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Best touhous, or BESTEST touhous?

Ran's face is adorable.

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Worst touhous.

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Worst thread

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I don't like Ran at all.
I don't even think about Chen.
Yukari is OK, but that's it.

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Best Touhous if you're into furry.

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Why would they do that to Chen?

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Age-ing motherfucker

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Yukari is AWESOME!, the rest are meh...
into my brain, i still don't like it!

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Chen isn't the best cat, no matter how much chest you give her.

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If those arent the ugliest tits Ive ever seen in my life, I dont know what are.

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what the fuck is wrong with their hips.

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Chen shouldn't look so happy.

She's going to have terrible back pain in a few years and by the time she's old those things are gonna sag past her hips.

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Chen with big fat cat tats doesn't really work. Though she wouldn't look bad with medium sized breasts when she grows up.

Still, child Chen is best.

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Speak for yourself.

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Ran's boobs are adorable. Tittays. Banjos. Melons. hell yase

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Only due to exposure to japan's horrific depiction of breasts would one call these things medium sized.

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How can anybody not love the incestous 10% pedo gap threesome.

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Best pillow or BEST pillow?

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Why is /jp/ full of sex-crazed people?

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This artist goes to great lengths to show nipples in all his works.

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Yo Anonymous, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Ran is the best pillow of all time. The BEST pillow of all time.

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I don't understand the connection.

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They have never had it, thus they want to experience it, and coupled with Asperger's Syndrome which I'd suspect 100% of the regular posters here have, this desire turns into an obsession.

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Does it really work that way?

I'd rather have an enjoyable day at a Gensokyoan festival than just imagine repetitive sex.

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I'd feel bad for sexualising Touhou characters on /jp/ if it wasn't for the fact EVERY board on 4chan does it to every possible topic. /tg/ and /co/ are the worst for this in that they take fiction that normally has very limited porn and then make their own fetish porn for it.

At least Touhou already has a huge library of porn.

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>At least Touhou already has a huge library of porn.

From a source completely devoid of sexuality or erotic undertones.

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A lot of times, if I look at the original source of things, I become too attached to the characters and have trouble fapping to them.

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The thing about Touhou is that there's so much fan stuff you can find pretty much anything, not just porn.

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Please. It's a series with a 100% female cast. That's practically begging for porn to be made of it.

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Unless she gets stronger.

Gotta train to earn those tits.

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My biggest pleasure in life is food.
I'd choose a good dinner over sex anytime.

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Compared to some of the other shit people sexualise on the internet Touhou could hardly be considered abnormal. It's a setting featuring nothing but female characters (with the rare male character in the background fluff) fighting in a fantasy setting.

So yeah, of course porn hungry animu nerds are going to go on about their favourite character's sex lives. It's hardly anything new and if anything these threads get tiring because it's all been done before, not that they introduce sex to a sexless medium.

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Even better if you have a 2D waifu to share the food with.

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Whatever. I play the games because I like them, but only got into the characters for the moe~.

That, and the ridiculous amount of fan shit. You're bound to find something you like, even if you just wanted porn.

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Ran is best tittymonster.

But you realize, if they really had breasts those big they would probably be ugly and fat like most women who have big breasts just because they're fat.

I'm more of a wide-hip person myself. DAT ASS > breasts

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if they really had breasts nobody would care about them at all
the japanese are crazy about their washboards

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I agree that huge Ran is a bit much. Better off with simply HEALTHY Ran so she wouldn't look like she's smuggling ham up her top.

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Left or right, Anon?

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I like this Ran. I think she's kawaii.

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DFC is more moe.
And that's all that matters.

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The perfect little cat girl.

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Her tabard is specifically molded to adhere to her breasts

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Since Ran has a bunch of gross furry tails, her nipples would probably also be covered in hair.

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nothing a razor can't fix.

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>gross furry tails
I prefer to think they're warm and comfy

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Is the name on the file the name of the doujin?

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Bowl of Mayohiga

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So fluffy and warm <3

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It's a anthology if I remember correctly. The doujin name was kindly remembered by this Anon >>3519363

It's mostly a sweet collection of short Yakumo family stories, that one is Chado's contribution.

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/rs/ is failing me, do you have any other source?

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Did you try looking for a torrent?
I'd upload it, but I have a shitty connection and it's going to take me hours.

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I hope everyone realizes that Chen's 'tits' are just Yukari swapping the border between her own chest and Chen's chest. Chen is still as flat as ever, but Yukari is being her old mischievous self as usual.

Ran does not approve of Yukari giving Chen tits.

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Thanks much. I found a torrent along with hundreds more.

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I think that was obvious bro.

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That is my fetish, OP.

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For once I will agree with you. The OP pic is simple horrid.

No, I don't care about breast size. Their bones are off.

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Dem misplaced pelvic bones

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Good lord, Yukari has some sort of louvers under her tits.

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test, dammit

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