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>stealing faith from gensokyo: failed
>trying to use nuclear energy as an alternative source: failed
>try to train sanae for youkai hunting: failed
>blowing up moon: success

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Being the best touhou: Achieved.

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But Kanako and Yukari are rivals, and this is Yukari's success, which means Kanako is actually crying her heart out even more!

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suika can destroy the moon singlehanded

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Though the nuclear energy stuff didn't fail.

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Bring it fag!

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Only good moon thread today

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She fears the wrath of the wise Hakutaku.

As well she should.

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Actually, those were partial successes.

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>stealing faith from gensokyo: failed

It's not stealing, and they apparently get enough to get by.

>trying to use nuclear energy as an alternative source: failed

Oh really? I'd say it works pretty well so far.

>try to train sanae for youkai hunting: failed

It got her a PC spot, looks like a success to me.

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Its all or nothing, get in the game...ea sports!

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>trying to use nuclear energy as an alternative source: failed
It actually worked out okay.

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Great, good job responding seriously to the setup to the op's punchline. I'm sure he wasn't aware of any of that.

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Half of /jp/ is autistic and incapable of getting jokes.

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But Yukarin is 17 years old so yeah.

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>littlewitch !ponpoNB7VQ
>Fujiwara no Mokou !!mGXYMm0qKk/
>Suigin !YUsuiginy.

I wish these turn into touhoes and fight each other for their powerlevels sake!

So which these three the best touhou out there!

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Wait, op was joking?

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But half of /jp/'s current userbase is from /v/.

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Don't reply to non-existent posts.

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Why are you so brilliant, Anony?

Fund it.

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That makes two halves.
Therefore, /jp/ is full of retards.

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Aren't jokes supposed to be funny?

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>Usurped Suwako's Religion: Check
>Moved to Gensokyo: Check
>Usurped Gensokyo's Faith: Partial Success
>Gifted the faithful with nuclear power: Check
>Encouraged Sanae to usurp Reimu's role: Partial Success

Fuck yes you are the best god ever. Aside from Suwako. I mean seriously, she has the best deal out of all of this, Kanako does all the work expanding their religion, Suwako gets to play and have grand children.

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Best thread

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