regular exactly when bunko and jamal left?

>> No.35239167

>t. zoomer who thinks $10 fast-food meals are the norm

>> No.35239170

>here's my chance

>> No.35239176
File: 2.18 MB, 800x450, 1613196468805.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35239177

totemo fusigi deshou

>> No.35239180

you did though

>> No.35239184


>> No.35239189
File: 29 KB, 493x489, o7v72ww11mn61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>back in my day the milkman brought me a bottle of milk for only 12 cents

>> No.35239193

Weird how this 4bc kid instinctively simps for any remaining tripfag without question.

>> No.35239194

>log into /djt
>wanna have some fun with the boys
>analaids starts being rude to you out of nowhere because of an inoffensive post
>雰囲気 gets heavy
stop being an arsehole, mang

>> No.35239202


>> No.35239212

i've been afraid to post as much recently knowing anacreon will tear me a new one. wonder if ciaran feels similarly.

>> No.35239220

is it true this film turned a bunch of innocent young girls into furries?

>> No.35239230

didn't you say you have 10 years of experience in your field? that's enough for a visa. there are also working holidays. student visa at a language school and then switching to a work visa is also an option - the requirements are relaxed once you're already in the country and don't have to worry about a COE.

>> No.35239231

>minimum wage around $7
>combo meals for $4
>minimum wage around $10
>combo meals $9 and climbing
I'm old enough to remember when Hardees "$5 burger" was a premier luxury

>> No.35239234 [DELETED] 

jannies like "off topic" if you ever see an analcrayon post

>> No.35239239

Should be doing my reps around this time but i'm too busy grinding FFXIV, still counts as reps though because AuRa Females look like cute Japs.

>> No.35239245

he was already a regular, he just changed his trip. he's ruka.

>> No.35239247

been a janitor at MIT for 9 years can't wait to work at tohoku university next year

>> No.35239249

Move to a city and minimum wage is like $12-15. an hour of work to eat for the day sounds like a good deal if you don't have any real skills.

>> No.35239256


>> No.35239258 [DELETED] 

all of analcrayon's comebacks are different variations of >no u

>> No.35239266

my favorite scene was always
wtf, no?

>> No.35239271

i like the big tittied bitch with the red swimsuit

>> No.35239282 [DELETED] 
File: 165 KB, 1104x192, analcrayon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if i were analcrayon i would simply not respond but he can't help himself

>> No.35239289 [DELETED] 

is this real

>> No.35239290

A true scholar of J*mal
>didn't you say you have 10 years of experience in your field?
uh what field, workshy shut-in? lmao
anyway on paper those things seem feasible but irl talk to any immigration agency and they will tell you the amount of paperwork and shit you need to approved is infeasible. also they have final say and they simply dont allow many of those visas through except in special cases like a celebrity appearance or something

>> No.35239294 [DELETED] 

just realized it, the holoretard is tatsumoto AKA miniyoga

>> No.35239302

lol i just downloaded this today, never played an mmo before

>> No.35239303 [DELETED] 

been crying nonstop since jamal got banned

>> No.35239319

>uh what field
didnt you say you were a programmer?

so you're not going to move to japan because they won't give you a visa?

>> No.35239325
File: 300 KB, 600x1063, __min_min_arms_drawn_by_chirashi_so__94c04ed2bec4aae9c2092db56031f2d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post pics of ass so Jamal can see he's being appreciated from beyond

>> No.35239328

play pso instead

>> No.35239352

Think you got me mixed up with someone else. The only thing I have enough work experience to do is serve cocktails in a nightclub lol
and they really cracked down on those "entertainment" visas in the last 15 years

Anyway I could actually start a business, I have the money and stuff its just dame
Too much work, too much risk, too much dealing with red-tape and taxes and shit (In Japan, in Japanese) and I would have to find a native to be a business partner just to make it not feel like pulling teeth, and then I'd have 0 freetime and be stressed like nuts tied a company indefinitely.

Or, I could keep on doing what I do and just visit Japan when I get the itch when the tourism hysteria finally dies down.

>> No.35239360 [DELETED] 

of course

>> No.35239363

play gay sex RP with men for money on reddit instead

>> No.35239366

im now a month behind in anki ever since i hit 10k cards i hate anki

>> No.35239374 [DELETED] 

stop betting on the worst retards of the thread
you end up with their egg on your face

>> No.35239382 [DELETED] 


>> No.35239389 [DELETED] 


>> No.35239399

If I had a female Aura player to erp with me but they typed in Japanese that would help with my reps.

>> No.35239404 [DELETED] 

you can play dumb but all anyone else sees is tripfag circlejerks

>> No.35239409

so you g¥can't get a visa. got it.

>> No.35239413 [DELETED] 

whats your problem i just lold at one of his posts

>> No.35239418 [DELETED] 

shut up ruka

>> No.35239421

*Wont. Learn to read, I can get married or a business one but I don't want permanent residency that badly.

>> No.35239422


>> No.35239430 [DELETED] 

make no mistake
moe is among us

>> No.35239435 [DELETED] 

only you believe this, sycophant

>> No.35239462 [DELETED] 

can you back that up

>> No.35239470 [DELETED] 

*by linking a post of mine

>> No.35239471 [DELETED] 

i can back this foot up your ass

>> No.35239474 [DELETED] 

dont need to, your tripfag conduct is self-evident

>> No.35239476 [DELETED] 

only thing thats self-evident here is how full of shit you are

>> No.35239478 [DELETED] 

you arent as well liked as you think and your idols have abandoned you

>> No.35239479 [DELETED] 

so is your ass

>> No.35239485

dame some serious barrel dropping going on right now

>> No.35239497

did a ton of posts just get deleted

>> No.35239512

cure dolly: tae kim kept all the wrong parts from old western-jp grammar models and changed all the right bits

why do we recommend tae kim again?

>> No.35239516

cure dolly these days:

>> No.35239523


getting married or starting a business doesn't get you permanent residency. jamal/ruka was right, you're fucking stupid og.

>> No.35239532


>> No.35239536
File: 41 KB, 977x952, dayxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros i've peaked.

>> No.35239539 [DELETED] 

>warning for "doxing" anacreon's reddit account
this guy really felt the need to report that?

>> No.35239542

lmao you are either really bad at baiting or actually ruka
explain your reasoning, retard, ill wait

>> No.35239545


>> No.35239548

still gmi. that was a hard one.

>> No.35239554

now this is a thread of culture

>> No.35239574 [DELETED] 

ate pizza yesterday and already want it again

>> No.35239582

grammar isn't real. you got all the words right. it still counts.

>> No.35239584


>> No.35239592
File: 22 KB, 228x599, 1622040366668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

new bccwj freq dict is now out

useful for finding out how names are read and the freq of yoji


>> No.35239613

whats the japanese equivalent of hot pockets

>> No.35239615

cried looking at my childhood neighborhood on google maps

>> No.35239631

microwave 肉まん

>> No.35239643

>explain your reasoning,
getting married gets you a spouse of japanese national visa

starting a business gets you an investor visa

neither of those are permanent residency.

permanent residency. is a separate thing with separate requirements which you must apply for after meeting the criteria for it.

>> No.35239651

more like くそまん lol

>> No.35239653

you should make a thing for yomichan that tells you if the word contains a kanji that isn't in any words in your deck.

>> No.35239660


>> No.35239663

why the hell would you need that do you just collect new cards without repping them or something

>> No.35239665

ok so you are just being a pedantic autist who likes to argue, got it. obviously permanent residency is what you apply for after satisfying the requirements but proper visas are the first step on that path. anyway "permanent residency" is easier to understand than "indefinite greencard that allows you to stay for up to X years depending on the visa type and may or may not be renewable"

go eat a bullet, legitimately

>> No.35239668

what for?

>> No.35239674

some kanji look similar and are easily confused. it would be nice to easily tell if the kanji I see in front of me is the same one as the one I think it might be in my deck or if its different.

>> No.35239683

so this is what happens when you dont do rtk huh

>> No.35239686

also marriage is almost always a permanent residency guarantee after waiting some years. even if you get divorced beforehand it doesnt mean you have to leave, depending.

>> No.35239687

when will people share their mining deck?

>> No.35239694

but why do you care about that how does it matter if the kanji is actually different you either know the word or you dont

>> No.35239701

>I can get married or a business one but I don't want permanent residency that badly.
maybe you should read your comment again retard... it was very clear that you don't know what pr is.

>indefinite greencard that allows you to stay for up to X years depending on the visa type and may or may not be renewable
that's not what pr is and japan doesn't have green cards that's an american concept.

>go eat a bullet, legitimately
why would I do that? maybe you should stop coping and consider that as a path for yourself seeing as how you clearly don't like it where you are but also can't get a visa for the place you want to go. eating a bullet is probably the next best option since japan won't take you.

>> No.35239703

whats your problem

>> No.35239704

>also marriage is almost always a permanent residency guarantee
tell that to all of the married people who have gotten rejected for pr.

>even if you get divorced beforehand it doesnt mean you have to leave
if you don't qualify for another visa type then you will have to leave.

>> No.35239716

there are some kanji which I already know but aren't in my deck yet and it would be convenient to know if the kanji I see is already in my deck so that I could get a proper result from kanjigrid.

>> No.35239727

yeah thats why I didn't call it a "greencard" in the first place.
literally Ruka/J*mal not gonna bite anymore. More outright lies and misleading information.

>> No.35239734

oh so you dont really care about words youre collecting kanji

>> No.35239737

>More outright lies and misleading information.
what did I lie about?

>> No.35239744

both. If I already know a word then I will mine it for completion purposes if the kanji isn't in my deck.

>> No.35239746

Not playing your games anymore, you like to lie and make up shit about yourself to get (you)s. You're sick man, seek help
and by "help" I mean your brains falling out of your skull cavity onto the floor.

>> No.35239761

what did I lie about? point it out and I will direct you to the relevant information on the immigration website. stop acting like a baby.

>make up shit about yourself
I haven't said anything about myself

>> No.35239762

why do you guys have to make it more painful than it needs to be?

>> No.35239775

You're obviously ruka or someone posting like him (j*amal). I not entirely autistic, I can sense who I'm talking to. Try again with someone else, bro.

>> No.35239778


>> No.35239784

Makes gatekeeping easier.

>> No.35239793

what did I lie about? why do you keep avoiding the question?

>> No.35239815

Why are you avoiding effective truths in favor of literal technicalities that have no bearing on how things go down in the real world? Why are you outright making misleading claims? You should know how Japanese bureaucracy actually plays out if you had any real knowledge. The fact you nitpick basic common sense shows you real intention is just to engage in petty discourse.

You aren't getting another (you), so don't bother.

>> No.35239822

thats not what i meant for instance say you know 漸進 and you across 慚愧 and arent sure if you actually have the first kanji in it somewhere in your deck but its obvious you dont know the word now if you didnt really care that much about your unique kanji count youd just mine it functionally the difference between the two kanji doesnt really matter when it comes to mining its not like 基地 墓地 such pairs arent very common

>> No.35239838

>whats your problem
i want peoples deck and they dont share. thats my problem

>> No.35239845

When I first got here I thought people were asking for dickpics when they wanted someone share their deck lol

>> No.35239853

>Why are you avoiding effective truths in favor of literal technicalities that have no bearing on how things go down in the real world?
Can you elaborate on this? Spouse visa/investors visa are not the same as PR. PR is an entirely separate status with separate requirements and it is difficult to get. That is not a technicality, that is reality.

>Why are you outright making misleading claims?
Which claim was misleading?

>You should know how Japanese bureaucracy actually plays out if you had any real knowledge.
I do, which is why I'm telling you that spouse and investor visas are not the same as PR and that PR is not guaranteed.

>The fact you nitpick basic common sense shows you real intention is just to engage in petty discourse.
Nothing that you said was basic common sense. Basic common sense is that PR is a separate thing which is difficult to obtain.

>You aren't getting another (you), so don't bother.
Why would I care? Be wrong, you're only hurting yourself. Have fun living in not-Japan.

>> No.35239857

Damn, thats a strong projection

>> No.35239861

At the time they were saying "post dick" I think

>> No.35239864

nah, i meant more like i see 水道管 and i already know the word but 管 isn't in my deck so i make a card anyway because i already know the kanji and i want it reflected in my grid.

it's either that or take the time to make a single card with hundreds of kanji that i already know just to have them on my grid.

>> No.35239873

oh thats interesting bit of a unique situation i must say

>> No.35239874

you seem to know your shit, anon. how do i go about getting the permanent one? i feel insecure that might marriage can end out of sudden and i have to go back to my country

>> No.35239882

>how do i go about getting the permanent one?

>> No.35239883

lmao. sheep always follow the biggest bullshitter without fail.
fucking humans, man, they get everything they deserve

>> No.35239885

kind of like you

>> No.35239890

yeah, because basing statements about immigration off the immigration guidelines is bullshit.

>> No.35239892

now thats actually projection. why dont you see what moe thinks...oh wait lmao
where theres always jam...oh no
well im sure there is some tripfag out there who can tell you how to simper best

>> No.35239893

was i supposed to follow a person who never got a single win in this thread? that was proved wrong every single time?

>> No.35239895





>> No.35239897

In Japan's case, it kinda is.
Also you arent really helping him in a meaningful way by posting a link he already would have to use.

>> No.35239901

>was i supposed to follow a person who never got a single win in this thread? that was proved wrong every single time?
the fact you believe this unironically is part of why you brain will always make you a sheep no matter how much you struggle

>> No.35239928

why are you so mad lol

>> No.35239934

>i follow based on made-up value judgement wins and losses decided by the biggest bullies of my peer group
fucking zoomers, perpetual jr high mentality hope they all get drafted in ww3

>> No.35239935

why are you suddenly so inauthentic? i miss when you were just sperging out at least you were yourself and not some tripfag poser (its in your name even)

>> No.35239939

what's funny is that if og had actually listened to jamal/ruka or at least read the immigration website she could have been living in japan but instead her apartment sits empty while she asserts that she knows everything.

>> No.35239948

certified yatsu post

>> No.35239957

yeah i should have listened to j*mal/r*ka, two people who will never step foot in japan for a meaningful amount of time over my immigration attorney or the business pros at the jetro help center

>> No.35239959

how am i being inauthentic youre just running your mouth without saying anything specific its like im talking to a child do you have an actual point to make or what

>> No.35239960

ruka lives in japan idk about jamal

>> No.35239965

what ur issue are u woman?

>> No.35239970

because the real "you" makes a post like this, instead of like >>35239928

>> No.35239976

go back to uppercasing

>> No.35239982

whatever og, have fun in not-japan. i don't care anymore. last time i try to help you.

>> No.35239986

I mean, when the head Jetro guy in a consultation literally says "On paper you have what you need for a business and to live here, but its very difficult and you should just get married to a Japanese man" what the fuck am I supposed to think? No I'm sure "Ruka" has the magic formula for how I can so very easily get residency sorted even though they arent even processing the student's visas properly right now lmao.

Same shit he's been saying since ages ago some bullshit about how you just show up and get a job by going to a language school first cause he has no idea what he's talking about or the fact I did exactly that multiple times. Maybe he thinks Americans have working holiday visa or some shit.

>> No.35239997

its all me though the only sensible interpretation here is you want serious engagement but how did that turn out *glances at posts from 2020*

>> No.35240002


>> No.35240011

that's not at all what ruka told you to do. regardless of whatever ruka or jamal say, all of the information you need is literally written on the immigration website. investor visas are discouraged for obvious reasons.

it sounds like you don't qualify for any visas and you are very salty about that. boo hoo grow the fuck up.

>> No.35240015

If you are gonna samefag this hard at least try not to redditspace so obviously.

>> No.35240016

>you should just get married to a Japanese man
that would be visa fraud and would get you denied/deported

>> No.35240022

only thinking of you in this honestly, i'd rather you just be a better poster. although the constant stabs at me are starting to hurt n g l

>> No.35240031







>> No.35240037

ruka got the W and hes not even here

>> No.35240041

japan's immigration policy are set up so that the only people allowed in are those who can contribute to society. unlike America and other western countries they're not going to let you in if you can't work and support yourself. If they won't give you a visa it's because they know you're a parasite og. stay in not-japan.

>> No.35240047


>> No.35240049


>> No.35240051
File: 48 KB, 735x627, 1613521274161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yh not reading this

>> No.35240055

i dont give a fuck about what you think makes a poster "good" im happy sticking to drive by posting if youve got a problem filter me not going to take shit from anyone trying to police my posts

>> No.35240073

>constant stabs at me are starting to hurt n g l
you made a girl cry! so mean

>> No.35240097
File: 286 KB, 1054x1168, external-content.duckduckgo.com2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.35240101
File: 31 KB, 332x817, Day19.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another hard days work of earning 50xp on duo-lingo.

>> No.35240106

waaaaaah dont make fun of me cuz im a gurrrl the stabs they huuuurt simpering *sniffles* optiiiics lmfao shut the fuck up im going to what i want to

>> No.35240126

1) you thread police me and dig up posts all the time
2) thats not what i meant and im not crying
3) im a dude weve been over this

>> No.35240139


>> No.35240146

first couple lines is me at you rn

>> No.35240158

Lain was rubbish and i'm tired of pretending it made sense.

>> No.35240164

thought you said "latin" for a second and was ready to exchange blows

>> No.35240171


>> No.35240174

monolingual transition is hard when youre just 500 words or so in

>> No.35240175

stop trying to force it lol

>> No.35240216

Thats why you should be starting with monolingual as soon as you finish your kana. Of course its going to feel extra painful when you are used to a crutch.

>> No.35240220

ふつうのRPG 着せ替え
度し難いRPG 付け替え

>> No.35240244

ふつう 着替える
度し難い 変わる

>> No.35240253


>> No.35240266

how much easier is this compared to japanese for you guys?

>> No.35240297

i hate all of you

>> No.35240304

dont care

>> No.35240311

i hate a few of you, like a few of you, and am indifferent to the rest

>> No.35240321

I'm gonna need at least one (You) for my hardwork today.

>> No.35240329

don't hate any of you

>> No.35240361
File: 837 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20210615-091930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You haven't forgotten her /djt/, have you?

>> No.35240365

i cum tribute her every evening

>> No.35240370

DJT moved on to Misa noww

>> No.35240375

i have met her and she was amazing. bless her soul, and bless her tight tight ass hole.

>> No.35240380


>> No.35240467

she does look like the anal queen type

>> No.35240496
File: 191 KB, 500x900, iori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

long straight side-part = anal-queen

>> No.35240520

these guys put a trip and they think they are a celebrity or something
nigga, you are just a bum with a some random alphanumeric numbers associated with your posts

>> No.35240524

*alphanumeric characters

>> No.35240530


>> No.35240531

my powers are great without any need for a trip

>> No.35240553


>> No.35240555

sorry i don't read posts by not-japan people

>> No.35240557

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH i can't stop wasting time on this site

>> No.35240568

wonder what itd be like debating with my clone

>> No.35240571


>> No.35240574






>> No.35240586


>> No.35240623

imouto a perfect example of japanese people saying "people" when they really mean "japanese people"

>> No.35240652

japanese truly have an animal cruelty problem lol

>> No.35240663

why do so many different kind of animals love being scratched under their jaw like that? is this the animal g spot?

>> No.35240669

fake fluffy shit lol imagine being so naive

>> No.35240675

now whose got the ppd : )

>> No.35240681

lol at 激しい

>> No.35240693

its not ppd when its grounded in observed facts youre the one living in a picturesque fantasy world completely blinded by your love for japan its a shitty society

>> No.35240702

just wanted to show some cute pengins, mang

>> No.35240725
File: 2.04 MB, 2048x1471, 1616055549373.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh ok

>> No.35240846

need to download the jp version of this i guess. put so much into the na server, though, sucks they canned it

>> No.35240916

funny how certain things stick out in your mind when you watch anime, like

>> No.35240972

its why animecards are a thing

>> No.35241033

I'm this close to delete my current deck and start a sentence one with sample sentences from shinjirin/daijirin/daijisen

>> No.35241048

im too far along to flashtard. i just need to read like bunko said

>> No.35241068

you quit core?

>> No.35241090

fyi bunko did 11k anki cards lol

>> No.35241092
File: 188 KB, 1180x835, file.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you gotten your ワクチン already, djt?

>> No.35241098

i told you i did i thought
didnt help you were being snippy about it
also i couldnt find a good version of core that wasnt baby easy

>> No.35241108

you are such a disappointment couldnt even do 1k

>> No.35241134


>> No.35241142
File: 137 KB, 1280x735, 麻婆豆腐.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.35241159

looks good

>> No.35241174

so much fucking wrong with this image i cant

>> No.35241193


>> No.35241211


>> No.35241215

lmfao this post got filtered wtf do you even mean

>> No.35241222

i dont know what a 'core' is ok?!?!

>> No.35241247

alright 1) i told you to get core 2.3k from quizs website animecards.site but you thought you knew better 2) if a cards easy you can hit easy in anki 3) its not in fact easy because even if you know the word by sound you dont know its written form in kanji 4) you cant read japanese so monolingual definitions would be useless right now

>> No.35241308

1) quiz blows and i dont want to anything to do with his stuff, sorry its personal
2) yeah i was already doing that
3)whatever deck i had wasnt even using kanji half the time it was spoken or an english word or whatever
4) they dont have monolingual definitions with furigana? i dont want to work backwards. i mean if its that big a deal why cant i just download literally any free japanese kanji app that has all jouyou + some extra? im sure there is something that has image examples rather than eng definitions

>> No.35241323

big if true

>> No.35241342

曲 of the day


>> No.35241355

terrible 曲
most of its english and these whore suck at singing

>> No.35241368
File: 45 KB, 317x400, 61N8Q2tLMQL._AC_SY400_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm finally at a point where I can multitask by learning new skills in Japanese.

>> No.35241369

real 曲 otd and you can actually learn something from it

>> No.35241400

afaik quiz didnt make core 2.3k anacreon did you can just use this link >>35229639 if it bother you so much lol

i think you have some huge misconception about how this works "learning" 2k kanji wont magically unlock reading everything its not some combination formula neither the reading nor the meaning is guaranteed based on the kanji used in a word
kanji cannot be learned in isolation what you have to learn is words and you learn them one by one for the most part
and if you tried reading furiganad j-j definitions youd get annihilated because your vocab isnt actually as large as you think

>> No.35241423

>furiganad j-j definitions
Is this a thing? wtf

>> No.35241432

some people add furigana to their entire glossary to reduce the cognitive load

>> No.35241441

And cripple themselves by using shitty automatically added furigana? Interesting

>> No.35241445

>and if you tried reading furiganad j-j definitions youd get annihilated because your vocab isnt actually as large as you think
stop projecting im not as retarded as is memed when it comes to my vocab and j-j comprehension

i agree with you when it comes to the problem with isolated kanji vs words its one of the reason why ive been so obstinate about actively studying kanji. that said, i done diddly squat kanji study since i got here last oct but passively ive improved a lot just from lurking djt and also reading more. cant thank anime, because i dont ever watch it jp subbed
at the very least i can texthook with eng definitions turned off as ive been doing

>> No.35241452

I bet they also add bloated colors for pitch accent patterns lmao

>> No.35241454





>> No.35241465

amazing how useless a poster imouto manages to be despite being a native. its impressive, really

>> No.35241475
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angry og

>> No.35241488

If only she was this cute.. Id let her marry me to get perma visa

>> No.35241495
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good girl og

>> No.35241497

I was proud of my achievement but everyone would rather ignore me to talk about stupid e-celeb shit than actually discuss using Japanese :/

You guys suck, I hate this website. Goodbye.

>> No.35241501

Stop! Youre making me humanize her

>> No.35241511

Link me to your post. I'll talk about your achievements, anon

>> No.35241514

>ive improved a lot just from lurking djt
you fucking liar get out

>> No.35241516
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og looking at impregnation hentai

>> No.35241519
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