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Hey /jp/. Just wondering if it's actually worth using mikos (aside from Natori), as none of them seem to be all that good. However, I get the feeling that not using them is maybe why the dungeon bosses always kick my ass. Anyone able to shed some light on the proper strategic value of various mikos?

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They dont seem too useful but thats probably because the amount of troops healed doesnt scale too well...300 troops healing with miko dance plus is decent, but at 1k+ numbers the amount of troops fail compared to the amount of damage you should be doing to cut down enemy firepower.

I only get fuuka for the free 5 SAT...

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Only Chinu and Natori are any good. Although sometimes they are rather nice to save some money. mainly in the early game.

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stop spaming ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's

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TADA just announced the working title for the game he's working on is Dai-Teikoku (大帝国)
This is the one he put Rance 8 on hold to go work on, probably release date Spring~Summer 2010.
It if's a rename of "Dai-Nippon Teikoku" from hanihon, it'll be a WWII based strategy game.

It's been a while since the last Dai-series, Dai-Bancho.

The pic is from when the original title was mentioend in Hanihon.
(The top one is Gakuen Rance, a school-life Rance parallel and the bottom is Dai-Kaiju, strategy game with Godzilla like monsters controlled by girls. These were simply ideas Alice staff were throwing around.)

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>a WWII based strategy game.

Any chance for female Hitler, Stalin, Rommel, Hayha, Churchill etc.?

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oh yeah, i can smell the political incorrectness from a mile away.

in b4 rance rapes jewish girls inside a gas chamber that pumps aphrodisiacs.

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Fuck yes.

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If Dai-Teikoku indeed is reworked Dai-Nippon Teikoku, probably.
The original title as well as the content was purposely offensive and nationalistic (kill the demon Yankees and free Asia!) and silly, as TADA explicitly said on the hanihon "We'll purposely IGNORE all the bad shit Japan did!", so not recommended for anyone who takes shit seriously.

Although I doubt it'll be exactly the same.
It's too controversal to release it in the original form, which was basically a bad joke.

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>TADA just announced the working title for the game he's working on is Dai-Teikoku

[citation required]

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Here you go.

Alicesoft development room on their official webpage.

And as for the original Dai-Nippon-Teikoku, it was on hanihon (pic already posted)

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they can probably get away with it by changing all the country/place names and altering the maps a little.

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Fuck yeah I can't wait to see female Mengele getting raped.

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>An image of one-sama Rommel raping a loli Churchill with a dildo is now engraved in your brain.

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Anyone else noticed something?

If you give any other character rance's love, they will still go from 6/7 to 7/7 automatically.

If you give it to magic she gets stuck on 6/7.

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Magic wants extra attention.

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I was wishing for Strike Witches eroge, and this comes out of the left field.

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Called it. Now it'd be perfect if AliceSoft made Rance Greece with genderswapped Agamemnon, Odysseus, Achilles, Menelaos, Hector, Priam etc.

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Perhaps Mengele will be a yandere MILF with a twin daughters.

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keep in mind, this is a Dai series, and not a Rance series.
Protagonist isn't gonna be Rance, it's gonna be an original one just like Dai Akuji and Dai Banchou.

But don't worry both Akuji and Ryouga were manly badasses in their own right.

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I hope the battle system is more like Rance than Dai. The Dai series is fucking frustrating with all the boring micromanagement.

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Another pimp soon to be added to the list.

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Pink gloves are manly.

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Isnt there a h-series of the guy on the left?

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Do i need to clear some trigger to find the sex medicine/ero candle? Ive cleared 30+ dungeon flears to no effect.

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Akuji is a yakuza boss.
It's a map conquest strategy game, where you fight other yakuza factions to take over Osaka.
The girls you capture can either be convinced to join you, ... or thrown into prostitution to make money for your Family.

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I am a Britfag and what is this?

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Sorry britfag, the only time your nation is not being raped by Germany is Code Geass.

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But I love schnitzel ;_;

Fucking japs.

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You should be saying fucking 'mericans.
At least Japs made one fiction where brit isn't ass-raped.
Haven't seen brits kicking ass in alternative world stories in USA yet.

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Because that would be to say there is a nation out there that is even remotely as fuck awesome and powerful as America. Which is impossible. It can't happen. It is a thought crime. You were always at war with Southern Eurasia. Ignorance is strength. War is peace. Slavery is freedom.

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I'm gonna laugh if the Rance sex scene music (East Germany national anthem) plays ONLY when you fuck a German character.

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It's not a Rance game.

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I know, I'm just saying it would be very fitting if they used the Rance sex music whe fucking a German character, since that song is based on East Germany National Anthem to begin with.

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>>3517314 I only get fuuka for the free 5 SAT...

I thought you could get 6 or 10 SAT from her easily.

As for OP's question, the only other useful Miko is Chinu due to her Poison skill, which is still weaker than Natori's Miko Storm 2 as it only damages current hp rather than total hp (i.e. Natori can kill someone with her attack, Chinu never will). It's also extremely slow compared to Natori's, so unless you started with the Strange Quick Bug or a tactician gives her a speed boost, don't expect it to live up to its potential.

As for dungeons, diviners > mikos, though if you're doing an event that requires Rance/Kentaro (Xavier, apostles), then a miko can be useful as well so long as you have a diviner as well (diviner guard shiki's Rance/Kentaro, miko heals diviner and hopefully herself though very unlikely).

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For a 2-star Ran point run, is it worth it to go for One-Eye? I can capture 1 or 2 of his wives but Omachi and Nogiku either kill me or I can't whittle down their armies before the fight is over.

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If you have decent auto-killers like Isoroku, Yuzuhara etc, you can clear out generics and whittle down the two of them fast.

My Basic strategy for both Omachi and nogiku was having them UNGUARDED and have 1000+ Maria troops go double Tulip.
Another trick for omachi is to do much damage to the generics, she will proly use Diviner Shield instead of her Lightning.

For more exact strategies, troop page.

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I guess that could work. I mainly wanted to know if it's worth going for the One-Eye point bonus in the first place as I don't have enough SAT bonus to affection raise all of the girls to get their character clears within a turn or two. Guess I'll just stick with characters I've already cleared or given end-game points to.

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>As for OP's question, the only other useful Miko is Chinu due to her Poison skill, which is still weaker than Natori's Miko Storm 2 as it only damages current hp rather than total hp (i.e. Natori can kill someone with her attack, Chinu never will). It's also extremely slow compared to Natori's, so unless you started with the Strange Quick Bug or a tactician gives her a speed boost, don't expect it to live up to its potential.
It's amazingly useful during the 5star kill the monkey. The damage she deals on the later stages is insane.

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In theory, if you had battle permits and a decent level for Rance, you could conquer one-eye in 3-4 turns, not capture any of the girls (since they do not have end-game points), and earn 6 points.

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I never said it wasn't useful. However, if you had to take one of them, Natori is the best choice for non-point runs.


I don't think my level 58 Rance can beat One-Eye so not going to bother with them. Just going to work on character clearing the ones I have and giving end-game points to those who can get it. Should be able to get around 180 points by not bothering with One-Eye.

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He can/
You have Sill, after all.
If you land a hit with rance and he DOES NOT HEAL, an attack with Sill followed by Rance Attack at this level should do it.
Just save and then try a couple times.

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I guess. Rather not deal with it just yet as I don't have any plans on doing a 5-star monkey route where I'm going to need 200+ points to stand a chance. 180ish should be fine in me getting the house bonuses I'd like to start with so as to get character clears I've yet to get (Gekko and Shizuka) and better items from dungeons.

Speaking of house bonuses, can you start the Ran route if you take the Hojou house bonus?

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Of course you can.
Just rush to conquer Hojo.

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Why would masamune stop using eyedrops just because you said so?

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Part of his youkai curse.

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Arent youkais the ones who put curses on humans?

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>character clears

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Guess they're also bound by their own rules, like how kappa tend to bow back and lose their cranial bowl water when you bow to them.

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Who cursed masamune then?

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Masamune is not a 'cursed'.
Youkai are ghost-like creatures brought upon because of Orochi's influence in the land.
They operate/respond in a vastly different way than humans.
Masamune's 'curse' was meant to imply his obligation to respond in the request because of his nature.

>> No.3518209

What nature is that?

>> No.3518212

Weird Youkai one.

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Rance is medieval, so 3 kingdoms just don't fit in. They happened way before. At the very best, you will get moe moe mongols and hot Genghis Khan.

>> No.3518247

Someone here clearly has no idea what he is talking about, concerning both Rance and Three Kingdoms.

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>Genghis Khan
>Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Rance already have three major kingdoms.
Leazas, Zeth, and Hellman.

Check out Kichikuou Rance, and you'll forget RoTK for the time being.

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so it's going to be a while before Rance VIII, sigh

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God, you are stupid.
Three Kingdoms era happens in the beginning of A.D. Rance is the spoof of the medieval world. The best you can hope for Asia parody, is the Genghis Khan and mongols, because everything else was rather boring.
It won't happen though, because the world is already established.

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I'm a try again...

I figure, even if I don't know what *all* the conditions are to get the events, I'm bound to get them by accident.

Anyone actually completed the damn report, anyway?

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>Rance is the spoof of the medieval world
Yes, somewhat.

It's not a spoof of any specific era at all, all the nations are totally random parts of history.
On top of that Free cities and part of Zeth is like modern day world, with TVs, computers, and rollercoasters.

>> No.3518400

I don't know about it being a spoof of the medieval world. Doesn't feel very... European-ish at times.

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Are you unable to character clear her?


Maybe you're conquering Tokugawa too quickly to get the gate closing option. I'd try to just do a normal mode true route run with no house bonuses (maybe special characters and items, no permits) and see if that'd get you the option.

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TADA was working on VIII but decided to put that on hold and improve Dai-Teikoku.
He's an awesome game maker, but he's only one man unfortunately...

He said he's vowed to improve and finish this in 6 month a few month ago, so hopefully Dai-Teikoku comes out around Spring 2010.
He'll probably start working on Rance 8 again from there, so the earliest to expect it is late 2010-early 2011.

At this point, it's planned to be an all-star cast extra (but still canon), and not gonig to do Hellman till Rance 9.
I hope they at least go to Kalar though, so we can see future prospect for our loli, as well as free Sill.

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Which route is more entertaining? Yamamoto or Kenshin?

>> No.3518444

Simply because it has more events, and a new perspective/focus on what you have to do to beat the game.
Yamamoto does have some nice scenes(and some interactions between her and Rance are just lovely), but there is just much less content.

>> No.3518446

Yamamoto route doesn't really have any significant events.
Kenshin route is rather slow-paced too, but at least you have some goals (hunting down Emperor Race participants) instead of just randomly fighting houses and waiting for more dialogue to happen.

>> No.3518449


Then I'll save Kenshin's route for last and do a Yamamoto normal run.

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But Isoroku has the best ending of all, which makes up for everything.

>> No.3518494

So, about how many saves does everyone go through per run? I've noticed about 350ish for myself.

>> No.3518504

>best ending
>Let's send my 10y.o. son to the war!
That was stupid.

>> No.3518512

Rance's sons/daughters have plot armor so it's fine.

>> No.3518513

No history buff, are you?

>> No.3518522

About a save per 3 turns, excluding a playthrough , where I kept reloading so Mouri would deploy the Takeda Generals so I could capture them.

>> No.3518538

I'm a compulsive saver. Depending on what I do I save 1 to 4 times per turn.

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Although I disagree with, I respect your opinion even if it's utter shit.

>> No.3518586

Although I disagree with you, I respect your opinion even if it's utter shit.

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I'm with this anon. Save early, save often.

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Let's all get along and be happy.

Like Baba Shouen! Doesn't he look happy? Like a kitten?

>> No.3518610

Have fun like the Hannies!

>> No.3518706

Eating imagawayaki, playing soccer with no legs, playing commanders, vigilante activities in Kyo, moe dying/harassed girls with glasses...

That's the life.

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"Ashigaru Only!"

1. Whenever possible, dismiss everything that's dismissable and not an Ashigaru.
2. A Rance is fine too, but only when you need to get past otherwise impossible events (like Uesugi).
3. Since enemy troops will remain pitifully low (no scaling), it'll probably be easy as hell. You are still allowed to have fun.

>> No.3518799

You can win against Kenshin, actually.
With Footmen only, will be tricky.
Also, do it at least at 2 star.

>> No.3518816

You can?
How do you get past the infinite night raids?

>> No.3518823

Oh right, you have to meet her ONCE.
But you do not have to re-deploy Rance.

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File: 120 KB, 800x600, ashigaruonly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed, that's what I meant.

In retrospect, only one Battle Permit is going to be a huge hindrance. However... holy gold, Batman. Dismissing all those other dudes really filled my pockets.

>> No.3518845

How do I get the following events:

Sex with Anko
Killed subordinate Ieyasu
Tokugawa Buried Treasure (Senhime needed?)
Prisoner Komatsu Violated
Iga Conquered (Don't use Suzume against Inukai?)

>> No.3518850

>>it'll be a WWII based strategy game.

Are they using a different staff than the Rance/Dai series? I might be interested if their writing hasn't been so consistently shitty and had boring main characters.

>> No.3518852

Fighting Imagawa, you will get to investigate the Hanny King. Do so, keep his secret, conquer them.
You need to have Ikkyou. Make them Surrender. Events will pop-up.
Keep her in prison for a good while.
IIRC, yes.

>> No.3518858

Anko: meet Imagawa, don't reveal secret, conquer hannies.
Killed subordinate Ieyasu: vassalize Tokugawa, keep annoying them (you need Ikkyu for one of the events)
Tokugawa Buried Treasure: I believe you need Ranmaru to find the dungeon and Senhime to see the event at the end.
Komatsu violated: leave Komatsu in your prison until you get an event where her fans are complaining, then an option to rape her appears.
Iga reemerged: I DON'T KNOW. People say you simply need not to use Suzume to conquer Iga and it'll eventually come back, but that's not sufficient. I've tried four times and it never reemerged.

>> No.3518865


Ah, I always thought the Hanny scene was just to weaken them so I never bothered with it. Thanks

>> No.3518869

It's not a single person writing all of them.
There is one overarching supervisor.
Doubt you will like this if you do not like other Alicesoft similar games.

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Kinda unrelated question.

When does My Glorious Days (v2) play?

>> No.3518873

>>It's not a single person writing all of them.

That's why I asked if the staff was different.

>> No.3518875

>I've tried four times and it never reemerged.
it takes A LOT of time and can be pushed by the other events. The only time it happened to me was near the very end of the game, when I was clearing the final areas of demon army. Something like 60 turns after I first conquered them.

>> No.3518885

Rance and Dai series already employ different staff.
Even different from different is unlikely to appeal to you.

>> No.3518887

During love tenderly moments.

>> No.3518890

Isn't Sensitive Atmosphere for those?

>> No.3518891

Aoi Nurse, Ryouma, Yamamoto 2nd scene are examples.

>> No.3518894

A few rare sex scenes, like Ryouma's, I think. Maybe also with the youkai girls once they're cleared, in Rance's room, but I'm not sure.
Good to know, maybe it just takes a silly number of turns... one time I conquered them as soon as I could declare war on them, cleared the rest of the map and ended turn a bunch of times, nothing. I may reload and try again.

>> No.3518903

It may also only happen on certain routes.

>> No.3518912

Hm, I don't remember hearing it during Iso's scenes.

>> No.3518916

Boot her second scene from the CG list.

>> No.3518917

Some, but not all. Rance VI and Sengoku both had two types of Glorious Days themes. One for regular H, and one for tender H.

>> No.3518921


So there's a chance of it not being such a huge pile of garbage. Daibanchou was okay, except the main character was a bit boring (though not nearly as retarded as other Alicesoft main characters) and two out of the three "main" girls at the point I was at were shit. Expecting it to not be a giant string of non-sequiters is too much, but I'll have a cautious hope.

>> No.3518938

If you dislike most of their stuff, your hope is unwarranted.
It's like considering 2 FF games okeky, one of them being tactics, and having hopes for the new one.

>> No.3518955

>>If you dislike most of their stuff, your hope is unwarranted.

It is unwarranted, but I should clarify that the gameplay itself is okay. Not good, but it's something that I don't mind wasting hours doing. Some of the character designs are pretty cute too. But everything else is just so bad it drags the entire game down with it for me.

The easiest thing to compare it to is FFX-2. Most of the entire game is almost completely random, meaningless missions. However, the combat and job system is easily the most fun out of all the Final Fantasy games.

>> No.3518964

For the Anko sex scene, does it matter which choice you make when they travel through your territories?

>> No.3518970

I got the scene and conquered them before they event even happened, so probably not.

>> No.3518977


Declare war with Hara, take a province, negotiate surrender for 1 turn, then do the same to Tokugawa for a second turn, then repeat for the 3rd?

>> No.3518981 [DELETED] 

stop spaming ur crappy bored on anoпtalk.com u retartet fagit's

>> No.3519012

The hannies have a *lot* of introductory events before they pass through Owari. You have plenty of time, though I suspect taking a house bonus for a house that's right next to them will cause their events to start sooner.

>> No.3519299

Listen, Alice is definitely not for you.
So don't waste your time, money, and effort, go play whatever it is that appeases you.

>> No.3519330


Okay, I'll stay out of your super special club for elite paying customers then.

>> No.3519580

I'm saying this, because I'm tired of you constantly trolling our threads.
Yes, I know it's you, you always type exactly the same shit.

You don't like them, that's fine. Everyone has a different taste.
But leave us the fuck alone.

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Oh geez... this Ashigaru-only thing is a little bit hard at first, mostly because there's so few characters to work with.

On the plus side, enemy troops don't scale at all. Kenshin was helping defend the hannies and she came with only 300 troops.
In addition, the Ashigaru facility is a hugely beneficial investment. It adds +5 troops to *all* my characters each turn, and another +5 whenever I have an action to waste on something.

Things will probably pick up once I get more characters.

>> No.3520271

Oh, and of course, it costs almost nothing to replenish troops after battles. Never out of a tank so you don't take much damage, and they only cost 1 gold each anyway.

>> No.3520290

Kenshin route is hard.

-Houses randomly declare war on you, and if those houses contain emperor race participants, you CANT take them over without beating the participant.

-You cant fight baba shoeun till takeda fucks you with their cavalry blitz.

-Baba shoeun and Masamune have h4x stats...kenshin at level 60 loses to baba shoeun easily, kenshin cant seem to beat masamune at all because masamune has something like 200+ more hp than kenshin.

-If you do not hurry up and win the emperor race ASAP, xavier kills participants, including the ones you have in your army and if the participant is the leader of a house(e.g. mouri), the demon army takes over the territory.

-Kenshin drops to level 1, you need to spend at least 4 sastification bonuses and 9-10 action fans in order to get her back to level 60...

Kenshin route rushes you a LOT since if you dont win the emperor race ASAP you will find yourself fighting multiple houses while trying to level kenshin up.

>> No.3520295

Baba can be defeated at level 63.

>> No.3520304

Wow, someone sucks at the vidya.

>> No.3520307

It's definitely tricky.
Baba should be easy for a level 60 Kenshin, though. Assuming of course that you're using one of the many items that make duels a hell of a lot easier (Protection Paper, Guts Armor, +100 damage sword, +20% damage sword)... I read about a guy who equipped the Emperor Sword, that was a huuuuge mistake.
Aside from that I think you can reload to have Xavier attack other random participants. Usually he just kills a fake Keikoku or some random dude that's only worth 2 or 3 points.
Hang in there, it's not so bad.

>> No.3520315

Also, you do not always have to beat them frist, then conquer.
Takuga for example.
Gon, Yuzumi, Okita and at least one of the generic swordsmen, and you can earn the rest just by fighting troop battles(or just beat both of them, conquer the areas they appear before Kenshin route starts).

>> No.3520317

In higher star levels, it is quite annoying, since unless you plan it out well, you get easily sandwiched, even when using permits.
It's much easier the second/third time or when using bonuses.

>> No.3520320

Baba CAN be defeated at level 60 with the protectio paper, but its random. Sometimes baba gets two attacks in a row and kenshin gets screwed, you need to constantly save/reload so the turns go in your favor.

But man kenshin is pretty weak for "japan's strongest swordsman". Other characters have more hp/do more damage.

>> No.3520327

Doesn't she have the highest damage per level of any character besides Kentarou?

>> No.3520331

Baba shoen massively outdamages her despite being 10 levels lower.

>> No.3520335

Actually, in the same level, Kenshin does possibly the best Damage along with Masamune (Kentarou is slightly lower, and Rance is below Kentarou).
Plus, she starts at 60 and stays there most of the time and has a good HP ratio.

The only truly strong one alongside these 4 swordsmen is Baba.

Uruza and Senhime, despite their ridiculous caps, do less damage in the same levels (And Uruza is frailer)

>> No.3520354

In hanihon vol7 it says Baba is the most powerful man (excluding the cursed Mouri) in JAPAN.

So I guess it's sorta like Mihawk and Whitebeard in One Piece.
Strongest swordsman, and most powerful man.

It also says Kenshin is possibly the strongest (human) girl in the world.
(although strongest FEMALE goes to Mineba of Hellman)

>> No.3520358

makes sense, Uruza and Senhime are Lv1s

>> No.3520399

Kentarou/Rance does more damage because they have chaos/nikkou, kenshin cant match that damage unless you give her masamune, which IMHO should go on someone else with more action points(e.g. masamune). I usually give her the emperors ring because 3 action points with her stats is pitiful.

>> No.3520430

Im trying to clear the mouri girls but talking to kiku at 7 normal doesnt bring her up to trust...

I beat them in the challenge then took over the mouri house...can i still clear them?

>> No.3520437
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kenshin says the darnest things, she's so cute

>> No.3520452

Capture her and raise her
before uncursing and conquering Mouri.

>> No.3520459

I guess Hunty is a blurry area?
She always seems the strongest non-demon character running around.

>> No.3520462

So you cant raise her to trust if you capture her after capturing motonari? Damn.

>> No.3520465


Can only clear Kiku if you captured her, accepted Mouri's proposal, and haven't conquered Mouri. Once you conquer Mouri, you lose the chance to clear her.

>> No.3520477

You can only beat Motonari once. If you beat him *before* she asks you to, you miss the opportunity.

>> No.3520482

"human" female, sorry wasn't clear.
She's an immortal Kalar, not human.

Yes, she's more powerful than any humans alive.

>> No.3520499

By the way, I played through Rance III, and there was that Helman commander who they called 'Strongest Human fighter', which you do kill. Made an impression, since guys like Rick appear in the game.
Any details on that guy?

>> No.3520502
File: 19 KB, 186x220, cg00007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Strongest female around?!

Charging mah Hyper Weapon.

>> No.3520512

But you have never fucked her in 4 appearances.

>> No.3520515

Toma Lipton, who was physically the strongest human alive at the time.
Levels and details unknown though.

You get to fight him briefly in 6 again, when the Demon Jeek transforms into Toma.

>> No.3520518

Let's not underestimate the man whose life goal is to fuck the Demon King.

>> No.3520532
File: 18 KB, 192x256, 0330.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rance already met her.
He didn't... exactly want to fuck her, if you know what I mean.

pic related.

>> No.3520555
File: 2.74 MB, 1375x1000, 1253309400464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The strongest male is cuter then most females, and the strongest female is manlier than most males.
Makes sense.

>> No.3520562
File: 6 KB, 220x1066, 1255142610511.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah so that's the strongest femal-


>> No.3520565
File: 556 KB, 742x959, hornet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hope to see some Hornet exposer in the future, but she does seem like an end of the series kind of character. Or Rance doing some female demons like in VI would be great.

>> No.3520569

But aren't we talking about Hunty?

>> No.3520572

Odd, I somehow lost 4 cost by going to the prison. Not that I'm complaining too much, but strange that would happen.

>> No.3520573
File: 138 KB, 800x600, ashigaruonly24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Game needs more Ashigaru.
I haven't hired anyone in forever!

>> No.3520575

One he doesn't like, the other does not remotely care.

>> No.3520579

Dunno man, I captured one every 2-3 battles or so.
Killing ONLY footmen raises your chances (keep that in mind when they attack you)

>> No.3520582

...Maybe somebody left you in the same turn?

>> No.3520588

Oh, right... I've been mostly wiping out the entire enemy force. Maeda is a beast, and Nogiku plus a Manual equipped is nearly as dangerous.
Sadly I've only captured two so far (both horribly weak), they nearly all die when their units are annihilated for some reason.

>> No.3520589

umm wut?

>> No.3520593


Not likely. I visited the troops page before going to the prison and it had the old Cost/NP amount. Maybe the prisoners' troop count affects NP in some strange way. All I know is that I'm at war with Tenshi and Tanegashima, waiting for the later to deploy Yuzura so I can get the surrender event.

>> No.3520607

Sorry, my mistake. Since he said strongest female, I was still thinking Mineba.

Rance does hit on Hunty in Kichikuoh, she just doesn't give a fuck about him.
So far, in both alternative and canon, there's no way to have sex scene with Hunty.
Maybe in Rance 9, maybe never.

>> No.3520615

>she just doesn't give a fuck about him.
So did just about every woman Rance met, amirite?

>> No.3520623

I didn't really care about her till her VI redesign.
Makes my pants tingly.

>> No.3520629

Yeah except, this chick is Lv127/1000 Magic Lv3.
Could turn Rance into pile of charcoal in a blink.

>> No.3520636
File: 244 KB, 640x480, 0563..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All aboard the raep/tender love later list!

>> No.3520643

Not really, no.
Others were more open to flirting/getting drunk etc, others impressed with his achievements or just grateful and rewarded him the way he wanted.
Or he could rape them without many consequences(some get obsessed, others just hate him, others are neutral).
In this case, she is never impressed/interested, and raping is not a good idea either.

>> No.3520694

Are demons still immune to kalar attacks?

>> No.3520702

Yes. Hunty cannot hurt them.
She has lost to demons because of this in the past Rance games.

Once a Kalar becomes an angel (god) or devil, that's a different story.

>> No.3520708

So, I'm playing an FFA with Takeda. Kind of overpowered, ain't they? Aside from being surrounded and losing the occasional territory from lack of defenders, I'm bulldozing everybody.

>> No.3520710

Is Patton still around?
Because she bones him.

>> No.3520715

Fuurinkazan is INCREDIBLY useful.
Add the only cavalry units in the game, the Highest default stats in Yamagata, Battle Rating Up AND Down and it becomes obvious.

>> No.3520721

I thought they were mother and son?

>> No.3520724 [DELETED] 

Yes. I hate that guy.
What's with the macho appeal, anyway?
Just die, dammit, if just for condolences sex.

>> No.3520730

Patton is still around. He's a major character in 6.
Hunty is his mother, lover, and friend.
But Hunty hasn't boned him, if she did her crystal wouldn't still be red.

Patton has come a long way, he's a cool character now but he was an ass in 3.

>> No.3520731

But isn't Hunty's crystal still red? Meaning no sexual experience?

>> No.3520735

How can she be a mother when her crystal's red?

>> No.3520737

Yes. I hate that guy.
What's with the macho appeal, anyway?
Just die, dammit, if just for condolences sex.

>> No.3520742

Hunty raised Patton from birth

She's not his real mother, silly.

Kalar's can only give birth to Kalars. (all of which are girls)

>> No.3520747

oh and, when a Kalar loses her virginity she actually gets a powerup (instead of a powerdown in other fictions)

lol Alice Soft

>> No.3520755

Yeah, but then that leads to harvesting their "raped" crystals. That fucking whale must be having a damn good time with that system.

>> No.3520757

in eroge fiction sex is always a power up.

And Ol' Freak, still around too? Guy was awesome trying to save the little girl from Majin Redeye in Kichikuoh.

>> No.3520763


isn't there some kind of failsafe curse that comes from harvesting crystals?

IIRC it fucked up bug dude and the final boss in Toushin Toshi 3

>> No.3520769

If you like Freak and Hunty, you should check out Rance IV.
The whole thing is in Toushin toshi, and Freak's backstory is huge part of the plot.

We should expect Patton, Hunty, Freak, and Hubert to play big roles in Rance 9.

>> No.3520774

I played all the games up to Kichikuoh. Trying to find some time to start 5D.

>> No.3520775

There is, that's why you send unsuspecting grunts to retrieve the crystals.
So those idiots die from it, and you get the crystal without having to worry about the curse.

That's how they got around it in Kichikuoh anyways

>> No.3520777


oh yeah, I've been wondering about that game.

I've read somewhere that a LOOOOONG time ago, mages built these giant mech which they used to fight demons with and the thing Freak uses in Kichikuou is one of the remaining ones.

How did they managed to bypasss Demon protection with that?

>> No.3520786

They unfortunately didn't.

I was gonna cover the Order of Holy Magic next, but decided to start on Zeth instead.
I'll post more on the Order in the next few days.

They made giant robots called Toushin, which rivaled or even surpassed demons in power.
I mean, they're big friggin mechs.

But even they couldn't brute force through the demon's field and lost in the end.
So they learned the hard way. You simply CANNOT brute force through that shield.

>> No.3520792


How does Freak manage to kick Red Eye's ass in Kichikuou then? Is it because his real form is a jewel and he's only parasiting on that armor?

>> No.3520794


does Toushin have anything to do with Toushin Toushi?

Is the current Toushin Toushi that we know merely a corruption of the legend?

>> No.3520796


would you please re-link your wiki? I can't seem to find my bookmark of it.

>> No.3520805

IIRC He got some powerup of the old perverted sage living in the snow tower.

>> No.3520809

>>3520792 Is it because his real form is a jewel and he's only parasiting on that armor?

Only the gem gets that invincibility field so yes. However, as BB stated, the armor mech he uses is so damn powerful that nothing available to humans exists to destroy it, regardless of what magical enhancements has been added to it by Freak.

>> No.3520817

Correct, you nailed it.
RedEye is a jewel demon, and the invincibility field only works on his real body.
Meaning, his Toushin body is just that, Toshin body. No field around it.

Yes, it does.
The Toushin Toshi are flying cities piloted by the Toushins.
The final flying Toushin Toshi, the city of Ylapu (named after Ys + Laputa, since those are the two famous flying islands in anime/game) fell in Rance IV in the Free cities region.

The people on the ground and the people who fled from Ylapu built a city on the ruins of the fallen city, which came to be known as the Toushin Toshi you know.


>> No.3520820

I get the impression that even if you can deal damage, defeating a demon not an easy thing to do.

Geppei, IIRC was a high ranking Devil and he only managed to seal Xavier at the cost of his life.

It took Rance, Demon Keitarou, two Demonslayer swords and whole army to just take down Xavier.

Are all Demons that hard, or is Xavier just one of the top ranking ones?

>> No.3520825

Still, Red-Eye is pretty much the third most annoying/powerful guy to fight in Kichikuou, and he is dangerous regardless of triggers.
Even with Demon standards, he is a fucking menace.

>> No.3520826

Final question. Is that stoned (literally) guy still in the cave next to Lizars' castle? I lol'ed every time i saw him. Is it some Alicesoft meme or something?

>> No.3520828

I kill him using Miki to defeat all the troops with her rage explosion and large mercenary group to defend in the second turn.

>> No.3520831


It might just be me but Demon Nobunaga is probably the top 3 hardest Demons in Kichikuou. (the other 2 being Red Eye and Capris)

I ganged up on him with Satella, Megallas, Rance and Keitarou and it he was still a hardass

>> No.3520832

Xavier was a top dog Demon(and when you fight him in Sengoku, he is weakened from being sealed all this time).
Noce in 3 needed the best of Leazas (similar to Xavier to go down).
Thus, they are the most powerful guys Rance has faced, after Gele and Orochi.
Some demons, even without the field are just ridiculous.

>> No.3520834

I personally think RedEye is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful Demon alive.
I mean, he basically has no weakness (other than the little girl's linage).

Highest magic output with Magic Lv3, and physically topclass Toushin body. It's almost retarded OP.
The only reason he's not considered one of the tops is because he's totally insane, and can't reason.
(as well as it only takes death of one little girl to kill him)

>> No.3520835

Recurring joke, yes.
One of the Eternal Heroes(like Chaos).
He pops up at most games, asking to finally let him out.

>> No.3520838

He's a parody of Lord British, Richard Gariott.

For details

>> No.3520842

I always kill her, and I kinda feel bad.
Rance should always keep the girl alive and fuck up the bad guy, but it's too much hassle.

>> No.3520847

I'm hoping when Rance fights RedEye in canon, he's gonna cook up some evil shit and take him out, while keeping the girl for his harem.

>> No.3520852

Interesting to see that Zeth's King has good tastes, having a crush on Rizna before she was sent to that horrible place.

>> No.3520854


I thought it was either Capris or Hornet

>> No.3520858

>During the Fall of Zeth, he mistakenly misunderstands Rance's actions, and becomes convinced Rance is a true hero who has deep thoughts behind his actions.

>> No.3520859

Technically Kamiera in 6 is stronger than either of those two, but Rance never had to fight her in full shape.

>> No.3520861

Kaybris is the highest leveled and oldest demon.
But he is not that smart, no matter what.
And since Demon barrier does not affect each other, Toushin body has the advantage.

>> No.3520866

Pretty much, yeah.
Plus, she is sealed, not killed.

>> No.3520871

Kablis is officially the strongest Demon.
Hornet is the head Demon, and is probably second to Kablis.... However, RedEye actually tied with her in a massive magic battle that caused a chunk of land to become barren, death-reeking land that rots everything on it.

It speaks volumes on how nutz ol' Reddy's magic is.

>> No.3520875

Demon hierarchy is like this IIRC

Hornet: (Capris has higher level but she has better stats and potential because of her heritage) > Capelis > Kesselring >> Camilla > Little > Xavier > everyone else

but the fastest one is Megallass

>> No.3520876
File: 60 KB, 640x480, 0137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Delicious dragon queen.

>> No.3520880

I found it hilarious how he acts submissive to that shota-loving majin while she doesnt dump him.

>> No.3520887

Fuck that Vampire bastard in Kichikuou, reviving all he time.
I did fail to notice the search option, but still...

>> No.3520891

Hoping next time we see her, we'll see a little DragonRance hugging his mommy.

>> No.3520894

...There is a bad pattern of Rance leaving bastards behind him.

>> No.3520897

Sounds intriguing to me.

>> No.3520901

I forget, is she the last dragon? And technically wouldn't Rance be helping to revive dragons (or at least half breeds) if she does concieve?

>> No.3520903


what!? he knocked her up too!? not just Felis?

>> No.3520914

Just a funny theory I guess, since he knocks up Ferris in 5D, Knocks up 56 in Sengoku, goes now to the Kalars(where he impregnates one in Kichikuou)...
So, you have a demon, a human prince, a Kalar...
You just need a demon(also dragon) and a god/angel kid and his kids will represent the major powers of the world.

>> No.3520915

In end of 6, he fucks her where she is kept captured.
That's the last we see of her, I'm just wishing she got knocked up there.

>> No.3520919

Was Sill's contraception magic not on when Rance impregnated Feris?

>> No.3520923

Needs to be recasted at times, plus they were in a weird dimension.

>> No.3520924

The power of the Imperial Juice is growing.

>> No.3520925

Dragons can't reproduce, but hey, it's Rance's sperm. They do the impossible and touch the untouchable row row knock that bitch up.

....And there are few other dragons around, including KD (King Dragon).
KD usually appears in the series in a form of a talking cat who gives riddles to mortals. Silly dude.

>> No.3520937

This is how Rance will unite the world.

>> No.3520939

>unite the world


>> No.3520944

Unless the world tries to change it's fate and fights back against the whale, amusing him.

>> No.3520962

Your site...it is like a treasure trove for us poor folk who cannot read the moon.

>> No.3521098

>Rance loses virginity. He starts having sex with every girl in the village and is kicked out as a result.
>Is 14 at the time.
Holy shit Rance.

>> No.3521121

He had to start somewhere.

>> No.3521134

It's funny to look at Rance's experiences, then look at Arios' then laugh.

>> No.3521147

Arios is a sad, sad man. If you think about it, Kentarou is too. Only thing Kentarou has over Arios is that he got to fuck Nikkou.

>> No.3521167



>> No.3521176

You know being a hero kinda sucks.

You spend most of your hero time training or questing for the hero powers.

You only get to do something when most humans are dead, and even then you will probably get killed in the process.

And most people wont even know your name.

>> No.3521181

Sex change temple in one of shimazu territories.

>> No.3521188

Well, you can't die WHILE being a hero.
But yeah, a sad life.
You are just a fallback killing machine.
Counter Guardian.

>> No.3521191

Or if you turn 20 during battle, you're fucked. (Like one of the heroes who tried to fight Xavier I think)

>> No.3521197

Arios: Time to rescue this person!
Rance: Already did it.
Arios: Okay...then I'll go defeat those witches!
Rance: Did that too.
Arios: ...well, maybe I'll help Leaz-
Rance: Really, you should just go kill yourself already.

>> No.3521198

You are now aware that Arios is a dumb version of Archer.

>> No.3521210

Even though this is a game over, it depicts an act of such great willpower.
Hilarious even.

>> No.3521213

I have expelled Demon Xavier through force of will because female Rance resembles my long dead waifu! RANCCEEE COME TO MEEE~~~!

>> No.3521214

Also, if you visit the temple but not change Rance, he has a hilarious dream as a start-of-turn event.

>> No.3521217

What. I never got this one (probably due to bridge events). Can you elaborate more?

>> No.3521230

Rance is dreaming, he is FemRance and every male chases after him to have his virginity.
He ends up with Nobunaga.
'But isn't it hard for you to move?'
I can use my hands well'
Screen blacks out, Rance wakes up.
He is panicked, but thinks 'Nobunaga is skilled' then goes 'WTF AM I THINKING'.

>> No.3521235

That's gold.

>> No.3521248

Oh god, I must witness this event.
Or read it rather.

>> No.3521256

Easiest way is Kill the Monkey, since you won't have priority events, most likely.

>> No.3521261

That was the closest time Rance ever came to being gay.
Even worse than when he met the trap boy Kurtis in Kichikuoh

>> No.3521269

What about Suzaku?

>> No.3521275

One sided crush.
BTW, in the dream, Suzaku is the first to show up and complains.

>> No.3521288

Kurtis is awesome, everytime Rance comes across him, he feels uneasy like his penis is about to react.
Then gets pissed and tells Kurtis to stop being so faggy.

>> No.3521302
File: 19 KB, 192x256, curtis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.3521304

Oh come on Rance. Even I could see that was a dude.

>> No.3521309

Dunno dawg, kinda looks effeminate to me.

>> No.3521334

Not working for me, even though i am getting no events at all.

>> No.3521336

I agree with >>3521304
But maybe mistaken if I didn't look long enough.

>> No.3521342

The one who fought nighisca failed to finish him off. Thought he died.

>> No.3522697

>>3521147 Only thing Kentarou has over Arios is that he got to fuck Nikkou.

Only in the Little games, not Rance games.

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